11.07.08 by Jeff

Jeff Hamada for Converse 1HUND(RED)

That’s right, yours truly got to make a Chuck Taylor for the Converse 1HUND(RED) project! Converse commissioned 100 musicians, graphic and graffiti artists from all over the world to create one-of-a-kind sneaker designs inspired by the global fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa. Here’s a few sneak peeks at the shoe, it’ll be out at select shops later this year!

Excerpts from the questionnaire I filled out for Converse:

How did you come up with your 1HUND(RED) design–what was your inspiration?
When I was contacted about the project I immediately started to sketch out some ideas, and I kept drawing hands. Hands reaching out, reaching up. I just had this image of all these hands. It wasn’t like I went and read books and researched for the project (which I often do), this was more of a gut reaction, like the first thing that popped into my mind.

How does your design relate to the theme of 1HUND(RED)? Or to issues of AIDS?
Well first of all, there are 100 hands on the shoe. I guess it’s like a safety net solution for relating any imagery to the project. I could very well have drawn 100 toe nail clippers on the shoe in that sense. But I think the hands are very much related to the issues at the heart of this project. I wanted the imagery to be seen from two points of view – As the hands of the world reaching out to help Africa, and also as the hands of all the people in Africa reaching up for help. I wanted there to be a variety of shades of skin color to represent this idea, and the little bits of blue are there to kind of represent a hopeful point of view about the struggle that is going on over there.

What do you want people to take away from your shoe design in terms of (PRODUCT) RED? But also in terms of trying to help people?
I have this picture of a large group of people stuck in this deep hole in the ground and they’re all desperately calling for help. Meanwhile, above them, there’s all these other people walking around carrying these huge ladders. Some are even carrying three or four ladders at once! There is such an abundance of ladders that people are actually piling them up and setting fire to them, just to get rid of them. As the voices of those trapped in the holes get louder the fires just continue to burn. I guess the message of my shoe isn’t just about Africa, it’s common sense, it’s day to day, it’s everyday. I think it’s your duty as a human being to help those in need.

Can creativity make people care? How/why?
I think it can but not on its own. Creativity alone, while it is a great vehicle for spreading a message, can still be ignored. I think TRUTH is the only the thing that can’t be ignored (at least not forever). If there is truth in the message and it is creatively presented so that people can actually understand it, then it has the ability to make people care.

It was an honor to work with the great people at Converse!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

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  • Nathan M.

    Love this! Nice work Jeff

  • Good looks man, these look awesome.

    Among the most wearable PRODUCT (RED) releases forthcoming

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  • Thanks guys! I am super stoked how they came together – these are pretty much the thing im most proud of so far because there’s a little more to them than just another product – really support the whole Red campaign!

    • amza

      hey jeff!! ur soo talented n creative goodluck n keep it up ;)
      i was wondering how can i reach converse company as am a grpahich designer i did an outdoor campaign for them.. and i wanna show them and thier website just got email concerns shipping.. thanx :D

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  • Steve Fernandes

    congrats boi!

  • yooo thats hot … congrats guy… i got to find a way to get me a pair…

  • R.Chen

    great job!

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  • oh hay! congrats there buddy! it looks pretty gosh darn hot! and for a good cause too…win!

  • the shoes look great, congrats on that!

  • thank you all! appreciate the kind words and support!

  • ya jeff, looks mint.

    min sis would llove these, shes a huge fan.

  • those are a slick pair of shoes! nice work!

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  • How are you gonna bite my record cover and not give Freegums any credit?

    http://www.myspace.com/induce1 – Scroll down and look at a record that came out a year ago designed by Freegums.

  • dude if i had ever heard of you or seen that album i would have given credit where credit was due – i know it’s hard to believe but many people have actually covered things in hands before and i explained my thinking behind the design.

    your remixes are great (having listened to them just now) it’s too bad you represented yourself like you did on here. if you just wanted to promote your album, well done.

  • I’m not sure why I would be trying to promote a DJ Scratch record that came out a year ago. The evidence is there. Any person with eyeballs in their head can see the glaring resemblance. Not to mention we both know you know who Freegums is.

  • I am glad you can tell me who i know because I wasn’t sure. I could have just deleted your comments if I didn’t want anyone to know how i secretly ripped off the design but i’m trying to pretty much let anyone voice an opinion on the things i post – i’ll say this as nicely as possible, you’re entitled to your opinion. cheers

  • Jeff! I’m shocked, how could you steal a worthless cover like that and make it so friggen awesome! Very surprised at how bad Freegums music is, thanks for not posting about his tunes.

  • it’s not a worthless cover i just haven’t ever seen it before today. some people just feel that they are world famous and can’t fathom how someone in Canada might not have heard of them.

  • helly


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  • you know you have something good when people are personally attacking you now :)

    great job jeff. those look great and the idea behind it really makes it.

  • love ’em… I don’t own a pair of Chucks, but I will when those come out. Let’s hope projects like this inspire others to do their part in helping those without a voice… again, well done!

  • Linus

    Hey Jeff! Great job on the design.

    I’ll try to pick up a pair if I can find it.

    And don’t worry about that induce guy. He probably just has a small frame…

  • haha whats up linus! long time no seeeee

  • D.no

    Nice work J-Ham!! You ARE the man! Will they be available through the cons website?

  • hey im not sure, but they’ll be available across canada and in vancouver specifically: livestock, el kartel, pauls boutique, hitz boutique, gravity pope and some others

    come out to the livestock launch for the shoe in February – all proceeds from shoe sales that night will be donated to charity.

    further details will be posted on the site!

  • Hey Jeff, better late than never, but I bought a pair of these shoes today in London (Portobello Road, Notting Hill). I had been looking for them in various shops here but hadn’t been able to find them but now I have them! and I so so love them. Absolute cool design, and great colours – not to mention a great cause. (I am a regular reader on the Boooooom site – love the site, very inspiring!) All the best from London!

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