01.10.08 by Jeff

Kevin Francis Gray

  • http://www.jolinphoto.com Jolin

    whoa thats really crazy.. i like how you compared it to cobra commander though haha SO awesome. that 2nd sculpture is wicked!

  • http://www.Breathewords.com Adriana

    I’m plugging this at Scene 360 Illusion soon. I hope you don’t mind, and I will credit your site of course.

    If you want to republish some of the illusion type art at http://illusion.Scene360.com, feel free. I like your finds.

  • http://rynonymous.blogspot.com RYAN

    thats very creepy..

  • http://www.cmykern.com James Griffin

    WOW! These are great. They remind me of star wars on acid!

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  • http://alteredlines.com/ Brendon


  • andyenoch

    the way he sculpts drapery, it reminds me of michelangelo and his work are new-age “pietas”

  • http://CreareDesign.co.uk Dape

    love his work they have a sort of presence. Reminds me of the artist who used to wrap items in felt Beuys,Joseph(1921-86) Conceptualism, Post modernism.

  • http://www.patrou.com Lou Patrou

    I love the top piece – but when I saw the one with his model wearing sneakers it lost some mystery

  • http://www.chandersculptor.blogspot.com Chander Parkash

    great works

  • http://www.backsidefive.com Joe

    That’s cool…pretty disturbing at first glance, but awesome!


    I’m pretty sure that the new movie “Snow White and the Huntsman” stole his work…. or maybe payed him. http://cdn.abclocal.go.com/images/otrc/2010/photos/111112_otrc_snow_white_huntsman_mirror_person.jpg

    • Sara

      Yes! I immediately noticed that too! It looks very cool in the movie but I hope Gray gets credited.

    • M.L.

      when i saw the trailer i instantly knew that i’ve seen it somewhere, and now i remembered. i do hope they payed him good money :)

  • http://www.jessemorrisart.com Jesse Morris

    Incredible. Ya I agree with the snow white thing mentioned above. I think this is what the board of trustees look like when I apply for grants and get denied.


    I LOVE your art work im workin on my art stuff