09.10.08 by Jeff

Cadence Weapon

Been seeing the new Cadence Weapon video for Real Estate on tv lately. Love it. My friend Dean and I saw him open up for Jurassic 5 (their last show ever in Vancouver) and I remember the crowd kinda being caught off guard because his sound was so different. Well, that was then and this is… well actually… I think most people still aren’t ready for his sound. Maybe because its as much house as it is hip hop.

His lyrics are witty and he produces all his own beats, but he’s definitely not gonna be everyone’s cup of tea. His debut album Breaking Kayfabe and followup Afterparty Babies are two of the most refreshing hiphop records in recent memory. Do yourself a favour and start listening to him now so by the time his third album comes out you’ll be ready.

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Hmm, I enjoy this song a lot more than his other one’s I’ve peeped. But I just think there’s something missing. I’d get bored really fast… no depth(even though his lyrics are good). Guess I get why some people like it, just not my “cup of tea”, haha.

  • The same sort of thing happened the first time I saw him, too. I knew who he was beforehand and was really excited to see him and Buck 65 perform here in Toronto but the crowd seemed confused at first by his sound. Either way it was a rad show. I heard about him when I saw the video for “Sharks” when it came out. The good thing about a guy like Cadence Weapon is, just like you said, most people say they aren’t ready for his sound as opposed to saying he makes crappy music.

  • when I first heard Oliver Square I was shocked. I listened to it like 50 times in a row and I am still shocked that a record like that came out of Edmonton and was 100% authentically Canadian (not trying to imitate another region’s sound).

  • But his sound isn’t really that different. There a lot of rappers on beats like these. Kid Cudi, BOB, Ced Hughes, Kanye, Hollywood Holt, Cool Kids(sorta), etc. I just think some of them are doing it better. He’s from Calgary but it’s not like he hasn’t been exposed to tons of sounds, from working for Pitchfork. I’m being a hater, haha.

  • Haha ok ok yeah I see where you’re coming from but I still think it’s a fresh sound. Even if it’s not 100% original. I used to live in Edmonton but not long enough that he had a show while I was there (at least I don’t think). Would have been cool to see him at Oliver Square!

  • the fact he used to write for pitchfork is public knowledge and his little to do with whether or not he’s making unique music now.

    (why do people act like pitchfork is the only place to learn about new music?) i never implied he wasn’t exposed to lots of music and i fail to see how that and creating something unique are mutually exclusive.

    i understand that there is nothing new under the sun in that everything you make at this point is automatically a reference to something that came before it. i understand if you don’t like it, i just don’t see how you can argue that his sound is common place.

    you named several artists who are quite unknown in terms of the general public and then a couple who sound literally nothing like him. Kanye? come on. you’re really stretching here.

  • I’m not acting like Pitchfork is the only place to find new music. I prefer sites like this one to find new tunes. I was just putting the pitchfork part because of you saying you’re shocked that it came out of Edmonton. Just think it’s an interesting point that with the internet it doesn’t really matter where you live. I know it’s public knowledge… wasn’t trying to tell a secret.
    His sound isn’t common place… he does have his own twist on it. Anyways, you feel strongly on it and that’s cool. I know there’s lots of shit I listen to that other peeps wont dig(like Pitchfork heads). Cadence Weapon’s music seems like something I’d normally love and for some reason I don’t. Guess I’m trying to figure out why. The fact that Def Jux and Big Dada released his album says a lot.

  • yea that’s cool like I said I’m not trying to convince you to like it – I just thought if it’s not considered “different” I dont really know what could be. I was surprised about Edmonton because I haven’t heard much hip hop coming out of that area ya know?

    I realise the internet exists but this is still surprising. Like if some rapper hit the billboard charts and he came from the North Pole, people aren’t even gonna bat an eye just because the internet exists?

    ps – i am not attacking you personally i like to talk about music this way and appreciate the discussion.

  • ya ya for sure, this gives me something actually interesting to do at work. It’s all good and you’re just like me, in the aspect you want to kick in someones teeth when they don’t see the genius of something that you love. You also know I love about 90% of the content you put up.
    North Pole would be something crazy! It’ll happen one day. And like I said, his lyrics are good… it’s the beats that don’t do it for me and maybe his voice. I think mc’s voices is such an under rated aspect in hip hop and should be what stops everyone from being a hip hop artist(apparently this hasn’t worked). I’d never get on a mic because my voice would be horrible(and because of a million other reasons).
    Have you checked out Johnson & Jonson? So gooood!

  • haven’t heard – gimme a link and enlighten me!

  • mitch

    Good to see Cadence is gettin’ it goin’ on the boards. I got made love for Cadence, and I will reiterate the “non-common” argument. I was first introduced him peepin’ Rap City on MuchMusic, and Black Hand came out. Instantly I was on it, and then the chorus hit me.

    “Styles soft as a pillow, for real though, black hand like a (I think he changes the last word of the chorus throught the song)”.

    Then dude flips “styles soft” to “syles stoft” and I’m buggin’.

    Next day: me in the HMV coppin’ Breakin Kayfabe.

    March 4th, 2008: me in HMV gettin’ told it’s gonna be another two weeks…sunrise, new shit, thank you.

  • mitch

    Week and a half ago: me in HMV getting told that no one in the city carries Johnson & Jonson…


    Blu is the truth.

  • i didn’t see a link but i found the myspace – lovin’ this – thanks. i played that Blu & Exile album to death last year.

  • mitch

    shit, you and me both.

    got close to gettin’ sick of Dancin’ in the Rain’, dropped it for a few, and I’m right back on it, but not to death, solely for its life’s state.

  • tres records is turnin it out – i’m friends with the Lightheaded guys and huge fan of Giant Panda and Y Society

  • yo, sorry was in transition from work to home. Yah, I think I may just like Johnson and Jonson a bit more than the Blu & Exile album(which is insane!). just a bit. It’s the perfect in between of the Exile and CRAC Knucks albums. So soulful!
    Lightheaded is awesome… they’re everywhere lately. I couldn’t really get into Giant Panda’s recent album, love the one before though. And Damu the Fundgemonk is killer on the beats. His free instrumental albums are such good head nodders. Really enjoying the new People Under the Stairs too! Seems like there’s been a lot of hip hop to be excited about again.

  • yea i still gotta pick up the latest PUTS, been hearing good things though!

  • Man I missed out on all this Cadence Weapon talk. I gotta side with Jeff though, I think he’s solid. Booosh.

  • Boooooosh.

  • goodtobeD

    cadence does not sound like any of those bands people have mentioned. Kanye? please. Cool kids? They will be gone in 2 years (and I listen to them). Hollywood Holt is garbage. Breaking Kayfabe was sick. Afterparty was interesting but not as good to me. I still enjoy it. He is still original.

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