19.12.08 by Jeff

Bike Hero!

This would take FOREVER. This kid takes a page outta the Bat For Lashes video and recreates Guitar Hero on his bike with a bunch of his homies lending a hand. Prepare to be amazed. This should be the official video for Prisoner of Society by The Living End.

According to Fubiz, it was directed by Jaron Albertin.

  • http://zombierock.livejournal.com Riot!

    haha i love this video, saw it a while back and wondered if it was viral marketting. the ending is great aswell! all hail lars umlaut! [the fat kiss guy in guitar hero for those that don’t know]

  • http://www.jameskurtz.com James Kurtz III

    Pretty sweet. Although I heard it was a viral video made by Activision (or Red Octane) which kinda ruins it a little. Still cool though.

  • Jolin

    damn, that is hella dope. really smart idea – would be coo if the band picked up on it.

  • http://hamsterfish.net brandon


  • Chris