29.01.09 by Jeff

Mark Weaver

Diggin’ this collection of graphic work by Mark Weaver.

mark weaver graphic design illustration

mark weaver graphic design illustration

mark weaver graphic design illustration

mark weaver graphic design illustration

mark weaver graphic design illustration

mark weaver graphic design illustration

mark weaver graphic design illustration

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • i truely love those screenprintings. so clean and well done

    • Jason Davis

      Mark is using his art to manipulate people. But it’s not just personally at Mark. Every piece of work he does draws your attention, subliminally or not, to the eye. One of his pieces shows for what reason. A set of buildings, in a pyramid shape, with a TV on top displaying an eye.

      It’s a bastardization of the illuminati symbol. To prove he’s not the only one drawing your attention to this, take a look at a great masters work, Da Vinci’s last supper. Jesus’ body forms the triangle, or pyramid, and his head is tilted to the side so his eye is directly over the Aphex. Take a look. You’ll want to look at other art to see if this is true. Also look for 2 R’s back to back at any scale in art work, from ancient Egyptian art/Mayan cultures to modern day compositions. The eye features HEAVILY in all of the as the manipulating element.

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  • These just get me every time I look at them.

    Great mix of styles.

  • gregg

    wow these are so great!

  • I just got my print of the body with the Deers head and antlers in red framed and on the wall – I so love it. You have to do more screenprints! I need to fill my wall with these….

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  • Chloe

    I first discovered Mark on Flickr, then on Etsy. I absolutely love his work.

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