11.03.09 by Jeff

1,000,000 pageviews in 30 days!

We are growing at an alarming rate! We’ve had over 1,000,000 pageviews in just the last 30 days, and we’re still less than a year old! The Facebook Group is so big now, they won’t let me send you all messages anymore (good problem I guess).

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So I just wanted to take a second to say thanks to all of you for the support! I feel like I know many of you now (especially the frequent commentors), and there is definitely a great creative community forming here. I love running the site and hope to eventually make it my full-time job! Keep your eyes peeled, there’s lots of fun things coming…

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • http://www.skullsquid.net TroyGalluzzi

    Gratz man. Awesome good job.

  • http://quainthandmade.blogspot.com cindy k

    congratulations! thanks for showing us incredible artists who might go otherwise unnoticed.

  • http://corygibbons.com/blog/ Cory Gibbons

    Cindy said it

    congrats and thanks a lot Hamada

  • http://sidneylophoto.com Sidney

    3Sixteen kindly requests you send some hits their way. BOOM TIME.

  • http://www.paperbullet.com lisa

    go go go jeff!

  • http://iamana.org ana

    yay! now let’s make it 2,000,000

  • http://sradnidge.com sr

    awesome Jeff! You deserve all the credit in the world for making an awesome site like this!
    keep it up!

  • http://everythingyoulovetohate.blogspot.com/ scottt™

    now, is this unique views, or just page loads? congrats either way

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

      thanks you guys

      scott, yea page views – unique is several hundred thousand. still have work to do!

  • Astroboy

    Keep them coming!
    You are doing a great job!

    Lisbon – Portugal

  • http://www.e22.com shing02


  • http://www.wreckthetapedeck.com TINT

    Congrats kid, we’re workin on it too!

  • http://meathaus.com Meathaus

    Nice work, BOOOOOOOM! You bumped our traffic as well with your swell list. Good luck and all the best. Did I get the amount of “O”s right? It’s like an optical illusion. Also, I’m drunk, it’s Philly beer week.

  • Kyle

    Nice job!

  • Kyle

    hey I checked the stats, your deceiving them jeff. The numbers are much much higher than that! haha

  • http://www.hellojenuine.com Jen

    awesome, high five!

  • karolina

    nice job, i love to hear about those artists. thanks and cheers!

  • http://mundocaco.com mundocaco

    Good & intensive work!
    Cheers from Canary Islands, Spain

  • http://www.flickr.com/angelwongphotography AWong

    congrats!!! :)

  • http://ryanthewheelbarrow.com lorena

    that’s amazing. your site has been on my bookmarks tab for a long time now; this site, along with a couple others are my daily fix for aesthetic cravings

  • tanya

    i luv this site!

  • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

    cheers you guys!

    kyle – haha yea i rounded DOWN

    chris – my pleasure, love what you guys are doing Meathaus – its almost beer o’clock for me as well haha

  • http://missiles.tumblr.com/ adc

    Congrats man, you definitely deserve it! Guess I don’t have to tell you to keep at it! 😀

  • Sascha

    Wow, Hamataro,congratulations. The sites growing so quickly cause of all the great and interesting content, and the cool contests.

    keep it up.

  • http://www.kerrytasch.com/ kerry

    congrats! keep up the good work, im a huge fan of your site : )

  • http://www.sunsetstationhendersonnevada.com SunsetStationHendersonNevada

    Congrats in this milestone.

  • http://normans-odyssey.com norman

    i dont wonder bout this mass of visitors (=

    nice site, interesting content !
    THANKS and go on

  • lola

    congrats! I love this site!

  • http://www.behance.net/oligoelement Xavier

    hell yeah! congratulations, and keep up the good work :)

  • http://www.theriffraffs.ca daylan

    Congrats Jeff!

  • elise

    The bunny looks sad.

  • http://www.waynewebb.com Wayne


  • a.e.

    It’s a great website! Plus the people on here are more reasonable than those on dezeen. :-)

  • http://jsobel@nmu.edu apply


  • Jessica Langley

    Yeah, that’s nothing, I once saw a rabbit with a moustache!