19.03.09 by Jeff

Extreme Sheep / LED Art

A great viral ad by Samsung. I am convinced parts of it are CGI (specifically the sheep walking and the Mona Lisa) but the idea and execution are great.

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • http://thebreadcrumb.blogspot.com/ Esther Maria Swaty

    such a brilliant vid :)

  • http://mundocaco.com mundocaco

    B R I L L A N T! put me a great smile in my face!

  • http://oliviercharland.com Olivier Charland

    omg so nice !! that is a freak idea 😛 !

  • tanya


  • emily

    loved it, but what is the music used during the game of pong. Its right in the back of my head and i know it must be some variation of the Blue Danube but i would love to know which one.

  • http://tobogan.wordpress.com Mela


  • http://artsponge.wordpress.com/ Patrick

    haha this is hilarious and genius !

  • thesawnoftuonela

    I love it! :-) My ex taught me a lot about sheep and shepherding, but it was never this good before! 😉

  • Atanas

    The music during the pong game is Strauss’s “On the beautiful blue Danube”