26.03.09 by Jeff

Cut&Paste Toronto / Free Tickets!

Cut&Paste hits Toronto on Saturday (Mar 28th) and I have two pairs of tickets to give away! The event starts at 6:30pm at Sound Academy (11 Polson Street). For those that don’t know, Cut&Paste is a live digital design tournament that tours around from city to city.

cut&paste toronto

The first two people to leave a comment on this post asking for the tickets will get them. Only request the tickets if you live in the Toronto area and plan to go!

cut&paste toronto

cut&paste toronto

cut&paste toronto

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • http://zombierock.livejournal.com Riot!

    i swear; where are the people in toronto? i WISH i could go to this. but alas; i’m in Melbourne Australia.

  • http://webecameaware.blogspot.com Tomas

    If it includes a flight from Brussels to Toronto, I’m in!

    • http://www.fotolog.com/mmeoek anouk

      tomas, im from brussels too maybe we can find some special offers by 2 people. let’s move one :)

  • Sascha

    I would love to go too!…but I am in Vancouver :(

  • http://skui-blog.blogspot.com skui

    damn.. I would love to…
    but from Germany.. =(

  • http://amjackson.ca Anne-Marie Jackson

    I’m in Toronto, I’ll go!

    E-mail me :)

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

      Congrats Anne-Marie you are WINNER #1

  • Carly

    I live in Toronto & I would love to go!

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

      Carly, you are WINNER #2!

      Sorry about all the messages being delayed – if its your first time commenting your message is held to be approved.

      cheers everyone!

  • http://myspace.com/illustriousstar Star

    sounds hot! ;p
    tampa, florida <-


  • http://bloodoftheyoung.com reilly hodgson

    toronto for the win!
    i’ll take a pair!


    damn i would love to go ! .. but i am in germany

  • kamil

    I’m from toronto can i please get tickets to this , ohh pretty please !! :)

  • Kathy

    I live in Toronto and I would like to go! If the tickets are still available, please count me in. Thank you to my friend Lindsay for bringing this to my attention!

  • Mirella

    I was actually just reading about this event and would love to go. I live in Toronto and would love a pair of tickets.

  • http://petersonh.com Peterson Hamilton

    Yes I would love to go!!! I live in Toronto!! Hook it up, sweet!

  • http://jamieshea.blogspot.com Jamie

    Can I?

    For once in my life, being in Toronto is a wonderful thing.

  • http://jamieshea.blogspot.com Jamie

    Can I?


    For once in my life, living in Toronto is working to my advantage!

  • http://funkmeharder.net irfaan

    I would love the tickets!

  • http://www.susyoliveira.ca SUSY

    Bring em on! I am in Toronto and would really love to check it out.

  • http://www.alterlines.com Brendon

    Shall I add my name to the list of people who don’t live in Canada?

  • http://fwdform.ca JONATHAN

    i live in toronto. and will go to this whether i win or not. should be rad.

  • http://fwdform.ca JONATHAN

    oh. i forgot to say. can i please have free tickets?

  • http://meanders.ca Anders

    whoo. am I in time? am in Toronto and would like to get tickets to this.

  • Catconventionzzz

    I live in toronto…. i just don’t wanna go.!
    I wish that was true… Californ.i.a ;[

  • http://www.dellarollins.com Della Rollins

    Me! Me! I live in Toronto.

    Did I win? Really?


  • kamil

    what baloney! i was the first person to reply from toronto, this morning. why wasn’t i selected?

  • http://www.panthealee.com Panthea

    FYI for those in Australia, Germany, etc… Cut&Paste actually hits 16 cities this year (including Berlin and Sydney): http://www.cutandpaste.com

    (Wish I still lived in Toronto!)

  • http://theupperhandart.com Brian

    Boston and New York Cut & Paste events were fresh!
    The events stream live online if your not in the right city/ country.

  • http://theupperhandart.com Brian

    Also, Big-ups to Kyle Brandise, who is the dude in the picture after the jump…

  • http://www.cosmicblend.ca Chet Woodside

    Another vote for Vancouver, would love to see this here.

  • jon

    i want to go :) email me too! i live in toronto

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