10.04.09 by Jeff

Bryan Nash Gill

This beautiful relief print by Bryan Nash Grill for Ashes & Milk popped up on my Twitter this morning (sorry, I wasn’t able to find the tweet again to give proper credit!). It is exactly what you think it is, a giant ink rubbing of a tree stump. I’d love to purchase a print unfortunately I don’t have $4,000.

bryan nash gill tree stump cross section relief print

bryan nash gill tree stump cross section relief print

bryan nash gill tree stump cross section relief print

  • ray jay


  • http://tetonartlab.com travis

    maybe he should try a larger roller….

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

      haha i think its necessary to ink all the smaller parts

  • Robert B Cooper

    Hey I can do that! I should try it!

  • http://www.nufabric.org Nikolay

    It was tweeted by Ms. Swissmiss ;)

  • lapetitefaon

    That’s absolutely beautiful! Now if only I could find a tree trunk in NYC….

  • http://www.hookeduptothelove.blogspot.com Chelsee

    $4000 really?

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  • http://www.damionsilver.com damion

    I never saw this post til now.
    I know bryan from years ago.. one of the most accomplished artist I know.
    great work for sure.
    now time to acquire one of these prints for the house!

  • http://BarbaraGuyLongwillowartist Barbara (Bonnie) Guy Long

    Hi Bryan….I think your work is so inspiring……It is nice to find another artist so closely in touch with the world around us that grows…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1248021925 Gary Birch

    You mean there are actually people that would pay 4000.00 for a big thumb print ? W.C.Feilds said it best. ” There’s a sucker born every minute ” ( look it up. it was NOT PT Barnum that said that )