22.04.09 by Jeff

Google Maps Alphabet!

Rhett Dashwood dropped me a line to tell me about his project, Google Maps Typography. Looks like Eric Tabuchi has some competition in the found letters department!

google maps typography letter alphabet

  • Robert B Cooper

    Way to steel my idea.

    No really hats off to you. Great work.

  • http://www.okaygreat.com Dylan

    Holy crap.

  • http://www.shapesofsweetness.com Corey Thompson

    That is rad. Wonder how long it took to find all of the letters? Have you seen the junk mail alphabet by Zach Gibson?

  • Jessie Cacciola

    Ha–that’s awesome. The second-to-last reminds me of my high school.

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  • http://pasembur.wordpress.com xumb

    both are awesome, but i’ll give tabuchi more props coz of the 4 years of traveling looking for the trucks. that’s just MAD DEDICATION i tell ya!

    oh and check out this one too. a japanese designer redefines the word ‘urban typography’. AWESOME. http://blog.wired.com/sterling/2009/03/urban-typograph.html

  • http://somethinghere.com Am

    Has Google seen this? They should!

  • http://CreareDesign.co.uk Dape

    There is so much to say about the alphabet its a shame you haven’t put the actual locations of the places and where they are in the world. The Zzzzzzzzz could be better.

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  • http://tisagranicia.blogspot.com tisa


  • http://www.flickr.com/virtuesandvices Virtues and Vices

    Just amazing, too cool ! ! !

  • emily

    AWESOME!! (is there some really obvious purpose to the last one, or an i looking for meaning where there is none)

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  • Hannah

    My sharp-eyed friends noted that the ‘O’ is the MCG and the ‘J’ the is footbridge over the yarra at southbank, both in Melbourne, Australia.

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

      wow those are some sharp-eyed friends you have haha

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  • http://www.radwafouda.blogspot.com Radz

    Bravo! Bravissimo!

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  • http://www.paoloruiz.com paoruiz

    very nice!

  • tim

    That’s so strange, out of any J shaped object you chose a bridge I walk over every day. I really dig this!

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  • http://www.kingkelly.ca kingkelly

    Is nice, but I cant see the Q

  • http://lawchoy.wordpress.com/ Law Choy

    How clever! I think letter”Q” is the most difficult alphabet to find.
    I like this set of “type” a lot!

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  • http://www.dreammediadesign.co.uk Dream Media Design

    I like the images very inspiring this must have taken forever to put together? it would be perfect if the Z looked more like a Z and not a two in any case its still fantastic work please keep them comming!!!

  • emma

    this is absolutely amazing..

    must have taken ages
    well done!

    im seriously amazed