26.05.09 by Jeff

Gottfried Helnwein

Gottfried Helnwein is a painter, photographer, installation and performance artist who has created some of the most provocative images I’ve ever seen.

Gottfried Helnwein painting photography installation performance artist painter photographer

Gottfried Helnwein painting photography installation performance artist painter photographer

Gottfried Helnwein painting photography installation performance artist painter photographer

Gottfried Helnwein painting photography installation performance artist painter photographer

Gottfried Helnwein painting photography installation performance artist painter photographer

Gottfried Helnwein painting photography installation performance artist painter photographer

Gottfried Helnwein painting photography installation performance artist painter photographer

Gottfried Helnwein painting photography installation performance artist painter photographer

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • fantastic

  • Thijs

    breathtaking nr.4

  • Ben


  • amazing!

    I saw these pictures last september during a hitchhiking trip in Ireland and I was looking for the photographer since this time!



    • wow it looks amazing from that distance!

      • It was fascinating!

  • Patty

    He’s showing in Modernism in San Francisco right now. So bomb.

  • René

    One of the best and the best austrian Artist!!! Last year he had an exibition in Linz (Austria)

  • Hudson

    love big photos

  • emily

    kinda powerful-eventhough-its-hard-to-know-what-they-are-trying-to-say

  • emily

    i’ve just had another thought…think what is like for those little girls having their faces displayed in that huge size where people have no choice wether to see then or not (god, i hope NONE of them got vandalised)

    • Lee

      I live in Waterford, Ireland where Gottfried has all these displayed (still there) and the majority have been untouched. Although he did have a large print in the middle of the city square and that got a bit shredded by drunks / chavs in the night!
      His piece across the river suir on the old seed mill is amazing (the one with the guys vaulting down it)

  • i just love the fact that he dares to exhibit his work in outdoor places. very selfless. :) these are just fantastic by the way!

  • loves it

  • wonderful

  • Fantastic artist, I am from Waterford City in Ireland and am so impressed at what Gottfried has achieved.

    Make sure you all visit Waterford City for the Tall Ships event in 2011!!!

  • anirac

    these are no photos….the most of them…helnwein is a painter.

    this fact is more amazinge the every thing else geoi

    • They are actually acrylic prints from photos that he paints over in in oil glaze and scumble. I was traditionally taught and had a chance to see them up close when he showed at Galerie Rudolfinum Prague last year, he also has work on display in Prague right now in a group show titled “Decadence Now,” Go see it before Jan. 1st if you can.

  • I’m sure that painting of the little girl, lying down with bandages around her head was included in the sleeve of Michael Jackson’s HIStory album.

  • YES! That’s Little Susie! I think, too.

  • I think he uses photoprints to paint on with oils and acrylics.. amazing artist

  • Dave

    all of the images that dont show the environment outside of the actual image are paintings. and im pretty sure the top two are images of a painting in the environment as well.

  • He does paint over photos, but more often he projects photos that he’s taken on a large canvas, sketches the boundaries, then paints from scratch. He goes over and over each painting scores of times until he gets it just right. His paintings are more vivid and dramatic than the photos from which they derive. He’s amazing!

23.05.17 by Jeff

Akira Epic Comic Covers

Came across this great archive of Katsuhiro Otomo’s art and put together a little selection of my favourite Epic Comics Akira covers. More images below.

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23.05.17 by Jeff

LG Partners With Parsons School for Design

LG is partnering with leading design institutions to provide their new 34″ UltraWide monitors to help students studying architecture and design work more efficiently. The dimensions are eye-catching at 21:9 and the design actually curves around the user, offering as much real estate for visual information as possible.

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23.05.17 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre

A selection of images from “Theaters” by photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre. More images below.

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23.05.17 by Jeff

Kutcorners for OURO Collective

OURO Collective – photo by Teppei Tanabe


This week Vancouver-based dance collective OURO is debuting their first full-length show “Tangent” at the Orpheum’s Annex theatre (May 25th/26th), and we are proud to be a media partner for the event. If you’re looking for some creative inspiration come check this out, we’ll be at both shows! Tickets are going quick, so if you’re interested get tickets HERE!

Yesterday we shared a clip of OURO’s rehearsal footage (watch here) and today we have an interview with Kutcorners, who created three original tracks for “Tangent”. The New Zealand-born, Vancouver-based producer is one half of LIVE EVIL, the guys that made all those amazing live mixes we featured over the years (watch one here). You can stream or download the music Kutcorners created for OURO on Spotify, iTunes, and Bandcamp.


Vancouver producer, Kutcorners – photo by Hana Pesut


Jeff Hamada: How would you describe the music you make?

Kutcorners: This is always a hard question, because I actually like to make many different types of music. But ultimately things under “Kutcorners” usually are a derivative of R&B music, old or new, with a twist.

I sometimes say I make “pop” music, but my music isn’t really that popular in the traditional sense. More like “pop art” really.

Jeff Hamada: I like the idea that it’s pop art. Who are some of the artists influencing you right now?

Kutcorners: Mura Masa, Toro Y Moi or Les Sins, Caribou, Dj Dahi, Knxwledge, Pomo, Kaytranada, U-Tern (Oliver), Nosaj Thing, Prince and MJ will inspire me forever.


If you don’t have Spotify you can listen to the tracks here.


Jeff Hamada: Had you ever collaborated with dancers prior to this project with OURO?

Kutcorners: No, this is the first time and I hope to do more of it.

Jeff Hamada: That would be cool to see an on-going thing. How would you describe the work that they’re creating?

Kutcorners: I would describe it as a melange of disciplines coming together to form a modern take on traditional dance performance. It’s very refreshing and inspiring work.

Jeff Hamada: Can you talk a little bit about the experience of watching their rehearsals and then turning that into sounds?

Kutcorners: Well, we talked a lot about sounds they like when they rehearse, which gave me inspiration to draw from idea I had started already, and also on some new arrangements.

Getting people to describe sounds they like can be quite hard, because people hear sounds and articulate them differently from person to person. It’s fun to hear how we all describe the sounds we like and how they affect movement.



Jeff Hamada: Did this experience offer any sort of new perspective on your work?

Kutcorners: Yeah, it showed me that I make movements in music too quick! It’s more effective to use little sounds and build things slowly rather than to cram everything in to a 3-minute song.

Dance is very much related to how music works and why it’s made. In retrospect, I would have benefitted from dancing more in my life. It really helps connect you to the physical side of music, which is so important when creating it.

Jeff Hamada: What things are you working on now?

Kutcorners: I’m working on making more original music for my own releases, which I plan to put out on record and online. Working with singers too, to help bring these instrumentals to life.


Kutcorners on Bandcamp

Kutcorners on Soundcloud

Kutcorners on Instagram

OURO Collective Website

OURO Collective on Instagram

23.05.17 by Staff

Los Angeles Warehouse Transformed into a 150,000 Square Foot Art Exhibition

British artist Simon Birch and a team of 20 collaborators have constructed an elaborate series of interconnected installations in a vacant warehouse on the outskirts of downtown Los Angeles. Covering 3 acres of space with a mix of sculpture, video, paintings and performance pieces, the exhibition is a direct response to the current political climate. A celebration of creativity, diversity and unity, Birch explains: “Given the current fragile state of the world, we need unity more than ever… and we need action.”

While encouraging positivity, possibility and a safe space for people to come together, The 14th Factory is exactly that — a call to action that doesn’t shy away from provoking a response (or at least an Instagram photo). One installation is an exact replica of the iconic room from 2001: A Space Odyssey, while another is filled with 300 pitchforks hanging from the ceiling above the guests!

Check out more images from the project below or on display at 440 N. Ave 19 Los Angeles, California until May 31.

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