11.06.09 by Jeff

Sarah Spitler Giveaway!

I know you guys love giveaways so here we go again! How about a 11″x14″ print by Sarah Spitler (valued at $50) courtesy of the amazing folks at 20×200!!!

sarah spitler booooooom giveaway 20x200 print

So here’s what you do:

1. Sign up for the 20×200 newsletter.

2. Leave a comment here telling me the last thing you ate.

The winner will be chosen and announced in the newsletter on Tuesday, June 16th. That person will then have 24 hrs to claim the print. If you don’t sign up for the newsletter you will not know if you have won! If the print is unclaimed we will announce another winner Wednesday.

The image above is not the print, the actual print will be revealed in the newsletter.

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Good luck!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • emily

    last thing I ate was an apple!

    • Ryan

      Life Cereal so good. Your Life in a bowl!

    • JAH

      broccoli con ranch… JEA!

    • Tom

      a little girl wearing a cute red cloak…im a big bad wolf…its what i do!

    • Tara

      Kellogs cornflakes:D

    • Geoff

      Lemon tarte with an assortment of berries.

    • ryan

      1.5 belgian waffles and a glass of milk

  • Steak. Yes it was yumtastic!

  • one whole dragon fruit!

  • A cheese sandwich. Was f**kin good.


  • Shar

    A bowl of toasted muesli with milk (my favourite food of all time – it was my dinner).

  • Just came back from a French restaurant! Escargot actually isn’t bad! Unless you see them wiggle in their shells…

  • the last thing i ate was beer

  • a slice of chantilly cake from the local bakery

  • With all this food talk i’m getting hungry!!!!!!!!!!

  • GARY

    penang curry + rice + pad thai + limeade = yummy!

  • Parker

    You know those lazy style nachos? Where you just throw cheese on tortilla chips, and microwave it for like 35 seconds? BAM.

  • I just finished two halves of chocolate coated meringue with whipped cream in the middle! It was delicious :D

  • Snap Emily! last thing I ate was an apple too! :)

  • vasavoircamille

    Whiskas chicken cuts in sauce… wanted to see what the fuss was about. Tastes like pate!

  • jimbo

    Peanut butter on hot toast! My favourite snack!

  • Anh Chi

    I just ate my last oatmeal cookie.

  • Jim

    Custard Doughnut. 4 of them. Ha.

  • brady

    thai fried rice

  • Tijmen

    The last thing i ate was a chocolate bar :D

  • Noodles doused with soy sauce and peanut sauce, topped with pork cutlets (that I left alone).

  • Thomas Shim

    I ate bagel/cream cheese and jelly.

  • Julien

    I just ate soja yogourt!

  • Last thing I ate was bread with chocolate in bar, Y-U-M-M-Y.

  • Markus

    Pure nature yoghourt with Kiwi, Banana and Apple slices.

  • mike wood

    pineapple, strawberries, kiwi with yogurt and Kashi. Epic breakfast.

  • i had fresh eggs from my chickens scrambled with chives from the garden on spelt toast pulled out of the dumpster at trader joes

  • french bread + toaster oven + butterbutterbutter = in my mouth

  • Sebastian Hurmerints

    Last thing I ate was… a Ceasar-salad with a bottle of Brooklyn Brewery Local Number 1. By the way, it’s heavy!

  • A fat-free bran muffin, a egg and sausage wrap and topped-off with a large decaf ice coffin with WHOLE milk and sugar. Shazaam…

  • a piece of white bread crust…

  • Coronation chicken sandwich on brown bread.

  • last thing eaten: vegetable stir-fry with jasmine rice and a can of seitan that was four years old.

    • alexander

      chicken salad sandwich+fries and a banana hefeweizen.

  • Jonathan

    Honey Nut Cheerios

  • Dark Coffee & Everything Bagel with Butter. :]

  • Drunken noodles :D

  • jenn

    i devoured an english muffin that was nicely toasted, smothered in peanut butter and sprinkled with cut bananas. truly magical…

  • jillian

    eggychee (portugese sweet roll with two eggs, ski queen cheese, and spicy mustard). there is no other way to start the morning.

  • Alex

    A huge sweet custardy lemon-meringuey thing. For BREAKFAST.

  • Krista


  • Karno

    Bourbon Biscuits.
    Dipped in black coffee. [well that’s the beverage]

  • Coffee. It works as food some days.

  • Zoo

    Minestrone with rice (For breakfast)

  • ben

    chicken salad sandwich….yea, exciting stuff there

  • Pastry & Coffee

  • daniela.


  • oatmeal w/ honey and emergen-c!

  • Ken

    Cereal and a Hard boiled egg

  • vegan thia dumplings with morrocan mint tea

  • Becky

    noodles with sesame sauce and cucumbers with a glass of water

  • BennyBoy

    Half a chocolate muffin with my cup of classic tea.

  • dolores

    penne with spinach, portabello mushrooms, pine nuts, in a white wine reduction. added tofu sticks for protein. too broke for real meat this week.

  • My dignity.

  • Strepsils as I have Brighton beach party induced flu.

  • 3 fresh squeezed organic lemons with 12 tablespoons of Grade B organic maple syrup with 1/2 a teaspoon of cayenne pepper + 60oz. purified water.

  • Robert Cooper

    Ramen Noodles. Unfortunately.

  • banana

  • My finger nails. Not good

  • A plain bagel with plain creme cheese and a little splenda sprinkled. Delicious.

  • Croissant and an iced cafe mocha.

  • Pop-Tart, an orange and a rather large green banana. So fruity and delicious.

  • street tacos… last night when drunk.

  • Peter Urban

    Noodles with chilisauce!

  • Alfi

    A mini Mars Bar from the fridge, which i suspect, expired a while ago.

  • charles


    the taste you can see
    (because I’m regressing)

  • Eve B

    Last thing I ate was a ‘Jammy Ring’ … oo-er!

  • cheese and crackers and like 10 million apples.

  • BridJess

    3 bits of fresh bread two spread with Canadian Clover Honey and one with Marmite mmm.

  • Strawberry-filled Eggo waffles and a veggie sausage :)

  • Ian Wins

    The last thing I ate was a bowl of Berry Treets. (Yes is it actually spelled that way.

  • Nicole

    teaspoon of someone else’s peanut butter, then a teaspoon of someone else’s nutella. life is good.

  • Rez

    a stale Rice Krispes Treat for breakfast before springing to work. :/ and Im still hungry.

  • Jennifer

    For breakfast I ate some terrible leftover lima bean soup, my life rules.

  • Laura

    Brown rice and vegetable soup.

  • Jamie

    I just had oatmeal. :D


    I had a sage and apple breakfast soy-sage!

  • peach yogurt


    Tarator (cold yogurt&cucumber soup)

  • A breakfast taco with eggs, potatoes, and sausage. Plus a lousy cup of coffee.

  • The last thing I ate was school pizza. Gross.

  • Olivia

    raw carrots and ranch dip! healthy and delicious.

  • coffee pudding

  • Fresh Blueberries and a cup of Earl Grey, Yummy summer afternoon!

  • Brooke

    I just had a granola bar. Very chewy.

  • Quarter cup of water mixed with 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar. It puts hair on the chest! And fixes my sinuses. :D

  • alexdekal

    some snacks left after some conference held somewhere

  • mynohorse!

    I just had a Mc’s Quarter Pounder and 2 apples :)

  • Mark Lozano

    the last thing i ate was a jelly filled donut. i dont remember what kind of jelly it was….but it was good

  • Patrick

    Steak (medium), eggs over easy, two slices of bacon, and two piecs of French Toast.

  • tara

    blueberry yogurt

  • constantin

    I just had a coconut soup with bread…

    tastet delicious


  • Viv

    It was banana bread

  • vanessa

    homemade granola, vanilla soy milk

  • kuta

    jus ate 1 steamed sweet potatoe

  • sour gummi worms. hell. yes.

  • nick

    cocoa puffs, i keep it real

  • The last thing I ate was a breadstick… it was stolen! But now I have a stomach-ache. I guess crime doesn’t pay.

  • Last thing I ate was spinach pizza from trader joes.

  • Willis

    Smores PopTart. It was gone in seconds.

  • A bowl of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.

  • Brian

    Funyuns! Yeah!

  • Hannah

    3 raspberry/dark chocolate Milano cookies.

  • zach

    cheesedog, sucka.

  • Lauren Carlton

    I ate a dinosaur.

  • Marija

    Some salad about to go bad

  • My words.

  • Erica


  • brandy


  • Rebecca

    a Jammie Dodger

  • benjie

    i had a Fudgsicle. :) mmmm. yummtastic.

  • Leon.D

    Last thing I ate: Oreos.

  • Tiny french fries.

  • Tomatoes and Bulgarian cheese…its like feta but better ;)

  • i just ate shrimp ramen. i’m a poor, starving artist.

  • alex

    부븸밥 (bubuimbap) It was damn good.

  • NIC

    last thing i ate was a piece of bread with peanut butter. it was my last piece of bread.

  • Emily D

    Granola bar!

  • A semi-melted Twix bar, it was still good.

  • A granola bar was the last thing I ate. It was pretty yummy despite sitting on my bedroom floor for the past two weeks =D

  • I had a Vegi burrito from Santanas


    sour cream

    mmmmmmmmmmm Santanas burritos are the best plus they have those grill onions mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • landon bell


  • a couple pieces of lettuce with chili pepper sprinkled around them.

    (i noticed they fell out of my sandwich and went to town on the leftover pieces)

  • the last thing i ate… spring rolls!

  • Alicia

    A grape fruit haha

  • Feesh

    roast beef sandwich!

  • Noel

    a quarter of a cucumber.

  • damian

    A sweet chilli scroll from the bakery

  • Golauth

    A batch of self-made pancakes, burnt but beautiful.

  • Alex

    Last thing i ate was a burrito. mmmm

  • a piece of a rice cake that i soon discovered was too stale to be eaten.

  • Cath

    Macaroni & cheese, but I’m ready to make myself a sandwich in a minute here.

  • Sam

    A fortune cookie. “Be innovative, take charge of new ideas.” So wise…

  • Mike

    Chocolate covered popcorn. MmmMmm

  • currently eating cherries.

  • Kentmiesta

    Potato Skins and a chocolate milkshake

  • andrew

    my dignity

  • Catherine

    i had a bowl of asian noodles that did not taste good cold, but it wouldnt have tasted good warm either

  • Olenka

    Ice Cream.

  • Carol Schaeffer

    baby carrots

  • Chocolate :)

  • shawn lim

    char siew rice!!

  • alice

    black coffee! yum!

  • Pavlina Maleshkova

    saltletts taler

  • Chicken madras with pilau rice :D . Now to have breakfast…

  • Babsi

    A vanilla flavour yoghurt!

  • nickgee

    Last thing I ate was Pho.

  • ^ I envy you, NICKGEE. I could totally go for a bowl of Pho right now.

    The last thing I ate was a peanut butter brownie. I’m addicted to all things peanut butter and chocolate. <3

  • emily

    half a homegrown strawberry – something wriggeled in the other half! :-S

  • ali


  • olister

    eggs with cheese and strawberry tea. yum.

  • claudia

    spicy morrocan lentil soup @ jungle juice

  • Alyssa

    The last thing I ate was some chocolate ice cream!


    KUSH KUSH: a cajun dish of cornbread and whole milk! Cest Bon.

  • Ben


  • Amy S.

    Home-made dulce de leche ice cream! =) Which is almost as awesome as I predict this print will be!

  • eugenio

    cereal, sounds dull but i enjoyed it pretty much


  • Petrina


  • marlon

    hot dog

  • Hi! So the last thing I ate were four Colombian Empanadas and some mango juice. Oh so good!

  • Luke

    meat lovers pizza


    due to my wisdom teeth being pulled and two screws planted in my gums for my fake teeth! :D YAY!

  • fish w/ rice & kimchi

  • Amanda

    a chocolate chip pop-tart. :]

  • I had a wonderful spinach salad with a creamy bleu cheese dressing.

  • GIN

  • enxhi

    i just ate my heart out.

  • A tictac :)

  • 2 double cheesy beef burritos at Taco Bell for a total of $2.10.

  • Zeke

    I had a granola, yogurt, and strawberry parfait. Kitchen 24’s menu called it “the tree hugger.”

  • claudia bracco

    a lump of grass … after having a major spill on my skateboard

  • annabelle

    a seafood salad from the thai place round the corner

  • 2 cherries, I tied one of the stems into a knot in my mouth too :p


    The last thing I ate was:

    Jalapeno Cheesy BItes
    BBQ Chicken Wings and
    Cheese, Tomato and Pesto Pizza.


  • Rebeca

    meat n potato burrito after dancing! the best :)

  • pete

    i just ate bread loaves!!!

  • chicken salad and nectarines!

  • Lots of Cherries. I’m helping my father in the land.

  • Brittney

    coffee ice cream!

  • I just ate half of a Guava, will eat the rest of the half after I hit submit comment. ;D

  • AdamK.Wilson

    Some sourdough and spinach dip. Mmmm.

  • pieces of apple soaked in rum and grape juice. I’m not sure why

  • Maya

    the last thing i ate was coffee ice-cream =)

  • Yesterday night: one and a half libanese wrapped sandwichs; one with “hallumi” goat chesse, and the half with “makali” baked vegetables. I’d go downstairs right now to pick up some more from the libanese restaurant!!!.

  • Jasha

    fig :0)

  • Mani

    a girl….sorry

  • Hmm. It was last night & it was my roomate’s dad’s lasagna. The freezer is full of ice so she told me i could eat everything before we unfreeze it. Her dad is a cook. My life heaven.

  • A baby!

  • The last thing I ate was a pack of marshmallows

  • liz

    My kid’s mango puree….yikes.

  • i ate Nachos with Chili sauce!


    A Swedish liquorice fish. Just got back from Malmö. Nice place..

  • Travis Flack

    :) tofu in chilli sauce

  • a bowl of cereal, duh

  • martamask

    i ate a pizza with onion and tunafsh

  • Dana


  • Georgia

    the last thing I ate was cold pizza, delicious!

  • can you eat coffee? if so.. coffee.

  • RikH

    Last thing I ate was a forkfull (is that a word?? :P)
    of “Nicoise Salad” (salad with tuna, cucumber, beans, tomatoes,… :) really good :D )

  • Keerat

    skittles! taste the rainbow :D

  • Meg

    An egg scramble consisting of spinach, yellow pepper, sun-dried tomatos, broccoli, and green onion with grilled baby tomatoes and toast with honey and cinnimon. I know im redic but what can I say I love breakfast:)

  • Barbara

    melon-citron icecream from monte pello at the tweede tuindwarsstraat at the jordaan in Amsterdam

  • Christina

    a leftover half of a reduced fat turkey bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on wheat bread.

  • SOL

    an argentinian alfajor!! yumm

  • Janey

    A Laotian noodle dish which translates to ‘wet rice noodles’ in English and water.

  • James

    3 amstels, watermelon, some chicken and a cookie

  • Jonny

    Hot dogs.

  • 73% Belgian Dark Chocolate Non-Pareils
    from Trader Joe’s

  • nandos chicken

  • David

    Reeses Puffs and fresh strawberries from the garden. Best breakfast ever.

  • Delicious, moist, oven-baked brownies and a cup of Silk Very Vanilla soy milk.

  • KZ

    Rack or ribs with bourbon sause.

  • elizabeth boom

    I just had homemade organic spaghetti.

  • Grilled steak burrito with chipotle sauce

  • Sascha

    The last thing I ate was a mixture of cereals:

    1/2 cup of All Bran Buds
    1/2 cup of Cooooooookie Crisp
    1 cup of Cherios (the original unsweetened kind)


  • Kris

    A fried over-hard egg with smoked paprika on an english muffin. Smoked paprika = winning at eating.

  • Fresh home baked rye bread with tons of butter. Mmmmmmm.

  • A chocolate powerbar. NOT a good hangover-snack.

  • Ariela

    bagel with cream cheese and ham

  • Spaghetti with meat and meat sauce & Chicken….now who gon’ f with that answer?

  • The last thing I ate was a cup of apple/mango applesauce. Yum.

  • Tyler Garbacki

    Nutella on 2 slices of dr. oetker cheese pizza.

  • Lentil stew!! perfect for winter time!

  • Jim

    bologna and swiss cheese sangwich………….

  • Alexandra Fahnlander

    fresh caught fish and a loverly baked potato~~


    Last thing I ate… Salsa.

  • Joal

    M&M’s and a mocha frappucino!

  • Sonya

    Sweet and Sour Chicken

  • J-K

    N-Y fries + Tim Hortons Sandwich + Popcorn

    Star Trek for the third time haha
    I love movies

  • mac n’ cheeeese

  • chocolate bread!

  • William Duignan

    1. Heat-And-Eat pizza from the supermarket aross the road.
    2. It had a tomato base, with mozzarella and tomatoes.
    3. I added shreaded chicken on top.
    4. I’m gonna finish it cold later…

  • Noor Issa

    Turkey and Melted Cheese Sandwich with Tabooleh :)

  • Amanda

    The last thing I ate was dinner: we had white rice with green beans and a dish made of tomato and eggs. ^^

  • Kaspar

    just ate buns made over open fire with a hole lot of nutella.

  • Ignas

    The last thing I ate was traditional lithuanian cocoa pie. And I will repeat it after finishing my comment.

  • I just ate Thai food with the works: tom yam soup, fish, pickled mangoes + onions, and chicken with cashewnuts cooks in curry. Mmmm. I’m hungry again.

  • My cat. Her name was Lola. She was a good and delicious domestic shorthair. Excellent with a side of braised asparagus and papaya slivers. I like it better when she feeds me instead of the other way around.

  • Fulcanelli

    Greek meze

  • samcho

    lasting i had was red mango!

  • frozen yogurt with strawberries topping.

  • Last thing I ate was a cold chocolate. And before that, I ate chips.

  • pennylane

    cockmeat sandwich on rye with some light mustard

  • mike

    i just had a..spam musubi:]

  • marissa


  • Danica

    The last thing i consumed was a frozen turkey sandwich, blue Gatorade, and 13 little packs of raisins. my body will thank me later.

  • nicole

    i had a delicious slice of almond cake with berries, whipped cream, and a scoop of dark chocolate ice cream.

  • Last thing I ate was a Mozartkuglen. A fatty chocolate from Vienna.

  • The last thing i ate was a snack sized pack of Cheese Ritz Crackers. Non nom nom nom

  • marta mascheroni

    rice salad

  • Birthday Cake :)

  • taavi

    some cheese

  • Clara

    pineapple and cherries! ummm umm ummm

  • Inguz


  • Thom

    Some green beans sauteed with tomatoes and sliced almonds

  • Bacon and Banana.

  • Tori

    Black bean salad and chicken fajitas, yummmmmm recipe: http://catchatori.blogspot.com/2009/02/fresh-little-black-bean-chicken.html

    That was last night, Im hungry.

  • Mariel

    hot and fresh outta the oven sugar doodle cookies decorated by my niece Sienna.

  • Cody

    bagel + cream cheese + a whole lot of awesome

  • 12 grain bagel + herb and garlic cream cheese, from tim horton!

  • jelly

    the last thing i ate was eggs x sausage x a cinnamon roll =D

  • A sausage, eggs, cheese and home fries wrap.

  • pure.white.rice.

  • sam

    chipotle. oh, baby.

  • Salmon tikka on mint raita and nan bread, with steamed rice!

  • Gayle

    Yoghurt with blueberries and tinned peaches…

  • cam

    a chocolate chip cookie from a local bakery!

  • Amy

    Cobb salad and mushroom soup with creme fraiche

  • Tom

    Croissant. oui! :)

  • Gretchen

    3 Cows

  • Anny

    A delectable Gala apple!!!

  • Nichola

    Butterscotch Candy

  • a cough drop

  • blueberries

  • Scoot

    toasted seed from flower of sun

  • Dan

    I just ate a sandwich. It could be the highlight of my day. Sigh. Some art might make me feel better.

  • awesome! I love 20×200 prints! I just finished eating Vietnamese noodle-type things (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B%C3%A1nh_%C6%B0%E1%BB%9Bt) fried with sprouts, onions, soy sauce, and Vietnamese ham-type things (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ch%E1%BA%A3_l%E1%BB%A5a).

  • Left over Green Basil, pai thai.

  • dee

    Jasmine Rice baked in a Claypot with Bean Curd Mixed Vegetables (Unicorn, SF CA)mmmm.

  • marcelo

    a $12 dollar sandwich that should have only costed $5.

  • amelia

    I ate an orange.

  • a bowl of thai chicken stirfry

  • A couple cold fries in malt vinegar stolen from the staff room.

  • Kayleigh

    I had the bottom part of a muffin… sadly not the top.

  • McKenna

    Sweet Potatoes! delicioussssh.

  • lexi

    the last thing i ate was a pretzel rod.

  • I shared some carrots with my bosses dog here at work

    shhhh…dont tell her I fed her dog though…

  • Jenn

    The very last thing I ate before typing this was a chicken salad sandwich. Too busy looking at Booooooom to cook. ;)

  • a delicious fajita veggie burrito. mmmm.

  • K.Mercedes

    The last thing I ate was an apple and some caramel. Mmm

  • amy g.

    french vanilla & mango yogurt

  • ali

    Sicilian mediterranea pizza from elizabeth’s pizza in greensboro, nc

  • Kristi

    Last thing I ate was a panini with cheddar, red peppers and mango habanero sauce.

  • Natalie


  • local farmers market made bratwurst. tasted like local made dog shyte.

  • croissants for breakfast

  • Some quark on some dark bread.

  • homemade pb + condensed milk on toast.
    and it was amazingly delish! : )

  • A piece of 70% cocoa chocolate with a cup of intelligentsia house blend coffee made with a moka pot.

  • N. Mesbah

    grapenuts and 2%

  • Choc-chip cookies, fresh from the oven.

  • ben


  • João

    my nails.

  • Rod

    I ate some eggs mixed with green chile and bologna, and some beans…good times.

  • Today for breakfast i had a turkey sandwich on two ends of the bread loaf w/ mayo & hot Cheetos sprinkled in the middle, it was delicious but i think it made me tired this morning.

  • Anna

    The last thing I had to eat was a container of blackberry yogurt. It was very good.

  • duck confit salad !!!

    or canarad confit as we say here ;)

  • Kallie

    farm bread

  • Mark Stewart

    amy’s indian spinach pocket

  • Micky Mabry

    a nectarine

  • In-n-out Double Double, Animal Style.

  • vie

    Pasta, big round pasta, homemade sause , lots of chesseeeeeeeee…yummmm

  • A whole hazelnut Ritter Sport.


    • Haley Jones

      The newsletter says I won! How do I claim it??

      • they emailed me saying they’ve contacted you!

    • Haley Jones

      yep, got it ( :

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