07.07.09 by Jeff

Claire Morgan

Beautiful hanging installations by Claire Morgan. A crow falling through a plane of strawberries? Yes, please.

claire morgan installation artwork art hanging fluid crow strawberries taxidermied fishing hooks nylon

claire morgan installation artwork art hanging fluid crow strawberries taxidermied fishing hooks nylon

claire morgan installation artwork art hanging fluid crow strawberries taxidermied fishing hooks nylon

claire morgan installation artwork art hanging fluid crow strawberries taxidermied fishing hooks nylon

claire morgan installation artwork art hanging fluid crow strawberries taxidermied fishing hooks nylon

claire morgan installation artwork art hanging fluid crow strawberries taxidermied fishing hooks nylon

claire morgan installation artwork art hanging fluid crow strawberries taxidermied fishing hooks nylon

claire morgan installation artwork art hanging fluid crow strawberries taxidermied fishing hooks nylon

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • chad

    so fucking rad

    • augman

      Yeah, Chad, fucking rad.

      • keaton

        yeah Augman, yeah Chad, soo fucking rad.

      • Oliver

        yeah Keaton, yeah Augman, yeah Chad, soo fucking rad.

      • Federico

         C-c-c-c-c-combo breaker.

  • http://lets.coozi.com.au silky

    i love this.

  • http://ragstoreverie.blogspot.com Lucy

    AWESOME! but what is the fox walking through?

  • steve

    this is pretty rad

    • Cameron

      Yeah Steve, this is pretty rad.

  • http://jimunwin.com Jim

    Lovely. There is something about them that reminds me of Josh Keye’s paintings.

    Where are these being exhibited?

  • http://www.missmilki.blogspot.com missmilki

    Fabulous! :)

  • http://www.yaalinimai.blogspot.com/ zara


  • katie

    fabfabfab! love <3

  • Molly

    that is the coolest thing i have seen in a very long time!

  • http://www.resetbyreset.com OO

    Love it’s

  • Jennifer

    geez how epic is that!

  • http://sos0.tumblr.com so

    this is very fantastic

  • Heather

    This is amazing. I can’t even think of any other words to describe how blown away I am!

  • emily rugburn

    so sweet

  • http://selinaloveshard.blogspot.com selina

    taxidermy put to good use…

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  • Cristina

    UM… YES.

  • http://www.fotolog.com/mmeoek anouk


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  • lapetitefaon

    Whaaaaaaaaat. Brilliant.

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  • http://www.unruly.ca Katy

    Oh my god. That is very shiver-making. Very shiver-making indeed.

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  • Paul F.


    i think those installations are great!
    id love to see them for real…. tell me where ?

  • emily

    trying to work out how to do the skewed cube/cage thing would have made my head hurt. these are awesome

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  • / lolo


  • http://robinferianto.com robb

    this is totally awesome piece of art.
    just beautiful.

  • Sammy

    Beautiful. I like the 3-Demensionality of it.
    I think that gives it it’s uniqueness.

  • makemeasandwich

    I wonder if different filiment types or different lighting would make them less visible ?

  • 13Mavrick13

    As out there in concept, design, composition and construction, with balance of subjects and great utilization of materials. I LIKE IT!!!!!

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  • http://www.nburmandesign.com Multimedia Design

    wow. Beautiful. these would be a real experience to see in real life.

  • ana

    this is soo cool…
    i just would like more info on the piece with the strawberries and the bird? what year was it built does anyone know? and where was it displayed??

  • http://mc.skafka.net/blog2009/ Eskwander

    Incredible… material work suspended in motion. I think I’ll write something about this. Does anyone knows how to contact the artist ?

  • http://amymist.webs.com amymist

    That’s really cool! I’d like to see more stuff like this.

  • http://www.rumneyexclusive.com pete

    amazing installation, I love the crow through the plane of stawberries!!

    Rumney Exclusive canvas art

  • kay

    weird but I like it

  • Steve

    totally tubular rad awesome dude! epic! fresh yeah!

  • http://www.webspawner.com/users/mrkoold/index.html Charles Davis

    Very interesting work. Compelling and very thought provoking too.

  • Ashley

    woooooow ! this stuff is rad :O your amazing ! :)

  • Jack TM

    Fabulous, amazing, MOCA worthy

  • http://www.asoskay.com asoskay


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  • http://www.vanmarcianoart.com Fabrizio Van Marciano

    Woweeee stunning stuff, absolutely love the fox in a box trap, truly a work of art. Very original are you inspired by the negative force of gravity? Thanks for sharing.

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  • JOHN

    oh man that makes me want to take a sword to those little tiny strings. i love it, it looks badass, but still zoloz

  • http://dreamingofcandies.tumblr.com Elizabeth

    That’s just awesome!!! WOW
    What a creation!

  • http://www.artofconcept.com Art of Concept

    Wow! Pretty amazing!

  • http://daughterearth.com/blog Daughter Earth

    Umm – so random and awesome!

    your website is addicting.
    how am i supposed to get work done?

  • Anthony Pittarelli

    im sooo confused, but this is sooo awesome

  • Joe

    I just got a cool idea. What if you photographed these in stereographic! You know, when you take two pictures then play them back and forth fast so it looks 3D. that’d be awesome…

  • http://home-bodies.net/wordpress/ Pat Bartels

    I don’t normally leave comments, but this is awesome.

  • http://www.ukbusinesslink.co.uk/ Samantha Wright

    These are amazing, it really does manipulate the mind. Where do you source your inspiration from?

  • rachillin

    Brilliant really and such a lovely plane of strawberries it is… It’s like a dream!

  • Sarah

    Wow.. these are beautiful. I couldn’t have even imagined these in my wildest dreams. I really like the strawberry one the best. It took me a minute to realize that these were real, and not photo edits! They are done perfectly.

    Art Gallery Scottsdale

  • http://www.lexhayball.com Lex


  • http://shepaintsred.wordpress.com/ Kathleen Moors

    The suspension of objects creates such a sense of light and luminosity…these are beautiful pieces.

  • http://northierthanthou.com/ northierthanthou

    Really cool, the strawberry patch especially.

03.05.16 by Jeff

Shit Robot – “Lose Control” Directed by Kevin McGloughlin


One of my favourite videos so far this year! Kevin McGloughlin directs this mesmerizing visual for Shit Robot’s “Lose Control” featuring Nancy Whang. Stellar editing here – a perfect fit for the track. I’d love to know how some of these effects were achieved. Watch it over on Booooooom TV.

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Booooooom Reader Submissions: May


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One of the things that makes Booooooom unique is all the encouraging comments people send back and forth on these monthly submission posts. The comments and upvotes do not go unnoticed! Voting up work is like high-fiving that person and it also helps us see what work you guys like! Remember, even if your work isn’t featured on the main site these posts can send some decent traffic to your portfolio!

The link at the bottom will open up this full post, simply scroll down and use the Disqus commenting system to submit your work.


Submission guidelines:

1. Please don’t flood the comments with a dozen images, just post 1 image that represents your best work along with 1 link.

2. If you see good work posted by someone upvote it so it appears at the top. This is not just a nice thing to do, it helps me see what work you actually like.

3. You can/should also encourage people who are sharing good work here! Comment on their posts and let them know you like what they’re doing. I really want to foster a community here, and this is a simple way you can connect with other people making work.

4. Keep in mind your post may not show up right away because it has an image attached. It may need to be manually approved first so don’t freak out and post a million times, once is enough.



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