30.07.09 by Jeff

Cheeming Boey

Coffee cup drawings by Cheeming Boey.

cheeming boey coffee cup drawing art artist illustration pen ink

cheeming boey coffee cup drawing art artist illustration pen ink

cheeming boey coffee cup drawing art artist illustration pen ink

cheeming boey coffee cup drawing art artist illustration pen ink

cheeming boey coffee cup drawing art artist illustration pen ink

cheeming boey coffee cup drawing art artist illustration pen ink

cheeming boey coffee cup drawing art artist illustration pen ink

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Fif

    Ohh I want to get one of those.
    They are so beautiful!
    Great job and imagination!

  • http://www.streetmemoirs.com joel chavez

    This is amazing, I love when creativity just smacks mundane in the face!

  • http://diptnyc.wordpress.com/ Mr. Ice Cream Man

    Correctamundo. Dope! Stay DIPT!

  • http://www.mattandres.blogspot.com Matty

    Too much time on your coffee breaks?! Really beautiful… these would make good tattoos. The last one is my fav

  • http://www.fishgun.net Fishgun

    These designs would make seriously cool tattoos. Great to see such simple objects elevated to have a life beyond landfill.

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  • Dan

    A Cheeming cup of coffee

  • Nut

    Amazing designs. Love the black and white intricacy.

  • bangawansoho

    Love it, crave it… when can I get my Louis Vitton bags and belts with these designs on it?

  • http://courtneygriffin.wordpress.com Courtney

    Wow, these amazing.

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  • emily rugburn

    oh my god!! yesss, I’ve been known to doodle on styrofoam cups before…
    but these are incredible!!!!

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  • http://www.shapesofsweetness.com Corey Thompson

    Styrofoam has never looked so good.

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  • http://laraparentphotography.blogspot.com Lara

    SO lovely! Thank you or sharing!

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  • Matty

    the one of the waves and the one with the man infront of the power poles are my favourites for sure.

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  • Kyle

    these are so great!!

  • Elise Harris

    how did he not get the ink all over the white? lol i do the same thing on the water cups at school ^.^

    • http://lolo.monu.com.au kokolo

      dood ya

  • http://www.vorkurs.com.br Júlio Grossi

    What kind of pen did he used?

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  • peater feng

    I love these.

  • http://dsgf gao
  • Obtuse

    Love it!

    His other stuff is here:

    He has a blog here as well: iamboey.com

  • Jamieamy

    He keeps an online journal, pretty neat idea with the drawings. Funny guy. Sometimes odd sometimes funny.

  • http://robinferianto.com/ robb

    nothing beats creative people and their free time.

  • SaMi

    who cares about the ozone when what’s destroying it is SO AWESOME!!! lol… i kid

  • teejay

    …I want my dispenser to dispense those.

  • peater feng

    beautifu pretty

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  • rob n

    Without reading the description, it looks like poked holes in a styrofoam cup. cool

  • Jake

    Correct me if im wrong but isnt this done by scratching into the cup then colouring in all the engraved parts? If I’m not then this is amazing for such a simple technique

  • http://coolstockmusic.com Erik Saev

    i wonder how many hours it takes to do at least one of those .. wonderful , thanx for posting !

  • dmonster

    I do this all the time at home but only a few are as good as these

  • http://www.stumbleupon.com slimmmerman

    I’d like to see what they look like in 5-10 years from now. Unless they are kept in a vacuum and out of sunlight they are going to shrivel up. Think it would add a cool look to it and have an artistic take on biodegradable products in the ditch!

  • http://www.usevector.com/ VectorMan

    Stylish things. Where i can see this cups? Thanks

  • http://marshb600@northwood.edu Ben

    Dude this came up on Stumbleupon! Booooooom ftw!

  • http://diptnyc.com/ The Ice Cream Man

    Dude did it just now come up on stumbleapon???

  • http://pixelbot.org.ua Pixelbot

    Awesome, it’s vety cool and good work!

  • http://www.fajasshapewear5.co.cc fajas colombianas

    you have such a great imagination to create these magnificent work of arts in ordinary styrofoam cups.

  • http://www.superrestoration.com water removal

    extremely artistic..reminds of a buddy of mine that just enjoys drawing as much as you do.

  • http://dadarocks.com DaDa Rocks!

    Saw the Sharpie video on Klout.com – really really amazing stuff! keep living the dream!

  • http://yahoo sierra

    wow this are really good i what one of these

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Cook/100000688609374 John Cook

    Is this an off the cuff comment on the slow service at Starbucks? 

    Seriously, quite eloquent.

  • joseph

    these cups are great

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