02.09.09 by Jeff

Dana Veraldi

Photos by Dana Veraldi.

dana veraldi deerdana photographer photography

dana veraldi deerdana photographer photography

dana veraldi deerdana photographer photography

dana veraldi deerdana photographer photography

dana veraldi deerdana photographer photography

dana veraldi deerdana photographer photography

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Ben

    Step 1) Have a more interesting life than average.
    Step 2) Take pictures.
    Step 3) Profit.

    • i dont really understand the comment but most of the photographers i post about are not getting rich from it.

      • Ben

        It was a bit of a dig at the photographer, I admit. No, I know very few people are making Mad Money. What I was trying to say under my sarcasm was I think some photographers substitute interesting subjects for interesting or challenging composition. I think that photo of curtains blowing by Fernando Mariani that you posted last week had so much more energy than these do.

      • i love the photo you are talking about, Ben – i can see where people are coming from here and sometimes i can’t really describe what it is that i like about a selection of photos, im not sure if thats allowed – i often make selections pretty impulsively.

        everyone definitely has their own opinion and its interesting how this sort of photography polarizes people – i think a lot of it has to do with the idea that “i could have done that” i notice similar reactions to a lot of abstract art.

  • lauris

    not very interesting actually

  • Chelsey Scheffe

    I admire the use of the flash, something difficult to pull off.

  • agree about that chelsey. Not so overexposed by a hard flash light..

  • this is a well chosen selection of photos, i like the first 2 especially….the rest of the stuff on the website is not as interesting though

  • lapetitefaon

    Pretty much agree with Ben that the photo by Fernando Mariani is a perfect example of an amazing piece that doesn’t rely on a flashy subject like a near naked girl laying on the floor…a little too Vice for me.

  • Dmitriy

    I’m not a professional photographer, but this looks like an amateur family photos, nothing special, something that anyone can do with a cheap disposable camera…

  • jessamy

    woah, everyone needs to calm down.

    the point is, even though everyone says “anyone could do that”, he did do it. not you.

    • Most people have done this, really. Usually on family vacations with cheap disposable cameras yielding identical results.

      • lauris

        I agree with Ryan. I think, these photos are great for family albums, but can’t pretend to be a part of art. you could find some “nice” or “interesting” snapshots in every ordinary person’s hdd, even though he or she never thought that those pictures could be interesting to someone. i mean camera doesn’t make you a photographer. on the other hand, maybe it does. maybe everyone is artist…

  • woah….this one is c o n t r o v e r s i a l….man I love ‘art criticism’ 😀

  • Jessamy,
    that is absolutely correct and I agree with you, even if you take a blank piece of paper and draw a dot in the middle, then frame it and hang it on the wall – that is art, because you did it. What I’m saying is every artist should be open for criticism, just because there are other artists out there who have family albums too 🙂

    • lauris

      you’re right, Dmitry, but look: dot in the centre wouldn’t be interesting for most of us now, but there are some people, who still draw it and think it’s… i don’t know what they think, but they show it to others. what’s more irritating, there are people, who see that new dot and praise this artist. of course dot’s only an example and i’m not talking about pictures above, but sometimes you get the feeling that you don’t see something others see. and nobody can say, who’s right. but if everyone’s (or nobody’s) right, then any discussions should be meaningless (as there are no final point). so should we seek to find that common ‘thing’ which lets us say, that H.C.Bresson was a genius (or at least a good photographer), o should we relly on our own? somehow i think both ways are possible and not bad.

  • lauris

    “sometimes you get the feeling that you don’t see something others see” by that i mean that sometimes there’s nothing to see, even though someone says there is. on the other hand maybe there are no meaningless things? maybe every dot in the centre should get it’s fan.

  • Lauris,

    What’s important is what you think about your own creation. Don’t listen to others (as we just learned) someone may say: “This is junk, not art!” Well, this will destroy your whole outlook on your own work and guess what he could be just some guy off the street who is just being a jerk. So I appreciate any art whether it’s a dot in the center or real breath taking painting. As far as photography I do take a lot of pictures that look amazing (composition, colors, white balance and so on), I actually took time to learn how to operate camera, the point is I am open for criticizing but that shouldn’t discourage me at what I’m doing. I hope Dana Veraldi will take the criticism in a good way so she can grow as a professional. 🙂



    I decided to gather my stuff together and show it to people so they can enjoy and criticize me! 😛

  • katie

    My art teacher said art is subjective,so whats the fuss about? Are we so used to the high quality of work on this website?

    Anyhow,personally I like the blow up dolphin,as it has a face of “well,there you have it.”


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