09.10.09 by Jeff

Allison Cortson

Paintings by Allison Cortson. Los Angeles.

Allison Cortson artist painter painting

Allison Cortson artist painter painting

Allison Cortson artist painter painting

Allison Cortson artist painter painting

Allison Cortson artist painter painting

Allison Cortson artist painter painting

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • truly beautiful pieces of art

    • LEE

      the 4th pic down of guy eating chips, is a pic taken in the late Forrest J Ackermans kitchen.

  • thais

    incredible! great work!

  • BOOOOOOOM yeah! amazing workmanship.

  • Jet

    very unique can you say gaazunheit? lol

  • Keep

    I like these a lot!

  • amazing works, i like them 500 points.

    • +2 points for the 5th one down.. extra amazing

  • skyler

    you should mention how they are made with dust!

    • i wasn’t exactly sure what that meant when i read it, i guess she uses the dust and seals it and then paints over? maybe she can clarify!

  • Victoria

    alison- thanks for sharing your work. Love the large scale and chiaroscuro of your pieces. Where did you learn to disegnare/”draw”. Che bellezza!

  • The backgrounds of these paintings are made from the dust of the subject’s home. It’s literally glued onto the canvas and sealed with a fixative. I add more dust with acrylic medium to create the shadows. http://www.allisoncortson.com Thanks!

  • Victoria

    beautiful and highly original pieces! Congratulations

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