30.10.09 by Jeff

Allison Grant

Photos by Allison Grant. Chicago.

allison grant photographer photography chicago

allison grant photographer photography chicago

allison grant photographer photography chicago

allison grant photographer photography chicago

allison grant photographer photography chicago

allison grant photographer photography chicago

allison grant photographer photography chicago

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • air..

  • Is it a bag, is it a mountain – doesn’t matter ’cause it’s beautiful

    • yeah i couldnt see that either, badass!

  • lapetitefaon

    Kid on the roof photo WOW. The rest are just as subtly epic too.

  • I love the first one.

  • i like the concepts, great!

  • Wow, amazing photos, there is a story within each shot. where do you get the inspiration for such creative shots.

  • Anny

    the first one…what is she looking at? i love it

  • zdx

    3rd one!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i’m feeling a lot of things

  • these are beautiful, really had to look at that bag twice.

  • Rey

    Tres impressionant!

  • ah! i did an art show with this lady in Brooklyn.. she has some great stuff.

  • laura

    the mountain one is great !

  • I own the first one! WOOT!!!!

  • We were somewhere traveling on march 26, 1994 and met an “Allison Grant”. Where you the one who wrote “If Only Everyone Cared As Much As You”, a lovely piece of prose that you asked me to critique and gave me a copy. We have often wondered where “our” Allison Grant” is now. At the time we met I would say that Allison was about 16 years old.
    Florida’s Official Cowboy Poet Lauerate and Cowhunter Historian………Carl E. sharp

30.09.16 by Staff

Photographer Spotlight: Kari Medig


We’re joining forces with our friends at Destination BC to spotlight some of our favourite photographers living and working in British Columbia, aka the beautiful province we’re lucky to call home. First up is Kari Medig! See more images and our interview with Kari below!

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30.09.16 by Staff

Best of Kickstarter: Lecture in Progress by It’s Nice That’s Will Hudson


Our friend Will Hudson (founder and director of It’s Nice That) is launching an educational resource to help the next generation of creatives find a job after graduation!

Demystifying the practical day-to-day workings of the creative world, Lecture in Progress will offer the kind of advice and industry insight you can’t find anywhere else. Covering everything from the range of jobs that exist, to how much you can expect to be paid, to an inside look at how projects comes together and the studios in which they happen! Check out the video and links below for more information.

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30.09.16 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Vincent van de Wijngaard


A selection of photos by Vincent van de Wijngaard. More images below.

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30.09.16 by Jeff

Collection of 80 High-Res Textless Movie Posters


Not sure how this exists??? Someone has uploaded a collection of 80 high-resolution film posters stripped of any text. Can’t tell if they have next-level Photoshop skills or some other kind of voodoo that made this possible. In any case, thank you, Internet. Have a look at them all here. I included a bunch of my favourites below (there’s a common thread to the ones I picked).

*Edit – just discovered that the link I posted was actually a repost and this was originally posted by Reddit user Join_You_In_The_Sun, so I’ve updated the link in the post.

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29.09.16 by Jeff

Watch: “The Junction: A-Trak & Nick Catchdubs”

Here’s episode #3 of our animated series for Red Bull Music Academy, and it’s a peek into the pop culture-filled minds of Fool’s Gold co-founders A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs. Hopefully you’ll find it to be an enjoyable mix of the absurd and the profound (would love to see these two start their own podcast).

The visuals here are a collaborative effort from animator Brandon Blommaert and illustrator Josh Holinaty. The sound design and original music were created by Luigi Allemano.

Make sure you hit full screen on the episode above or watch it nice and big over on Booooooom TV.

Stay tuned for the rest of the episodes! If you missed the first two, watch Episode #1: Chilly Gonzales and Peaches, and watch Episode #2: Kaytranada and River Tiber.