15.12.09 by Jeff

Landfill/Manymono Giveaway

I’ve got art prints by Colin Henderson and Tommi Musturi to give away, courtesy of Landfill. These prints are part of a fundraiser to improve the facilities of MANYMONO – a Risograph based printing service for people who want to make zines, and prints. So far they only have equipment to print with green and black!

landfill manymono giveaway booooooom art prints

If you want one of these prints, describe something green that you own in the comments below. Two winners will be picked tomorrow!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Mike


  • Spencer


  • Ryan

    What do I have green?
    How about my jealousy of not having one of these prints.

  • A green nipple-ring ball I got as a present from one of my ex-girlfriends. Green, round and smells like fun times, haha.

  • green bread in the kitchen that used to be brown weeks before…

  • David Fain

    my right foot is green due to the fact that i spill some sort of green acid on it in chemistry which burned it and stained it green permanently. hopefully this counts.

  • wet. slimy. sometimes crusty. lives up my nose.

  • I own a green 1995 Plymouth Voyager minivan. Not only does the “green queen” help me carry around my drums and my art but it also has been the scene of many steamy nights with the ladies….if you get what I’m saying. BOOOOOOOM!

  • Micah Clark

    I own a green jacket that originally wasn’t owned by me, I slowly took it from one of my friends until they eventually said I could have it. This green jacket is now mine.

  • Yasmin

    My dark green notebook for math, although it’s color is a little faded due to wear and tear.

  • skyler


  • Andrej

    Green Fairy.

  • Leah Brenner

    It was amazingly green, so bright lime green and sexy… it was my 1967 Volkswagon Squareback. With a hole in the floorboard behind the driver seat, exhaust would flow through to the inside and leave you smelling like a gas station attendant. The green machine met it’s end approaching Eisenhower tunnel on west bound I-70 one cold winters night, packed full of all my belongings, my boyfriend and Boxer. I towed it to the mountains where i was staying all winter and there it sat… RIP GREEN MACHINE!!!

  • Caitlin

    look at it from above and it’s a many pointed star, from the side, a bit phallic.

    bending over like a sigh, tired, but with spikes ready to pierce the skin of the next assailant.

    skin looking smooth to the touch, a waxy but welcoming green. but don’t try and find out, or it might end up looking like some garish mash up between a christmas decoration and the gore of halloween.

    this is my cactus. it is constantly on the defensive, but I love my little desert friend.

  • a green smurf, best thing ever. bout 3 inches tall.

  • Kate

    Green plymouth voyager minivan. I mob.

  • when I was younger I hated the colour green and would give away all of my green sweets, which my parents teased me horrifically for throughout my childhood and even now as a grown up. I actually now really love green and have a green laptop case, a green crocodile that sits in my room and numerous green bottles in my fridge….

  • Tricia

    I have a dead green beetle that I found and kept and he lives in a frame on my bedroom wall.

  • Stefan

    I got a beautiful photograph by Agnes Thor with a bit of darkish green in it that I love. Its a portrait of a ghost-ish shape in a backyard, i think, somewhere in eighter Berlin or Paris. I’d love to have one of those prints on the opposite wall! Such nice work.

  • CK

    Green notebook :)

  • Z

    philadelphia eagles jersey. reggae horns – bwaaaa bwa bwa bwarrrnnnnnnnnnnn, gwarrrnnnnnnn.

  • lieven

    iv’e got a green bathroom, completely green

  • I own one of the ugliest green rugs ever known to man. It was a gift from a co-worker who just loves to give gifts from the thrift store. I was torn between giving it back to the thrift store or giving it to a friend to use as a cat blanket. Turns out my cat dragged it onto the floor and it’s now his most favorite thing to lay on… (now I’m stuck with it for life)

  • Jordan

    The Sparkling Apple Cider bottle that I’m going to recycle in a video project in place of a wine bottle (which it looks exactly like!) (I’m 19)

  • cait

    i only own green towels. truth.

  • Michal

    I’ve just made my first windowfarm(http://windowfarms.org/) and my window is sooo green now: got some peppermint, rocket salad, cress, lettuce and a few daisys to make it pretty :D

  • Libby Ralph

    Eyes, but only on sunny days.

  • Taylor

    A gleaming beacon, translucent and bold. Dark as the sea and equally as unforgiving. It gives me peace and relieves my stress, sometimes it makes me worried, sometimes it makes me hungry, most often it makes me tired. Rough at times but always delicate. It emits a smell some consider foul but I, I wouldn’t trade it’s dank scent for anything.

  • i own a green clip on butterfly that i’ve put on my curtain. its wings are decorated with glittery details, but apart from that it’s very green. from far it actually looks pretty real and with the snow coming down outside my window i’d like to think that it escaped into the warmth of my room and will stay here, completely still on my curtain, until spring

  • Ariela

    a pair green sneakers

  • Helena

    My gameboy colour, is what the Bauhaus teacher Johannes Itten would call limegreen.

  • Cody Latimer

    I have a pair of green argyle socks that match my green argyle sweater. epic win.

  • I have a refrigerator full of green cakes, green juice and corn cobs with green butter. Sometimes a friend will come over and have some of my food. Afterwards, they start sweating chlorophyl green, then gradually transform into a human vegetable. At that point I just can’t help but eat my friend… Some people say I’m a goblin.

  • i used to own a green naugahyde couch – i got it at a yard sale in olympia for $30. it was the kind of green that blew people’s minds – the kind of green that is usually only seen in well kept lawns and st. patricks day decorations. it moved with me a lot and in time it developed a small hole, which became a large rip, which i patched up with more naugahyde – and bore the likeness of a blue and white panda wearing futuristic eyewear – holding a bouquet of balloons. god i miss that couch.

  • I totally have some green grapes.

  • Adriana

    I recently found a green bangle I used to wear when i was little, it made me feel fancy because it’s translucent, so to me it looked like it was made out of emeralds… those were the days! I still wear it

  • Anny

    a green ipod case that fools everyone.

  • The luck of the Irish is always with the one who wears me lucky shamrock boxers. Made out of beautifully snitched fabric, these will make any Irish man feel like he is close to ye pot o’gold! These green on white shamrocks brings ye luck to ta Irish man! Irish Green Shamrock Boxers, make today an Irish day!

  • pp

    Stacks on deck

  • tsp.

    tons of american money…


  • Jennifer

    my mom?

  • i have a hollowed out hand grenade that my dad gave me a long time ago. it’s olive green, of course, and surprisingly heavy. also the pineapple look is very aesthetically pleasing. i just use it as a paper weight.

    there are many others like it, but this one is mine.

  • Michael

    Love my succulents on my desk at work!

  • The ONLY green thing I own is a cactus on my windowsill. Sad..

  • Straight outa Sunnyvale Trailer Park, I’m The Green Bastard from parts Unknown!… describe something green that I own? My whole fucking body is green man!
    Lets all have a crazy cheeseburger and liquor party!

  • Daniel

    I don’t have much green…

    But I do have bright green shoelaces. They aren’t quite neon green, but they are bright. It’s kinda funny how I’ll catch people twitching their head downwards if we’re walking past each-other.

  • Kate

    a little jar of gerkins

  • fourth edition of “First Aid” by the American National Red Cross. published 1957. amazing illustrations on how to stop a baby from choking.

  • Amanda

    my wooden duck that peers over my sink.

  • Don’t know what it is but it’s walking in my fridge.

  • A bottle of Excedrin.

  • Laurelin

    my ninja turtles costume!

  • A landscape photo booklet of the Canadian Rockies from the 70s that has gone green with age.

  • JB

    My new awesome airblaster sumo suit


    a big lettuce freezing in my fridge.

  • I have a pale green sticky note that says:

    “Write email to Dr. Magill”

    Hanging above my desk.

  • I own a green cardy that originally belonged to Kurt Cobain, i think its the only green thing I own

  • Kade

    I have a grinch on my mind for christmas !

  • dudes

    a can of heineken

  • Cansu

    I’ve got a huge ”Hulk” toy.

  • MAAT

    As a child I had a lime green bedroom with a lime green lamp and lime green curtains. I feel sick thinking about it now…but back then it was my litte jungle. I still have the green IKEA snake haha.

  • a green turd.

  • I have a green, silicone, glow-in-the-dark iPod case.

  • Sarah

    I have four african land snails that we had to paint so we could tell them apart. Byron is green.

  • I have one green Mate and the drinkin straw is also green!(used to drink yerba mate)

  • a Tortoise Green Chai Tea canister that holds all of my sunglasses.

  • Aduke King

    My green ‘farmer’ jacket (it’s actually quilted!).
    My green roxy bag (never used).
    My ‘green album’ by Weezer.
    My green and white stripey socks.
    My green and blue stripey socks (one bleached in the wash).
    My green draw.
    I used to have a nice pair of green shoes, but I left them in a taxi in Brighton!
    My green stool (not poo).

  • I bought a green pen to draw in my journal.
    I broke the nib later that day.

  • Gary Oak

    I’ve got a t-shirt that is entirely green. But patterened onto this shirt is an ironed on Oscar the grouch mouth and eyes. Oscar was always my favourite character on Sesame Street, and I feel that this shirt is a sort of way of remembering that cherished time of naive time that was my youth.

  • Savanna

    I have an adorable poem written by my grandfather for my 8th birthday on green paper. :)

  • Jesse Wyatt

    my favorite t-shirt

  • saha

    neon green puma kicks.

  • I left some coffee in the coffee machine and it turned green…

  • I have a green Holga colorflash camera!

  • a water bottle!

  • Carley

    A thank you card from my old lower school teacher

  • Teresa

    i own pretty awesome green leopard-patterned panties with lace ;P

  • Walker

    well sometimes i poop green
    and if that doesn’t work i have a washington state flag

  • ashley

    Two things I see right now
    My green cat that matches me yellow cat/green cat and loves Say Anything

    or the unidentified stain on my friend’s pants

  • JosephBrady

    The envy I will have for the two beautiful people who get these!

  • my dog has a green eye

  • brandy

    forest green sweater.

  • chris


  • Adam

    A horrible pocket rocket V guarana energy shot. only on my desk because it scares me

  • fien

    my face after drinking to much belgian trappist just now.

  • i don’t think i own anything green!

    at least i can’t think of anything right now…

    i need some green in my life!

  • Michelle Terpstra

    i have LED icicle christmas lights hanging in my apartment, although it is a different interpretation of green.

  • kayla

    the plant i have in my otherwise empty office at work!

  • dylan

    a derek jeter rookie card

  • Parker

    A girl in a green jacket.

  • Camia

    my best ugly christmas sweater is green!

  • Joel

    Fellowship of the Ring extended edition

  • Pascale

    i have green eyeglasses :-)

  • Gideon

    I think it’d be easier to describe what I own that isn’t green. Which is my skin. I thought about painting it everyday, but I’m lazy and, well, don’t want to scare the kids I work with.

  • I have a green tin toy robot that runs, and i have green commercial construction lights that i use for lamps in my apt. HIGH FIVE. now give me those prints.

  • Heather

    I bought a mini Christmas tree yesterday to cheer my boyfriend up as he writes his last assignment of the term.

    It’s growing in a pot, has glittered branches that sparkle and is decorated at the top with a single red and white checked ribbon. At the moment, it looks quite insignificant and stands about one foot tall, but I’m hoping by the time we can afford our own flat in several years time, it’ll have grown to at least six feet.

    Merry Christmas!

  • Martin Peralta

    Im colour blind so I cant see green but my friend’s tell me that my favourite chair is a really bright green. I thought it was a nice grey when I found it. I like it a lot, I do all my magic on it.

  • Erin

    I own a green cactus. He was given to me when his owner moved to France. She named him Petey which is just cruel. Also, he leans to the left. I believe he is leaning towards France, in hopes of reconnecting with her.

  • Jelena

    3/4 dress, suede jacket, umbrella and Susanne K. Langer’s Feeling and Form book — an outfit for a wonder spring days.

  • Hannah

    I have a green Christmas pen in the shape of a light bulb that blinks frantically when you hit it against something.

  • i don t have money…so my green is more a blue.like the ocean.



  • I own a green mountain bike :)

  • I have a “Green Card” so that I may continue to live in the US … it is not green in color, however.

  • Kinesi

    green eggs and ham

  • My green eye, all the better to stare at you with.

    in ireland, one green eye means you were stolen from the humans by the fairies. One green for magic / one brown for human.

    careful when i wink.

  • Jacq Smith

    I own a very large, tacky green glas lamp that I love and the boyfriend hates. So sad… ;)

  • Tim

    I’m wearing green underwear.

    No.. No that was a lie. I’m just trying to be cool.

    But there is a green tree in my house.

  • Dan

    A ceramic mug I use for coffee, lemonade and soda. Merry Christmas everybody.

  • Tymoteusz Masiakowski

    I had a black hat from Billabong that had bright green stripes on it. But unfortunately my hat was left back in Poland a year ago. I would have to travel exactly 1384 miles by car to get it. And I probably will do it. I absolutely love that hat!

  • Green Christmas: two “limited edition” pine wreath scented candles, and a bottle of original-flavor Nyquil.

  • Karen

    I am yellow… and troubles make a little bit blue… So now I’m green.

  • charles

    i just bought a head of lettuce and a head of cabbage. they are both quite green.

  • dani salvestro

    a green tatty purse that i cant afford to replace
    a green dry bag which i havent used, yet
    a green beanie that i bought the wool from in nz then knitted in aus
    a green flanny which reminds me of home
    and my soul which is green with envy because i want to go to russia to see my boy but i cant!

  • Dylan

    i love the green that comes and goes,
    rolled or in bowls
    breath it in out it blows
    the green, the green

  • Pamela

    A turtle and he’s named Jay Leno. But he’s not very green, kind of a brown little guy :)

  • Emily

    My irises.

  • a green shirt that reads “LOVE IS THE DRUG”.

  • Nikki

    My front door is green and hanging on it is a wreath of seasonal greenery ;)

  • Becky

    i have a neon green voodoo doll.. it currently has 6 pins in it

  • Weed. Reminds me this prints allot :)

  • my diana f+, have it in green and black

  • i have a green recycled shirt!

  • amy

    50 inch screen money green leather sofa

  • Nicola

    My Favorite Tshirt :) its green…and pretty old.
    i wear it anywhere, home, shops, bed. Has a Pegasus horse one it.
    Everyone needs an old green shirt :)

  • Ko

    the memory of a how a moss yard feels on bare feet in summer after a good turn on the hammock (a nostalgic sort of green)

  • anthony

    i’m wearing a green flannel!

  • toni sideboard

    i have a green jumper that i got a hole in climbing a tree, i liked that jumper and now i dislike that tree, i also have a picture frame thats green that has an awesome picture of my grandad in. i also have a bonsai tree that was green but died and now its brown :(

  • Jillian

    I have a green ginkgo plant.
    I wanted to buy one Weimar (the Green <3 of Germany) but they don't allow live organisms on Flights.

    So green is the color of Weimar, my ginkgo plant, and my envy for anyone who has an authentic Weimar ginkgo plant… and I suppose my heart too… and now that I think of it I have a green thumb.

  • topp

    green purse..

  • mani

    i might be dead when you read this…?

  • my backpack is green. i have lived out of it continuously now for 2 years. when it’s on my back, everything i own in this world is green! i can only imagine how beautiful this print might look, on the wall… above the old green pack.

  • I own a green gecko costume.

  • I have a green bowling T-shirt. It has bowling pins falling down in faded white. On the back is says “Anderson Bowl”, also in white. I wear it a lot, and so does my wife. What she doesn’t know however is that my ex-girlfriend bought the shirt for me at the salvation army about ten years ago. She might have worn it too.

  • Leonards Lizard

    i have Gangreen

  • a green Christmas tree i just set up, dressed in red and yellow lights with red and gold ornaments, hints of cherries on the side.

  • I have green eyes with which I like to look at green things… like grass, green skittles… or green prints!

    magda aka frogy

  • i’ve got a green shoulder. don’t ask how it is, just accept it as truth.

  • JD

    I don’t have any weed or any money, but I do have a green thumb.

  • I have green footie-pajamas with a little dinosaur pattern on them!

  • I did have a little green turtle named Tort. I had to take a trip so I lent him to my friends family for a couple months while I was away. When I returned I asked my friend for Tort back and to my dismay I was told that my friends grandmother had cooked Tort and ate him. He wasn’t kidding… -tys

  • Ariela

    green sneakes

    • Ariela


      • Ariela

        oh….and some green eggs and ham

  • Ajaniii

    I believe my amniotic sac just broke. There is a puddle of Green Amniotic fluid around my feet. Which really isn’t a good sign. I’m pretty sure that’s a clear sign of meconium.
    I’d like to describe more in detail, but I think that’s as far as my insight goes. I’m off to gather my bag, and drive my self to the hospital.

  • Adam Z

    I’m sick so, me.

  • Ajaniii

    Oh, I also have a Green Sweater… :|

  • Mary Ellen

    I own a green bamboo plant. Being one stalk, this plant has had it’s days. My cat likes to push it over the counter using her nose, and whenever it’s on the ground she likes to attack it until it’s 45 degrees. My cat’s name is night vision. She, unfortunately, is not green. But my poor, poor, bamboo plant is.

  • i have a small simpsons figurine of comic book guy in a bright green crime fighting suit. green shoes. green cape. green gloves. green bandana. and yes, he is awesome

  • Mark Davis

    I have a “green” vision of our Earth someday being restored to its former state. I believe in this green vision that some day we will really begin to appreciate everything we had when it is gone.

  • Green, Green….On my dresser is a bottle of bubbles that is green. And they are great because you can blow the bubbles and they are bright and clear and you can see the liquid rotate in rainbow circles along the bubble orb when they are floating around and then they pop though and you are reminded that things end, quickly sometimes, so remember to enjoy them while you can and you are comforted by the fact that you did, yes you did, enjoy that bubble. So there, that is what is green.

  • I have a “yellow” and a “blue” pencil

  • I have a green shirt that I wear every St. Patricks day. It is slightly too small for me but I still wear it even when my belly has grown a little too much over the past year to keep it looking respectable. It brings out the green in my eyes or something like that…..

  • Melinda

    I have a large forest-green candle in the shape of an owl. it has yellow around its eyes and it’s about 20cm tall. it’s been lit just once, and as a result it has one droopy ear.

  • kim

    my glasses are green, and i was worried i’d look silly with green glasses but it seems like people are always commenting on them. that’s a good thing, right? :-)

  • Khalil

    something green hey? I’d have to say an old goosebumps book.
    I’ve never seen sucha weird shade of green to tell you the truth, it’s old and worn out so the green looks like vomit due to the ware and tear on the cover with darker and lighter patches like a poorly maintained field, it should have started like that, it’s such a heinous colour hahah
    perfect for the story held inside.

  • John

    I have a green cardigan that i wear often.
    It matches my brown pants and my flowery button up shirt. I usually look like a tree.

  • abt

    “As a writer, I like that manual typewriters slow me down. I think that word processors tend to make writers lax in what they will allow themselves to write simply because they can commit it to text as quickly as they can think of it. A typewriter forces me to think about my words and be selective before I imprint them on the page. Revising is not so easy when you have to retype and entire page to correct one bad passage.” (By the author of machinesoflovinggrace.com)

    An Olivetti-Underwood Studio 44 typewriter given to us by our apartment….. handed down from roomates past.

    (Vis. ref: http://machinesoflovinggrace.com/large/OliUndiStudio44.jpg)

  • doodlebrain cervantes jr.

    once upon a time, a white dali-designed bottle of brandy embarked a box for an exciting journey. after many days of darkness, his box was opened and three large creatures greeted him. the bottle was scared but the creatures looked happy and pleased. however, those three large creatures were anxious to taste his blood, and they quickly untwisted the poor bottles head off and drank his insides… his carcass was discarded.

    several ages later, an old lady searched through remnants and debris, and saw the remains of the beautiful porcelain bottle. she hurried the bottle home, where she took it down to her underground basement. the wise lady fused shards of glass together with molten iron, creating a green hollow half-globe of glass leaves. she mended the new limb to the bottle, about a palms width above where his head would have been. then she planted a bulb underneath the green grass shade, and strung wire through the bottle’s colon.

    with a flick of the switch, the bottle instantly came back to life. the bottle beamed with exhilaration, and he was greeted now not by three bloodthirsty creatures, but two smiling grandsons. to this day… that same bottle proudly shines its green light across all of the corners of my room.

  • My green, 1966 slingerland drum set, sitting in the bed of my green 1993 Ford F-150.

  • Jesse ship


  • Envy?

  • kermit the frog, had him since I was 3

  • copious amounts of empty mountain dew bottles from my finals week caffeine-induced all nighter madness.

  • My Certificate of Live Birth from Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital is green.

  • seamus

    My Gangrenous left foot, which also has a green beak.

  • vesna

    green velvet messanger bag with big dandy lion in front ;)

  • Shon

    I have the sweetest arm warmers, and the colors are similar to that of the first photo. :D

  • Rebecca

    MARIJUANA, (duh)

  • I am currently wrapped in a thick green duvet, with green bed clothes and green tartan pillow covers.

  • Angela Brockmeyer

    I’d have to say about 85% of the things I own are green… cell phone, tiny and cute tape dispenser, glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs, headphones, blankets on my bed, automatic pencil sharpener, my favorite pair of shoes which I’ve worn for way too many years, about half of my wardrobe, my 1979 Chrysler LeBaron named Gus the Green Gas Guzzler (I like alliteration.), the lucky pencil with which are took my final exams, all sorts of organizational devices and even my dish soap to name a few.

  • Kate Hope

    it’s a green orb that likes to sit on my recharged computer chord.

  • A green hippo sticker

  • Our street owns 17 green trees, and 1 red. We petitioned our local council to get them, collected hundreds of signatures, made speeches at council meetings and now we have beautiful trees.

  • Zana

    I got the whole world
    in my hands
    I got the whole wide world
    in my hands
    she says.

  • Kate

    My desk dinosaur is green. He’s a felt patch that I found in the pocket of a wicker basket purse from an elderly lady’s estate sale. I have no idea how he climbed in there, but now he is contentedly clomping his way across my corkboard.

  • Nicolette

    A green twister shirt that was passed on to me from a good friend years ago. While it is getting quite tattered, it is still boldly showing people that I love twister!


    There’s a green and orange neon palm tree lamp, on which there is a green post-it note stuck, from 400 years ago. Extra dusty and basically part of the lamp, the note is suprisingly crisp, faded, and contains instructions to myself to remember socks.

    Take that as you will.

    You can really read into that one.

  • Suzanne

    One of my favorite books as a child talked about a green, tin pig-shaped whistle. You blow into its corkscrew tail and the TWEEET comes out of his snout. Boy, I wish I owned that whistle.

  • Xanderpants

    Currently i have a bruise from skiing that has a plethora of green shades swirling into one giant “owie”.

  • ayla

    im looking around my room for something green, and these are what i have. 2 green bottles on the shelf fille with sand, green picture frame with black swirls and 3 photos of me and my friend, a green shoebox with bluegreen shoes in them, a gift wrapped in green wrapping paper and the green leaves from the flower by the window!

  • Bryant

    Awesome Hulk hands. Sounds go off whenever you punch things, it’s great.

  • austin

    I have green socks that I only wear for snowboarding.

  • ate a blue snowball…it came out green

  • michela

    I….I don’t have anything green! :(

  • My green “Harborfest Volunteer” shirt from 1986. My parents volunteered as their 3rd date.

  • Elise Harris

    the only thing that comes to mind when i think of green is this very old band t shirt that belonged to my boyfriend… it was hand printed and most of the design had come off but i still wore it all the time because it was so comfy <3

  • Money in my pocket…does that count?

  • Winter’s here in France too, days are getting colder.
    I say: green trees in white snow, and of course green sky with grey clouds.


  • I have a drawing of a japanese koi which was colored green. It was a collaboration between me and my best friend who passed away recently.

  • Natalia

    I have some green grass in my garden!!

  • bird

    unfortunately the only thing green between the four walls immediately surrounding me is a chocolate-stuffed cardboard calendar i admit is half empty. or half full? its shitty chocolate, so half full.

  • I own the monst amazing green armchair. I bought it on a flea market some years ago for almost no money at all. Love it to death. Unfortunately so does my to red cats and their sharp claws… But they look ridiculously good lying in it: http://celina.blogg.se/2009/december/sondag.html

  • Rik

    I have tiny green slippers from when I was a kid :D

  • I have green foam tiles over my tatami mats to keep them from being destroyed. Green is my power color decided by WIZARDS of the past.

  • my little pea, unlike the sky is green and funky. It is round and swift, touchy and slick. that is my little green pea…

  • Enrique

    a little note book that has been with me for ever. it contains memories of my life, and it reminds me of how i got to be who i am.

  • Clif

    my fabric sample curtains.

    3 ft of dowl rod
    2 dowl mountaig brackets
    a yard or two of green fabric
    needle n thread

  • Catherine

    the jar of pickles my mother likes to steal and eat from and the green socks on my feet right now. wooooooohooooooo! (do you like my use of seven o’s?)

  • I have green boogers in my nose ): (i have just finished battling a cold..what do you expect?) PICK ME AND MAKE ME FEEL BETTER! ^-^

  • Amanda

    I’d have to say my Power Rangers t-shirt:)

  • ceo

    my green eyes that lead me through the world….

  • Patrick

    I own three books that are green, Two are O Reilly books: Mind Hacks and Mind Performance Hacks. The third is the Sneaker Book, about sneakers. Also, I have a birthday card which is homemade, and green as well, too. So, yes.

  • In my room are: a mint green couch, grass green stools (sounds weird but it fits … kinda ;)), one plant with green white leafs, one plant with green purple leafs, a green bowl with a few crumbs left of my cereal, a little green plastic monster, a mint green ipod – pouch, neon green markers, tons of other green markers!
    And my bathroom is completely green – it was made in the 70s or so and has green tiles on the wall, green floor tiles (in different shades of green), a green toilet, a green shower and a green sink. :)

  • I have an envious green heart for the winner of this post.

  • alex black

    Green, nice color, the only thing that i have actually green in my current apt is my orchid, i barley have any furniture nor anything on the wall! But the orchid sure lives things up a bit

  • Chelsey

    I have a green 1970s Dawes Kingpin bicycle that I fell in love with and bought, despite being shaky on a bike. I named it Yoshi and have a tendency to eat bananas on my commute and lob the skins behind me to spin out any buses or mustached Italian plumbers that get too close.

  • harpreet padam

    my bottle green translucent muji toothbrush ensures my day begins clean and devoid of any ghastly colour combinations, zig zag bristles, ribbed grips and all that toothbrush jazz!

  • alex

    My eyes are green, hazel to be specific, and, I would say, they, the pair of them, are one of the few things I own. These two orbs, it has been said, are the window to the soul. My soul, apparently, is a great big forest with giant windows placed side by side; I think I get lost in that place often.

  • Lina

    i have had a green elbow, arm, and hand for three days and my face looks like a jackson pollock painting after i thought hand dyeing t shirts and cloth with kindergarteners was a good idea..
    and its not coming off D:

  • the most awesome green thing ever are my green swimtrunks. well greenish anyway, they kind of wore down from bright green <> since i bought them about 6 years ago and never wore anything else. except for when it gets realy cold, like right now here in the Hague -Netherlands- its minus 3 degrees celcius. but thats only for about one month in a year. I’m actually known as the guy with the green swimming pants in the art-and-krafts-store around the corner. haha.

  • i’ve got a green plastic owl, standing on my cupboard!

  • oh my gosh!
    my eyes are green, my life is green sometimes.
    i want to be full of green, i want the pair of them.
    my english isn’t so green but i try : )

  • joost

    i have this appleshaped.. ‘bakje’.. ehm a plastic jar. it used to contain.. eh.. applestroop. like applesirup but less liquid.. you put it on your bread. anyway, it’s green. i keep rolls of tape in it.

  • Max

    I have green eyes passed down by my grandfather that match my favourite emerald green hoodie.

    Other than this, it has been brought to my attention my life seriously lacks greenery.

  • ~Matt~

    (Assuming I win,) I’ll own an epic Landfill/Manymono print from BOOOOOOOM! It’ll be rather greenish. And generally pretty awesome.

  • green green green, the colour which is bound to be the main colour of my future. not because I should wear it, but soon i will feel it.

    Friends, spring is soon to be,

  • I´m reading a second hand book with a green cover from Joseph H. Schwarcz, this book was from Helen M. Plum, Memorial Library, Lombard – Illinois and now it´s in Porto – Portugal.

  • Maria

    i live in a tree house – my life is GREEN.

  • Alex

    I currently own a green tattoo (in marker) supplied by my 2-year-old.

  • I just got a lovely green armchair, very modern! This prints would look amazing with it!

  • I have green stripey pyjamas that I’m wearing now. They’re very snuggly.

  • cesar

    i have a pair of green vans from 1998 that i still use, oh! i have a green parrot, im a green lantern fan and a i think some of my bread its green too

  • Febreu

    The most important green thing I have in life is my mom’s eyes. It kind of glows whenever I come home for her to see me.

  • My lawn is green even when its frozen.

  • Myself! I’m going to be green with envy if I don’t get one of these prints!

  • My home is lit up by a green Stegosaurus lamp. The Steggy’s beady eye peers at the front door over his avocado green ceramic shoulder. Since I rescued him from a thrift store, he has repaid me with luck, loyalty, and protection from evil spirits.

  • I have got a green package of Lay’s. It’s empty now but they were delicious, they were hot paprika i guess. So now the package is on my pin board in my room. I put it there because I put every cool thing in my opinion on it as pics of my fav bands and stuff like that.

  • cabeza

    green plastic watering can
    For her fake Chinese rubber plant

  • cabeza

    my marijuana tree counts??

  • Sarah

    My favorite coat is the perfect shade of green – it’s not pea green or lime green, but more like the evergreen shade of summer leaves. It has four large brown buttons, hidden pockets, light pink stitching and a stand up collar that holds my fuzzy, warm scarf around my neck. I’ve had this coat forever, handed down to me from my Mom, so I guess it’s green in the environmental way as well.

  • Circuit boards. I went through a phase in Middle School where all I wanted to do is rip apart electronic objects around the house to see how they worked. I eventually realized that most of what I managed to open up was beyond my rudimentary knowledge of electricity, but in the process I developed an aesthetic appreciation of the intricacy of gadget guts.

  • I got this drop kick Murphy t-shirt that I kept from an old girlfriend. It’s green with “Kiss Me I’m Shitfaced” stenciled on the front. I hate when i forget i’m wearing it and go somewhere that is totally inappropriate. I did at least wear it to chicago on st. pattys once. and don’t get the idea that the ex didnt deserve it, she’s got at least 3 sweatshirts and my state championship ring.

  • Ben

    I have a green Christmas Tree. I hope I will find green gift underneath it

  • Bexx

    A Green Clicky Pencil. Or a Mechanical Pencil an it is properly called. Its done me well, and lives by my computer. The Rubber is warn down a bit, and theres a burn mark where someone tried to burn the outside. Other than that, its a good pencil. A good shade of Florecent Green, slightly light at the end with a transparent green outter casing. :)

  • My favourite thing I own is green, it is my green Bridgestone bicycle that my aunt and my grandpa used to ride. In September it got stolen, but a couple weeks ago I found it again, locked up to a pole just a few blocks from my apartment. It was one of the best days I’ve ever been blessed to have! The tire is bent, but the pretty bell with a Canadian flag is still on it, and my initials are still carved under the back seat.

  • Mark

    green wee when i drink ‘monster’

  • Terence

    i have my green tea that
    me and my cousin like to drink together
    and reminisce about old times.

  • Let’s see. I have green favorite mug. For some reason I can only drink tea out of it.

    I also have these green frog boots that have little eyes on them. They are not waterproof anymore but I still wear them anyway.

  • D Stinton

    My green possessions are my favourite pair of socks.


    I have a Green bag from Velvet Moustache :O

  • Martin Kirke

    A green pencil crayon, one of many. When I think about it probably one of the most used things I own.

  • Dave

    I have an accountant’s lamp on my desk (they’ve got green, frosted glass shades!). It makes the wall behind it glow green and the light from the compact fluorescent lightbulb less gross.

  • Many say that I could be considered a sleepy sloth. I’m so sleepy that green algae grows on my fur. And when I’m feeling peckish, I don’t need to go far for a chlorophylled-pack snack!

  • Jake Costello

    I recently picked up a small green glass jar. It’s a pale green, light at the top and darker in some angles at the bottom. The outside of the glass is ribbed with lines to look like bamboo, and it has some leafy shoots outlined on the outside. It reminds me of a candleholder from the 70s, I use it to collect my change.

  • a beautiful pea green boat, in the style of the owl and the pussycat. not really, although green is my favourite colour and my toes are painted green at the minute!

  • i have a lime green shirt with fat black stripes that i love. it reminds me of ice cream.

  • Gregory

    A Pickle .

  • Shamaine

    Looking around im my apt. there are various plants all in green. At least three in each room – just have to have them.
    And my fav. pair of AF1 are different shades of green :D

  • mariska

    I have a green soul.

  • Ley

    hmm…. something green.
    Well I still have my vest from back in the day of when I was in Girl Scouts as a kid. Looking at it always brings back nice memories being a kid.

  • trish

    i have 2 moss green crocheted coasters that one of my best friends made me for my last birthday. there are also 2 fuchia, 1 teal, and 2 brown coasters that hang out with them. my kittens ate the other teal one.

  • Josh

    Green paint and art materials. Green-tabulous up in this house

  • I have one green zombie, i made it myself, but that’s not to say i turned him into a green zombie. He always was. It’s quite sad really, but that’s a zombie’s lot in life *sigh* Maybe i should make him some friends for Christmas.

  • Bennnnnnn

    My green hoodie, i bought it at Goodwill for to dollars over the summer and it has been my best companion. keeping my tootpick body warm during this chilly december. :)

  • ynez

    my phone is lime green which makes me happy whenever i use it.

    also, all my clothes are various shades of green and blue

  • Celeste

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar soft toy. Which I am regrettably giving away as a christmas present.

  • I have a green pen with a yellow daisy on top.

  • a pair of green pants.


  • Congrats to Matt Bannister + Jelena Stjepanovic you are the winners of the Manymono Giveaway!!!

  • flower,angelflute

21.08.17 by Jeff

OPEN CALL: @Booooooom Instagram Feature

photo by Jimmy Marble

Heads up, we are currently accepting submissions for features on our @Booooooom Instagram account. This is an open call for photos that fit the theme: ‘A fleeting moment’.

If you have an image that you think fits this theme, leave a comment below with 1 image and a clickable link to your Instagram account.



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Artist Spotlight: Ian Cumberland

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“Heads” by Artist Ronald Gonzalez

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Artist Spotlight: Klone

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ANIGIF Net Artwork by Artist Nicolas Sassoon

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