16.12.09 by Jeff

Little Paper Planes Giveaway

Kelly Lynn over at Little Paper Planes has hooked me up with a beautiful 9 3/4″ x 12″ Archival Digital print by David Linneweh, and I’m giving it away to you guys!

david linneweh art print little paper planes giveaway booooooom

To win this print leave a comment below describing your dream home! The winner will be picked tomorrow!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Paul F

    My dream home is in Nelson, BC. It’s special because it looks out over Kootenay Lake, and smells like fresh cedar. It will be mine, one day.

  • Kyle

    Dream Home – Has wings and flies south for the winter to enjoy the beaches, flies north during the summer to enjoy the vancouver sun and lifestyle.

    It would have look something like this:

  • Emma Jackson

    Love, light, and space. :)

  • My dream home would have a bed, a recording studio and a big old kitchen. Preferably with a cook, I don’t do that…

  • my dream home would be covered in art floor ceiling, gallery-style. So far, I have one wall of my little bedroom done. its a start!

  • My dream home is to be surrounded by acre’s of tree’s. Possibly somewhere were it snows or pours rain! Inside the fireplace will be burning logs, while I enjoy the peace. :)

  • Daniel

    My dream home would be a small-ish cot in the middle of the woods, close enough to a stream/river that I could go to it, but far enough that there aren’t many mosquitos. Also close enough to a town that I wouldn’t be completely on my own, but far enough away that there wouldn’t be much in terms of light pollution…It would have a whole wall whitewashed to start, and paints, markers, etc to create an ever-changing mural on. Like, do a minute or two per day, going over the previous bits once it was full. There’s a place up towards Mendicino which would probably work for this. c:

  • pablo g

    My dream home would be in a forest, only my and my girl and a Polaroid

  • Becky

    my dream home always smells like fresh baked cinnamon buns, is surrounded by plants and flowers, kinda creaky in a lived in sort of way and can accommodate all the junk i have accumulated throughout my life and then some.

  • my dream home would have a giant, wood kitchen with endless counter space and couches that three people could fully extend on while watching a tv that turned into a bookcase when not in use.

  • I live in my dream home. I can create. I can love. I can make merry. I can make my family sing show tunes to burial tracks. I am warm. My dreams are real.

  • Sam Higgins

    It would have the windows arranged so that at every hour, the light would shine through a specific window so you could tell what time it was. It would have a room designated to building forts with pillows and blankets. It would include a recording studio and arts studio. It would have wings and landing gear so you could fly it around through the sky and it would be a log cabin. All the walls would be entirely covered with Mark Rothko paintings. My dream house.

  • My dream home is simple but magnificant at the same time. Big robust furnitures and of course there will be a great big pool which’s gonna be half outside, half inside.

  • Ariela

    a very basic, yet modern tree house. Two rooms preferably. heated. Sealed. Big windows, so that the only things you can see are trees surrounding you.

    • that sounds amazing. i would surely ask to come visit.

  • My Dream Home it´s a room with a view.

  • i dream of a cottage-esque home somewhere on some countryside, perhaps switzerland or scotland or even france, with hundreds of acres and animals grazing them. i want a house that i get to work on, fix up and decorate. i want my own personal library with all of my favourite books and books that i hope to become my favourite after reading them. i want a den with walls covered in maps and shelves stacked high with vintage globes and antique furniture covered in handmade, quilted maps. i want to have a spare bedroom or two for friends and family to visit, and a small attached or even detached barn turned into a beautiful bedroom/bathroom for my mum to live in and be able to spend the rest of her life relaxing for once. i want my own darkroom, fully equipped with an amazing negative scanner and enlargers and plenty of space to spend hours in there on a daily basis. i want a dreamy garden, similar to that described in my favourite childhood book, the secret garden, that wraps all around my home, where i will grow and pick flowers of all species to decorate and leave pleasant scents all around each room and enough vegetables to last me every day. i want to be able to support artists of all trades and be constantly inspired by their works that hang all over my walls.

    i could go on for days…

  • my dream home is a cute little apartment in the city with a large windows, a fire escape, high ceilings, and a dog.

  • My dream home will be somewhere remote, but with access to a metropolitan area. It will be built into a hill, and modern and simplistic throughout the house, but my bedroom with have Victorian touches. Art will cover all of the walls, with a Peter Max print hanging in the entry way. There will be a wraparound porch, overlooking a pond full of koi fish. My top floor will be one giant printmaking studio, and the walls will all me glass, so that I feel like I am making art outdoors.

  • It would have a modern rustic feel, with big windows in the living room and vaulted ceilings. And all the doors would be sliding doors, like they have in Japan.

  • Zach

    My dream home is simple / clean / mid-century / wood / with a sauna / good friends / with a great sound system

  • next to some green spot.
    warm, wooden floor, white walls, full of plants and birds flying around (never in a cage!)
    with fluffy vintage armchairs and books, books and books.

  • skyler

    cottage on white horse beach

  • Jonathan Ventura

    My Dream home is the world, and its beauty. I currently own my dream home, its free, everyone shares it with me.

  • i think i’d have to take a house designed by Andrew Maynard

  • 4 walls, a roof, my lady friend and a cat…

  • Karen

    My dream home is a cottage house surrounded by tall fragant flowers by the lake. Inside, simple, clean and modern.

  • Cody Latimer

    A House that has Taylor Swift living in it with me.

  • Meaghan

    we had to do this in grade school and make a picture of it in paint,
    my dream home is on an island, i have an ostrich farm, but just for the company, a completely white room to think in, a room filled with christmas and assorted lights and i have cactus growing out front.

  • sbk

    My dream home would have a yard to play in and not hear traffic.
    And a porch so people can slow down and talk.

  • my dream home is this old, crazy, falling down place in balmain, sydney. it’s so beautiful but unloved and i intend to change that one day (once i’ve made my millions of course…:) )

  • business (freelance) in the front
    party (wherehouse/art space) in the back.

    loft style,lots of natural light,downtown and groovy.

  • Pamela

    My dream home would be somewhere really warm. Not tropical but where the sun just warms your bones. The house would have bright colors in every room. Pinks, blues, yellows, greens. And there would always be people in my house. It wouldn’t be big but it would always be able to hold my friends, family, and fun people. I would have sculptures in random places like a sculpture in the toilet and one in the middle of the living room. It would just be fun :)

  • Erin

    a tree house !

  • Daniel

    my dream home has trampoline floors and “bouncy castle” walls. there are no ladders just rock climbing walls. the door are like the automatic wal-mart doors, except made of wood! it is extremely spacious and everything can be folded and bend and stashed underground so the house is a big empty gym! with trampolines!!!! There is a special magic dust that sprays everyone who walks into the house with LOVE and PEACE!! and everyone loves each other and is always happy! There are giant speakers that scam people brains and plays the exact “avarage” or balanced music that everyone is craving! and the appropriate noise level. It has a 273.653 acre backyard with 86239692349 rich fruit trees and a rainforrest! and a lake! with a rope swing on a tree that you can “tarzan” into the lake! the house is located in the Boipeba Islands in Bahia, Brasil! OH! and the bedrooms are filled with puppies that never grow! or poo! or pee! EVER!

  • josh

    my dream home has no mortgage – that’s about it.

  • RingingInMyHead

    I always imagine myself high up in an apartment building centered within the bustle of New York city, a large loft window on one wall also serving as a musical instrument when the rain tap dances across it on gently stormy nights. Through the windowpane speckled with a thousand liquid jewels, I have a wonderful view of the dark city streets reflecting the glow of street lamps and shop windows on their slick surface.

  • claire

    One built in a tree.

  • jonathan

    my dream home has nothing special

  • Terence

    a small cottage in the south of france but with an underground mansion for a basement where there’d be never ending supplies of olives, good company, and django reinhardt would be there

  • timg

    A mid-century modern master piece.

  • Anna Hinojosa

    red front door, big windows, one story, forest in the back yard.


    My dream house is on the moon!

  • Adam

    My ultimate home would be underground and would have a massive wine celler, in fact it would look a lot like this


  • Mary Ellen

    My dream home is a free spirit sphere. http://www.freespiritspheres.com/
    I can only imagine that I would share this dream home with ewoks. Who needs white picket fences anyways?

  • A house filled with laughter!

  • Ian Bell

    Bungalow with a touch of Gothic Revival in northern Vermont. Reclaimed Walnut flooring, double height northern wall for a first floor library. Pristine autumn followed by long, soothing, cozy winter.


  • home is wherever i’m with you!

  • Spencer

    skyboat house

  • My dream home would be made entirely of jello pudding… Bill Cosby would be my house keeper and occasional personal comedian… i would pay him in pudding…

  • Michael

    my dream home would be a sailboat so that I could sail around the world.

  • Joel

    In West Vancouver, just big enough for two or three people, private but not isolated, nice but not fancy, enough room for a music room/home recording studio, and shared with one or two other people…

  • A house made of wood, surrounded by wood, heated by wood, in a wood.
    Eating road kill, and making art, probably not out of wood. I’m shit with a chisel.

  • houseboat – ultimate home that goes with me all over the world.

  • Tim


    Complete with slides, rope ladders, monkey buddies, and a large feces-proof flatscreen.

  • Michelle Terpstra

    my dream home would be a beautiful prefab designed by michelle kaufmann, nestled in the woods of northwest washington state. my reality home is a tiny apartment in boston. sad day.

  • hmmm I think my dream home would have the dining room, living room and kitchen all in one. But the living room would be a pillow pit. All one on the ground floor. LOTS of windows, with LOTS of light. Actually, hardly any indoor lights, I love sunshine, so I’d probably live somewhere like Barcelona. oh and blinds instead of shutters. hmmm I kinda made this up as I was writing.

  • Juan Garcia

    My dream home would be somewhere in California, or somewhere just south of the border with Canada. High in the mountains and in complete desolation, where I would meditate and write and do my photograph, the old-school way.

  • Small, quaint, tucked away in the countryside
    Gardens all around
    Inside- filled with an obstacle course and a bed that looks like a castle

  • Gordon

    My dream home would have a small funtcional kitchen and dining room,and kitchen. But a huge long bedroom with only a large Japanese futon in it and white walls no windows but at one end a reflecting pool open to the sky above and stairs to the roof.

  • Thom

    Dream Home: Frank Lloyd Wright meets Bauhaus compound set atop a densely timbered hovering island which floats above Brooklyn and Madrid alternately

  • Ashley

    Mansion in Greece
    gorgeous victorian style on the outside, on a cliff, U shaped driveway and parking lot in the back.
    Four floors, counting basement, and each floor has it’s own theme.
    Basement- party floor. Bowling alley, full kitchen, three bathrooms, air hockey, ping pong, and various games and big screen tvs. Dance floor and dj booth. And of course a bar and various party accents and lights. A couple casino slot machines and tables too.
    First floor-Dining floor. Chef’s kitchen and HUUUGE dining room, smaller kitchen and dining room for everyday use.
    Second floor-bedrooms! Four guest rooms, Four family bedrooms. Each themed differently, use your imagination.
    Third floor-leisure floor. Couches, tvs, spa room
    outside of the house there is a pool and poolhouse, with a bathroom and outdoor grilling area. Two waterslides and diving boards, three hot tubs.
    The sports house has a court for my favorite sport, volleyball, and it can be converted for other sports too
    That’s just the beginning ;D

  • My dream house is in a tree. That’s right, a one room tree house for me and my girl. Nothing but four walls, a big bed, fireplace and windows over looking something better than what I’m looking at now.

    • ak

      sounds awsome!

  • i love reading everyone’s dream homes!! Mine would have 2 studios, a porch with a stoop, and little yard with fruit trees and veggies.

    Glad I could give away David’s print!!! yay

  • Pizza hut, thats my dream home.

  • MAAT

    I don’t dare to dream…

  • mc escher house

  • Jennifer hicks

    i wish i had a beach house! where i could make a big fire every night.

    instead, i’m just crazy.

  • A converted Chapel! They are beautiful! Would be open plan, huuuge windows to let light in.

  • A cozy arrangement of soft colors and wood floors. French doors to open up to the backyard where my animal friends play. A balcony to quietly sit at and sip my morning cup of joe, playing sweet sounds. Somewhere to have holiday parties and shleepy Sundays.

    Somewhere grand.

  • David

    My dream home somewhere in the french riviera, mediterranean style house, with a big balcony with lounge sofas drinking a greek frappe and having of course my loved mexican food, some plants around my house why not, to enter to my home u should walk a narrow way ;)

  • pp

    The earth unpolluted without twats.

  • My dream home would be beach-cottage-esque with white beadboard, wainscotting, farmhouse kitchen sink, butcher block countertops, and of course decor of all things seashells.

  • this is my dream home, the brick house:

  • Georgia

    My dream home would be like a fort of blankets but 1000 times more awesome and 1000 times more lovely.

  • Shaina

    My dream home is in her eyes.

  • My dream home would be an old warehouse/factory converted into 3 floors.
    On the ground floor I’d like my own art gallery, on the 2nd floor I’d like my studio and on the 3rd floor my loft.
    Huge windows so it has a lot of natural light, some beautiful pieces of furniture, art and many many books and the people I love.

  • Since I’m dreaming…my dream home would be a log cabin with a central fireplace (open on all sides), have french doors that open onto a wide porch with rocking chairs and a porch ceiling fan. Would be great if it was also on wheels and could move around like I do :)

  • On the shores of Washington state, I want to live in a misplaced, small(ish) house. A green roof. I picture everyday to have a mist, a fog, some rain. 2 bedrooms and 1 bath is all I need, please. I don’t want to live near a suburb. I want to live rurally. Almost hidden.

  • Jessica Sockel

    I pretty much live in my dream home, enough space for my family, enough room outside to garden and build a nice deck someday. The only thing I’d change is that I wish I lived somewhere with better air quality, and closer to the seashore.

  • Laurelin

    a converted tugboat! i would travel the 7 seas!

  • MatiBlues

    My dream house is placed here in my city Quilmes/Buenos Aires. This city is called the “beer city”, pride of his people. The house has big rooms ,in order that can enter the passion that exists in my girlfriend, with floors of wood. Without furniture, all the things on the floor, even the mattress. Big large windows in order that enter a lot of light. Great quantity of trees and a terrace to enjoy of the summer nights with my friends. I don’t need more.

    I invite the entire community of booooooom if they come to Argentina to drink a beer on my terrace, hahaha.


    I have never desired an elaborate home, just something that keeps me safe from the elements. The country miles off from a big town is ideal since I want nothing more than privacy when I need it. My room will consist of every note or piece of nostalgic material to form a collage that slowly will cover my walls, even those bitter exlovers handwritten notes. I find a fascination of living in my own time capsule. The rest of my walls would be giant dry erase boards where none of my ideas will be forgotten.

  • saha

    an off-grid tree house with a hammock out front, a roof garden up top, and an escape hatch through the tree trunk that runs underground and releases onto a remote beach.

  • Hendrik

    oh ah ja, dream home, good!

  • My ideal home is made of:
    1% kitchen
    1% bathroom
    1% bedroom
    15% stereo
    82% dancefloor

    The attached, heated garage is not even worth mentioning, but it will be sweet.

  • A tree house, a really really good one, like you’d see in posh kids gardens, all bricks n motar and a wooden door that their dad had loveingly carved with No 6.5 or something twice as witty and not just a bit of rusty corrigated iron propped up against part of an old wooden fence and a decaying tree stump. I’d deff have a rope swing or two with monster truck tyres!

  • My dream home would be mostly indescribable. The best way I could put it into words would be a cross between the Winchester Mystery House and some phantasmal dream the like of which have only ever been dreamt by the great Edger Allen Poe or Lewis Carrol.

  • A Bright coloured camper van, with a nice couch and bed and lace curtains. A turntable spinning on the backseat and photos and drawings covering the interior.

  • Paul Levack

    it would probably be n of those prefab weehouses (http://weehouse.com/index.html#weeHouse%20Prefab) plopped somewhere in iceland, maybe a strong icelandic man lives there with me, and he fishes, and hunts for puffin, while i work in my studio all day. the house would pretty much be a museum to contemporary and modern design and i would have at least one josef albers painting… a large art book library… maybe a print shop in the weehouse out back…

    only in my dreams…

    • Hey Paul,

      weeThanks you for the luv! And it would be honored to live in Iceland for you. You let us know when you’re ready to have your dreams come true!


  • In my dream home you would wake up in a different part of the world every day of your life. Once the front door is opened, you step out onto foreign soil. Within my walls, uncertainty and adventure would live. Under your feet would be thick panes of glass with fresh grass & goldfish swimming below. Fresh, original artwork would always inhabit the crispy, clean walls, and there would always be artists in the house to appreciate, question and understand those works. Within my living room there would be a grand stage to host live music and performance artists from the host site of wherever my dream home takes me that particular day! Bring it on dream home…I am ready for you…. xo

  • I want to live with you
    in a melted igloo
    and everyday
    I’ll tell you something

  • m lozano

    my perfect home is in a place where i dont need a car. anything i need and want is within walking distance…

  • DJ Reynolds

    My dream home would be decorated with Free art prints that i won online !

  • jim

    my house is crafted entirely of snakes; there are structural issues and its really more of a nightmare than a dream, but it is already too late.

  • My dream home would definitely be Ricky Stratton’s (Ricky Schroder) from Silver Spoons! Who wouldn’t want a mini train, in their house, to ride on?!?

  • a cute bungalow perched on a hill on the east coast, overlooking a bay that leads to the atlantic ocean. a wrap porch, covered. huge windows in every room. and a jacuzzi tub.

  • My dream home wouldn’t be rooted to the earth, but instead free to bob along the waves of the ocean. I would live on a humble, wooden houseboat complete with porthole windows and a giant mast. Under its ivory sails, my friends and I would laugh and drink wine as we lounge on the wooden deck beneath the summer sun.

  • My dream home is built into the side of the hill. Every piece of furniture is designed by a different local design or artist. Every wall has a single piece of art from a local artist. And it’s open to the public during the day when I am at work so people can enjoy all the cool things I get too.

  • My Dream Home is a teepee, or yurt… with big down comforters and feather beds on sheepskin rugs. This home would be just down the wooded wild flower path from my art studio converted from an industrial garage, that also housed my bathroom with a family style shower, and open kitchen. Yah!

  • Dan

    Four walls and a roof that is MINE in every way possible.

  • EmilyC

    What about a dream townhouse? I’m livin’ it already. Tightknit and warm community with neighbours you can ask to borrow sugar & milk anytime! All I need now is a Husky named Mochi and another set of paintbrushes and I’ll be set.

  • Angela Marie

    Thirty feet from the sidewalk stands my white house being hugged by a wrap around porch. The blue roof reflects the sky while the rocking chairs echo the sound of the branches in the wind of the large oak on the front lawn. The flowers bring the eyes to the gray front door. Once inside the air is the same as it is outside – real. The light switch turns on different lamps, with different hats, lighting the way to the living room. Vintage rugs and vintage furniture – the room is so full of wisdom that it is only proper to wipe your feet and bow, all in respect. The guitars and piano quietly radiates perfect fifths off the walls, one of which is not a wall at all. There from floor to ceiling is the ultimate wise being – books, novels, and things. From Jane Eyre to E=MC2, this collection is on its way to becoming a library. Take a seat on the comfy couch and get lost in the sea of words. The rest of the house is unimportant for everything and anything can be found in these shelves along the wall of the white house that is forever being hugged by the porch, thirty feet from the sidewalk.

  • steve

    my dream home is one that i will build

  • Gary Oak

    A house adorned with various amazing paraphernalia appealing to my tastes.

    Let’s face it, I’m not going to win with that.

  • Sam

    My dream house would probably be up in a tree somewhere.

    But really, it’s more about what you do within those walls than the walls themselves. And about the location- about being close to people that you love, and all that sap.

  • evergreen

    a pirate ship

  • My dream home is to live in the woods all by myself, have high ceilings and long oblong windows, wooden floors and cracked chandeliers. To have indian rugs on the wooden floors and white cotton furniture. To grow aloe vera, wild carrot, lavender and the occasional dandelion. To drink green tea, jasmine tea, rose tea and apple juice from old jam jars and to paint and draw to my heart’s desires. To feed on nothing but my thoughts and nurture my soul with nothing but feelings. To blast Mozart and Kanye at the same time-what rich combinations!- and own goldfish that live in glass vases that are dangling from the ceiling.

    • doodlebrain cervantes jr.

      wow… you are thoreau festooned with imaginiation

  • Angela

    Thirty feet from the sidewalk stands my white house being hugged by a wrap around porch. The blue roof reflects the sky while the rocking chairs echo the sound of the branches in the wind of the large oak on the front lawn. The flowers bring the eyes to the gray front door. Once inside the air is the same as it is outside – real. The light switch turns on different lamps, with different hats, lighting the way to the living room. Vintage rugs and vintage furniture – the room is so full of wisdom that it is only proper to wipe your feet and bow, all in respect. The guitars and piano quietly radiates perfect fifths off the walls, one of which is not a wall at all. There from floor to ceiling is the ultimate wise being – books, novels, and things. From Jane Eyre to E=MC2, this collection is on its way to becoming a library. Take a seat on the comfy couch and get lost in the sea of words. The rest of the house is unimportant for everything and anything can be found in these shelves along the wall of the white house that is forever being hugged by the porch, thirty feet from the sidewalk.

  • Ken

    Lots of room, Lots of books, a nice big yard for the dog, a woodstove and a roof.

  • doodlebrain cervantes jr.

    An old shabby Victorian, on the edge of Saturn’s rings… every morning I would feel the sun curl its warm hand around me, and I would dangle my feet off the edge to quietly, quietly listen to the grand cosmic waltz.

  • Walker

    a townhouse on a hill in vancouver with a medium back yard, and a small front porch, where i can have my dog.

  • adobe sheter in the appalachian mtns..preferably near moving water` near enough to town have electricity & far enough not to bother folks with my drumming

    room one: brick oven/ stone slab table/ hammock/ skylight
    room two: books/ laptop/ musical instruments/ art collection/ telescope

  • Anny

    My dream home is hidden away in a thick forest where no one can see it. Huge, panoramic windows from floor to ceiling overlook an expansive clearing in the trees, that in the winter fills with silvery snow with which I will make snow angels and snowmen and sled. Then I will return home and sip hot chocolate with the jumbo marshmallows and gaze at Linneweh’s print that hangs on one of the wood-paneled walls.

  • Nicola

    It would be HUGE. lots of space. lots of open areas with big windows. It would be on a big block of land ( i hate houses that have window which has a charming view of a fence, or the neighbors wall, not exactly picturesque is it?) It would have places to entertain ppl, places to be alone. Art room for sure. a big swing out the back. It would be warm and happy and full of ppl and love :):):)

  • My dream home would either be a beautiful old brownstone or a converted industrial space, either with lots of exposed brick. Lots of big rooms and high ceilings. And windows, big windows with nice views. Some outdoor space would be good too. Oh, and it has to be in Brooklyn.

  • matthew h

    Craftsman bungalow, straight up.

  • Inflatable.

  • matty


    condo 21BE

    if you go to “145 unique residences” then go to 21BE it shows you the floor plan.
    it’s a new building in tribeca new york city. i fell in love with it the first time i saw it maybe a year or two ago. i’ve wanted to live in new york since i went there on a school trip in the 10th grade. i loved the lights, how busy it was, and the giant buildings and to have a condo with every exterior wall being a window would let experience all of this every day. it isn’t big, 2 bedroom but it costs somewhere between 4 and 8 million. somehow i doubt i’ll ever get there but you did say dream home.

  • Angela Brockmeyer

    My dream is to live in a big, old former farmhouse that had been swallowed up by a town. It would have ancient white slate siding and a covered porch or two and a huge yard of Kentucky Bluegrass. It would creek and make the scary noises that old houses make. The rooms would be oddly proportioned, have way too many windows and doors and would connect in odd places because the house had been added on to over its many years.

  • Kate

    My House:
    Cottage/shack down Palo Colorado road in Big Sur. It’s covered in moss in just the right places and light sneaks in through the cracks around the pane glass windows. Sunflowers are a staple on my front porch, as is my collection of weathered bikes. Theres a long driveway with alot of room for friends to come and go as they please. Since it’s a cosy house, there isn’t a whole lot of room for big things, but we make do. Instruments are everywhere, and there are old prints from Kerouac, Dylan, Jeffers, Ginsberg, etc lining the walls. You have to hike to get firewood, but it’s piled up outside for those cold, wet Big Sur nights. Did I mention it’s right next to a creek? Well, it is.

  • Allison

    It’s the barn on the corner that’s tipping. Ideally, I would be able to move it to the mountainsides of VT somewhere, restore the barn, salvaging and reusing what wood I can. The Silo would become a library with a greenhouse in the top point. My boyfriend would have his office there as well. The house would be full of our possessions. Small plants, our cat, wooden cutting boards, cast iron pans. Things that feel personal, ideal, but not too romanticized. The house wouldn’t be perfect – it wouldn’t be a dream – and that’s why we would love it. The heat would leak out everywhere, I’m sure. And we would have to find a way to get by in the winter and plant vegetables come spring. I would have a studio to work in and the house would have a loft and almost entirely open floor plan below. We would reuse everything we can and learn to live simply. The house would be ours. Entirely ours. Not pretentious or contrived in any way. Just right.

  • Naya

    My dream is to someday live in the quaintest of cottages..in a tree [away enough from everything to really be away, but still readily able to interact with the industrial world]. I’m talking Miss Honey-esque meets Fern Gully meets lost boys, coddled by french and spanish influence.
    Organic, with a smooth surreal twist.
    The description is broad, but the possibilities are endless, and to CONTINUE the fantasy is most of the dreamy appeal; the more details, the more limits. Really, it’s much more of a feeling than a floor plan.

  • A house that has a room full of boston terrier puppies.

  • yorge flavio

    a house with craft workshop.

  • My dream home is in no particular location, just somewhere in between big city and middle of nowhere. This imaginary home has plenty of windows, hard wood floors and is 80+ years old. Walls will be painted and the space will be both intimate and open. Parties will be had and drawings will be made.

    I’m not terribly picky, but I know It’s going to be good. Any home that reflects your imagination is good.

  • A cottage of sorts, on a mountain overlooking a valley or more mountains. Its on stilts, and you have to climb a ladder to get into it, so it feels a lot like a fort. But its cozy and sweet and wooden on the inside, always with a fire going and something sweet baking in the oven.

  • sarah parker

    to live in a small, humble home sagging from the wear and tear of living would be my dream. the entrances would be worn and each room would pull me deeper and deeper because of its curious comfort. this house would invite bare feet and its walls would reveal only slivers of barren sheet rock, otherwise covered by framed art. this house would be what could evermore be for me.

  • i want to live in a tunnel of old school buses buried a few yards into the earth, underneath a huge open field. the entrance will be a rusty old ladder hidden under a foam boulder, probably.

  • Alex

    My dream house would have a huge superdome roof made out of stained glass with a little universe under it with a oservation chairs under it. That would be my attic. I would have only two floors including hte attic as a floor. My bottom floor would have robot butlers that are named geeves but instead of robot voice they have a charming british voice. I’d also have a pool full of jell-o with a jacuzzi full of sour patch kids and starbursts. Their would be a room in my house with a huge movie projector too and the projection room above it so I can make doggies on the movies. Id also have a door bell like fat albert and whoever rung it would say hey hey hey. Also as my last room of my favorite house would have a walk in refrigerator with a refrigerator monster so i can have something to fight when im bored. Thats my dream house :D

  • Toronto’s east end is an isolated city within the city. The Don River cuts the downtown clean in two – the physical divide has created a psychological one as well among xenophobic urbanites: There be dragons on the other side of the Don. Though mere feet from the downtown, the difference in community is immediately felt. Once across the Don, community gardens abound. The coffee’s better. The people are more familiar. Passersby grin sheepishly at one another in the streets.
    This is where my dream house goes. As it’s not a popular neighbourhood just yet, there are a slew of old impossible looking victorian numbers just waiting to collapse. I’d like to take an especially rickety one, topple it, reclaim the materials and heritage bits and pieces and rebuild it into a sustainable earth-sheltered home with a messy beautiful vegetable garden on top.

  • Karen

    When friends come to visit, they’ll walk through lush woods and over soft moss, winding back and forth along a faint path of trodden grass. A distant glow will grow brighter and brighter until they are surprised by a glass cottage in the trees–a modern retreat in a rustic landscape. Quiet, but for the laughter of boisterous company.

    Where do architects put all these glass houses in forests? I’ve seen photos but never one in real life!

  • My dream home would be a 2-story modern-designed gated house with a gorgeous balcony and several windows to let the light shine in.

    And it would be situated in a lush and lovely forest, much like the forest in the Bollywood film “Raaz”: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5866931376234887953# (click on 2:10)!

    My house would be a mixture of old-world charm + romanticism and modern technology/design! It’ll be surrounded by a garden of flowers – especially my favorite, peonies! :)

    There’s a few things about my dream home, hehe! xo.

  • Adam

    My Dream home in many parts:
    Part Theme park
    Part Bar/Club
    Part Studio
    Part Gallery
    Part Library
    Part Movie Theatre
    Part Performance Space
    Part Boxing Gym
    Part Brewery

    Oh and a bunch of bunk beds for me and my friends to crash in

  • Tina

    It would be an upsidedown house like Mrs. Piggly Wiggly’s
    & the southern wing would be a giant bounce house & the east & west wings would have giant clear glass ceiling(floor) running through them so you could see the sun rising & setting or at any time in the day. There would be a really long people-mover running through it too. It would have a balcony on top(bottom) of it & it would have a room filled with pillows. And in the center would be a courtyard with giant redwood trees with giant treehouses in them so you could climb to the very top of them & be ‘look-out’ The North wing will have entertainment: music, books, and movies, and also a petting zoo and an aviary. In every part of the house, all of the walls would be murals.

  • Dream home, here it is:
    A brightly colored (bright blue, yellow, red or green) wooden or metal-paneled house, like those you would find in Iceland or Greenland. A modest size, on a narrow road where the houses and power lines and trees are crammed together. I think it’s on the side of the hill so if you look out the back window while standing on the second floor you can see a very lovely hillside and a road below. It’s full of colorful stuff I’ve collected from all over the world and a shiba dog and two cats. There’s a studio space on the second floor for animating and painting. It’s either warm or cool inside, never hot or cold.

  • Hannah

    I’ve always had the romantic notion of living in an artistically shabby studio with floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking some city park. I think what I really need is my dream maid so he/she might clean the fingerprints and pigeon poop off of my dream house.

    Oh and cats and a basset hound.

  • Xanderpants

    Simple: magical musical treehouse

  • Lan

    I would love to live in a cozy loft or apartment in a big city. I would have a ton of art everywhere. I would love to have a little corner that I would call my art studio, haha. I would love to have a really simplistic decor to my home… clean lines, solid colors, very fresh, very contemporary.

    I feel like my answer isn’t witty enough… so I’d like to throw in that my home would come with a koala bear in a diaper and a pembroke welsh corgi that is named Ein.

  • like the home in story Hänsel und Gretel but without a witch in it – may be robert smith :)

  • I just want somewhere that I can feel truly comfortable in. Somewhere I can live easily, and manage my life accordingly. When I think of tangible aspects that come along with a home, my first thought jumps to high ceilings… I don’t know why, but I always feel as though high ceilings give the effect of freedom, even if the room is tiny, as long as you can look up forever you feel like you’re in the biggest room in the world. A view is also really important to me, preferably one of the mountains, or an ocean. I’m not too picky as to which mountain range, or which ocean it overloooks, as long as it’s scenic and calming as all hell. Other than that there’s not much else I need.

  • katka

    big old factory with pillows on floors and walls, so I can jump in like crazy.

  • Andreanne

    Dream home has now lost any sort of specefic shape for me, has it has gained any possible shape all at once. It has no setting, no aesthetics, no format. It will be welcoming, for me, for whatever comes about. The dream home is a space for warmth and life, a space for my well-being, meaning the wellbeing of any love one. Dreamy. Thats what was ask for. But my dream home is simply realistic and grows onto whatever happens to feed it. I might want a dog or a kid too. but who knows.

  • zanez

    dream living space – huge totally white and empty rof flat , with no seperation walls and with large windows (vhere i see live city down there..)
    in one corner is white, big mattress with white blanket on it. it’s next to windows..(so the sun wokes me up on mornings..)
    in the middle there is one table and stool .floor is covered with papers and pencils next to table. by other wall stands canvas and almost in middle is old easel.
    There is silence, only few sounds from street down there..

  • Coco de Castro

    At present time, my immediate family is pretty much spread out across Los Angeles — a definite first for our clan since, up until recently, the farthest we had ever lived from one another averaged about 5 minutes away. With that being said….

    My dream home with actually be a HUGE “quadplex”? “quadruplex”?
    Each section or ‘home’ would either be divided by floors or into four equal cross-sections w/ ate least 3 floors each!
    (wordage?… architect, i am not) One floor/wing/section would be mine, the other would be for my parents, one for my one and only older brother (professional bum, but we love him nonetheless!), and lastly, but certainly not least!, one would be for my baby sister and her son (a.k.a. my nephew, my best friend, and THEE coolest 7-year-old in the world!). My other sister makes loads of money so….. she’s on her own. ;)

    As far as the particulars go, i’m not too picky. My only requests, besides the usual (safe, sturdy, cozy, nice neigborhood — perhaps somewhere in the middle of the city, the valley and the beach ;p), is that the entire house would have THICK-ASS walls and floors. As close as i am to my family and as much as i love them — it’s going to be a madhouse! and great fun, fun, FUN!

    AND… that would mean that i could go back to being lured out of bed bright and early by the wonderful smell of my father’s awesome weekend breakfasts/feasts!

    Oh, and a giant backyard a la ‘backyardigans’-style would also be pretty awesome…. i mean, where else would we go to play pretend?

    the end.

  • my dream home… as an architect I do not think I really have one, but my dream for homes would be that everybody gets a decent one. one he pleased, one he likes, one he lives.

  • My Dream Home … has its foundation laid in the full color spectrum behind my closed eyelids on a cool summer morning. I haven’t finished laying out the place yet, but I know that as soon as you walk into my dream home, you will see a Kelly Lynn print hanging happily on a southern wall, catching all the northern light. We’ll drink tea and laugh at the odd shaped biscuits that Julia Child has made for us and the crew.

  • Craig

    I wouldn’t mind living in a man-sized rabbit warren, semi-underground (to escape the effects of claustrophobia, whilst also warding off agoraphobia) placed within walking distance from a Wood/Forrest and Lake/Seaside, similar to a den you might build when you’re a kid – only a bit sturdier, and a few mod-cons…maybe a terrace for entertaining guests…and a screening room…and a Mr. Frosty in each room for good measure.

  • HC

    My dream home would have to be built in the countryside somewhere, though completely environmentally friendly, it would blend into its surroundings to the point of invisibility.

    On entering the house, if you were visiting, you would ring the door bell which would have Lionel Riche’s “Hello” as its ring tone.

    When I let you in you will be presented with a large corridor thats full of street art and graffiti, if you want you can even leave your tag. As you walk down the corridor you will reach 3 glass elevators (much like the ones from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but slightly different in the most unnoticeable ways).

    Each one of these elevators takes you to different parts of the house. The first, takes you to an exquisite kitchen dining area thats full of mod cons, like those fancy kitchen drawers that don’t slam shut (I’ve always wanted them). The second lift will take you to the roof top garden, which is the main living area where we project films on the stars and lie on the grass to watch them. The third lift takes you to the bedrooms, there are about 5 of them, they’re medium sized with nice comfy beds and lots of sheets so you can make forts if you want.

  • simon

    My dream house would be somewhere up high with a view over a city, most probably New York. I would take walks through Central Park every day on my way to the studio. It would be minimally decorte, with a few select prints hanging on an otherwise white wall, with maybe some period features such as a red brick wall or wooden beams. It would have to have a dining table, as I feel eating at a table with other people is important. Somewhere that helps me forget city life, but doesnt let me forget that i live in a city.

  • Kar Mar

    front steps to the front porch everyday
    beams held from the foundation concrete
    warmth from the sun streams in the window
    steaming beef and onion stew on the gas range
    pillows with real feathers on the faded fabric sofas
    my children’s toys under stained wooden kitchen table
    beds unmade in the haste of a rushed morning goodbye
    laughs in the hallway where the coats hang above our boots
    layers of paint on the walls from the many many years passing
    pets and paintings and musical instruments piled with bookcases

    a house, my home

  • A.

    My dream house would sound like little shards of broken sunlight creeping through the shutters. It would smell like a specific shade of purple that sits between indigo and violet in the rainbow and you’d feel quiet thunder underfoot walking up the spiral stairs. The walls would feel like cherryblossom flowers to touch and it would move around you rather than you around it. It would be the house that love built.

  • leo

    My dream house is the one where i’ll be with the girl i love. And i love her so much!
    It may be a cliché, but it’s just the truth…

  • Peter

    I once visited Hans J. Wegners house just outside Copenhagen, Denmark. All furniture was Wegners and his house was so classic 1930’s functionalism with bare brick walls, no excess detail. That is my dream house!

  • Old & creaky sometimes, with space and sunlight and BAM: rooftop garden, from which I can hear city sounds and maybe see city folk.

  • Dream home would have to include a big balcony outside my bedroom, huge windows that let tons of light in, a dark room to develop photographs, a big living room to entertain in, and a room just for all my books. What really makes this a “dream” home is the fact that I’d like for it to include all these things AND be in New York City (where you pay $1700 for a one bedroom studio, ugh)!

  • Maria

    My dream home does not need to be a house. It could be an apartment, decorated in my way. But the more important is: it would be filled with cats and people I love.

  • ceo

    a wild thing fort on the moon (view on the earth)

  • Rich Atherton

    mine would simply consist of one roof, four walls and space for my mates and some nice cold beers.

  • Mediterranean style, two levels, sunny and breezy throughout, with a beautiful ocean view.

  • Jonas

    i would like to live beneath the earth in tunnels together with gnomes and friendly creatures.


  • Well, my dream home is any place where icould feel comfortable, relaxed, and it should have a great sense of Privacy and quietness, it should have:
    -A small yard to plant sum stuff.
    -A shed for my pet dog.
    -A studio(probably just an extra room will do it!)
    -A Piano.
    -A balcony that overlooks a good view (not necesserly fancy)
    -and a few of furnicher.
    -another extra room for guests!( I love treating my guests like they’re home):)
    Over all I like simple houses, even if it’s like the most expensive. Simplicity is Elegance

  • a pyramid with balconys and james bond style underwater secret tunnels that lead in from the ocean cause this mother fucker would be on an island.

  • a burrow under a giant redwood

  • A yurt in the mountains of Colorado next to a river.

  • scott stanley

    A magical home atop the rockies, a tower that touches the sky. To ascend to each level you have to fight different level and skill masters of martial artists, and at the near top you must surpassthe ever so tall and giant Kareem Abdul Jabar. Too the tower is fully furnished with a floating banquet table, and pizza, pizza the size of the giant banquet table, so much pizza that it would overcome world hunger. How about a garden with topiary animals, a maze, and where gryphens and dinosaurs hang out drinking tea. One of the dinosaurs wears a tuxedo and sings Sinatra tunes. One more thing an entire level where the walls are prysms shining all the colors in onto everyone who comes in and out. And blankets lots of blankets so no one will ever be cold.

  • Amy Grace

    My dream home is small and cozy, near the forest and the city. With lots of land, dogs, chickens and a goat.

  • jazmine

    i will live in a house made out of a giant brick of swiss cheese. there will be a nacho cheese moat surrounding it, with a drawbridge made out of hardened sourdough bread. this may be problematic when it rains. or if i have mice.

  • My dream home is in Provincetown, Massachusetts, right on the bay. Big wraparound porch, a widoes walk to look out into the ocean, walking distance of a good used book store and a coffee shop, and plenty of rooms to host artists–for free–who just want to hang around and create for a few months.

  • my dream house:huge kitchen, huge studio, lots of windows, yard, a garden, an old basset hound, paintings, 27″ imac, sky light, wood floors, loft, grass, clean water, hot tub, indoor pool, tv, close to a market that an old couple own and we chat for a bit while I buy milk and smokes, cool neighbors, trees, sunlight, cute kids running around, my wife cooking and taking photographs, a mini dachshund/terrier mix rooting around in the bedroom, friends coming over in the evening for a drink and a laugh.

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  • my house will be carved out of a giant block of swiss cheese (premade windows/doors). it will be surrounded by a moat of hot nacho cheese, with a drawbridge of hardened sour dough baguettes. this may be a problem when it rains. or if i have mice.

  • JJH

    My dream home is in a neighborhood of friends. It has lots of light inside, warm music, space for painting, and cozy furniture. The house is surrounded by trees and there are wide expanses of land nearby for long walks.

  • Fred

    Somewhere safe. I don’t want to want anything.

  • lieven

    my dream house would definitely float. sail the earth and live everywhere

  • My dream home. 3 words: Cement, Wood, Beach.


  • My Dream home is looks like a treehouse. But it’s a regular house. But it’s still in a tree. So it is a tree house, but just with a kitchen and a bathroom. It would be on a rose tree. I know there is no such thing my in my dream it is reality.

  • Therman Stugart

    My dream home is a yard full of crickets, somewhere near the North Waters, with the salt sea spray foaming the blades of grass with its brackish film. I would nestle near my friends, digging my claws deep into the earth and withdrawing my head and limbs into the dark warmth of my shell.

  • WilhelmR

    I don’t have a dream home..
    any house in Rivendell will do.. :P

  • Ian Wins

    My dream home would be more like a skate park that I live in. Pretty much every room would be skateable except a few. My bedroom with it’s king bed would be left alone. Th bathrooms. And maybe a few other bedrooms. Also there would be a trampoline room…that is a room with all 4 walls and the floor being a trampoline and a really high ceiling. This house would be in a warm climate near a city area and it wouldn’t be expensive to live in at all. Embrace your dreams. You guys can come up with something better than your “realistic” dream house. (Mine is also realistic…)

  • Travis Flack

    Dream Home:

    climate: Virgina Winter with Florida Summer
    location: I can smell the sea but cant feel the salt
    structure: 2 story light green wood and brick with lookout pavilion for star gazing and wave checking.
    inhabitants: My fiance and whoever knocks.

  • My dream home is the one I have right now. I live in Tofino BC, on the very west cost of Vancouver Island. It is a large red house with huge windows, and skylights everywhere. I go to sleep to the sound of drumming rain almost every night. We have an outdoor shower in our back yard. Picture standing in hot water, looking out at the forest, while a storm of cold wind and rain blows around you. I have a long, unpaved driveway, so you can barely even see my house from the road. The ceilings are high and we have two old trees (not alive anymore) that act as support. The acoustics are amazing. We were supposed to have a deck built near our dining room, facing the forest, but it never got built. Now it’s just a glass sliding door, leading to nothing. I am surrounded my the forest, the beach is practically at my doorstep, and everything is perfect.

    This is my home.

  • Arel Oran

    My dream home would be a hybrid house consisting of all of my favorite places that I’ve visited before and fell in love with instantaneously.
    The living room would have a comfortable North-East feel — brick fireplace, leather worn in love seat, carpet floors, sliding door to an overgrown garden.
    The kitchen would have a modern, chic European ambiance — stainless steel appliances, marble island, fresh croissants.
    The dining room would have a Middle-eastern decor — floor seats, pillows, open air, hookah bar, peaceful environment.
    AND most importantly my bedroom would be an idyllic getaway in the Caribbean — white linens, cool breeze, flowing curtains, and soft down bed mattress.

  • Kate Humphreys

    The view of brown siding is uncracked, unchecked by the weather. A porch with a green table and set of chair to match, bought from a thrift store on a beggars bankroll. A grill for those vegan cook-outs, asparagas and pineapple. A foyer, bitten by a thousand long days, the entrance to dark nights spent alone with a longing for something better, like we all are. A book to pass the time and ensure a tear and a smile. A small kitchen, with white walls and tile counter tops, a gas stove with an oven, few pots and a small collection of dishes. Two rooms: an office and a bedroom. Bare essentials and garden space. Write and Eat. Drink and Sleep.

  • This is my dream house at the moment:

    But more important is the property and its on one of the gulf islands, just under an acre, shaped like an arrow pointing to the North West, bordered by creeks on 2 sides and hilly. The (timber framed) house would go up top surrounded by a large garden in the sun and the lower part of the property would have a 100 sq. ft. studio looking into forested parkland.

  • kiddo katsu

    my dream home has room for many, many ponies but it’s still in the heart of downtown.

  • Alex

    My dream home would be one of those ones that are covered with mirriors on the outside, so that they blend in with their surroundings. It would be in the mountains in a gorgeous field surrounded by evergreen trees. And inside it would be really clean and crisp with a lot of lines and angles. But at the same time it would be sort of cozy…. Plis have an amazing view of the surrounding forest.

  • My dream home, shoul be in the forest
    in La pitaya area around Xalapa, MX.
    Should be with natural materials
    like natural mud.
    With many windows around.
    sustainable home…
    just organic house.
    For make bread, salade and organic food
    of my home….
    Having an amazing landscape…

  • June Ethan

    My Dream Home:
    A four-room igloo in a tree with a large fireplace and classic, wood-paneled library. Pros of living in an igloo: your entire house is a refrigerator.



  • Congratulations to SARA TODD. You are the winner of the David Linneweh print!

    Kelly Lynn from LPP narrowed down all her favourites and finally decided on yours!

    Stay tuned for the next giveaway.

  • AGON

    i’ll tell you about it when i wake up.

  • it is a nice and difficult question
    suppose not to have a prefixed house model in my head, probably I will recognize it in the moment I will find myself in / the important is that it has lot of light and that is not noisy :-)
    ciao! /c

  • Any house that you’re in, buddy.

  • Kis

    One room.Me,my bf and probably a few (four-five dogs).And a view of the beach,preferably. In the middle of nowhere.

  • Oh! I could write for days on this or show you multiple notebooks of sketches.. at the moment it is – a three level house… entry on middle floor. bottom floor semi basement. green roof. with grey water recycling. entry level: kitchen, living, pantry, 1/2 bath, huge windows to open up dinning/kitchen to patio. upstairs; at home design studio/office, master bed with private patio and light grey marble bathroom. basement: 3 bedrooms, bath, game room and workout room. All located with the backyard pushed up against the ocean. ceader cladding, in floor heating, heated windows(live in Norway- need it!!), small wind turbine. Decorated with clean lines, bold colors, and a tad bit of that french chic to go with the modern – but not to modern that it does not feel homey! i HOPE someday I get to build it!!

  • Rain Man

    Where my heart is, nuff said, done. Merry Christmas

  • Girlgenius

    my dream home is going to be something old sometimes new and something blue.
    or geometric modern box

  • Cassandra Van Hout

    My dream home

    Geodesic Dome Homes 

  • My dream home seems to change every time I move. I guess my dream home has become any place where my family and I can all be happy…

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