17.12.09 by Jeff

Anorak Magazine Giveaway

Cathy over at Anorak Magazine wants to hook a Booooooom reader up with a Happy Bundle, so how does a year-subscription to Anorak and a tote bag sound?

anorak magazine giveaway booooooom publication

anorak magazine giveaway booooooom publication

This Happy Mag for Kids, isn’t just for kids if you like illustration you’ll love Anorak.

Leave a comment below with the name of your favourite kids’ television show growing up! Winner will be picked tomorrow!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Jean-Luc

    Handsdown Invader Zim, but recently I’ve been watching a show called Marvelous Misadventures of Flap Jack and it’s my new favorite show.

  • Georgie

    The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh :)

  • carly

    shera, princess of power!

  • David Fain

    the busy world of richard scarry

  • allie wallace

    i’m going to have to go with either rocket power or the big comfy couch =)

  • ali

    saved by the bell.

  • the raccoons!
    that cyril sneer….!

  • panda

    Arthur! When I was a little kid, it was one of the only shows my mom would let me watch after school, and we would all watch it together. And even though I’m all grown up now, when I come home we still watch it! Definitely one of the smartest and funniest kids shows on tv.

  • Danielle

    When I was a kid, my favorite show was Pokemon. Not the terrible Pokemon on TV now, but old-school Pokemon with questionable animation techniques and subpar voice acting. Other amazing cartoon shows include Code Lyoko and Phineas and Ferb, but Pokemon is the show that’s going to stay with me forever.

  • chris

    Favourite television show growing up would have to be Batman: The Animated Series.

  • Sesame Street, duh

  • dlucas

    DUCKTALES by FAR. but also Adventures of the Gummi Bears. CLASSIC Disney saturday cartoons. so good.

  • Loved watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Transformers. Shame that they keep make more of these show cause they have lost the wonder they used to have.

  • kuming

    he-man…masters of the universe ya know!

  • Molly
  • rachel

    my favorite shows were

    only the best

  • Lilian

    POWERPUFF GIRLS! although i don’t know why

  • Motoko

    I’ve been always liking it.


    Man I feel old…

    Probably Sesame Street… or Electric Company.

  • OMG RUgratssss for sho!! OH and Earthworm Jim!!

  • emily

    When I was a kid we didn’t have cable, so whenever we’d visit my grandmother after some forced hugs and kisses I would run downstairs to the “tv room”. One of my all time favorite shows to watch would be Woody Woodpecker. I can still remember the intro.. Guesss whoo? :P


  • Ren & Stimpy for sure. My parents weren’t thrilled with the idea but I LOVED it. Oh, and I would LOVE a subscription to Anorak – I was thinking of getting one anyway!

  • Rob

    Sesame Street!

  • me please!!!

  • Sophie

    It’s got to be a tie between Angry Beavers and Hey Arnold.

  • arthur

  • Sophia

    boy meets world, forever

  • Inspector Gadget (mid 80’s) in the mornings before school at my buddy Mark’s house. We would eat Honey Smacks cereal and sit about a foot away from the tv.

  • oh and my favourites were button moon and Hot dog, but no one seems to remember hot dog?! It was on UK Gold….

  • Emily

    Noozles! Yay for anthropomorphic koalas, platypuses, & cassowaries. ^___^

  • Michael


    when tv was good and sky tv was cheap

    also ren and stimpy, classic

  • Geez, it’s probably gotta be Fraggle Rock.

    That or Ren and Stimpy, but that was in my later years.

  • Patrick

    “Adventures of the Gummi Bears” was amazing to me…and “Masters of the Universe”

  • Marija

    Arthur! I would wake up extra early for school to watch. But all the voices are different now, and I can’t get used to it.

  • I loved Art Attack, Rainbow, The Magic Roundabout, Danger Mouse and Byker Grove. :]

  • Haha definitely THUNDER CATS…..sorry there is no way possible to that. win

  • to top that*

  • Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood

  • Chris

    Sharkey and George

  • Danger Mouse, Lucky Luke and Transformers

  • AMY

    Foster home for Imaginary friends.
    I probably watched it when I was about 14, but it made me happy to think that my old imaginary friend was being adopted somewhere.

  • tom and jerry…hands down, that silly mouse

  • Anna


  • Astro Boy

  • Aubrey

    Sesame Street was my entire childhood.

  • DuckTales

  • Sahra

    The Angry Beavers.

  • panda


  • Nothing possibly (frighteningly) inspired me more than Willo the Wisp. You simply cannot argue with the genius of a cartoon where a dog floats away on his own thought balloon and a legless torso of a newsreader breaks free from his 2D TV existence to hobble away.

  • Therman

    Fraggle Rock, and then once I became jaded I turned to Street Sharks.

  • Claudia

    Would definately have to go with Roger Ramjet~!
    Come on – he is the hero of our nation – kaZAM~!

    … ps His Proton Pills are HEAPS cooler than spinich :P

  • dan

    my favourite tv show as a kid was ‘the box of delights’.

  • CK

    power rangers!

  • Caitlin

    my favorite kid show… hm.

    I think it’s a tie between Johnny Quest and Thundercats!

  • Walker

    Street Sharks, Bobby’s World, Life With Louie, Rocco’s Modern Life.

  • Camia

    Fraggle Rock! (with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pulling up a close second.)

  • Sesame Street and…. Sesame Street

  • Corinne

    Ronin Warriors. I even drew my own characters!


  • ! fraggle rock

  • I loved the Get Along Gang, Mr Benn and Animaniacs. And I still do.

  • Kate Humphreys

    Lambchop! This is the song that never ends…

  • OMG!

    The Visionaries!

  • I LOVED Sonic the Hedgehog… the ABC Saturday morning version anyway. The other series, not so much.

  • Jen

    Are You Afraid Of The Dark. DUH!

    (Clarissa Explains It All is a very close second)

  • kayla

    it had koala bears and they ate eucalyptus leaves and there were boomerangs

  • I’m never growing up soooo… Wonder Showzen!

  • Jonathan


  • cait


  • cesar

    el chavo del ocho!, pete&pete, teenage mutant ninja turtttleeessssss

  • elf


    was it weird to have always thought that Little Bear and Emily had a thing for each other?
    Was a sad day when the realisation hit me that humans and bears can’t make babies togethor :(

  • Daniel

    Books were my television shows. c:

  • Matt

    My favourite ones were, Trap door, Danger mouse, Bananaman, Super Ted, The Clangers and Duckula! I guess I’m showing my age but then again what do you know with your fancy American cartoons. CBBC cheap programming, dodgy puppets and shonky animation for the win!!!

  • RUTH


  • charles law


  • Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood :D

  • Taylor Cole

    CAPTAIN PLANET ALL THE WAY! How could you beat that multi-cultural alliance taking out pollution and saving all the animals? I still remember the theme song…Captain Planet, he’s our hero gonna take pollution down to zero. Awesome show, wish they still had reruns.

    Oh, and Recess. I think it was Saturday morning on ABC family. That was a GREAT show.

  • elf


    Is it weird to have thought Little Bear and Emily had a thing for each other?
    Was a sad say when the realisation hit, that bears and humans can’t make babies togethor :(

  • EKC

    oh my! One of my favorites would have to be the ever wacky Zoobilee Zoo! Who can deny these faces!


  • Dan

    Thunder cats, straight up

  • I think one of my favorite shows growing up was LambChops on Pbs

  • Raffi- the folk singer who would lead you into the woods for sing alongs. Bananaphone was one of my favorites, and I to act like a little whale while singing Baby Baluga.

    Then of course Sesame Street, I had a weird crush on Oscar, I like em grouchy but with a soft heart.

    Thanks for all the giveaway chances Booooooom!

  • RingingInMyHead

    I was a sucker for Sailor Moon.

  • Kat

    inspector gadget


    i was definitely a close follower of the oldskool pokemon series. original 150 all the waaay! who can resist a show with its own trading cards?

  • Wishbone! Because I loved reading and dogs, and hey, it’s all together in one!

    I was only allowed an hour of television a day, so I also watched a lot of Full House and Fresh Prince of Bel Air (which I didn’t understand, being little, but I still loved it.)

  • tamra

    Pinwheel, which was Nickalodeon’s version Sesame Street.

  • Josh

    Oh god either Arthur or Hey Arnold. Arthur had freaking ziggy marley do the theme song, and the main character was an aardvark.

    Hey arnold was like some kind of freedom writers-esque show, cept with intriguing back story’s and funny shaped heads

  • I used to enjoy tv colosso, that was like the muppets but from brasil.

  • the adventures of pete and pete. !


  • OH! I forgot that whenever at a friend’s house with cable, I was all about Are You Afraid of the Dark? and All That!

  • Angela Marie

    AHH real monsters!

  • Nathan Addicus

    Without question it was H.R. Pufnstuf. A close second would be Daktari.

  • Raptor Jr.

    Capt’n Kangaroo Doggs.

  • Linus Carlson

    the 1974 Karlson on the roof

  • louise eddie

    Tintin (:

  • superted and danger mouse… 80s cartoons were the best :)

  • 3-2-1 Contact, I’m not too ashamed to say…

  • joe sobel


  • Dave Semeniuk

    On the odd Sunday afternoon, The Hilarious House of Frightenstein would be on CBC, and I would lose my shit. Psychodelic dancing hippy DJ? Check. Assorted monsters? Check. Science and grammar lessons? Check. What’s not to favor?

  • Josh

    Felix the cat for sure!!!

  • The great space coaster

  • dylan

    clarissa explains it all.

  • comment. yes please!!!!!!!!

  • Sesame Street, of course…. and I LOVED the Road Runner. Too bad it doesn’t air anymore…

  • Eli

    Hands down the looney toons, especially Marvin the Martian.

    Hare-Way to Heaven

    Thank you much,

    boom rocks a lot, like a geode.

  • nick


  • teenage mutant ninja turtles!

  • peterr

    i liked thunderbirds and samurai pizza cats.

  • fien

    kulderzipken! It was this fairy tale about a simple, poor boy called…well kulderzipken. There was this king that constantly insulted his wife and made up new ridiculous laws like: whales don’t exist because they are bigger than me. The queen was always looking for a new hobby and the princess was a tomboy, she was in love with kulderzipken. The king wouldn’t let them marry so he and the devil’s mother thought up all these impossible tasks for kulderzipken. He tried to solve them with the help of two brothers called Grimm. they invented stuff that sometimes worked, but mostly just exlploded and they adressed everyone as sir. man i loved that show!

  • cfpg

    Hey arnold! and Doug.

  • Kate

    My favourite show was Cardcaptor Sakura growing up. It’s a japanese anime featuring a 10 year old girl who has magical powers and captures cards that also have powers.

    I watched it in the original japanese [with english subtitles] as to keep all the relationships the same. The english dubbing had taken out the gay relationships that were hinted at in the series and various other things.

    The anime is just really cute and lovely.

  • The Xuxa Show

  • Heather King

    Fraggle Rock all day!

  • The Lost Cities Of Gold!
    Taught me all about Peru and Machu Pichu, fed my imagination and made me draw mysterious cities hidden in jelly mountains and clouds for years to come!

  • sarah

    teenage mutant ninja turtles, rep it.

  • Lauren

    They’re Pinky and the Brain
    yes Pinky and the Brain
    one is a genius
    the other’s insane!

    The rube goldeberg machines they would make inspired so many ill-fated, crippled attempts at turning off the light without getting up from bed!

  • it was definitely Rocko’s Modern Life.

  • Meaghan

    sailor moon, even though my mom didn’t allow it


    Sesame street

  • Alex

    Bill Nye the Science Guy

  • thunder cats! ho

  • Christy

    Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

  • anthony

    heathcliff the cat

  • Lucie

    The pink panther =]

  • alicia

    rugrats are aweeesome

  • Cartoon network’s Dextor’s Laboratory and Powerpuff girls.

  • Daniel


    Unir habilidade, fé e coragem pra vencer

    Lutar é o nosso dever
    Um instrumento, um samurai

    Somos Power Rangers
    Somos Power Rangers
    Somos Power Rangers
    Invencíveis Power Rangers

    Saber que a humanidade está em nossas mãos
    Usar somente armas pra se defender

    Lutar é o nosso dever
    Um instrumento, um samurai

    Somos Power Rangers
    Somos Power Rangers
    Somos Power Rangers
    Os invencíveis Power Rangers

    yeah. my childhood was in Brazil. i hate when ppl here start singing childhood songs and i can only sing it in portuguese!

  • Cody

    Captain Planet and the Planeteers.
    Saving the enviorment and being incredibly awesome.

  • Robotech!

  • kimba the white lion rocked!

  • Cho-Wai Ben Fung

    Growing up,my favorite Children’s show to watch is Mr. Dressup. He taught me to draw in a simple and fun way. He also is a good actor and a great singer too. The puppets made the show even better.


    Barbapapa!!!!! and they look like Anorak

  • Very very tough choice, I am too indecisive.
    Was it Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Real Ghostbusters,BatmanTAS, Toxic Crusader, maybe Johnny Brav even?,

  • The Trap Door! it was so ace and the music was rad – 80s stylee. my neighbour had a vhs of it and I used to go round all the time.

  • Sare

    The Muppet Show. I’d watch it with my Dad, and we’d recreate the skit where one muppet sang “You Are My Sunshine” and the other would interrupt yelling Ooga Booga!

  • Gary Oak

    Darkwing Duck started my lifelong relation with all things superheroic. Ergo, it comes out ahead as my favourite children’s show.

  • Emily

    The Magic School Bus was my favorite :) I used to eat string cheese and watch that show on repeat

  • Program with the mouse on German television…
    or as it’s called originally sendung mit der maus


  • Dawn

    Totally old school sesame Street!!

  • Jeeves McFly

    Ren & Stimpy made me the screwed-up adult that I am today, and I will always love John Kricfalusi for messing with my impressionable head.

  • Sarah

    I always really liked The Rottentrolls, though I have a sneaky suspicion that I might have been a bit too old. Or at least I did until a couple of weeks ago when I youtubed some and it’s still obviously funny! Funnier in fact, I was obviously punching above my intellectual weight as a ten year old. So that pleased me.

    Check this out if you’re browsing: there’s some cutting edge observations about art AND religion to be found! Ha. I love this show.

  • cc chapman

    Rocco’s Modern Life (& Sesame St.)

  • I liked Dragon Ball Z

  • lee

    bill nye the science guy!

  • Melanie

    A little embarrassing and strange but I used to love He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

  • man, seems i’m in the older bracket here….but electric company was the sheeeittt, with morgan freeman playing the easy reader character when he was still cutting his acting teeth…not to mention the richard pryor popping in for pre-crack jokes!

  • Tin-tin. Or Babar.

  • Pif et Hercule FTW!

  • lily sanchez

    Rocky & Bullwinkle and Keenan & Kel

  • monica

    el chapulin colorado

  • Travis

    Button Moon

  • Cosby Show all the way to the bank.


  • kristina

    the jetsons was really good

  • Emily

    Rocko’s Modern Life!

  • Michael


  • carla

    ++ Sesame Street
    ++ Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood

  • Margo



  • Evan


  • Remy

    Reading Rainbow. Lavar Burton will always have a special place in my heart <3

  • Luke

    Legends of the Hidden Temple

  • Power Rangers – I was always the blue ranger – not as in your face as red ranger and don’t get me started on the black ranger!

  • Captain Kangaroo.

  • Lorri

    H.R. Pufnstuf

  • Daniel


    It taught me sarcasm, Orson Welles, and a healthy dose of irreverence. Without it, I might of been somebody.

  • Bill Nye the Science Guy!
    (Science rules!)

  • Eli

    Hands down the looney toons, especially ones with Marvin the Martian, like Hare-Way to Heaven.

  • Alex


  • abt

    My Pet Monster! With the purple monster and the closet and the dark dimension and all those amazing hidden things that happened on my little TV when i was sitting on that hideous couch with my big brothers.

  • Mr. Dressup. He taught me how to tie my shoes and everything, I’d also like to think his drawings inspired me to pursue a career in illustration. He was phenomenal!

  • Monkey Magic!

  • Rose

    I cried everytime I missed an episode of Sailor Moon. Rocko’s Modern Life really screwed me up after that :).

  • Anny

    Pokemon, no doubt. Ash was my first husband.

  • Tim

    Ren and Stimpy was pretty amazing for a “kids” show.

    I wasn’t allowed to watch Beavis and Butthead :(

  • Erica

    Scooby-Doo! the old school version :)

  • Nicole

    The Wild Thornberrys

  • Street Sharks

  • andrew

    Doug all the way

  • you can’t do that on television!

  • Cody Latimer

    OHMYGOSH i forgot all about The Big Comfy Couch until just now. so many fun times watching that show, i miss it XD.

  • Fraggle Rock !!!


  • fer

    power reangers

  • Cody Latimer

    Ok ok, i have another. Big Bad Beatleborgs! it was so awesome, i liked it better than power rangers.

  • fer

    power rangers

  • Angie Garcia


  • Angela Anaconda

    I learned more stuff on that show than in class.

  • el show de http://www.fantasti.cc
    there are so many little girls hahhaha !


  • Tina


  • Anno

    Spongebob Squarepants.. Still is :P

  • Kate Hope

    sailor moon.

  • JANE

    I was addicted to Sesame Street. It’s sad that the new Sesame Street episodes no longer have the charm and randomness of the 1980s and 1990s. :(

  • marlon

    gummy bears

  • The Magic School Bus is definitely the show I best remember because I learned SO MUCH and still apply a lot of that knowledge today.
    However, the Wild Thornberrys was my favorite show because it was just far too awesome!

  • I saw reading rainbow and will go with that, otherwise sesame street.

  • My favourite show was Rupert the Bear. I always wished I could adventure with him.

  • Fat Angry Cardinal

    The Smoggies! I still remember the theme song, it makes me deliriously happy. Also, Art Attack was amazing, I definitely created quite a few of Neil’s crafts. And NED’S NEWT! (He’s so humongous, very precocious!) :)

  • Jasmine

    Hey Arnold! Football head.

  • married with children.

  • Cyndy

    Doug was my jam when i was a kid!

  • The Ren & Stimpy Show owned my life.

  • AGON

    mighty mouse and beakmans world

  • Danica

    i think its safe to say that spongebob squarepants was my childhood tv-cult program of choice.
    i could recite every episode word for word, and had the secret Krabby Patty recipe memorized at one point.

  • Michal

    johny bravo was the man

  • easy; Mr. Dressup. Like a couple others have mentioned he was a huge inspiration to me growing-up. Was always mesmerized by the way he could pick up a big fat marker and effortlessly draw a character with just a few lines. No mistakes. He was so chill too. Brings back all kinds of memories. Macaroni crafts, shag carpet, turn-dial TVs, the CBC exploding pizza/logo animation…

    my kids, they like Sponge Bob and Hannah Montana.


  • Swat Kats and Tailspin! And Power Rangers. Which, might I add, I was the only kid out of two classes of 30 in third grade to like that show. .___.

  • Patrick

    It is hard to remember, all those listed before hand left me with a lot of “hecks yea, I remember that one…” Electric Company does rank real high, but mostly i remember just being excited about cartoons in general, either rushing home after school to watch GI JOE or Transformers, or He-Man, or so many others, or getting up so early on Saturdays that I watched the Farm Report and Hawaii 5-O (sp?) before all the Saturday Morning cartoons. Samples loop in my head: After these messages we’ll be right back, I’m hankerin for a hunka, a slab a slice a chunka, I’m hankerin for a hunka cheese. I don’t even know what that means. Does anybody else remember the laffalympics (again spelling?). Hanna Barbara somehow both raised and lowered the bar at the same time. It really made Batman the animated series a revelation when it appeared. Bruce Tim indeed. Then of course, Rocky & Bullwinkle, mostly watched with my Dad on Summer Vacation at like six or seven in the morning at my Grandparents house. Often I’m kinda saddened by the thought that Mattel and Hasbro and the like created a series of a halfhour long animated commercials that so very much dominated my life, but really, at the time, they were just so freaking cool.

  • Man, I really liked Eureka’s castle.
    The puppets were cool and there were no real people in it (or very few, as I remember), anything that wasn’t a cartoon or had too many human beings in it creeped me out. Also it had a claymation segment that was fantastic

  • Max

    No one’s heard of Samurai Pizza Cats. It was replaced by the first episode of Pokemon.

  • M Peralta

    Oh man there was this amazing playdoh motion cartoon from italy called AEIOU. Didnt make much sense to me then but still love it!


  • THUNDERCATSSS!!!!! ooohhhh… and Silverhawks!

  • Priscilla

    I have have have to say… that there are so many! But the Animaniacs were pretty clear and dear to my heart…Yakko, Wakko, Dot and I were oh so close… Sadly but more so proudly, I still sport much of that show in my present personality…

    oh the lovely lovely days of youth, cereal, and animated heaven.

  • Mark Tennis

    Earth,Fire,Wind,Water,Heart – With these powers combined – I – am CAPTAIN PLANET!

    Captain Planet and The Planeteers was so ahead of its time! Saving the Earth? Using solar powered transportation? Totally dope.

  • Brian Rush

    No joke: The Joy of Painting (with Bob Ross!)

    • Brian Rush

      because who doesn’t love a soft-spoken, middle aged white guy with a bushy perm making “happy little trees”???

  • Niki

    When I wasn’t watching the movie Splash over and over again I think my favorite thing to watch on TV as a kid was the animated Batman…

  • Elias

    FELIX THE CAT! & top cat, the flinstones, the jetsons. hahaha :p

  • Holly

    The Friendly Giant was the best show.

    I think the theme song always used to make me cry. Although Mr. Dressup was much more interesting and funny, there was something incredibly comforting about the miniature chairs and fireplace.

  • Pat

    Anamaniacs! (Although Sesame Street runs a close second)

  • Captain Planet and the Planeteers!!!!


    “Go Planet!”

    “By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!”

    Captain Planet, he’s our hero
    Gonna take pollution down to zero.

  • so

    i love anorak!
    my favorite tv show as a child was powerpuff girls! :) (i cant decide between powerpuff girls and pokemon.)

  • Tonye Abrakasa

    I loved FERAL TV(Australian Television Program) ..dude that show was insane madigliana the cat is who i aspired to be when i grew up, she was a trashy street cat ..it got taken off tv for being too risque

  • I always loved Invader Zim hardcore.

  • I’m from Brazil… so Chaves! (aka…El Chavo del Ocho)

  • Ren and Stimpy!!

  • JSancho

    too tough to pick just one i dug so many, so top 2:
    electric company > battle of the planets

  • vesna

    sesamy street

  • jen

    mighty max. talking chicken dudes!

  • Adrienne

    Pippi Longstocking!!

  • FAT ALBERT and the Cosby Kids… HEY HEY HEY

  • bird

    mr. rogers’ neighborhood for sure… i loved the “how they made it” bits and especially remember the one documenting the birth of crayons…..

  • Jake Samways

    For me it was ARGH! Real Monsters and The Ren & Stimpy show!

  • ikkinlala

    Mr Dressup.

  • Definitely Pingu on TVO. I always thought it was wonderful that Pingu and the rest of the characters spoke in complete gibberish, but yet you fully understood every thing that was going on.

  • Camz

    Little Lulu ftw!

  • Ajaniii

    Ugh, Street Sharks?

    No, No. Silver Hawks?
    No No…
    Thundarr the barbarian..
    I’ll have to go with Thundarr.

  • ashi

    the elephant show! skidamarink, etc.

  • sebastien

    To me it was fraggle rock !!! Ho yeah!!!

  • 60 minutes

  • Mary Ellen

    Space Ghost Coast to Coast! Hands down.

  • Kalles klätterträd!(Charlie’s Climbing Tree it’s called in english) It’s a swedish show with awsome animations! Take a look!

  • eureka’s castle

  • ayla

    THE JETSONS!! le-roy was my favorite!

  • hi
    the best tv show for children is turn off television and go to have a walk, to look at people and invent stories
    (children will have so much time, even too much, to look at tv when they are grown up)
    ciao :)

  • Got to be Pee-wee’s Playhouse! Pee-wee is way too rad!Especially the ending credits of the show. I’ll forever remember him riding his red scooter and wearing his eyeball helmet. TOOO RAD!

  • octanenumber

    count duckula por vida.

  • Where in the world is Carmen San Diego???!!!

  • Josh Kleinpeter

    Pete and Pete, best show ever. Artie the Stongest man in the world, pete’s tat petunia, and don’t forget Polaris and the theme song.

  • Dan

    I was about to write that it was Dino Riders, but dinosaurs made me think. I remembered Denver: the last dinosaur. That’s way back in my childhood, I’m surprised I remembered the title :D anyway, it was great as I recall!

  • oh there are many, but i guess transformers was the best!

  • Batman! the tv series with Adam West. Pow! Kapow! Zzzzap! Swiff!

  • mo

    it was a German show called “Sendung mit der Maus”

  • My favourite was a Belgian show called The Treehouse, and I also used to play Ocean Girl with my friends at school…

  • It is Dutch. Is is great. It is:
    ‘Theo & Thea’!!

  • Thao Hong

    Tom and Jerry!

  • Jess Chapman

    FUN HOUSE!! Man alive, that made my childhood. Pat Sharp, the mullet, the twins, and the insaness that was the Fun House and the ridiclous amount of prizes you could win! Brilliant!

  • I still enjoy watching Kulderzipken. So lovely.

  • hauptbahnhof

    HE-MAN and the Masters of The Universe! Monday evenings on the nascent Indian TV industry of the 1980s rocked!

  • natts

    When I was very little I loved that big green monster that liked to eat clocks all the time… the big Muzzy!
    The I fell in love for Benji, from Captain Tsubasa (I think they called it like that in England) and then I falled for Goku (Drangon Ball)

  • TRAP DOOR!!! Loved that program when i was really little!! Still have some posters on my wall, and the DVD’s of the programs. I am never going to grow up, lol :)

  • Loved Dexters Laborotory!! How did Dee Dee always manage to get away with everything??

  • rémi sans famille,
    a story of a poor ‘tsigane’, with sole family an old travelling man. that thing was soooooooo sad, my mum told me I was crying sometimes looking at it when I was 4.

  • TOP CAT! Not sure if it was just an english thing tho



  • serena

    growing up in italy, i used to watch japanese cartoons all the time, i loved astroboy, Mazinger Z, Steel Jeeg… and so on… I am still in love with robots :D

  • Johnny Bravo. Awesome. Rolemodel!

  • A.

    The Flumps

  • Stuart

    ‘Once upon a time…’ The best cartoon ever. Ever.

  • My favorite tv show was THE SMURFS of course! I loved that Clumsy guy and I loathed the clever one with the glasses, in german his name was “Schlaubi” :)

  • Amanda

    Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears :D

  • Fireman Sam. I still watch it today and it brings back a sense of nostalgia. I’m so happy they haven’t recreated it or stopped playing it, it’s still as good as it was 20 years ago. I need to grow up.

  • Sascha

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…Hands down!

  • it sounds soso lovely to me!
    I used to looove watching The Magic Roundabout, my granny had the episodes recorded + every time i went round to hers i sat down and watched it with one of her homemade biscuits – yummy! I cant choose my favourite character though, i think it depends what mood you are in:)
    have a lovely day (fingers crossed!!!)
    its snowed for the first time this year last night, everything looks so beutiful:)

  • “Bill Cosby’s Picture Pages” may have shaped my life as I know it. So good

  • peter

    biker mice from mars

  • The Mouse Factory
    Big Muzzy
    The Smurfs

  • GUS

    GUMBY, The green man killed it

  • dungeons and dragons!!!

  • Lucas

    Duck Tales for the win. Always saved my week. Amazing series. Still watchin it, if I see it on tv.

  • teenage mutant ninja turtles!!!

  • When Disney Club was on I always took ALL my cuddly toys (I think they were at least 50 or 60) to the couch with me, arranged them around me and we watched it together :)

  • HAO

    my all time favorite!

    Sesame Street!!


  • MAAT

    Captain Scarlet! (Puppet version)

  • Jonas

    It was this one show from holland called Alfred Jodokus Quack. It was amazing.

  • Will


    fo sho.

  • mani

    Menace II Society

  • Gala

    The Snorks.

  • Parker

    Beavis and Butthead when my parents didn’t catch me.

  • daniela.

    the smurfs!

  • Bananaman. Or Ren and Stimpy. Mum banned me from watching it so I used to watch it in fear when she was at work. My finger ready on the change channel trigger for the ultimate deception when she walked through the door.

  • Lady Penepole form Thunderbirds

  • Sara Mateo

    Alfred Jodocus Kwak!!
    (Alfred J. Kwak)

  • Centaurians! POWER.. X TREME TREME TREME!!

  • I had (if I am allowed!) two favourite shows – both aussie imaports – Round the Twist (about a family who lived in a lighthouse…..does anyone remember the magic underpants episode?)

    and if I ma allowed two – Pugwalls Summer about the supremely talented and fantastically named band – Orange Organics

  • Batman the animated series definetly!

  • Saved by the Bell, no doubt!

  • Catherine

    grew up as a pbs kid, still loves pbs,

  • Bucky O’Hare

  • Robert

    me likey anorak.

  • The Adventures of Tin Tin!

  • ohhh i loved angry beavers so much, still do!
    also, my mum used to tape this old bbc stop motion show called wind in the willows that was so wonderful and would love to find a copy of that show now *sigh*

  • Stephen Mellor

    count duckula!


    if you dont know what Wizardora is-you tube it (and shame on you) haha!

    i want this so bad! x

  • tomas quiroga

    i LOVED watching Daria :)

  • Mariah

    Most definitely Nightmare Ned! However I am starting to doubt my sanity because nearly every one i speak to about it has no idea what i am talking about. they recall the video game, but not the animated series it was based on. i SWEAR there was a series! I SWEAR! first animated disney series ever, i have to find it SOMEWHERE!

  • lieven

    i don’t know if it’s totally belgian but this show was awesome


    alfred judokus kwak!

  • Mike Richey

    Id have to say Looney Tunes saturday morning :]

  • Efa

    Alf! xx

  • Bobby’s World!

  • Ben

    I’ve allways remain kid, and now I’m watching Spongebob Squirepants

  • The 80s had so many great tv shows for kids. But one that stuck out the most was ‘Bertha’

  • Martin Kirke

    Rhubarb and Custard, such a mad show and the voices were terrific!

  • Mereija
  • Most definitely The Herbs, which was made in the 70s but they had quite a lot of re-runs in the 90s.
    Loved the fact that each character had its own little theme tune ‘I’m a very friendly lion called Parsley…”

  • 5
    BLAST OFF! They’re off to Button Moon!
    I loved this show as a kid and watched a whole bunch of the episodes on DVD recently. I hadn’t realised how crazy this program was! How I didn’t turn out all wonky I shall never know!

  • 5…4…3…2…1…
    BLAST OFF! They’re off to Button Moon!
    I loved this show as a kid and watched a whole bunch of the episodes on DVD recently. I hadn’t realised how crazy this program was! How I didn’t turn out all wonky I shall never know!

  • Adam

    Widget the World Watcher. To this there is no arguement

  • Jesseline

    Sesame Street (of course!) and I was so entertained with Bill Nye the Science Guy.

  • Craig

    I have to say Danger Mouse was my all time favourite, still can’t help laughing at it today:


    • Mr. Wizard fer sure, followed by Captain Caveman for a close second.

  • Mutante

    Power Rangers. I can help it i´m a 90´s kid.

  • Tom

    The Magic School Bus!

  • I think the TV show that most impressed me was Ernest, Le Vampire.

  • Jem and the Holograms!

  • chee

    I can recall numerous kids show, when I was young I grew up with SKY TV in the Netherlands. Jayce and the wheeled warriors freaked the hell out of me when younger, but tough as I was I kept watching it because the song of the intro was so cool and catchy (and very eighties, as I hear it back now!)


  • karo

    haha, I used to like this stuff so much, this series was launched in the mid 70’s but they used to broadcast it on the Polish tv decades later as well :
    this is a skew-eared bear, a wise bloke who always knows best, but my favourite character from this cartoon was the rabbit, cause he was the dumb one who always used to get into trouble.

  • Ric

    I loved the Moomins, always watched them when I was little. still love em now<3

  • wio

    This Belgian TV show called “Mik Mak Mon” was truly wonderful, one of my favorites back in the 80s :-).

  • pete and pete

  • Rachel


  • My favourite show was a small Canadian wonder, Mister Dressup.

  • Max

    Fraggle Rock!

  • fav. show has to be Wallace and Grommit, it’s pure genius..

  • Rugrats. No other children’s show compares!

  • René

    Mr. Dressup!

  • I was always a G.I. Joe type of guy myself.

  • Gregory

    Angry Beavers.

  • kiddo katsu

    my favorite was Danger Mouse!! still love it.

  • kiddo katsu

    oh my god, someone else loved Danger Mouse too! That’s cuz it’s soooo great!

  • My favorite show growing up– I know it’s allegedly lame– was Arthur, on PBS. We didn’t have cable until I was older but my brother and I didn’t mind watching Arthur. He’d pretend to be Arthur and I’d be D.W. We knew the whole theme song by heart, and we could even quote along most of the episodes. I haven’t seen a show in years… Maybe I’ll youtube it now.

  • logicalnot

    This is a thought one. I grew up in France. We had only 3 channels at that time. But some show were simply amazing.
    Capitain Flam, Barbapapa, Ulysse 31, Il était une fois l’homme, etc.

    I will choose “Il etait une fois l’homme”. It’s a show about the History of Mankind. The openning is still very good: it’s the evolution of man trough time with this classical music. It ends with the explosion of planet earth! Check it out here: http://tinyurl.com/crybyx

    My two boys (5 & 7) love it.

  • laclala

    I watched waaay too many shows growing up but I have to say, hands down, The Smurfs!

  • ooohno

    hmm for some reason when i was little i used to really be into captain planet. :))

  • alicia

    the jetson’s!!!

  • Aric J

    Flintstones rock. No pun intended.

  • scott stanley


  • Sarah

    I really loved Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. I loved his special guests and the train that went through the tunnel in his wall to another world. I also loved when he went places, like the Crayola factory – one of my most vivid childhood memories is of that episode. I can still picture all the colors of the crayons being sorted into boxes and I can hear the simple soundtrack of him playing the piano and narrating. I have always loved drawing, and I still love drawing, so that one really stuck with me. I’ll have to find my set of crayons, because I know they’re somewhere…

  • Natalie

    Rugrats was definitely my favorite.

  • Emma Fotherby

    Batfink!! He bleeping rocked! & so does your Magazine – I have 2 boys who ♥ Anorak!

  • BOZO the clown! and DOUBLE DARE. *crush on mark summers.

  • Sean Sidney

    Adventures of Pete and Pete!

  • Johnny Bravo! ha, and that bag is really adorable. Awesome colors!

  • Hannah

    My favorite show was Eureka’s Castle! It was puppets doing magic and crazy things but they also used illustration throughout the show! Eureka was a witch and she taught you all sorts of lessons, a giant looked over them all the time because it was actually his castle music box. There was this like… ogre sort of thing that lived in the dungeon and his best friends were these crazy bright worms that would dance and form shapes and numbers to teach you. They always sang songs and all that good stuff too. The show always ended with Eureka ringing a dinner bell for a picnic too which I loved. It was spectacular! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpnZPM99JSM

  • Magic Schoolbus hands down.

  • Jenny Plott

    My favorite television show growing up would be “you can’t do that on television”


  • Al Navata

    G.I. Joe. “Knowing was half the battle”

  • trish

    Fraggle Rock

  • Stan
  • Tommy


  • shelly

    So many brilliant kid’s television shows from the 70’s & 80’s…
    I was most excited to watch ‘Captain Kangaroo’. The entire show was fabulous…the music, the sets, the jokes, Mr Green Jeans, Grandfather Clock, Mr Moose, Bunny Rabbit and the ping pong balls, Mortimer Ichabod Marker!
    And PICTURE PAGES, the very best segment on the show!…I vividly remember the song…’picture pages, picture pages, time to get your picture pages. time to get your crayons and your pencils. picture pages, picture pages, open up your picture pages, time to watch Bill Cosby do a picture page with you!’ Bill Cosby! Need I say more?




  • Howdy Doody was spectacular.

  • Andrew

    Ren and Stimpy, no doubt

  • Tania

    Sesame street! the best.

  • Dance your cares away,
    Worry’s for another day.
    Let the music play,

  • Alistair

    The UK show Aquila. Oh. My. God.

  • Definitely Mr. Dressup.

  • Magic School Bus, by far.
    I didn’t realize how much I learned from that show until I got to high school science class. Thanks Ms. Frizzle!

  • Niels


  • Catherine

    Really loved the 60`s Batman-Series
    Cash, Bang, booooooom!

  • Becky

    Captain Planet, Bill Nye the Science guy, X-men and Where in the world is Carmen Sandiago.

  • my favortie tv show growing up…Today’s Special with, i think his name was Jeff, the mannequin that came to life.

    • Kyla

      i loved that too :)

  • ann

    Fresh prince of Bel-air!!!!!!!

    p.s. is there a boooooooom flickr pool for illustracionezzzszs?

  • My fav shows was “Dawie die Kabouter”, and “Heidi”. Both German cartoons dubbed in Afrikaans. :D I just recently found a “David the Gnome” aka “Dawie die Kabouter” tape, and I don’t like his american voice at all. lol :P

  • MISTER ROGERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD. I love The Land of Make Believe. I live there now.

  • lvn

    ‘i dream of jeannie’

  • u. schwuchow

    T H E S N O R K E L S ! ! amazing adventures, original characters, super colors

  • I really enjoyed Lambchop’s Play Along, the intro had an awesome song. RIP.

  • Captain Caveman, without a doubt.

    Like a primal call to arms, this show had the neighborhood boys and girls shouting out his name in the appropriate drawn out fashion.

    This was fun, reminiscing. Thanks.

  • oh rugrats, i still miss you…

  • Kyla

    Arthur was and is an awesome show!

  • ni kol

    care bears <3

  • You Can’t Do That On Television!!!

  • Fersz

    hey arnold! :)

  • Erica

    Fraggle Rock !! ^__^

  • Filip

    Merrie Melodies/Looney Tunes! I didn’t even know english, just watched it and laughed :D I loved especially simple animations, like “Now Hear This” (1962) – pure abstraction, leaves the kid very impressed.

  • Definitely the British sitcom Fawlty Towers. Not the best kids show but I loved the accents!

  • Tin Tin, Lucky Luke, Asterix… and Sesame Street.

  • Kate

    Speed Racerrrrr

  • —– The Elephant Show — (I got to say I was in love with this show when I was 2 yrs old around 1988 when this show apparently had its end, I think I caught the re-runs mostly. GO Canadian Television! haha!)

  • lily sanchez

    Rocky & Bullwinkle!

  • SBlex



  • Thank you all for your entries – there are so many of these shows that I hope show up on DVD! (original Sesame Street!! Pretty please!)

    Congratulations to Mariah Drakoulis! You win the Happy Bundle from Anorak (year subscription and tote bag!!!!)

    Stay tuned for more giveaways!

    • Mariah

      speechless. thank you!

  • Nicola

    bahahaha, play school :P but i remember i was scared of some of the toys they used…

  • The Tomorrow People.

  • Hannah

    Katie and Orbie!

  • melissa


  • Ian Wins

    I might be too late but Rugrats fueled my life for many years and I like illustration a bunch so this would be cool.

  • if i’m not too late…

    fraggle rock. it’s STILL one of my favorite shows.

  • If this gets there on time:
    There was this French-Canadian stop motion show called Soupe Opera and I watched it religiously, it still awesome!

  • ALEX

    care bears was a definite favorite… give me the giggles just thinking about it :)


  • Magic School Bus was absolutely fantastic. So were Art Attack and Carmen Sandiego.

  • Fraggle Rock

  • Cymone

    The Big Comfy Couch, best show everrr.

  • Hands down. Story Lords!!

    Something that everyone needs to see. Milk Breath is the best villian ever!


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