18.12.09 by Jeff

Zig Zag Shoe Giveaway

Sean over at Status Foe wants to hook you guys up with some shoes! Zig Zag shoes are perfect for “ballin on a budget” as I like to say – inexpensive and stylish!

zig zag shoes status foe store giveaway booooooom

We’ve got 5 pairs of shoes to give away (you’ll be able to pick your size).

If you want a pair – write me a funny haiku!

Haiku poems are three lines. 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.


Give me the shoes please.
I really really want them.
Taco banana.

The five winners will be picked on Monday!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • I be mad ballin’
    If my toes were haulin’ in
    Zig-n-Zag style.

  • To Booooooom:
    “Oh Shoes Are Too Nice
    Yummy Like Beans and Rice
    Laces Sole and All”

  • I like to wear shoes
    but not in the summer’s heat
    Ah, I like bare feet.

    I am not a professional haikuist. Drat.

  • Hmm..haiku. eh? Here goes it goes:

    I wear office heels
    Monday through Fri 9 to 5
    I need comfy shoes!

  • Gary Oak

    Fork over the shoes
    I need to have them right now
    Or so help me god…

  • I want those Zig Zags.
    Wait, we’re not talking about
    the blunt wraps? That’s cool.

    – DW

  • help save the planet
    fire, air, water, wind, and heart
    our only defense

  • Benjy

    In these shoes are feet
    Hopefully my feet, maybe
    That would be super cool.

    • Benjy

      ACK delete the ‘cool’

  • kat martinez

    shoes without fifty holes
    come to my aching patas
    please please now

  • Ollie

    Just a small town girl,
    Living in a lonely world,
    Shit, I missed my train.

    Can I post more than one and have it entered?

  • There is nothing worse
    than stepping in your dog’s piss
    at 8 am. Shit.

  • I really need shoes
    And there is a good reason
    I stand here barefoot

  • I looked up in bed
    And saw the beautiful stars
    What, where is my roof?

  • Sorry, i meant to put:
    I looked up in bed
    And saw the beautiful stars
    What? Where is my roof?

    • Shaina


  • I wanna be fresh,
    Yes, cool clean suave with swagger,
    I wanna be best :o)

  • Spandex emission.
    At the gym, hugeness ensues.
    Let a Playa play.

  • Size twelve and a half
    I very much hope (against hope)
    You might have my size.

  • TJ

    My shoes are worn thin,
    And my billfold has worn too.
    Please give me some shoes?

  • JosephBrady

    I would like to win.
    Ive only jesus sandals.
    Please help me out booooooom.

  • Britt

    These shoes are the best.
    I could really use new ones.
    Please give them to me.

  • Simon

    my feet are chilly
    you know i need new shoes right
    I like the grey ones

  • Fluffy marshmallow,
    White, squishy, maybe mushy,
    Uber happiness

  • Shaina

    oh you zig zag shoes,
    you know I’d love to own you.
    I just stepped in poo.

  • Chinese firedrill,
    The light isn’t even red.
    Great, ya blew it.

  • hey my lil piggys
    need some zig zaggys
    man im cool.

  • I just want to run
    I want to play lazer tag
    with some rad new shoes.

  • Bryce

    These shoes are mad fresh.
    Do you like speaking with slang?
    Slang talk about shoes.

  • Hans

    my tootsies are cold
    with this shoes ill get girls
    and finally make cumsies

  • Shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes
    Shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes
    GIVE ME!

  • louise

    Give me the shoes please.
    I really really want them.
    Taco ananas.

  • next re-arranger
    no teenager, i need shoes
    i’m walker texas ranger.

  • Acid trip squidward
    bikini bottom meth house
    spongeob drug inspired

  • Trippin on some lace
    Wearing my new zig zaggys
    Im Fresh and the Best

  • Luara Pinon

    Hello, I love cheese.
    I wander barefoot because,
    I stepped in dog squeeze.

  • Matt Homer

    I promised myself
    I wouldn’t write about shoes.
    oh, the irony…

  • nice day for a walk
    left foot goes in front of right
    damn I am still drunk

  • jeanette

    Pair of matching soles
    Each to complement its twin
    New shoes like old friends

  • Matto-san

    There once was a man
    From Nantucket, oh wait that
    Is a limerick…

  • Do you have my size,

    I have the feet of a clown,

    What does that mean huh?

  • Garrett

    Jeff, please look at this
    I am in need of these shoes
    Woah, Pokemon’s on!

  • Tartan ribbon shoes
    are cute, blue but smell like poo
    I still want some though

  • My feet are hungry,

    Can they eat your giveaway,

    So they do not starve

  • Give me the damn shoes.
    Purple monkey dishwasher.
    Haikus are bullshit.

  • Cristina

    i never heard of
    these shoes before i saw this
    post. but i’m not cool.

  • skyler

    i went for a walk
    we had to go through the mud
    and i lost my shoes

  • carey

    My face looks so sad
    Ill turn my frown upside down
    if you would pick me!!

  • Jeremy

    i spy those slippers.
    i’d really like to have them.
    they are silky, smooth.

  • Lara Oliveira

    Shoes!!! What a delight!
    Free for all? It’s a fair fight!
    But I’ll win it, right? ;)

  • Pip Jones

    Canada is cold
    But Australia’s critters
    chew my shoeless feet.

    • Pip Jones

      PS. Dear Booooooom cats,
      Australian postage is
      not that expensive…

  • Patrick

    Boom my jungle queen
    Shoe me up for my feet sting
    Zig Zag up my grill

  • kris

    I Want Shoes I Need Shoes
    Zig Zags Come Over Here
    You Know i’ll Treat You Dear!
    Pleace Peace!

  • Will

    I’ve got two left feet,
    and never could tie my shoes;
    can I get Velcro?

  • Zac Benloulou

    A poem about shoes,
    is a lot like my wallet,
    empty but stylish,

  • Brooke

    Will you pick me if
    I promise to share with you?
    There’s two in a pair.

  • MattJean

    Give me those knickers
    My haiku is the best one
    Can Matty wear them?

  • R fox

    Five, Seven and Five,
    The measure of a Haiku,
    It is very eas

  • Shoes wonderful shoes
    I’ve got too many to wear
    Just give me them yeah?

  • New shoes sure are sweet.
    Especially on my feet.
    Zig Zags rock the street.

  • throwin’ it out there
    I wanna throw my feet in there
    send me a black pair

  • megan

    one day i stepped in
    my kitten’s barf and wished that
    i was wearing shoes

  • Liv

    My shoes ran away
    They are up on a wire
    They can’t be higher.

  • seventeen sounds prove,
    The worn sole still has a price.
    Winter winner. Nice.

  • Brennan Wyatt

    Shoes, such a riddle…
    Like gloves for your little feet
    or bizarro hats

  • help me cop new shoes,
    my current are raggedy.
    sriracha sauce cleans up well.

  • demonpanda

    I need one in blue
    to defeat my inner blues
    can you help me through

  • M j

    These haikus of shoes,
    Ancient traditions- abuse.
    Take part? I refuse!

  • Blue and Gray Gutties
    Boom goeth the dynamite
    Non homogenous

  • I read Booooooom all day,
    if I don’t my eyes will pay,
    rot black and decay.

  • Ryan

    I want a pair please.
    Because they are the bees’ knees.
    So will you choose me?

  • Cameron

    Haikus are useless
    How’d they become popular?
    Why does Boom like them?

  • coughing up lung chunks,
    she’s got a fever – and the
    sole cure is ZIG ZAG

  • Nate Moore

    It’s cold this season,
    I could really use some shoes
    my feet are freezin!

  • Jeff C.

    My feet are too big
    These look like Paul Bunyan’s shoes
    They’ll fit me quite nice

  • Gabe

    Could use some new kicks.
    Big ass feet, no big ass dick.
    Booooooom everyday. click

  • Kinda like Keds huh
    I wore those before your birth
    Please don’t be agist.

  • Oliver

    My sole’s in my shoe
    my soul cries out for comfort:
    Zig Zags for Christmas!?

  • look, I am so poor
    art school is sucking the cash
    right out of my feet

  • An African in
    National Geographic
    was wearing my shoes.

  • Abi Jensen

    Pungent aroma
    Fills the air, teases nostrils
    Time for new zig zags

  • Chris Orr

    Toe jam queens and bees
    Blackbird perspective earthworm
    Royal hunted prey

  • Kate

    Many giveaways
    I’ve entered for everyone
    Chose me, for realsies

  • Molly

    My feet are lonely
    socks aren’t what they used to be
    i could use some shoes

  • Snap them fingers geek
    Now stomp freaky feet to the beat
    Ziggy zaggy down deep

  • Jacq Smith

    Apple butter jam
    Spicy, warm or cold, delis
    Bread or finger dipped

  • a little zig zag
    goes a long way tomorrow
    but today it stops

  • Maw

    two gray and two blue
    eenie meenie minie moe
    bows and laces love

  • Joshua Snell

    I’m crazy english
    And I have lost both my feet
    No money, college

  • Lan

    Shoes, booze for my feet
    Drink up sweet soles and suck down
    Smells of un-‘defeet’

  • Chris Orr

    Toe jam queens and bees
    Blackbird perspective earthworms
    Royal hunted prey

  • “Ha ha, your mom’s dead.
    Oh… I mean…” What’s that great taste?


    Hungarian Ants

    Sneakily plotting away

    New Wave Banditos

  • A jig I would do
    If I win these rad-mo shoes
    And post to YouTube

    No seriously. I would.

    Don’t ask me what rad-mo means though. I’ve started adding -mo to the end of miscellaneous words and I can’t control myself.

    — Kit

  • Boris

    my shoes got some holes,
    they make my feet oh so wet,
    i really like rain

  • melissa

    these shoes are so fine
    i would love to make them mine
    i’ll just get in line

  • alii

    i love my shoes well
    oh i do not like their smell
    but these shoes are swell

  • Ian Wins

    My feet have reeked
    for about five or six weeks
    cause my shoes have mold

  • i do not own a
    single pair of tennis-shoes
    but i would wear these.

    i’m not sure ive ever written a haiku before.

  • Odie

    haiku for blue shoe
    i’ll go poo poo for that shoe
    and skip to my loo

  • shoes are something I need
    to warm up my toes and feet
    frostbite isn’t fun

  • If you got the blues,
    You can always hit the road,
    In your Zig-Zag shoes.

  • them shoes are way fly
    give me em make em mine and
    ill sky walk for christ

  • Kelly Freeman

    Size eight in women’s
    I prefer the grey pair, thanks
    Before xmas, please

  • I wish I had those!
    How delicious on my toes
    would they be to see?

  • Justin

    Small college student
    Big skateboarding addiction
    Holey zig-zags. Gnar.

  • Cho-Wai Ben Fung

    I like banana
    Smells good and sexy too
    It got power to blow me

  • Joey

    I like to beat meat
    that I eat, but I want sweet
    zig zags on my feet

  • someone stole my phone
    I can’t call my mom at home
    now I’m all alone

  • Michael Mori

    talent less with words
    teacher says I will not last
    zig zag booooooom his ass

  • Ashley McCarty

    Free Shwag Shoes are Sweet
    Boom dot Com treats me so right
    Zig Zag shoes are neat.

  • Marco

    Haikus are funny
    but sometimes they don’t make sense
    horny elephant.

  • carla

    filthy shoes to lose,
    a very hot pair to wear.
    zig zag heart: in love.

  • Jeffrey A Hutchins

    Let the shoes decide.
    Oh please oh please have my size!
    Cinderella style.

  • Justin

    Blue are the new shoe.
    Scantily-clad, zig-zag swag.
    Merry Christmas BOOOOOOOM!

  • Mm. Left foot, right foot.
    Caress me softly, laces.
    Leather soles? Or souls?

  • Chrubble

    My toes toast footwear.
    But most shoes cause them despair.
    This pair look tip-top.

  • Anna

    je veux souliers
    all mine are falling apart
    zig zags, s’il vous plait

  • what are shoes alone?
    sometimes, socks are the best part.
    say hello, argyle!

  • Sue

    Just found out I have
    Two grand to pay, so Zig-Zag
    Be mine, make my day!

  • Kelvin

    Look at those awesome shoes
    I would wear them whenever I could
    I hate stepping on poo

  • Brian

    a shoe giveaway?
    thanks is all i have to say
    zig zaggity zanks

  • Morgan

    Yo Ima T-Rex.
    Rockin’ sneaks but dyin’ fo
    some bad-ass zig-zags.

  • In Winter, I see
    You,your cold pale face again
    I have found my home.

  • Renan Cabrera

    i want those shoes please
    this bottom line will win it
    shoes please, i want them

  • a left foot, am i
    pounding the dirty pavement.
    dead bananas die

  • fiona davidson

    a chastity sole
    of love. caresses my foot
    protection from swine

    = A shoe!

  • Marisol

    “funny funny shoes
    you wear ribbons and all
    i like you shoes ha!”<3 :)

    what am i suppose to put on website?????

  • A turtle bit me

    sitting in the efferdent:

    Internet zombie

  • I once knew blind man

    He was walking without cane

    I watch him jaywalk

  • Brianna

    I wish I could say
    “I want shoes more than health care.”
    Ballin’ with a cough.

  • mee moo, see who needs
    those shoes in grey or blue speeds
    up my running feet.

  • Zach

    The sun dips through clouds
    Drying drops of rain from leaves
    I slip on my shoes

  • eyelets looking up
    do not make much eye contact
    when i’m looking down

  • jmaican

    i meant to say…

    I be wearin’ these for free
    Thanks to zig zag’s shoes.

  • charles

    waking up early

    guarantees that i’ll think of

    death alot today


  • taco banana
    will give me a bad stomach
    but will eat for shoes

  • Joel

    holes in both my soles
    my heels are like sandpaper
    really need new shoes

  • ellen

    zig zag pick the pace
    you put a smile on my face
    and on my feet too!

  • garrick

    dem bones must walk on
    shiver skins upon pavement
    my saviour in a boom!

  • Shoes will help me keep
    my feet warm on a cold day
    much better, than cats

  • Mismatched pair i’ll wear,
    Down to the alley with flair,
    Bowling pins, beware

  • Becky

    haiku’s have their hour
    but better budge over for

  • Stephanie

    zig zag with tic-tacs
    better than a heart attack
    literal hack

  • Remy

    Cut it out, Derrick
    Hey did you eat my snack pack?
    I ate your snack pack


    them fresh Zig Zag kicks
    i would prefer for Christmas
    better than slap chop

  • derek wong’s haiku
    made me lol! he should prolly
    win. but pick me too!

  • oh i’m a poor man
    for i rock holes in my kicks
    boom me a pair please.

  • Jonas

    shit i am german
    there is snow all over this place
    i need some extra shoes

  • mariah

    merry christmas sean
    please give me these lovely shoes
    it would bring me joy

  • I need those zig zags,
    I drag my shoes while walking,
    Rain now permeates.

  • Maija

    i’m following you
    reading every Booooooom’z tweet
    badly want those shoes

  • Lying on the floor.
    ‘Cause Sneaker sleep in my bed.
    I am an addict.

  • Orlando

    There goes another
    That’s four toes lost to frostbite
    I wish I had shoes

    Screw my two front teeth
    All I want for Christmas is
    Hamada’s Zig-Zags

  • “Shoes are like haikus
    Come to think of it, they’re not
    – Mark Twain

  • lieven

    holes in both my shoes!
    well did you not hear the news?
    booooooom’s givin’ away!

  • marinos

    Checking out this place,
    I found my love for shopping caves!?
    So do the trade mate!


    Hey, what are haikus?
    I have to write one for booooooom!
    I think I made one.

  • Gee

    Now that there is snow,
    I have icicles for toes!
    I’d rather have shoes.

  • Jim

    My shoes have no soul,
    When I walk their tongues stick out,
    and show off their holes.

  • Hi, your face is nice,
    And you smell like raspberry’s!
    Zig Zag Zig Zag BOOOOOOM!

    I apologize
    I have terrible writing!
    Do YOU want some shoes?

  • Ric

    writing about shoes
    is too obvious I think
    so let’s talk about snow

  • derrick

    i suck at hiakus
    i just want those zig zag shoes

  • Mat Moore

    I like wearing shoes.
    They keep my feet from the dirt.
    Please let me have some.

  • Juan

    I too wear slippers
    But it would make sense to wear
    A zig zag outside

  • Max

    Write an haiku,
    Try not to mention those shoes,
    Already too late.

  • gastfreundschaft :: berlin.
    my apartment looks coziest with
    shoes and hats on hooks!

  • mike

    my girl will sex me
    if she gets shoes for christmas
    zoom boom boom zoom boom

  • cesar

    im from Argentina
    i got no shoes!
    go boom go!

  • alex black

    I’m bored too,
    Maybe more than you.
    But what can i do?

    (I will just eat a shoe!)

    Haha nice lill contest :)

  • Gav

    A self foot fetish
    Becoming quite ill of me
    Shoes, the cure for me

  • i extended my
    old comodore 64
    with some sex appeal

  • alina

    i want these shoes boom
    these shoes are cooler than corn
    instead i’ll watch porn

  • Moliver

    I can’t concentrate
    I ate a special cookie
    But now I feel good.

  • austinel

    cherry blossoms fall
    perfectly in the spring time
    please give me some shoes

  • MAAT

    London boy student.
    Sucks bad at Haiku writing.
    Buys a pair, instead.

  • Jamiedeb

    lonely are my socks
    incomplete are how feet feel
    shoes solve both problems

  • Sneakers on my feet
    Tattered, dirty, not so neat
    Feeling incomplete

  • Shriya

    booooooom does own my soul
    I am broke and need some shoes

  • I am not a poet
    I am not a good writer
    But I do want shoes

  • I am your father
    Dear Luke, I am your father
    It’s hard to breath

    |::::::::’ .’: o`:::::::::::|
    |:::::::’ oo | |o o ::::::::::|
    |::::::: 8 .’.’ 8 o :::::::::|
    |::::::: 8 | | 8 :::::::::|
    |::::::: _._| |_,…8 :::::::::|
    |::::::’~–. .–. `. `::::::::|
    |:::::’ =8 ~ \ o ::::::::|
    |::::’ 8._ 88. \ o::::::::|
    |:::’ __. ,.ooo~~. \ o`::::::|
    |::: . -. 88`78o/: \ `:::::|
    |::’ /. o o \ :: \88`::::|
    |:; o|| 8 8 |d. `8 `:::|
    |:. – ^ ^ -‘ `-`::|
    |::. .:::|
    |:::::….. ::’ “::|
    |::::::::-‘`- 88 `|
    |:::::-‘. – :: |
    |:-~. . . : |
    | .. . ..: o:8 88o |
    |. . ::: 8:P d888. . . |
    |. . :88 88 888’ . . |
    | o8 d88P . 88 ‘ d88P .. |
    | 88P 888 d8P ‘ 888 |
    | 8 d88P.’d:8 .- dP~ o8 |
    | 888 888 d~ o888 LS |

  • my Darth Vader failed :-((

  • Neon Indian
    I could dance if I had shoes
    and that would be sweet

  • Nellie Conboy

    Once upon a time,
    I didn’t wear shoes outside
    I tripped. My toes screamed.

  • Mikey J is dead
    Not from a bump on the head
    moon walkin’ ain’t the same now

  • Dear Feet, I love you
    One Day I Shall Show you this
    With Some Real Sweet Kicks


    Warm me stinky toes
    To step into Christmas, smooth –
    Booooooom Booooooom Booooooom, So Coooooool!

  • Nate

    I am a zombie

    • Nate

      …However, I like free shoes
      Hurraaaaaghh mraahhhjj garrreeehhhh

  • somebody taught the
    cat to moonwalk, and it’s now
    a real big show off.

  • Matthew

    spears shears off her hair
    umbrella, smashed a window
    but shes alright now

  • THAT road needs walk’n
    My old shoes smell like cheesies
    How about them shoes?

  • Ben

    Today is -20’C and my shoes is worn already
    I’m not haikuist
    But I hope I’ll win these sweets

  • elBeno

    Today is -20’C and my shoes is worn already
    I’m not haikuist
    But I hope I’ll win these sweets

    • Ben

      Sorry :/

  • mila

    rubber entrails
    fall out of my sole
    murdered by sidewalks

    • mila

      typed it wrong sorry,

      rubber entrails
      fallin’ out of my soles
      murdered by sidewalks

  • Adam

    Jeff, I have 3 feet
    but these shoes, so stylish
    could help me blend in

  • Josh

    The ground is too cold
    For me to wear my Vans
    Zig Zag’s are mad dope

  • ALex

    Since my old ones broke
    I’ve needed some new sneakers,
    and these would be great!

  • i think these nice shoes
    would go wonderfully with
    my favorite pearls

    my shoes wake up in
    the night time and they go out
    to paint the town red

    monster feet and long
    fang toes. beasts that cannot be
    tamed with a shoe cage

  • Nick Knight might do right
    But Gaga’s got sex appeal
    but fucks with shoes off

  • Kasey

    You know what sucks, dude?
    My mom threw away my my shoes.
    Being broke sucks too.

  • Ley

    New shoes would indeed
    Be fantastic since my old
    Ones are decrepit.

  • My feet’s is rubbin’da streets
    Been needing new canvas sneaks
    Pass me a pair of stylish treats?

  • Shinead

    I’m collecting shoes
    From this guy I know named Jeff
    Have a pair for me?

  • Travis

    my feet are naked
    presently I smell bacon
    i am still naked

  • i tread in
    not hide but woven
    mold yourself

  • Stephanie

    i want those zig zags
    what am i supposed to do
    besides being cool

  • Walker

    i would love those shoes
    so you should give them to me
    i want them

    put shoes on my feet
    please jeff hamada c’mon
    i need new shoes man

    soda eleven
    purple chocolate rainbow smile
    deep sea ontario

  • presently i am
    snowbound (stares out the window)
    no shoes/shirt/service

  • My shoe has a hole.
    I say air ventilator,
    but you have no clue.

  • Tim

    french fry frozen ears
    sticky finger deer washer
    on my way to work

  • Dan Ji

    zag shoes are quite nice
    if you are a bum like me
    and hate barefooting

  • In truth, immediately i didn’t understand the essence. But after re-reading all at once became clear.

  • solid-color hipster-chic
    comin’ straight out of Compton
    thats my zigzag shoe.

  • Cheese is on my nose
    It will not come off at all
    Oh well, cheesy snout.

  • i would wear these shoes
    so i would not walk in glass
    because tetanus shots blow

  • Mereija

    Only eight degrees
    Really freakin fuckin cold
    Need shoes my feet froze.

  • neat neat, on my feet
    is size 10 hard to beat? sweet!
    neat neat, oh my feet

  • Mel

    my cat nibbled on
    my broken toe this morning
    my feet need some love.

  • Tess

    a new house, new love,
    whatever moves you– will fit
    like an old shoe soon

  • mis pies desnudos
    siento el frio
    puedo caminar.

  • Coco de Castro

    All my shoes for me,
    ‘nother pair of eyes to see.
    See what we can be….

  • so

    someone can wear these-
    i’ll take good care of them, thanks,
    all day errday yeee!!

  • Free Shoes for me cool
    Jeff Hamada rocks
    Booooooom.com rule

  • Irene Chung

    i have two small soles;
    i’ve always searched for that one
    fit to rule them all.

  • Thom Paretta

    Burning junkie flu
    my back is tight, eyes water
    “hungh, hungh!” – I vomit

  • don’t know why I try
    to win at these giveaways
    but these shoes look sick.

  • gina

    I need zig zag shoes
    To get me out of these blues
    Or else I might lose

  • oh, what love for you,
    a hot and spicey cheez-it,
    my lips unworthy.

  • Zach

    the holiday rush
    i’m eating a persimmon
    but you know, whatevs’.

  • Erica

    Haikus are awesome
    Those shoes look really spiffy

  • these shoes are awesome
    but aren’t zig-zags papers
    can we smoke these too?

  • finally a throne
    fit for a king, thats me
    no way, MOM, T.P.!

  • bnj


  • EmilyC

    My socks are smelly
    because they have been crying
    for a better home.

  • Micah Clark

    I want to be so
    fresh and so clean clean but my
    feet ache from worn soles

  • SpaceAce

    Gray shoes equals sex
    Great sex with everybody
    This happens often.

  • To protect my feet
    Wherever I fear to tread
    I shall leave my treads.

  • Jenelle

    it’s the times like this
    when i can’t really think straight…
    but i need new shoes.

  • shoes on my toezies
    are so much better than a
    dog wearing goggles.

  • anthony

    Twilight, or these shoes
    give me these shoes boom!

  • Patrick

    packaged in a box
    my words sang internet true
    walk with me new love

  • Z-Pac

    I want those grey shoes,
    but I’d settle for the blue.
    Boo-ooo-oom: cool shoes.

  • Sean

    Ten toes wriggle sultrily
    as I click this link
    if only they had eyes

  • David Robinson

    Blue cars pass me by
    I stand shoeless in white snow
    Toes unzigged, unzagged

  • Catherine

    if i could speak in
    another language i would
    but too bad i can’t

  • Aly

    Shoes are the center
    like the sun, they warm my soul
    in a creepy way

  • Lorena Cupcake

    bike messengers in
    cuffed jeans, loud socks, chrome bags
    would rock these fly sneaks

  • silvie

    i bet you that those
    ziggies won’t fit my small feet
    eat unicorn poop


    Podiatric glee
    Cobbled lines for cobbled goods
    Dogs want to zigzag

  • Brittany S.

    a car hit my house
    plowed through my closet and room
    shoe donations please!

  • R.A. Barron

    Young girl seeks wisdom.
    Old man bakes his bread with gold.
    Philosopher stone.

    and this one is just for fun:

    Oh I like it raw.

    Yeah baby I like it raw.

    Shimmy Shimmy Ya.


  • Ruffin

    Haikus are poems.
    Haikus don’t have to make sense.
    Cucumbers an split peas.

  • Aidan

    my feet are in pain
    I am loud when I complain
    please booooooom say my name

  • Holly

    Drape me with your Lace,
    Trying not to Zig and Zag,
    Run to me Karma.

  • ive got mad foot rot
    but my girl likes it alot
    i win either way

  • status foe status

    yo! give me the shoe for sho!

    coz im a ninja!

  • Neither Machine

    I really want them.
    Please give them to me because
    I really want them.

  • kayla

    my feet get stinky
    hey at least these are canvas
    i can wash them lots

  • cold cold cold cold cold
    toes toes toes toes toes toes toes
    will need shoes soon please

  • josh

    Money, I have none.
    My shoes are old and crappy.
    Hook a brother up.

  • Caitlin

    wanna be my lover?
    you got to give me those shoes

  • Pizza is the best.
    I eat it everyday.
    Granola bars, not so good.

  • Hannah

    My feet have frostbite.
    JK I live in CA.
    Still, shoes would be great.

  • Tangerine Baca

    O good Christmas tree,
    Status Foe has shoes for free.
    Please a pair for me.

  • i will not win this
    i just wanted to say thanks
    for being kind soles

  • Katie Suffon

    Bare feet, not so sweet.
    Cold,aggy. Need zig, zaggy.
    Boom:in my baggy.

  • sunshine

    please give me these shoes
    and then my fingers
    will match my ten toes.

  • Sol

    I need those sick shoes
    Cuz then I’ll have some BOOOOOOM style

  • walk downtown barefoot

    or go for a weekend hike

    shoes are your best friend

  • This isn’t so fun
    People are so good in this
    Jeff! send me this shit!

  • upon submitting,
    miss’d “NOTIFY ME WHEN…” check.
    inbox BOO OO OOOM’d.

  • Katie

    Holy cow. Mail shoes now.
    Happy girl will jump for joy.
    Sure beats a dumb toy.

  • Tangy

    A blast meant to last.
    Fresh new shoes replace the past.
    Good feet need no cast.

  • Tangy

    Fe liz Navidad.
    Have no shoes; I lack cash wad.
    Send now. You know how.

  • Stephen

    At this point in time
    You’re tired of reading haikus
    Just give me the shoes

  • katie

    A catastrophe
    Would be: no zig zags for me.
    Save me, Status Foe.

  • id

    i dont want these shoes
    i have my chucks, while drinkin boo’s
    yea grey will go best

  • HANA

    Frank, James, Ken, or Tim
    I’ll love you, adore you just
    get me the damn shoes.

  • Audrey

    Snowy tundra land.
    My toes feel like frozen grapes.
    Warmth via canvas.

  • Max

    Five, seven and five.
    Added up makes seventeen.

  • hey it is snowing!
    my big snowman walks barefoot,
    he likes to boogie! (:

  • Rubyjane

    i like randomness
    i dance in my underwear
    oh, and i like shoes!

  • EKC

    it seemed to sew well.
    stitching along the straight row.
    are we alright, no!

  • simple walking shoe
    you hug my toes admiring
    the curve of each one

  • one two three four five.
    six seven eight nine ten yeah.
    shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes.

  • Rose

    Could you take my shift?
    Christmas work hurts my weak feet
    Comfy shoes, I need.


  • Amy

    Magic shoes for me?
    What wouldn’t I do for those?
    Put me to the test.

  • Brand new Ziggy’s
    Ahh those sneaky sneaks a perfect fit…
    End of the day, HAPPY FEET!

  • Nico Barredo

    Mama’s dancing sole
    is busted from head to toe
    no dough, mo’ booooooom, Foe.

  • Terence

    haikus are so lame
    i don’t get the point of them
    they don’t even rhyme

  • Bryan Steski

    It is Christmas time
    I want those shoes to be mine
    Gimme or ill Whine

    Happy Holidays!

  • Liz


    hand wash warm, line dry
    keeps neck warm in wintertime
    cool iron if needed

  • SAM

    here’s why i need em:
    being fly, stomping haterz….
    well that’s it really

  • joe sobel

    Give me the shoes please.
    I really really want them.
    Taco banana.

  • who made those cool shoes
    i don’t know but i want them
    because they are free

  • Rolling the dices…
    Baby needs new pair of shoes!
    Booooooom! Five of a kind!

  • Peggy

    I am not a dick.
    Just looking for some sweet kicks.
    They make me scream, “frick!”

  • ariel

    i wrote a haiku
    about getting some free shoes.
    booooooom has seven o’s.

  • Ellie

    i would like shoes please
    because they are new and free
    yahoo doodley do

  • hermano

    murdering brown snakes
    maple syrup underwear
    conan o brien

  • oh winter winter
    you freeze my toes yet again
    are those my new shoes?

    • Why do I need shoes?
      Why do strippers need g-strings?
      Besides, it’s freezing.

  • robert

    love is a feaver
    feet are ice
    size 9,5

  • Jake

    I was so clever
    Before I wore out my soles
    Now, not so funny

  • Christine

    those are so cute, see
    different shades of blue, love
    always keeping warm

  • Dan

    Where has he gone off?
    Zig Zag shoe prints in the snow.
    Harry’s stealth cloak blows.

  • Rhys

    new shoes make my day
    booooooom won’t you chuck them my way
    rhyming is too hard….

  • saboteur

    every poem has rhymes
    you can also find some in this
    i need shoes, i’m a bum

  • RingingInMyHead

    A cold winter breeze
    sending shivers up my feet –
    naked without shoes.


    I would be complete
    With these kick-ass Zig-Zag shoes.
    I’ve large lady-feet.

  • Nathan

    My SOLE aim in this,
    Is to do an awful pun.
    Mission accomplished.

    • Justin

      That. Is. Awesome. :D

  • Philip

    Boys are back in town,
    so i decide to go poo,
    a crime of passion.

  • Athena

    if i win these shoes,
    i will vomit with pure joy.
    …barack obama.

  • SueKim

    cold, icy winter
    snowy, cloudy, drenched winter
    I need some shoes please

  • after 5 long years
    shoes become broken old corpse
    uh oh, zombie toes.

  • StevoGrego

    toes start to wiggle
    delighted at the idea
    freebies are the best!

  • KURT

    Boo oo o o om,
    I have no money for shoes,
    Make my dreams come true


  • dp

    If each of my toes
    Was itself a foot in whole
    All five pairs, I’d need.

  • PETE

    Got boots for winter
    because my shoes were too cold –
    but now I don’t care.

  • katka

    dream a little while
    milky bubbles in my nose
    shiver on your neck

  • Benjy

    This is a sentence:
    A Buffalo Buffaloes
    Pretty Crazy, Right?

  • ariel

    my cocker spaniel
    ate my sole and it won’t heel
    but i love my dog.

  • my poor toes are cold
    I die with every cold step
    Be my santa claus?

  • Dan

    my toe is broken
    ran way too fast through the room
    consolation shoe?

  • emily

    need a gift for friend
    these babies are real bad ass
    come to mama now

  • Cymone

    a rare occurrence–
    new zapatos for christmas,
    instead of new socks.


  • Aubrey

    Winter and canvas
    I would love some new shoes now,
    I am a size nine.

  • Mikhal

    my current shoes got kicked out of class one day.
    too too stinky, all the people they say.
    i could need a new pair for fun and play.

  • So you think that I,
    have to pay for all your shoes,
    Cuz we are lovers?

  • These shoes look spiffy.
    Them fitting my feet? Iffy.
    My feet are quite large.

  • Travis Flack

    I normally dont
    like shoes of any kind but
    these are so awesome.

  • Bradley

    my empty closet
    leaves me asking the question,
    Will I have the rooooooom?

  • Katie Jo

    Best part of today
    is this shoe give-a-way! YAY!
    Got a smile worth miles.

  • Klemen

    My left and right shoe,
    are made out of paper and glue,
    I am not dead yet.

  • Laurynas

    i’m wondering where
    i’ve lost my old go-out shoe
    i can’t go nowhere

  • McKinley

    look out your window
    see all the zebras dancing?
    shoes and coffee: tasty

  • Dan

    I got a haiku,
    the page random refreshed…
    and i lost the bitch!

  • carina olaez

    these shoes are so nice
    perfecto for dancing in
    no matter the weather

  • Old man stole my shoes
    but me, i am a nice guy
    punched him in the face

  • ogami

    and why do haikus
    even exist? japanese
    people are crazy

  • Jeeel

    five toes in a row
    wrapped in duct tape and old rags
    letters to santa


    called “percolator”:
    —secret indie coffeeshop—
    strict dress code enforced.

  • I gots the big feet.
    Always bustin’ outta shoes.
    But these look magic.


    NAME: “Percalator”.
    (secret indie coffeeshop)
    strict dress code enforced.

  • michael

    e-whoo got what i need
    cause you mo than just a friend
    mo than just a friend

    (like, you g if you get it…sing it)

  • These Zig Zag shoes fly
    My busted ass Adidas
    Are not fly at all

  • My shoes aren’t the shit,
    I’ll throw some d’s on that bitch,
    Pimpin’ ain’t easy.

  • as the moon rises
    the sky fades from blue to grey
    to old, like shoes do.

  • Jeremiah

    There is always some
    Money in a wooden
    Banana stand. Wink.

  • hermano

    “what is up pumpkin?”
    thats t-bone, he’s my roommate
    he is a flamer

  • sarah

    it’s truly a spanish verb
    it means to zig zag

  • AGON

    every1 wantsem
    don’t get em less you steppin
    high form wordin wars

  • marshall

    my shoes smell so bad
    i go barefoot all the time
    and step in dog crap


  • mimi

    by a temple in
    the mountains, my shoes stolen,
    so i danced in cleats


    My dogs be barkin’
    but I don’t aim to ask alms.
    Spare some shoes, brother?

  • Mick

    With a sturdy sole
    Laces pulled tight through eyelets
    A foots fine garment

  • flip magillicutty

    believe it or not
    i have real friends and hobbies
    despite the last hour

  • dr suesselberger

    zig zags are for doobs
    and doobs are for dudes who write
    hiakus about shoes

  • overachiever

    all the teachers said
    he has so much potential
    but now look at me

  • cat

    i’m missing a toe
    i don’t know why i just lied

  • emily

    bahahah okay cat wins

  • Joe

    I like freaky shit
    Gar-la-la Booom-ka La-shoe,
    Satan’s my master

  • Justinnn

    mama always said
    you should live for the moment
    whatever. she’s dead.

  • Geneva

    Haiku Haiku Hai
    Haiku Haiku Haiku Hai
    Haiku Haiku. Shoes.

  • Krystalline

    Cavemen had no shoes.
    You know what, motherfucker?
    They turned out just fine.

  • Rutger

    I have a penis
    And right now it is erect
    ‘Cause it likes your shoes

  • Michael

    Paths are created-
    By unique traveling feet.
    Will they be your steps?

  • I don’t know how to
    be funny with haiku. shoes?
    please please please please please!

  • without you im blue
    dear zig zag shoes get the clue
    you’re the perfect shoe

  • izingui, morsteip,
    vuligagre,mistreat mi:
    all of these, captchas.

  • Nina

    esS eM double you.
    shoes money weed; they’re my needs
    i gotta dolla. ;]

  • Abigail

    I would like these shoes
    Better if they didn’t have
    Those red and green bows.

  • Bryan

    Jesus wore sandals
    but would have worn Zig Zags if
    haiku existed.

  • Gugu

    Oh, my feet are crooked,
    Only one can fit me,
    that is Zig Zag Shoe.


  • i am currently
    super unattractive
    hiding toes might help

  • I also cannot
    count. Maybe I should just stop,
    and say pretty please.

  • my feet are ugly.
    o shoe please help disguise them.
    preferably blue!

  • royal plumpudding!
    oh why are thou on my feet?
    christmas ferret gift.

  • minimalism
    is best when you walk in it.
    i like the grey ones.

  • call me gillette
    its cause im sharp
    please is always pretty

  • Ivan Loncarevic

    Haikus are easy
    But sometimes they don’t make sense

  • can i have this please……….

  • ariel

    zig zag waggle wag
    it’s funny when people try
    to make haikus rhyme

  • Klemen

    I lick my fingers when i see food,
    I like sea food in the summer,
    when im bare-sea-foot

  • Nikko

    Tomorrow is a day behind
    the never heard of before
    scented exhaust

  • Jasmine

    Metal toaster bun
    synchronize the wheat germ now
    frosted cranberries

  • Time makes words have wait.
    DANGER: Teal mouse pellets quake!
    Tofu panty hate.

  • Klemen

    I am Trousers!
    listen to my laser blaster,
    i’ll put zig zags in a jelly.

  • Missy

    shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes
    mine mine mine mine mine mine mine
    please please please thank you

  • End the sore sole trek
    Threadbare shoe-gooed eyelet rip
    Yes please, make it so

  • Sherry

    those shoes and these words
    are all the proof i need to
    know i fail at life.

  • Spencer

    give me all your clothes
    so I can get a good job
    with sweet benefits


  • Congrats to Tena Marie, Tyson Faa, Tangerine Baca, MsUnreliable, Tangy – you are the shoe winners (as picked by Status Foe shop)!

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