22.12.09 by Jeff

KODAK Giveaway

Katharine over at Kodak thought you photographers out there could use a Kodak ESP 3250 All-In-One scanner/printer. I told her I’d have to think about it first… haha yeah right!

kodak esp 3250 printer scanner booooooom.com giveaway

It’s got a 1.5 inch LCD and you can stick a memory card right into it, so no need for a computer! It’ll print a lab quality photo in 29 seconds.

If you want it, leave a comment below with your three favourite photographers featured on Booooooom thus far! Winner will be picked Friday.

kodak esp 3250 printer scanner booooooom.com giveaway

kodak esp 3250 printer scanner booooooom.com giveaway

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • joe

    idk..the three last ones.

    • SUPA KiD!!!

      I second that

    • Oh I love photography! This site is awesome!

      Here’s my favorite three pick already:

      Andrew Nemiroski (first and foremost!)

      Lin Zhipeng (i love airplanes!)

      Keffer (unique lighting)


  • rj shaughnessy
    dave geeting
    simon nunn

  • Joe

    Keffer, Darren Rigo, and David Wilson.

  • 1. Brad Moore
    2. Anne Schwalbe
    3. Anthony Earl Smith

  • Oh my !! I’m a student in Art & Media and I really want this thing bad.. Sorry, i mean: I NEED it :) !! Both for school but also for my personal photography projects :). Booooooom, help me out here, I’ll love you to the end

    My favourite three photographers are:
    John Clang (very unique stuff!)
    Yann Gross (inspirational skate content in africa! unbeatable!)
    Leo Postma (he’s from the where I live)

  • Booooooom’s featured so many, picking three favorites is kinda of hard. The following are definitely up there though:

    Ville Varumo
    Clara Balzary
    Serge Giachetti

  • 1. Zephyrance Lou
    2. Keffer
    3. Clayton Cotterell

  • Bas Princen///Amy DiLorenzo///Jake Stangel

  • Irene Blázquez

  • Serge Giachetti, Morad Bouchakour and Dima Belush
    this would make my life a whooooole lot better

  • karen borger

    Ooooh to have my own Kodak ‘Lab’ at home..t’would be brilliant…

    Fav Photog’s at the moment are:

    Andrew Nemiroski
    Mary Amor
    Simone Lueck


  • ZOE

    Nathaniel Sexton
    Li Wei
    Vladimir Nikolic

    • Zoe

      Pick meeeee!!!

      I need to print all of my pictures too!

  • dylan

    Ben Roberts
    Anne Schwalbe
    Kramer O’neill

  • Becky

    Andrea Galvani
    jacob hunose
    garry trinh

  • Daniel

    Alexi Hobbs
    and Andrew Nemiroski!!!

  • top 3 photomakaz!

    Luke Gregory,
    Amy Di Lorenzo,
    Paul Herbst.


  • romina

    sophie curtis
    andrew nemiroski
    dave geeting

  • nathaliel sexton
    guy archard
    christian patterson

  • The recently posted Keffer is great,

    but some old ones I liked:
    Joe Skilton
    Irene Blázquez
    Yann Faucher

  • Ayo

    Man Ray
    Philippe Halsman
    Ninagawa Mika

  • Joel

    1. Rob Hunter
    2. Anne Schwalbe
    3. Ben Roberts

    of the ones I can remember…

  • 1. Jackson Eaton.

    2. Akihiro Furata.

    3. Shane Lavalette.

  • Daniel Melo
    tatum shaw
    alan george

  • Jeremiah

    1. Anthony Earl Smith
    2. Yuanyuan Yang
    3. Amy DiLorenzo

  • kristina

    I am a big fan of Jenna Popoli and Gary Trinh. His photos are so hilarious! I also really liked the dust photo series done by Ujin Lee + Tom Edwards. So goooood!

  • Justin Visnesky
    Eirik Johnson
    Jerry Hsu

  • Sophia

    Debbie Tea-vibrant
    Jess Gough-golden

  • Brian

    1) yuanyuan yang
    2) michela heim
    3) justin visnesky

  • jen

    Luke Gregory
    Paul Herbst
    Will Rogan

  • Cesar

    Clara Balzary
    Joe Skilton
    Garry Trinh

  • Laurelin

    damn, i could really use this printer for school! i just spent $44 on 11 images for my photo final.

    This is tough, if I had to pick just three:

    Gerald Edwards III – such amazing use of color!
    Nicholas Hughes – remind me of Hiroshi Sugimoto’s photos
    Ujin Lee + Tom Edwards’s Dust Project – this is great. I’ve never seen anything like this

  • annalinda87

    Alla Nestulova
    Michela Heim
    Nemanja Knezevic

  • Hello?!! Too hard!!!

    Here goes..
    Mary Amor
    Mona Kuhn
    Felicia Honkasalo



    Michael Donahue. N.J.
    Alexi Hobbs. Mtl.
    Keffer. Paris.

  • Tim

    yann gross
    jeff luker
    jess gough


  • Kianab

    .vjin lee + tom edwards (dust series)
    .miranda july vice photos
    .laina briedis

    +nigel bennett for kicks

  • I enjoy seeing the wide variety of works….
    Here are three that come to mind for me:
    Kramer O’Neil
    Gala Collette-Turnheim
    Luke Gregory

  • Kate

    Alexi Hobbs
    Andy Goldsworthy
    Stephanie Gonot

  • Lee

    Leo Postma
    Bas Princen
    Michael Kenna

  • Kale Friesen
    Laina Briedis
    Heather Maxwell-Hall

  • Ujin Lee + Tom Edwards (counts as one?)
    Morad Bouchakour
    Ruben Brulat

  • robin

    not so easy:: ina rønneberg devik :: luo yang :: li wei

  • Joseph

    Paul Phung

  • 1. Sandy Kim
    2. Leo Postma
    3. Natascha Libbert

  • 1) Ruben Brulat

    2) Sandy Kim

    3) Nigel Bennett

  • Justin Visnesky, Felicia Honkasalo, & Marcin Grüner.

  • Aaron Bell

    Ben Roberts
    Anthony Earl Smith
    Luke Gregory

  • JF

    1 – Eleanor Hardwick
    2 – Yann Faucher
    3 – Thobias Faldt

  • Joseph

    Paul Phung

    Clayton Cotterell

    Tammy Mercure

  • 1.Andrzej Dragan
    2.Li Wei
    3.Vladimir Nikolic

    For the visual impact, the reflexion and the technic.

  • Alexi Hobbs, Lin Zhipeng and Kimm Whiskie
    my favorite photographers spotlighted on BooooooooooooM!

  • Cosmykgyrl

    Ivan Zhao
    Leo Postna
    Ville Varumo

  • Li Wei
    Patrick Romero

    jeff hamada

  • 1. Jackson Eaton.

    2. Akihiro Furata.

    3. justin vinesky.

  • joshbotch

    Levi Van Veluw
    Txema Yeste
    and Carl Kleiner… for the first one one here: http://www.booooooom.com/2009/03/05/carl-kleiner-photography/

  • Sarah

    Nathan Ward
    Tammy Mercure
    Miranda July

  • Sean E

    Jake Stangel

    Will Govus

    Bas Princen

  • 1.Ivo Mayr
    2.Nigel Bennett
    3. Ujin Lee & Tom Edward’s “Dust”

  • Chris

    A. Christiane Feser

    B. John Clang

    C. Lara Dhondt

  • Brennan

    Serge Giachetti
    Yann Gross
    Kimberly Sikyea

  • Chris

    • Branislav Kropilak
    • Day 19
    • Ruben Brulat

    And i was trying to remember the name of the dude who did the abandoned swimming pools in Vegas or Miami or something – he woulda made it on to the list if i wasn’t so forgetful.

  • Gemma

    Oh oh!That’s a yummy printer! There are so many favourites, but I’ll go with
    1: Nathan Ward, without a doubt.
    2: Martin Klimas (I’m not sure if he’s been featured but he should be!)
    3: Ruben Brulat caught my eye recently, his work is fantastic!

  • everything you post on here rules, but here’s 3

    1) Keffer
    2) Emilia Bergmark-Jiménez
    3) Ivan Zhao

  • Good timing my Scanner jus crapped out and my printers ink Cartridges are tapped!

    • Miranda July (Love the movie scene Captures!)
    • Yann Gross (Photos of skate park in Uganda…EPIC!)
    • Justin Visnesky (Cause he’s my boy and he’s dope!)

  • 1. Zephyrance Lou
    2. Keffer
    3. Clayton Cotterell

  • Caitlin

    hmm, there are far too many to choose from…

    so I’ll just go with the most recent ones

    1. Eirick Johnson (I really liek the first one, with the misty blue light)
    2. Gala Collette-Turnheim (especially the first one)

    and, last but certainly not least,

    3. Andy Goldsworthy (I like all of them!)

  • Jose

    Andrew Nemiroski
    Guy Archard

    and one you should really feature

    Scott Pommier

  • a. Zephyrance Lou
    b. Clayton Cotterell
    c. Nicolas Dodi


  • Patrick

    Jerry Hsu

    Nathan Ward

    Patrick Romero

  • Gala Collette-Turnheim

    Carles Rodrigo

    Kyle Cook

  • Xanderpants

    -Li Wei
    -Christian Weber(c’mon, lions in the kitchen? Priceless.)
    -Andrea Galvani

    All super rad photographers.

  • Bryan Schutmaat (I love that he is a high school teacher)
    Sergio Belinchón (makes the desert look like a magical place I want to disappear in)
    Caroline de Vries (my desire to go to Iceland increased TENFOLD when I saw this work)

  • Mo

    My fav 3 are:

    Lin Zhipeng (awesome airplane photo)
    Ben Roberts (great shot of cloudy beach)
    Zephyrance Lou (lovely originality in her portraits)

    good luck to me and everyone else!

  • Karen

    Andrea Galvani
    Andrew Nemiroski
    Ana Cabaleiro

    All A’s! hehehehe


  • R.A. Barron

    Li Wei
    Andy Goldsworthy
    Michela Heim

  • Elise

    1) Lukasz Wierzbowski
    2) Margaret Durow
    3) Alan Lund Gard

    Quirky portraits, light leaks and simplicity. My favorites.

  • Sweet contest, this would make a sweet post-Christmas present for a lucky reader

    In no particular order:
    Guy Archard
    Amy DiLorenzo
    Andrzej Dragan

  • 1. David Wilson for his choice mix of the profane and magical

    2. Coley Brown (though it seems odd to pick between her and Patrick Tsai) for her enchanted portrayals of the profane

    3. Sergio Belinchón for his ability to convey the supernatural-ness of existence through natural minimalism
    (this sensation near impossible to explain with words [love, god, zen] but somehow easier with art?)

    yet it was hard to choose

  • Allison Grant, Troy Paiva, Paul D’Amato. So much Style = Down with the stylistics. Seriously.

  • Jenny Pollak

    Andrea Galvani

    Kim Holtermand

  • Travis Flack

    Recently, Barlat is really getting to me. Nice guy too.

    then, Jason Lazarus (sad)

    and, of course, Jeff Wall.

  • Thomas

    • Yann Faucher
    • Li Wei
    • Bryan Schutmaat

  • Benjy

    1: All
    2: Of
    3: Them

    that work? (:

  • Clayton Cotterell

    Ivo Mayr

    Ana Cabaleiro

  • Gala Collette-Turnheim.Zephyrance Lou.Debbie Tea.

  • Keith Davis Young
    Tim Walker (always!!!)
    Khristian Mendoza

  • Angie Garcia

    Philippe Ramette

    Nicholas Haggard

    Chrissie White <3

  • 1-Paul D’Amato
    2-Greg Williams
    3-Nienke Klunder


    Andrea Galvani

    Li Wei

    John Clang

    saludos desde Chile, muy buen concurso ;)

  • Eirik Johnson
    Asako Narahashi
    Ivan Zhao

  • Jessie

    Wow, hard to choose just three…

    Margaret Durow
    Guy Archard
    Kim Holtermand

    I hope you guys cover Kevin Cooley someday…

  • zach

    justin visnesky.
    gala collette.
    simone lueck (warhol would love).

    [merry xmas]!

  • octanenumber

    Le Le Saveri
    Morad Bouchakour
    Heather Maxwell-Hall

  • Cody Latimer

    numba 1-Jessica Fortner. Her My Woodland, My Nightmare stuff is so cool, espeaciall From the Ground Up

    2….Jon Clary. His first painting reminds me of Where The Wild Things are for some reason:)

    number 2 + 1 = Robin F. Williams. His painting just really stuck in my mind, especially the one with the two girls blowing bubbles.

    So yeah, no particular order. Just ones I remember:)

  • Asako Narahashi
    Ruben Brulat
    Cassandra Jones

  • ali

    l. gregory
    n. ward

  • Kelly

    Ivan Zhao

    Suzanna Zak

    Joe Skilton

  • Recently:

    ana cuba
    jennilee marigomen
    caroline de vries

  • Kimm Whiskie
    Gala Collette Turnheim
    Phillipe Ramette


  • 1st Favourite = Yann Gross
    2nd Favourite = Darren Rigo
    3rd Favourite = Caroline de Vries

  • – Troy Paiva
    – Allison Grant
    – Letha Wilson

  • Carla la a

    Nicolas Dodi photography is the visual representations of all those random what if questions i tend to imagine.

    Ivan Zhao interacts with the reality of small unconscious events, his photography is evidence of life.

    Lin Zhipeng always stepping in and taking the right picture at the right time. I wonder what it would be like to hang out with her and her camera.

    & the winner of the fort project your subject was very cool.
    If i can comment about a painter that owns on of my balls. All i want to say is that Jonas Burgert’s Stripes on Man is sick.

  • Haven’t been disappointed yet! but…

    Brad Moore
    Guy Archard
    Andrea Galvani

  • Gala Collette-Turnheim
    Cassandra Jones
    Yann Faucher

  • Joe

    1. Simone Lueck, I dig that style.
    2. Ivo Mayr, badass spiderman shots.
    3. Gala Collette-Turnheim, I like the freezing since of motion.

  • Max

    Simon Nunn Zach Kidd Garry Trinh

  • candis

    Claire Sloan
    Li Yu & Liu Bo
    Emir Ozsahin

  • April Elizabeth

    Mike Hunter
    Sato Shintaro
    Joshua Whitelaw

  • claudia B

    **MY FAVE**Kelly Burgess – the best project EVER~! The fort Project

    Julia Fullerton – wicked batten pics

    Ryuta Abe – Im a little Bias because I live in japan but those monochrome pics were radical!

    So BOOOOOOOOOOM boom boom shake shake the room and lets print and scan the shit outta stuff and show what creativity is all about! YEA~!

  • Fior

    Martin Klimas, Francois Fleury, and Gottfried Helnwein!

  • heather

    Ruben Brulat

    Hasisi Park

    Lina Scheynius


  • Amy

    sooo many excellent photogs to choose from, but for now…
    Nina Buesing
    Ana Cabaleiro
    Greg Girard

  • Hector Pozuelo,
    Kimm Whiskie,
    Jeff Wall.

    ah, just three?!?

  • Zach

    Yes, please!

    Joe Skilton
    Brad Moore
    Paul D’Amato

  • Ben Roberts
    Kramer O’neill
    David Wilson

  • <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< dude, me.
    but no really: keith davis young, jeff luker, & jess gough are all really really cool.

  • I am a photo teacher & my 250 students and I would be blessed by this badboy!
    I like:
    Sandy Kim
    Ben Roberts
    Patrick Romero

  • I think photographers on booooooom have a lot lot lot in common. I remember enjoying some of these guys pictures though (in no particular order):

    1. Mutsumi Makino
    2. Michael Donahue
    3. Pauline Magnenat-Fuchs

  • Austin Sears

    Simone Lueck
    Yuanyuan Yang
    Xavier Encinas

  • Laurynas

    Brad Moore as my mind fluctuates to interesting rationality.
    Ina Rønneberg Devik as i find it as simple, persuasive and natural as possible.
    Ye Rin Mok (or Catalina Bartolome) as this concept and esthetics, in my opinion, embodies the idea of contemporary photography

  • Kai

    Paul D’Amato
    Anne Schwalbe
    Nathan Ward

  • Olivia DeJonghe

    I’m just putting my portfolio together for college and this would be perfect to make physical copies of my work :]

    It’s a three way tie for number 1
    -Anthony Earl Smith
    -Jackson Eaton
    -Christian Weber

  • Jenna Popoli – inspires me
    Erin Mulvehill – so emotive and soft
    Allison Grant – her concepts and execution are just wonderful

  • Lara Dhondt, Ruben Brulat, Andy Goldsworthy!

  • Tyler Young


    Mine would have to be…in no particular order:
    1. Will Steacy
    2. Li Wei
    3. Kim Holtermand

  • numbero uno:Li Wei
    numbero dos:Greg Miller
    numbero tres:Paul Herbst

  • Briony Ridley, David Picchiottino and Jose Javier Serrano

    I could easily make a much longer list.

  • abt

    1) LEDA AND ST.JACQUES: currently overtaking the industry here in Toronto, I love what they have been doing… AND they were featured on booooooom long before this LaSJ market saturation began.

    2) AARON RUELL: and not just for the novelty.

    3) JESS GOUGH: the featured photo reminded me of something i would fold up and keep in my pocket for many washes.

    Honorable mentions: I forget the name of the guy who shot the cinematic image with the milk bottles on the stairs…. as well as the person who shot the black and white girl hunched over antlers…. but these images both stuck in my mind.

  • Spencer

    Nathan Ward
    Jeff Luker
    Nicholas Hughes

  • I love you. It was so hard to pick three. Here’s some that came to mind:

    Lina Scheynius
    Ye Rin Mok
    Jody Rogac

  • Tina

    Jeff Luker
    Will Govus
    Yuanyuan Yang

  • James

    Tim Barber
    Jerry Hsu
    Kramer O’neill

  • SueKim

    Darren Rigo
    Caroline de Vries
    Jeff Jacobson

    pick me please!

  • 1. luke byrne (That eye! those woods!)

    2. Klara Källström (gingerbread monument was my favorite book of the year!)

    3. neil krug (That light! mmmmm!)

    hope to be able to print photos to mail as postcards. happy holidays. xo

  • hard one, but here is my top 3:

    Jeff Wall
    Kimm Whiskie

    good going, this is my first comment here but far from being my first visit. One of my daily sites. Well have a nice one.

  • charlie

    sylvain-emmanuel prieur
    serge giachetti
    jennilee marigomen (of course!)

  • hasisi park, lukasz Wierzbowski, and annette pehrsson :)

  • wow… that was very hard… i even brainstormed on my blog haha! so here is my final 3 in no particular order as they are all fantastic and i love love love them dearly.

    Daniel Sannwald
    Jess Gough
    Baldobino Barani

    thanks~ B♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥M!!!!

  • oh wow! i could really use that

  • What a tough choice, to narrow it down to three! I don’t think I can do it. I’d say Nathan Ward (for beautiful control of lighting), Yann Faucher (such somber portraits), and a tie between Anastasia Khoroshilova and Sergio Belinchón (hers so biographical and his so haunting).

  • Saeed

    1) Every
    2) Single
    3) Photographer

    Or possibly.. maybe.. cant decide.

    Gala Collette-Turnheim
    Yoann Lemoine
    Atticus Jackson

  • Sandy Kim
    Sylvain-Emmanuel Prieur
    Dave Geeting

    in no particular order.

  • The day when I am featured on booooooom then I can say that I am my favorite :D

    Sandy Kim
    Simone Lueck

  • Alexis

    I am really fond of the work of Allison Grant.
    I absolutely love that photo of the girl in the snow with the light. So amazing!

  • Florian

    will steacy
    serge giachetti
    jeremy & claire weiss (day 19)

  • Podutro

    Lukasz Wierzbowski
    Sylvain-Emmanuel Prieur
    Simon Nunn

  • Jenna Popoli
    Eirik Johnson
    Jerry Hsu


  • Hannah

    1. hellosunrise
    2. eros turannos
    3. alla nestulova

  • anthony

    Sergio Belinchon
    Andrew Zuckerman
    Christian Weber

  • Steve Schofield
    Simen Johan
    Robin Schwartz

  • rj shaughnessy

    simon nunn

    Anthony Earl Smith

  • Kimm Whiskie
    Nicolas Dodi
    Debbie Tea

    and lots and lots more :)

  • three favorite photographers:

    1. Yann Gross
    2. Jerry Hsu
    3. Nigel Bennett

  • Austin

    Steve Schofield
    Will Govus
    Nathan Ward

  • zdx

    Jerry Hsu
    Ivan Zhao
    Sandy Kim

  • Zach

    Birthe Piontek
    Irene Blázquez
    Nemanja Knezevic


  • Kelly

    Caroline de Vries, Yann Faucher and Adriana Petit.

  • Chris

    1. Yann Faucher

    2. Christian Patterson

    3. Nathan Ward

  • PHILPPE RAMETTE for amazing underwater series
    NOAH KALINA for unusual portraits and great colors
    JONATHAN SNYDER for fantastic portraits

  • Zach Genin!
    Akihiro Furuta!
    Tim Barber!

  • matt

    nina zivkovic
    laura flippen
    Yann Gross

  • I think its great you’re doing so many contests! shows how big this site has become. It’s great!

    Nicholas Haggard
    Bryan Shutmaat
    Rengim Mutevellioglu

  • Simon Sturm

    Brad Moore
    Anne Schwalbe
    Tim Barber!

  • Erica

    1. Zephyrance Lou-Fantastic!
    2. Margaret Durow-Amazing!
    3. Claire Sloan-Ridiculous!

  • Miranda July, Madi Ju, Aaron Ruell

    • Savannah

      oh MAN i forgot about miranda july’s photography. just incredible. can’t stop looking at them.

  • Simon

    Yeaooww, before friday !

    That makes it short for so many picks to try appreciate but I’ll give these eye balls of mine a test since I’m just getting into photography and photojournalism myself.

    This is not my choice but I’d say for now the picture with pics of lighting positioned to create the shape of a rabit is terrific.

  • Savannah

    jeffhamada, you are so good to your many followers.

    here they are:

    André Paul Pinces
    Nicholas Hughes
    Simone Lueck

    i am trying desperately to find the money to make art, but rent is hard enough. gosh this would make it a lot easier. until then, i hafta stick to embroidery. cheap and portable, afterall.

  • MatchewBoy

    WOWZA, there’s been so many, I had to backtrack to find the ones that were really memorable.

    but my top 3 are, drumroll (bababbabababa)

    in no particular order

    Yoshinori Kon
    Levi van Veluw
    Nicholas Hughes

  • Jacq Smith

    Thank you for the opp, Booooooom.


  • This is lucky, cos my printer literally just broke. no shit!
    Mad jammed.

    Paul Paper – the shot with the dude in the field is beautiful

    Andrea Galvani – The cats eyes and the rabbits in the mist!

    Yoann Lemoine – The shot of the tower blocks.


  • jered devries

    1. JERRY HSU

  • Sannah Kvist // Keith Davis Young // Simon Nunn

  • Mel

    I’ve only known about BOOOOOOOM! for less than a year, but I’m proud to say that I continue to check it everyday! I feel awkward and incomplete when I go to bed before doing so…

    One of the first things that really drew me into liking BOOOOOOOM! was the post for Francisco Infante-Arana & Nonna Gorunova’s photography. Great work with mirrors and nature and everything in between. I naturally fell in love with both the photographers and your website.

    Since then I’ve slowly become a sucker for the abstract, so some other photographers that have caught my eye since then: Kelley Smith, Sylvain-Emmanuel. (I hope it’s okay that I’m counting Infante-Arana & Gorunova as one..)

    As a new artist and a new BOOOOOOOM! reader in general, I thank you for being so clearly awesome and I bid you good day (or night).

  • Lo the tea drinker

    i’ve got lots of favourites here!
    top 3:

    1)andy boxham
    2)jacob hunosoe
    3)lisa manfre

  • ______________
    my favourites!

  • Emile Rafael

    Yoshinori Kon, Bryan Shutmaat and Anne Schwalbe I think.


  • Jerry Hsu
    Irene Blázquez
    Nicolas Dodi

  • my picks

    Sergio Belinchón
    Christian Patterson
    Mary Amor

  • natts

    Woow!that scanner/printer would match so well with my new trousers! So hot!

    Hehehe, anyways, there is a lot of good photographers in there, but If we have to choose 3. These are my 3:

    Ivo Mayr (Unexpected work)
    Mark Peckmezian
    Andy Mueller

    I also really like the Polaroids collection of Frank Hamilton
    Happy xmas!

  • Hey nice giveaway!!

    My favs are

    – Tammy Mercure
    – Leo Postma
    – Ruben Brulat

  • bs

    Ruben Brulat
    Brad Moore
    Julie Simon

  • Catherine


    …sorry that was just my heart exploding and then echoing, from the happiness i got when i saw this giveaway! wahhh!

    my three fav:
    -sannah kvist
    -aaron ruell
    -yoshinori kon

  • My 3 pick:

    Lin Zhipeng
    Jeff Luker
    Ben Roberts

  • Gerald Edwards

    James Hopkins

    Irene Blázquez

  • Craig

    Michael Kenna
    Philippe Ramette (Rational Exploration of Undersea particularly)
    and Richard Barnes (The Murmur series was Outstanding)

  • alex black

    This would mean a lot more printing :)

    My favs are:

    Andrew Nemiroski
    Leo Postma
    Kelley Smith

    Merry Xmas!

  • Cedric

    1 – Melanie Bonajo
    2 – Anne Schwalbe
    3 – Stefanie Pluta

    reasons to win:
    1 – it took me more than 3 hours to pick my favourite photographers
    2 – I really need a printer for such a long time
    3 – it’s christmas time and I deserve it :D

  • tom

    too hard to pick only 3, but… :
    -Nicholas Hughes
    -Yuanyuan Yang
    -Justin Visnesky

  • Kramer O’neill
    Irene Blázquez
    Sergio Belinchón

    Nice comp.

  • Andy Goldsworthy
    Gala Collette-Turnheim
    Ivo Mayr

  • NapoleonSolo

    Gala Collette-Turnheim
    Nicholas Hughes
    Anders Lindén

    hard task to pick up 3!

  • lucia

    Martine Johanna
    Greg Simkins
    Kale Friesen


  • 1. Mona Kuhn / Native

    2. Lin Zhipeng

    3. Yann Faucher

  • Ignas

    Three most remarkable my interviews with photographs, found in Booooooom was with:
    – Tim Walker;
    – Richard Galpin;
    – Infante-Arana Gorunova.
    All three are great in their own ways.
    I’m looking foward to Kodak.

  • Laurens

    Jeff Luker
    Ben Roberts
    Nicolas Dodi

  • Mark Tennis

    Justin Visnesky

    Amy DiLorenzo

    Serge Giachetti

  • Cansu

    Gerald Edwards III
    Kimberly Sikyea
    Andre Paul Pinces

  • Lee

    1. Bryan Schutmaat (23.03.09)
    2. Matthew Genitempo (11.12.08)
    3. Keith Davis Young (09.01.09)

  • Simon

    hard to pick just three but here we go:

    -Justin Visnesky (for seeing and showing things people would normally pay little much attention to, and for the way he composes two pictures next to each other)
    -Amy DiLorenzo (the use of light makes the images very lively and physical to me)
    -Sannah Kvist (these are the kind of pictures that got me checking fffound daily, the stuff that gives you a little smile for the rest of the day)

  • Ruben Brulat
    Pete Halupka
    Alexi Hobbs


  • Amy DiLorenzo
    Margaret Durow
    André Santos

  • Martin Wilson
    Marianne Engel

  • Top Three: Nina Zivkovic/Jeff Luker/Ivo Mayr
    They’ve all remained on my bookmarks list without being kicked off, utter marvellous.

  • Natasha

    1.Akihiro Furata.
    2 Neil krug.
    3.Kimm Whiskie

    I WANT THIS please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lauren

    Three of my favorite and most remarkable photographers who have inspired me are:
    1; Li Wei
    2; Laina Briedis
    3; Emir Ozsahin

  • Joe Skilton
    Stephanie Gonot
    Caroline De Vries

    I’m loving these so much- glad you had this competition or I would never have known of these artists :D

  • 1.David Wilson
    2.David Wilson
    3.David Wilson

  • Alexi Hobbs
    Carles Rodrigo
    Debbie Tea

  • Yann Faucher
    Hanne Hvattum

  • So many awesome photographers, but my favorites have to be:
    Christian Patterson
    Sophie Curtis
    Simon Nunn

  • Gala Collette-Turnheim, so dream-like
    Guy Archard, mysterious
    Yuanyuan Yang, contemporary to the max

  • Nicholas Hughes
    Michael Kenna
    Jerry Hsu

  • Nicholas Hughes
    Jeremy and Claire Weiss
    Lina Scheynius

    :)) Awesome photos :)

  • Sue

    Justin Vinesky
    Debbie Tea

  • Jonas

    nina hartmann
    hannah davis
    coley brown (growing up)

  • Miranda July, but i love everything that genius does.
    Todd Hido, so much of an inspiration right now.
    Olivia Bee, makes me hate who i was when i was fifteen, but in a good, regretfully, if shes fifteen and doing it, then you better get your butt moving kinda way. (i actually dont remember if shes on here, but she should be!!)

  • 1. Justin Visnesky
    2. Amy DiLorenzo

  • 3. Morad Bouchakour

  • Chrishie White (for her dreams)
    Nathan Ward (for tree with shadow)
    Erika Svensson (for vintage look)

    Christie was alwais favorite, another two I should choose..

  • Its so difficult to choose just three photographers. When I narrowed it down to my favourites i still had 12 ( And thats just from when I started reading last spring, the archives are full of treasures too. But Booooooom has been one of my favourite places to discover new photographers so I choose 3 that I loved & hadn’t heard of anywhere else.

    Zephyrance Lou – Her portraits (self portraits?) are dreamy & magical
    Claire Sloan – The Sleep For Days series is totally amazing!
    Ana Cuba – Her portraits are beautiful & the lighting is always wonderful in her photos

    I also love Ye Rin Mok, Camil Tulcan, Lina Schenyius, Ida Borg, Tom Palumbo, Robin Scwartz, Simone Lueck & Martin Wilson!

    I know winning this scanner/printer is a long shot but it would be perfect for me, a poor unemployed amateur photographer. I was actually just going online to look at scanners & printers when I got distracted with this! So it’d be amazing to win. In any case thanks for all the photography inspiration! :)

  • Rumi

    *Jeff Jacobson
    *Sandy Kim
    *Jerry Hsu

    Merry Christmas

  • . Andrea Galvani

    . Elspeth Diedrix

    . Neil Krug

    … These imparticular got me really Hyped for ideas & getting out there taking Photos!

    Thanks for doing what you do,


    1. Carolin Walch
    Have you seen the stuff on her flickr fotostream? Wow.
    This one looks so alive: http://www.flickr.com/photos/magicalmisa/4011236320/

    2. Lisa Manfre
    The concept behind her Arms Project is so strong because of its simplicity. And the execution is simply great to look at.

    3. Nina Zivkovic
    In her photos water and light become plastic without looking like photographic clichés.

    My honourable mention: Margaret Durow. But I can’t think of much that hasn’t yet been said about her work (and rightfully so).

  • katka

    1: Justin Visnesky
    2nd: Caroline de Vries
    3:Miranda July

  • Austin Lee

    All these photographers I never even knew about til you featured them… Well actually, almost every artist featured on this blog is a new but wonderful discovery from your site. Thanks again Jeff!

    Bas Princen – i love architecture and now i love Bas Princen

    Alla Nestulova – love her colors and tones. very eerie yet warm.

    Ana Konjovic – at first glance, i was not overly impressed. in fact i felt that her work was almost cliched and thoughtless, almost random shots… but as i scrolled through her pictures it made me go back and give it another look and my initial feelings disappeared. the second time around i felt that each picture could stand alone and an entire story could unfold

    Thanks again for the awesome site Jeff, even if I don’t win, it’s okay. I feel like I’ve already won something in my heart… Hahaha nah I’m just kidding, GIVE ME PRINTER! hahaha

  • 1-3 should be ME ! ;)

    ok seriously: after going through all 70 pages the list is:

    – stephen tamiesie
    – brice matson
    – todd hido

  • Benny

    Li Wei
    Caroline de Vries
    Pierluigi Riccio

  • 1. Chrissie White
    2. Erica Joy
    3. Zach Kidd
    You can tell that these photographers don’t hesitate to experiment with the light and colours of their photographs. They have really a different style, not only to shoot photographs to get something pretty, but to try and express an emotion through their work. It’s really quite splendid <3

  • emily

    Tim Walker
    Rengim Mutevellioglu
    and Keffer

    there was, however, a girl featured on here quite a while ago, she was only 16 and she was brilliant, but i cant remember her name. If i could she would deffinately make top 3

  • Ahhhh that’s much too hard!

    1.Brad Moore. Always a delight.

    2. Noah Kalina.. weird good.

    3.My personal favorite: Nina Hartman. Have you seen her blog?? I check it at least 230,048 times a day.

    Hope I win!

  • Lina Scheynius
    Ruben Brulat
    Yann Faucher

  • Felise

    More like favourite 300 photographers but if I have to pick 3:

    Alexi Hobbs (Montreal!)
    Jeff Luker

  • Alexi Hobbs
    Kale Friesen
    Dalton Rooney

  • Tim Walker
    Rengim Mutevellioglu
    and Keffer

  • 1! Alex Prager
    2. Ruben Brulat
    3. Atticus Jackson

  • my three would be:
    Philippe Ramette ,Thomas Damgaard ,and
    Jennilee Marigomen.

    although there are too many just to pick three … honorable mention to: Sato Shintaro , Keith Davis Young
    and Chrissie White

    and give some love for Booooooooom … for great inspiration, and giving voice and exposure to talent
    worldwide !

  • Xinghua Zhao

    David Wilson

    Ruben Brulat

    Ivo Mayr

  • Only three??? That’s almost impossible.

    1. Noah Kalina
    2. Andy Mueller
    3. Will Govus

    I’m sad that I couldn’t include Sato Shintaro, Nathan Ward, Christian Weber, Wallo Villacorta, Paul Habeeb, Bryan Schutmaat, Martin Wilson – the list could keep going!

    This is the best photo blog out there today. Such amazing photos everyday. Thanks!

  • cassidy

    1. sandy kim
    2. darren ringo
    3. simone lueck

  • Jessica

    Jenna Popoli

    Darren Rigo

    Ruben Brulat

  • Ric

    wow really nice giveaway!
    it’s hard to choose three photographer’s on here whom I liked because I love most of them and I love coming back here everyday and checking new ones. also thank you because I discovered so many good photographers and it brings lots of inspiration to my mind<3
    but so… let's try and say those are my favourites:
    – Lukasz Wierzbowski, because his photos carry that beautiful magical atmosphere
    – Emanuele Cardesi, really has an eye for the remarkable small things
    – Valeria Cherchi, her unusual portraits are really inspiring

  • AMY

    After trawling through almost 70 pages of Booooooom photography to refresh my memory I have turned green with envy at the talent displayed. The 3 that stood out to me were:

    Simone Lueck
    Emilia Bergmark-Jimenez
    Yann Faucher

  • Dom

    Tough one, but I think I´m going with:

    – Yann Faucher
    – Jonathan Snyder
    – Greg Miller

    although there are lot of other awesome photographers that you presented, these stand out the most to me!

  • Liz

    So want!

  • wow that was hard…
    My top 3 are:
    Andrea Galvani
    Alexi Hobbs
    Julia Fullerton-Batten

  • -Joshua Whitelaw
    -Greg Miller
    -Ina Rønneberg Devik

  • Amanda
  • Dreamy, haunting, & quirky as listed:

    .Lukasz Wierzbowski
    …..Margaret Durow
    …….Sarah Wilmer

    Thank you!

  • RA

    my list:

    Sato Shintaro
    Jerry Hsu
    Lin Zhipeng

  • Will Govus!
    Alan Lund Gard!
    Tom Palumbo!


  • Jonathan

    Clayton Cotterell
    Tim Walker
    Todd Hido

  • 1.) Jess Gough

    2.) Anne Schwalbe

    3.) Caroline de Vries

    these women, with their sense of the divine, lift me.

  • i personally suck at photography, but i think i know what good photography looks like!

    Justin visnesky
    simone lueck
    ivo mayr


  • Sílvia

    (in no specific order) Anthony Earl Smith, Tim Walker, Martin Klimas

  • kaze456

    1. andre pinces
    2. andre pinces
    3. andre pinces

  • Sílvia

    1-Justin Visnesky
    2-Simone Lueck
    3-Darren Rigo

  • alf
  • Nice item (hope I can get it).

    Favs (I have a lot):
    Li wei
    Christian Webber
    Keith Davis Young

  • sheila

    Lin Zhipeng
    Joe Skilton
    Gala Collette-Turnheim


  • All my other faves are saved on my old computer, which died recently.

    So I’ll just post my 3 favorite I can remember:
    Debbie Tea
    Gala Collette-Turnheim
    Kimm Whiskie

    Fantasticly wonderful work

  • Spencer

    Clara Balzary
    Simone Lueck
    Nicolas Dodi

  • Benjamin

    Ruben Brulat
    Nigel Bennet
    Nicholas Hughes

  • Mariana

    hard to pick!
    1 Brad Harris
    2 Li Wei
    3 Noah Kalina

  • Nicholas Haggard
    Simone Lueck
    Christian Webber

  • Ron

    Christian Patterson
    Tim Barber

  • Carles Rodrigo
    Ana Cabaleiro
    Daniel Melo

  • Joshua

    Growing Up / Patrick Tsai
    Growing Up / Coley Brown
    Lin Zhipeng

  • My favs:

    Justin Visnesky
    Irene Blázquez
    Ivo Mayr

  • because my husb’s a photog this was hard. 1. Chantal Michel, 2. Greg Miller, 3. Keith Davis Young.

  • Peter Sutherland
    Jennilee Marigomen
    Keith Davis Young

  • 1. Nathan Ward
    2. Jess Gough
    3. Ana Cabaleiro

    so hard to choose, those are only three of my faves. thanks for this opportunity, i love what you guys do on here.

  • ana

    i adore the intensity in LINA SCHEYNIUS photographs
    next is JENNY POLLAK because she’s a poet and a great inspiration
    & last but not least: i fell in love with AKIHIRO FURUTAs cute family portraits long time ago an just rediscovered them

    that was hard to pick, there are hundreds of great photographers out there!

  • Keffer, Ivo Mayr, Branislav Kropilak

  • Samir Kulkarni

    Tough to narrow my favs down to 3, but here’s a few:

    Ivo Mayr
    Yann Gross (skateboard park in Uganda…well done)

  • Nick

    1) Robin Soulier
    2) Mikel Uribetxeberria
    3) Jakob Hunosoe


  • Chloe Nicholls

    This would be very handy for me, I am studying Interior Architecture at Uni and an extension study of Photography.

    Nicholas Hughes
    Li Wei
    Kelley Smith

    Great Comp! Thanks. Chloe

  • andrew

    hm, favorite three are hard to pick, but I was diggin on:

    1.andre pinces
    2.sandy kim
    3.paul habeeb

  • Jennifer

    1.) Hannah Davis
    2.) Jess Gough
    3.) Anders Lindén

  • Tess

    martin wilson (painstakingly brilliant), max pigott (haunting portraits), bryan schutmaat (so sparse, so lonely, so honest).

    such lovely photography on booooooom!

  • Mollymo

    Nathaniel Sexton, Marco Trinchillo, and Christian Patterson.
    all had a nice sense of color, lighting and mood. great work.

  • Nicolas Dodi
    Zephyrance Lou
    Leo Postma

  • 1. Ruben Brulat

    2. Lara Dhondt

    3. Irene Blazquez

  • first: martin wilson, then, nicolas dodi and lastly;
    chrissie white

    hard to choose JUST three!

  • Mutante

    Anne Schwalbe
    Eirik Johnson
    Alexey Myakishev

  • Paige

    Bit by Bit by Comfort Fit [Loved the use of projected images in the photos. Gives me ideas.]

    Andersen M studio [It’s truly frightening what someone can achieve with a scalpel and apparently unlimited free time. The stopmotion animation is amazing.]

    Lonely Glasses by Jessica Atkinson [Charmingly bittersweet. Who wouldn’t love to own them?]

  • + Gala Collette-Turnheim [Her work blew me away]
    + Ruben Brulat
    + Ivo Mayr

  • I love a lot of the photogs you feature but these are the ones on my brain for this question…

    Mike Hunter

    Eirik Johnson

    Paul Habeeb

  • keffer, Mark Peckmezian, and Jeremy R. Jansen

  • 1. Yann Faucher
    2. Callie Bee
    3. Nina Zivkovic

  • Will

    Greg Miller
    Elspeth Diedrix
    Sannah Kvist

  • Laura Madison

    Joanna Newsom is for people who have considered befriending a squirrel. Kodak printers are for me and my squirrels.

    1-Clara Balzary
    2-Ville Varumo
    3-Serge Giachetti

  • 1. Paul Schiek
    2. Melanie Bonajo (Her book “I have a room with everything is magic.”)
    3. Frederick Guerrero (myself!)

  • Brittany

    Jeremy and Claire Weiss
    Zach Kidd
    Simone Lueck

  • 1. Margaret Durow
    2. Ana Cuba
    3. Guy Archard

  • Mutsumi Makino
    Li Wei
    Andrew Nemiroski

    Merry christmas!

  • holy moley theres a lot of comments on this one.
    1. Andre Santos
    2. Emilia Bergmark-Jimenez
    3. TYanceyIV
    4. some of the entries for wild things forts were lovely.

  • smartens

    Ruben Brulat
    Allison Grant

  • kimi

    Amy DiLorenzo
    Alan Lund Gard
    Mike Hunter

  • 1) Nicholas Haggard

    2) Pete Halupka

    3) Irene Blazquez

  • Hey Jeff! this is the ultimate christmas present!
    Here are my chosen ones:

    Greg Girard (in the nighttime…
    Claire Sloan … we sleep
    Naho Kubota … until light awakes our senses)

    Have a great xmas night!

  • Kerri

    1) Amy Dilorenzo
    2) Laina Briedis
    3) Darren Rigo


  • kiddo katsu

    Li Wei!
    Mutsumi Makino!
    Greg Miller!
    Wonderful, show me more!

  • neil krug
    scott pommier
    marlon kowalski

  • Susan Kuester

    1.Mary Amor
    2.Felicia Honkasalo
    3.Mona Kuhn

  • SueKim

    Kimm Whiskie
    Luke Gregory



  • Congrats to May! (aka velvetkitsune).

    You win the Printer/Scanner from Kodak!

    There were so many great choices and you obviously took a lot of time to make your selections, even posting about them on your own blogs!

    You have inspired me to try and scrounge up more giveaways in the new year to reward you for all making this such a great community!

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