09.02.10 by Jeff

Michel Gondry

Open Your Heart by Mia Doi Todd. Directed by Michel Gondry.

mia doi todd michel gondry music video

Watch the video below!

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  • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ jeffhamada

    i love how loose and imperfect this video is. gondry kept it nice and simple and this has some soul to it

  • http://theoffices.com.au The Offices

    While there is an undeniable structural and stylistic similarity to ” Around the World” it’s done so with a very lovely, warm hand.
    Nice work Michel.
    Call me….

  • http://cargocollective.com/sunshineunderground Fernando

    rolf.. the dizzy man at the end

    gondry is a genius

  • lapetitefaon

    have to say found the song irritating/distracting, I turned the sound off and just opened my itunes and Weight by the Band randomly came on and it worked together perfectly! Really cool video though.

    • Bernardo

      Try the first minutes with BELLE & SEBASTIAN´S “Step into My Office, baby”
      or with PLASTILINA MOSH´S “pervert pop song”

  • David

    Yes me 2 i think the song is irritating

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/lowestresolution benjamin ze’ev

    I think the video’s cool, but the song’s even better. And the final setup is just great. But I mean… it’s Michel Gondry. It had to be cool.

  • Jon Smith

    “Eh…” is the only emotion I felt while watching this video. Where does one draw the line between “loose and imperfect” and “half-assed”?

  • http://www.fmhansen.com Frank M Hansen

    Love your site. Awesome post. Super cool and inspiring.

  • Marta

    I love colors :)

  • Joel

    Michel Gondry is the friggin man. If there was an Oscar for best music video, he would rack them up every year…

  • http://www.mattalber.com Matt Alber

    Favorite shot was the GIANT line of people on the highway overpass.
    How did they get everyone to turn around at the same time on that shot?
    Must have been SO FUN to participate in. thanks for sharing this.

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  • andrew

    This is beautiful…I agree that its looseness makes it wonderful…so human and down to earth…actually made me teary, in a good way.

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