05.03.10 by Jeff

Massive Attack / Ticket Giveaway

Breaking news! Massive Attack are coming to Vancouver! Saturday May 29th. Malkin Bowl. Tickets don’t go on sale until next Friday but I pulled some strings and I’ve got a pair of tickets to give away!

massive attack vancouver malkin bowl stanley park may 29 2010

If you wanna go, let me know what your favourite Massive Attack song is, in the comments below! I’ll pick a winner on Monday.

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Paige Calvert

    Hands down – Karma Coma

  • JB

    You just can’t go wrong with Unfinished Sympathy. I can’t believe it’s almost 20 years old! Sounds fresher than most of the songs in the air right now.

  • Adam

    My favourite track is Black Milk. With a close second being Karmacoma, not just for the song but for the kickass video that still kinda gives me the willies.


  • Angel from Mezzanine is the best :) pick someone else, I reside overseas ;)

  • Mezzanine

  • mermaid

    man i love teardrop (and i don’t even watch house!)

  • randi

    Unfinished Sympathy

  • Tim

    Easy > Karmacoma.

    Dubby beats. Throat singing samples. Tricky and 3D having a tripped-out MC battle. Massive Attack at their finest.

  • Dissolved Girl.

  • I wish they would come to Boston!

  • Larissa

    I know everyone laughs when you say it, but my favourite has to be Teardrop. Just being honest!

  • dno


    • justinsab


  • ordo

    Safe From Harm was never topped.

  • Mike

    Teardrop. Used it at our wedding for when my wife walked into the church…

  • ANGEL! their music saved my teenage life! It’s my birthday today, and it would be an amazing gift to win this! :O

    P.S. I live in RICHMOND! :)

  • Martin

    Teardrop is hypnotic

  • False Flags!

  • ordo

    Safe From Harm still stands as my favourite.

  • Joel


    It is the greatest song ever.

  • Safe From Harm!!!

  • False Flags – hands down!

  • Inertia Creeps! :)

  • Teardrop is amazing and the video is equally great!

    P.S. I live in East Van!!

  • Anna Banana

    Protection. That song still breaks my heart every time I hear it.
    However the new album is also awesome!

  • Brigita Janaviciute

    Teardrop <3

  • Matthias

    Pick me!

  • Teardrop, no contest. So many memories forged with that song, I have a million music videos in my head when I hear it. My current favourite is a snowy backroad in Northern BC at night, with aurora borealis in the starry sky.

  • Jessica

    Inertia Creeps

  • Cam

    It has gotta be Karmacoma… love the tricky collabo!
    Teardrop is a close second tho…

  • Arpy Dragffy

    Massive Attack – Angel
    Perfectly dark & seductively evil
    Cinematic, guitar-heavy trip-hop

  • No question: the Mad Professor dubbed out rework of “Protection (Radiation Ruling the Nation)”. Classic.

  • Nina Jones

    Inertia Creeps – so dark!

  • Janelle St-Laurent

    Protection is my favorite song. It is absolutely beautiful, the lyrics, the music, the voice.

    May the winner enjoy the show! :) -Janelle St-Laurent

  • Dissolved Girl. :)



  • cariannimal

    Tear Drop, Mezzanine Album…. The Best Ever!!!

  • I love the self-hypnosis created by listening to ‘Butterfly Caught’ on repeat.

  • Laura

    Love love love Inertia Creeps – so moody

  • Angela King

    Safe From Harm.

  • Favourite track? It’s Teardrop — but not just any old album version. The Scream Team remix. Only a die-hard fan with a box-set would still have it. Which I most certainly do.

  • Kyle


  • Ben C

    Right now, Black Milk. Teardrop is always on my mind, though.

  • tina ok

    Black Milk!

  • Adam

    Before, “Angel”. Now, “Psyche (Flash Treatment) (feat. Marlina Topley-Bird)”, the remixed version off of the Splitting the Atom EP. Beautiful.

  • Tyler Austin Bradley

    I like to listen to anything by Massive Attack while snowshoeing or skinning up the Rossland range backcountry. When I’m riding down, I like Karma Coma best. It might be because the old video was full of Kubrick/The Shining references, or maybe it just goes really well with powder turns. I dunno.
    Yes, if I were to win the tickets, I would most certainly make the trek to Vancouver. Though not on snowshoes or a splitboard. You have no snow.
    That is all.

  • Josh

    Easily ‘Dissolved Girl’ off Mezzanine. WIll make you feel beautiful to brooding in under 5 minutes, brilliant

  • charlie


  • renan

    i remember you showing me the karmacoma video long time ago jeffo and thought it was dopeeeee so ill go with that one

  • Clem

    Love tha Jamaican aroma of Karmacoma but I’d have to say Angel is doin it for me right now.

  • Eoin O’Neill

    Has to be teardrop.

  • Sooraj

    Just like alot of the other commenters, have to go with Karmacoma as well.

  • Vanessa

    Fav is Angel!

  • No Protection. The whole thing. Anyone who can listen to one track without listening to the whole thing should have their speakers/hearing/soul checked.

    Also, the oddly/eerily wonderful album “Product of the Environment” which doesn’t technically count as a MA album per-se, but counts for me ’cause my copy’s signed by Tricky himself, who I didn’t realize was him until I was actively shaking his hand. Thought he was just some English guy selling CDs, but then I heard him speak and thought “Could it be? Naaaaah.”

  • mortava

    Inertia Creeps!

  • Blue Lines are the reason why the temple had to shatter

  • suesue

    Tear drop. So good.

  • Matthew M.

    teardrop and the video that went with it.

  • absolutely Karma Coma

  • Definitely Butterfly Caught. Love the eeriness.

  • Greg

    Intertia Creeps

  • Bruce

    “Safe From Harm” – Massive Attack was introduced to me by a Special Someone, and this song will always make me think of that Special Someone, and I would love to surprise that Special Someone with tickets! ;)

  • fuzzles

    I love “I Against I” they did with Mos Def!

  • Alexander Blacker

    Black Milk is my fav :)

    • Protection ( & No Protection Remix )and Karmacoma. I liked Tricky Kid in the mix. Massive was the soundtrack to my life back in the mid nineties…I was ordering all the singles from the UK just to get more MA than was available here. Stoked they are coming.

  • steve

    It has to be teardrop fo me

  • inertia creeeeeeps.

  • Seba

    Man Next Door! for sure,

    I love the massive and i still havent seen them in concert!

  • Shane

    The first Single by Massive Attack – “Daydreaming” (1990) 20 freakin’ years ago!

  • maria

    Pray for rain!! (although in Vancouver we don’t have to do that!)

  • angela


  • Karmacoma!

  • In a close race between Karmacoma and Teardrop… Teardrop takes the gold.

  • Shirley

    I can not wait for this show!! My favourite song is Unfinished Symphony.


  • TIM!

    Karma Coma!

  • julie

    Inertia Creeps.

  • protection fer sher.

  • Tara

    I love them all. Super creative and inspiring group. If I had to choose a favorite though it would be teardrop… It’s just impressive how it gives a pause to your life, like a slowing of the breath. Very refreshing.

  • Tom

    It’s hard to pick a favorite when so many work for so many different moods. I think the one that’s had the biggest influence on my life would have to be Unfinished Sympathy… though these days I’d likely rather listen to Black Milk, Karmacoma or (Exchange). Or Teardrop. Dammit! Tough question!

  • Congrats to Laura Mattiello you have won the pair of tickets!

    (winner picked using random assigned numbers and random.org)

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