24.03.10 by Jeff

Livia Corona

Two Million Homes for Mexico, photos by Livia Corona.

livia corona mexican mexico photographer photography

livia corona mexican mexico photographer photography

livia corona mexican mexico photographer photography

livia corona mexican mexico photographer photography

livia corona mexican mexico photographer photography

livia corona mexican mexico photographer photography

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  • zee

    where are these architecture photos from??

  • Mexico City

  • Thomas.

    oh wow. i especially love the last one!

    The repetition in these photos is awe inspiring.

  • uriel

    es horrible ver todo repetido, buenas fotos

  • andres

    makes me sad

    • yea its quite sad – i mean its an attempt at a good thing? but so totally weird and ugly

  • Victor

    Mexico City and all over the country. This is what our government and contruction companies understand as social development.

    By the way, love the blog

  • The ad in the second picture reads “Your first house”

  • Increíble; no puedo creer qué angosta es la casa de la 3era foto.

  • You should check her “Estarbucks” series too; where your coffee you drink comes from.

  • jaz


  • lapetitefaon

    First is magnificent. The last one of course makes me want to stab myself in the chest. Kind of amazed at how much emotion these evoke.


    Cheers from Nicaragua, love the blog and the pics! I lived in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon in northern Mexico my first seven years and I remember living in a neighborhood with very repetitive patterns since then, I can’t believe they’re still doing it.. By now the whole country must be one giant canvas full of different patterns! Can’t wait for the Google Earth shot of that :)

  • totally inspiring.

  • I’m rendered speechless….especially by the last photo.

  • Ferris

    Where exactly in mexico city are these ? this is the future i guess , so weird and fucked up but amazing . I guess i kind of like it because it makes life seem like a cartoon . This blog rules by the way – just been on the photography section for the last 5 hours almost …

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