27.04.10 by Jeff

Corinne L. Rusch

Photos by Corinne L. Rusch.

corinne l rusch photographer photography

corinne l rusch photographer photography

corinne l rusch photographer photography

corinne l rusch photographer photography

corinne l rusch photographer photography

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • That first pic is simply AWESOME!

  • Becky

    Usually drawings get mistaken for a photograph but I thought the first photo was actually a drawing.

  • Great photos! Very painterly. I thought the first one was a painting.

  • Love these.

  • All the photos are nice but the first and third are wonderful.I still think that its a painting.

  • Curiously, at first, it reminded me the spirit of Black Hole (Charles Burns).
    The first one is simply one of a kind and SO beautiful…

  • ynez

    wow. these are amazing. it’s nice to see some photos with energy. not that i don’t love most of the pictures you post, but a lot of them have a similiar feeling and these are different…

20.07.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Esther Sarto

A selection of paintings from “Sleepless” by artist Esther Sarto, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her show opens on Saturday at Talon Gallery (Portland). More images below.

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20.07.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Samuel Rodriguez

Recent work by artist Sam Rodriguez from San José, California (previously featured here). More images below!

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19.07.17 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Angeles Peña

“Aguas de Montaña” is a journey into The Andean Patagonia, a desolate territory where photographer Angeles Peña lived all of her childhood.

She says, “In a world that spins faster and faster I feel an enormous necessity to focus on the details and the beauty of what still remains. I find myself with a nature that sustains itself but can fall at any moment. It is something that surpasses me and I cannot stop observing.”

See the rest of the series below.
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19.07.17 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Jason John

Paintings by Florida-based artist Jason John. See more images below.

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19.07.17 by Staff

“Things Around Me” by Photographer Roland Vörös

Photographer Roland Vörös explores the relationship between our identities and the objects and environments that surround us. See more images from “Things Around Me” below.

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