02.07.10 by Jeff

Oliver Laric

“Versions” is a visual essay by Oliver Laric, investigating the re-appropriation and manipulation of images in our culture.

oliver laric versions 2010

Watch the video here.

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

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  • http://www.songzige.com meez

    Is there a stream for this? Or do you have to download?

  • p

    this is intresting

  • http://www.concretecat.com concretematt

    Great video. I like the idea of analyzing the interpretation more than the original subject matter to help provide insight. The videos of the jungle book were very eerie.

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  • Parker


  • http://www.kevintadge.com K

    Weren’t all of the disney animated films directed by the same guy? I think that makes it more lazy than anything… (or maybe he thought he nailed those sequences the first time)

  • bob

    could you put it on youtube, or some quicker video sharing site?

  • http://www.allfruitsripe.tumblr.com AllFruitsRipe

    wooow, very interesting…

  • Greg Peters

    Amazing video. I like the original subject matter more than the idea of analyzing the interpretation.

  • http://www.nonumber.nl Peter van Westen

    Just open http://oliverlaric.com/m/versionsversions.mov
    And save it to your computer… 115MB

  • http://www.deptm2.com mike

    As far as the Disney films using the same poses, compositions, and animation. I wouldn’t really call it lazy. I’d call it pretty smart, animation can be time consuming. As long as it doesn’t hurt the tone or feel of the story why not reuse stuff. There’s no point in re-inventing the wheel.

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ Jeff

      you wouldn’t see this in a miyazaki film!

  • http://reallylonglake.blogspot.com/ James

    The thing that I find most strange is that the composition of the mattes remains the same – right down to the twists in the tree.

  • http://www.backsidefive.com Joe

    Love the Jungle Book…great connection here Oliver, would have never guessed.

  • http://www.backsidefive.com John

    It’s the same ordeal every time we see these regurgitated movies done over again and again. Nice find.