19.07.10 by Jeff

Klaxons / Echoes

“Echoes” by Klaxons. Directed by Saam Farahmand.

klaxons echoes music video

Watch the video below!

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  • http://everydayiveknownyou.com Michael

    I love how frantic the camera is.

  • naomi

    finally, the klaxons have a new song.

    • Fern

      I know right?!
      Better late then never I suppose.

  • DK

    video is superb, just right; it’s a shame the song is so forgettable.

  • BF

    Very funny ! I mean, from my point of view : with distance and humor…tongue-in-cheek humour, isn’t it ???

    • hobo

      Oh no, they turned into empire of the sun :(