19.07.10 by Jeff

Poketo Wallet Giveaway!

Poketo has just launched “Perverse Universe“, a really fun set of 5 wallets designed by Matt Furie, Jon Vermilyea, and Louie Cordero! The best part is I have one of each to give away to you guys!

poketo wallets perverse universe giveaway booooooom

poketo wallets perverse universe giveaway booooooom

poketo wallets perverse universe giveaway booooooom

poketo wallets perverse universe giveaway booooooom

poketo wallets perverse universe giveaway booooooom

I want these to go to the 5 poorest people. Leave a comment below and tell me just how poor you are (feel free to exaggerate in a Rodney Dangerfield sort of way)!

REMEMBER to “uncheck” the button to be notified of responses to your comment! (Otherwise you will get a flood of emails!)

I’ll pick 5 winners on Wednesday!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • HCE

    im so poor ramen’s a step up.

    im so poor i can only view this from work!

    i guess the best one would be, im so poor i wish i could only view this from work!

    • meatro

      I didn’t make it to the final question in Jeopardy… because I was looting Trabek during the filming.

      So uh, anyone want some sweet mustache créme? It’s like a bear hug between your lip and your nose.

  • jotuff

    i’m so poor i dont need a wallet but damn i sure would like one

  • Bea

    I’m so poor I need a new amazing wallet!!! Pooor

  • Julia Ivarsson

    Im so poor I have to spend my vacation at my parents house because I cant afford food.
    Im so poor my girl will only give me a massage instead of sex
    Im so poor I busted my way in to a festival just to collect empty beer cans
    I guess Im so poor I would do this to get a wallet just so I can sell it on ebay to afford beans for my nowadays vegan dog.
    My dog says thanks

  • Griff

    I’m so poor that I can’t even afford to fill a wallet with monopoly money.

  • I’m so poor that I can’t even pay attention… :(

  • I’m so poor even Obama’s change won’t cover my debt.

  • Cheryl

    Im so poor that im so poor.

  • Cheryl

    Im so poor I have no use to this wallet. But hey, better than nothing.

  • desiree geyer

    while i’ve no green to fill an awesome wallet with, i could stuff it with collection notices. a wallwt like that would make me smile as i walk 45 mintes to work everyday at 3am. then come payday when i spend my check on bills ten seconds after i get it , i could place my stub in the wallet to remind me of how little i get paid. and when i die of pure boredom(for never having the funds to do anything) at least the people who find my corpse will tthink my wallet is rad.

  • I’m so poor that if I won this wallet I would sell it.

    • gbrt (from Brazil)

      Not willing to make this one the winner but I really had a laught of his comment. Good one bro.

  • Kayleigh

    I’am poor, I can’t go out much, I have hardly any money. I have applied for several jobs and I have heard nothing back, I feel miserable for not having much money or a job, but I go through each day as it comes with a smile on my face. By winning one of those wonderful wallets would brighten my day, I’d feel special for a few days. So please consider me.

  • Bethanydactylonomy

    i am so poor my tv is just a cut out of barbara walter’s face.
    i am so poor the cockroaches smoke my cigarette buts.
    i am so poor my transportation is a “bratz” scooter.

    • HAHAHaa

    • Bethanydactylonomy

      sorry i accidentally sent two. i thought the other didn’t send.

  • Emily Gage

    i’m so poor that my poor denies being as poor as it really is

  • Christina

    I’m so poor that I’m reading this post using binoculars aimed at the window of my neighbor’s computer room.

    …But don’t ask how I’m typing this comment.

  • I am so poor that I live in Argentina, can you send me one these lovely wallets? May be I could ‘make a vaquita’ with my friends to pay the ship!

    • FALI

      jajaja “make a vaquita” ya vivir en argentina nos hace mas pobres que el resto de los participantes jajaja

  • MIKE D

    I’m so poor the bum around the block threw change at me as I walked by.

  • I’m so poor that Obama made a stimulus package just for me.

  • Christina

    I’m so poor that I’m reading this by using binoculars aimed at the window of my neighbor’s computer room!

    …But don’t asked how I typed this comment.

    • Christina

      Ack! Now my posts are doubling with my debt!

  • beans

    i am so poor that after I win this wallet I’m selling it on craigslist

    im so poor my goat cheese dont even taste rich

    i’m so poor i dont have a computer, i’m typing this on a display model at circuit city

  • Cher

    I’m so poor that im $12,000 in debt.
    I am writing this from the public library.
    I haven’t paid rent ever.
    I eat ramen and the seasoning on separate occasions.
    I have grown to be civil with cockroaches.

  • Jeremy

    im so poor i am living as an endangered servant on someone elses farm and i dont have a family and i have no water for baths so i bath outside in the rain cause it rains alot and i dry my clothes by blowing on them really hard for like 3 days straight. and i inhale chicken poop dust on a daily basis and now i have poop cancer in my mouth. i also have severe sun burn and am running out of skin.

  • Caitlin Murphy

    hey there. I normally am not one to talk about my money situation, but I do really like those wallets…

    I am a starving artist, living in the middle of upstate NY. I literally have 25 cents to my name and have been living off the huge bag of rice in my closet and the give-outs from the food pantry down the road (it’s really hard to get a good job around here). I’m so poor that the other day I made my own needle for weaving yarn with a twig and a linoleum cutting tool because I don’t have a good carving knife. Most of my belongings are art supplies, and all of that goes towards making new stuff to attempt to sell on my etsy. I live with a friend and should be getting an apartment soon…. once I get a job.

    Were you to consider me for the wallet, I would put my debit cards that have no monetary value and my multiple library cards in it, and wait for a few dollars to keep safe within it’s beautiful, colorful self. Maybe getting a wallet would help me work harder at getting a job somehow.

  • Lindsey

    I’m so poor that I save every penny, literally.

  • I’m so por I can’t afford a spell checker.

  • Michael Luis

    I’m so poor the bum around the block threw change at me as I walked by, I picked it up and still couldn’t afford a band-aid, so I’m at the library trying to bum one.

  • How poor I am with a little of magic I don’t need anything, this art’ wallets could change my life!

  • I’m so poor I’m making stuff up online just to get a free stinking wallet.

  • How poor I am with a little of magic I don’t need anything, this art’ wallets could change my life

  • Kyle

    I’m so poor i have to eat my own feces. Mmmmmmmmmm.

  • Lsa

    I SO POR

  • jeremy

    i am so poor i live as an endangered servant on a farm and i dont have water so i bath outside in the rain cause it rains alot. i dont get alot of food so sometimes i eat myself before i go to sleep. i also have severe sun burn and am running out of skin

  • Emily

    I’m so poor I had to eat my hands for lunch. How am I typing this, you ask? Magic.

  • Emilie

    I’m so poor that I cannot afford the free samples in the supermarket. The automatic doors won’t let me in because they can sense my poorness.

  • natts

    Not sure if I would need a wallet as Im so poor I have wholes in my pockets…

  • Vanessa

    I’m so poor that I always go to Costco at lunch time and try to make a meal out of samples.

  • Im so poo i can’t afford the ‘r’

  • sam thomas

    i am so poor North Korea sends me food aid.

  • i’m so poor i have squatters in my wallet it’s been empty so long

    i’m so poor i eat cereal with a fork to save milk

    i’m so poor i’m bald (even my hair left me)

  • I go to college, specifically a private art school. It takes away most of my money, and what tuition doesn’t take away goes into art supplies and the occasional late night fast food trip. In all truths this wallet wouldn’t be used to safe hold money, instead it would be used to remind me of the debt I am in because of all of the receipts it would hold, along with the credit cards those receipts have spawned from. I have no need to tell you how poor I am, we have all been to college and held up that sign that says “will make logo for free wifi” or “will code website for tickets to Passion Pit” We have all opted for the free water and complimentary bread basket when out with friends.

    So I would say poor is an understatement. I’m not poor, just in college.

  • sam thomas

    i am so poor North Korea sends me aid.

  • i lead an ascetic life of poverty, free of material possessions. so if i won a wallet, i’d just mail it back. i don’t own any stamps, though…

  • This is the perfect giveaway for me!!

    Not a word I say is anything short of the full truth. I lost my job and have been handing out resumes left and right all over Vancouver for over a month with little luck. My visa is now maxed, and by bank accounts are all at zero. Exactly zero. One day when I had only $2.81 left in my account, I bought a slushee and some candy, and it came to exactly $2.81! I don’t have any more change, except for a coffee can full of nickels and pennies. I’ll need to dive into that soon. Maybe even today. The only food in my apartment is 35 packages of ichiban, some carrots and some potatoes.

    I am BROKE. To score a free wallet would boost my spirits in ways unimaginable! And I’m in need of a new wallet anyway.

  • bs

    I’m so poor I can’t afford any money.

  • I’m so poor… my face is on a food stamp.

  • I’m so poor that I eat my cereal with a fork to save the milk

  • Mandy

    I’m so poor, I take off my clothes for art supplies.

  • joe

    im so poor i don’t have any benjamins to throw when im at the club

  • i’m so poor, hobos donated their pennies to me. i don’t know about this site either, was on the homepage of this acer i picked up. nice to know hippies these days donate stuffs to the poor as well. i’m touched, gon hook it up with some of my hobros. this wifi signal that i’m tapping is running low, i don’t know if this comment is gon make it through. anyway gtg, low batt already damn acer.

  • david

    im so poor that i tried to rob a homeless african. he and his friend caught me tho, strangled then bit me

    it’s not a lie, really

  • Keith

    the truth is, these wallets are not cool enough to admit details about how poor i actually am.

  • Eleanor

    Im so poor My clothes consist of strategically placed leaves
    (On party nights, maybe not so strategically.)

  • I’m so poor, I have to shoot film.

  • fer

    im so poor i only have random business cards in my wallet

  • james

    im so poor that tv dinner trays are my good china.

  • Ryan


  • kaze456

    im sooo poor i visit this site using dialup on a 496 pc with a turbo button.

  • Adriana

    Well I’m not poor physically or talking about wealth. I believe I am poor mentally, because my mom got in to a car accident and my grandmother is now in a coma and the doctors say that she will die soon. So I believe I’m weak and poor and this moment.

  • Jeremiah Bailey

    I is so broke that I don’t need one of these wallets at all cause i ain’t got nothin to put in it….. but i’d like one. Yep, sure would….

  • We’re so poor that we live in a paper bag at the botom of the lake.

  • lindsey

    no. really.

    i can guarantee i AM the poorest person to post yet.
    i’m so poor, that discussing it in detail on the interweb would be tragically depressing for all of you to read. you’d all go out & curb a spanger (spare changer) on the corner for publicly flaunting their wealth while the likes of i & my family struggle.

    i once had to steal an industrial sized roll of toilet paper from a bar bathroom, after what we had been using (coffee filters) ran out.


  • Im so poor i wash my socks with hand soap and dry them on a lamp. :)

  • Olivia

    I am having the worst summer due to lack of money. I literally can’t do anything besides read the Harry Potter books for the third time and wish that the weather outside wasn’t so grey. My diet consists of an array of old fruit and stale bread. I tried grass one day. I’ve heard of Sasquatch an his lifestyle, which I find myself fancying rather much these days, and I would like to search for him but how can I without money for transportation, or even a wallet to put it in?

  • ian

    the poor don’t get no respect

  • Brad

    I’m so poo that “r” is beyond my means.

  • imanol

    I live in south america, there, I win. Now give me those wallets you filthy imperialist pigs.

  • Hannah

    I’m so poor that I wander around THA CITAY looking for free food handouts.
    I’m so poor that I bum cigs off of homeless people.
    I’m so poor that I have eaten pancakes for five meals in a row.
    I’m so poor that the bottoms have fallen off of my shoes and the crotch has fallen out of my pants.
    I’m so poor that people throw money at me when I sit on park benches.
    I’m so poor that I have started throwing parties for myself in hopes that someone else will bring me beer.
    I’m so poor that I need this wallet to make me look cool.

  • Becca

    Im so poor that when i was robbed the other day the thief only took the wallet. True story.

  • Ciara

    I’m so poor I have to steal from value village.

  • Hello Booooooo,

    I am poor because i am trying to live off-grid and sustainably …and i do actually carry my change around in a resealable baggie. People think i’m some scrote because i spend my money on essentials and not wallets :)

    Would ♥ one! x

  • RR

    I am so broke the bums ask me if I need change!

  • ieva

    my chicken soup recipe: wait for the water to start boiling in your kettle, then hang a chicken near by so the shadow fills the kettle. boil for 20 min until you start to imagine the tempting smell of warm chicken soup.
    nice wallets.

  • Jay

    I m vury pour. I kant spel gud. Ore reed gud. I olwaz pae to much for thins becuz wen i luk at my muni i m nevur shur wich bils ar the ekspensive wuns and wich ar the cheep wuns. so i have no mour muni. for eksampul, i just payd three hunderd dolurs for a expreso. and it sukt.

    i need a walit to stor aluv my cards so i dont need cashmuni no mour. then i wil sav lots uv muni and by summa yor converse shooz. thay ar dope.

  • Matteo

    I’m so poor I have nothing to lose, crawling on my knees to find any happiness, everything was taken from me, I have been haunted since then…I am now alone but I did all I could to end up like this, only to realize I am poor but happy!
    Happy of life, happy to be alive, happy. Happy. Happy. I am poor for this, poor because once I lose concentration on my happiness, I inevitably look at myself, I inevitably look around and find I have no reason to live.

    The Twenty-first Century Boy

  • brYan praTer

    im so poor i dropped homemade jelly on my foot and my grandma (who i live with) asked me if i was gonna finish that.

  • jen

    Being poor is a state of mind….my ass is broke!

  • Ashreigh

    I’m so poor I’m on DIAL-UP INTERNET RIGHT NOW. Seriously. The graphics haven’t even begun to load. It’s been 5 minutes.

    I also have about $1800 in credit card debt and way more than that in loans because of school… So TECHNICALLY I have LESS than zero monies.

  • I can’t say that I’m physically or doesn’t have any money. I believe now I am poor mentally because my mom got in to a car accident and my grandmother had a stroke and is in a coma now. I think I am weak now and very poor mentally.

  • “Any man who has $10,000 left when he dies is a failure.” –
    Errol Flynn. So that’s why I am poor.

  • Emily Gage

    I’m so poor that i have to pay for art school. this wallet would help pay for art supplies because it’s so damn cool they’d give me a discount.

  • I’m so poor that Jesus is contemplating a comeback

  • jasms

    I’m so poor I can’t afford to finish this sent…

  • mani

    im so poor that i only eat brinner (breakfast/dinner)

    …and i dont have an eraser

  • icitea

    ” that I’ve got to save on word count.

  • Janiece

    I am so poor that my current debt far exceeds the war debt Bush put the nation in. No, really. In addition, I ask for blessings from the homeless patrons downtown. The sign I hold is blank because quite frankly I can’t seem to afford a sharpie to plead my case!

    (Love these wallets!)

  • I like wallets.

  • Staviean

    I’m so poor, the fuzz stopped arresting me because they figured out I just wanted three hots and a cot… Bastards!

  • clare

    I’m so poor that if you looked up the definition of poor, you’d see a crudely drawn arrow pointing towards me.

  • Sky Larson

    I am so poor I chased a garbage truck down the street for the things on my shopping list.

    I’m so poor, I gotta eat the cereal with a fork to save on milk.

    I’m so poor, I hang out toilet paper to dry and reuse.

    I’m so poor I got to walk around with a box over my head just so i feel like I have a tv.

    I’m so freaking poor if someone asks me where the bathroom is i say “three bushes to the left.”

    I’m so poor i have to rent a cardboard box!

    I’m so poor an idiot was stepping on my skateboard so i shouted at him to get off the family vehicle.

    Im so poor I can’t even afford to live in a cardboard box.

    I’m so poor, I use a popsickle for an Air-conditioner.

    All I have is a coupon for the 99 cent store.

    My life-savings is a penny.

    The bank repossessed my cardboard box.

    I’m so poor, I go to Kentucky Fried Chicken to lick other people’s fingers.

  • Mat

    I’m so poor even if you give me a wallet I’ll have to sell it.

  • Alexander J Jackson

    I’m s p r my keyb ard d esn’t even have the letter .

  • i’m so poor that my unborn grandkids already have debt.

  • I’m so poor, I don’t even have pockets to put it it.

  • fayyyt

    every time my friends ask me to get out, have a drink and have some fun, i have to say no. i’m so poor that i have to go to my grandma and drink coffee with her – thats no real fun but it’s for free…

  • Scott

    I am so poor that when I bent down to pick up a penny I dropped, it hit me in the back of the head.

  • I’m so poor that a hobo gave me his cardboard sign.

  • I don’t get a christmas present since 2007, because I am a foreign student in Germany and the loan, the scholarship or the job I had to take were not enough to go to Costa Rica during the holidays. I’m gonna finish my masters next month, and I think I deserve this.

  • i’m so poor, when i’m sitting on a bus bench and take my hat off to scratch my head, homeless people throw change into it

  • anth

    I’m so poor I can only can only use two “o’s” in boom.

  • No pockets

    I am so poor that I wear a large shirt instead of pants

  • michelle

    I’m so poor that I don’t feed my betta fish, he feeds ME.

  • Cécile

    sniff sniff i’m so sniff sniff i’m so poor sniff sniff it’s so sniff sniff sad sniff

  • lyna

    i’m so poor that when i visit poketo.com, i automatically go to the sale section of the website to see if i can afford anything

  • Mathias

    I’m so poor, I see this competition as a chance to get something to eat finally!

  • Conrad Sly


  • Mollycuz

    I’m so poor that…
    – yesterday I made soup out of the vegetable peelings my roommate had ALREADY thrown away
    – all of my pants have gaping holes in the crotch and I can’t afford new ones. Regardless of how skanky it probably looks, I’m still not getting any action (I can’t afford to do laundry, so I smell too bad for anyone to get close)
    – the last time I ate a fresh vegetable, Bush was still in office

  • Ovni

    Im soo poor that even the rats in my apartment got better haircuts than i do.

    Im soooo poor that the only thing i got its money :( :( :(

  • Matt

    I’m so poor I robbed a food bank

  • jay

    I’m so poor, I eat leaves and cry.

  • Cody

    I’m so poor even Obama can’t help me.

  • Jon Wetzel

    im so poor i make hoobos look like billionares.
    also i have to carry my id on a lanyard which looks super lame. i dont want to be a loser… please help me. oh and i need a wallet to make my but look better!

    Love jonny two-shoes

  • Kevin

    I’m so poor I don’t have a computer/internet and had to log onto a public library computer to type this, after a friend suggested that I respond to this. He would have replied himself, but the thought of him being “poorer” than me kept him awake last night – he couldn’t lie to himself like that.

    Thanks Roger, you deserve a sponge bathe

  • i’m so poor that i can’t afford to the flush the toilet after using it.

  • CynicalKiddo

    Jon Vermilyea Wallet 1


  • Lauren Makela

    I’ve “lived for days on nothing but food and water.”
    (borrowed from W.C. Fields (1880-1946))

  • James

    I’m so poor, all I own are Hanes undershirts and a single pair of jeans. I wish that were an exaggeration or a joke.

  • I’m so poor, I cannot afford to attend pay-what-you-can gallery nights.

  • Fanelle

    I’m so poor that i make my clothes with my own hairs which i cut with a nail clipper.
    I ate my dog last month because i was starving, and i’ll eat the wallet if i win it.

  • SalvaTRON

    I’m so poor, I’m trapped in another dimension.


    I’m so poor that i just googled i’m so poor to get ideas.

  • I’m so poor that I have no use for a wallet. Infact, the wallet if I win it would be sold for donuts (my staple diet at the minute)…

  • I am so poor that I use my creativity and craftiness to make things rather than consuming them. And I just keep a blog full of things that i would like to own someday.n

  • I’m so inspired by my being poor that my next project will deal with being poor

  • I don’t have a cellphone, I don’t have an iPod, I don’t have a Mac or a Gucci Bag, but I’d love to have one of those wallets in my hands!

  • naomi

    Have you heard about the old lady that lives in a shoe? well i’m so poor i live in a flip-flop.
    i’m so poor i can’t even put my two cents in this conversation.

  • Vanessa

    I’m so poor I go to Costco at lunch time to try to make a meal out of samples.

  • Georgia

    I’m so poor that if I had this wallet, I’d have to eat it since I can’t afford food.

  • i’m the poorest one!!!!


    kind regards from the south!!!!

  • Poor McHomeless

    I’m so poor that I fuel my addiction to cigarettes by picking through the garbage cans of the city I live in for butts to chew .. And I need somewhere to keep them goddammit >:|

  • Taylor

    I’m so poor that I’m poor and can’t afford a wallet because I’m poor. Since I’m so poor I’d really like to win one of these wallets preferably the Matt Furie one but beggars cannot be choosers.

    ps I’m poor

  • Brandon

    I’m so po’ I can’t even afford the “o-r”.

    Bowl cuts sound like a luxury.

    I can use this wallet as a shiny distraction from the sound of my stomach grumbling from being so hungry.

    Or from my smell, as I’m too poor for water for bathing.

    If I win, this wallet will be the most expensive thing I own.

  • I am so poor that I’m actually stealing the wi-fi connection from my neighbor to write this message, his connection is so slow that typing each character takes me 3 mins. At least when i win the wallet, although useless it will look pretty in my back pocket. At this time writing the message took me a total of 960 mins.

  • Poor McHomeless

    I’m so poor that I need to fuel my cigarette addiction by searching for finished butts in the garbage cans of the city I live in , so I can chew on them … And I need somewhere to keep them goddammit ! >8|

  • harpreet

    i’m sorry but what’s a wallet? what do you do with one?

    – poor man

  • Poor McHomeless

    I’m so poor my vision was fading and i didn’t notice i posted my comment twice, sorry :'(

  • winston

    I’m so poor I eat kraft dinner raw.

  • Arbogasm

    Im so poor I cant afford a punchline.

  • Heather

    I’m so poor that I’m couchsurfing for this month…
    (not an exaggeration)

  • Chris Foster

    Hey man I’m just really poor, my sister lost my pay-check from my part-time job selling ice-cream to overweight people so now I have no money in my bank account, wallet or couch, mostly becuase I had to sell my couch

  • poorpuppy

    I am so poor I use my teabag 10 times and then chew on it for nourishment
    I am so poor I have developed puppydog eyes filling up with tears
    I am so poor because/so that I live amongst people who like dutch folkmusic
    I am so poor that I have to flee reality and live in a fantasyworld, and Id like to have such a cool wallet with me.

  • Michal

    I’m poor luckwise. I’ve never won anything thus I’d really like to win a wallet. pretty please.

  • I’m so poor I live in Marseilles, in south of France
    I’m so poor i’m not even getting paid in Euro

    I’m so poor I would use kids from my neighbourhood, arguing of craft free classes on their poor holidays at home, to copy it and sell those copies to american tourists … !

    I’m so poor you might not even understand my English bevcause it got mixed up with my French gramar and I have no English spekers around to keep it fluent !

  • poorpoorpuppy

    I am so poor I reuse my teabag 10 times and then chew on it for nourishment
    I am so poor I have developed puppydog eyes filling up with tears
    I am so poor because/so that I live amongst people who like dutch folkmusic
    I am so poor that I have to flee reality and live in a fantasyworld, and Id like to have such a cool wallet with me.

  • Chantal

    I’m so poor, I just finished posting a request for a hand-me-down phone from strangers. I could use the wallet as a conversation piece to distract people from my embarrasingly ordinary phone. I could be someone special. They would say,”She was a humble person as expressed by her ugly phone….yet she was exciting and dynamic as expressed by her incredible wallet! Such a beauty!…yet humble again by it’s meager contents; which would include the starbucks card that she used up a year ago…but still hangs onto in hopes that one day….well…someday” I would be happy with my wallet…not someday…but today.

  • Crystal Marie

    I’m so poor my friend saw me walking down the street and saw me with one shoe on and said “You lost a shoe?” and I said “No! I found one!”

  • I go to SAIC and will have over $80,000 in student loans to pay off.

  • Im so poor, I save my Dunkin Donuts receipts.

  • I lost my job on Friday, and boy a new wallet to replace my damaged nine&company one would make me one happy girl.

  • Joser

    im soo pooor i need to sppoon my paal to keep warm because i cant afford mmy ouwn Cardboard.

  • Jess Young

    I’m so poor that I can’t even afford a Matt Furie zine, and when I see his art at openings, where I go for the free sandwiches and occasional glass of complimentary 2 buck chuck, I cry not tear-drops but lint flecks from the empty pockets of my second-hand jeans.

  • salvador

    im so poor, its embarassing to say (and a little dangerous to say) but i stole this computer from the mafia. i only got a few minutes. im so poor, i use those silly bands that are famous now to floss. i use water bottles instead of glasses to read. you thought no one uses can-phones anymore…i do. stones are my only way to get food. whenever i find a coin, i go up to a hobo and put my hand in his coin cup, but pull out a couple more coins. as i see my landlord walking up my dirt driveway (which does not house a vehicle in it) i

  • David Smith

    I’m so poor I can’t even afford to pay attention… :(

  • I am so poor that I had to sell myself to use internet and post this comment. I am now in a boat with Rusia as a destiny.

  • I just have poor imagination. I can’t even come up with something remotely funny.

  • I literally have 3p in my bank account. Poor enough? I’m so poor I’m borrowing money off my mum, she cuts my hair for me too. I’m so poor there wouldn’t be much reason to even have a wallet, but it’d be nice to pretend to have money right? Anyway, I’m bagging up the pennies in my money jar and taking them to the bank tomorrow… hopefully I’ll have enough for the bus home.

    I’m so poor, all of this is actually true.

  • Felix Acuna

    I’m so poor I smoke my cockroaches’ cigarette butts.

    I’m so poor this doesn’t really make me sad.

  • Travis

    Poorness is not a measurement of my character, but rather something attributing to it. The only reason artists are hungry is because either you aren’t good enough or Saatchi hasn’t fed you yet. I am not good enough.
    There are three parts.

    My current employment for the last month is combing through trashcans at convenience stores for carelessly discarded winning lottery tickets. There are several within a mile. My hope is to find a scratched gem, whose previous owner was lacking the tenacity I have in my pursuit to feed myself, as well as girlfriend and cat. In that order.

    After three weeks, I made three dollars. What do I do now? Go to Taco Bell? Ramen? What are my vegetarian options? (Only a veg for trend’s sake).
    I bought a field guide at a thrift store. I figured since it was published in ’88, the same year as myself, that perhaps it would help out the food situation. I went into the nearby mangrove swamp and found what looked like glasswort (according to the guide). It wasn’t glasswort, not even close.

    I woke up at the public library with paramedics all around me, guide in hand.

    I am a poor. This is my testament.

  • i’m so poor, i had to break into my jar of pennies to pay for stuff last week. i poured them out on my bed to count them, and when i woke up in the morning there were pennies stuck to my legs and back. they made a sound as they fell off me on the way to the subway station. so… i could sure use this wallet to hold all my pennies

  • Kassandra

    I currently live in my own place, 45 minutes from home. and I just lost one of my part time jobs, so I am left working at one, and I’m a couple months behind on my bills, can barely afford rent, I have to keep borrowing money from family / friends to live. Trying to afford rent, bills, food, and still save to go back to college is ridiculous.

  • drzza

    I’m so poor I have to beg for air just to breathe…

  • Tobs

    I’m poor, because i know how to be.
    but you can easily become poor, too. just send a wallet to germany.

  • Phil

    I’m so broke I sold my Xbox and used all the money on noodles.

  • when my bread goes mouldy i eat it. im sick, hungry and broke. shiat. anybody got a dime? im off to the dumpster for some supper.

  • I’m so poor that the closest I’ve gotten to first base in months is drinking out of the milk bag. A date out is to the DVD aisle in the library and a quiet study room because of overdue fines. No dinner.

  • I’m so poor I have go to the neighbours to use the internet.
    And have to be sneaky, very sneaky.

  • …and I’m dead serious about it, Jeff. Unemployment hurts.

  • I’m so poor that if I did win a snazzy wallet, I’d probably have to use half for a fire starter and the other half for sandwich filling.

  • I’m so poor that I sold my soul to gain internet access for this wondrous competition. But now I am soulless and feel nothing for the wallets, although, they do look pretty nutritious.

  • Franky

    I am so poor, zombies wouldn’t even want to eat me!

  • Oscar

    Im as poor as a cockroach!

  • I am entering this for my daughter. She is not old enough to work so she keeps trying to sell stuff. Some of the stuff is mine!

    I have to keep taking inventory of my items to make sure nothing is missing. If she doesn’t stop, I will be entering for myself because I will have nothing left.

  • Sophie

    I’m so poor that I sold my soul to gain internet access to enter this wondrous competition. But now that I am soulless I feel nothing for these wallets, although, they do look very nutritios…

  • Sophie

    I’m so poor that I just sent two comments like a poor uneducated fool.

  • Colin

    I’m so poor that no money will ever be put in the wallet, should I get it.

    Except it’s not even a joke…

  • Amy Hsu

    Im so poor that the only thing im gonna put in the Poketo Wallet is my Low Income Household licence!

  • Dustin

    I’m so poor that I have no use for this wallet.

  • Sheba

    I am so poor that I can’t afford a car but I’m also so poor that I can’t afford to pay 7 dollars 3 times a week to take the bus and train to school so instead I bike the entire way. Not only am I poor but I’m smart about how I spend my money which makes me worthy of a wallet.

    ( i wasnt sure if the comment on fb counted )

  • kaz

    i’m so poor that winning a wallet like this will make me look like a million buckaroos!

  • PascaleY

    Ugh.. I’ve been driving my car for the past three winters without heat and i live in the northeast.. My credit card is almost maxed out.. and I’m behind on bills.

    I don’t want this wallet for myself.. If i win, i’m giving it to my sister.. she’s been my financial help for the last 2 years or so..She doesn’t even make that much money and she supports the family in every way she can.

  • tastethispicture

    I’ve been out of work since February 2009 and so poor that i smoke second hand cigs off the ground.

  • I’m not terribly poor, but I do occasionally search out nearby wells and explore them in search of old coins below. I sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor. I sneak into the local campus cafe through the back door just to eat. And my mom says I should look for a fourth job.

  • rob

    I’m so poor I stopped complaining.

  • dk


  • Rob

    i’m gonna use it as pants

  • Silv

    I am so poor that I live in a 3rd world country where people actualy make hunger strikes to get their jobs back so they can afford something to eat

  • I’m a design student. That’s poorer than poor.

  • RyanC

    I’m so poor I can only afford the vowels in Wheel of Fortune.

    I’m so poor I do “favors” for bus-fare….and then walk home.

    I’m so poor, my “tan” is actually from not showering for years.

    I’m so poor, I didn’t have to lie to convince you.

    I need a new roof, and these wallets look like the right material to patch up the newspaper I currently have ;)

  • I got all excited when a tattoo-artist offert me a free tattoo, I completely forgot the hot sun shining outside, so I choose to get a moustache on my finger. Now pus comes out of it, crusts everywhere and I can’t stop wishin I wasn’t that poor so I could have wait till october and paid for a good, nicely healing tattoo…

  • Anthony Schmiedeler

    I AM SO POOR!!! seriously all my money goes to pay for community college, all i eat it are leftover crossaints that somebody brings in to work (I think they know I need them), i don’t own a television or a cell phone, i spend my free time riding a busted bike and reading hand me down books. this wallet would make me feel good even though I wouldnt be able to put much money in it

  • adam g

    i’m so poor because i spent the last 8 years spending money on higher education, and now i can’t get a job.

  • I’m soo poor that I have to check booooooom at the apple store because I just sold computer.

  • Dev

    i’m so poor that my friends have call me Howard Hughes because they never see me leave the house anymore [but i wrote the game on fly so it’s all good]


    keep up the good work jeff!

  • I am so poor that for the past 5 years, I stop going to the theatres to watch movies. Most of the socks that I own are broken on the heel area. I am looking for work because I still have to pay off my government student loan.

  • matthew

    I’m pretty poor.

  • de

    i’m so poor that i chew on toothpicks to stave off the hunger.

  • Oskr Ps

    I am SO poor that instead of shoes, I drew a pair of shoes on my feet.

  • i’m so poor i cant afford to fi…

  • I’m so poor I had to make my own wallet!


  • Dylan

    I’m so poor that the three things I own (other than the clothes on my back) are:
    -A bike that belongs to my cousin
    -A set of outdoor chair cushions from the late 90’s
    -About 6 square feet on the floor of a shared room.

  • Ian Ostroot

    i’m so pore i went to publick skool

  • Kady

    I’m so poor there’s no CENTS in even trying to win one of these wallets.
    However, they’re beautiful so I will try!

  • Hello,

    I am so poor that I went on Craigslist and took a “gig” that included me painting my chest and jumping out of a giant birthday cake. The cake guy that was supposed to pick me up and take me to the party never showed so I never did jump out of a cake. I keep trying to get the lady who “hired” me to pay me a little compensation for my time but she just keeps telling me to meet her somewhere then she never shows. I will likely never get this money. I was counting on it so I could afford a haircut and a pack of cigs but it looks like those things will have to wait for a better day. Even if I win a wallet, I don’t know what I’ll put inside. I am poor.

  • I’m so poor I had to wait until i was 92 to afford a laptop. Then wait another hundred and seven years to afford electron/positron pairs allowing me to retroactively send this message.

  • I was going to attend Art School, and they ended up offering to pay 85% of my tuition with scholarships, and I still couldn’t attend. :(

    So now I’m going to State school and working full time to pay for that.

    Any spending money I have comes from ad revenue from my Flash games, which ranges from about $10-20 a game.

    I LOVE those wallets, and it would make my working my double shifts this week less horrible!!!

  • Steph

    I am sooooooo poor. I don’t have anyting to put in a wallet, but I would love to have one to imagine that there’s someting in it. Maybe then I could forget how hard it is everyday. Drawing in the streets with broken pencils stolen from the old lady sitting on the bench next to the one where I sleep everyday. I wish I was an artist but I’m just an art student with not cash to even learn anything, poor me.

  • i am rich in regard of my health
    i am rich in regard of my ideas
    i am rich in regard of my identity
    i am rich in regard of my love
    i am rich in regard of my youth
    i am poor in regard of my money (or lack there of….)

  • My ass is so broke I’ll need the wallet’s stitching to keep it together.

  • curly

    Im so poor i use bird shit for sunscreen!

    • blah

      i bet it does wonders for your skin xD xD

  • i am wealthy is terms of my youth
    i am wealthy is terms of my health
    i am wealthy is terms of my ideas
    i am wealthy is terms of my love
    i am wealthy is terms of my identity
    but I am completely poor in terms of money.

  • Im so poor I drink blue ribbon out of my shoes.

  • Jon

    i’m so poor that my annual holiday consists of sneaking onto the local transit bus and taking a sightseeing ride through surrey

  • I’m so poor I can’t afford to pay attention.

  • I’m so poor when I go to KFC, I have to lick other people’s fingers!

  • I’m so poor, I’m thinking of moving in with my grandmother. And we buried her in June.

    I’m so poor, the panhandlers give me spare change.

  • Ian

    As I live each day I often wonder about the state of the world. Around me I see ignorance and confusion, people struggling to find meaning and sense in what they perceive and I feel a void of poverty in my soul and the souls of those around me. Those who welcome art into their lives are enriched and fulfilled in a way that others are not. I can imagine people seeing this wallet as I use it and allowing me to share it with them, creating a moment in which I can show them the joy art can bring into their lives and enrich myself, and whomever I am lucky enough to be sharing with. The more people I am able to expose to the joy of art and creation, if only for a moment, the richer my soul may become.

  • i’m so poor my mother and my girlfriend are the same person (saves on flowers)

  • i’m so poor, my idea of a holiday is to sneak onto the public bus to go sightseeing in surrey

  • NCIK

    I’m so poor, I need to eat wallets that I win online to survive.
    I’m so poor that I have never been able to pay for my house taxes and the only thing the repo men havent taken from me is my virginity.
    I’m so poor that one time I had a wet dream about a loonie.

  • I’m so poor, I have to share my birthday with 7 of my brothers and sisters.

    I’m so poor, we don’t even get our own birthday card, we just reuse the same one over and over

    I’m so poor, I need this wallet to keep my food stamp card in it (I’m so poor, I ain’t go no money to put in this wallet)

  • I am so poor I had to sell both of my kidneys.

  • Nicko

    I used to be the 3rd richest man in the world, then apple released the iPhone 4 and now all my stocks have crashed. Luckily my iPhone 4 can’t actually make calls because I can’t afford the connection cost. I can’t even afford the free covers that Mr Jobs offered.

    Woe is me.

  • turk

    I’m so poor I had to sell my taint for gooch money

  • Zeke

    i’m so poor i’m entering this contest from the public library.. and the unbathed shirtless man looking at craigslist personal ads next to me is really starting to make me uncomfortable

  • I’m so poor that I’m nearly almost seriously considering taking on freelance design work again.

  • Ryan

    i’m so poor i ask homeless people for change.

  • Demetri

    I’m so poor that I can’t even afford to contin—

  • zeta

    im so poor i made my current wallet out of payper

    im so poor i sold my ps2 for a big mac

  • Trevor Cook

    I am an architecture student.

  • I’m so poor that the only thing holding my cards + ids together is a rubber elastic. I keep my change in a zip lock bag. This makes it really easy for me to lose my things and the little money I can get, thus, making me even poorer.

    Help me be less poor by keeping my moolah safe! :D

  • Brianna

    I’m so poor I’m paying my bills with student loans that I’m going to default on in ten years!

    Oh wait, that’s a pretty average sort of poor.

  • emilyrugburn

    I’m so poor I can’t afford free

  • kyle petreycik

    I’m so poor that this wallet will only be used to hold a small portion of the student loan money that i have to spend. The rest will go to pay the outrageous price that an art school charges for a BFA. The joke is on them though, I graduate in 2012 and the world will end before i will default on my loans, but I’d love to keep my constant reminder of impending doom in such a snazzy wallet.

  • I’m so poor I even loaned money to go online to make a comment so I can win the wallet!

  • Geraldine

    i’m so poor i need to squeeze my pimples for oil!!!

  • cody marsh

    sadly i wont be keeping any clean money in this wallet , because i get all my money from people telling me to do foolish things. i ate a large quantity of very hot chili dogs today and am currently sending this email form my bathroom. help!

  • melissagee

    when ya got nothing, ya got nothing to lose, right?

  • Christoph Hecker

    I´m so poor “for free” is my “super unbelievable expensive”.

  • James Medley

    i’m so poor i went to art school just to drop out and now i have no money.
    and i had no money to begin with, either.
    i owe money that didn’t even exist in the first place.
    that’s how poor i am.

  • Richard Pachito

    I’m really poor right now.

    Most of my money this month has went to film and processing, and the lab even lost one of my rolls!!

    My girlfriend moved out with our son and my toaster oven!

    I am using an old DB Clay wallet that has most of it’s paint worn off, and it’s starting to smell strange. I’m not sure if that smell is from the Philippine Pesos that were once in it, or my pants that haven’t been washed in a week. It’s certainly not from the emergency dollars I had to use yesterday.

    I shouldn’t have spent so much on film :(

  • erica mao

    I’m so poor my family could only afford one name, Erica. I’m Erica Mao XV. It get’s confusing when someone calls.

  • Kirsten Chow

    I’m so poor that it took me ten minutes to load this page because i’m using public internet at a public library
    I’m so poor that i have no use for a wallet, because all i have is change… or well i did, now that i look, i have holes in my pockets.
    i’m so poor that i only have enough clothes to fit into one cardboard box.
    I’m so poor that if i didnt vote at the next election i wouldnt have enough money to pay for the fine.
    thats how poor i am

  • Ramona

    I’m so poor that I can’t even pay attention.

  • I’m so poor, i took money from the church plate and i don’t even believe in god.

  • Max

    My eftpos card suffers from malnutrition.

  • Jeannie

    I’m poor cause I am a college student, living at home, looking for a job, but I’m just over it.

    p.s. I try to sell my clothes to get some money but they tell me it’s not what they are looking for.

  • I’m pretty darn broke! australian living in london with barely a wage… If i won i’d consider selling on ebay for some extra cash! (probably not though!)

  • Markus

    I’m s pr, i dnt hv n lttrs

  • camille

    I’m so poor that I can’t even put my two cents in this conversation.. :((

  • I’m so poor, I once won a price for the poorest person. But since I didn’t have any wallet, I couldn’t accept the price money. I really wanna win this wallet, in case I would win a similar price sometime.

  • Jack

    I’d love to add my two cents, but i cant afford to

    • Ian

      1 s0ld 4ll my v0w3ls bck t’ p4t s4j4k f0r th1s k3yb04rd.

      / o oooo ooo oooo o o o /\
      / oo ooo oo oooo o o o / /
      / _________________________ / /
      / // / // /// // /// // /// / / / /
      /___ //////////////////////////_/ /


    • xanderpants

      Im so po…. “Your time is up. Please insert 25cents to continue commenting”….crud.

  • Jack

    i bet you’re enjoying this…..Jeff………no wallet is worth that price….

  • Anna

    ^^^ The poorest student at RISD^^^

    I am so poor that I pretend to be a summer precollege student and sneak into the cafeteria at lunch time to mooch off of their meal plans.

  • L Ritchie

    I’m so poor my parents could only afford to name me a single letter: L.

  • I’m so poor I couldn’t pay the electri

    • Emily Gage

      thats hilarious lol

  • Patricia

    I’m so poor Haiti feels sorry for me.

  • shannon rose

    i am not poor. i would love to put one of these gorgeous wallets to actual use! my wallet did get stolen on Canada day… not very patriotic if you ask me. and one of these fine pieces of art would make me want to run thru open green grassy fields singing and spinning and smiling!


    I’m so poor that i’m saving some money to afford to be homeless.

  • kirky

    I’m so poor I need this wallet to remind me that I don’t have any money to fill it with and to stop spending money I dont actually possess but only the money I may occasionally find in this wallet. See what I’m getting at?


    I sold a kidney to pay a 0.99 $ bill


    I save saliva in a cup for when I get thirsty

  • Tyler

    I’m so poor I had to settle for the Eric Rohmer box set when what I really wanted was BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ.

  • Tim

    Im so broke you can call me Sammy Sosa’s bat.
    I hardly need this wallet cuz i an’t got no cash.

  • James McCann

    It is not so much as the weight of my wallet that pains me as the poverty of my soul!
    such a wallet would enrich me.my soul you see is full of holes! as a result i am in dire need of something to keep myself together with!

  • Simo

    I’m so poor I have to “borrow” my neighbours llama and ride it to the soup kitchen. I can’t afford the bus.

  • K. M.

    I’m so poor I put food stamps on layaway.
    I’m so poor my IP address is

  • i’m so poor… coz my Dad said investing in BP was a good idea!

  • I’m so poor I won’t even have any money to fill the wallet with so instead I’ll just use it as a makeshift sun tent for my performing snail as we solicit some grungy Philadelphia corner while I draw comic books about psyches melting and then use the change we collect to pay people to read them.

  • Duke

    Omm god li,ke hit me up with that wallet! lyke all i have 2 do is say i’m pooor? you got it!!!

  • MollyCuz

    I’m so poor that I can’t afford toilet paper – I had to wipe my ass with the cardboard tube today.

  • Mr.D

    I’m banned from the laundry mat, I have a thing for blue Angel Soft.

  • rkarb

    “Ok, now I have a reason to need money.
    S%@t, I´ll need pockets too!”

  • Ariel

    I’m so poor that I couldn’t even afford public school when I was younger, so I cant read. Right now I’m at some blokes computer he just left sitting here open at the public library. I’m writing with the help of an illegal immigrant I met here (my only friend) and a dictionary. If I were to win this wallet, I would use it to save the money I get off the street and use it for an education (and maybe some clothes that aren’t so poor looking), instead of spending every cent on brandy.

  • I’m so poor, I take the trash *in*.


  • Dandan

    I’m so poor that I have to wash my used saran wrap and hang it on the clothesline to dry.

  • Dandan

    I’m so poor that I wear my old highschool uniform when I need to ride public transit, so that I can pay student fare.

  • I could tell that my parents hated me. My bath toys were a toaster and a radio…. yet I managed to survive long enough to ask you to give a guy a truly wonderful wallet…!


    I’m so poor that rain always pours on me. It’s like I have a nimbus cloud controlling the outcome of everything, from getting a job to loosing 300 dollars and a one of a kind wallet. I’m so poor that winning just never happens to me, truthfully. Oh well at least I have water!

  • issajane

    I’m so poor that it is absurd I’m able to respond to this and think that it is the best possible way to improve my happiness.

  • Kristopher

    I am so poor that my diet consists only of burnt spam. And water.

  • Peter

    say whatt?

  • I’m so poor I had to sell my golf course so I could afford a membership at a country club.

    I don’t really need a real wallet – I have a Ferragamo one. But this one will symbolize my losses in this tough economy. Yes, this wallet will help me feel like an average person with an on-shore bank account.


    A Goldman Sachs Exec

  • Miharu

    I’m so poor even my positives are negatives.

  • kostaw

    I’m so poor.If I won,the only money that you’ll find inside my wallet…will be drawn by me on toilet paper(using burnt matches,pencils are too expensive).

  • Dolores Zsírjózsef

    I’m quite ok regarding my circumstances, which you could call poor, such as while I’m starving, I have to feed my seventeen orphans, and you know even my little hut was trampled over by wild elephants, so yes, a nice little wallet would do good for me really. And for my seventeen orphans too, definitely.

  • Scarlett

    Im super poor. I live with my family at my grandparents because we got kicked out our house cos were too fricken POOR. Our car sounds like its going to fall apart and we cant fix it cos were too fricken POOR.I dont get birthday presents cos were too fricken POOR(true) AHH!! I often think that whoever says money cant bring you happiness is a gigantic lier! But now i know that they are right because the only thing that brings happiness is a Poketo Perverse Universe Wallet, (and i would really love one) and would not be POOR anymore as ive got this feeling that the creatures all over these wallets might magic me some cash when i open this wallet, their crazy cool!… Please and Thank you.

  • Jon

    i’m so poor ’cause i just paid conrad black’s bail

  • Johnie Emma

    I just graduated from college. Go figure

  • Jon

    i’m so poor i can no longer even sustain my colony of bedbugs

  • bethanydactylonomy

    i am so poor that if i win these insane wallets they will be my new home.

  • Michelle

    I savor the butt ends of a loaf of bread.

    And instead of a Christmas tree, I had a crayon drawing of one taped to the wall.

  • Haylee

    I’m so poor the homeless man down the street won’t even ask me for money!



    I’m so Poor I should win.

  • Lily

    I am so poor I have to walk in the snow up hill both ways to school.
    much much love. <3

  • Wensley

    I’m so poor, I haven’t got the computer for typing this. I’m at the public library right now. They’ve told me not to come in here, but I do anyways because I’m quite stealthy.

  • Laurelin

    i am so poor that i’ve turned to collecting cans so i can afford film.

  • Jorge

    Man was I broke, if I was born a girl I would of had nothing to play with.

  • maddox bayer

    i’m so poor that i can’t afford to pay attention. What’s a wallet anyway?

  • Alison Ho

    I went to the dry cleaners, it was self service


    I am very poor. I lost my job for being late on the day that I didn’t have enough money on me to pay bus fare. Since then, I lost electric in my house. The supermarket had a sale on spaghettios. I bought 30 cans for 10 bucks. Then I found out they are all expired. I have been building fires on my lawn to cook expired spaghettios.


    i don’t want to explain how poor i am, its embarrassing. )=

  • Fuck poor people, I’m a rich ass bitch and I need a god damn wallet.

  • teodor

    my daily meals for the last 6 months has consisted of dust. and also i live in a closet.

  • In all seriousness, my ex step dad left my mom and took almost all of her money out of their shared account, he shutdown their co-owned fireplace business, and forced her to become bankrupt, after that we moved into a small ass apartment and then they changed the rent so we moved again, only with the help of a few of my mom’s friends. so now my mom finally got a 2 jobs, one at an italian restaurant (Rosa Rosa) that doesn’t even pay her most of the time because they’re in debt themselves, and i don’t even know what the other one is….i basically just wanted to get this off my chest, but i mean a free sweet looking wallet would be really nice. OH and on top of that, during my last year in high school some fucking fake ghetto kids stole my ipod touch and my wallet with 300 bucks in it (from my birthday). and no i’m not kidding… trust me, i couldn’t and wouldn’t make this up.

  • Hazim

    I’m so poor that I ain’t got no money to put in this thing, but I could make some money by selling it.

  • A rnar Bejp

    I’m so poor that i would use the wallet as a replacement for my lost mitten. that is if taco bell doesnt decide to take the wallet as collateral.

  • Cordell Ponak

    i’m so poor, i’m on someone else’s computer and i would trade this wallet for some bread if i won it.

  • This giveaway is now CLOSED.


    1) Caitlin Murphy

    2) Christina

    3) Jonas Brothers

    4) Sky Larson

    5) Crystal Marie

    You have each won a wallet! Check your emails!

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