09.08.10 by Jeff

Kristian Hammerstad

Illustrations by Kristian Hammerstad. Oslo, Norway.

illustration illustrator kristian hammerstad

illustration illustrator kristian hammerstad

illustration illustrator kristian hammerstad

illustration illustrator kristian hammerstad

illustration illustrator kristian hammerstad

illustration illustrator kristian hammerstad

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Chumper

    Very Charles Burns. Love them!!!

  • Droolin


  • Dylan

    I agree with Chumper, I also feel some Mike Allred in there.
    Very cool, but Charles Burns is still the ill master.
    *geeky confident chuckle*

  • Holly

    The first reminds me of my Brick by Brick poster which I love so much. Perfect.

  • Jenny


  • http://www.thistoowillpass.com/ BradyDale

    These are totally dope. I wish she’d make comics. Well, maybe she does. I haven’t looked. Or she should make comics with someone.

    Yes. In my humble opinion.

  • Bob Borker

    Why does everyone feel the need to compare people’s work with something else they’ve seen before? You can’t just accept things as something that you haven’t seen until just now, and give it it’s own ownership?

27.11.15 by Jeff

#TheCreatorClass x Canon Presents: #SHOOTITYOURSELF


#SHOOTITYOURSELF, a new video series by #TheCreatorClass and Canon, features some of Instagram’s most popular photographers sharing some insights into how they create their signature images. In this episode, Dylan Furst (@fursty) explores some of the beautiful trails in Vancouver’s backyard.

Watch the video below!

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27.11.15 by Staff

Stop-Motion Animation of the Day: “They Crawl Amongst Us!”


This delightful short animation by filmmaker Sihanouk Mariona is an obvious homage to the classic claymation mockumentary, Creature Comforts. “They Crawl Amongst Us!” explores real social issues in New York City via various stereotypical urban pests. Watch the full short below!

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27.11.15 by Staff

Trippy Video of the Day: Sissi Rada “Sunday”


Images move in waves of fragmentation in this video for coquettish-electrodoompop duo Sissi Rada by schnellebuntebilder (a.k.a. Sebastian Huber, Robert Pohle and Johannes Timpernagel). Watch “Sunday” below!

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27.11.15 by Staff

Photographer Spotlight: John MacLean


London-based photographer John MacLean has a knack for capturing small urban moments with a subtle sense of humour and unexpected beauty. See more images from his diverse series, “City,” below.

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27.11.15 by Staff

Video of the Day: “The Art of the Gag”


In the latest instalment of the brilliant series Every Frame a Painting (click here for previous instalments), Tony Zhou explains The Art of the Gag by the original master of visual comedy, Buster Keaton. With traces of his work in everything from the shots of Wes Anderson, the physicality of Jackie Chan, and the body language of Bill Murray, you’ve seen Buster Keaton even if you think you haven’t. So how did he do it and why is he so influential? Watch (and learn) below!

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