18.08.10 by Jeff

Phoenix / Ticket Giveaway

Heads up Vancouver, Phoenix is comin’ to town with special guests… Neon Indian!!! I snagged some tickets for you, who wants them?

phoenix with neon indian concert vancouver ticket giveaway

phoenix with neon indian concert vancouver ticket giveaway

Phoenix w/ Neon Indian – Vancouver – PNE Forum – September 26

Phoenix is from France so if you want tickets to the show, leave a comment below and name your favourite movie that takes place in France.

You must live in (or  within driving distance of) Vancouver to enter!

I’ll pick a winner on Friday.

REMEMBER to “uncheck” the button to be notified of responses to your comment! (Otherwise you will get a flood of emails!)

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • tam


  • http://twitter.com/tokyo_to Nicole Wong


  • Lisa Boulton

    Amelie!!! Mostly because she is a social deviant for the cause of ‘good’

    Thank you :)

  • Claire

    Hotel Chevalier

  • angela larsen


  • Ken

    La jetée by Chris Marker… (which inspired Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys)… what a film!!!

    Paris never looked so devastated!


  • Zac Benloulou

    Paris, je t’aime

  • Vanessa

    Funny Face! (Well most of it takes place in Paris)
    Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire make magic together :)

  • Ken

    La jetée by Chris Marker… Paris never looked so je ne c’est quoi

  • jaclyn

    Tati’s ‘Play Time’. (who could resist those cardboard cutouts?)

  • http://ffffound.com/home/muzzy/found/ MattMcB

    Un prophète! (A prophet). lives in seattle, also :)

  • http://www.mishylane.com Mishy Lane

    Charade. Aurdey Hepburn & Cary Grant.


  • julia

    À bout de souffle

  • http://www.joannlee.com JOANN LEE

    Ratatouille. I hope that counts.

  • http://alannascott.com alanna

    Paris, je t’aime

  • Nicole



    L’Appartement with Monica Belluci and Vincent Cassel !

  • alex

    The Science of Sleep

  • Olivia Basener

    Triplets of Belleville, Madame/Monsieur

  • Andrés Cabrera Castro

    finex and nion india! yeah!

  • http://www.navratiljudit.com judit navratil

    the dreamers

  • Jackie

    la haine (the hate). totally forgot about that movie until thinking about best movie i’ve seen based in france. looks at the poverty and ghettoized areas which generally aren’t talked about a lot. now i’m going to blackdog to re-rent it!

  • Kinch

    Hotel Chevalier trés bien

  • Shannon Kylie Ragan

    Exit of a factory

  • Julia

    8 Femmes, by Fracois Ozon
    It’s one of the few musicals I love!
    and I love Phoenix! i want your ticket!

  • matthew m.

    I’d say City of Lost Children if it were a fictitious France. Or Amélie if I have to pick a real France.

  • http://sshelly.tumblr.com Shelly

    une femme est une femme.

    because elegance and vulgarity have never embraced so tightly.

  • http://nessahhh.tumblr.com Vanessa

    Un Long Dimanche De Fiançailles (A Very Long Engagement) or Jeux D’enfants (Love Me If You Dare). They’re both really great!

  • EM


  • Justin

    I lub “Being Jewish in France” – so tight!

  • http://yotambien.tumblr.com/ Daniel

    I know this sounds corny, but i’d have to say Pixar’s Ratatouille. :) Awesome flick

  • Jen n.

    An American Werewolf in Paris! It’s about an American Werewolf in Paris, what more do you need? Bellingham

  • Emma

    Paris, je t’aime


    Plus I effing love Neon Indian!

  • maria

    Coco Avant Chanel was a great movie!

  • angela

    2 days in paris

  • http://www.andreawan.com Andrea

    Bands of Outsiders

  • http://thoughtsofsomething.tumblr.com Elms

    Amelie, hands down. (or “Mrs. ‘Arris goes to Paris”… it’s a made-for-tv movie from awhile ago… very cheesy but cute)

  • http://likeachildcarriedawaybygoblins.blogspot.com NIKKI

    SCIENCE OF SLEEP avec Charlotte Gainsbourg

  • Camia

    Amelie, duh! <3

  • anthony


  • Frio

    Les Chanson D’amour (aka Love Songs).

  • Thomas

    Le Grande Blue… freediving & dolphins, classic!

  • Jake

    400 Blows! Truffaut is theee best.

  • charlie

    “La Môme”
    about edith piaf with marion cotillard.

  • http://www.thatsunnygirl.tumblr.com Zina Boileau Morrison

    Les Choristes is one of my all time favourite films.
    It is about a man who goes to teach at a troubled boys school, and ends up teaching them music. It’s one of the most beautiful films ever. If I were to compare it to an English film, it would have to be Good Will Hunting.

  • Ashlynn


  • http://andreaarmstrong.com andrea

    Les Triplettes de Belleville: stunning animation, charming characters, clever satire… I could go on…

  • http://www.lauriemillotte.com Lo.

    l’Herisson (Hedgehog in English)

  • Larissa

    Paris, je t’aime!

  • Stacy

    The Hunchback of Notre-Dame <3

  • Mila

    Banlieue 13: unapologetic French take on the standard Hollywood action film, starring… well, parcours.

  • Alejandro Mejia

    ‘The Dreamers’ with Michael Pitt and Eva Green. The most passionate/bizarre/mindblowing story one could ever think of.

  • http://thelemonspank.wordpress.com/ Sarah A

    and then?

  • http://www.tysonfaa.com tyson faa

    I dig the Chocolat movie -tys

  • Samantha Smith

    The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. The memoir and the movie are moving and beautiful.

  • http://www.gamgallery.com Tarah Hogue

    Oh, Amélie is so nice.

  • Nancy

    Les Choristes! The music is just amazing! :)

  • http://www.designwithbrian.com Brian G

    Bourne Identity!

  • jordan


  • Luke

    Team America World Police

  • Luca Chitayat

    Electroma and Chocolat, amazing music and cinematics in both

  • http://www.elihorn.net Eli

    Pierrot le Fou…
    Such a hard choice as there are sooooo many to choose from. But Pierrot le Fou always makes me happy and carefree.

  • http://jordancohen.ca Jordan Cohen

    Killing Zone. One of Tarantino’s first and finest.

  • Cory

    Paris, je t’aime

  • Anna

    Paris, je t’aime

  • Tim

    I guess Amelie but if animated films count Ratatouille for sure 😀

  • vivian

    De battre mon coeur s’est arrêté

  • http://blackletter.ca luis lopa


  • Evan

    pierrot le fou w/ jean-paul belmondo and anna karina

  • Samantha

    j’aime Chocolat. <3

  • Choong Ki

    La môme(The Passionate Life of Edith Piaf)
    Marion Cotillard was so good!

  • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ Jeff

    CONGRATS TO: Ken MacIntyre – You have won yourself the tickets!

    (picked using a random number generator from random.org)

    for the record i agree with all the people who chose Amelie!

01.12.15 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Elly Liyana Ruslan


Drawings by Thailand-based Singaporean artist Elly Liyana Ruslan, found via our November Reader Submissions. More images below.

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01.12.15 by Staff

Music Video: HVOB “The Anxiety to Please”


Part music video, part art installation, the tracks off HVOB’s latest album are something of a dialogue (or rather a “trialogue”) with Austrian artists Clemens Wolf and lichterloh. Each collaboration operates as a self-contained piece (installation, music, and video), highlighting different materials and their mesmerizing transformations. Check out the captivating experimentations for “The Anxiety to Please” off the album Trialog below!

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01.12.15 by Staff

Beautiful 1,400 Year-Old Gingko Tree


A 1,400 year-old ginkgo tree at the Gu Guanyin Buddhist Temple in China is shedding its leaves again! More unreal photos of this naturally occurring event below!

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01.12.15 by Jeff

Booooooom Reader Submissions: December


Thanks to every single one of you who submitted work to the November Reader Submissions post, it’s really cool to see all the talent in this community!

For those of you who are new, these posts are the best way to submit your work to be considered for a post on Booooooom. Up-voting work you like and leaving the positive comments to each other helps me see what work you like really pumps people up. I encourage you to do both! These posts get a lot of traffic so even if your work is not a fit for Booooooom it still gets seen by many (and definitely sends traffic to your own websites).

Please share your work here this month by leaving a comment below. The commenting system allows images to be attached so make sure post an image along with a link to your website.


Submission guidelines:

1. Please don’t flood the comments with a dozen images, just post 1 image that represents your best work along with 1 link.

2. If you see good work posted by someone upvote it so it appears at the top. This is not just a nice thing to do, it helps me see what work you actually like.

3. You can/should also encourage people who are sharing good work here! Comment on their posts and let them know you like what they’re doing. I really want to foster a community here, and this is a simple way you can connect with other people making work.

4. Keep in mind your post may not show up right away because it has an image attached. It may need to be manually approved first so don’t freak out and post a million times, once is enough.




01.12.15 by Jeff

Photographer Spotlight: Caiti Borruso


A selection of photos from “Whale Creek is Flooding” a series by photographer Caiti Borruso, found via our November Reader Submissions. More images below.

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