27.08.10 by Jeff

Hack Job / Update

Another great submission to our Hack Job project! Jim Mezei built this one out of a couple of vegetable crates, some twine, two corks, and a coat hanger. Love the wheels.

jim mezei hackjob converse booooooom

jim mezei hackjob converse booooooom

jim mezei hackjob converse booooooom

jim mezei hackjob converse booooooom

jim mezei hackjob converse booooooom

jim mezei hackjob converse booooooom

Remember, Converse Skateboarding has generously hooked us up with 5 pairs of shoes to award to our favourite submissions, so get yours in before September 10th!

Full instructions here.

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • http://www.blancaoraaa.blogspot.com Blanca Oraa Moyua

    Un objeto de arte muy inspirado

  • nuriku

    Interesting job! Good.

  • http://www.woohaaa.com Lukasz

    did he also try skate on it 😉

  • Theo

    This is not a real skateboard, you cannot purchase this. I asked at the local produce kins market and they said they have never heard of this product.

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ Jeff


  • http://www.blahbag2.com Blahbag

    what a beautiful skateboard

  • http://adrianforrow.com adrian forrow

    This is amazing!! Makes we want to acid drop in to bowl of fresh fruit!

  • so

    omggggg this is so sick

  • http://attiataylor.bandcamp.com Attia

    Thats great!!!

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  • http://darrenedwardscontemporaryartist.wordpress.com/ D

    Truly beautiful Wabi Sabi Board

25.11.15 by Jeff

Free Learning of the Day: Skillshare Classes

skillshare-01 skillshare-02 skillshare-03

This is for all you aspiring photographers, illustrators, and type designers out there! We’ve teamed up with Skillshare to offer you 1 month of unlimited access to all their creative classes, for $0. Free. You can sign up here for a premium account: Booooooom + Skillshare 30-day extended trial.

I’ve been personally trying out some of their classes and I just blazed through this great class on designing a single letter: “One Drop Cap Letterform at a Time” by the amazing Jessica Hische (I’ll always refer to her as the one who did that fantastic Moonrise Kingdom type). She has so many useful tips in this, especially when she talks about properly using handlebars and plotting points in Illustrator.

From what I’ve seen so far these classes are a great way to brush up on something you may have learned a long time ago or a chance to learn something completely new. Full disclosure: Skillshare did not pay us to make this post, however if you sign up through this link it will support our site! Absolutely no pressure to do so – I still recommend their site as a worthwhile resource even if you don’t use our link!

25.11.15 by Jeff

Illustrator Spotlight: Jon McNaught


Love this series of puddles by illustrator Jon McNaught. More images below.

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25.11.15 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Casey Gray


Paintings by artist Casey Gray, who lives and works in San Francisco. More images below.

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25.11.15 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Cleon Peterson


The violent, mesmerizing, and brutally honest work of artist Cleon Peterson. In some paintings demon-like characters are attacking people, in other paintings similar actions are being carried out by uniformed figures. What is perhaps most disturbing is the realisation that we are drawn to such darkness; titillating news headlines, and bloody movies. The violence is inside of us all. More images below.

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24.11.15 by Staff

Artist Spotlight: Michael Dandley


Striking and thoughtful series of gouache and ink works by Newmarket, New Hampshire-based artist Michael Dandley. “Side Effects” is concerned with the disturbing and ultimately incompatible ways lands and oceans are changed to accommodate our modern conveniences. More images below!

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