28.09.10 by Jeff

Ted Vasin

Drawings by Ted Vasin.

artist ted vasin drawing

artist ted vasin drawing

artist ted vasin drawing

artist ted vasin drawing

via: changethethought

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • ALEX.

    OH.MY.FUKING.GOD :o!!!!!……these are jst beyond spectacular, the attention to detail is ‘>_<' some amazing amazing artwork write here….o yh the first drawing was in a movie bt can't rmbr d name ?_?

    • ALEX.

      o yh btw these are paintings not drawings but still very spectacular none the less…..

      • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ Jeff

        well they are mostly graphite so they are drawings with some acrylic too

  • http://illyanaetal.tumblr.com Illyana

    I’m in love. these are so incredible!

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  • lapetitefaon

    I LOVE THE FIRST ONE! I have a super soft spot for good old pencil on paper, its my favorite!!!

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  • http://www.donnydraws.com donny

    oh man, some great perspectives here, not to mention technique.

  • http://wir-kinder-vom-bahnhof-zoo.blogspot.com/ neobe

    crazy russian

    сумасшедший русский

  • http://creativitypays.blogspot.com/ c_p

    wow, trippy °y°

  • http://eringilbertphotography.com Erin

    these are so badass!

  • http://www.estherbarend.eu Esther

    Great technique and very well done. But original ????
    With all due respect, the first image in BOOOOOOOM of Ted Vasin, immediately reminded me of the art of Fred van der Wal.
    especially: http://www.fredvanderwal.nl/site/kunstwerk/12756145_ZELFPORTRET-5.html
    which is made in 2005.

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  • Todd

    What’s the story on the first piece? It’s very reminiscent of the nurse from the Battleship Potemkin. Intentional?

  • fred van der wal

    I appreciate your works very much!