10.12.10 by Jeff

Kevin Parry

“The Arctic Circle”, a wonderful stop-motion animation by Kevin Parry.

the arctic circle by kevin parry

Tim Burton’s reaction to the film here.

  • http://www.robertogoya.com Roberto Goya

    Absolutely great! I love stop-motion!

  • http://www.flickr.com/bastiencest Seba


  • Magda

    Well done, really loved the expressions!

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  • http://www.clippingpathindia.com Rokaiya Yeasmin Munni

    The stop-motion animation is really wonderful

  • TheAndHeDrew

    Wow, that was pretty incredible. There was some pretty amazing subtlety to the expressions on the hero’s face. Neat story.

  • http://www.clippingpathone.com/ Webmaster

     Awesome, the stop-motion is really wonderful. 

  • moynul

    Nice post. Love this stop-motion!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Clipping Path Job (CPJ)

    Really enjoyed well from this post. Liked it.