11.01.11 by Jeff

VIRB Giveaway!

Many of you need a better website, I know this because I visit them everyday. My friends at VIRB have created some beautifully simple portfolios and are offering a 10-day free trial right now! They also want to give two of you free websites for life!

So who needs one?

virb website giveaway

If you want a free website courtesy of VIRB, tell me what your new year’s resolution is in the comments below! The two best answers get websites for life!

Winners will be picked Friday!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Gary

    my new year’s resolution? .. mine is 1024×768

    • Chris

      To be what I seek in the world.

  • sr

    not to yell at my kids so much… yelled 5 times before noon on new year’s day… um…

    • My new year’s resolution is to start making financial income on my art and entertainment interests as an artist of many mediums: sell my artwork and practice the skills as I steadily maintain an artist website which I haven’t signed up for a domain yet!

  • My New Year’s resolution, oddly enough, is to finally get a website for my photos and artwork. I’ve been procrastination for a decade or so…

  • not to have sex with men just because they are wearing glasses

    • Jason

      My new years resolution is to start wearing glasses. Haha joking, but seriously… my eyes hurt.

      • Joanna

        haha! really made me laugh ;)

  • To start working on last years resolutions

  • Concentrate on improving myself so I am stronger to help more people.

  • nana

    looking through windows more often.

  • To come,
    and see,
    and conquer!

    …in every way possible

  • make something cool every day

  • Cassie

    Stop making excuses and start living!

  • Focus… so I can keep moving forward and have more to give back!

  • Benny

    Do more, learn more, be smarter and better .
    sounds easy enough… but is it …

  • Make an awesome website so people can see me and I can freelance for everybody!


  • Cjal


  • My new year’s resolution is to once and for all quit my horribly boring, life-sucking day job and REALLY work at promoting my photography and making it my full time career. Also: to even out the frequency of me taking the dog out for a walk as compared to how often my boyfriend does it. It’s only fair.

  • kim

    to keep every list i write in a scrap book :)

    …they calm me

  • Too often, “wants” turn into “needs”. Resolution: Make due with “haves”.

  • Wait for the aliens to come and finally discover how they are.

  • Harrison

    New years resolution is…Restore the power of the first Triumvirate to rome and surrounding areas…and no i dont need three people for that. and not make stupid mistakes.

  • This year…
    My resolution is to not wait until the end of the year to seek new resolutions. Every day needs to be resolved. Every day will be resolved. Somehow.

    Problem solving should never be left to the last minute, last day, last hour.


  • Lil

    to chocococococolate forever

  • start plotting ways to conquer the world in my bathtub

  • Iris

    My resolution is to stop giving a crap about anything except painting! And also to ride a horse at some point, even though they terrify me!

  • Fred E

    to get that free website fo life from virb n booooooom

  • faust

    to get a free website for life…talk about coincidence.

  • C Dub

    resolution shmesolution. just be better always

  • shawn

    Mine is to paint a whole lot more this year. I want to produce as much as possible for a gallery show!

  • Seek out an old lady in a big hat to befriend

  • O

    To write and create an TVC with Wieden + Kennedy Portland featuring Kobe Bryant.

  • life is too short..imma enjoy it to the fullest

  • Mnz

    Experience everything.

  • NVA

    to pick up every girl that i want…

  • Filip

    Stop being so booooooooom.com addicted

  • To stop being negative towards my work when I have an off-day, to work enough to pay and run an exhibition to start off a local collective, including artist, photogs and graphic designers.

  • to discover a place in bc that no one has ever been to before. possibly capture it (both literally and photographically). -maybe plant a flag.

  • Finally graduate art school, can’t wait..

  • To learn how to do more things, anything, just learn and learn, so I can share and grow, oh yeah and be patient.

  • to get on booooooom.com and win a free website for life.

  • To think of funny stuff to answer competition questions with.

  • esa

    my resolution is to eat less and bang more.

  • Fewer cigarettes. No apologies.

  • getting a haircut – is that a valid resolution?

    • cliché but never gets old;

      be more positive.

      btw, who do we contact for the mentioned 50% promo?

  • Ali

    Learn something new everyday.

    (and try to retain it)


    to make 11 zines.

  • Ant

    My resolution for 2010 is to try and stop winning things on the internet. Also, not to comment so much on blogs, especially photography blogs.

  • My new years resolution: to live some more.

  • my new years resolution is to paint and draw much much much more and build a better online portfolio, which I can use to contact different galleries with :-)

  • stacey

    To be universally loved and admired, or barring that, to buy new underwear so i don’t live in fear of the current ones failing in a spectacular and humiliating manner.

  • My new years resolution is to spend New Years Eve 2011-2012 in Stockholm Sweden. ( i’m living in the Netherlands) And to finely graduate.

  • New Years Resolution: become an unstoppable creative output machine.

  • SAM

    To wake up before 3pm.

  • Try to settle down. Be happier. Rediscover my creativity. Get some self esteem. Convince myself that I will achieve something with my life instead of being negative. Try to fill my life with something useful that means a lot to me again, like art.

  • In 2011, im training to ride a bike from Cairo to Capetown, Africa in January 2012. Documenting it fully, with videos and stills.

  • Julie R.

    Take more pictures, have more fun.

  • Miranda Milinkovich

    My New Years resolution this year is to move to Vancouver! I currently work as a graphic designer in Toronto. I’m looking for new jobs in Van and need a new website to showcase my work! This would be a huge help!!

  • to stop using so much toilet paper and get my heart checked out.

  • dustcanal

    to stop moochin

  • To get me and my friend’s t-shirt label up and printing.
    To not waste so much time of my life.
    And maybe make a short zine.
    And to photograph more.
    That’s about it.

  • 1.To illustrate more
    2.To travel more
    3.Eat more french fries

  • Miester Hands

    Recall the lucid memories of my childhood and transcribe them into a visual language.

  • be a positive influence on people around me

  • Rob

    to pick up every coin i see, hide them somewere and start my pirate adventure

  • I made (in an impulsive and chaotic moment of hybris) a promise to myself – to gain international fame.
    In what way or expression the fame will rise is yet to be discovered but I’m pretty certain I’ll make it!
    Wish me luck!

  • mac

    extinguish pessimism in life. Have more fun! :D

  • My new years resolution is to make more art and establish rigid studio hours!

  • Matt

    to ask my girlfriend to become my wife

  • cliché but never gets old;
    be more positive.

    btw, who do we contact for the mentioned 50% promo? glad to see Virb doing this, it’s a great product.

  • Evan

    My new year’s resolution is to stop listening to Jerry Saltz. Watching him stumble through Twitter yesterday, wasting countless characters on things like “Dear Mr. or Mrs. @….” as if it was a letter, was pretty fucking bleak.

    On second thought, my new year’s resolution is to get Jerry Saltz an intern.

  • i’mma build and stay in an Igloo for a day or two.
    To satisfy no purpose other than curiosity.

  • Resolution: Wear more bows.

    Sounds stupid and silly. But sometimes stupid & silly is precisely what makes me happy. Happy New Year = Happy time wearing bows.


  • As you see i didn´t have a website only this online portfolio, so my resolution for this year is to be a serious illustrator (having a website would be very helpful). Thanks!

  • to paint everyday. I know if I paint something everyday I will be famous

  • My New Years Resolution is to make my ill father proud while doing the work I do with Photography and Music.

  • alba


  • z

    sit in front of the computer less. :P

  • I’m gonna try and eliminate boring & sigh inducing tasks. Well, at least 80% of them.


  • To come up with a pithy one-liner that will make all of you grin knowingly and say “Ah, yes.” And win this contest in doing so…

  • To help the lest fortunate more.

  • coming back to life among the dead.
    brushing my teeth at work.
    eating more fruits and vegetables.
    going more often to the doctor, when needed, not due to sudden and imaginary pains.
    save in toilettries.
    expanding my range of colours in clothing.

    well, coming back from the aftermath first.

  • H.Q. Brannon

    To finally establish a web presence (hopefully, courtesy of VIRB) and to create more and better relationships with clients.

  • Gordon

    to become a Japanese celebrity, so that I exercise my masochistic tendencies in front of the world. oh god!!

  • I didn’t so much make a new years resolution this year, but instead made a list of 10 things I want to have done by the end of the year. Some small, some large, some insignificant, some significant. I plan to keep the list in my wallet as a reminder and to allow me to tick off as appropriate.

    here’s my list:

    1. Visit a country I’ve never been to.
    2. have at least one piece of artwork exhibited.
    3. Produce at least 3 large finished paintings.
    4. Watch only good tv.
    5. Go to the dentist.
    6. Avoid public transport when possible.
    7. Cycle more.
    8. Avoid alcohol for at least one full month of the calendar year.
    9. Sustain a good quality lifestyle. (eat healthy/cook/exercise etc….)
    10. Dress well.


  • To look out

  • to take the website that my friends and i have right now (gntlmn.net) and make it official. it’s a blog, fashion, and music outlet for men who practice lives of leisure.

  • alv

    Mine? Have a better web site so this is perfect! xD

    Seriously, I don’t really feel that I have to do something diferent just because a new year starts… it’s only a number that somebody made up!

  • Ben

    My resolution is make my day-job a thing of the past

  • Eat more PP&J Sandwiches! Last year was to use crayons more and I was successful. The older I get the less I want to grow up. This is helping me do that!

  • to call people by name. i don’t do that enough

  • (Inspiration from Alton Brown) This year, I want to focus on food, food science and decent eating habits. I want to cook more food, take photos of that delicious food and describe why others should eat it.

  • It’s bellybutton fluff. That’s all. Just that.

  • Be a rockstar.

  • Don’t be afraid to fail.
    Overcome my fear of the number 1 (1s are everywhere!).

  • I. My New Year’s Resolution
    A. Learn Everything
    i. but pretend to know nothing
    B. Take Nothing Seriously
    ii. i.e. my place in the world
    C. Be More Serious
    iii. i.e. my place in the world
    D. Be A Better Pretender
    iv. in earnest, i swear
    E. Listen to Elvis
    v. i mean, carl perkins

  • Dan

    to get in the guinness book of world records for making the largest meatball.

  • I’m gonna bring back the lost art of letter writing.

    My letterbox is gonna be more thrills, less bills.

  • To work harder, and pour more of my passion on plain pieces of paper.

  • To SHUT UP and DO IT!!! and listen to a new artist everyday.

  • BJS

    My resolution is to relinquish control and comfort as much as possible.

  • To redesign my site. And to get the mag out!

  • make more art, see more countries, not judge people so hard, and get a website ;)

  • I’d like to get a book of my poems published. I’ve been working awfully hard on them for the last few years. Sometime this year, I intend to be published!

  • Lorelei

    move, make, meet

  • I have no new years resolutions this year because I kept the ones I made all last year and it made last year awesome. Keep doing what I’ma doin’!

    I’m already a huge Virb fan. I’m curious: How do I take advantage of the 50% off for being a Booooooom! reader?

  • Jonnyartist

    To take my Art to the world!

  • my new years resolutions is to a bring aspects of minimalism into everything I have so i can have more time to do the things I love.

  • nicole

    make a ship in a bottle.

  • My new year’s resolution is to lick my elbow. If I can do that, I CAN DO ANYTHING.

  • My resolution is don’t need resolutions anymore…

  • My New Year’s resolution is to be more RAD in 2011

  • Sean

    Ugh I need to start a site. Im in Illustration, and I have to go to more extra life drawing classes (their nude model drawing classes and are just available for students to get more practice outside of class), and I need to paint more too. mmm so much to do.

  • Marie

    be nicer to my cat.

  • take a shower…

  • I want to reconstruct Eden in such a way where if possible I united forces with all the symbiotic beings on the planet and create a new reality where we advantage all without disadvantaging any. I want build a non-Newtonian paradise for all to blast off… I love impossible resolutions ;;;)

  • I have three shows planned, each increasingly more and more grand.
    The last is a spectacle, its a show, to mirror lives of people I know.
    To make them act as they truly are by mimicking themselves from a far.
    Though it may sound riddled its true indeed this my resolution, an allegiance, a creed


  • To keep loving my job and what I do! To love every decision I make! and of course to keep loving life, beauty and art! ;)

  • My new years resolution was to make LIFE GOALS,work towards them and be happy.

  • Helcack

    My new years resolution is to graduate from high school, and start working on my bio-engineering degree. Another I have is to find out if this amazing girl likes me and if she even has time for me if she does.

  • Ian

    Get money, get paid

  • My new years has changed over the years…

    But in all seriousness its time to get off of my ass. No more ideas loosing their ground because of overstimulation and excuses.

    I love making photos, and I need to make MORE.

    I decided to take one picture a day for a year and compile them into a random blog.

    Its time to show the passion that’s been inside me since I first held a camera, watched the image magically appear in the developer, and everything changed in front of me.

  • k

    ⌠⌠⌠less coke⌡⌡⌡

  • My new years resolution is live simply and appreciate the artistry in everything.
    I have a lot of goals and ideas for the year too, but this is big picture.

  • Freddie

    My new year resolution is to enter more competitions.

  • None!

  • Start making more illustrations this year…..

    …… and have a proper fancy website to show it off.

  • To get a real OWN website – anyway !!!

  • My New Years resolution was to draw in my sketchbook every single day. So far I’m 11/11! Yay!
    Whoa. Wait. TODAY IS 01/11/11. Can’t wait for November.

  • This year’s resolution is to create illustration and designs intended for print, printed by me.

  • To win more online contests! You can help make this happen! \(^_^)/

  • My new year’s resolution is to get a free website for life.

  • This year I would love to get my art off the ground and off the blog. This includes booking a gallery at my university and having enough work for that. Work on some more freelance illustration and to work on some more clothing designs and to sell the ones I have printed out cause as of now, I have lost a considerable amount of money getting them printed. Oh! and to get good grades my sophomore/junior year at Edinboro University of PA. This free website offer could not have come at a better time for me. Check out the blog! and thanks!

  • zu

    Find someone I can run away with

  • Magda

    My New year’s Resolution is to dedicate more time to playing Magic the Gathering and making an online resource for people to check out new art, get tips, and share their experiences!

  • Hugh Leung

    My new year resolution is to become the new CEO of Badminton BC so that i can finally make a difference to help promote the game and create Olympians to win a gold medal in the next summer Olympics

  • My new years resolution this year was to not have any because they usually don’t last too long. This way I’m not limiting myself to 1 resolution, goal, or plan. In other words I will do all that I possibly can!

  • alexander von Kaldenberg

    To donate something to everyone that asks me to do so…in a personal way.

  • remain being awesome, to myself and others.

  • Raiko

    new year’s resolution is disappointment from the start.

  • My new years resolution is to not stress on the little things in life, and to learn how to help myself and others, as well as to learn that I do not need medication in order to make myself happy!

  • My resolution is to create more paintings and sculptures, sell 1/4th of them at least, get gallery representation and to get a better website, with a legit my name.com … Already got an offer for representation. halfway through the month! only a few left to go for the year! LET’S GO 2011!

  • tim

    mines to print more photos.

  • Seb

    Every day I walk to work, I pass by a cafe. On most days, inside that cafe is a cute blonde haired girl. We keep looking at each other as I walk past, but I haven’t yet gone in for a coffee. My new years resolution is to go in for a cup of coffee. Small steps :)

  • andrea

    to not let fear stop me from following my dreams.

  • L Rossiter

    My new years resolutions:

    – Design a T-shirt every day
    – Draw every day
    – Live a healthier lifestyle
    – Travel to Asia
    – Finish my videogame idea promo package
    – Publish a graphic novel with my girlfriend
    – Reconnect with my astranged Father

  • love more.

  • Jes

    Be brave enough to wear red lipstick outside the house & swan around the supermarket like I own the place

  • raiko

    new year’s resolution is disappointment from the start

  • Tom

    To have a perfect day.

  • linda

    to be unconditionally kind, creative, patient, and passionate. <3

  • Salvatron

    Reduce my debt.
    Travel abroad.

  • I really need to stop drinking so fucking much

  • caitlin Murphy

    my new years resolution is to live and breathe everything I love and enjoy. More time painting, drawing, writing, taking pictures, with my friends, outside… than inside doing nothing of any importance.

  • To not have a new years resolution.



  • To continue to project my soul through the only way I know how, my hands…

  • my new year’s resolutions:
    -not to complain so much
    -40 minutes of exercise a day (with cindy ;)
    -carrot juice and fruit smoothies
    -to wake up every morning no later than 8am and have time for a proper breakfast
    -read more books (plus four other i’ve never managed to finish)
    -to eat blueberries for lunch not haribo starmix
    -to drink green tea

  • Gideon

    This year I’m aiming to learn how to properly ink with a brush, while also learning how to do so without furthering my carpal tunnel. I have the brush, I have the ink, and I have my carpal tunnel starting point.

    Oh, and compost, and stuff. You know, that whole be good for the planet deal.

  • My new years resolution is to touch you and Matt Rubin in your no no special places if I get a free Virb site for my portfolios

  • Angela

    my new years resolution was to not wait until next january to make more resolutions. if you know you need to make some changes in your life, you shouldn’t put it off.

  • Make my “To-Do” list into my “Been Done” list

  • My new years resolution is to kick so much ass all the time (professionally of course) that I forget to take names.


    Yes, that’s mine, all caps, just like that.

  • To design and build the greatest Chicken Coop Mansion in the world! ♥

    What an amazing giveaway!

  • mine was to stop drinking about doing drugs but on the 2nd when i was still drunk i realized i need to soak this time up, cause the end of the world is about a year and a half away, so instead im just gonna giver harder till a levey breaks.

  • My resolution is to do less consuming and instead do more producing

  • Jason

    To eat more of moms home cooked spaghetti. mmmmmm

  • To do a drawing a day.

  • Chris

    To start playing music again and get my photography rolling. I need to get my life in order!

  • Fausto G

    To make people ooh and aah silently in their minds when they come across a nice, clean, user interface. Oh, yes, and also to be insanely creative this year. Thanks Virb!

  • GT

    new years resolution…
    to ensure my life is actually as intersting offline, as i sometimes make it out to be online.

    call this a virtual line in the sand.

  • New Years Res:
    -move out of my parents house for the 3rd and final time!
    -earn enough $$ to afford a gourmet sandwich at least once a week
    -find my significant other… and stick with the commitment
    -road trip to a music festival and dance like no-ones watching
    -make it back to Burning Man make an art-car that blasts only Abba music
    -skateboard more, TV less
    -clean room/sheets

  • Be my best friend more than my own worst enemy,
    prove myself and everyone else wrong,
    live by the quantity and quality of new ideas I have……,

    to make the world a calmer and more exciting place….,
    to write more rhymes in the shower,

    to mount a ridiculously sized beatbox speaker onto my bike.

  • My new years resolution is to force myself to ‘take the plunge’ more often. I want to be spontaneous, and force myself through tough situations. The best and proudest moments in my life were after I ‘took the plunge’ into something that I was somewhat nervous about. I love that feeling!

  • I’d like to get a gold mug. It would make me feel more important at the water cooler.

  • I’d like to learn how to stay calm.

  • Chase

    I have two New Year’s resolutions this year: 1. Do better in school and 2. exercise at least three times a week.

  • Mine has already started, just one resolution as an artist: doing 365 drawings, one per day during 2011, on http://fichtre.tumblr.com

  • My resolution would be to keep filming bands and get my company off the ground and gain recognition for the work that I am doing. It’s nothing fancy, just something that would really make my life that much better.

  • New Years Resolution:

    To make my own expectations of this year less important in the grand scheme of things, and focus more on what makes me happy. art and friends….and art

    but mainly friends….

    and art:)

  • //// Alexis ////

    My New Year Resolution….

    Park my ego at the door, and instead invest in my branding.
    Talk less about what I done and talk more about what value I can bring to the table.
    Take the time see, less time thinking i understand.
    I want to make this a year of change, change beyond myself, change that will foster creativity again.

    This year I want to create, inspire and be inspired again.

    Less of “me” is as good-a-place to start :)

    Happy new year to all!

  • Kyle

    I will work on planning my own business to break out of my 9 to 5 office slavery.
    I will definitely need a kick ass website as well!

  • Ian

    My new years resolution is to tie my love for film making, art, music together by creating a unique animated film set to great music. Im pretty young so I can utilize this life long deal!

    and to stay awesome at everything I do

  • Carmina C

    My New Years Resolution is to make a new print every week of the year.

  • To become fluent in spanish!

  • I heart Virb & BOOOOOOOOOOM!

    My new years resolution is to write a letter a week. Yep, that’s 52 letters in 2011. Some will be sent to family and friends while some will be sent to those i have lost contact with over the years, people I have met through my website (that neeeeeeeds help!) as well as complete strangers. I might even look up random addresses in the White Pages.

    There is something romantic and special about recieving a hand written letter that is truly interested in how YOU are doing. I’m hoping to ask the right questions to get at least a few write backs :)

    Oh, hey, got an address? I’ll send you a letter too!

  • Andrew

    deep breaths, relax, get through a tough year of school while managing to have fun.

  • Bo

    Be healthy and use less emoticons :)

  • Ana

    Stop worrying and just live.

  • J-K

    eat more bacon! (I know I need a better website haha)

  • yes please! i resolve to illustrate more.

  • My new years resolution is to tell more cheesy jokes making more people laugh.

    What did the Sushi say to the Bee?
    Wasabi aka Was up Bee.

  • Amanda G.

    my resolutions include designing the most perfect and cohesive wedding for my fiance and I, getting fit and healthy, relaxing more, and become a better designer!

  • dan

    Appreciate fruits and vegetables.

  • make 1,000 ETSY sales in the year 2011. sales so far: 14.

  • leticia

    not to be ordinary

  • Ryan

    To take many many more photos of my little family.

  • To take a break from school, do more art projects, learn to crochet, drive less and ride my bike more, cook more dinners, and figure out what my calling is.

  • my new years resolution is to build a better website for myself… mine kinda sucks… basic html knowledge ftw :-)

  • To live life to the full and to make the most of it

  • my 2011 resolution is to be featured @ booooooom
    so simple and lovely! xx

  • my new year’s resolution is to stop working random marketing jobs and get a more related job in arts and design! wish me luck

  • Alan

    To use my imagination more…..unicorns can exist right?

  • Austin

    to work hard this year so I can work for myself next year. a website would surely help.

  • first is to win something on booooooom

  • Arianne

    My new years resolution is to learn a magic trick, preferably involving a bunny.

  • My new years resolution is to volunteer more. I spent 2010 complaining about living at home with my parents, and working nights and weekends. Then in December I said enough! Stop complaining because your life is great, and I thought about how much worse it could be. I realize there are lots of people out there who are worse off, and don’t have a parent’s house to crash at, and don’t have a job at all. So in 2011 I am going to volunteer at least once a week, and then hopefully turn my spring vacation into some volunteer work as well, like helping baby sea turtles so they don’t get eaten on their venture back to the ocean!

  • A.J.

    Today was my second day of classes for my BFA in Graphic Design. My New Year’s Resolution is to let design take over my life!

  • I’ve put on 20kgs in the past year. This may sound like any other typical resolution that anyone makes and breaks, but i’m determined to stay off soft drinks for the year so that i will be able to fit into my jeans again (and not wear the rubbery maternity kind that i’m currently wearing)

  • Marcelo

    To become a god

  • 2k11 is the future. I remember when 2009 seemed so far away, and now we are gone and beyond. There are many things I would like to accomplish in 2011, but I’ll spare you the list. Instead, I think the best way to approach a resolution is to select a venture that is neither material nor trivial in pursuit. In the next twelve months I intend to unearth my purpose. Every day I wake up and feel like something is missing. I am one tiny bee in a city of hives. Some people just deal with this notion, but it sure as hell doesn’t sit well with me. I realized that I want nothing more than to make an impact on this world. There is no way for sure to know If I eventually will, but I will never know if I never try. In fact, I most certainly will die trying, because the game will never stop. Whatever I get done in my time will mark why I exist. The journey starts now.

  • Beto

    find out how far can i get in life.

  • With each breath, I plan to realize more of the infinite extent of my creativity and child like joy.

  • Robin

    Rehsolushion: I am need study English more good…and to stop admiring Brad Smith who is the CEO of Virb for he is a fascinating and sexy specimen of a human being.

  • Of course there’s the “start working out, eat healthier, fuck around more/less,” but that’s all a given. Being an art student however, my important goals involve growing as an artist both in skill and creative idea/process.

    1. To sketch for at least 30 minutes everyday in my sketchbook and try to fill out a page.

    2. To once a month (give or take) pick/find an eccentric location for urban exploring! And Take photos to document the event.

    3. To start creating a scrap book of pictures I use for reference or find inspirational.

    4. Stop emailing and start mailing.

    And last but not least find a decent website to where I can document and keep track of it all by uploading it somewhere online. My hopes are that my ever growing [imaginary] fan base will help pressure/keep me motivated to keep up with my new year goals!

  • ThisyearMMXI I wanttohavemorespaceinmylifetomakebetterART

  • Lia

    To throw around the phrases, “id like to” & “sit on that guys face” more often. And to start my business off with zero debt. Maybe eat more spicy food now that I think about it.

  • get off my ass and do what i need to make me happy…’cause nobody’s ever gonna do it for me. and now’s the time to make that happen…carpe diem, oh captain my captain…

    …and walk my dog more…and thirteen other resolutions that are even boring to me but will make jennross an awesome person-slash-artist in the long run…(use less elipsis is not on this list)…

  • My New Years resolution is simple. Live each day knowing that every little thing I do may be small and insignificant, but it can, and will make a difference. It’s taken from a quote from Ghandi, but I feel as though it’s true. Every little thing you do makes an impact on the outcome of something whether it be a friendship, business, or piece of artwork. I am a photographer, and each photograph I take is a visual reminder of a certain time in their life whether it be their wedding, or their senior year in highschool. That is my new years resolution.

  • Steven J Read

    To make at least two large sculptures/installations in the next year, and get into grad school.

  • First and second are to be more open to others’ point of view and to have a more productive and well balanced daily routine.

    Third and forth are to secure my strength, so that my weakness will not come back and work more on practicing my design skills, post them on my blog, so potential employer will be more likely to hire me.

  • Cleopatra

    To look to the paths that I have now to help form new ones.

  • just keeping be me

  • V

    to become perfectt, of course.

  • grow a giant ginger beard.

    It’s going fantastic at the moment too

  • More reading, less tweeting.

  • My new years’s resolutions list get a bit long sometimes. It usually contains the following:
    -Take more whiskey walks (they are good for us).
    -Write one million poems or just thoughts (not in one year of course, but eventually/you will see the beginning of this on my current blog which doesn’t do much justice to the piles of poems I have written down.
    -Learn to play cricket & play more bacci ball.
    -Follow more Pagan traditions
    -Compile a series of video interviews entitled “Old People Talking”
    -Include my love of mycology to overflow into my new website/blog so I can document every single mushroom & spore print I find.
    -Last but not least, Quote Charles Bukowski at least once a day…& subsequently break a glass.

  • Never get used to being unhappy or uninspired. ✌
    and to go shores away to find new inspiration!
    (aka Find a college out of sunny Singapore!)

  • This year, I’m going to take more photos than I did in 2010 and while I’m at it I’m going to try bust my ass to make sure that they make a difference in the world.

  • To renovate my 6 month old blog… by having a new more unique website ! … and to finally get my driving license (i’m 25 it’s a shame)… isn’t it a beautiful duet ?

  • Coco

    THREE! — i have a terrible habit of doing things in three’s :/ (but i’m keeping THAT habit! :P )

    1) get a better, more fulfilling job that involves art.
    2) spend more time with old friends & the people i love.
    3) be nicer and more patient with others… even the mean ones :)

  • to trust my instincts more

  • Win a contest for once in my life.

  • Blanco

    My resolution is to focus more on what I’m passionate about (art) and worry less about all that other little stuff. Developing my first website with VIRB would not only be a great accomplishment, but also a very good step in the right direction to showcase my Drawing/Painting/Sculpture/Mixed Media… Thank you for the opportunity!

    What’s your resolution, BOOOOOOOM?

  • My resolution is to drink beer and make stuff.

  • My New Year’s Resolution is to mystify humanity in a way that it has never been mystified before.


  • Matthew Higa

    My new years resolution is to live, balancing humility and pride, and progression and tradition.

  • I want to get one of my photos published somewhere. I would really love for that too happen and I will defintey fight for it.

  • K!m

    – less time creating my reality in virtual world like facebook and more in real life
    – reading more fantasy stories for more ideas

    and ps. aw man a website would be the greatest gift for my art collective Main Street Art Collective in vancouver. we started the group last March and have been dying to get one!

  • Bonecho

    My new years resolution is to build a relationship with my brother that I have befriended for 15 years or so. I create art and would like to show him how I truly feel. I know this girl, who happens to be my gf, and she passed on some truly insightful stuff that shocked me. Once your parents are gone… All you have left are your siblings. That hurt me.

  • The New Year Resolution … Is to NOT have any resolutions.

    Like many other years before, my insticts, choices and passion lead me to do what I need to do to become a better person to realize my ambitions and dreams.

    A resolution is almost like forcing. There is no need for it if you seeking greatness. I love what I do. So with love and hard work I will reach it and at my own time.


  • Natalie Estelle Onofre

    My resolution is to complete 5 tasks a day that will lead to accomplishments of short-term (having a successful online shop) and long-term (being an accomplished painter) goals so that that I can support myself doing what I like in order that I may pursue a life doing what it is I love.

  • i don’t know

  • Brianna

    My new years resolution was nebulous at best. I want to take better care of myself and my friends as well as take one more big step toward a permanent move to NYC!

    I’m a writer and it would be a huge advantage to have my own, impressive website!

  • accept and employ my personal determination to gain fame, and be able to be part of pop culture not just as a viewer but as a contributor. (a hefty goal but if it is made yearly as a resolution, the efforts might lead to reality?…my optimism says yes.)

    in lesser terms, accept who i am and employ this acceptance as motivation.

  • My resolution is to never say yes to more opportunities and see where they take me. Also to lose 500 lbs and run marathons and eat kale and whatever.

  • To make a portfolio website.

  • Tanya

    To follow my instincts. And love love love.

  • Nick

    My 2011 resolution is to embrace my creative side project until it becomes a source of income worthy to replace my soul crushing 8 to 6.


  • My resolution for 2011: Be more awesome. ;)

  • My resolution is to finally carry out my artistic project, and to show it to the world!!

  • drawrof koollook forward

  • Connor

    to stop being so late for everything and to get into college

  • Victory!

  • my resolution is to retire by 35 and work internationally by 32

  • Natalie

    I’m looking to make a list of the greatest movies I’ve never seen an watch them

  • Octavio

    Try not to work a single day in the entire year

    (My moto is: “Get a job that you love and you won’t have to work never again”)

    Is it anything better than Graphic Design freelancing? :)

    Congrats for the site (and sorry for my english :P)

  • Matthew

    My new year’s resolution is to rework shitty existing album covers each month to refine my skills and contribute towards making a career in art direction in the music industry.

  • vishal marapon

    my new years resolution is to be pecasso, cuz he’s so damn cool!

  • Being ambitious.

  • jams

    My new years resolution is to start, promote, organize my own non-profit art space in Changsha, China, where I’m teaching English right now. It’s happening! VIRB is blocked by the Great Firewall though, so count me out.

  • ben

    I’ve resolved to better document the people I love.

    mostly in photographs. Also perhaps in recording the family stories that get brought out repeatedly but never put to tape.

    Not just family, but the folks around me who are important now, important yesterday and important tomorrow.

  • James

    I won’t be afraid anymore.

  • Not to end up in hospital like every year since i can remember

    Travel more


  • smoke healthier cigarettes
    become cooler than columbo
    train hop from ny to frisco
    take less shitty photos
    become spiderman
    to not miss the art school application deadline

    • alex

      I met this girl and invited her for dinner in a nice restaurant. This takes place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, that some people truthfully believe to be the vortex of the cool.

      Anyway, the girl is sweet, totally second wife material. She doesn’t know yet that if we are serious. she wont’ wear these earrings again or any other kind since i don’t like the look of it.

      Anyway, she orders macaroni and cheese. I don’t like this. I am thinking : she is young but soon enough she will become older and starts to get weight. It is pretty frightening especially if you see domr before after wedding pictures of my ex-wife.

      I ordered chicken on greens. I am done in 13 minutes. Our bearded waiter comes and takes off our plates. My date is not even half done with her dish since she is chewing every bite at least 32 times. I could have stand up and fight the bearded guy to get back the macaroni. Instead, I decided that chewing was cool. I took an instant resolution : I will bring her back to France, marry her, ask her to get rid of her earrings of all kind and most important, I will never put my fork down before she does.

  • michellejoy mateo

    Start a kickball team, learn more recipes or perfect them (my xmas quinoa was a mushfest), carry a sketchbook\camera around more, drive less
    , bike more, skate more, stay awake during movies, try my hand at filming, go digital (can’t let go of my nikon 2k), talk to people more often (even saying hi to a passerby will do), & be fearless (esp when it comes to school aka college …ucsd for studio art this fall eeek!)

  • avenge my parents death with a bat mask!

  • randy

    In 2011 I want to live my life more caring

  • Porter

    My New Year’s Resolution is to collect all of my belly button fluff in a jar. At the end of the year I will turn it into yarn and use it to knit a hat / a scarf for a small animal / a finger nail warmer (all depending on how much I manage to harness, delete as applicable).

  • New Years Resolution is to finally get a sexy ass Virb website going!

  • Shoot more, make more, sleep more, write more, draw more, eat more.

  • My new years reolution is work hard and be nice to people!

  • To taste the rain.

  • To try and become as interesting as possible. Keep cycling, read a lot of books (a lot), try and speak another language and live outside the country, drink beer, sleep with people, chase experiences and collect stories.

  • Start a studio for production of art projects and exhibitions. It will include painting, sculpture, drawing, video, photography, instalations, animation, and everything in-between…

  • Rock my art

  • Drazen

    My new year resolution is a free website for life!

  • I will balance my checkbook (on my nose)

  • Peter

    My New Year’s resolution is to win a Virb website for life.

  • to be true to my childhood passion, and DO MORE ART!!!

  • Vince

    swim with a giant manta ray and completely aknowledge that one day im going to die./

  • Anna

    to get over the 60’s


  • Jared Creason

    I could use this so I look cool when I’m updating my site at FedEx Kinkos.

  • to actualise the beauty in inanimacy and talk more to trees!

  • Scott Stanley

    This year I would like to slow down, exhale and enjoy my surroundings. Be thankful and say thank you for the simple things that I have, and the people who help make every day a one of a kind experience. Focus attention outwards on the fascinating crowd of the normal, who need a friend or even just a smile, and make sure that they know life is wonderful place to be. Do what I can to make destiny manifest it’s totally bodacious self in mine and others lives.

    example: Challenging my Janitorial friend Israel to go sledding. You see Israel,the Janitor, is from Oxnard California, but now he lives in the Rockies. He carried the day by grabbing a handful of garbage bags, his four kids, and journeyed to the local championship toboggan run. They were the Royal class of the sled hill with their hoodies and black plastic.

  • My new years resolution is to draw everyday!

  • Emil

    My new years resolution is this:
    More late nights
    More good friends
    More Wine
    More interesting conversation
    More music
    More exhibitions
    More travels

  • i have resolved to
    like people

  • John G

    My resolution this year is to not burn any bridges (metaphorical bridges but I suppose it applies to most physical ones as well).

  • Gen

    This year my resolution is to be honest and true to myself. It is to build on my strengths and gifts, to create, to love, to live life instead of exist in it, and to be of service and guidance to those who need me.

  • organize, compile, and publish my portfolio.

  • New Years Resolution:

    To learn something new every day.

  • My resolution for the year is to exemplify the importance of creating art, and through my art I want to convince that everyone is an artist. The sooner you believe in that action and mind-set, the sooner you will be in tune with the healing power that creating art upholds.

  • Anne

    My resolution is to leave friendly notes in the pockets of unsold clothes at my local thrift store. :)

  • Draw every day!

  • gain confidence

  • to stop making coffee for strangers.

  • resolution??

  • My 2011 resolution is to do something meaningful each day. “Meaningful” doesn’t necessarily mean something huge or widely-noticed or appreciated by thousands of people. It means doing something that leads me and others to life — whether it’s having a great conversation over a glass of wine to encourage someone else or brainstorming about the filming of a music video or waking up an hour early to sit in the quiet of my apartment to read before I start the day.

    I guess you could say that my resolution is much less about being legalistic in making sure I DO something great each day and much more about simply being aware that the little things we do daily can in themselves already BE great.

  • to absolutely trust my instinct, each and every single time.

  • B Rhoades

    wait! what if i had built mine some time back? can i somehow get it for 5 bucks a month instead of 10? or do i have to build a new one?


  • ben

    i quit smoking the day after i finished my course in october. last years resolution was to finally get my work out there, but flickr doesnt cut it professionally so all i have left on my list is to set up a website, then get featured and published

  • Cathal Quish

    RESOLUTION: I want to really wake up!

  • to stop using the words “like” and “um”. also to only use a computer 10 minutes per day

  • Matt

    To build my portfolio website.

  • jojo

    ‎2011 resolution: stop writing 2010 for what year it is.

    I think I can keep this one.

  • knonos

    my revolution is to straiten a banana, concentrate on what i’m doodling and read instructions carefully.

  • To escape from this motherfucking country I live right now, (the republic of Georgia) and start a new life in age of 20.

    yeah sounds banal, but JEFF, you have absolutely on idea how does it feel to live in here.. ; )

  • BOB

    to fart less.

  • nich
  • re solve? Nah….all suffering is only temporary and everything passes. Add things to my life instead of removing them.

  • Andrew

    My new years resolution is to stay positive while accomplishing the goals, both large and small, that I set for myself. So far, so good!

  • William Alexander

    Spend less money. Paint more often…

  • carla

    fear less. be more.

  • – tell people I love that I love them
    – be fair
    – learn to draw better
    – draw without a computer
    – read important stuff
    – do something unexpected
    – tech my dog new tricks
    – have more parties
    – challenge myself
    – wrok with my hands
    – call home
    – mean what I say and say what I mean
    – relearn my childhood language
    – eat cheese
    – get away
    – finish what I start
    – find the best tacos in nyc

    that’s it :)

  • My resolution:No more empty promises.
    Also liked Marie and sofas…probably give them a shot too

  • supervital

    Not to let my creativity fall by the wayside just because I’m in my third (and easily most difficult) year of medical school.

  • I actually just have a blog and a behance account… a real portfolio online would be a really great way to better share my work! My resolution is to start producing more handmade things and artworks and stop procrastinate. Winning this giveaway would give me a good start!

  • Deep

    to get more strays off the streets and find them homes. I just can’t take any more of them being put down for lack of people not adopting them……

  • my resolution is to be a better listener. I aim to improve my patience, attention, acceptance, gratitude and general awareness and understanding of loved ones, animals, nature, myself and the internet with as many senses as humanly possible.

  • Jack

    my news years resolution?

    1280 x 800

    oh yeeaah….

  • Jesse

    To complete my viscomm degree…a free webspace would be such a nice graduation present ; ) Love you booooooom!

  • my resolution is to be uncharacteristically resolute.

  • vic

    new website = new job
    new job = feed new baby
    feed new baby = happy family
    happy family = resolution complete

  • kathy

    no more headache and no more puking
    all becoz whenever i got my headache i will puke.
    want to be myself and stay cool whenever i need to do presentations.
    i want to learn to calm myself down when i am stressed out.
    and emmmmmmm. i dun wanna live in a life between deadlines and something like that. i need to have a betta time management lol.


  • Nadine Roberts

    eat more fruit & vegetables

  • Jenny

    My new year’s resolution: To get away from facebook and the attention social networks pretend to offer me I plan on participating in art projects. Real life attention and social contact at opening parties. Sketchbook project is already done, next up is a photography porject, music samplers and my own photo exhibition are still in progress. A real website would help me organise my photography archive.

  • Leo

    NYR: Think less, do more.


    I’ve already gotten started. Getting my tattoo license. Starting to finally make some art shows at my favorite cafe’s and art galleries in town, getting my photography done & videos. Finally got my band started and we’re playing some awesome shows. Never been happier, and it’s only been the first few weeks. Finally confidence in myself, when I have never had it, but I’m getting tired of wasting my time. I’m getting myself out there. Definitely. Nothing can stop me!! Can’t wait!

  • AlienP

    To Be Brave.

  • This year’s resolution is to stop making lists of things to do and instead start doing things right away!

  • leila

    My resolution is to build up my boudoir photography business so that I OWN the boudoir market in my region.

    Making my living helping women see how incredibly hot they are by taking pictures of them in their skivvies? Um…yeah! Sign me up!

    (a Virb website would help with that!)

  • Tim

    To stop looking at funny pictures and videos of cats and actually do some work. I don’t even like cats. I don’t even know why I find them funny.

    By the way, did you see this? http://FunnyOrDie.com/m/533n

  • Dries V

    Get married and never grow up.

  • Gem

    To actually sell ourselves for once instead of toilet paper, vitamins and insurance

    (Advertising creative team)

  • elenauffa

    my new year’s resolution?
    stop making new year’s resolution

  • My new years resolution is to be better at everything. This includes the internet (a website could certainly help).

  • To start smoking and to gain 30 pounds.

  • V

    am i too late? my new years resolution is be more curious

  • my new years resolution is to start making resolutions!

  • CONGRATS to Stacey and Dan!!! you both have won yourselves websites for life! Check your inboxes!

    Stay tuned for more giveaways!

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