21.01.11 by Jeff

Mammoth Friday Giveaway #3

Our Mammoth Fridays continue! One 8×10 print given away every friday this month, courtesy of Mammoth Collection! So who wants this one? You will be able to pick any print from the collection but another one of my personal favourites is this one by Karina Eibatova!

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To win this week’s print, share your favourite movie quote in the comments section below!

I’ll pick a winner Monday.

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • ”Zed’s Dead, Baby”

      -Taxi Driver

  • Tim

    Ron Burgundy – “If you want to throw down fisticuffs, fine. I’ve got Jack Johnson and Tom O’Leary waiting for ya, right here.”

  • rosie

    “you know, you go someplace new and everything looks just the same.”

    from jim jarmusch’s “stranger than paradise”

  • “But I was going to Tashee Station to pick up some power converters!!!”
    -L. Skywalker

  • Friday – Smokey: I know you don’t smoke weed, I know this; but I’m gonna get you high today, ’cause it’s Friday; you ain’t got no job… and you ain’t got shit to do.

  • willi

    mine is
    “run forest, run!”

  • “à force d’enculer les poules, on finit par casser des oeufs”
    translated “force to fuck chickens, it ends up breaking eggs”

    Jean Pierre Dharoussin in ‘le Poulpe’

  • Jack Walsh – “Yeah, well here come two words for you, Shut the fuck up!”

  • What’s the word that’s burning in your heart?

    -Sam, Garden State

  • conor mahon

    “You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?” Clint Eastwood… As infamous Dirty Harry!

  • Ola

    Dale Cooper: [Lucy pours Cooper a cup of coffee. He takes a sip and promptly spits it out]
    Dale Cooper: Damn fine coffee! And hot!
    twin peaks

  • ‘It’s for Paris, I’m on this new diet. Well, I don’t eat anything and when I feel like I’m about to faint I eat a cube of cheese. I’m just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.’

    devil wears Prada

  • Alison Dunlop

    “why don’t you go back to your home on whore island?”

  • “We got no food, no jobs… our PETS’ HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!!!”

    Lloyd, Dumb & Dumber (I’m laughing at myself writing this entry)

    • “He smelled like licorice and old books, she thought to herself, as tears rolled from her eyes, the color of muddy puddles.”

      Mary and Max.

  • A quote from the french movie Julet et Jim (1962)

    Please note that words can’t have the same value when they don’t have the same gender.
    ln German war, death and moon are masculine,
    whereas sun and love are feminine.

    Life is neuter.

  • Seb

    Lucky Number Slevin –

    Slevin: I’m gonna say the same thing any man with two penises says when his tailor asks him if he dresses to the right or left.
    Lindsey: What’s that?
    Slevin: Yes.

  • dickie

    ‘the mosquitoes are so God damn big here they could stand flat footed and fuck a chicken!’

    -another chicken fucking quote – Eat, Pray, Love.

  • “It’s superhero like even!”
    (Hackers, 1995)

  • “If you will it, dude it is no dream.” The Big Lebowski

  • Josh

    Fear and Loathing

    We can’t stop here, this is bat country!


  • “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.”

    – Jessica Rabbit

  • “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling. ”
    -Eames, “Inception”

  • Tatjana Dillinger

    Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard (1959)

    “All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.”

  • “It’s superhero-like, even!”
    (Hackers, 1995)

  • »scheiß der hund drauf« herr lehmann

  • Daz

    “happiness only real when shared”

  • I’m in a glass case of emotion

  • “You mustn’t give your heart to a wild thing.” breakfast at tiffany’s

  • Jacob Chabeaux

    ‘What are you singing, Petey?’
    ‘Just, just making it up as I went along really.’
    ‘That’s weak song writing. You wrote a bad song, Petey.’

    Mr Bean to Petey
    Fantastic Mr. Fox

  • James Boswell

    from Amélie
    Narrator: Amélie still seeks solitude. She amuses herself with silly questions about the world below, such as “How many people are having an orgasm right now?”
    [scenes of various orgasms taking place]
    Amélie: Fifteen.

  • rinos

    “One of us pays the other for half!”

    from Fargo

  • Don’t cross the flames! … Ghostbusters:)

  • Max

    “Accept the mystery.”

    – Clive’s Father, A SERIOUS MAN

  • Quote from Blow – 2001
    George: May the wind always be at your back, and the sun always upon your face, and may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.

  • Telmo Moura

    “one drink and that’s it! don’t be rude, drink your drink, do it quickly.. say good night, and go home”

    pulp fiction

  • Adnana

    ‘If I’m not back in five minutes… wait longer!’

    Ace Ventura: Pet Detective


  • “I am prepared for amazing things to happen” –

    richard swersey – me and you and everyone we know

  • katarzyna

    Marianne: What are you doing?
    Ferdinard: Looking at myself.
    Marianne: And what do you see?
    Ferdinard: The face of a man who’s driving towards a cliff at 100 km/h.
    Marianne: I see a woman who is in love with the man who’s driving towards a cliff at 100 km/h.
    Ferdinard: So let’s kiss.

    – pierrot le fou, jean-luc godard

    absurd and beautiful

  • Jade

    ” Toodle-oo, motherfuckers” Mr Chow, the Hangover

  • – I knew a guy who was dyslexic, but he was also cross-eyed, so everything came out right –

  • New Jersey Drive –

    (after young protagonist get off with minimal punishment the judge speaks on kids from in the ghettos)

    Judge: “Our society tells us that they’re criminals, hoodlums, animals. What I see everyday are confused children trying to find their way through a harsh and unforgiving world.”

  • “The weekend has landed” ;)
    Jip ‘Travolta’ / Human Traffic

  • “See yoo at da pahty, Reektah!”

  • Nicole

    All too many from The Science of Sleep, but I’ll settle with

    “I like your boobs. I think they’re very friendly and unpretentious.”

  • C Dub

    “Janie, today I quit my job. And then I told my boss to go fuck himself, and then I blackmailed him for almost sixty thousand dollars. Pass the asparagus.”

    ~ Lester Brunham : American Beauty

  • “Dylan!… you son of a bitch”

    then comes the most awsome hand shake ever. muscle-five.

    PREDATORS. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txuWGoZF3ew&feature=related

  • Megan

    “children have got to be free to lead their own lives” -Sebastian from The Little Mermaid

  • Holle

    “You know, like nunchuck-skills, bullhunting-skills, computerhacking-skills, girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.”

    Napoleon Dynamite.

  • Ricarda

    Andy Warhol: I wonder if people are going to remember us?
    Edie Sedgwick: What, when we’re dead?
    Andy Warhol: Yeah.
    Edie Sedgwick: Well I think people will talk about how you changed the world.
    Andy Warhol: I wonder what they’ll say about you… in your obituary. I like that word.
    Edie Sedgwick: Nothing nice, I don’t think.

    – factory girl

  • Mr Todd From Sweeny Todd, the Demon Barbour of Fleet Street:

    “Smells like piss… Looks like piss… This is piss, piss with ink.”

  • Champ Kind: I will smash your face into a car windshield, and then take your mother, Dorothy Mantooth, out for a nice seafood dinner and never call her again.
    Wes Mantooth: Dorothy Mantooth is a Saint!
    Ron Burgundy: Hey, let’s leave the mothers out of this.

  • Let us leave the beautiful women to men with no imagination.
    Marcel Proust

  • “The things you own end up owning you.” Tyler Durden (Fight Club)

  • Elom Bell

    Tyler Durden: Fuck damnation, man! Fuck redemption! We are God’s unwanted children? So be it!

    Narrator: OK. Give me some water!

    Tyler Durden: Listen, you can run water over your hand and make it worse or…

    Tyler Durden: look at me… or you can use vinegar and neutralize the burn.

    Narrator: Please let me have it… *Please*!

    Tyler Durden: First you have to give up, first you have to *know*… not fear… *know*… that someday you’re gonna die.


  • João Vinícius

    “That diamond is my ticket out of this God forsaken continent” – Blood Diamond

  • “There’s a moment in life where you can’t recover any more from another break-up.
    And even if this person bugs you sixty percent of the time,
    well you still can’t live without him. And even if he wakes you up every day by sneezing right in your face,
    well you love his sneezes more than anyone else’s kisses.”

    • AMS

      What movie is this from?

  • Elom Bell

    More from Fight Club-

    This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time

    Fuck off with your sofa units and strine green stripe patterns, I say never be complete, I say stop being perfect, I say let… lets evolve, let the chips fall where they may.

  • Charlie

    Kiss my sweaty balls you fat fuck.

    In The Loop.

  • stillinspace

    leningrad cowboys go america-
    yes yes itz a grreit grreit band yes
    on ov der best ye surre
    ol a ah american bois surre
    onny the neim is leningrad caubois tah
    a min yes yes
    cant hier yu its long disddans
    oldlait oldlait ail bring dem tu yu
    yes ddengku ~ddengku ddeng~ku bai bai


  • Bec

    “You know your voice is kind of nice when your mouth isn’t screwing it up.”
    the gooniesBec

  • ” FOUR for you, Glenn Coco! You go, Glenn Coco ” – from mean girls
    a little bit shallow, but amazing!

  • ))((

    (Me and you and everyone we know)

  • Mia Wallace: “Don’t be a” and draws a square. (Pulp Fiction)

  • Walter

    “I have to believe that my actions still have meaning, even if i can’t remember them” -Memento

  • “hallelujah, holy shit!”

    national lampoon’s christmas vacation.

  • “Quittin’ to you would be like swallowin’ piss for eternity” Bar Fly- Charles Bukowski

  • “Sometimes you eat the bar, sometimes the bar eats you.”
    The big Lebowski :)

  • Joshua Carey

    Airplane: “‘S’mofo butter layin’ me to da’ BONE! Jackin’ me up… tight me!”

  • Julien

    “What am i going to write?”

    Myself – In Front of my Computer

  • Julian

    “What am i going to write to win this?”

    Myself – In Front of my Computer

  • Drew Leslie

    My favorite movie quote is from Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn
    Deadite – “I’ll swallow your soul!”
    Ash – “Swallow THIS!”
    Ash’s Boom-stick – “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!”

  • “I’m nostalgic for conversations I had yesterday. I’ve begun reminiscing events before they even occur. I’m reminiscing this right now. I can’t go to the bar because I’ve already looked back on it in my memory… and I didn’t have a good time.” — Kicking and Screaming

  • “Give me your Tots!”

  • Why don’t you just tie a mattress to your back? You don’t care where it is, do you?

    Swan from The Warriors (1979)

  • Cody

    Mine. 1970 Pontiac Firebird. The car I’ve always wanted and now I have it. I rule!

  • Cody

    Oh and thats from American Beauty ^^

  • Rich the Cat

    “Ever danced with the Devil in the pale moon light?”

    Jack Nicholson as the Joker.

  • “Lying is the most fun a girl can do without taking her clothes off” Natalie Portman in the movie “Closer”.

  • “And crawling, on the planet’s face, some insects, called the human race. LOST IN TIME, AND LOST IN SPACE… AND MEANING”
    – rocky horror

  • Michael

    “Charlotte York: How are you gonna swallow all those?
    Samantha Jones: Have we met?”

    SATC Movie 2

  • 5 Easy Pieces

    (Jack Nicolson wants plain toast which isn’t on the menu)

    Bobby: Yeah, now all you have to do is hold the chicken, bring me the toast, give me a check for the chicken salad sandwich, and you haven’t broken any rules.
    Waitress: You want me to hold the chicken, huh?
    Bobby: I want you to hold it between your knees.

  • “Oh Audrey – I look like hell! I got bags under my eyes. What’s that? Well if you were a man, I’d punch you. Punch you right in the mouth. That’s bush. Bush league. YOU HEAR ME? AUDREY! LOOK AT ME! I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Alright?” – Anchorman

  • Melissa

    “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. ”
    ~Princess Bride

  • I’m single! I love being single! I haven’t had this much sex since I was a boy scout leader!

    Lt. Frank Drebin – The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear

  • “If you were thinking you wouldn’t have thought that..”

    -Squints Palledorous

  • “But I was a better man with you, as a woman… than I ever was with a woman, as a man.” – Tootsie, Michael Dorsey (Dustin Hoffman)

  • Kayleigh

    “That ain’t no Etch A Sketch. This is one doodle that can’t be undid, Homeskillet” – Juno

  • Noemie Brassard

    «On voit rien!» – PKF KID

  • Drue

    “Maybe I’m spending too much of my time starting up clubs and putting on plays. I should probably be trying harder to score chicks.” Max Fischer

  • ‘There only noddles Micheal’ Lost Boys

  • Alba

    it’s difficult to choose just one! but i think i will say:
    “Times are hard for dreamers”
    from The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain :)

  • ‘I’m kicking my ass! Do you mind’ Liar Liar

  • You’re Mr. Lebowski… I’m the Dude. –The Big Lebowski

  • Kristy

    “No, Roland… I crashed my van into Jesus!”

  • Dennis Pettersson

    “My first wife was ‘tarded. She’s a pilot now.” Idiocracy

  • Kristy

    “Holy shit! That girl has a skunk on her head! Oh, that’s just your hair. Sorry, but that’s messed up.”

    -Josie and the Pussycats

  • ” Like I’ll poop into her butthole and she’ll poop it back… into my butthole and then we’ll just keep doing it back and forth. With the same poop. Back and forth. Forever.”
    -you and me and everyone we know

  • “Unfortunately no, it requires something with a little more kick – plutonium. ”
    Dr Emmett Brown – Back to the Future.

  • What we have here is failure to communicate – Cool Hand Luke

  • Martin

    ” I was right in the middle of a fucking reptile zoo, and somebody was giving booze to these goddamn things. Won’t be long now before they tear us to shreds. “

  • “Finally! Big Ern is above the law!” -Bill Murray in Kingpin

  • AMS

    “I love the smell of Napalm in the morning”

    a favorite movie quote selection wouldn’t be complete without it, so I thought it’s my duty to contribute it.

  • “Let me tell you the story of “Right Hand, Left Hand.” It’s a tale of good and evil. Hate: It was with this hand that Cane iced his brother. Love: These five fingers, they go straight to the soul of man. The right hand: the hand of love. The story of life is this: Static. One hand is always fighting the other hand; and the left hand is kicking much ass. I mean, it looks like the right hand, Love, is finished. But, hold on, stop the presses, the right hand is coming back. Yeah, he got the left hand on the ropes, now, that’s right. Ooh, it’s the devastating right and Hate is hurt, he’s down. Left-Hand Hate K.O.ed by Love.”
    (Radio Raheem in ‘Do The Right Thing’)

  • Diannamite Boom

    The funny thing is on the outside, I was an honest man, straight as an arrow. I had to come to prison to be a crook. – Shawshank Redemption

  • AMS

    My real quote – From “Aguirre Wrath of God” (Werner Herzog)
    there are a lot of great quotes from the movie, so I’ve picked this one, which will provoke the imagination, perhaps to create art as good as the film
    Okello: [Hallucinating] That is no ship. That is no forest. [Arrow hits him] That is no arrow. We just imagine the arrows because we fear them. [Dies]

  • Lucas Maciuk

    “I caught you a delicious bass” – Napoleon Dynamite

  • The Su

    “You know that point in your life when you realize the house you grew up in isn’t really your home anymore? It’s like you feel homesick for a place that doesn’t even exist. Maybe it’s like this rite of passage, you know. I don’t know, but I miss the idea of it, you know. Maybe that’s all family really is. A group of people that miss the same imaginary place.” – Garden State

  • Myles

    “As your leader, I encourage you from time to time, and always in a respectful manner, to question my logic. If you’re unconvinced that a particular plan of action I’ve decided is the wisest, tell me so, but allow me to convince you and I promise you right here and now, no subject will ever be taboo. Except, of course, the subject that was just under discussion. The price you pay for bringing up either my Chinese or American heritage as a negative is… I collect your fucking head. Just like this fucker here. Now, if any of you sons of bitches got anything else to say, now’s the fucking time!”

    O-Ren Ishii: Kill Bill vol.2

  • Wenye

    Carl Spackler from Caddyshack: A looper, you know, a caddy, a looper, a jock. So, I tell them I’m a pro jock, and who do you think they give me? The Dalai Lama, himself. Twelfth son of the Lama. The flowing robes, the grace, bald… striking. So, I’m on the first tee with him. I give him the driver. He hauls off and whacks one – big hitter, the Lama – long, into a ten-thousand foot crevasse, right at the base of this glacier. Do you know what the Lama says? Gunga galunga… gunga, gunga-lagunga. So we finish the eighteenth and he’s gonna stiff me. And I say, “Hey, Lama, hey, how about a little something, you know, for the effort, you know.” And he says, “Oh, uh, there won’t be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness.” So I got that goin’ for me, which is nice.

  • Daimeon Haynes

    George: The bathroom’s just down the hall, if you’d like to take a shower.
    Kenny: Aren’t you taking a shower too, Sir?
    George: Oh, I’m fine, I’m English, we like to be cold and wet.

    A Single Man (2009)

    Lebowski. I don’t like your jerk-off name. I don’t like your jerk-off face. I don’t like your jerk-off behavior, and I don’t like you, jerk-off.
    Do I make myself clear?

  • Sebastian

    Steve Zissou: “Son of a bitch, I’m sick of these dolphins.”

  • Doug

    You’re gonna eat lightnin’ and you’re gonna crap thunder!

    -Rocky 1976

  • You read the Bible, Brett?
    Brett: [gasping for breath] Yes.
    Jules: Well, there’s this passage I’ve got memorized, sort’a fits the occasion. Ezekiel 25:17? “The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who in the name of charity and good will shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. [begins pacing about the room] And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers! And you will know my name is the Lord [pulls out his gun and aims it at Brett] when I lay my vengeance upon thee!”

  • Ben

    That rug really tied the room together. – The Big Lebowski

  • Robert

    “Hey Malkovich! Think fast!”
    -Being John Malkovich

  • Noah

    In memory of Leslie Nielson: “Surely you can’t be serious?!” Rumack: “I am serious… and don’t call me Shirley.”

  • Chris

    Full Metal Jacket

    Gunnery Sergeant Hartman:

    If you ladies leave my island, if you survive recruit training, you will be a weapon. You will be a minister of death praying for war. But until that day you are pukes. You are the lowest form of life on Earth. You are not even human, fucking beings. You are nothing but unorganized grabastic pieces of amphibian shit. Because I am hard you will not like me. But the more you hate me the more you will learn. I am hard but I am fair. There is no racial bigotry here. I do not look down on niggers, kikes, wops or greasers. Here you are all equally worthless. And my orders are to weed out all non-hackers who do not pack the gear to serve in my beloved Corps. Do you maggots understand that?

  • Alana

    “Times are hard for dreamers”


  • Laz


  • [Inspector] “It’s for the greater good”
    [followers in unison] “GRREEEAAATTTEERR GGOOOODDD”

    [Angel]”The greater good?!”
    [followers again in unison] “GRREEEAAATTTEERR GGOOOODDD”

  • jade

    Make it, make it, don’t fake it-up trash humpers

  • Melanie

    I’m gonna climb over your anger wall one of these days and it’s going to be glorious!
    – The other guys

  • Matt Cee

    John H. Mallory: I used to believe in many things, all of it! Now, I believe only in dynamite. – Duck, You Sucker (1971)

  • You,me,and everyone we know

    Poop,back and forth,forever ))-((

  • william

    “dude!” -dude, wheres my car

  • “Give me the child. Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child that you have stolen. For my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great…”

  • Josie Norton

    The way I see it, if you’re gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?

  • “You are so much less attractive when I’m sober.”
    Shelley Long – Money Pit

  • Allison Marie

    //So if you wake up one morning and it’s a particularly beautiful day, you’ll know we made it//

    sunshine <3

  • Albert: I’m talking about not covering every square inch with houses and strip malls until you can’t remember what happens when you stand in a meadow at dusk.
    Bret: What happens in the meadow at dusk?
    Albert: Everything!
    Mrs. Hooten: Nothing!
    Albert: Everything.
    Mrs. Hooten: Nothing!
    Albert: Everything!
    Mrs. Hooten: Nothing!
    Albert: It’s beautiful.
    Tommy: It’s beautiful.

    – I ♥ Huckabees (2004) Dir. David O. Russell

  • Dave

    From the best Australian movie ever, The Castle!

    Dale Kerrigan: (voiceover) He loved the serenity of the place.
    Darryl Kerrigan: Hows the serenity?
    Dale Kerrigan: (voiceover) I think he also just loved the word.
    Darryl Kerrigan: So much serenity.

  • The best of all time:

    “Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me, aren’t you?”
    from The Graduate (1967)

  • Ben

    Blain ‘This stuff will make you a god damned sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me.’
    Predator (1987)

  • Joe

    “I mean, c’mon, let’s kick the ballistics here: Ain’t no Uzi’s made in Harlem. Not one of us in here owns a poppy field. This thing is bigger than Nino Brown. This is big business. This is the American way.”

    -New Jack City

  • “dogs eating people is cool”

    Nowhere by Gregg Araki

  • “kick his ass sea bass”

    dumb & dumber

  • Bryan

    “If the good Lord had intended us to walk, he wouldn’t have invented roller skates.”

    – Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971)

  • Ankelchen

    “He’s dead. They stuffed him with pages torn from his favorite book. Could you cook him?”

    The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover

  • I’ve had a wonderful evening,
    but this wasn’t it.

    -duck soup

  • Shannon

    “I’m a firm believer in the philosophy of a ruling class. Especially since I rule.” -Clerks

  • [while dunking the Dude’s head in the toilet]
    Blond Nihilist Thug: Where’s the money, Lebowski? Where’s the fucking money, shithead?
    The Dude: It’s uh… uh… it’s down there somewhere, let me take another look.

  • Benjamin

    Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, (BOOOOOOOM ;), you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!

  • “i was hiding under your porch, because i love you” from UP

  • Joel

    Pete: You stole from my kin!
    Everett: Who was fixin’ to betray us!
    Pete: You didn’t know that at the time!
    Everett: So I borrowed it till I did know!
    Pete: That don’t make no sense!
    Everett: Pete, it’s a fool who looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart.

    – O Brother Where Art Thou

  • Colleen

    “Life is pain highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” -The Princess Bride

  • matt

    “We didnt have the Gallery to look into your souls, we had the Gallery to see if you had souls at all”

    or maybe the bit shortly after which goes something like…


    – Never Let Me Go

  • Micah

    “You don’t wanna get mixed up with a guy like me. I’m a loner, Dottie. A rebel.”

    – Pee-wee’s Big Adventure (1985)

  • Emma

    That’s amazing, Jeremy, but I’m gonna go home now and fart into a shoe box. – Claire Foster, “Date Night”

  • Ace Ventura: Ho, ho! Fiction can be fun! But I find the reference section much more enlightening.

  • “Anybody interested in grabbing a couple of burgers and hittin’ the cemetery?”

    -Royal Tenenbaum

  • Margot: I think we’re just gonna to have to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that, Ritchie.

  • Sean

    Christopher Gardner: Hey. Don’t ever let somebody tell you… You can’t do something. Not even me. All right?

    Christopher Gardner Jr.: All right.

    Christopher Gardner: You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period.

  • melissa

    “Hold me”
    “I cant'”

    -Edward Scissorhands

  • Peter

    “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”

    -Tyler Durden, Fight Club

  • “Your knowledge of scientific biological transmogrification is only outmatched by your zest for kung-fu treachery!”

    -Black Dynamite

  • Peter

    “It takes more than cool moves to defeat a champion.”

    -Jarrod, Eagle vs Shark

  • Andrew P.

    “I grew up in Dublin, I love Dublin! Maybe if i was born on a farm, an was retarded Bruges might impress me, but i did’t so it doesn’t.”
    – In Bruges

  • “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

  • Yael

    “That rug really tied the room together.”

  • Amanda

    “English, motherfucker, do you speak it?”

    -Jules, Pulp Fiction

  • “well that’s weird…” – The Brothers Bloom

  • “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it. I don’t like it anymore than you men.”

    -Captain from Cool Hand Luke

  • dagmar

    ‘What are you drawing?’
    ‘A liger’
    ‘What’s a liger?’
    ‘It’s pretty much my favorite animal. It’s like a lion and a tiger mixed… bred for its skills in magic’

    -Napoleon Dynamite

  • Gemma

    “No matter where you go, there you are. ”

    (The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, 1984)

  • “Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw. Do I look like Mother Theresa?”


  • Ryan

    “What in the wide, wide world of sports is a-goin’ on here?” -Taggert, Blazing Saddles

  • Alannah

    “You’re right, actually. I am pretty- I’m, I’m pretty troubled and I’m, I’m pretty confused. But I… and I’m afraid. Really, really afraid. Really afraid. But I… I… I think you’re the fucking Antichrist.”
    Donnie Darko

  • Wolfe

    Your death therapy cured me you Genius!!!
    – BIll Murray, What about Bob

  • “That’s just, like, your opinion, man.” – Big Labowski

  • jibby jibby

    All I could think about in that moment was the guy in the next room was eating with only one chopstick.

    dae-su oh

  • Gaston

    “You don’t understand anything, man. Leave your *stupid* comments in your pocket!”

    The Room

  • Kerensa

    “The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That’s pride fucking with you. Fuck pride! Pride only hurts, it never helps.”
    Marsellus Wallace, Pulp Fiction

  • omar

    Bernard Jaffe: “There’s no such thing as nothing.”

    I heart huckabees

  • Sandra Romero

    “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”
    -Doctor Emmett Brown

  • O

    Festival Director: [translating] That’s an endangered species at most. What would be the scientific purpose of killing it?

    Steve Zissou: Revenge.

  • ” … They’re eating her. – – – And then they’re going to eat me. – – OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. ”

    – Troll 2


  • Vince

    run forrest run….

  • Alexandria and Roy’s conversations in “The Fall” —

    Alexandria: [crying as Roy finishes the story] Why are you making everyone die?
    Roy Walker: Because… everything dies

  • sheena

    “As for you, my galvanized friend, you want a heart. You don’t know how lucky you are not to have one. Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable. ”

    the wizard of oz to the tin man

  • Sailor: This is a snakeskin jacket! And for me it’s a symbol of my individuality, and my belief… in personal freedom

    Wild at Heart

  • kara

    “Those toenails dry yet, sweetheart? We got some dancin’ to do.”

  • Erica

    “‘Action is character’ our English teacher says. I think it means that if we never did anything we wouldn’t be anybody”

    -Jenny, An Education

  • RydertheThird

    Tyler Durden: “the things you own end up owning you”

  • alexandre

    “Human error”

    by HAL 9000, the infallible computer, in 2001: A Space Odyssey, when asked what could be the cause of its own error.

  • RydertheThird

    Tyler Durden “Its only when we’ve lost everything that were free to do anything”

  • Naked Gun 2 1/2, Lt. Frank Drebin:

    “I’m single! I love being single! I haven’t had this much sex since I was a Boy Scout leader! … I mean at the time I was dating a lot.”

  • ryans

    “Shall we shag now, or shag later”? – Austin Powers

  • Adrian

    Lucy: You think you’re so smart with that blanket. What are you going to do with it when you grow up?
    Linus: Maybe I’ll make it into a sport coat.

    From “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

  • “you’re tearing me apart, lisa!”

    the room.

  • Sak

    Story of my life. I always get the fuzzy end of the lollipop.
    – Sugar (Marilyn Monroe), Some Like it Hot

  • Charlie Kaufman: There was this time in high school. I was watching you out the library window. You were talking to Sarah Marsh.

    Donald Kaufman: Oh, God. I was so in love with her.

    Charlie Kaufman: I know. And you were flirting with her.

    And she was being really sweet to you.

    Donald Kaufman: I remember that.

    Charlie Kaufman: Then, when you walked away, she started making fun of you with Kim Canetti. And it was like they were laughing at *me*. You didn’t know at all. You seemed so happy.

    Donald Kaufman: I knew. I heard them.

    Charlie Kaufman: How come you looked so happy?

    Donald Kaufman: I loved Sarah, Charles. It was mine, that love. I owned it. Even Sarah didn’t have the right to take it away. I can love whoever I want.

    Charlie Kaufman: But she thought you were pathetic.

    Donald Kaufman: That was her business, not mine. You are what you love, not what loves you. That’s what I decided a long time ago.

    Donald Kaufman: Whats up?

    Charlie Kaufman: Thank you.

    Donald Kaufman: For what?

  • “a revolution without dancing is not a revolution worth having.”

    -V in V for Vendetta

  • Stiina

    What makes you think I won’t cut you?

    Nick, from “Waiting“

  • Steven Carr

    “Smokey, this is not ‘Nam this is bowling. There are rules.”

    Walter in The Big Lebowski.

  • “…hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies”.

    -The Shawshank Redemption

  • “Normally, I would stay and fight to the death too, but it is a school night!” – Surf Ninjas

  • Rob

    how am i not myself? – i heart huckabees

  • Rach

    “In the immortal words of The Doors, ‘The time to hesitate is through.'”

    Empire Records

  • sophia

    “frankly my dear, i don’t give a damn”

  • Nico

    “There’s alotta things about me you don’t know anything about, Dottie. Things you wouldn’t understand. Things you couldn’t understand.” – Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

  • Sare

    Wherever you go, there you are
    -Buckaroo Banzai

  • “In twelve years, he’ll be eleven and a half.”
    “That was my favorite age.”

    Jane Winslette-Richardson to Steve Zissou
    – Life Aquatic

  • i love lamp.

  • “I could smell a cache of yeast cakes forty mile off.”

    -Gentleman Bronco

  • “Look, Mr. Franz, I think careers are a 20th century invention, and I don’t want one.”

    Into the Wild (2007)

  • Evelyn: Look, I may not be an explorer, or an adventurer, or a treasure-seeker, or a gunfighter, Mr. O’Connell, but I am proud of what I am!

    Rick: And what is that?

    Evelyn: I am a librarian!

    –The Mummy

  • “Only after disaster can we be resurrected.”

    Tyler Durden, “Fight Club”

  • Luis Pizano

    Without a doubt Kitty Farmer’s line in Gene Kelly’s “Donnie Darko”.

    Kitty Farmer: [tearfully] “This has been a dream of Samantha’s and all of ours for a long time! I made her lead dancer! Sometimes, I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion!”

    The best comic relief amidst the torment of angst and confusion that is the film itself. So great.

  • Anna

    “I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.”
    from Monty Python and the Holy Grail =]

  • Conor

    I’d always heard your entire life flashes in front of your eyes the second before you die. First of all, that one second isn’t a second at all. It stretches on forever, like an ocean of time. For me, it was lying on my back at Boy Scout Camp, watching falling stars. And yellow leaves from the maple trees that lined our street. Or my grandmother’s hands, and the way her skin seemed like paper. And the first time I saw my cousin Tony’s brand-new Firebird. And Janie… and Janie. And… Carolyn. I guess I could be pretty pissed off about what happened to me, but it’s hard to stay mad when there’s so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I’m seeing it all at once, and it’s too much. My heart fills up like a balloon that’s about to burst. And then I remember to relax, and stop trying to hold on to it. And then it flows through me like rain. And I can’t feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life. You have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m sure. But don’t worry, you will someday.

  • Roseanne

    The core man’s spirit comes from new experiences


  • “They’ll never catch me man, cause I’m fuckin’ innocent.”

    *Plays “2000 Man” by The Rolling Stones

    -Bottle Rocket

  • Mitch

    “This is going to be a total cluster-cus for everyone…” – Mr. Fox

  • Alexa Silva

    “more sugar” -MIB

  • loren

    The River’s Edge:
    “Do you think this car runs on God’s own methane?”

    -Crispin Glover

  • From Andrei Tarkovsky’s _Stalker_
    (a poem written by his father, Arseny Tarkovsky)

    Now the summer has passed.
    It might never have been.
    It is warm in the sun,
    But it isn’t enough.

    All that might’ve occurred
    Like a five-fingered leaf
    Fluttered into my hands,
    But it isn’t enough.

    Neither evil nor good
    Has yet vanished in vain,
    It all burned and was light,
    But it isn’t enough.

    Life has been as a shield,
    And has offered protection.
    I have been most fortunate,
    But it isn’t enough.

    The leaves were not burned.
    The boughs were not broken,
    The day clear as glass,
    But it isn’t enough.

  • “Your foster parents are dead.” -T2

  • Marlon

    “I feel the need—the need for speed!” – Pete “Maverick” Mitchell

  • Hollyn

    “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    -Inigo, The Princess Bride

  • Scott Stanley

    “Chancho, When you become a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants.”
    -Nacho Libre

  • Erin

    “Wipe that face off your head bitch”- Darla in Dazed and Confused

  • Michael C!

    (Jesus Quintana) You ready to be fucked, man? I see you rolled your way into the semis. Dios mio, man. Liam and me, we’re gonna fuck you up.
    (The Dude) Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

  • eh

    ” You’re heading for a breakdown, why don’t you pull yourself to pieces? ”

    Groucho Marx as Professor Wagstaff in Horse Feathers (1932)

  • Chelsea

    “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.”

    (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)

  • John Dumalig

    “Betta watch yo back foo.. Sucka….. Foolish Sucka!”

    – Eagle Vs. Shark

  • Mandy

    “This might not make sense to you…but I think I’m in a tragedy”
    -Harold Crick, Stranger than Fiction

  • it was perfect. i was perfect.

    black swan.

  • Brian L

    “Let’s get some of that Saturday night beaver!” – Reed Rothchild in Boogie Nights

  • HARI

    “I am more comfortable tense”

    André Clement in ‘The International’

  • Seth

    “Bill Groundhog-Day, Ghostbustin’-ass Murray!”

    – GZA from “Coffee and Cigarettes”

  • Sharath

    “You Warriors are good. Real good.”

  • Monica

    “Ah well… after all, history only tastes bitter to those who expected it to be sugar coated.”

    -Chris Marker’s Sans Soleil

  • Philip

    Gretchen: My mom had to get a restraining order against my stepdad. He has emotional problems.
    Donnie: Oh, I have those too! What kind of emotional problems does your dad have?
    Gretchen: He stabbed my mom four times in the chest.
    Donnie: Oh.
    -Donnie Darko

  • rachel

    “We must remember that art is art. Well, on the other hand water is water isn’t it?
    And east is east and west is west. And if you take cranberries and stew them like applesauce they taste much more like prunes than rubarb does.
    Now uh…now you tell me what you know.”

    -Groucho Marx, Animal Crackers


  • Keiko

    “Bill’s 32. He looks 32.
    He looked it five years ago.
    He’ll look it 20 years from now.
    I hate men”

    – Margo Channing (Bette Davis), All About Eve

  • Jes


    Dumb & Dumber

  • DurbanGirl

    “Happiness is only real when shared”
    ~From the movie INTO THE WILD

  • “Oh, yes, I did. I did, I had my cake, loved it, masticated it, chewed it and had everything I wanted.” – Big Edie, Grey Gardens

  • Luella

    “That wasn’t flying! That was falling with style!”

  • Brad

    “You’re an inanimate fuckin’ object!” – In Bruges

  • Samanta

    “All bubble-blowing babies will be beaten senseless by every able-bodied patron in the bar. (…bar)”

    – Patrons at the bar, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

  • Napoleon Dynamite:

    Kip: “Napoleon, don’t be jealous that I’ve been chatting online with babes all day. Besides, we both know that I’m training to be a cage fighter. “

  • Jack Burton: Like I told my last wife, I says, “Honey, I never drive faster than I can see. Besides that, it’s all in the reflexes.”

    -Big Trouble in Little China

  • Harold: I like you, Maude.
    Maude: I like you, Harold

    -Harold & Maude

  • “That pregnant slut played us like a cheap fiddle.” – Steve Zissou

    The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

  • Phaedra

    “My cat can eat a WHOOOOOLE watermelon!”
    -Crispin Glover in Rubin and Ed.

  • char

    “You look good wearing my future.” Some kind of wonderful

  • courtney

    when i was your age i flipped burgers all summer for an a track

    that sucks

    no not really, all i did was party and get laid. i had my whole life ahead of me.

    -american beauty

  • Jae Criddle

    -Simple Men

  • [the gigantic Stone Head hovers before the worshipful horde of Exterminators]
    Zardoz: Zardoz speaks to you, His chosen ones.
    Exterminators: We are the chosen ones!
    Zardoz: You have been raised up from Brutality, to kill the Brutals who multiply, and are legion. To this end, Zardoz your God gave you the gift of the Gun.
    The Gun is good!
    Exterminators: The Gun is good!
    Zardoz: The Penis is evil! The Penis shoots Seeds, and makes new Life to poison the Earth with a plague of men, as once it was. But the Gun shoots Death and purifies the Earth of the filth of Brutals. Go forth, and kill! Zardoz has spoken.

    — Zardoz

  • Rod

    “I feel kind of invincible.”
    Jack Burton, Big Trouble in Little China

  • TIM

    “If you wanna smear mud on your ass smear mud on your ass. Just be honest about it.”
    -Can of mixed vegetables (Wet Hot American Summer)

  • Mike Jandora

    HEINEKEN!? Fuck that shit. PAPST BLUE RIBON!

    Blue Velvet-Dennis Hopper (r.i.p.)

  • I’m not trying to be dramatic but i’d rather be shot in the face than eat this stupid food

    (Baby Mama)

  • Colin

    “I’m your huckleberry”

    Doc Holliday, Tombstone

  • Ark


    – Samuel – pulp fiction

  • Steve

    I used to be legit. I was too legit. I was too legit to quit. but now I’m not legit. I’m unlegit. And for that reason, I must quit.

    -Rod Kimble (Hot Rod or best movie ever)

  • Matt

    Let everything that’s been planned come true. Let them believe. And let them have a laugh at their passions. Because what they call passion actually is not some emotional energy, but just the friction between their souls and the outside world. And most important, let them believe in themselves. Let them be helpless like children, because weakness is a great thing, and strength is nothing. When a man is just born, he is weak and flexible. When he dies, he is hard and insensitive. When a tree is growing, it’s tender and pliant. But when it’s dry and hard, it dies. Hardness and strength are death’s companions. Pliancy and weakness are expressions of the freshness of being. Because what has hardened will never win.

    -Stalker (Tarkovsky)

  • Melissa L

    “Here or there, this is nowhere.”

    Delicatessen (1991)

  • Casey

    “What this reveals is his highest ideal. In the first state, man and sword become one and each other. Here, even a blade of grass can be used as a lethal weapon. In the next stage, the sword resides not in the hand but in the heart. Even without a weapon, the warrior can slay his enemy from a hundred paces. But the ultimate ideal is when the sword disappears altogether. The warrior embraces all around him. The desire to kill no longer exists. Only peace remains.”

  • Ariela Rozenbaum

    “I just feel like there’s something outside of normal life. Outside of teachers, breakups, girlfriends. Like, right out there, like outside – there’s like different levels of… stuff.”
    From Paranoid Park

  • Jerry Tea

    “We are images, dreams, photographs. We must not stay here. Prisoners! We shall break the illusion. Goodbye to the Holy Mountain. Real life awaits us.”

    from The Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jodorowsky

  • ))(( “pooping back and forth” – Robby; You, me and everyone we know.

  • Alastair

    Houston, we have a problem.

  • “Even though I am no worse than a beast, don’t I have the right to live?”

    – Movie: Oldboy; Director: Chan-wook Park [2003]

  • Bree

    Richard Chesler: The second rule of Fight Club – is this yours?
    Narrator: Huh?
    Richard Chesler: Pretend you’re me, make a managerial decision: you find this, what would you do?
    Narrator: [pauses] Well, I gotta tell you: I’d be very, very careful who you talk to about that, because the person who wrote that… is dangerous.
    [Gets up from the chair]
    Narrator: [Talking slowly] And this button-down, Oxford-cloth psycho might just snap, and then stalk from office to office with an Armalite AR-10 carbine gas-powered semi-automatic weapon, pumping round after round into colleagues and co-workers. This might be someone you’ve known for years. Someone very, very close to you.

  • Squirrel butts don’t glow°


  • Alex

    “You see if you ask me we’re heterosexual by default, not by decision. It’s just a question of who you fancy. It’s all about aesthetics and it’s fuck all to do with morality.” – Mark “Rent-boy” Renton, Trainspotting (1996)

    – Mean Girls.

  • Max

    The core of a mans’ spirit comes from new experiences. (Chris, Into the Wild)

  • Jessie

    “Have fun storming the castle…”

    The Princess Bride

  • Jules: I want you to go in that bag, and find my wallet.
    Pumpkin: Which one is it?
    Jules: It’s the one that says Bad Motherfucker.

    -Pulp Fiction

  • Blake

    “You are not LaBeouf!”
    – Rooster Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) – True Grit

  • “Ive got some homework for you to do – go home and touch yourself”

    Black Swan

  • “Apple juice, Apple Juice flood”

    Kylie the Possum

    -Fantastic Mr Fox

  • Justine Kay

    “Si vous n’aimez pas la mer… Si vous n’aimez pas la montagne… Si vous n’aimez pas la ville : allez vous faire foutre !”
    A bout de souffle, Godard

  • Fanelle

    “Yeah, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.” The Dude in The Big Lebowski

  • Natalie

    “No body move Ive dropped my brain”

  • Imellda Ramovski

    “get away from her you bitch!”

    – Aliens

  • Kristi

    “But I’m just a fucked-up girl who’s lookin’ for my own peace of mind; don’t assign me yours.”

    -Clementine in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

  • i really want this

  • How ’bout ‘dem apples? (Good Will Hunting)

  • “It’s sad to fall asleep. It separates people. Even when you’re sleeping together, you’re all alone.”, Patricia Franchini in Breathless.

  • Anna

    “Daaaaave, did you guys make it out okaaaay??”

  • Peter L

    “This whole world’s wild at heart and weird on top.”

    -Wild at heart (by David Lynch)

  • Abbas Omaar

    “life passes most people by while they’re making grand plans for it” George Jung in the movie Blow

  • alexandre

    “It’s all in the mind, you know.”

    – George Harrisson, Yellow Submarine

  • Lea

    “Do you think about breaking things? We could break things. Hearts? Don’t break my heart.” -Wild tigers I have known-

  • “I really like your sleeves” Napoleon Dynamite

  • “I’m as serious as cancer, Jack.”

  • Morgan Atchley

    “May the wind always be at your back, and the sun always upon your face, and may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.” Blow

  • “She bit her dog, ey?”

    -Wizard of Oz

  • “Great party, isn’t it?”

    The Shining

  • Koni

    “En tout cas je sais pas si c’est un cheval ou une truie, mais ils t’ont pas loupés, vas te faire refaire, Alien!”
    From the movie : Dikkenek

  • Jon

    “They’ve done studies, you know. 60% of the time it works, every time.”

    -Brian Fantana, from Anchorman

  • Danny

    HAL: “Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do. I’m half crazy all for the love of you. It won’t be a stylish marriage, I can’t afford a carriage. But you’ll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two.”


    “Here’s Johnny!”

    – The Shining

  • Louis

    “It’s 106 miles to Chicago. We’ve got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses.”

    Elwood Blues in The Blues Brothers

  • Jason

    “Warriors, Come out to plaaaayyyyyaaaaa!!!!”
    – The Warriors.

  • Livia

    “Nobody sees you walking away, without wanting to be with you.” – from Garden of heaven

  • Eric Flores

    “That’s not true guys, cus there is a bone in your penis, thats why they call it a boner.”
    -The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys

  • “I’m mourning the death of my childhood.”
    (What About Bob)

  • Tim

    “Why he didn’t eat him !?!”

    -Santos [SHARKTOPUS]

  • Blythe

    Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure:

    “Be excellent to each other!”

  • becca

    It’s these cards and the movies and the pop songs. They’re to blame for all the lies and the heartache, everything.
    -Tom, (500) Days of summer

  • Simon Tilche

    fiiishy fiishy fish !!

    The meaning of life – monthy python

  • “Celui qui se transforme en bête se délivre de la souffrance d’être un Homme.” Las Vegas Parano
    Can’t find the english version.

  • fire walk with me

  • meaghan

    “One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don’t know.” – ANIMAL CRACKERS


    “Looking in the mirror staring back at me isn’t so much a face as the expression of a predicament.” – George in A Single Man


    “What do youuuuuu know about Feck?”
    -River’s Edge

  • phoebe

    “it’s all happening” -almost famous

  • Dan

    “Why are you wearing this stupid man suit?”
    Donnie Darko

  • Brianna

    “Hello, gorgeous.”- the very first line in Funny Girl

  • Stephanie

    Jack: Wouldn’t it be great if we heard a train go by in the distance?
    Peter: Not really.
    Francis: It’d probably be annoying.

    The Darjeeling Limited

  • “Wendy? Darling? Light, of my life. I’m not gonna hurt ya. You didn’t let me finish my sentence. I said, I’m not gonna hurt ya. I’m just going to bash your brains in!”

    -Jack Torrance, “The Shining”

  • ” -Have you ever transcended space or time?
    -Space, but not time. No, time. What? ”

    I <3 Huckabees

  • “Psychos don’t explode.”

    From Dusk Till Dawn with QT

  • Travis

    “Dear diary, what a day. I swear I’ve never been so depressed, miserable, and lonely in my entire life. It’s like I know there’s got to be somebody out there somewhere… just one person in this huge, horrible, unhappy universe who can hold me in their arms and tell me everything is going to be okay. And how long do I have to wait before that person shows up. I feel like I’m sinking deeper and deeper into quicksand… watching everyone around me die a slow, agonizing, death. It’s like we all know way down in our souls that our generation is going to witness the end of everything. You can see it in our eyes. It’s in mine, look. I’m doomed. I’m only 18 years-old and I’m totally doomed.”
    Gregg Araki’s Nowhere

  • Joseph Shea

    “We want the finest wines available to humanity. And we want them here, and we want them now!”

    -Withnail, “Withnail & I”

  • Emma

    “I carried a watermelon” – Baby, Dirty Dancing


    “I wont say it, but it rhymes with shmashmortion” – Knocked Up

  • Joel: “What if it breaks?”

    Clementine: “What if….?”

    Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

  • Michelle

    “I don’t roll on Shabbas” – Walter – The Big Lebowski

  • “At least you’ll never be a vegetable — even artichokes have hearts.”
    – The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain

  • What light is light, if Silvia be not seen?
    What joy is joy, if Silvia be not by?

  • Andrew

    “Look what you did you little jerk!” -Uncle Frank from Home Alone

  • “he’s looking at you, kid”

  • dillon

    I knew a guy who was dyslexic, but he was also cross-eyed, so everything came out right.

  • “Kimono dog.” – Red, Pineapple express

  • Brendan K.

    “Aint no rule that says a dog can’t play basketball!” – Referee from Air Bud

  • Pia

    “Oooh, I’m a star, and the audience loves me, and I love them, and they love me for loving them and I love them for loving me, and we love each other, and that’s because none of us got enough love in our childhood. And that’s showbi, kid.”

    – Chicago

  • “Ponyo loves Sosuke!” -Ponyo
    I love that movie with all my heart

  • Ivo

    Elizabeth: You can go suck a fuck!
    – Donnie Darko

  • It happens sometimes. People just explode . . . natural causes.

    -Repo Man

  • bennettbennett

    “Tell me now, now, now, now!”
    “I will tell you in another life when we are both cats.”
    (Vanilla Sky, 2001)


    “If we both pretend that there was an end, then maybe there really will be a beginning. And it will start with us, running away together. Off, off, off. Far, far, far away. And we’ll live with the lions and sleep in trees. Just sleep, that’s all we need.”
    –Logan from
    Wild Tigers I Have Known

  • riley

    Tummler sees everything. Some say he’s downright evil. He’s got what it takes to be a legend. He’s got a marvelous persona.

  • “hold onto your butts” -samuel l. jackson. jurassic park.


    ” SAVE FERRIS!!!! “

  • “I wouldn’t suck your lousy dick if I was suffocating and there was oxygen in your balls!”

    Female Trouble

  • Memory can change the shape of a room; it can change the color of a car. And memories can be distorted. They’re just an interpretation, they’re not a record, and they’re irrelevant if you have the facts.

    -Leonard Shelby, Memento

  • Caitlyn

    ‘FOUR for you, Glenn Coco! You go, Glenn Coco’- Damien (Mean Girls)

  • Shane Knecht

    “Got enough cheese?” -Black Swan

  • Jason

    “Do you think that’s air you’re breathing…….? hm.” – Morpheus, The matrix.

  • C

    “Lai Yiu-fai…We can start over again.” – Buenos Aires Affair

  • Annabel

    “You mean you wish to surrender to me? Very well then I accept.” -Wesley; The Princess Bride.

  • Alicia

    “Hand me the keys you fucking cocksucker. What tha fuuuuck.”

    -The Usual Suspects

  • Girl interupted

    1″I’m sad.”

    2″WeII, everyone’s sad.”

    1″I see things.”

    2″You mean, Iike tripping?”

    1″Kind of.”

    2″Then they shouId put
    John Lennon away, huh?”

    1″I’m not John Lennon.”

  • linda

    He Zhiwu, Cop 223: We split up on April Fool’s Day. So I decided to let the joke run for a month. Every day I buy a can of pineapple with a sell-by date of May 1. May loves pineapple, and May 1 is my birthday. If May hasn’t changed her mind by the time I’ve bought thirty cans, then our love will also expire.

    -Chungking Express

  • Daniel Waller

    “He died then he got better”

    -Crank 2: High Voltage (ok, it’s only in the posters and not the actually film, but it certainly makes you think!)

  • Charlotte Ackemar

    “That pregnant slut is playing us like a cheap fiddle!”
    Steve Zissou – Life Aquatic

  • Lucy

    “You’re so cool. You’re so cool. you’re so cool.”

  • “Hey paul!” – american psycho

  • Perrin Turner

    Drainage! Drainage, Eli, you boy. Drained dry. I’m so sorry. Here, if you have a milkshake, and I have a milkshake, and I have a straw. There it is, that’s a straw, you see? You watching?. And my straw reaches acroooooooss the room, and starts to drink your milkshake… I… drink… your… milkshake!

    I drink it up!

    -There Will Be Blood

  • natalie

    Roads?! Where we’re going we don’t need roads!


  • “Our love is God, let’s go get a slushie.”

    – Heathers (1988)

  • Michelle

    “The only true currency in this bankrupt world… is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool. ”

    -Almost Famous

  • dagmar

    ‘It’s called America, dude. Learn the rules.

    “Learn the rules?” No, YOU learn the rules. We Greeks invented democracy.

    You also invented homos.’

    -Ghost World

  • Tim

    I’m walking here! I’m walking here!

  • Megan

    “I’m starving. We ain’t had nothing but maggoty bread for three stinking days.”

    Orc in Lord of the Rings the Two Towers

  • “I carried a Watermelon”

    -Dirty Dancing

  • “Does he look like a bitch?” -pulp fiction

  • Perrin Turner
  • kate

    “Death by stereo.”

    The Lost Boys

  • “This party’s about as much fun as an ingrown butt hair.”


  • “I’m only doing my job. Some people are bullfighters, some people are politicians. I’m a photographer” – Blow Up

  • ” Sex with you is really a Kafka-esque experience.” – Annie Hall

  • “Sometimes we forget that children have just arrived on the earth. They are a little like aliens, coming into beings as bundles of energy and pure potential, here on some exploratory mission and they are just trying to learn what it means to be human. For some reason Dennis and I reached out into the universe and found each other, Never really know how or why. And discovered that I can love an alien and he can love a creature. And thats weird enough for both of us.” – Martian Child

  • Ni!!

    (Monty Python’s The Holy Grail)

  • Lara

    I knew these people, these two people. They were in love with each other. The girl was very young, about 17 or 18 I guess and the guy was quite a bit older. He was kind of rugged and wild. And she was very beautiful , you know. And together they turned everything into a kind of an adventure. And she liked that. Just an ordinary trip down the grocery store was full of adventure . They were always laughing at stupid things. They liked making love and they didn’t much care for anything else because all they wanted to do was be with each other. They were always together and he, he loved her more than he ever felt possible. He couldn’t stand being away from her (ah) during the day when he went to work. So he’d quit just to be home with her. Then he got another job when the money ran out.
    And then he quit again. But pretty soon she started to worry.


    All he wanted to do was sleep. For the first time he wished he were far away, lost in the deep, vast country where nobody knew him. Somewhere without language or streets. And he dreamed about this place without knowing its name. And when he woke up he was on fire. There were blue flames burning the sheets of his bed, and he ran through the flames toward the only two people he loved. But they were gone. His arms were burning and he threw himself outside and rolled on the wet ground. Then he ran. He never looked back at the fire. He just ran. He ran until the sun came up and he couldn’t run any further. And when the sun went down, he ran again. For five days he ran like this until every sign of man had disappeared.

    Paris, Texas

  • You talkin to me?? You talkin to ME?




  • Lara
  • Christine

    “As I always say, if it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it!” – Cogsworth, Beauty & the Beast

  • Margaret

    Gotta be something from Blues Brothers. Likely: We’re on a mission from God.

  • “Who would you rather bone? Meg Ryan, or… Jack Nicholson?”

    – Frank, from Billy Madison

  • Brett

    “Rohypnol, rape drug”

    The human centipede

  • Imogen

    At the Derek Zoolander Centre For Children Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too, we teach you that there’s more to life than being really, really good looking

  • “You’re killing me, smalls.”

  • jesse

    “it will be mine….oh yes, it will be mine”
    – Mike Myers (Wayne’s World)

  • Annika

    too many to choose from but one is:
    “Let’s celebrate mediocrity!” from Whip It

  • Andrew

    “ok boys, let’s take pictures” -Airplane

  • Toni

    “Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”
    –Forrest Gump

  • ‘None of you understand. I’m not locked up in here with you. You’re locked up in here with me’. -Rorschach (Watchmen)

  • Ben

    “You can’t stop what’s comin. Ain’t all waiting on you. That’s vanity.”

    -No Country for Old Men

  • The Trout

    “I’m lookin’ at your face and I just wanna smash it. I just wanna fuckin’ smash it with a sledgehammer and squeeze it. You’re so pretty.” – Barry Egan in a moment of pure intimacy to Lena Leonard

    Punch Drunk Love (the greatest date film of all time!)

  • Mariano

    “Excuse me, Mrs. Can you please help? There’s been a terrible accident! My friend’s in the middle of the road bleeding to death! Can I please use your telephone for an ambulance? ”
    Alex – Clockwork Orange

  • Harley

    “Never take it seriously, you never get hurt. Never get hurt, you can always have fun. And if you ever get lonely, you just go to the record store and visit all your friends.”

    – Penny Lane (Almost Famous)

  • Karl

    “The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here!”
    – The Jerk

  • Jodie Cruz

    “Yeah, my old man’s a cop, well my stepdad is. But that’s not the worst thing, he’s black.”
    “What a drag!”
    -Suburia (1984)

  • Christine

    Everything Is Illuminated:

    Alex: [Refering to the dog] This is Sammy Davis Jr. Jr… She is
    Grandfathers Seeing Eye bitch. Father purchased her for him not
    because he believes Grandfather is blind, but because a Seeing Eye
    bitch is also a good thing for people who pine for the opposite of
    loneliness. In truth, Father did not purchase her at all, but
    merely retrieved her from the home for forgetful dogs. Because of
    this, she is not a real Seeing Eye bitch, and is also mentally

  • Nick

    Bill Murray: [Coughs] Doc, what could I do for this cough?
    RZA: Shit, I was just thinking about that. Check this out: you get some hydrogen peroxide…
    Bill Murray: We got that for cuts and stuff.
    RZA: …take fifty percent hydrogen peroxide, fifty percent water. You gargle with it. Do *not* swallow. You spit it out. Don’t swallow, Bill Murray.
    GZA: And if that doesn’t work, try oven cleaner.
    Bill Murray: We got that in the back, too.

  • ashle

    “well…not every day is a fucking christmas day.”
    -joaquin phoenix
    in Im Still Here.

  • Nate

    “life is beautiful” – MBW

  • “It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like “What about lunch?”” – Winnie the Pooh

  • megabass

    “it’s not a toomah!”

    -arnold schwarzenegger in kindergarten cop


  • Amanda

    “What came first, the music or the misery? People worry about kids playing with guns, or watching violent videos, that some sort of culture of violence will take them over. Nobody worries about kids listening to thousands, literally thousands of songs about heartbreak, rejection, pain, misery and loss. Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I listened to pop music?”

    High Fidelity <3

  • I want to be a good person. -Gilbert

    – What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

  • I screem, you screem, we all screem for ice cream!

    -Down by law-

  • I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

    -Down by law-

  • Julia

    “Tonight I’ll show you how dreams are prepared,…………. love, friendships, relationships. All those ships.”

    -The Science of Sleep

  • “If you aim an arrow and it lands real high……hoorah for you” – Dorian Corey

    – Paris Is Burning

  • kate

    “Tron funkin blow.”

  • John

    “I want it.”

    This quote is probably in a ton of movies.

    Besides this print is the most beautiful thing I have seen and I want it.

  • shelly cook

    “Can you make a shoe smell?” – Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield), Caddyshack

  • MariaLyon

    Yeah…Well that’s just like…your opinion, man. -the big lebowski

  • Justin Border

    “ladies and gentleman… the perfect meatloaf.”

    – kathleen turner, serial mom

  • ‘first rule of fight club is, you do not talk about fight club’

    -brad pitt, fight club

  • Lydia

    “This is my mother. We’re very close. Isn’t she sweet? And the best thing about her is: she can really take a punch!”

    Woody Allen’s “What’s up Tiger Lilly?”

  • lalalalaura

    from the wild one:

    “What are you rebelling against johnny?”
    “whattaya got?”

  • Ariel

    Reporter: What do you call that collar?
    Ringo: A collar.
    From The Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night” 1964

  • Ariel

    Young Ed Bloom: Sandra Templeton, I love you and I WILL marry you.
    From “Big Fish”

  • Ariel

    Adventure is out there!
    From “UP”

  • jordan

    “why don’t you make like a tree… and get out of here”
    – Biff (Back To The Future)

  • jaycie

    “Maybe none of us really understand what we’ve lived through, or feel we’ve had enough time” from never let me go.

  • susan

    “I say we just grow up, be adults and die.”


  • Ianguy

    Warriors ! Come out and playyyy !

  • “constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating”

    eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

  • alexandre

    “Exactly what Monday you mean?”

    – Me, in Will This Contest Ever End?

  • emilygage


    “I would like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party. ”


    “I don’t think you’re an asshole, Royal. I just think you’re kind of a son of a bitch.”

  • tess

    Romy: ‘is THAT an earthquake..? no.. its RRRRRAMON!’
    – Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

  • Congratulations to Erica – you have won yourself an 8×10 print courtesy of Mammoth Collection – check your email!

  • Jos’i’e

    ‘It’s like a lion, falling into with a lamb”

  • Jos’i’e

    ‘t’s like a lion, falling in love with a lamb’

23.08.17 by Jeff

Artist Spotlight: Tylor Macmillan

A selection of work by Vancouver-based artist and designer Tylor Macmillan. See more below.

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POW! WOW! Israel 2017 Recap Video

Fafi, Drew Merritt, Cryptik, Cyrcle and others travelled around Israel and Jordan with Klone and the POW! WOW! crew, couch surfing, and painting murals together. Watch the video recap below.

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23.08.17 by Jeff

The Booooooom Creative Job Board

If you’re a creative looking for work, or a company looking to hire, check out our new creative job board: Booooooom Jobs. Graphic design jobs, art gallery positions, all kinds of creative work! Hootsuite just posted a job looking for a Graphic Design Lead here in Vancouver.

We’ll be adding more features to it in the coming weeks and doing everything we can to make it a great resource for you guys. There’s so much talent here in our community and we’d like to help connect you all with work!

Check it out: jobs.booooooom.com

23.08.17 by Staff

Secret Studio Hidden Beneath Overpass by Designer Fernando Abellanas

Designer Fernando Abellanas has constructed a tiny studio beneath a busy overpass in Spain. Complete with movable walls, light furnishings and a hand crank that transports the structure along two metal rails, the micro-dwelling hangs high above the ground in a manner reminiscent to the kind of secret hideaway or fort one might have as a child. See more images by Jose Manuel Pedrajas below!

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Illustrator Spotlight: Peter Judson

A selection of works from a series by illustrator Peter Judson based on day to day images he shoots with his phone. See more below.

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