28.01.11 by Jeff

David Herbert

“VHS” sculpture by David Herbert. Foam, plexiglass. 2x4x8 ft.

david herbert 2001 a space odyssey vhs sculpture

david herbert 2001 a space odyssey vhs sculpture

david herbert 2001 a space odyssey vhs sculpture

via: pietmondriaan

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  • http://mitchellgoldstein.tumblr.com Mitchell

    heh. clever.

  • http://heyitsalexp.com HeyitsAlexP

    I lol’ed.

  • http://ditzl.wordpress.com ditzl

    David is currently building the compatible VCR

  • Vanessa

    yesss A SPACE ODYSSEY taking up sppacceee XD

  • http://aproize.blogspot.com/ aproize

    well, they’re huge anyway 😀

  • Nick


    [nitpick] The dimensions of the 2001 Space Odyssey monoliths are supposed to be exactly 1:4:9, not 2:4:8 [/nitpick]

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ Jeff

      haha yea i was thinking it would have been amazing to have skewed the dimensions to match the monolith and insert it into a recreation of the monkeys scene.

  • http://davidjmatheson.com David

    this is so slick! i wish i made this :(

  • Chris C.

    Yeah, it looks like 1:4:9 for sure. I don’t know where the writer got 2:4:8 from.

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ Jeff

      i got the dimensions directly from his website. i don’t know how the dimensions could be 2x4x8 but that’s what the website says!

  • http://notwofish.blogspot.com Brittany

    Ha. I like this.

  • http://www.tentimesone.com Nico

    So far past the age of magnetic video, it’s a surprise someone hasn’t done this before. Anyway: awesome.

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