04.02.11 by Jeff

Occupy / Print Giveaway

Our print giveaways continue this week! The folks at Occupy want you to have this beauty by Mario Hugo, how does that sound?

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If you want to win the print, leave a comment below describing the room where this piece will end up! The most “needy” room gets it!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • My living room wall is currently home to an amateur painting of a moustachio’d renaissance figure, handed down to my housemate by his grandma, a photograph of a panther (the first image entry in google images when you type “panther”) bought from a charity shop, and two horrific attempts at landscape paintings again from said charity shop.

    The other side of the wall that this print will sit on will have one rectangular strip of black painted onto it, and a lifesize vinyl sticker of myself reaching into said rectangle. Naked.

  • Gabin

    I my name is Gabin, I m 4 years old. Over the last year, my dad covered my playroom and my bedroom with wrestling, custom cars, pokemon, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga posters…
    I’m afraid at night. This beautifull poster will help me grow and trust in a world filled with art, beauty, poetry and imagination.
    I like it because it looks like a friendly monster face, but it will make bad monsters go away.

    Thank you for make me win.

  • My room is currently in need of some serious re-decoration. I am 16, so my parents have most of the say of what my room looks like, so my walls are completely white and the only exciting part of my room is my new bird-patterned duvet cover. I am currently attempting to find cheap and awesome art for the walls, and this one’s just perfect!

  • I live in an overpriced “chambre de bon” in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. I have a few miscellaneous thrift store family photos and a Christian Boltanski poster. Although my living space is only the size of a glorified closet, I have a blank wall overlooking 19th century rooftops and the Eiffel that really needs some artistic bling!

  • stillinspace

    last year i moved to paris to study cinema. As you all imagine, the life cost here aloud me to find a tiny apartment ( i call it box with ventilation, but anyway) in a gray neighborhood. So, to lighten up the place, i painted each wall a different color, but theres still something missing..i think is this poster. My 14 square meters wait for you to make them shine ;)

    • woah! look at the post above you.

  • reynol cuevas

    ill hang it just above my selfmade banquito wich has a plant ontop.. the walls are red brick… that wall is all like that hah the only one.. the other ones are plain white… i live downtown buenos aires, my place is bout 6 by 6 hahah and i even suspect the print its actually too big for the spot im thinkin bout so..

    now im thinkin bout donating it to the building.. pretty nice old folky place.. blue and grey on the outside.. would fit nice behind the portmans desk.. its also a brick pattern wall

    • Jes

      Oh I like the idea of donating it to your building :)

      • reynol cuevas

        if i dont win ill do something for the place haha.. see if the room fee lowers a little hahah

        also its always nice doin nice stuff and givin it to homies
        litterrraaallly homies.. duh

        aver queonda!
        well see… well see.. im an industrial designer and sadly i dont do much artsy drawings on large scale.. but would be nice doe!

  • Caitlyn

    I dont really have a cool, elaborate answer.
    I am studying visual arts.
    My room is clinically white due to my parents taste.
    I only have one wall I’m ‘allowed’ to decorate.
    I think this print is THE one.
    It would make me happy :)
    Thank you.

  • Well, I just moved in, so I don’t have much on my walls yet. And the ceiling in this new apartment is very high, so it’s huuuuge empty walls. The big emptiness makes me depressed and uninspired, I need some new art to fill up the walls with.

  • Gerard

    It’s going in my hallway, above my mailbox, so when the letters come in the mailbox it lokos like the print has a friend.

  • IDST

    We have a really nice (but plain) front hallway where this would look perfect – especially since someone keeps reaching through our letterbox to steal our mail!

  • Jes

    I need this in my bedroom as my ex is moving out of our flat soon and I will be living on my own for the first EVER!

    The hands will wipe away the husk of a departed relationship and offer the hope of a brighter tomorrow. They will nurture my broken heart, mend the shattered bonds of my soul and caress my dreams as I sleep. They will cast shadow puppets of my future love onto the wall of my mind. And one day, I will hold new hands…

    Or something like that, really, I like it & think it’d look awesome above my bed.

    • Yeah, you totally deserve it. Haha. I won’t even try to top this answer!

    • rosie

      i second that.
      give jes the print.

  • Giovanni

    My office room, where I try to start up my own business. I’d need this print so I could inspire myself during the long nights I spend in front of my iMac tryng to find the best idea.

  • The most bare and uninspiring studio to be found. We need some visual stims.

  • Haydn

    I NEED THIS PRINT. My walls are bare and unsubstantial. When you go into other peoples rooms, they are a lit with fancy posters that makes your heart race! Influencing anyone that walks in. I dont have this, but I want this in my room! I want to get inspired every time I look up at my wall.

    The print will take much pride on my wall. It will be hung above my laptop and working area, everyday I will take much inspiration and joy from the print. Lighting and atmosphere will make the print shine, as I have two “mini” search lights that will highlights its quality. On the other side of my room lies a big, often messy bed, with two good sized windows. Underneath the bed lies a lot of stuff that I hide away, to make my room seem clean and tidy. Give this poor student a break, what can i say, I NEED THIS PRINT!

  • Right on the wall directly opposite me, above my studio space.
    The cold white painted walls around me is making me feel like i’m working in a psych ward…

  • it would stand right next to my Han van Meegeren; drawing of a deer… in my forest like room, dark green and cream (rhyme)colored walls – wooden bed.. i love the fact that it is also a drawing, complements the other work!!

  • I just moved to the east coast… Now I live with my mom…. I need some good artwork to make me feel kind of cool!

  • Mark

    My room has sloping walls, so I can’t hang anything on it. :(

  • Dom

    There is a letterbox opposite the wall in the room where this print will hang. The postman keeps sticking both of his hands through first, then he peeks through with his beady eyes. I want him to see this print and think that it’s a delayed mirror because I need to show him what a naughty boy he’s being.

  • It will go on a movable wall directly in front of my door, why I hear you cry, godammit why?

    1. So I will have to move the movable wall to get out of my house and thus view the handy print each time

    2. So I will see the print as soon as I step through the door and thank my lucky stars I did’t get my hands caught in the letterbox

    3. So the postman will wonder if he/she is having an out of body experience and they’ve actually lost their arms and henceforth will have to deliver other similar prints with their feet

    4. So I can take the Mario Hugo (for that is what I shall call the print) all around the house with me on a movable wall lead (patent pending)

    5. There is number 5.

    Good day.

  • reynol cuevas

    student hah not an actuall industrial designer yet…
    thats why i came from mexico tu buenos aires.. school..

    since this is either msn or twitter im off..

    let the worst case scenario win.

    its been fun!

  • my walls are too tall and too bare!! i moved into my place almost 4 months ago and have nothing to hang (aside from a beautiful painting by my lovely niece, age 8).

  • Vincent Michaelangel

    I have only one wall in my room which can display work, due to furniture and size restraints. This wall is bare, with cracked drywall and blood spatter from the murder committed in my room several years ago. The wall consists of exposed layers of tacky wallpaper that were haphazardly painted over and still visible, with a large hole gouged in the middle… I feel like I live in a shanty… please come to my rescue

  • Lucy

    my bedroom is a boring pastel pink, with nothing on the walls whatsoever. everything is so bare, and i’ve been looking for a perfect piece of artwork to hang, and this is definitely it! everything else in my room is white or grey, and i plan on starting an arty collection of prints and artwork, and i wish this is my first!

  • magpie

    the room that my partner and I share is GREEN. I mean, IT IS FUCKING GREEN. I don’t think I can do justice in words to how hideous and bright it is.
    We are trying to cover as much of the paint as we can with nice art. This is nice art, and rather sizeable! It would help us a lot.

  • ben

    I have a really nice concrete wall that runs lengthwise down one side of my condos kitchen/living room and have been hesitant to hang any art until I find the right pieces… This would definitely fit in nicely with the black frame and the concrete background. Thanks BOOOOOOOM!

  • Taylor

    This beautiful picture will find its self placed between my very full book shelf and my nightstand that has a pink vase holding fake plastic daisy on it.


    Well I just moved to Winnipeg and it’s the middle of winter. I think that’s pretty much grounds for me to win this thing. Oh, and I have a gigantic concrete wall with nothing on it. It’s ugly, rental beige and I can’t even paint it. I keep trying to hammer nails into it, just in case it miraculously turned into drywall one day. This print is so awesome that I would make a trip to the hardware store to get a special drill bit to make holes in said wall. Screw you damage deposit. And not only would it make my apartment look awesome, it would help me make friends in my new city. People would hear about this awesome print that this girl has and want to come over and see it. BAM, friends!

  • Mike

    I just shed my grandma’s boy skin and moved into man cave extraordinaire, sleeping on a floor mattress and keeping tight the space heater that will help my through the night.

    I rest my case, I need art for my new room.

  • Sometimes, I bring a pencil with me and attempt to work shit out, but I’ve yet to derive a solution. My bathroom could use some art.

  • I would hang this piece on my front door (interior) as it resembles me hanging out of my mail slot desperately waiting for an old school piece of snail mail, maybe some chain mail or a pen pal letter.

  • Paul

    I’d love this in my hallway entrance, right on the first wall you see after stepping through the door! That’d be great! The hallway is totally bare at present, so this would an awesome welcome home.

  • OL

    my room is so dull i was thinking of cutting my own arms off and nailing them to the wall so this print would help save me from serious injury or even death have a heart.

  • Kimi

    I live in a tiny studio apartment in Seattle. I need something to cover up the very old wood paneling that covers 3 of my walls. trust me, it’s bad.

  • Owen

    In my room. It would hang on the poorly plastered walls that were plastered by my illustration professor (Walter King) when he lived there 30 some years before me (no joke). The walls are bare, except for a 1957 vinyl of CBS news broadcasts and an unfinished painting of and Aztec warrior. I would place this tasty print above my mantle with its boarded-up fireplace that I so wish I could open and sleep next to.

  • ryan

    i don’t want your painting – my four perfect white walls are already perfect. no need for any windows or even a door – just a floor, four walls and a ceiling. who would want to ruin that purity with art.

  • Angie

    I need to replace my boyfriends 8×10 gold plastic framed picture of a doberman captioned: “GIT ‘ER DONE.” Please help.

  • lucas

    I live in manhattan in a one bedroom with a friend of mine. We dont really have any furniture or decorations right now, just a rug and some folding chairs. There is a very nice wall with a window, I think that I would like to have this artwork there, and I think that it would be happy to live in the lower east side with two nice boys.

  • I live in a loft warehouse. My neighbors drunkenly punched a hole through the wall. There’s now a nice little window from my bedroom to theirs. While waiting for them to repair the wall it might be nice to have a view on that wall different from their dirty socks and empty 40oz.’s. But then again I might miss the smell of stale beer and weed.

  • Anna

    “Pleaaaaase come hang out with me, i feel so alone. I have a few friends but they’re not really as good looking as you are, and i really want you to be my BFF. Plus, you would look amaaaaazing on my pretty white wall dear poster, come onnnn don’t leave me here alone! Why would you not come to my place, pretty poster, why? Give me one good reason! WHY? WHY? WHYYYYYYYY? *starts crying*”

    – How’s that for a needy bedroom? This is what i wake up to EVERY morning. And it breaks my heart everytime.
    Plus, i’m pretty sure this poster has never visited Paris yet.

  • sami

    I have absolutely nothing on my walls. This would fill the space like a piece of art on an empty wall. Plz.

  • In my small yet needy heart

  • abt


    We haven’t moved in yet. So right now it is an 18′ x 22′ empty room (which takes up 1/3 of the entire apartment, finally a place that understands my priorities, ive had a tiny kitchen forevs) which I intend to make my home, complete with a large large table that will seat anybody who wants to come over, my brother, my dad, my nephew, my dog, my old italian neighbor phillip, my nana, my grandma, my old classmates, my workmates, et al. I will cook veggie tacos, lasagna, pizza or curry on weekends and bake cookies on fridays if I have time. Mario hugo will keep me company while I prepare and welcome friends and fams when they come over.

    The wall behind will most likely be grey.

  • Paul

    I am an architecture student, which means I live in studio at school. My room is not a room, but an L-shaped desk with a single dividing vertical wall on one side. This wall is currently decorated with 6 tacks, and drafting tape hanging from a hook.

  • Daniel g.

    My room has no color on it, its just plain gray. the walls are naked; I have no frames, no paintings, not even shelves wall… the only things that adds some flavor to my room are my clothes that hangs in the closet. sometimes it feels like a jail room ’cause of the color of the floor and the walls. there is no a dingle image that gives life to this space (… maybe my spongebob can trash, but that goes on the floor)… the end

  • Francis

    I feel I need it to take my mind off the smell of rats’ piss in my painting studio (could be from outside… it’s on E Hastings).

  • John Oates

    I just moved away to college with almost nothing to my name. The print makes me smile when i look at it. It would be a great first piece to hang in my room. wake up and give myself a good smile before i head off to class :(

  • Julia

    I am moving to Colorado next year and I have one print…..ONE…my bedroom next year needs more art in it, otherwise it will be a dark cave that I go to every night to turn off the lights and lit candles so no one can see my bare walls. I will then probably spend most nights weeping into my duvet. Without any art in my room I am just a small cute mid- western hanging out in Colorado with NO art in her room. As I hope you can see my bedroom is in need of this print. I am in need of this print.

    thank you

  • Elise!

    Oh boo. My dorm room wall is adorned only by a Micheal Parkes print, which is sadly falling apart. This being all the pretty art I have to look at, I am left to gaze out my window at the grey city in a forlorn manner. Grey, beautiful city. Grey, beautiful print. O, abide my heart, for you shall soon wax romantic once more. The print you seek is waiting for you.

    Huge fan of booooooom though. I gaze into my computer in a delighted manner when you update :]

  • My husband and I have an empty wall above our king size bed. We’ve been waiting for someone like Mario Hugo to give us some inspiration in the bedroom. Art, that is.

  • Louise

    Empty Nester Conundrum

    I currently have no prints on the walls of apartment. I am a senior at a university, about to graduate, and will return home after 4 years of freedom. since i left home in l.a. for college, my parents have painted my old room walls a completely neutral color. i think this print would be a great way to really stick it to my parents, whose empty-nester attitude has taken over the entire house. everything in the house has become “theirs” and this print would add a little bit of “me” to my old room/where/whenever until the time i move out.

  • I moved into a new apartment recently and parted with a large chunk of my former belongings. I’m overwhelmed by long, extended hallways and rooms full of blank spaces. A large step up in my space, but a huge step down in the amount that’s showcasing great pieces. This Hugo piece would be a fantastic addition.

  • Tom

    Me and my girlfriend just had our first kid, a son, but we still live in one room; now with the three of us. It’s cosy, but we do have to agree on the stuff we have/keep. I love this piece… And I am sure Luka (our son) will as well, because it’s not only art but also a smiley :) Well, sort of… It’s actually sort of a friendly monster :-|

  • theres a space above my desk that has 4 ugly marks from when I decided to put up a drawing I did with horrible adhesive tape that took some paint off the walls when i removed it. Poor decision on my part. Should’ve used better tape, but this print would help me cover the ugly up and add some much needed art onto my walls.

  • i

    in a cozy shed on a foreclosed lot in phx which will house a vast garden to feed the neighborhood

  • Kosmonavt

    I’m gonna cut it in 42 pieces,
    then i’m gonna eat it.

    “Temporary Stomach Room”

  • 3 years. 3 years & this large/cold/white/nude wall above my sofa is still white/large/cold & desperately nude. 3 years that i’m looking for the “perfect clock” the perfect cloth, the perfect photo. I found it.

  • Alannah

    It would go in this poor sparsely furnished room of mine. The only other thing on the wall in my room is a sun-bleached cow skull. this poster on the opposite wall would be awesome.

  • THis room has all bare walls just calling out for a great piece to hang on the wall.

  • Vernon

    I’m a student. Nothing on my Walls except a mask that I made.

  • Freddy

    this will end up in my office. i don’t have a window to the real world so this will bring me joy during the bleak hours of the day. please.

    the office has a salmon colored wall and a purple wall. I also have a plant that is barely surviving because it has no real light hitting it.

  • tiffany

    I blindly moved out of LA and into Columbus with two duffel bags worth of clothing. This print would be the the only thing hanging in my unfurnished house.

  • Lainey F.

    3 words: poor college apartment.

  • There is no room that wouldn’t be enhanced by the splendor of that print.
    Examples include my bedroom, and or living room.

  • Well, I just sold all my possessions and moved back in with my parents so I can move to Canada in the spring. Maybe you could post it there for me so I have something friendly and decorative waiting for me on arrival?

    Or, you could just send it here & I’ll take it. It’d be worth the extra baggage weight.

  • I’ve just got a new flat in London.
    And It’s a fresh start – so some fresh hands to bring some life to the walls of my virgin walls, in the new studio creme office.

  • If I was to add this to my room, it would hang on the wall above my bed, not only because my wall is bare, but I also like to eat people on occasion.

    It will accompany my luxurious futon frame, my cracked mirror I found in the alley behind my place. A small white dresser which was abandoned. I gave it a new home, and feed it regularly.

    I have that IKEA black side table that one could find in 80% of households in Vancouver… I use it for nothing, but to fill space.

    It’s simply, and I want that poster to add to the simplicity.

  • Johannes Frei

    It will end up in a white room with 3 green empty ikea frames.

  • C Dub

    Mine is a special circumstance… I am in need of walls. I am in need of my own room. To receive this piece, a room will manifest itself for me… I CAN FEEL IT!

  • yesterday, i lay in my bed and heard a strange whisper!
    my room spoke to me
    it said it’ll eat me if i don’t get this print.

    well im quite afraid now :O
    please help me

  • vandrop

    There is a rust-colored stain the shape of a hand on my wall. I paint over it but it seeps back. Paint over. Seeps back. Paint over. Seeps back. I want to cover the stain and forget that horrible night. But I can’t. Or now perhaps I can?

  • Ali

    Nothing but postcards from galleries and a few rucksacks on my white walls, the odd scrawled note and masking tape. Would be swell to hang this opposite the bay windows.

  • Gijs

    The wall in my studio needs it like:
    like a crackhead needs crack
    a herion addict needs smack
    a pimp needs a whore
    a robber needs a store

  • 3 words – Bare White Wall

  • Theres

    next week, I’ll move to another city to study design.
    while packing, i mentioned i really don’t have as much stuff as i thaught i have.
    And i need to change… i think.
    best place to put would be between my own drawings and those, which are inspiring to me on a sandy-toned wall

    ah, it would compensate my nonexistent apple, which seems to be widespreaded… ;-o

  • My dorm room. The walls are ugly off white, we only have two lamps, our heater is broken, my roommate doesn’t have any posters, and my wall only has some stolen posters that were hung on telephone poles and my friend left a fake palm tree in here. I’m a digital media student and this isn’t a very inspiring space and I could use something like this, being a bereft college student

  • cadiazp

    It will end up in the Argentinian Rented wall, like all the rented houses full of “Motel Art” with one piece of “Real Art”. (?).(?)

  • Toni

    I have a room, its not much, but it is filled with hundreds of small dominos, each with their backs against the wall, their tiny white faces staring at a blank space on the chimney breast.

    They are looking for someone. Someone to inspire them. Someone to tell them ‘rise up, and eat your human counterparts arms down to the hands!’

    I think you have their someone.

  • Jonathan

    white-washed board room walls face an enormous white shiny white board leaving our team with nothing to stare at when meetings get painful. The minimalism threatens us with alienation and we already have our typing hands coming out of our flat-mouthed emoticon faces.

  • Anna

    i have no wall space because my room is tiny and already filled with miscellaneous pieces of art and junk. None of this matters because i love love love love love love love Mario Hugo. I love him more than any of my collected junk/relics which i would dismantle entirely to have that piece in my living environment. For real.

  • suzanabu

    i like it

  • Qainaat

    My bedroom. I was never allowed to put up posters on my wall when I was younger, and that’s kinda stuck with me. I’d love this to be the first piece of art work I put up on my wall and It’ll be great to distract attention away from the ugly woodchip walls!

  • Caroline

    my roommate and i just recently switched rooms, hers was humongous and mine was teeny tiny, and now i’m in this gigantic room and have nothing to put on the walls! i have the perfect spot for this guy

  • gijs

    My studio wall needs this print like
    a crackhead needs crack
    a herion addict needs smack
    a pimp needs a whore
    a robber needs a store

  • I just graduated from college, and I am currently living with my parents in a non-inspirational town in Michigan. My room has been turned into a guest room, which means that none of the room decor is mine and consists of fake plants and nature paintings (which are okay, but not my style?). Regardless, it is lacking the individuality and the creative edge that I need to be surrounded by; this guest room also doubles as the space where I do much of my freelance creative work, so being inspired by my surroundings is important to me – hoping this could help do just that (whether mom likes it or not!)

  • eyehategod

    Hey there, Booooooo.com!
    Interesting objective here. Perhaps you might find my prospective idea a good one. Even if you don’t think I’m deserving of this beautiful print, I’ll tell you about it anyway. I’m an Undergraduate Painter in the Philadelphia area. What I’d like to do is organize a space of sorts where anything can be on display. I’ve got a group of friends whose talents, skills, passions, whatever you want to call it, range from making 8-bit sculptures of Princess Peach, to writing Sci-Fi novels. I think it would be really great to organize an inspirational space/gallery of sorts. My friend lives in the garage of his parent’s house, and it is largely empty. The project essentially has already begun. My music-inclined friends put on shows there from time to time. I guess you could call them shows, really they’re parties with your friends as the live performance! Anyway, there is room for art in this space. Already some of it has been filled. I can think of a spot on the wall where this beautiful peace would fit perfectly!

  • maree

    My bedroom is in a new (read characterless) building with all empty plain white walls. It is screaming out for Mario Hugo!

  • Zoe

    I am about to move into a midtown Manhattan apartment that I cannot afford. In an attempt to not feel like one of the infinite dreary New Yorkers living in an apartment/cell, I would thoroughly appreciate this fine poster for my peeling, musty, pre-war walls. Besides, I have a huge hand fetish and those are some pretty appealing ones. Please, please allow me to wake up every morning to such dazzling specimens of hands in an attempt to evade the “Big City Syndrome”.

  • Alright, well let’s see where to start with this.. basically my family has moved into the middle of nowhere on some property that my mother inherited. We are currently living in an old farm house. My “new” room is very bare and boring. I would work on making it my own and stuff, however, my parents do not want to do any remodeling to the house yet because they have blueprints for a new house to build on the property and do not want to waste money on this temporary living area. So I am unable to do anything about my room right now, but a wonderful print would be an awesome way to make my room more interesting without having to do real renovating to my room! Also, I am leaving for college in September and the print would definitely be going with me to my new dorm/apartment, whatever it may be. It will be the focal point of my personal space. Also, besides that my room would be greatly benefited by this print, I myself would really love to have it!

  • Walker

    I need to put it next to my door, so my dog gets frightened when the postman comes to leave the mail.

  • Lindsey

    once i found a broken record washed up on the beach on a trip to Canada. If you sent me this print, you could suddenly turn my bedroom’s lone piece of wall decor into a majestic collection of Vancouver-acquired curiosities. MM hm!

  • I live abroad in a shared room for my studies and I couldn’t bring any of my stuff as most of it was too heavy. I will be there for three more years and my walls are still blank. But there is excellent sunlight and lots of inspiration and creation going on. It just needs a focal point.

  • Donny

    it will go in my studio apartment with a very high ceiling, perfect home gallery setting. i’ll hang it next to my other prints i’ve made and collected over the years

  • I got some prints by Mike Perry who, as I know, is a good friend of Mario. I think this print would be a good friend of the prints of Mike on my wall, too :)

  • The room this needs to be in has a hole in the wall from where the landlord decided to go hunting for a waterpipe with a hammer, and hasn’t answered my emails to fix it. I need to cover it up or no girl will take me seriously as a potential mate, judging me on the disarray of my nest. Save me from my pitiful fate, Booooooom.

  • oli

    I just moved to Berlin about 6 month ago. So far I have been crashing other peoples couches and lived in short-term rooms. One week ago, I finally moved into “my own” room!
    It’s a small room in Neukölln in a shared flat. Along the way I have collected a few items, such as desk, chair and mattress. I also have a lot of stuff in boxes, but no furniture yet to store the stuff in. So the stuff will have to live in it’s boxes until I find some furniture. The walls are as empy as the room so far. I went to an art fair a while ago and picked up a free poster. I have no idea who the artist is, nor do know much about it at all. But it’s up on my wall and I like looking at it.
    The reason why I would like this print is, that firstly I really like it, it would go really well with the other print and as well because I would know who the artist is, what title it has and where it came from! It also would bring me one step closer to my dream to have an art collection one day ;)

  • MY ROOM IS THE SADDEST PLACE ON EARTH. I share a cramped studio with two other people. The walls are bare white cinderblocks. It is the size of a bathroom. There are a few small photographs and a painting of a cat playing a guitar. That is it. This print could get us on The Selby and single-handedly launch our artist careers.

  • Momoko

    A recent break-up had made for a sparse apartment as half of what used to occupy the living room is now gone. The walls are quite bare, and covered in patched up spots from where things used to be. The apartment and I could both use this great piece to cover up the remnants of the past, and to move on and start anew.

  • Nick

    I am currently spiraling out of control through white space and rust coloured carpeting, HEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPP……BOOOOOOOM…..HHEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLP

  • I just got divorced and lost some art in the process. Back on my feet and in an awesome new space, with lots of blank wall space. Will it go above the fireplace next to the deer head? Above the TV or where a computer desk will one day sit? Any place in my new abode would suit this fine print.

  • Jan

    the room is totally empty and is going through some make-over.
    it would be the first item to go in there and it will be king in his own kingdom.

  • My sad…sad…. White and sterile work cubicle I share with my creative partner. The end.

  • Nicolai Christensen

    I’ve been living in my apartment for 8 months now, and I still haven’t found anything to put on my wall.. I havn’t even found me a tv stand. My amplifier, my tv, my computer etc. are all standing on the floor, I’ve got wires all over the floor connecting everything.. My sofa is an old bed.. My dining table, I found in a basement somewhere.. And the that goes along with it are garden chairs, that someone threw onto my parents front lawn.. The only lamp i got doesn’t have a lampshade.. And the walls are just plain white.. I NEED SOMETHING NICE TO LOOK AT !! All of it is just dull black and white..

  • Liliana

    my room has a couch (a sofa bed)
    and 9 polaroids stuck to one of the walls on a straight horizontal line across the middle.
    I need something here…

  • My dorm room has dinged up white walls with about a gajillion layers of paint on them. We don’t even have carpet, it’s this gross speckled black tile. It’d be great to have this beautiful piece to divert guests attention from the piles of laundry and art supplies. Halp!

  • Taren

    this would go well in the room where i keep my young ones dvd collection, my collection of afternoon vitamin d (i face the west), and collection of sleep (just started this one, still building)………oh, its my bedroom

  • in the middle of my friends prints… and my one…
    but this room is a mess… a bunch of books, empty wine bottles, and my little girl’s toys.

  • jordan

    this would look good next to my wood-framed gold-painted relief “painting” of the Last Supper I bought from Value Village back in ’00.

  • rickaaay

    it seems that this print is a expensive old roman/greek work of art compared to the sleezy and cliche albert einstein sticking out the tounge poster that will be parallel to it.along with the other cheap and tasteless posters.a young boy with dreams of escaping this bland and boooooooring room,but is worthy of such a masterpiece because he simply appreciates and acknowledges such an awesome print.with this in his room he wont anymore be elligable for extreme makeover home edition.oh,and he wont pawn it like most of these cheep bastards……just kidding.:)

  • I currently live in an apartment with 14 foot high ceilings – everything is white because i cant afford to paint the walls yet and its driving me nuts. My last apartment was such a jem (every wall was brick – like shiny brownies!) and my current apartment desperately needs something on the walls to raise it to “jem” status!

    The print would look stunning on the living room wall opposite the couch – centered above my speaker set up – it would be the star of the show – the only thing hanging on that wall. A focal point i guess. Everyone would see it because its the wall you see when you enter my apartment. What more could I ask for than to win a FREE brilliant work of art – since i cant afford to give my space some life right now.

    Plus – it would be really amazing to finally win something from booooooom … i respond to these giveaways all the time and have yet to been chosen. Perhaps todays my lucky day? :)

  • Trevor

    Can I have the plant?–my studio needs foliage.

  • I don’t have a house of my own. I live with my parents still, and my bedroom walls are all occupied. You could say my room doesn’t actually need the lovely print by Mario Hugo, but I SURE DO! In a way. I wouldn’t be able to hang it up right now, but it would definitely give me an extra push to make more money and be able to move out of my parent’s house, so I can hang it up on a wall I can call my own :)

  • Enrique

    My living room can be described just by saying, salvation army couch, coffee table, PS3 and no TV with a fire place that doesn’t work. This is one of the reasons why I could watch the print all day long and finally spent some time in my living room.

  • Kate

    This would go in my six year old daughter’s room to make her laugh and stop her having bad dreams about wicked witches!

  • Lets just say this is what’s currently hanging on my wall and it’s somewhat depressing…


    • Art

      slick move dude. kudos!

  • im a squatter so anything would help

  • Fuck my walls…this would look great on eBay and the cash would feel great in my pocket!

  • Alyssa

    The apartment complex I’m renting from decided not to paint my walls last year. They’re a hideous shade of beige/yellow because of the last roommate who lived here. I don’t even want to know how they managed that. The carpet is stained. I’ve only managed to tape up some notecards with quotes on them. There were some hanging lights but one of my roommates managed to make half of the bulbs go out. It’s a rather dark and dingy place with barely any natural light and a dirty couch. The only real “light” in my room is the one marc johns print I got for christmas. Long story short, my room could use some art!

  • Cjal

    My bedroom wall, which already has no wall space from all the prints that I’ve hung on it. I’ll take down some older ones for retirement and fine a beautiful spot for my Mario Hugo print!

  • Misa

    I just moved to San Marcos and my walls are too naked, the only thing I have on them is a poster of Bambi. It is a great poster but this is definitely way better! I’ve also been drawing hands for a while now, not realistic at all like this print but I would love to have this on my wall to stare at for days until I grow a beard.

  • Ben

    Dorm room with all white walls…

  • Jesse

    bedroom. all white walls. a few of my friends’ art. needs more seriously awesome artwork.

  • My current room at my university house currently has
    A Damp stain on the wall i cant get rid of
    a dark brown carpet that looks like it was dragged from a 1970’s doctors surgery.
    Rubbish furniture, drawers, a broken bed
    Comepltly plain white walls (except for one i draw on when bored)
    As i cant afford any nice art/prints/decoration i dont have any!
    & im meant to be a creative arts student.
    I think a peice like this would help me kick off turning my room into an inspiration palace
    peace x

  • Carol

    My bedroom desperatly needs this print as I haven’t yet been able to find anything to display on my walls.

    See, all the beauty and ideas here lays in the hundreds or so books stacked in every corners of this tiny room. And I haven’t been able to balance this so far as nothing seemed good enough for them.

    THEY wouldn’t let me.

    And finally, after monthes of refusals, as I’m sitting in front of my computer, typing this very words, I’m also trying hard to muffle the deafening sounds coming together from all those books.

    Those hundreds of books are finally screaming “Genius!” in so many languages, from so many outer worlds of pure fantasy, remembering me and all of us that all one is needing is shown in this print: two hands and two wide open eyes ready to eat and gulp the magic of imagination realms.

    Save me from this deafening noise, please!! I need this print so bad otherwise they would never let me sleep again, nor dream.

    • Muriel

      Oh! I like that one :)

  • John Dumalig

    When you sit down on my toilet there is a stencil of a toilet that says “shit on it!” right in front of you.. My bathroom needs some change

  • I have just move back into my parents house while i save up for college. I come back to my old room which still has my spongebob bed sheets and pikachu Pillow.
    Don’t believe me?
    Look at the picture.
    I need this print to cool up my room.
    I also need to get new bed sheets but i think i’ll keep my pikachu pillow.

  • i would put it in my living room between a kevin house painted record and a painting by jamie bizniss and a bunch of photos. would look great. where can i get a print if/when i dont win this contest?

  • Morgan Atchley

    I WANT THIS with a passion that I am not able to put into paragraphs. it leaves me speechless.

  • jaycie

    it will end up in my hot pink bathroom that my mum decorated and refuses to allow to be torn down.


    I live in a room in manhattan with white walls, mice and bugs. at art school for way too much money. me, please.

  • gia

    hi dear poster,

    i fall in love with you and wish you could live in my apt.

    your admirer…


  • living room with colored lights, huge stereo system, turntable and plants.

  • josh

    White. Bare to the point of institutional. A flickering light, ready to die. Tins of tea and novels littered throughout. A roommate who loves art as much as I do.

  • january

    there’s a scary man inside my room and the only way to keep him from molesting me is by hanging art inside it that i got for free on an internet giveaway
    his name is Poopman and he poops in my room when i go out and i come back and have to clean it up

  • Jeremy

    Well I don’t know exactly what wall its going on….however, I’m betting it’ll be the most remote wall. I’m about to uproot myself outta TO and move to the middle of nowhere northern Quebec. Kangirsuk, the real freakin tundra! So I don’t have the most elaborate description of its final location…but its damn sure the farthest!

  • Jess S.

    college dorm room. need i say more?

  • Claire

    i spend a lot of time crying in my room. i think its walls need something besides the faint repulsive emanating scent of my tears.

  • dave

    i just lack creativity. i cant think of anything making my room special. it wouldnt be in the most significant floor on a beautiful french-balconied building or a room where art would be appreciated the way it should be. neither am i too good when it comes to art or hoping for something i wont get eventually. beacause i wont.
    i’ll just continue watching your stuff.
    thats good enough. keep it up!

  • Brandon

    You see. I have this room that I clean with a broom. There is no dust on the floor, or a walkway with a door. The walls are white with space and height, and two loud claps turns on a light. Some might say that it looks fine this way, and with any additions it could disrupt feng shui. Even if this is true, when I’m there I feel blue. Feelings of emptiness and I didn’t know why then booooooom I saw a print from Occupy. Mario Hugo is the artists name I hope my poem isn’t too lame.

  • John G

    Small bedroom, one window, facing a brick wall of a neighboring building 20 feet away. Both the room and the apartment receive very little sunlight, even on the brightest days. This print would be a welcome addition to the fluorescent rat cave that is my life.

  • Jordan

    My name is Jordan, I’m 17 and I’m an aspiring artist, and I live in the basement. So the walls are white, all around with rust encrusted pipes to add a hint of color to the dreary cave within which I live. Not like I can really splash that much color around because I’d be painting on the foundation. Since that’s frowned upon in my household. As a matter of fact the only thing ‘interesting’ about my room is I have an art desk, which is white. (Ya know, to match my completely white room) I think the only splash of color I have within my room is the colors of my dirty laundry. (Nothing like waking up to dirt and fabric right?) And maybe the tattered old blue curtains that cover my foot by foot window. Sunlight doesn’t even get in there, the curtain can’t be moved without ripping off the banister that holds it in place, and even still there’s fog tape placed on it. (cuz people can totally see through curtains into your room from across the street whenever there’s that tattered curtain in the way. Heck the only “posters” I have are from the pre college junk from art colleges i want to go to. So basically my color palette is black, white, rust, and tattered blue. A nice art piece would help uplift my otherwise GLOOMY cave.

  • Katt

    My bedroom looks like a crack den and I’m too broke to do anything about it. White walls, bare floors and one single exposed bulb. Part of me wants to call it Chic Minimalism but lets be honest here, its one metal toilet away from being a prison cell.
    Most importantly though, I’d like an escape from the ultra kitschy and “eclectic” crap my mom is constantly brining into the house. This means two wooden owl statues that stare right into your soul, a jade (it’s really plastic) stature of three horses heroically emerging from a ceramic (it’s really plastic) tree stump and fake flower pots in fake soil with fake water droplets.

    It’s nasty. Help a brother out.

  • amy berwd

    I share a room with my two sisters. One 22 and the other 14. Always have. Damn landlords won’t let us paint our walls any color but off-white. Need something to leave for the next people who move in to decorate there off-white walls..

  • Emma

    Okay, for now, this piece will reside in my room. Nothing exceptional. But in 7 months, I’ll be going off to college, and I’m scared as all hell. I wouldn’t say I have *difficulties* making friends, but…I’m a little shy. So what I’m picturing is that I’d be in my dorm room, being all awkward with my roommate, and then I’d pull this out of my box o’ things, and they’d be all “whoa.” and I’d be like “you like it?” and then BOOM the friendship floodgates would open and VIOLA I’d have a friend. And this piece is so awesome I’d estimate it’s worth +10 friends, at least!

    Dare you deny me 10 friends? Dare you?!

  • katie

    my basement is cold and lonely, need this to keep it company

  • Emma

    P.s…I’m going to art college, so this piece would be extra effective in helping me out :)

  • Lucas M

    I have a bed, thats it. I could use some art.

  • Laurelin

    I would hang this in my sorry dorm room. My room I’m in is the size of someones closet and has nothing on the walls except a tiny window (which is blocked halfway by snow) It would definitely help add some homey touches and make coming home much easier.

  • dickie

    I live in a one bedroom flat with my wife and her two rabbits, everything in our flat below 1 foot high has been chewed by said rabbits. This will help draw attention away from the destruction beneath us.

  • andrew mate-obergessen

    my room is empty.

  • 3 years. 3 years & this cold/white/large/scary/nude wall is still large/white/cold/scary & desperatly nude.
    3 years that i’m looking for the perfect paint, the perfect draw, the perfect clock, the perfect thing.
    I found It.

  • I’m preparing my flight to Mars to visit some extraterrestial friends of mine. My spaceship looks absolutely rubbish :( The flight will take a bit so it would be fine to have some nice decoration. Besides, I still have no present for my Marsian friends. I’m sure they would like the painting very much!!

  • Heidi Tang

    My bedroom<<<

    It has the same face as my Domo collection!

    How Domo looks like:

    They are the long lost friends and they should meet up!

  • Jerry Tea

    my stuffed Llama needs a pair of hands ! please help !

  • the room will only have that print in it, so it will be fully appreciated.

  • ill put it next to my mario statue and the self portrait my girlfriend drew. is that nerdy enough?

  • Scott Reeves

    I’ll hang it near my bed, so I will see it before I turn off the light. It would subconsciously instill the fear that there is someone trying to steal my dreams. Therefore I would be more careful with my dreams, guard them, remember them.


    soooooooo nice !!!!!

  • Paige Simpson

    in the bathroom above the toilet, so that whoever sits down looks as though they might get snatched up by those hands!

  • Sam Hackett

    Hey booooooom masters,

    I just want to put my bid in by saying that my girlfriend and I live in a small house with our two tiny, mewling infant buffoons aged 3 and 1 who we love endlessy but who have coated our once stylish living quarters in a blanket of toys, discarded food, nappies and poop. I found a mushroom in my headphones yesterday.

    Yours hopefully,
    Sam, sarah,
    lois and Ralph

  • Scott P

    The commonspace/living room/dining room/bike storage room in my tiny apartment is more like a slightly wider than average hallway/boot room. Cluttered and muddy, a large beautiful piece of art do draw one’s eyes on to the walls and off of the floor would do a world of good.

  • I’m currently homeless and sleeping on friend’s couches, so technically I don’t even have a room to hang this in, but it would class up my wandering troubadour act a treat!

  • shaun

    On my living room wall on the other side of the Alex Prager pieces :)

  • Maggie

    (an original series of linked Haikus by M.E.)

    my room is quite plain.
    it needs something amazing,
    like this Hugo print.

    this room’s walls are bare
    and the floors an awful mess.
    some art would help it.

    i hope you pick me,
    because then my friends will see
    that i have good taste.

    there’s no way I can
    lose a giveaway again.
    i’ve just got to win…

  • Mary

    Hello I am Mary’s wall,
    When I first laid eyes on this beauty I just knew it. I knew it was it. My heart started beating fast I could feel a lump in my throat and I was lost and madly in love.
    Until now my life has been so bare, inside I am so blank. Just the plain white wall. Nobody notice me anymore since the other walls unfolded, the all have lovers, Debbie Harry is the one that hurts the most.
    This print s special, I feel like have known it for years as if it has allways been somewhere inside my head. OH if you won’t let me be with her I don’t what to do! I shall kill myself while the other, pretty, walls laugh, oh do’nt let this happen please please – let me be with the one I love. Even though I am nothing but a wall I’ll treat her nice and protect her of the sun.

  • Juan

    I do not have a room. My sister occupied my room last year. Now, I sleep in the living room with my mother. The walls in our living only have a calendar, a big mirror, and a white board for reminders and important stuff.

  • Morgane Kerbrat

    In my wardrobe next to my bras. I m always in need for a second or third hand!

  • I will hang this wondrous picture in the meat packing room. It is a smallish cellar in the basement of my doublewide where I grind the raw hamburger that is to be placed in canvas sacks. It is not consumed, but sent to artists who involve raw meat in their exhibitions. The room is white plaster, with a glaring blue LED bulb dangling from the ceiling. The floor is made of cement. This wonderful picture will add much needed decor to a rather uninspiring and often gloomy setup.

  • K.J. LeBeau

    This room is extremely needy. Its so annoying. It constantly needs to be shown affection and the walls must be rubbed often, otherwise it throws the most tremendous tantrums. It has to always have someone walking on it and complimenting its carpet. Whenever I leave for long periods of time it cries and cries and really pisses of my neighbors down the hall. It needs another friend desperately. Please consider my room, it needs a pal so very bad. Its so needy and I just cant give it the attention it needs on my own.

  • eh

    I just moved into a warehouse and well the one giant room that is my bathroom, bedroom, garage, studio and kitchen is currently void of both furniture and art. This lovely print would hang on one of the 3 walls that are not taken up by the role up door.

  • AN

    There is a blank wall above my bed. It has been waiting for something to complete it. There are posters stacked behind my desk and many more behind my door, but nothing has felt right. It has been 10 years that I’ve been looking and waiting for that feeling. When I saw this print, I just knew, this would complete those 10 years of searching. It gave me that feeling that you cannot describe. A funny feeling at the pit of your stomach that reminds you why you design. It’s because of that feeling that you do what you do.

  • Alex

    Im 16 and i share a room with my two little brothers. I have to put up with all their mess and junk lying around, their constant fighting and all that little kid jazz. It would be nice to have something of my own that i can hang up on the wall that is mine and isn’t one of their drawings haha!

  • The room is a mixture of dining and rest, nestled next to the loo, and terribly undecorated. The print would hang perfectly above the mini-refrigerator, on top of which I put my fruits in a bowl I like to call the “lava bowl” due to its magm-ificent orange, bubbly textures. It’s a humble little studio. I imagine the graphite hands reaching for the fruit. I’d like to share an apple or two one day.

  • My room being completely white except for one black wall, with a broken window that doesn’t open, an air conditioning that barely works, in Brazil and it’s summer. I tried to draw straight on the wall a couple of times so there are pencil marks. Not a single frame hangs on my wall and I have 2 broken guitars. As lonely as my room is and looks I can assure you that the ‘Occupy’ print will occupy not only my room but also my heart as it will probably be the only thing that functions for it’s purpose in my room.

  • Zerena

    The dullest of all white walls in existence is the single wall I awake to and the dingy wall I fall asleep to. Lonesome as this pale structure is it could easily be spruced up by this print and awaken to become something lively and beautiful. Unfortunately the only company this wall has are a few photos. I cant afford much as a in debt student at Berkeley but photos do not suffice in a dorm room. The potential is there and the possibility of beauty is within reach if only somehow an eloquent piece of art could come into my hands. The endless adoration and appreciation of this print is what will be achieved if you so choose to grace me and my pathetic wall with this gift.

  • It would cover a literal hole in the wall. Quick! We’re losing heat.

  • Colin

    i live in an unfinished basement… for reals

  • Hope

    Currently inhabiting our red wall there are 150 plaster boobs chilling in the fireplace with a deteriorating crooked wooden window frame above it. Against the window theres a stereo and a plant shelf and a ficus tree (from craigslist under the free section along with the rest of our furniture in the living room), the bookcase and coffee table are covered in cookbooks, art books, and hotspring/trail books. On the other side is the void, tacky textured white wall with a few pieces up (throwing rocks with friends, and dog cloud in seafoam), and my goldfish Mildred who recently lost his mate. From the living room you can see the kitchen which is painted blue with tight white uneven zigzags where there are three noncontinuous zigzags, it drives me nuts every time and trips me out, the kitchen was like this when we moved in. Our house may seem mismatched, but it does have a cohesive feel to it.

  • I am living with my parents again after living overseas.. Actually, don’t give it to me cause I’m not allowed to make a hole in the wall anyway :P

  • Mathe Balazs

    i live in the forest, i would hang it on a tree.

  • bojan

    i have some guys arms hanging on the wall already, so i think this will go nice with that.

  • Thats a nice print you got there. FESS IT UP!

  • jules

    i live in a dormroom in baltimore, complete with concrete walls, a concrete column in the middle of my room, and enough pipes and vents to make them lower my loft bed by 3 feet.

  • davidisrestless

    My friends and I live in a small apartment in Knoxville. Two out of the three of us are art majors, and yet in our main living space the walls are almost bare because of how broke we are. we like to host little shindigs, but the room is so boring that I think people don’t like coming over.

  • Perrin Turner

    I have a room with one lonely dinosaur. I think that this print would really cheer her up.

  • Sebastian

    I’m studying at an art school and yet my room is painfully underdecorated, mostly because I’d feel pretentious putting a bunch of my own art on the walls, my one poster is a trippy black velvet thing featuring many multicolored slightly offset spirals, and while I love it I need something a little more sedate and still visually beautiful for contrast. My room wasn’t always in such a sad state, but my dormmate transfered out taking with him all of his posters. Now I find no solace in the hallogen lamp reflecting off bare white-walls.

  • matt

    my pokey london flat looks like a battered wifes refuge in aberystwyth circa 1974. help me bring it into the new century!

  • Crys

    I noticed yesterday that my room is a perfect white cube. Full bed and boxspring (no frame), clothes rack (no closets) and suitcase just barely fit in the cube. I just moved to Brooklyn with that packed suitcase. no room for art in the transport. i need to bring art back into my life.

  • Mike

    My walls are pretty bland. This print would defiantly go on my wall above my bookshelf reminding me to grab a book every once and a while. And also it will go on my wall above my bookshelf just because it is amazing!

  • Jeneba

    Kitchen. Opposite the stove.

    I need to be reminded daily, as I eat, how badly I wish my teeth could grab stuff.

    Incredible print.

  • Roy


    1. inspiring awe: an awesome sight.
    2. showing or characterized by awe.
    3. Slang – very impressive: “That new white convertible is totally awesome.”

    Such will be my room with this poster in it. Thank you.

  • The room that needs it is like this…


    Needed, no? Come on…

  • Alex Hereford

    It would go into my room. Why not specific? Because i live in a tacky college dorm at UBC and i only have one room. It is the only room in which i live. Others may have an artless wall here and there within their homes, but i have four blank walls a computer and a bed to my name. It needs style, it needs creativity, it needs the help from Mario Hugo to uplift this somber room’s spirits. The opportunity to improve a flowering minds space of work could result in the first flying car. All it would take is this fantastic print on my wall.

  • Jeffrey

    I just moved in with my girlfriend of two years. Her place has never had anything on the walls that wasn’t bought at Target or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. My artist brother was generous enough to loan us a painting of his, but the painting was telling me last night that it was getting very lonely being the only original piece of art in our otherwise unoriginal one bedroom apartment. I promised I would find him a friend soon. The only problem is that my girlfriend and I do not make exorbent amounts of money and the money we do make goes into our savings accounts so that one day we may get out of this place and into one we can call our own.

  • Audun

    I’m currently living in a white and boring hospital room with a window with no view, a white closet, ugly curtains, a small tv and a hospital bed. The room could really need something. And since i have stayed here for a long time and have weeks to come. I could really need something to look at! :)

  • Ben

    I just moved into university halls; imagine a sterile wall, roof, floor and lighting. Then try and spend however many working hours in it.

    I cannot keep looking at sterile white walls. Help.

  • Yo, if you don’t like expensive things
    Then you can bounce if you don’t wanna get it together
    You could be out, ’cause I’m all about gettin’ them things
    From the truck to the house, to the gear and them rings
    No doubt, coulda done it but ain’t no hoe for you
    Now I try to tell you but all you do is sit around
    It takes more than hope and a dream
    I got a mean team puttin’ in work to get the cream, what

    Money and hot rides (I need that)
    The platinum and shine (I need that)
    The house and the gear (I need that)
    I’m sayin’ Boooooooom (I… want… that…)

  • Melissa C


  • Paung

    I’m quite socially inept so it’s a nightmare to be assigned to sit in an office bay with lots of traffic flow in my new job. I felt obliged to greet all these powdered up dolls and suits that I’ve nothing in common with and I think I need an antidote like the little dude on the print to get me through the day.
    Somehow I can relate to him. I can see us teaming up and look at the people with blank eyes as they approach. That would be awesome.
    By the way, that’s not to scare people off, it’s a way to make others smile without having to say a thing.

  • Micah Clark

    I live with my parents in a small town, I find it difficult to stay inspired. I used to have magazine cutouts hanging on my wall for inspiration, but I got sick of them and took them down. No my walls are blank and I have nothing aside from pieces I see on the internet to inspire me.

    I want to start a collection of prints to hang in my room that I will not get sick of to keep me going

  • courtney chapin

    i live in a floating wooden ship just outside of the thermosphere and we need a print to keep us from crashing down to earth. prints keep us remaining stable and uninfluenced by gravity

  • Keir

    i live in scotland in a space that was once a garage and is now a bedroom. the walls are purple and sparkly (i am a male). the room has no decorations except 6 cut outs from a comic i picked up when i was in stockholm – badly stuck to the wall. haha i need this fucking print! send it to SCOTLAND and into my loving, ginger hair speckled arms!

  • I live in halls, my room is a cell

  • Jimena

    i live with my parents. my wall is mustard. i need this

  • Maria

    I have never collected art. So my room stays minimal with things, overloaded with books. Between the walls of mine I spend a lot of time and I have always felt that my room has no window. Like that there is just a fysical exit and no psyhcial one. Ive always wondered that one day I will have something splendid and twisted enough to be my saviour of the day.

    Let this print be my mental window I need so much.

  • Colin Barrett

    Instruments are scattered throughout the hallway. Everything from a kazoo to a harp fill the empty space. The walls are blank white. Void of anything except resonance…for when the residents walk in and begin to play the hallways is alive. When they play their music, they have nothing to look at,except for each other. Sometimes it is nice, other times they wish there was a picture, hanging, to listen to their soft melodies of the hallway.

  • Meaghan

    I would hang this in my entrance way, my mother probably wouldn’t be too impressed, but my visitors sure would! good conversation piece…? and I love it’s smile.

  • mekhi

    I’m moving from cold, crusty Boston to the sunny, awesome, San Francisco bay area in 2 months. I would love for this piece to be an addition to my budding (read: small, but awesome) art collection in my new place. It would be the perfect thing to set off this new chapter in my life.

  • I would put this in my studio. I love it so much It would go on my inspiration wall.

  • joanna eve

    i live in a tunnel of a room with one window that overlooks a parking lot and scrap yard. this room doesn’t see much light as it is blocked by the unfortunately designed deck. my sleeping situation is an army cot ‘bed frame’, thin mattress and a plank of wood acting as a mediator preventing my mattress from becoming completely concave when i lay down. currently the only thing of architectural interest in this room is the fuse box–it has hinges. yep. sometimes i’m also accompanied by mice. they’re smart at least–they’ve avoided all the traps. i’m pretty sure they’d also appreciate having something nice to look at…

  • April Lynn

    Presently my current situation has lead me to my grandparents house in Jersey. If I won this painting I would hang it on the wall next to my desk in my room. So every time I looked at it I could imagine those hands reaching over and pulling me the freak out of here. (That might actually give me nightmares, but whatever, LOVE the painting!)

  • If I were to win this amazing pice of art it would go in my bed room that we(me and my wife) have converted into a working dentist office for all the silver lake hipsters that cant afford dental insurance. As of right now the operation room is a bit dreary, we could really use something nice and uplifting to make all our customers feel welcome and safe. Thank you for your time and consideration. I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.I WIN.

  • I recently had to move into a small apartment after my girlfriend broke up with me. She kept all of the art we collected together and now my walls are lonely.

  • I live alone with a pet squirrel names Jasper. He’s a nice fellow, I can’t lie. We jam out to Brazilian Bossa Nova on the weekends and write sonnets during the week. But it does often get lonely with nothing on the walls of our one room studio. I hope to spice things up a bit and post some art work up and maybe some portraits of Jasper and I.

    This piece by Mario Hugo would be a lovely start! :)

  • Michael

    I’m a college student. My room mate has the tackiest taste I’ve ever seen. On one of our living room walls, he has a HUGE…. HUGE print of one of Thomas Kinkade’s cottage paintings. THOMAS KINKADE.

    Every time I bring over a friend or someone I work with, I have to flat-out WARN them in advance– “It’s not mine, I know it’s terrible, I’m sorry.”

    Please send this awesome print my way… maybe there will be one less Thomas Kinkade print in the world.

  • ross

    I live in Santa Cruz, California with three friends. All of us have been scouring the cities collection of salvation armies, thrift stores, and flea markets for an art piece worthy of the spot above our fireplace. There are two old time lanters that frame the spot perfectly, so the piece will be the focal point. I think that this print would be the perfect picture to bring our room together. This could be the rug to our lebowski, help us out.


  • Titus Chalk

    I have a hungry wall in deepest Berlin that wants a geometric maw to gobble down more body parts. It can’t get enough. I can hear its plastery guts grumbling. Its digestive juices bubbling. Its teeth grinding in anticipation. ‘MUST EAT ARMS!’ it says. Nom, nom, nom!

  • my wall has a 40 x 25cm hole, this print could disguise that i live in a crack den.

  • We decided it would be a great idea to rip all the ceilings and walls down on the first floor in a 100+ year old house which means soot…lots and lots of black soot…this print would make our little black hole much more inspiring, I would lovingly hang it in the room destined to be my own little design studio (currently with no door or lights and half a wall)…which is waiting patiently for some TLC and a sexy Mario Hugo poster

  • my walls panhandle for art just as much as the homeless.

  • Rez

    At the entrance wall of sign language research center! This picture hits the nail strikingly as the concepts we, “deafies,” relate so well w/ our controversial language and identity in a modern technological age and international issues. Our hands are our mouth–as this portrays the frail hands being eaten up from empathetic motor face whereas sign languages across the world are actually Endangered! “Cannabalism” will definitely initiate heated conversations with mutual feelings at our entrance. Can’t wait to boast about this poster!

  • Johanna

    my cat is growing bored of my white walls and she needs something amazing to stare at – plus i really like it.

  • Sean

    Ah my bedroom, where i sleep/eat/create…or at least try. More inspiration and motivation to add to my small collection that I have been trying to make bigger! :D

  • S

    Boston, MA. The room has some lovely bookshelves made of solid pine, a cozy bed, sunshine in the afternoons, and a loyal cat that’s some kind of mix of Siamese and tabby… otherwise, it is bare. The walls are grey, begging for some art!

    The print would be an excellent centerpiece, and I would provide a photo of it after it has been installed.

  • sleezyB

    This will hang above my bed. It’s often that someone has to drag me out of my daily slumber. These hands will be tasked with that job.

  • I’m a freshman in college live in a small, white, dorm room. My roomate takes up most of the space and I live in a ‘loft.’ The loft is actually a carpeted hole in the wall that they stuck a bed into. It’s so boring, it’s killing me, I’m scared. Please help, Jeff, you’re my only hope.

    Thank you.

  • im an art student need some first hand inspiration in my room currently with blank walls.

  • on my “tresor-wall”, it’s in a edge, near my bed, and there’s just what i love. it’s just hidden by what the people want to see. it’s a wall, but it’s my small place here.
    machst gut

  • My refrigerator. Along with the Jesus magnets my Granny left me and photos of Mardi Gras in the 1920’s. Because it is as interesting as those pieces and my refrigerator is located in my my painting studio. I find the print inspiring.

  • Art

    we pay too much attention to the face, while its the hands which made us who we are.

    seeing this print made me smile. and smiles are a great start to a day. so i’d attach it to my ceiling, right over my bed. if i don’t fasten it securely enough, it can easily split my forehead open. that goes without saying, i’m willing to spill blood for this print. as decoration this piece holds no power, but as a catalyst for inspiration and motivation – truly is priceless.

  • I have now escaped the wrath and control of my parents. I have moved into my new flat. A new beginning has taken shape.
    The artwork would act as a symbol of my new found independence and freedom. It would hang in decadence right in front of my bed so that everyday I wake up in marvel. I am currently studying Fine Arts and are in need of some “Real Art” to reside in my new room. So thanks Booooooom. Thanooom!

  • Jose Luigi

    I will donate it to a new thrift that opened in the heart of downtown in my city. They NEED decent art hanging up. No more Andy Warhol overkill.

  • Mil’

    just empty room with white walls

  • Mike

    I am going to hang this print in my long cold kitchen. It will hang at the only place there is room enough for my cutting board. I think the length of my cutting board is a little longer than the width of the print, so It will hopefully fit perfect. This small spot is properly where I use most of my time in my small apartment and its also where I once in a wile, get mentally lost wile chopping and looking in to this empty white spot on the wall. In worse case I will cut my fingers/hands of. This is where this print will hopefully keep me focused on my hands wile I chop away…. And prevent a clumsy home amputation


    I NEED to find my own apartement, and the one-room apartement I am hiring at the moment NEEEEDS somethings that is mine and only mine, which would keep up my dreams and strives to one day find my own place. And in Stockholms, that takes a looong time, but looking at that poster while waiting and dreaming would really keep me going!

  • Greg

    My wall has various pieces of artwork that depict cannibalism. This would fit in perfectly.

  • Mat JS Moore

    This print would be hung above my bed on what appears to be the barest wall ever created.

  • caitlin Murphy

    Mu current bedroom has dilapidated fake wood panels, of which those under the windows are slightly water-stained and warped, with nothing but a bed, painting supplies, and a closet with a hole punched through one of the doors. The only colors other than the wood and my bedsheets and blankets are sickly pink curtains over the windows and various doodles as well as some old photos tacked to the wall with packing tape.

    And they told me renting my own place would be glamorous.

  • Stephanie

    1 wall with all my amateur paintings of old topless men.
    1 wall with 1 copy cat painting a Joe Soren look alike done by some one unknown who left it at the high school I went to.
    My room lacks art work that is not my own.
    And and and this poster would really help fill my empty space.

  • It’s not that my room doesn’t look good. It’s that I don’t actually have a room. So if I go this piece I’d hang it where ever I went and share it with the people who were kind enough to share their rooms.

  • Right above my head rests on my bed. So it looks like someone is about to get me with those hands and chomp my head with that cute face of it. It might eat my nightmares too – that would be fabulous.

  • My orange room needs! Up my sansevieria. Next to the windows.
    My room starts whit this print in front of my eyes. Hands, in print, wants touch my plant and it’s watch me whit its rounded and black eyes for and help.
    *Sorry for my english. I’m italian.

  • life would be complete with this :) i am drunk

  • Congratulations to Mikey Lland – you have won yourself the Mario Hugo print!

  • I live in a dorm, with 2 other men. We share a 1 window room that is meant for 2 people, indeed, there are other rooms that are bigger than ours with less people in them.
    Alas, our walls are bare, painful, white, with natural lighting only for a small percentage of the day. We would hang this marvel on our door, so it would look as if someone was fighting to get in from outside, as if to tell us there was a mistake when we were assigned this tiny room with 3 people.
    “If only, if only” the woodpecker sighs

  • wow, i need this print like i need a hemorroidectomy!!!

    but seriously, this print will look awesome in the wall of my hallway opening the front door where it will greet the hands of people that walk smiling in the house!!!

  • Kristy Mia

    Every afternoon (I find it hard to get out of bed in the mornings as I am a student so I need time to rest my bones) I wander my bare feet through the free flyers, art monthly zines, denim shirt, hoodie, bags, laundry, bin towels, hob nob biscuit crumbs, books, cameras, scissors, hairdryer and straightners on my teeny weeny L shaped floor space of my student room. This room contains my life at the moment and I believe it can contain a masterpiece like this one you are offering. Please make my life!
    Thankyouuuuuuuuuuu and peace out
    k x

  • Well, my living room wasn’t painted since 1998 and the walls look like the Moon’s surface. Which is not good.  Plaster is falling off so all the holes are covered with my picture from childhood. A GIANT picture of me from childhood. Which is not good either. 
    So please, send me this wonderful print so I don’t need to be ashamed when somebody is coming.

  • Jake Wild

    I would put this on the wall of my bedroom at university. I study fine art yet ironically my walls are bare. I never like putting my own work up so this would be an ideal starting point of putting the work of others up.

  • Jonathon Austin

    I believe some artworks are open windows to our imaginary. As poor and destitute as possible a room might be, I like to think art has the power to light up a room with life and to swallow us into a totally different reality. All I need in my tiny and deprived with light studio apartment is that wonderful masterpiece!

  • beanuno

    I would hang it in my bathroom, next to my pink flamingos curtain and the postcard of the queen of England’s face. And I would make any of these faces when I see it: http://nonuno.tumblr.com/post/82282313874

  • RyanThomas

    I’m in the process of trying to build an amazing salon wall of talented illustrators. It’s taken years and every scrap of spare income.

    This would make my life and art addiction much much easier to bear.

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