14.02.11 by Jeff

Hannah Waldron

I like these prints by Hannah Waldron.

artist hannah waldron

artist hannah waldron

artist hannah waldron

artist hannah waldron

  • http://olliewilliams.com Ollie

    Ohhh these are lovely.

  • Lincoln

    They are they are, I love the black on red. What they made from?

  • http://superluminousvelocity.com neuman

    I am as curious as Lincoln. Are they lithograph? What’s the printing process at work here?

    • http://josecazares.com Jose

      “curious as Lincoln.” Don’t know if that was intentional, but hilarious indeed.

    • Lucy

      I think some of them are screen prints.

  • http://alexandercline.blogspot.com Alex

    Man, these colors are working so effing well here.

  • http://betweenblackandwhite.tumblr.com/ drvokestena

    my god, this is some good stuff!!!!!!!!!!

    made my day :)

  • http://www.chelseydoyle.com Chelsey Doyle

    These are awesome. I love the prints in the second image!

  • http://josecazares.com Jose

    Very impressed! These are great.