16.02.11 by Jeff

POW WOW / Update

Here is a bad photo of the beautiful house we’re staying at.

pow wow hawaii update art event

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  • http://heyrerun.tumblr.com/ Sara

    holy shit that’s awesome

  • http://www.twitter.com/supercw christa

    it’s so funny that the outside doesn’t even do it any justice!

  • http://www.flickr.com/hellotrondur Tróndur

    Looks like the house is about to eat the cars! NOM NOM NOM!

  • http://heartsandcraftsblog.blogspot.com Stevie

    Holy crap! I cannot believe that I’ve been following this blog for like a year now and you’re coming to where I live!!! CRAAAAAZY!!!

  • Slumpy

    Weird to see this on here as I’m moving into the other place on this property next month. That place is incredible! Was up there last week and was blown away. Love the property and what they’re doing. Glad to be apart of it.