23.02.11 by Jeff

Shelby DiMarco / Print Giveaway

My friend Kelly over at Little Paper Planes wants to give one of you guys this beautiful print by Shelby DiMarco! Who wants it!?

Shelby DiMarco Print Giveaway little paper planes

If you’d like to win this 8.5 x 11 print by Shelby DiMarco write a 3-sentence short story in the comments below. Best story gets the print! I’ll pick a winner on Friday.

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Iry

    “climb every mountain,” said fujikawa.
    i climbed.
    and then, abyss.

  • boris

    Oh… Mais… Mon dieu…
    Ce canevas géographico psychédélique. Je me perds. Je bande.

    (May google translate help you)

  • josh

    I don’t even give a fuck. Lucky numbers. A fuck is now given

  • Daniel

    How are you supposed to climb
    when you are High
    on shitty berries.

  • Calico

    You don’t even know. And maybe, one day, you will know; but for now? I’m jumping off this muther fucking train.

  • Leslie

    I possessed no knowledge of the unknown. Intelligentsia, please explain, expound, reveal. What I discovered was plain; my eyes are never more than two eyes shrieking.

  • david

    If you leave a trail of small papers I will find you.
    If you make them pale I will know you are ok.
    If they blow away in the wind, I will just call out.

  • TD

    I fell and it made the world look amazing. Unfortunately I never stopped falling. The world looks the same again.

  • The Sun folded back
    The Sky opened up
    and he melted away

  • . . .

  • I was late for the bus. I ran after it yelling. It stopped, and I jumped on.

  • trolololo

    Mind drips
    On pastel mountains
    Bit slippery

  • bess

    You know we nitpick others what we see in ourselves. Line up criticisms like they’re books on the shelves. However, if you can get past that, you’ll find the good things within yourself.

  • floating out of space while time stood still,
    pushing beyond imaginative thrill.

    reaching top peak,
    a mountain a hill.

    everything’s ok, don’t worry, just chill.

  • Haley Jones

    Creativity ruled her. It broke the chains that bound. And freed the soul within.

  • Love it too! seems so soft!
    would love to climb this mountain of paper…

  • almost never you see a bird in the air changing its mind.
    doubting, rethinking and fly back.
    why is that?

  • Lucille

    No one could have known that the experiment would one day destroy so much. After seeing so many loved ones die they decided to fight back the only way they knew how. The world was saved that day and we will always be thankful.

  • Colin

    In the beginning there were two.
    Later, there were hundreds.
    Rabbits like to bang.

  • Lucy

    In the most unexpected of places miracles really do happen.

    Stood shivering in snow some would no doubt deem her strange.

    The girl who’d witnessed confetti eagle fly mountain range.

  • Daniel Waller

    In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. It was us who decided this should change

  • As I walked underneath that dark and damp underpass, I heard a muffled sound to my right. A man, huddled in the corner, gasping and whimpering, in obvious pain, passed by repeatedly. I reached out my mittened hand, helped him up, and we walked towards the sun.

  • Meg Worden

    Dear Ceseste,
    Last night I dreamed you broke your own heart, and my pain was washed away by the slippery sound waves of a silent ocean.
    I’m sorry for what I did to you.
    Please bring back the dog.


  • Droolin

    “excuse me sir, you just farted in front of my wife!” Mortally embarrassed by what I had done, I turned to the man glaring back at me and said, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware it was her turn.” I ran out the door and walked down the stairs.

  • leon

    Semolina pilchard, climbing up the Eiffel Tower,

    Elementary penguin singing Hari Krishna.

    Man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe,

    I am the eggman, they are the eggmen.

    I am the walrus, goo goo g’joob g’goo goo g’joob.

    Goo goo g’joob g’goo goo g’joob g’goo

  • Julia

    One evening as I was walking through Brooklyn I saw Bill Murray on a Segway tour. My first thought was, they give Segway tours in brooklyn? My second was, IT’S THE FUCKING LEGEND OF BILL MURRAY!

  • I ran to where I knew she’d been before. When I arrived, there was no one there. I was all alone.

  • last night i had a beer.
    i dont know who this girl is.
    apparently i drank more than 7 beers after the first.

  • Matthew Gordy

    As the deadline drew near, I drew a rather large circle around her ear.
    Begrudgingly my host asked, “Why?”
    “Never you mind.”

  • Kaitlin Cusack

    For dinner that night we ate crème fraîche with oysters; our last supper was salty and sweet. While you choked on your words, I chewed over thoughts of why this wasn’t working. It left a bad taste in my mouth.

  • keifeee

    The sun is jolly, and we laughed.
    You said, ‘I don’t know where am i,”
    I replied, “Just to believe that we all dont know where are we and what we are.”

  • I entered a competition, spontaenity and imagagination cast aside.
    I wondered, could i win this?
    I never win anything, but it was nice to write.

  • Ivan Dergachev

    Ivan took a sip of coffee and clicked on BOOOOOOOM! in bookmarks bar. Suddenly he saw the planes, lots and lots of them. Somehow he knew that they are going to Russia on Friday.

  • britty

    life. it is not what if. it is what if not.

  • Felix Carr

    I walked through orbs of golden light, and parted waves of perfect sound. I leant upon the pillars of heaven on earth, and it was there I found my meaning. Now I can live.

  • virginia

    Our minds are still and the mountain high.
    A little of magic and we can go on top.
    Let’s go together.

  • Once, I saw this mountainy print. I decided I wanted it. Then I wrote a story.

  • Ben Y

    He realized that he had just discovered the purpose of all human life, and it lay right in front of him.
    Our meaning, our beginning, and our destiny.
    What was it you ask?

  • “This thing happened right”
    “yeah what happened?”

    “I forget. More ketamine before school?”

  • yesterday ended ten hours ago
    S:0S am didn’t save my soul
    S:0S pm didn’t save my soul

  • We had a wonderful adventure.
    We laughed, we cried.
    I kept my tears to my insides.


    It would look nice on my new apartments very empty walls. Bitte!?

  • Matt

    I left a reply. In hopes of winning. That amazing print.

  • i’m high with the wonderment and rapture cool air wisps into my every limb.
    to hold the ground of this peak, look below, my face a small delve in her placid lake.
    to die today, only a watermark on the face of this mountain — to make it until tomorrow, a print on her body.

  • For years, Grandma’s carpets collected dust. When we tore them out, the air was filled. The dust settled in my lungs.

  • Bo Fløjborg

    – I’m i the only one, who gives a shit about the rules ?
    – They are calling the cops man, put the piece away.

  • rebecca n

    Once upon a time, a man was born.
    Well, he wasn’t a man at the time of hist birth, but you get the idea.
    And then he died.

  • Mike

    I woke up.
    I went and brushed my teeth.
    I entered a contest.

  • Rhonda

    The landscape of love is seldom easily traversed; experience has taught me this. I sigh, lace up my boots. With a gut full of anticipation and trepidation, I step off.

  • A boy was waiting for his paint to come.
    A box´ fell accidentally into the ocean from cargo ship deck.
    A colourful island has now a black and white new inhabitant.

  • “Welcome to the bean show “, he said.

    “Pick a bean, any bean… “, he said.

    So I turned to my left, quite unsure, to ask you, ” Red or blue? “

  • Was that two rats fucking on the third rail, or just a black plastic bag blowing in the wind?
    These were the questions I asked myself daily on the subway platform, my eyes burning from lack of sleep.
    One day I gave up and jumped.

  • “This was a tragic mistake,” she said. “I’m going home.”
    “I’m coming with you,” said her mother.
    They both looked at the baby. The baby offered no reply.

  • Chelsea

    Some will write about the print.
    Some will write about their day.
    I will end this in a rhyme; that is just my way.

    • ross

      i like this a lot

  • The bathroom felt strange.

    Unquestionably, there was a presence – a darkness – stinking through the salmon walls, polka-dotted with dancing mice and parasols.

    A rush of ice washed up her neck before the toothless clown’s face pushed through the floor like rubber.

  • Dick Joakim Hedlund

    Of course she didnt understand, it was all greek to her..

  • Sofia

    I see in black and white while others see in color.
    How others see me, this I often wonder.
    How I see them, results in infinite blunder.

  • Lea

    He had never believed he could reach the horizon. And then he did and jumped into the dark and died. If the impossible becomes real what are dreams for we’re living on?

  • Trot Fox

    The dust rested on the shelves and everything else like a soft, dead blanket. When the people entered the musty room, it ruffled and fluttered. When they left, it settled and resumed it’s eternal, dry sleep oblivious to all that happened.

  • brandon snacks

    this reminds of the helicopter ride we took over the glaciers in alaska to scatter my grandfather’s ashes…it’s beautiful

  • Parker

    Short stories aren’t really short.
    They’re confusing and hard to read.
    Enjoy this shit, on the real.

  • There once was a turtle. He didn’t like other turtles too much. He hid in his shell and lived alone.

  • I made a comment to enter a competition. My comment was picked as the winner and I got a sweet print in the mail. The end.

  • Becca

    Lips a dipped deep crimson
    painted me in colours you had chosen
    a canvas no longer unadorned

  • Becca

    Lips a dipped deep crimson
    painted me in colours you had chosen
    a canvas no longer unadorned

  • Chris Fortney

    Cats: All your base are belong to us.
    Cats: You are on the way to destruction.
    Captain: What you say?!

  • sander

    a clown did drugs on a regular basis to deal with racists and people with face-lifts. trying to make laughs he only found humor of the tasteless. he died of an overdose and his spirit became television.

  • GRRY

    why speak?
    this print will do.
    will do just fine.

  • Each time it became easier and easier to see through the hazy dreams, a deep blue night sky scattered with a blanket of stars.
    Each time it became easier and easier to look down upon the dark cityscape, draped by an illuminating blanket of stars.
    Each twinkle yet to be fulfilled.

  • Emma

    He strode into the room with confidence, a certain swagger in his step, grin lighting up the room like a cheap lamp. “Hello, hello,” he sang, letting the O’s slink over his teeth and through his loosely parted lips. However long Madeline would shout her nervous pain at him, he knew she’d let him stay tonight.

  • Emily L.

    St. Joe, St. Joe—oh there was a time when I liked the caw of the crow, when I delighted in summer storms. And she was sexy, but you were not, nibbling on the end of your cigarette, stalking. You imagined she was a writer and because she was all woman, she would write you like a woman too—push more feelings into your guts and turn your guts into more feelings, so she was a poet, was it worth it?

  • Maggie

    I would like this.
    Can I have it, pretty please? I need some art besides my own in my room!

  • schoi

    the son held the father’s hand.
    the son looked straight ahead.
    the father and the son crossed the dessert.

  • Justin

    I feel like I’m look out of a airplan window. It reminds me of flying in a five seater airplain in peru looking down on a small mountain village. It is a nice feeling and memory.

  • Byron J Mackenzie

    In the dinning room there was a man with a hat on, and he wouldn’t take it off.
    So we beat his face in with knives and forks.
    And feed him to my dog.

  • Lu Eddie

    You’re strange, it’s delightful. It’s strange, you’re delightful.

  • Mallory K

    After the heartbreak of divorce he met an elfish woman who read books about everything and always made him laugh. She moved away for work and he regretted his decision not to follow her. Tonight he flies to Christchurch to sleep in a shelter next to the woman he loves.

  • My pants felt light. I reached into my pockets. I touched my leg through the tear in the fabric.

  • 0101110001111010010101011001

  • The elderly man bent down to pick up the litter from the ground. I small amount of gas escaped from his backside. I could not help but smile.

  • Catherine

    before her class starts a girl is lurking the internet and visiting her favorite blogs.
    she sees a giveaway on booooooom for a beautiful poster that required the contestant to make a short story.
    but unfortunately she has a really hard time making a story…

  • Lady Gaga threw off her headdress. It was time to slip on her meat gown. “I need a more metallic beat for this next song. Slip me some Kiss.”

  • “Why are so many people writing haiku-esque comments?”, Adam thought to himself. He never did find out, but that didn’t stop him from hating everyone who didn’t understand what “story” meant. The thought grated on the edges of his subconscious for the next twelve years, and then he killed himself.

  • The kids played in the puddles during recess. Their teachers taught them in puddles during class. The principal had the biggest puddle of them all.

  • Willy

    One day I was watching a man have an argument with himself. Later, I had walked to use the restroom. While relieving myself, the thought of the man made its way back into my head. I began to laugh out loud out because of how silly he had appeared to me. I forgot I wasn’t alone in the restroom and turned to see that I had gathered some attention of my own. Realizing then that in their eyes, I was as just as crazy as I had viewed the man.

  • AMS

    The tears welling in her eyes, she thought of his smell: licorice and cigarette smoke. She did not know he was standing in front of her until she heard his voice – “you smell like ammonia and endless hospital corridors,” he said – and finally she saw his gaze of complete indifference. In time, her tears, now falling, formed a river into which she threw herself and drowned; he flicked ash from his cigarette onto the grey water, watched it drift out of view, then turned his back and walked the muddy gravel path toward another bitter autumn day.

  • Alejandro

    Our relationship is shit.

    You’re an open book.

    And I’m an illiterate.

  • Rachael

    One day I went on booooooom to check out the latest posts. There was a print giveaway and I had to write a three sentence story to win it, so I read over 70 stories already written. They were all either philosophical or humorous so I decided to write a completely benign non-fictional story.

  • lessadjut

    I rode home, everything was wet. Snow/rain/sleet fell in my eyes the whole way. One giant flake/drop quite close to home and then a man coughed under a bridge, the only place I could properly open my eyes.

  • Travis

    I walked into the room, put my suitcase in the closet, fixed a drink and asked how much they wanted a month. She looked at me with her big, watery eyes and they followed me with the utmost fear. Tonight was the night.

  • I came from the west and I don’t remember anything but the corners. My late father’s subterranean Tel-Aviv studio came around me as I stepped inside. Him and his curly locks against a foam mattress as the BBC mumbled into his ear and I pushed away any emotions with the first tear.

  • ross

    I found a bottle washed up on the shore today. It had a zoo inside filled with elephants, giraffes, tigers, and my favorite of course, moose. But as it turned out, the moose was a cow dressed up with antlers and painted brown; so i threw the bottle back.

  • Radical gravity. If I had an Apple I’d give you ONE. If I had TWO Apples I’d give you none.

  • Maia

    I thought about shredding the sky into sauce like cheese, grating, but then I realized I could type and see someones print in the flesh dancing/grinding up against mine on the wall when the wind from my window shakes them. They could make print babies and vomit out chine-colle. I wish I didn’t know how to count so I could pretend that’s why I lost.

  • jasmin

    joe blew smoke rings into the air without concern for her asthma. “reality warps into misconception baby. rather than your money, than your fame, than your love, give me truth.”

  • cicely

    Portia fell through the river today. There was a large walloping trash of sound, followed by an opening that sucked her in. Sipping her rye and ginger, she thinks she’ll go out tonight.

  • stephen aman

    “You just ended the conversation and hung up so abruptly,” she pleaded. “I felt like you were blowing me off.” Tears began to roll down her cheeks.

  • CONGRATULATIONS TO ROSS – you’ve won yourself the print!

    Stay tuned for more giveaways!

  • “excuse me” she leans forward behind my left ear “but can you tell me, what is that building there? I follow the line of her wrist, now hovering before the right side of my face as she points out of the window. I draw breath to reply and instead receive a dose of old fashioned scent.

  • Jake

    I like stories with happy endings. I laugh, I cry, I live, I die. I don’t like this story.

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