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Estelle Hanania / Giveaway

I have 3 copies of “Dondoro” the beautiful new book by Estelle Hanania, published by France-based kaugummi books. Who wants one?

Estelle Hanania kaugummi books giveaway

Estelle Hanania kaugummi books giveaway

Estelle Hanania kaugummi books giveaway

Estelle Hanania kaugummi books giveaway

Estelle Hanania kaugummi books giveaway

Estelle Hanania kaugummi books giveaway

If you want to win a copy of the book, let me know what your favourite camera is in the comments below!

I’ll pick three winners on Monday.

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Morgan

    with all of its imperfections, an old Pentax K1000 that my boyfriend has indefinitely loaned me!

  • Nikon D90, or D3000 if you’re not made *entirely* of money.

  • The one i can get my hands on.

  • Lomo.

  • My iPhone 4 camera beats both the Nikon D700 and the D3 right now.

  • I love my own Canon Powershot G11 to bits. But now with the new control button at the front, the G12 moves into 1st place for me.

  • Polaroid, baby!

  • My favorite camera by far is the Canon AE-1. It’s so gorgeous by itself. The photos it produces are wonderful as well.

  • Leica M9

  • ryan

    Kodak Brownie

  • I met my Canon Tx at a thrift store in Amarillo Tx three years ago, and it hasn’t left my side since.

  • Zombie Unicorns

    Yashica EZ F521. It’s cute fake lens is like its wearing an elastic tie.

  • Hasselblad 500 C/M

  • mariann

    Zenit ET

  • Beto

    My favorite camera well the one that i have is A Canon tx

  • Mamiya RZ! great quality, super portable, affordable!

  • Yashica T4 -tys


    My favorite camera is the Canon EOS Rebel T2i. Although it does have a relatively short battery life, the image quality is amazing. I really enjoy the rather large monitor on the back of the camera, it allows me to clearly see the details of my photos.

  • Mamiya 7!

  • Travis

    I’m not rich. Wish I could say something fancy.

    Gotta throw back to the AE-1.

  • Johan fahlgren

    My lover is a Ricohflex Diamond L from 1957 i bought for 300sek (~40$)


  • Ryan

    Nikon FE. It was my dad’s and I inherited it 16 years ago. Those things were built to last.

  • Katherine Arias

    LEICA M9 <3

  • All said and done, AE-1. Thanks Jeff. Big ups.

  • Ally

    Kodak Brownie!

  • my lovely old canon AE-1.

  • disposable…unknown fun

  • Zack

    Diana Camera. They make every picture beautiful.

  • LEICA.

  • Stephen

    I prefer this old Nikon I have. I found it in my parents garage a few years back, I’m not sure of the model. Every picture it takes looks like it was taken in the 70’s. It’s looks just like you applied an effect with Photoshop. I’m not much of a photographer, but i absolutely love everything I take with this camera.

  • jwt

    The unseen virtual 3d camera used in maya(the 3d program). Infinite usage and unbreakable d(>w<)b

  • Canon Powershot G12. Just got it, after hanging on to my old digital Minolta for about six years. Future suddenly turned to reality!

  • I dream of owning a Mamiya RZ67!

  • Pinhole cameras!

  • Taylor

    The Horizon Perfekt!

  • My favorite camera is whatever I have with me when I need to make a photo.

    But I do have a soft spot for my grandfather’s old black first generation Nikon F.

  • My Konica Minolta Dimage X21 that I got off of Freecycle has the most beautiful picture frame and passe partout effect to lay over images. Unbeatable wow factor.

  • My favorite camera is the Japanese lomo knock-off, the “Anny” camera. It looks like a 35mm rangefinder, complete with a focusing wheel and shutter lock. but alas, it’s a mere point and shoot in disguise. Despite its deceiving appearance… it takes beautiful grainy and hazy pictures. We also share a name.

  • Mike

    camera obscuras.
    the feeling of living inside a camera is amazing to me.

  • Olympus-Pen half frame camera

  • Seb

    Lieca M9, but I’ll never be able to afford one… :(

  • My Canon 550D has brought me back to photography and re-awoken aaaaalllllll those feelings for me. I’ve a Pentax Takumar 1.4 lens on there, and I’m in love again.

  • Morgan Atchley

    I feel that although cameras that cost loads of money are wonderful and take beautiful photos…holga cameras capture something that other can not. They are very cheaply made but every photo is unique and different. Its always a spectacular surprise when getting the film developed which makes it the best part. J’aime des appareils-photo .

  • My dad’s old 35mm from the 70s. It’s on permanent loan to me and I love it!

  • Pentax 67II :)

  • My first version of 5d canon camera.
    Good luck to all!

  • Catherine

    the camera i wish i had: leica
    the camera i do have and love most: canon a1

  • i love working with my Bronica SQAI. square compositions are fun to work with.


  • Chris Fortney

    I suppose my favorite camera is my Cannon Rebel T2 35mm. I got some really beautiful shots out of it in my first Photography class, and learned all that I know about film on that thing. But my true favorite camera was some unknown (to me at least) Japanese brand from the 60s. A friend of mine gave it to me a few years ago. I was out on a photo shoot with another friend of mine, climbing about on some really pretty mountains in Maryland (where I’m from). I set the camera down by the road to run over and check out this river that runs nearby. Later we finished up the camera shoot. That week I went to develop, and found that there was a photo on the reel that I didn’t shoot. A beautifully composed image of me and my friend looking out on the river. To this day I still don’t know who took that photo. Unfortunately I no longer have that camera, but I miss it! Something about the old rewind knob and film advance crank feels so special.

    • That’s epic! Those beautiful magical moments are what life IS!

  • Kenbond

    Gimme the old school rebel xt! Fastest camera back in 02

  • My favorite camera is the Polaroid Pogo.

  • Annika

    my favorite is the juice box camera from photojojo!

  • sami


  • whatever prime is pointing towards me!

  • alex

    I like polaroid, my one step express which uses the 600 series film is my favorite but when Im to cheap for instant film my 35mm ricoh is always fun

  • Martine

    My 1967 Nikon Nikomat. First 35mm film camera I’ve ever used and still using it to this day (even though it weighs a ton).

  • Ryan

    My favorite is what i have, Nikon fm2n.

  • jaycie

    pentax k1000. keep it classy.

  • Courtney

    A pinhole camera I made myself

  • Rave

    I like Zenit.

  • Jordan

    The Canon AE-1 that my dad passed down to me.

  • Andrew

    My Mamiya C33!

  • Rachael

    My eyes :)

  • art

    minox af

  • Sony VX-1000 Represent!

  • dean valentino

    My Nikon FM2. Full metal construction. Survived a 6 month trip through Asia which included a brief swim and a bus crash in Vietnam. Can not get a tougher camera.

  • Beautifull book :)))
    I love old photo techniques so pinhole cameras are the best in my opinion :)


  • Gabrielle

    Does it put me too out of place to say that I favor disposable cameras?

  • KristiDi

    Pinbox, darlin’.

  • my camera phone

  • I loooooooove the Phase One 645 because it combines a Mamyia (and my last name ends in RZ!!!) and Phase, paired with a IQ180 digital back. You can see the hairs on models faces. Sometimes hot girls have mustaches.

  • My polaroid SX 70 – I call her Ava. The photos are as gorgeous as the machine.

  • Ivan Ukhov

    Mine is Canon A610)

  • Diana F+ with Instant Back- double exposure polaroids!

  • John Saves.

    Leica M6 + 2,8/24 + Kodak Tri-X

  • Monika

    lubitel 166b

  • nino


  • Favorite camera of all time, Contax T3.

  • Hanna

    my HOLGA cam I bought in Tokyo! Good memories

  • Polaroid 600 Land Camera! Even though i can’t afford the paper!

  • panasonic GF1, contax g1, konica autoreflex

  • My BRIGHT RED KONICA POP- love pushing the button to make the flash pop up.

  • Maria

    Look at us through the lens of a camera,
    does it remove all of our pain?
    If we run they’ll look in the back room,
    where we hide all of our feelings.

  • My favorite camera is an Agfa Optima Sensor 500, I’m using my first roll film, I can’t wait to have it developped!

  • Diana F+
    or anything canon.

  • Canon G9! The best compact camera ever!

  • nina

    my heavy squared rolleiflex :)

  • Yashica Electro 35 GSN. Truly epic!

  • I found this old german camera amoungst my fathers belongings two years ago. It’s a Balda “Baldessa I”. It’s a heavy chunky thing but I love the shutter sound and the sound when you wind the film. As it turns out it doesn’t really work and that’s probably why it sounds a little special when you press and turn things. Still, it’s precious.

  • “camera da letto”

  • I love my Pentax ME Super.

  • my scanner

  • Linda

    kodak autograph folding camera. it’s like a brownie camera but fancy, haha.

  • Noah

    Canon Powershot G12. Hands down!

  • Michael

    Canon 1000d

  • my favourite is my minolta XG-M

  • Jamma Jam

    i like the camera you make with your hands. imaginary cameras are good for taking pictures of imaginary friends.

  • Jonas

    The book looks amazing. Nice giveaway.

    My favorite camera is my Minolta XD-7 a friend gave to me as a thank you present for helping him out. It feels very solid and sounds nice and somehow reminds me of “Blow Up”.

    Anyway keep up the good work. Cheers.

  • Hitomi

    If I could get my hands on a nice camera, my favorite would be different, BUT you work with what you got- my Samsung L210. It’s my favorite because it stays by my side, hasn’t broken despite several long falls to the ground, and hasn’t allowed the ladybug sticker I put on it a year ago to fade/wear off yet.

  • Nikon FM2 & Mamiya 645 pro.

  • florina

    nikon D80.

  • Ben

    Kodak underwater disposable

  • DMK

    Polaroid SX 70 sonar OneStep

  • agfa optima flash sensor

  • schoi

    cannon g10?

  • Beaten up old Yashica FR1, film counter doesn’t work so have to use the trusty memory and quite often lets bits of light in which can do great things or more often ruin photos. Unpredictable, which makes it great.

  • Shannon

    Moi! I need a new digital camera. Currently in the market. My favorite will be the one that finds me.

  • Chris

    The elegant Ricoh AF-5

  • jenny

    favourite camera…the one I have with me (hopefully it’s charged!)

  • ¿Why everybody is talking about cameras? ¿Do I have to talk about cameras too? Well, I rather prefer the Pinhole, it’s magical. I made some pinhole cameras using the films black containers, and I got really small photographs, but all of them absolutely beautiful, and full of mystery.

    … yes, the dark room with the pinhole, is a completely metaphysical experience.

  • Ciska

    Yashica Electro 35 GSN! <3

  • lonnie

    My favorite camera is my little digital Casio camera that could. It’s no DSLR, but it fits in my little bag, and as long as I can get a decent focus on something, it’s usually a shot I can work with!

  • My pride and joy, the original Latvian made VEF Minox!

  • RCA shoulder mount VHS Camcorder

  • meaghan



  • My 2.8 Rolleiflex TLR <3

  • 1. a mysterious tiny black plastic digi with no name, i don’t know where it came from either but its in my bag and takes mysterious photographs.

    2. Gopro is the shit, i hate to say. Can Do.

    3. Nikkormat – also takes mysterious photographs, lost the first one, bought 7 of them in quick succession before I found another that had “le mystere” in it’s mechanism.

  • nikon f90 :o)

  • hasselblad 500 c/m

  • Camera I took this picture with: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_giRPNRmtBsE/SqVlHfwX31I/AAAAAAAAAhM/i00p8c13SAU/s1600-h/82780001.JPG

    it was 7 dollar camera picked up in thrift store in montreal. every picture came out with different kind of distortion/fault. I loved it. i wonder where i lost it…

  • The beautiful Rolleiflex 2.8f my friend fixed up for me is definitely my favorite.

  • it’s a camera I made using a bit of plastic transparent magnifying glass, ordinary box, package after candy and a bit of luck

  • Panasonic Lumix LX3

  • Timsson

    I still love the oldschool disposable cameras!

  • Street Photography Zine

    Voigtlander Bessa R3A

  • federica n

    polaroid 600 SE

  • forrest


  • Manik Nakra

    I am loving my Olympus Pen PL-1

    Love the picture quality, vintage look, and size in that order.

  • Ansco 735 AUTOFOCUS. no focus. no DOF. no control. oh yum.

  • my best friend is a twin-lens Rolleiflex 2.8 that I take with me every day =)

  • My favorite camera is the one I wished I would have brought with me and didn’t.

  • Olympus Stylus Epic or Yashica T4-Super.

  • Joe

    I fell in love with lomography a while ago.. and, I spent every cent I had on two cameras: The Holga 135BC, and a no-name black, plastic camera, that I found on ebay, for $10 shipped. I have never developed any pictures taken with the holga, but the pictures from the no-name, plastic, “kinetic-lens” camera, they are juuuuust right! :)

    So I say: The best camera, can be the CHEAPEST, most garbage, plastic, TOY, you can find!! :)

  • I think it would have to be my Polaroid 250 camera – it’s looks awesome, takes type 100 film so the Fuji instant film works with it making it my most usable Polaroid plus Patti Smith has a very similar model if not the same one! <3

  • nam

    the weird old analog with flash that i got by trading a milk crate full of rusted railroad spikes to the ol’ ladies with the junk store right next to the bum who lives in forest of bamboo in houston that was stolen with my pack and all the film in tucson.

  • I’m missin’ my old Nikon FM2n. Workhorse. Excellent images, and trustworthy without costing what a Canon 1Ds does.

  • Pentax K1000 \m/ Rules!!!

  • And what made it much better then 1DS is that it is film!

  • Sam F

    Always happy to roam with the disposables from the chemist’s down the road.

  • Ali

    My Olympus Trip 35, indestructible, indefatigable and irreplaceable..

  • waterproof disposables!

  • Dan

    Lomo and Leica, they both do amazing things and allow the user to make amazing things.

    Long live pretty pictures!

  • wan

    woo, so many response..there is a camera named Hai Ou (sea gull) in China, which is very famous in the 80s, it looks like this:http://money.163.com/09/0819/11/5H2UN07T00253JP2.html

  • I love my Olympus mju II : I can take it everywhere, it’s very resistant, and it makes quite good photos. And also : 35mm is the best format !

  • My favorite camera is my girlfriends brain; she sees things and recreates paints them. I think the pictures she produces are elevated reality – word is bond.

    Plus, I’m trying to convince her to submit some of it for the website, but she says she doesn’t paint for recognition, which is cool, but I think you all are missing out. Someone help me convince her to submit something!

    Oh yes

  • daniel

    Lomo Lubitel.

  • AMS

    my memory

  • lapetitefaon

    so creepy! what beautiful work

  • My favorite is the Contax G2 with an f/2 45mm. Obviously.

  • Martin Kirke

    disposable kodak ‘fun saver’
    quality and value for money is hard to come by when you’re in need of a camera after realising you really should of brought one out with you
    without it i never would of got a photo with gary lineker on thursday!

  • Margaret

    The Polaroid sticker cameras that existed for a couple of years. Those were the most fun things!

  • Ann

    An undeveloped disposable Kodak camera circa 1996’ish that I unearthed at my parent’s house over Christmas. The 24* images that I discovered after taking it to the photo lab contain priceless childhood memories of such things as friends and pets, but mostly a pretty impressive photo shoot I put together of my beanie baby collection.

    *3 of the pics were ruined thanks to what I highly suspect was my finger covering the lens. Or maybe I just felt the need to take pictures of the pitch black night sky.

  • Lagaly

    The Yashica Electro 35-GSN. Such a great looking camera, to boot!

  • —Matt

    My great grandfather’s Leica IIIf.

    This past weekend, I inherited, by way of a dusty old shoebox, the crown jewel of my great grandfather’s photo collection. If the leather case is any indication, he abused the hell out of it, but somehow kept the innards and glass in perfect condition. Shoots like a dream, oozes class, and has the only viewfinder I’ve ever seen show my girlfriend as beautiful as I see her.

  • Big Swinger 3000 polaroid land camera.

    Using the light meter consists of squeezing and turning red dial until the word “YES” appears on a grid screen. The manual instructs, I quote, “to find the best yes.”

    It is so silly and simple, I find myself bringing the camera with me wherever I go. I usually don’t intend to take pictures, I just want to point it at things and find some yeses.

  • Canon T2i, I love filming @ 1080p.

  • olympus mju ii

  • paul willinsky

    Minox 35mm GL. Super spy camera. Mine broke but not before I put a lot of frames through it. Anyway, it came from a dodgy Bolivian market (I was desperate for a camera).

  • I actually love all of my cameras, and I couldn’t decide which one to choose, therefore I picked out two. One of them was my very first analogue compact camera “Canon Prima BF Twin”. The other one is a really old Agfa box camera I found at a flea market :)

  • difa

    8mp kodak!
    the only one i got from my own salary, affordable! :P

  • sue kim

    Nikon D700!!

  • miguel

    instant polaroids!

  • robobob

    the one and only zenit ttl with the filthy ttl meter. but works as good as a russian tank!

  • there’s nothing like the pristine little flaws of a zenit-e camera.

  • recently found a canon A1, like it very much! For now thats the favorite one.

  • jay

    canonet ql17 for life. sharp and compact.

  • I prefer my Canon Rebel XT. It allows for decent quality still shots, but I prefer to make stop motion films with it. Also, it is versatile and simple and can be man-handled without visible signs of wear and tear.

  • my favorite personal camera is my nikon f90x. of course, i also shoot digi with a D5000 and love using my iphone as well as lomo cameras.

    it’s not about the equipment, but knowing how to work with what you have!

  • Kyle

    my eyes. the zoom feature is a little lacking, but nothing beats the portability and memory on them.

  • Lucas M

    Ansco Shur Shot

  • Lukas

    My dad gifted me his old Zenit EM when I moved out from home half a year ago. I take it anywhere I go for it not only has a big meaning for me but also takes great pictures – Maybe analogue photography just has a speciality the digital can’t replace..

  • Coco

    I love my friend’s Polaroid camera.

  • Cill

    Olympus Tough! its impossible for me to break it!!!

  • My favorite camera is my Yashica Electro 35!

  • Strangely, my old 3.2 megapixel camera phone… switching up the color settings to sepia tone and black and white always seem to do the job better than my standard dslr.

    The haze, shadows and grainy texture. Maybe it’s just me.

  • David Nelson-Hospers

    canon elan7

  • Rachell

    The ones in the future that I’ve been dreaming about:
    They are embedded in your hand and with a twitch of the thumb you have your shot and no one even knows it was you who creepishly took a picture of them cause they just looked too good not to document. However, there will be an increase of peeping Toms..a price you pay for convenience.

  • Kristin

    Canon Powershot SD800 IS Digital Elph (IXUS 850). It’s nothing fancy, it’s certainly not the latest little point-and-shoot, it’s not vintage…. but it consistently takes awesome shots and great videos clips, while easily fitting into a purse.

  • chris geier


  • stephen

    My Dad’s old SLR from the 70s. It always took a minute or two to take a family photo at Christmas time. Pose . . . smile . . . oh, wait . . . OK . . . now I’m ready . . . OK, smile.

  • Jo Heaney

    My 127 Bencini! Wonderful little camera that belonged to my grandad in the 50’s. Produces some bizarre and beautiful images.

  • Ricoh.

  • Lee

    Diana F+!

  • 135: Olympus OM-1, 120: Rolleiflex 2.8F, 4×5: Linhof Technika :D

  • Scott P

    Meopta Flexaret 7.

  • Canon 5D MKii…

  • CONGRATS TO (picked at random using random.org):


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