11.03.11 by Jeff

Julien Vallée

Julien Vallée for MTV Australia.

julien vallee

Watch the clip below!

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  • http://bingbangpouf.wordpress.com/ Marianne

    MTV Australia did a great job by finding good graphic designers for their ads this year…

    Here’s another one by Korb :

  • http://thegoldendecade.tumblr.com vanessa

    montreal represent!
    this guy is such a great & innovative artist.

  • http://www.mp-webdesign.co.uk Kelly

    That was awesome! I could sit and watch that all day. I think it really captures MTV’s audience being fun and lively. Really creative clip, I bet it he had loads of fun making this. I love the pink egg like splats. I’m going to have to watch it again.

  • http://flickr.com/photos/cezziahmaz CezziahMaz

    Oh damn that was on another level! Extremely creative and hardwork.