21.03.11 by Jeff

Don’t You Want Me

“Don’t You Want Me” by Atomic Tom. Every 80’s movie in 4 minutes.

atomic tom dont you want me music video

Watch the music video below!

Directed by Isaac Rentz

via: antville

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  • Shea Kennedy

    Mind Blown!

  • Ollie

    Terrible cover, sweet video!

  • bryan

    i agree w/ ollie

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/maximillianphoto/ cody turner

    that was great!

  • http://cargocollective.com/tsemah Roey


  • http://ditzl.wordpress.com ditzl

    sweded video

  • http://mattrainwaters.com Matthew Rainwaters

    Where was the Karate Kid’s crane kick?

  • Rik

    Quite interesting, amusing video, but let’s face it. Not one thing in the whole thing is NOT a cover. Now I realize that’s intentional, but still.. so much for creativity

    • http://www.itsbrody.blogspot.com soko

      Not sure what you are getting at… The movie references have to refer to something or what would be the point. Why do you say “let’s face it” ?

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