30.03.11 by Jeff

F5 2011 / Ticket Giveaway

F5 2011 hits New York April 15-16 and I managed to snag a pair of tickets to give away! These puppies are worth $480 each. I went to the last one in 2009 and it was amazing (post here). Who wants to go?

f5 2011 ticket giveaway

The speakers at this year’s event include Adam Sadowsky, BUCK, Eclectic Method, Heather Knight, Jacob Escobedo, Kid Koala, ONESIZE, and Radical Friend! I really wish I could go but it will be fun to give two tickets to one of you! If do decide to purchase tickets use Booooooom as your code at the checkout to get 10% off.

If you want to be my replacement describe how boring your current day to day life is in the comments below! Funniest answer gets the tickets. I’ll pick a winner Friday!

(This is open to NY residents or anyone willing to make the trek!)

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • I do!

  • …I’ll road trip from San Diego.

  • Mary

    I’m a grad student who reads stfuparents.tumblr.com all day… and I like it.

  • Most of the time I just sit at home and just watch tv, I need an awesome reason to be able to go out and party.

    So I hope I win :D

  • Well, I got to CCA in SF, study graphic design all day and have to do hella homework at night thats why i’m up at 2 am entering this giveaway. But the only fun times I have in the day is either skateboarding in between my classes. thats basically what my life is going to be like for the next two years.

  • RollingRemi

    I’m counting clouds…. What?

  • I spend my days sorting my music library…actually it isn’t boring at all!

  • I deliver pizza 40+ hours a week. I get off work around 3am and by that point my mind is numb and all inspiration has drained away. I could certainly use a refresh.

  • sonia marie

    Well im only 22 yrs old and Iam proud to say that i work 3 part time jobs and go to school three days out the week. I have bags underneath my eyes and i’d love the reason to be I’m out having fun in new york but its only because i dont get much sleep but if i do win the tickets i will tell all my 3 bosses im going to NY leave me alone i need a break and a little bit of fun time ! thats how amazingly boring my small ife is =) thanks for your time.

  • Kyle

    Currently, sitting in my room at 3:52 AM I decide to watch a movie Goliath, an independent film that has terrible reviews. I myself can enjoy it because of his laissez-faire attitude towards life in-between the dramatical events happening. I for one sit at home (if not at school which is boring enough) to pretty much stair in front of a tv screen playing overrated video games capturing them and putting them online to alternative music in hopes that I get a certain amount of people following my every move on the internet. Personally I would like some motivation to be creative and make my stuff more artistic. No motivation has come along so far.

  • Hope

    Last year of my undergrad career in the BFA program and well its been edu-mukating, enlightening and socially/culturally deprived. Lets just say this year did not turn out to what I thought it was going to be. The most depressing part is I’ve only been able to make 1 piece of art this semester out of 5 classes…I have 5 final papers all above 3000 words, ~ 40 books to my name currently courtesy of the ubc libraries. I wake up early every morning, read for research, go to class/sometimes skip class to read for research, cat nap if needed, do more reading at work/ignore people, try to collect my thoughts while at the gym come home by 9 most nights, shower, read some more and try not to blow my brains out by the end of the day. Oh and did I mention food…somewhere in-between, hopefully my housemates have made leftovers.

  • Neal

    I have an overnite job word processing at a law firm from 5:30pm to 6:00am in the morning and am about to get off of work. Please help my mundane life.

  • Erica Mao

    I go to school for 7 hours a day and absorb excessive amounts of information so i can pass thirty different tests. Then I go home and take a nap for 5 hours until I wake up and have to start on my pile of homework due the next day. My weekends consist of sleeping off the hours I lost during the week.

  • Keira

    im watching paint dry but that paint is watching grass grow and the grass isnt growing because it is winter, id rather appreciate and alternate from of entertainment

  • Question (and compliment): Is there anybody who dedicatedly reads this blog AND lives a desperately boring life?
    Could the life of a person with creative ambitions seeking inspiration ever be as boring as that of someone lacking them?

    I’d love these tickets but can’t lie: my life may not be perfect but with a heart and brain like mine (all of ours?) its never the boringest of them all.

  • kristy

    I sit at a desk from 8:30-5 Monday to Friday. Here I do research on a PC… I make paper planes when I need a break from the computer screen.

  • Jeremy

    can i please go dad!? please!?

    • Jeremy

      oh i didnt know i was supposed to describe my boring life. but i feel like that insults the individual and encourages a depression. so shouldn’t we not be talking about how much our lives suck and just why it would be good for us to go?

  • kiddo

    working a job where no one knows what i do during the day and no one cares. i thought this would be creative but it turns out they only wanted a monkey. at least i have booooooom to brighten the hours behind a computer. may i have f5 to brighten a weekend?

  • My day to day life? Well, I freelance on my own hours, and at time off, I explore the city and appreciate the art scene, and take photos of anything and everything while I’m out.

    (P.S. I already have my plane ticket booked for those days.)

  • Well I wake up at 6am everyday, eat a hard boiled egg and some cottage cheese or if I’m feeling crazy some plain greek yogurt. I then head off to work usually a 10-12hr work day. The highlight of the day is what I’m going to order for lunch. I come home maybe watch a bit of tv for half an hour, then I go to bed.

    repeat the above 5 times a week.

  • Beth melvin

    for a long time all i looked for was love. my life isn’t boring, but it isn’t very eventful, i’m in love now, and it turns out loved people don’t actually do anything. thats boring x

  • Sooooo boring. Every morning I wake up and just about every night, I go to bed. Talk about routine.

  • ANA B

    Day starts off at 8am. I can’t complain about my 20 minute comunite to hectic times square, neverthless the minute I come into the office I start my daily ritual of research, research, research, research, oh and did I mention more research, oh heck-yeah research is ‘fun’. Don’t get me wrong, research is a resourceful tool in marketing, everday I come across tons of newsworthy videos, music, articles, I am your personal NY1 in the office, the ‘Know-To’ gal but sometimes it’ll be nice to have change of settings and be a part of such an inspirational events like F5 2011!
    BOOOOOOOM please rock my world with these tickets! Thanks!:)

  • It may be a testament to my daily routine’s banality to simply state that NPR is always on, in each room, at every time of the day and accompanying everything. I thought that my mother was bad on her tredmill, blasting “The Dian Reems Show,” (what a corpse eh?)! I don’t even think that I’m listening to it anymore!

  • Jennica Johnstone

    I have done something similar to this before on a different site I believe it was called Twitter.

  • WY

    I spend all day hitting the refresh button to see If I could win these tix

  • OMG I DO∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆

  • Chris

    My life isn’t really all too awful. I can’t write on here about how I work for 12 hours a day doing bullshit, come home, drone out on the computer and then sleep. I try not to waste my time, and I emptied my savings account and took out loans to study painting. I think that I work pretty damn hard toward what I feel in my heart. And I think my girlfriend does, too. The problem is that she doesn’t know what she wants. She seems to be going through something right now, she’s really unsure of the future. Feeling really stuck, and mostly just bored with everything outside of us. I was hoping we’d have some sort of summer adventure, maybe go backpacking this summer for cheap, but we can’t leave the cat here for all that time. I don’t know, I think we just need to get out of the city for a little while and go do something. She’s the love of my life, I fucking swear it, she’s my best friend, and I’m trying to do something here. I’m hoping we’ll go for a short vacation this summer, but we’re both flat broke. So, it’s not that I think I really deserve this more than anyone else. She could just use something to finally look forward to, it would really make me happy. On top of that, how could I not be incredibly psyched about F5? I check this blog twice a day for ideas, inspiration, or just a surprise. F5 would be a fantastic experience. Anyway, I know we can at least afford bus tickets to New York for this.

  • J. Love

    I go to school in Nebraska.

    People assume that all Nebraska has is corn, but they’re wrong.

    I saw a cattle feedlot, some deer, and also some real humans today.

    I did a crossword puzzle; all of my friends were jealous.

    I know of two different bowling alleys, they’re the talk of the town.

    Sometimes I use my imagination. How else did you think I came up with the bowling alleys?

    The humans I told you about though, they actually exist.*

    *Kind of.

  • I started a production company, thinking it would be all Mad Men with whiskey and creative meetings. Half of it is, but the other half of it is playing the waiting game. Working from home, I, accompanied by my cat, wait on emails, phone calls, approvals, edits, the page to reload, something uploading, something downloading, a quote from a vendor, a crew member’s schedule, a treatment… The chance to find something as amazing as F5 to do to kill that downtime is the polar opposite of boring.

    Boom = F5 > Waiting for Friday.

  • K

    Too many boring people… haha. Jeff pick someone that’s going to have the time of their life.

  • My day-to-day is so boring that this is the most interesting thing I’ll do all day.

  • andrew s

    my day to day consists of going to class and lectures, then working part time for the IT department at my college. replacing logic boards from macbooks after some dumbass spilled his beer on it gets dull very quickly.

  • Karen

    Today I saw a crane place a large crate on the building opposite my office window. There were traffic cones and cars going around the traffic cones. This event will likely be the height of excitement for a month.

    Yesterday, I ate a perfectly good banana.

  • Nick

    I’ve spent a month finding images of celebrities, crediting them and entering the copyright details into a spread sheet. Up to 2,500 images now.

    Apparently my boss confused my love of photography with love of spreadsheets and busy work.

    Also, my birthday is during this, so I like deserve these tickets for being born.

  • Marcello

    im unemployeed. i havent wore anthing but a bath robe for 16 days straight

  • pablo

    i’m in my apartment all day. most of the time i look outside on the busy pedestrian sidewalk where there is a brick that is slightly higher than all the others ones on the ground. i sit and wait for someone to trip over it.

    i do this because i tripped over it once and ate face.

  • Justin G

    Hot damn that is a wicked lineup of presenters. I would love to see Buck go through one of their tasty cell animation projects, or hear ONESIZE’s breakdown of the Chiller rebrand. That would be epppppic.

    I don’t really want to be a pessimist and post a sob story about mundane life, I think the people above have that covered. My life is pretty dang bland, but I’m grateful for all of it. Heck, maybe I’ll scrape some change up after payday and try and go to this anyways!

  • What’s the point… I never win anything.

  • david isaac

    i read all the radical comments at the bottom of race-related news articles and respond to each one with appropriate quotes from the reading rainbow archives. it’s an ongoing cultural project. i just made that up. that’s how bored i am.

  • Christina Robinson

    I don’t go to school for one thing :| which is really boring.

    I have alot of spare time on my hands.

    I work 4 out of 7 days a week. At Lifetime eyecare. I hope I don’t get pink eye.

    I am the youngest out of 3 other siblings who are Married, or getting married and have kids. I just pretty much got divorced at 22. Yay, I live back at home now. And have no idea what i’m going to do with my life. Atleast my mom still makes me dinner!

    Help me.

    I need some inspiration.

    If you want to know more about my SOB story, give me the tickets. If you don’t want to hear more…..give me the tickets!

    I hope you think it’s funny -HAHA- laugh at me! bahaha. poor me!

    P.S- It’s my birthday on April 17th. Take that!

  • For four hours a day I sit on an uncomfortable chair among a bunch of sweaty guys (since there’s practically no other girls at my university) and listen to an old man with speech impediment who talks about axles, springs and rotors. Fun fun fun!

  • Heather

    oh hi, hello there. i think of my life as beginning, really, about 18 months ago. i was separated from everything i had known. my compatriots and i were falling en mass toward a hypnotic, wetly silver bubbling. similar to how smoke calms bees, rising steam from a boiling pot will pacify the jazziest grains of basmati rice. i was at peace.

    then i was on the floor. forgive the jump in my tale here, for it is both difficult to remember (google the brain to body ratio of a rice grain at your leisure), and difficult emotionally (basmati rice is genetically predisposed to depression). i found myself alone, cast in the arid terrain between refrigerator and stove, nestled (actually, quite comfortably) in a groove of wood flooring. i’ve been here 18 months.

    the most exciting part of my morning is when the lights come on, and the most exciting part of my evening is when the lights go off, and the most exciting part of my other times is when the lights come on or off unexpectedly. because everything appears and disappears in the light. it’s as if i’m appearing and disappearing too. which is magic. and not boring at all.

    the moving landscape of dust keeps me interested. if you don’t know why they’re called dust bunnies, try looking one in the eye.

    occasionally i count how many times i can count to ten to the tune of “happy birthday,” but sometimes this makes me sad, rather than amused. it’s a risk. a toss up. but i suppose all life is.

    most of all, i’m grateful for what i have. it’s almost like an extra life. or an after life. it’s really my imagination that has sustained me, so it would be enjoyable to spend time with other imaginations.

  • Justine

    My day to day, I’m a freelancer and intern (in simpler terms, no job security, no money) at a fashion company on Grand St, in a building with a chinese doorman who doesn’t speak english. I trek it up 5 flights of stairs, in heels, because the elevators broken just to find out I have to head back down to drop some box off at UPS to get shipped to Italy…. wish I was in that box instead. Then I’m sent off to go make key copies at a chinese hardware store that won’t let me pay with credit card unless my boss is there to sign, and of course they don’t give me cash the first time around (add two more unnecessary up and down stair flights and two more awkward chinese hellos to my day). Upon my return, I’m stuck in a 3’x3′ closet the rest of the day organizing and archiving USED “vintage” shoes. Real productive. Wish I was at home painting instead, too bad the only way to land a ‘job’ is to start out working for free.

  • Javier

    My life could not possibly be boring thanks to the excitement of thinking I could possibly win two tickets to go to F5. I saved money for three months to be able to afford the ticket to New York but my school didn’t end up sponsoring the tickets to the event so now I find myself in a daily quest to find that kind soul that will make all these weeks of saving worth it. So yes, I can’t wait to see your final decision tomorrow. My night won’t be boring either due to all the work I have to get done just in case I end up going to New York! :D Thanks to you!

    Javier, Motion Design student at Ringling College of Art & Design

  • Jesce

    Yesterday I woke up groggily around eleven and went outside in sweatpants to sweep crusted trash and leaves off of the sidewalk. A neighbor who goes by “Papi” came to help me. His real name is Benny. His son and grandson live with him and are also named Benny. Three Bennys. They take care of the block.

    Papi was a lil inebriated; as he held my trash bag open he suddenly started cussing me out. I just smiled at him, so he said, “Can I tell you something?…… You. You are so pret-ty to me.” He proceeded to ask me to marry his son, proclaim loudly to the neighborhood that I don’t shave anything (motioning wildly between his legs and armpits), kiss me on the cheek, and cuss me out again. Those five minutes where the highlight of my day.

    I spent the rest of it reorganizing my to-do list peeking out the window to check whether Angel (creeper across the street) was staking out my house, waiting for a roommate to be released from the hospital, and digging through several piles of clothes/supplies in my room to find clean jeans so I could leave for a minute. Tomorrow I should go to the laundromat.

    Even on the dullest day something interesting is happening. It’d be great to be at F5 for a few days with a bunch of people who are pushing life past it’s perceived limits.

  • Jesse

    Not from New York. Never been to New York. This just could be my excuse.

  • Josh

    ADD make every day boring and then awesome and then

  • Emma

    Wake up. Tired. School. Work. Schoolwork. Movie. Bed. Wake up. Tired. School. No friends around. Bored. Lonely. Schoolwork. Bed. Wake up. Tired. School. Rain. Movie. Schoolwork. Bed. Wake up. Tired. School. Hamburger day at lunch. Uneventful afternoon. Bed. Wake up. Tired. School. Rain, rain. Typing this because there isn’t anything else to do.

    Hamburger day was the highlight of my week.

    HELP. This would truly be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I’d positively, absoLUTELY love to go.

  • Chuck Norris

    I don’t do boring things. When I do stuff like spend hours online, it’s really just a test to find the chosen one…only he can understand the vital importance of staring at the wall all day or playing video games till 3 in the morning.

  • So who won?

  • i spend my 8 hour work days saying things like “what size of stent do you need doctor?”, “do you want the medicated or non-medicated stent?”…
    and i get to answer questions like, “do you think that lesion is tight?”, what do you think, 80 or 90 percent?”, should we baloon it first or do you think a stent will slip right in?”

  • The winner of the tickets is Javier!

  • Give my man a reason to marry me

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