15.04.11 by Jeff

Lomo Camera Giveaway

My friends over at Lomography.ca have hooked me up with one of their cool Spinner 360° panoramic cameras to give away! So who wants it?

lomography spinner 360 camera booooooom giveaway

lomography spinner 360 camera booooooom giveaway

lomography spinner 360 camera booooooom giveaway

Describe the first panorama you would shoot with the camera in the comments below! Best answer gets it! I’ll pick a winner next friday!


Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Marielle

    The island across the sea from my house

    • Sarah

      6 Points in Chicago- right in the middle of traffic.

    • Eef

      I’ d take the full moon above the fire in my garden, but I do prefer to take the sun very early in the morning in the desert.

      • When I go to Israel, I’ll use this for when I hike to the top of Mt. Sinai and watch the sunrise. :) I would hang that picture in my house forever.

    • erica

      i’m going to yosemite nat.park next month, and i will shoot the sunrise while spelling out BOOOOOOOM! with sparklers!!!

    • Patrick

      The inside of Emo’s in Austin, Tx while T-Model Ford is playing.

    • bob

      My boss ass! never find a angle big enough to fit it in

  • I really. REALLY. want this.

    Think about it. I love photography. I love lomo. I recycle. I help with the environment. I am a good person. I live nice notes for people to find.

    lol, please???

    The first thing I would take a picture of would be Downtown Lisbon. Because it always has tons of unique people you won’t see anywhere else. It’s fantastic.
    I would do that, or take a cheesy photo of something I always do when I go to the beach early… I write Beatles’ songs or lyrics in the wet sand in Huge letters, expecting someone to be inspired :)

  • I’d take a picture of street lights at night as that should give an interesting effect.

  • hannah

    the view of Amsterdam from the roof of my apartment building on a sunny day.

  • Hey! This is great! The first shoot(s) would be for my panaroma stop motion movie. The pictures will feature a roadtrip of post-privacy!!

    I would love to show you my work afterwards.

  • Guillaume

    I would try to take a self portrait in a room surrounded by mirrors

    • Mike A

      I think that Guillaume’s idea for the self portrait is pretty cool.

      I would love to use that camera for just about anything, but i think the best thing would be to bungie jump (if i could afford to) and using it then, that would be awesome =]

  • Mathew

    Nude landscape!

  • The remainings of a tea party in a wild forest

  • ina

    me! badly! ☼

  • Claudia

    My grandfathers 82nd birthday: 1 uncle, 3 aunts, 3 cousins, my brother, my dad, my mom, my grandfather and me, all around a circular table while eating cake!
    That would be fun :)

  • Dara

    This is awesome! I would totally use this to take a picture from my rooftop in Boerum Hill Brooklyn so that I can remember it always. I’m moving to CA after 7 years in NYC and am becoming increasingly nostalgic, especially as the dogwoods are starting to bloom all over and this glorious part of NY is looking more and more beautiful.

  • inkyoats

    theirs an abandoned farm by myself, ive been in it a few times and all the walls are rotten falling down and trash litters the floor. but in contrast it has one room that has 3 beautiful windows that show the dilapidated barn and the overgrown fields. i think id take pictures there.

    who ever gets the camera shuld post a link to the first photo so everyone can be jealous and marvel at the sexyness of the camera.

  • i would get all my friends to plank in a line and get a sick panoramic shot of it!

  • A panorama at Point Loma beach in San Diego!

  • viktorija

    I dance Lindy hop, so I would make a shot standing in a middle of a dancing crowd :)

  • The inside of a toilet bowl.

  • pedro

    I will go up the Duomo in Milan, like 2000 stairs, and take ask all the chinese tourist to stay away and take a foto!

  • Jamie

    I would take a panorama picture of my office so I could hate it with all my might.

  • Raf

    Jeff, can I have it?

  • I’d take a panoramo of an amusement park while sitting in a rollercoaster.

  • Sam

    I’d do a panorama of people viewing panoramas in a museum!

  • joy

    down in the beautiful highgate cemetery, in the twinkling sun, beside the grave of jeremy beadle (famous for You’ve Been Framed, whose headstone bears the words ‘Writer, Presenter, Curator of Oddities’)…

  • I would take a trip to London, and try to capture Waterloo Sunset song by The Kinks in a photo… feeling in paradise. Don’t know why but for me Lomography kinds of get that same song’s feeling only visually.

  • Raf

    Oh..and I would probably mess up the first panorama because of my lack of patience and enthousiasm for this thing!

  • A

    I would go to the center of the earth and take a picture of the entire world.

  • Dylan Danger Batty

    a rave. imagine it. mountains made from the sweat covered heads of dancers. ridges formed from the grinding bodies and couples getting intimate. the amount of awesome would be off the fuckin charts

  • lily

    the shanghai skyline!
    then probably the inside of my bath tub

  • Alex

    I would take a panorama
    of Peking as i am going there soon.


  • The coast of Montevideo from a boat, the city I lived for 5 years and now I had to leave. :)

  • I would go back to the first ever glastonbury festival and take a panorama of the sunset over the pyramid stage to record on the most iconic moments in the history of music and happiness.

  • Sally

    I wuld take a panorama at the bottom of the alley outside my house – its a run down wee place, with people fly tipping and rusty corrogated iron, but in the corner there is this one brick wall, about 3m wide and 2m tall, with bright green fern coming out of every crevace, and on the top is a butterfly bush which, when in mid summer, makes a dreary place somewhat exquisite. It shows that even in the most unexpected landscape you can find beauty.

  • bo mirosseni

    on a surfboard in the ocean…wait, it’s not waterproof. on a boat in the ocean.

  • Julia

    I would take a long back-country hike to a high point overlooking Lake Tahoe, and do a panorama shot from there. Landscape panoramas of the Lake (especially at sunset, or if I’m backpacking, sunrise…) are my favorite.

  • Sally

    failing that, inside the Rathlin Island east lighthouse – one of the last remaining lighthouses in the uk which still floats on a bed of mercury

  • Giselle

    I’d take a panorama of all the people invited to my wedding.

  • Libby

    The pink Blossom trees on Manchester city’s main bus route at 830 in the morning.

    Such a great wake-me-up from out the window of the bus.

  • eugenio

    i dont have a particular panorama or scenario i think you can get a nice picture of almost anything if you do it right… of a kitchen a really nice sunset, a classroom or the desert

  • a double rainbow naturally!

  • andré

    i reeeeeally want this !
    first thing i would do with it would is instead of hold steady and getting a 360˚ shot of the place i would run in circle around something and get a 360˚ view of that single thing!

  • Joe

    the view of a sunset from a huge hill near my house that overlooks one of the biggest quarries in the country!

  • P

    wouldn’t it be awesome to go around the equator and take that many paromaic shots, so that you’ve got every single meter of the 360° equator on thousands of 360° panoramic photographs?

  • Rebebcca m

    im living in norway studying so i would do a panoramma of the oslo fjords! =)

  • Simon Tilche

    I would take a picture of paris from the top of the eiffel tower !

  • jane

    i would probably get a panorama of foggy siberian woods at early morning/
    or people in line at the post office)

  • The roof terrace of a hotel, where scantily-clad men and women are partying decadently, on the background of a city (London or Paris probably) – at night.

    Do I win?


  • I really want to win this, but if you think I

  • As I said before I would love to win this, but if I don’t, I think this girl has the best idea :

    15:04:11 Ines:
    The remainings of a tea party in a wild forest

    That would be beautiful.
    lol so yeah.
    But me first. ok?

  • The frontier between Germany and Poland in Görlitz.

  • My favorite hidden street in Chinatown when all the little kids get out of school.

  • i’m an australian going back to wales soon, where my whole family has come from. i would love to stand up on top of the brecon beacons and take a panorama of the view so that i could carry that picture with me always :)

  • martin

    The surroundings from my workspace. It would motivate me to leave it!

  • i would take a picture of the last day on earth.

  • Dana

    I would use it on my friends that just moved in an old house and throw spontaneous parties in their huge baroque furnished living: the blue eyed DJ, the depressive guys playing backgammon on the scarlet cushioned divan, the couple moving around on their knees searching for a lost diamond (family heritage that fell from her ring), the pigeons, the skinny girl bringing underbrush tea, the transparent curtains, the light, the mood..

  • Daryl

    A series of my women friends in bubble baths.

  • i would go down to the windfalls grassland of my grandma.
    i would dig a hole of 3x3x3 meters to document the underground scene of that village with this nice new camera.
    if i´m not winning i would lift a big stone on this mountain of dug out soil, waiting untill the stone roll down and hit me hard to stay there 4ever.

  • Nambo

    I would definitely was to have something groovy like this! :)
    One of the first things I would do is use it for my uncle’s wedding which will feature like 7 of my aunts and uncles with my my 20 something cousins that will be there!! Memories will never be forgotten, especially in a 360 degrees kind of way!

  • This will come handy at 122112 when Nibiru comes for a visit!

  • I would purposely have a ‘Wheres Wally?’ themed house party and use it to make a 360˚ shot and you have to count all the Wally’s and friends.
    Being a student.. this could so easily happen. PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN, and i will send you the pictures :)

  • Also i’m going to Glastonbury 2011 so i would get some lovely shots there. (if i get a ticket)

  • Tamberine

    I would shoot the street performers spinning fire outside of my favorite art gallery, surrounded by a crowd of people. It happens the first friday of each month! Maybe I will be brave enough to dance with fire in front of a crowd too!

  • I don’t dare enter my attic so I’ll hoist the camera up there to scout it out first.

  • Joanna Taylor

    The Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford – Dinosoars, Dodo’s and an incredible glass and steel victorian stucture. Or, their room with all the Victorian curiosities.

  • Kit

    Going to Japan in about a month. The first shot would be the inside of the airplane, followed by every train station and location we stay at for the rest of the trip.
    A 360 diary of my trip to remember.

  • Marta Kepinska

    Spinner 360° would make my life cool so I would shoot the panorama of my new cool life :)

  • i would take a panorama of the beautiful mess my man left in the kitchen last night.

  • claudia

    ch-ch-checkity check this pano out~!

    I work at a kindergarden in Japan… surrounded by 3-5 year old insanely energetic, smiley, rad kids every day. Definately good times yo~! Wanna see, wanna see!!??

    peace, hearts and sake with the mafia love

  • jacob muffett

    Nice! I would climb the tallest building in my town and get a 360 of it OR go to a busy junction and photograph the cars so they looked like they were driving in to each other (possibly get some nice light trails)

  • Maru Gaona

    I would visit Parc Güell at sunset, go to one of the lovely bridges, and the take an amazing photograph that would show Barcelona in all it’s glory…I think that would be great, from that point you can actually see a lot of the city, and some of the ocean. It would be an amazing image that would help preserve my time being here in Barcelona.

  • The first place I would panorama I would shoot would be the Rio de Janeiro Bay.

  • Eric

    I would go to the treehouse that me and my frinds built when we were 12-ish (it’s still intact) and I would go up on the roof and take a shoot in the evening so that the trees and stars would be in it.

  • Stephen Pook

    I would take a 360 of the huge secret vaults below Waterloo roundabout in London…I know someone who has a key & its amazing!

  • Hebert

    The Heidelberg Project in Detroit!

  • I will try to catch and capture rays of light that shine upon the walls around us in unique forms, for further study. Trying to make certain elements visible in the space around us with light. To let people see whether it is something made by the human hand, or if it is ‘just’ a ray of light. That is what I would want to capture in a panoramic picture.

  • I would simply go to the highest point this earth has to offer and shoot the largest panoramic known to mankind……….
    Or in reality, i would probably just go down to the beach and get some nice sunny day panoramics. :)

  • Jo

    A hot air balloon festival!

  • I’d do a vertical panorama of downtown calgary, standing right on the yellow line on center st. The Calgary tower would loom in one direction, and in the other, the sprawling mess that is centre street construction with the great (and some super old) buildings framing the road.

  • I would break into one of the luxury yachts, in Durban harbour, and shoot the lights and a few of my devilish friends.

  • People, lots of people! I have this weird obsession with colours and lights, so I’m thinking there’s a definite need for either a) People dressed in colour order, or b) People dressed in fairy lights. Who doesn’t love fairylights? I really go love the idea of experimenting with panoramic portraiture, I think it’s something that hasn’t been done enough!

  • elizabeth

    we’re going on a walk in memory of a friend who passed away; i’d take a picture of the hilly countryside around us and my closest friends, so i will always remember it.

  • One of my favorite things to photograph is the sky. I would love to do my first panorama shoot of a series of clouds, hopefully clouds that look like faces or even animals.

  • i’m going to roadtrip across Canada and United State this summer. i think i would wait to be at the Grand Canyon to shoot my first panorama.

  • kiddo

    oh, so amazing! my shot would be…i think inspired by the epic sequence shots of andrei tarkovsky. i am interested in how filmmaking and photography play back and forth to each other, and this would be a great way to play still photography to the sequence shot! so my image would be out in the new england woods, in the forest or fields, surrounded by horses spread out in the foreground, middle, and background. all looking at the camera. i know i can make this shot happen, please please can i try?

  • Finally able to shoot the giraffe vertical in the zoo!

    • haha, that’s awesome!

  • Joe Green

    I’d make a really long banner that says BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM to go all round a room, then take a panoramic picture of that! …I’d even let you use it on the site for stuff.

  • Sean D

    I would love to have this!

  • Ben

    I will ask my girlfriend to run around the camera as it turns and I will shoot her smiling face, then I’ll have a 360 degrees of love from my panoramic view :)

  • Roger

    I would take a pano while riding the classic merry-go-round at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas, TX, US. The camera would be spinning, I would be spinning … and moving up and down. But here’s the catch: it’s my daughter that is into photography, and she lives in Boston — so I would have to fly her down to take the photographs. Bottom line … your “free camera” is going to cost me $500!

  • I’m riding my bike along the New England coast in a few months. One part of this trip, I’ll be crossing from Orient Point in Long Island to Connecticut on a ferry. I’d like to take a panorama crossing over the Long Island Sound, surrounded by sky and water.

  • Quirk

    I would take a pic of the city of Phoenix from on top of the mountain I proposed to my fiance on. Just the two of us on top and the city below.

  • In the middle of a paintballing battle.

  • I just got back from the lab to get my lomophoto’s. They turned out amazingly better than expected. Then I come home to see this beautiful giveaway. Sadly, my chances of winning this sweetheart decreases every minute :(

    If everything is going according to plan, I’m soon gonna visist a lot of places I’ve never been to, so that’s where I’d take this one and photograph those places. Like the forests, the lakes, the villages. An uncommon memory of where I’ve been.

    I have scrolled down through all the comments, so now I’m gonna read every one of them to see all the other ideas. Good luck to everyone.

  • Cam

    An underwater shot of a reef in mexico!!! Beautiful!

  • Cam

    / my wedding :)

  • I would send it to my friend Sagaki Keita in Japan and have him take photos of the aftermath of the earthquake.

  • I’ve made a miniture jurassic park in my bedroom, I’d put the camera in the middle from mini dinosaur perspective

  • I’d stand in the center of a gathering of 400 cats, covered in cat nip so they’d all be looking at me. *click perfection

  • I would take an awesome picture of all my friends sitting in a circle happy on a preparty!

  • Tom

    A thick forest with squirrels and a few friends.

  • I would get all my friends in a park on a sunny day and get them to make letters with their bodies to spell out BOOOOOOOM. (I reckon 2 people per letter should do it…). Possibly whilst also wearing awesome hats.

  • I live in Beijing, and i would go to this old abandon Chinese amusement park and take photos of the view from top of the castle.

  • I’d take it to Vermont, hike up one of their mountains, and capture the view. Being atop their mountains is one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had in my life.

    • I couldn’t agree more. There is something wonderful about being at peace with the world when you are atop a mountain.

  • I would like to take a picture to a single object, 360 arround it, a plant, a cristal ball or a metal ball to se the reflection in it.

  • +__+ that’s it! we are finished! +__+

    mirrors and baloons had won! I’m pretty sure ;P

    well, if I would get it, that would be my first experience with lomo, i would take pics of EVERYTHING

    anywhere I go, I always take a lots of photographs!
    I like to travel a lot and i usually take pictures of everything surrounding me, so adventure with lomo would be IT! seems rly interesting :)

    • oh, i forgot to add that with my travel photos i could help updating google earth maps ;) hahaha

  • Illa

    I’d go to Disneyland and ride the teacup ride at night when all the psychedelic lanterns are lit and take the panorama in opposite direction I’m spinning. Let’s see what that looks like.

  • Erjen

    I would make a vertical panorama in which you see my girlfriend laying in the gras during a hot summernight with many flowers when the sun goes down and the air is full with different colors. On the other side of the panorama the moon is already up in the air. And at the horizon there is the urban skyline from a harbourcity like Rotterdam or Antwerp. Urban meets countryside!

  • i’d follow 2 choreographed dancers round a lit studio …

  • jake dockter

    I have been working on a photo series of old farm houses and would love to shoot some panoramas of old homes in fields, really showing their location in the land.

    No, wwait…i would shoot a panoramic if the Portland downtown along the river, showing the two sides of the river and their divergent culture.

    Oh…what about a series of panoramas taken in crowds like at parades, concerts etc.

    Crap! I would also like to take a panorama of me in a tight space, like a pantry or closet. that would be rad….surrounded by soup cans and then a huge head.

    I can’t decide….OH A PANORAMA OF A PANORAMA! Maybe a panorama of a pan or a ma? maybe a ram (dodge or wild animal)…..too many to decide!

  • John Oates

    Oh MAN! That Camera is AMAZING! I’ve always wanted a lomo!

    If I could shoot anything it would be a panoramic of my city, Orlando.

    We have an awesome nightlife, specifically on Church street. I would love to

    capture the city and it’s people in action. It has a great diversity of people as well

    buildings, and when it’s all lit up….

    It would be an awesome shot

  • Probably I would photograph my arm pit or my head, clouds, feet, clouds all by mistake.

    This post Is just a wild card, I really don’t need the camera. I just like the idea of pulling a cord and releasing to take a photograph. and at the end you get what is around for 360º. Must be fun.

    psst psst keep it for yourself. no one will know. will they?

  • Mmmm …. I probably shoot some portraits at some half light forest

  • oohh i woul take mi first shoot at my university in the loudest hours full of people, legs running through the stairs , that bilding rocks, is like the one from the bauhaus. there´s many places to shoot, and may creative guys.

  • I would shoot a street in toronto where just before dusk where the kids come out to play after school and the plants are just perking up now that it is spring.

  • Lotte

    l`ll would take the first picture in a slaughterhouse. It would be an intimate and honest photo with the panorama effect, that will show the harshness, and at the same time the emptyness and lifelessnes frome the animales dead cadavers.

  • Holy balls do I want this camera. Looks so fun!

  • i usually, i mean weekly, go to hardcore, metal and punk shows so it would be the most awesome thing in the world be in the center of the mosh pit,whit that lomo spinner taking the craziest shots ever.People jumping around, running in circles,tattoos and earplugs everywhere OMG! i just imagine it and i get so excited <3

  • shelley

    how do you decide who to give it to? names out of a hat?

  • sofia

    I would shoot the crowd on a day time concert

  • Megan Breaux

    My first shoot would be my cousin bmxing. I could catch him while in the air doing a trick. The picture would looking amazing! :D

  • Chelsea

    There’s a semi-secret waterfall spot in the mountains by my parents’ house in Maine I used to go to all the time. I’d definitely go back to and shoot a panorama with the early morning light.

  • A panoramic view low to the ground, of legs in an overcrowded intersection

  • Adam Rabb

    Hello Mr.Jeff.

    The first shot i would take with this new camera of mine would have to be the top of Grouse mountain on a clear day. Perferably Closer to sunset time. Its my “Happy Place”.

    O’Doyle RULES!

  • Jenny

    I would take a shot of the inside of my toilet. It would be clean of course… I think it would make for a somewhat landscape look.

  • Ricarda

    I’d take a picture of the Tumblinger Straße in Munich,
    you might remember it from this tilt-shift video http://vimeo.com/13836240
    it’s a graffiti wall of fame <3

  • my whole extended family at my family reunion in Jamaica next month, members from America, the U.K, Canada and Jamaica. So many different people from several generations that i haven’t seen in such a long time on the beach, i think it would really make a memorable and touching photo.

  • Pascale


  • Gabin

    Your favorite place for swimming.

  • Amandine Catz

    I would take a photo of a naked body as a landscape, very close from the body to make it look weird, dreamy and looooooong. A kind of body skyline…

  • Michellejoy

    I would take it to the top of the Himalayas, so it could help me go yeti hunting.
    But then I would really actually take a road trip up the California coast and take a picture of the elephant seals, who are basking in the sun, or the redwoods. And if that wasn’t reasonable, I would take it to the Ocean Beach skate park where there are skater/bmx hunks.

  • Ev

    Wow this camera would be amazing!! I have too many ideas for “firsts” but here is the top of the list:

    Set up:
    I’d put in Kodak Ektachrome P1600 film.
    Site: The top of the highest building in my city in dawn light.
    Execution: I’d hang myself over the edge of the building with the lens initially pointing to the sky. As I pull the cord, I’d tilt the handle so the camera will pick up some of the verticality of the building, then tilt it back away as the camera reaches completion, lens pointing to the sky again.
    Intended Effect:
    Im hoping to capture a city of shifted/altered planes: looking straight ahead at the floor of the cityscape curving into view on one side and curve away on the other, all resting on it’s side on an island of glass, steel, and concrete.

  • I’d shoot some night panoramas downtown. Looks super fun!

  • regina

    i would shoot a nervous pace around a room, set it up on a tripod and do a time-lapse from my friend’s rooftop for 24 hours, a melancholic shot of undisturbed nature, and the star-lit sky

  • The first panorama I would shoot would be a simple outdoor scene in an urban district, during the day, realistic with simple people, unadorned.
    Just to enjoy life as it is, at 360 °.

  • michellejoy

    in the air even*

  • Chloe

    I don’t have cool plans to travel and take pictures of amazing sights, but I would love this camera because it will probably be the only way that will get my hugeeeeee extended family into one single photo where everyone’s face will be legible! Of course, I would need to work out the details because I don’t wanna be the one with the biggest head in the photo so perhaps I will get my 10-year-old brother to do the honor since he’s got a big head anyway!!

  • Hold it parallel to the ground inside the Sistine Chapel!

  • Diego Cifuentes

    I`d shoot a winter morning panoramic at los andes Mountain chane (Chile)

  • The inside of an igloo.

  • Adrienne

    I really love graffiti. So I think I would go to the graffiti hall of fame in Harlem and shoot that.

  • Lat: N 41 16.395
    Long: W 81 7.717

    Hopefully I could get my llama to stand still.

  • Anita

    ohh man thats one hell of a beautiful cameria! I am taking my boyfriend to the states for a road trip as he has never even set foot on a plane. Definitely would be using to get a photo of us and our van travelling down the east coast, been saving for this trip for so long :)

    love hey.

  • Adam

    From the upper fire escape of the Culver Hotel.

  • Ev

    My second on the list isnt really a photo, but a photo project.

    black and white 100iso.

    Place the camera on a table downtown with a list sitting next to it titled “directions”. The list would say:

    1) pick camera off table.
    2) check number of photos left.
    3) take camera to the most meaningful part of the city to you, and take a photo.
    4) write down a short description why this area is so important to you on the back of this list, nextto the number of exposure.
    5) replace camera on table.

    To print all of the photos, link them with the descriptions. It will be a collection of subjective views of the city. The person who’s description it is will also be in the picture because of the nature of the camera, so we can put a face to the meaning. When I display these publicly, people who look at the individual meaningful parts of the city begin to transform these photos into a more objective shared view by having experienced them first hand in the city we all share and know well.

  • MATT

    all the night time seagulls, all the little ant-sized people, all the sea side and, all the city lights on top of a ferris wheel.

  • Casual Ghost

    Walk into a bank, pull out a sawn off shotty, fire it in the air, tell everyone to get the floor, point it at the lady behind the desk, tell her to start filling the rucksack with cash, then I would take a 360 photo….

  • I would go to a wide green field full of little pale pink flowers in the misty afternoon sky. And have all of my friends to dress as weird and wonderful planets. I would then leave them to dance and laugh to ’round the moon’ by summer camp, throwing glitter into the sky as I took the photograph. Consequently making me the sun and them the planets gravitating around me.
    if I was lucky enough to get picked then id love to send you a print of the result!

  • I would shoot a panorama from Clingman’s Dome, the highest point of the Smoky Mountains.

  • Chuck Norris

    I’d hold it right outside my Grama’s porch. She and Papa took over a farm and have lived off the grid ever since. The river, the pastures, the old barn…I’ll use the camera to make sure the family never forgets their crazy cool existence.

  • Hailey

    We’d give it to one of our guests at our wedding on May 14,2011 to shoot our wedding with.

  • I’d try to run round it and create a giant 360 degree face.

  • Janna

    I would take a photo of my Grandmothers arse, Lord knows its the only way to get the whole thing into one image!

  • april 28th Peter Bjorn and John at the the masquerade in atlanta. the crowd will be epic-ly packed with epic people=opportune moment for epic panos

  • tim

    my bathroom taking a dump at the same time

  • I would use this camera to photograph whatever was around me at the time as it doesn’t matter whether its the interior of my bedroom, the carpark of the post office or a beautiful summers day in a field, just the act of photographing it as a panorama would make it fantastic.

  • I don’t want the camera, I just wanna be a part of this comment-fest =)

  • gburning

    I’d do something just a little bit like this:


    With other words: tell a story by making people scroll through the picture and seeing more and more; create an “aha!”-moment at the end.

  • my city from the highest building

  • andrew

    I’m planning a weekend trip to Uranus. I will take a panorama photo there.

  • My first lomo would be a recreation of the scene of the hallway fight in “Old Boy” done with my set of model train people. It would be a tight shot, but fun.

  • Vivemateo

    I will put my family and friends in a giant circle with me and camera in the middle. Then see if I can get them all in one shot!


  • My favorite skatepark, Renette Plaza // it is very much a part of who I am

  • Pia

    My 3 dogs, running in the beach!!

  • From a weather balloon.

  • Going with the dying box cars at a deserted train station by the Mississippi River. Creepy characters here and there of course. ;)

  • bashoo

    I always think of this camera when I’m in the centre of the room full of half-naked women.

  • I’m thinking underwater (hello ziplock bags), surrounded by a sychro swimming team. Dream shot.

  • How Perfecto, i will luv to take a picture with this camera.

    i thinking that will be an awesome shoot in the stadium of my town Torreón. The passion, the feelings in the air, will look at 360º

  • I’d shoot inside a cave in Van island, and pair it with some odd colored flashes. Panoramic view of colorful rocks and mother earth’s guts? Yes please!

  • Natalie

    Naked fertility dance

  • I plan to hike the Three Sisters, outside of Bend/Sisters, Oregon, early this summer while there’s still a decent amount of snow on the mountains. The visual from snow to the high desert landscape below would be pretty great.

  • May I please have it? I don’t have a camera.


  • chrissy

    a panoramic image of all my cats in my cat lady house!

  • Val

    A full-body panorama of a nude model holding a mirror by placing the spinner between her and the mirror.

  • I’d love to grab the spinner to shoot a full 360 of our upcoming art party. We’re inviting local artists to a large venue to display work in a group show, slam poets on stage and a DJ later in the evening. It’s going to be a huge party celebrating art in our community. We’re doing it for free as part of the release for the 5th issue of our arts magazine Electric City Creative. (http://www.electriccitycreative.com)

    Love the blog.

  • Krystina Pucci

    I am going photograph a dark take on Alice and Wonderland a panoramic view of the tea table with all the insane unique guests. I know the perfect Mad Hatter AND I want to capture Toronto in the fog after the rain has fallen. Its quite beautiful there is nothing like it.

  • I would very much like to have this camera.

    I live in Los Angeles—a place that I find has this great deal of mythology behind it. From afar, it appears to be some kind of dreamy retro-surf nation. Palm trees, celebrities, healthy living, etc. From within it is this confusing hub of of order and chaos, social interaction and isolation. It’s a bizarre area.

    I want to capture some of the tension between order and chaos and society/isolation by taking panoramic shots at the metro stations where people are brought together in a ordered environment but nonetheless try to ignore one another and are of incredibly different backgrounds, wealth-levels, social standings. My first one would be shot at the major hub of all metro transportation—Union Station—Right at the Main passageway where people come from the outside and begin to filter themselves into lines for different trains. After that, I would expand outward to the stations at each point of each metro line.

  • There is a snowcapped set of mountains in the Comox Valley just waiting for a pan to be done of them. How do I know? Because every morning at dawn they tease me with their shades of lavender and pink, clouds hug their chilled tops and the ocean laps at their feet. Every morning I wake up and look out at that view and know that it will soon turn to summer and the snow will be gone and the colours with it. It begs to be immortalized!

  • I would hike up a mountain, camp there overnight, and take a panoramic shot of the sunrise the next morning. Mountain scenery is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

  • Anna Hough

    I would take a photo in Carnaby Street, London because I love that street, I could even include the Lomo shop there :) Or I would take it to India this summer and take photos while I’m trekking in the himalayas! Pleeeease?

  • pigeons. they get no respect.

  • I would go to a heavy, down right dirty rock concert and pananorize that with a bit of over exposure.

    Flying beer, people, arms, legs and much flailing and moshing to be captured withing the Lomo’s eye piece.

    Lazers and strobes adding to the bleak blackness of it.
    Bit like a happy dystopia.
    With rocks on it.

  • Paul

    at the beach eating our super-sandwiches while we making music and watching the sun set. Our if were are making our super-sandwiches, that would be more a funny picture than;)

  • I would take a picture of me and my boyfriend naked in some isolated place or in a white room, or a picture of my boyfriend DJing in a club full of people in Mexico City.

  • Use it to take a series of pictures in public place where audiences sit. Classes, Theaters, Elevators, dining halls, airplanes, busses, and stadiums and capture the expressions of people who are behind me, and the subtle head positions of the people ahead. the people on the side of the photographer would be staring at something that (most) everyone else is too, and that would be the main focus of the series

    Looking at people looking (or not) at things together.

  • alba

    at my class, all the asleep faces of my mates at 8 o’clock of the morning until the teacher speaks and speaks in front of blackboard

  • I do long, continuous contour drawings based on photographs of people in motion. Example, http://bbyear.tumblr.com/post/3562813548/90seconds
    If I won the Spinner 360, my first panorama would be of an old train station during rush hour.

    • P.S. I live in Paris, so I was thinking Gare Austerlitz, or perhaps one of the stations in Amélie (Gare du Nord or Gare de l’Est).

  • philipp

    My first photo would be a panorama photo of a panorama photo

  • Jack

    I’d take a picture of my band in my newly tricked-out (endless carpet) garage practice space

  • Julio

    I would shoot a panorama from a bell tower (wich whas a gift from Belgium to Mexico in the 60’s) on top of a 25 storie building with a kick-ass view. The place has been abandoned for 20 years and is full of graffiti… and bells. Gimme, gimme!

  • I would shoot the inside of my shed/studio that I built. Reason being that finally for once in my life Im spending hours, days and weeks doing what I was meant to do in my life in that very place. Then I would take a photo of my garden that i look out on, with my girlfriend sitting in it. All of which I would print and place around the house as a reminder of what life should be and the trust and understanding my girl gives me.

  • Jakob Kaiser

    honestly, i wouldn’t look and wait for a special think to take a picture from. because i would be so curious that i would like to try it immediately.
    the first picture would show me propebly in a pajama. somewhere you could see the packaging of the camera and the film box.

  • I would definitely take a picture of the earth from a hot air ballon or something like that. That would be the nicest way to see our entire home. To see it in all its greatness.


  • Caroline

    The first panorama I would take would be a 360 of my apartment, so i can remember forever what it was like to live in this exact moment.

  • Lyndsey

    I’d figure out what time the sun rises and then wake up at 2 1/2 hours earlier so I could trek up the 3,922 stairs that consist of the stairway to heaven on Oahu. When I’d reach the top I’d stretch with a mini yoga session until the sun started peeping over the horizon. At that time I’d take the camera out and wait for the perfect moment when you can still see the rays of sunlight yet there are enough of them to light up the panorama.

  • I supa dupa want this!
    I would shoot thom yorke, and make him move around in a circle so it looked like he had never ending eyes. Never ending disabled eyes. The shoot would be in the congo and and the photograph would be called ‘Boooooooooom’

    Plus we would have girls in bikinis serving refreshments

  • i will shoot all the god’s creation into my camera! clouds, trees, peoples, all or the pretty stuffs!

  • the tranquility of surrounding clouds upon the highest peak with the forest of wonderment beneath my feet. Capture a moment of psychedelic expression through the true spirits of natures call.

  • I’d definitely have to say my first panorama would be a deserving shot of my family in Egypt

  • Vincent

    THe first photograph I would take would be me holding a sign saying ” Thanks Jeff for the awesome camera!” whilst standing on the roof of my house.

  • Matt M

    i would take a giant group photo of all the people that matter in my life

  • Travis

    I would love to get a panorama of a party. Just put the spinner in the middle of a room and see how many random portraits I can get in one spin. There would be a lot of unusual stories!

  • My brand new husband in front of the eiffel tower on our honeymoon!

  • Jim

    a vertical shot of the moon at the beach with a fire burning and dogs scattered with a closeup of my hand holding a big seashell

  • Nick

    Mount bonnel in austin. So I could capture the 360 bridge and downtown all in 1 shot.

  • I would place the camera somewhere and walk around it, so it’ll create a panoramic of my face!

  • Easy! Not far from where I live, in the west island of Montréal, there is a truss bridge with a spaced wooden deck that crosses over into Île-Bigras. It is a railway bride for the commuter train that goes to and from Deux-Montagne, but it is also commonly used to walk across and sits directly on top the La Rivière des Prairies, making it quite scenic.
    The idea is to have myself and a couple of amigos stationed at the midpoint of the bridge and have the shot taken as the train approaches. With the effect of the 360˚ panorama, what we ultimately seek to accomplish is a shot in which the subjects are dead center of an extraordinary and impossible train collision. Throw in some human motion and a few props tossed in the air for added dramatics, and what you have is a rather cataclysmic and suspenseful shot.
    The camera would have to be set up vertically as it is in filmstrip #3, and we would work out the other technicalities with practice shots in another location beforehand.
    It might sound like a suicide mission, but we have done a photo shoot similar to this in the past and we are cautious in handling projects such as these in the safest possible conditions.
    My heart is pounding just thinking about it ! What a thrill ride !

  • Giovanni

    My head!
    With a complex rolling-chair Mechanism I have in mind

  • Mark

    me and my friends skating down Southbank in London on a sunny day with all the graffiti in the background, mainly because i don’t think it’s gonna be around for too much longer. making history.

    that or a house of mirrors just to confuse the hell out of the developing place down the road

  • Andrew

    The first Panorama I would shoot with this camera would probably be of my kitchen table and the postage box the camera came in. You have test out how the camera works before you go do something cool. The first pictures you take with a new camera are always special, maybe not special to someone else, but special nonetheless.

  • nick w

    A 360 of the hospital room where my first kid will be born next month! Wife, wall, machinery, doctor, baby!!

  • Kevin

    Betwixt Aphex Twin and a few thousand revellers, when he plays Dublin in June.

  • Baptiste

    Duel of Knights With Long Lances.

  • Robert

    Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto’s gig at the Teatre GREC Amphitheatre in Barcelona.

  • I would go to this airplane junkyard that has all of this great graffiti on if and I would get on top of one planes and take a 360 picture of the whole area.

  • I would take pictures of Daniel Day Lewis with it.

  • me gustaria retratar lo que pasa en los paises tercermundistas, soy de CHILE y las pretenciiones de los demas tratan de ilustrar acontecimientos vanales o sin importancia y trascendencia por eso mi proposito de lograr traspasar esas instancias que parecen no conocidas al imaginario de los demas…como ven es una instancia social por mas que decorativa
    saludos y gracias./

    I would like to portray what happens in third world countries, I’m from CHILE and pretenciiones of others trying to illustrate events banality or no importance and significance for that purpose to make my pass those instances that appear not known to the imagination of others .. . as you can see is a social institution for more than decorative
    greetings and thanks.

  • m.clegg

    I would do a panorama of my tuxedo cat hunting a lizard or a bug.

  • Emma

    I would take my small boat out just before sunset into the Baltic Sea, and when I have now sight of land anywhere, I would silent the engine, stand up and take a picture. Then I would start the engine to get home, make some tea and show my mother how it looks in nowhere.

  • I’d position the camera in the centre of a tennis court while two people dressed in gorilla suits in tennis whites (headbands etc.) swing away.

    I would make this a part of a series where gorillas do rich people stuff. Skiing (specifically apres ski) black tie dinners etc.

  • Rodrigo

    surrounded by a lot lot lot of people, the moshpit of a niiiiice concert.

  • Pyramid stage at Glastonbury festival on the Sunday night with headliner Beyonce!

  • HAO

    i will shoot the instant location where i receive it!

  • Breanne

    sasquatch musical festival: a view of the main stage from up on the hill with the sun setting behind the gorge in the background. friends together listening to good music in a beautiful place.

  • I will use at my favorite western bar. Have pictures of people in western wear dancing to Hank sr. and drinking PBR.

  • Me, me, me, me. No bullshit, I want it and that’s all folks! :)

  • Valerie

    I would like to set something up where the photograph begins with a child and progresses to an adult to show the evolution of life in one single shot. Or maybe have the progression of the evolution of humans, but instead of having people in ape costumes as expected, I’d choose a different animal to spark more dialogue/imagination.

    • Valerie

      I’m also visiting Europe for the first time this summer in a study-abroad design program. It would be wonderful to capture each different city’s landscape with this camera then be able to compare them all at the end of my trip. I hope you choose me!

  • I would take a shot of me while lying in bed, or just lyying anywhere. I’m six footer, and I wanna see how much of the frame/frames my body and height would eat up.

  • Artie Ray Luna

    I would take a picture of a very tall nude woman wrapped in a red piece of fabric standing knee deep in the pacific ocean off the coast of california.

  • Marina

    I would climb to the highest point of the island on a clear day and take a picture that would show five different countries: Scotland to the North, England to the East, Wales to the South and Ireland to the West, plus the Isle of Man beneath my feet along with some windswept looking sheep.

  • Jeremy

    an army of ants on their journey back to their giant anthill among blades of grass in my backyard

  • Ash

    i would take a picture in a crowded shopping centre on a hot summers day.

  • Nick

    I would take a picture in the middle of concert, so I could capture the band the crowd. It would allow the viewer to really feel like they were immersed in the whole scene and a part of the concert.

  • Becca

    I would shoot the work result of me and my class final exam in visual art.


    I would take it to the Natural History Museum and spin it around inside the big open jar of one of the dinosaurs. Then I would go to the planetarium and make a faux-skyscape of all the constellations.

  • Chop

    The first panorama I would shoot would be an arrangement of a B, seven O’s and an M so that I could make a sweet panoramic banner for you to use when you redesign the site!

  • William Alexander

    Chilling in my bathroom.

  • an angry mob of towns people. shovels, overalls, straw hats pitchforks and all…

    then I douse them in blood to make them an angry mob of townspeople zombies.

    I really just like the idea of a 360 shot of a circle of people staring. standing with nothing on their minds but to stare.

  • Megan

    I would take a photograph in Belfasts Botanic Gardens in Northern Ireland on one of our very rare sunny days.
    I would gather up all my buds and photograph us all laughing, drinking, blazing, riding our bikes, playing hack-e-sack at different stages through-out the day and the very last shot with have a huge group photo of us holding a sign saying “Booooooom” so we can remember how I had the chance to capture the great memory!!

  • jaaa cool!

    haha, i love the attic comment!

    If Ì had that amazing camera, I would make a panorama in the artsuppliesstore where I work with a view of the center of amsterdam. Imagine aaaall those colours and then some amsterdam houses with some local artists.

    (and the second one would be of my love too off course)

  • erik

    I’d probably shoot during cicling and see what happens. Even if nothing good happens, I still get to cicle and spin the camera at the same time.

  • Kryst

    Human body as a landscape.Close up. Abstract.
    Ambiguous. Super cool.

  • SO excited about this! I would take a panorama of the drug rehab center by my house. It’s always full of bright colors and interesting people.

  • Mark

    I am such a big fan of The Beatles! And my first photo with this camera would be a photo of Abbey Road.

  • i’d take a picture of my office: which is none other than the wilderness of Denali National Park in alaska. it’d be amazing to do when the northern lights are out!

  • me at my bedroom 8 floors high and a herd of kids playing in the basketball court 8 floors below during recess hours – taken horizontally-vertically-ish.

  • Kyle

    I live in Milwaukee, and would love to take a panorama of a bookstore called Downtown Books. It’s 3 floors of absolute chaos. Each floor has rows and rows and rows of used books and movies. Some of the shelves look as if they’re about to fall over. The owner has two cats that lurk around the store. It’s pretty much the craziest bookstore ever.

  • 360 Panorama on my roof in Brooklyn during the next lightning storm.

  • arnar

    my face
    i would move along with the camera

  • Tony

    How much do these things usually go for?
    I’ve been working on setting up a 360 tour of the university campus I’m working at, but with photo stitching it’s just coming out looking horrible. I’d say there’s people on here who deserve this much more than I do, but I’m interesting in getting one all the same.

  • Anders Frantsen

    I would take a picture of Gibraltar during ride down from the top of the rock, in the cabel car. The shoot should be taken not far away from the top of the rock, inorder to catch a good glimt of both the monkeys and the wild growing trees on the mountain from a not far away distance.
    It should taken on a rainy day, where the dark skies should stand as a contrast to the bright ocean and trees.

  • Crank

    the long stretch of parked graffitied trains downtown.

  • Diveke

    How about the piramids of Tulum and Coba by the caribbean sea? that is right where I live, paradise.

  • Shea Kennedy

    I would take it along with me to my cities folkfestival and get a good atmospheric shot of the bands playing, people dancing, fires pluming with smoke, an lights twinkling from the trees.

  • I would love to use this camera to do a panorama of the beautiful designer clothing stores on Newbury Street in Boston, where I live. The stores all used to be townhouse apartments, and they are brick and gorgeous. The whole street looks this way and it’s fabulous. The panorama would be used as a big poster for my future New York loft when I start to work in the fashion industry!

  • Grant

    dubstep-o-rama…..hopefully i will be on a raft crowd surfing at excission + datsik or at least in the middle of the bass pit recording 360 bassface

  • natalia

    i would try to capture the largest amount of smiles ever!

  • I would take a panoramic photo inside a bingo hall in fort erie ontario, where the die hard gamblers keep it real instead of going to the fancy casino. The good luck charms (everything from Gremlins to Treasure Trolls), the tricked out bingo dabbers, the hard luck, the tired faces that are filled with nervous hope/disappointment. A good snapshot of a subculture.

  • I would go to the woods with a bunch of my best friends and have all my guy friends dress like zombies and all my lady friends dress like pinup girls and stage a massive candy rave where everyone’s dancing and having a good time with glowsticks and ice cream cones and fake blood and lots of cleavage and delirum. The panoramic photo would be filled with images and it would be a picture you could just stare at for at least an hour. I’d get that picture printed really big and put it somewhere everyone could see it. Maybe make it anaglyphic 3D too, just to overwhelm people.

  • a room full with naked girls.

  • Lewis

    A 360 vertical panorama of the church I live near at dawn. Considering the ceiling paintings, the lighting and the fact that its a really old british church would make a fantastic image!

  • Walker

    Pike Place Market.

    Jeff, you’re from vancouver, so you have to have been down here to see Pike Place at least once. I think it’d be an amazing shot to capture all of it at one time.

  • i would climb to the top of a tree and photograph the canopy.

  • Skitter

    Think about a David LaChappele panorama style with some skinny hookers dressed in Victoria’s Secret lingerie…

  • Alex

    i’d take a lovely 360 pic of me and my gran having tea at her place, she makes a great cup of tea, and awesome biscuits

  • Adman

    I would take many pics from the sky of my city, the best i ever seen, the afternoon is just like heaven.

  • GT

    the middle of the crowd, pyramid stage, during paul simon’s set, (hopefully sunny) sunday afternoon, glastonbury festival 2011.

    there will be no better place.

  • Fabian Manzano

    The inside of a coffin on a moonless night…

  • a small child falling over : O

  • Lewis

    My mates.

  • Patricia Azevedo

    Aterro do Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro. You can catch the sea, sugar loaf, buildings and cristo redentor. In a sunny day it would be amazing! =)

  • I’m planning on going to thailand at the end of next month. I would love to shoot a panoramic shot of a full moon party.

    If I were to stick to BC, I would shoot either Brohm lake or parker place food court! lol

  • I’d take a picture of the T in Boston, I bet you could catch a lot of weird things going on there in 360!

  • In 2 weeks I’m going to Egypt and I want to do a panorama of the Red Sea coast at sunset from a boat. I hear that the mountains light up like crazy when the sun is horizoning I think that Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia at sunset would be off the hook beautiful.

  • I’ll get the camera by mail. Next I’ll open it up in my house, put a film on it and then, by consequence, take a test picture of my little house and my love in the end.

  • Well, I live in Cape Town, South Africa. So I suppose a 360 degree shot from our farm would do, seeing as it captures the entirety of Cape Town and all the mountains and plains surrounding it.

    Otherwise I would go to the border between Namibia and South Africa, standing on the official line on the bridge above the Orange River, and have a fair 180 degrees of each country.

  • Shannon

    I would take this bad boy with me on a submarine and photograph a massive orgy of copulating octopi.

  • me and my girlfriend naked standing in front of me.

    ps. you get a copy of the photo if i win !

  • the london AQUARIUM! :)

  • The charismatic world of skateboarding
    and the reality of life I experiance in everyday life…

    I would def have to capture this at sunset,
    and get the happy smiling faces and tricks caught
    in mid motion around me from every angle…

    the ultimately hedonistic panorama of a moment in Time…

  • A hall of mirrors. so the photo would be a complete mind fuck

  • Uhh. ME!! I promise I will never take horrible pictures with this baby ever!! Maybe naked but not horrible. Oo naked. U like?

  • I would love to for once visit Japan and experience the aftermath of the earthquake. To capture the sensibilities of the people and the complexes on land. To be able to generate a panorama that could make my audience witness the reality and effects of what natural disasters can do.

  • I would encase myself in a circle of nude bodies and let her rip.

  • Honestly, if you’ve never seen downtown Hamilton, on an ArtCrawl night – this would probably be the BEST way to capture the energy.
    James St. North holds an art crawl every second Friday of each month. A 360 would mean creative and unique capturing of the city when it’s fully charged on art.

    I mean, really.

  • eum..i wanna use it in the movie theater..i just wanna know how people facial expressions when they watch horror movie, romantic movie, or sadnes movie or any movie..and klik…!!!

  • I frequently hike to the peek of Mt. Baldy, largest mountain of the Angeles National Forest and the highest point in Southern California. I would love to take a 360 degree shot.
    Not many vantage points like that where you could capture Ocean, Downtown LA and uninterrupted mountainous landscape in one shot.*

    *disclaimer: one shot would require 360 cam and a clear day

    PS if I dont win, would the winner like to go hiking?

    • PPS my previous comment is erroneous, Mt. Baldy (Mt. San Antonio) is the highest peak in the San Gabriel Mountains (at the eastern most edge of the Angeles National Forest. Also it is not the largest in SoCal, although it is in the top 10. It is one of the most topographically isolated mountain peaks in california

  • yeah, probably would be cool to shoot at the zombie´s cosplay at comic con in barcelona.. arrgh

  • Tanner

    My great-grandmothers 90th birthday this summer in Delaware, as well as all other family members that will be there. Theres 5 generations of women currently alive: My great grandmother, her daughter (my granmother) my mom, my sister and her daughter. How rare of a photo would that be? I’ve wanted a 360 spinner since it came out. i would love to use it this summer with my family. Who knows how much longer this would happen?

  • Drew Leslie

    I’m not going to lie, I would take a picture of whatever I felt like taking a picture of that day. I’m not going to try to flatter you with fancy words or descriptions of the scene I would take a picture of to try to win the camera. I’m most likely not going to win this camera so in the long run this comment doesn’t really matter anyways. Photography and Art in general is something vivid and spontaneous and should not be described before it happens.

  • kizzy

    Southend-On-Sea: Longest pier in the world, closest beach to London, University town in Essex. English seaside meets Thames estuary. Cockles, mussels, and jellied eels. Worthy of a elongated pic!

  • I would make a picture sitting in a wide field during sunset, surrounded by trees. instead of panorama left to right, I would make one from down to up, so you’d first see the trees, then the coloured sky, and then again the trees behind me.
    Hard to explain, beautiful to do and make.

  • I’d take a shot of a bunch of surfers carving the same wave, with the crowds of multicolored beach umbrellas in July.

  • gaddafi’s living room :)

  • jk

    I would go to the middle of nowhere, and take a picture randomly.

  • polly

    my utter mess of a bedroom, a before and after shot, after having tidied it.


  • artyeva

    i live in a area of wild peat bog in mayo on the west coast of ireland and the lambs are frolicking a go-go at the moment, so i’d love to take it up on a heath and capture these lovely ickle animals in their wild deserted surroundings!!

  • Olivier Boissonnault

    I’d take a panorama picture of the next Serge Murphy installation at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. This guy is a genius : http://www.sergemurphy.com

  • i would like to improvise something, let my own mind do a 360º

  • eyoung

    I go to school for video production… I will take a panoramic of the studio I work in with all the lights, cameras, crew and actors set up for a commercial shoot or a music video.
    It will be so rad!!!

  • Jesper

    the dinner table when my friends celebrate my brothers birthday next week.

  • Olga

    Just yesterday i was sitting on the roof of my friends apartment enjoying the sun and a cigarette, in the new Oerstad part of Copenhagen. I looked around the place and thought, how about how cool it would be having a panoramic camera like that.
    Right next to her house, there is a small river, and on one side of it there are all these old little working class houses made of red bricks, on the other side of it, there are all these super trendy new high rise builidings trying to reach the clouds. If you turn 180 degrees, you can see all of the old city Copenhagen.

  • Renske

    A little love story..

    My horse fell in love with the dolphin 2 weeks ago. Match made in heaven..

    Bring them together again!
    They will be very happy together.

    The first panorama I shoot is all about “love & happiness”.

  • Felix Acuna

    it’d start with one of my friends doing the worm in a slip-n-slide full of an ambiguous yellowish liquid. he or she would not have a shirt on. The liquid would progressively stain his or her body. In the background you’d have an music band composed of a screaming face and music-absorbed intense drummer and a smiling electric guitar player

  • filipe

    us, lying down in a strawberry fields.

  • Naked girls in the woods around my house here: http://bit.ly/e527yN which was taken with a Holga Pinhole Panorama camera.

  • Patrick

    Going to the Appalachian Mountains in a couple weeks. Camping in the middle of a national forest. Have my friends make a circle around me and lean in with some form of light. Capture their faces as well as the trees above them.

  • Misia

    I’d shoot LAX Airport right after getting off the plane and meeting my boyfriend for the first time in two years. Then I could always remember that moment.

  • I am not going to my commencement ceremony in May. I’m getting my masters in graphic design and just didn’t feel like putting my family through ANOTHER commencement. SO BORING! INSTEAD I’m going to Barcelona and Marseille and I have it all planned out to PARTY HARD May 21st and make all my friends jealous cause I’m there and they’re in silly caps & gowns. SO, my first panorama photo with this amazing beautiful camera, would be of the beach and myself with a cap & bikini and a beer & all the beauty and warmth of Barcelona around me. I want everyone to party too!

  • Christina

    A Mobius strip.

  • I would point it toward the ground here in the suburbs of Dover DE. Let it spin toward the sky then back to the ground.
    You can break out of the suburbs… Just got to look up!

  • ben

    I’ll just stand on the spot and take whatever’s in front of me with the camera not moving. the whole frame of the same thing. over and over again.

  • alison

    my new apartment and cat!

  • Janelle

    I would take a photo of the inside of the Market square in Victoria B.C. It was built in 1880, and it’s beautiful!

  • The first image would probably be a hasty random image with some part of me and some other stuff in it instantly after I’ve loaded the first roll of film into it and in all the excitement accidentally pushed the shutter.

  • I´d take shots of the day and night sky looking out,i.e. liying on my back on the ground

  • I would try to shoot in a comic strip style a skater doing a trick. I’d be curious to experiment moving instead of being still at one place.

  • Ina

    I’d take a shot in a german football stadium! that would look awesome!!! the perfect match would be a derby between two rival teams like the both Hamburg teams St. Pauli and HSV Hamburg!

  • I would take a picture on the pedestrian plaza at “Plattan”, a town square in the middle of Stockholm City and a centre for swedish youth culture.

  • justin

    take numerous b/w photos of myself…randomly attach them to birch trees in a forest…ask several people to stand beneath the b/w portraits wearing astronaut suits with a slice of cake in each hand…and then take 360 panorama shot of something entirely different

  • francisco

    my room full of stuff. (think i have slight hoarding problem)

  • Ewan

    I wouldn’t take a picture with it.

    I would however send the camera around the world to people I know in all corners of the world and get a person in each country to take a single picture that represents their surroundings to build up a full panoramic spectrum of the planet. I’d then no doubt make a fold out publication of all of these collected images.

  • I would take a boat and stand in the middle of Baía de Guanabara, in Rio, Brazil, and shoot the Sugar Loaf, the city skyline the emerges upon beaches of Botafogo, Flamengo and Niterói. It would be totally beautiful!

  • I would use it to shoot Schlieren photography, to capture a persons body heat disrupting the air flow of a room

    schlieren photography:


  • Jam

    my body

  • A cartwheel.

  • Better late than never- BUT, probably my bedroom within the next week or so as my graphic design final major approaches nearer and nearer. Art hiroshima.

  • Cameron

    The New Orleans Art House, They have an artist colony-built treehouse with sculptures and people just hanging out there. It could be a really absorbing panorama that captures the viewer’s interest.

  • scott

    i would visit cloud gate ( the highly reflective metallic sculpture in Chicago’s Millennium Park ) and lay down under the arch of the piece and shoot a panorama pointing straight up looking at my reflection. Then i would cut the negative and make individual shots and use them to make an animated .gif movie.

  • Sarah

    Our weekly bicycle polo match, held on the 5th floor of a parking garage, Fresno, CA. Beautiful bikes and wonderful people, going to miss them terribly when I move next month.

  • Cassie

    Absolutely Salvation Mountain. There’s too much perfection to be captured with a run-of-the-mill camera!

  • Lex

    I would use it to document moshpits at hardcore and punk shows, in the hopes of capturing the catharsis and moments of ecstasy experienced by attendees at aggressive concerts.

  • Theo

    Textures and emptiness, in nature.
    and then also have fun with it, shoot some people, even some wildlife maybe.

  • Marta sturniolo

    i would take a pic of a crowded field at ACL.
    we’d love to take pics of random stuff since i adore that affect…that camera could make me so happy.

  • joanna

    My (very adult) co-workers are all into the harry potter and gremlin movies. Like, a lot, for some reason. They also (conveniently?) enjoy dressing up. It’s like they’re asking me to exploit them. I suppose I could humour them with a panoramic lomo office shot to capture the spirit of working in insurance, the elusive ghost it is.

  • I’d take a panoramic of our only central garden in Aberdeen (Scotland) – as there is a proposal to cover it with a 3 – 4 storey concrete block that contains a car park. So I thought it’d be nice to document it before it’s destroyed – as our council seem hell bent on listening to one rich man rather than the majority of citizens opposed to the destruction of Union Terrace Gardens.

  • I would capture the 15 most important people in my life.
    Can never see myself living life without them, and this camera!!!

  • Marta sturniolo

    I would take a pic of a crowded field at ACL.
    well I’d love to take pics of random stuff since I adore that affect…that camera could make me so happy.

  • The first photograph I would take with that Amazing would be…
    If I could take it underwater I would totally take a picture of a wave. Or under water or half water… If its not possible at all () … I would try to catch someone jumping either form a building or something or doing a trick with a skateboard or bmx or something like that, Im pretty sure it will look very interesting.
    Btw I really enjoy ur blog.

  • driving through a british country lane, wind down the passenger’s window, pick the best scene, arm out, point and pull the ring

  • a snowy mountain-scape shot from the vantage point of inside a large boiling pot of beans, the mountain tops jut up above the cast iron pot rim horizon!!!

  • i would have three or four different people it would be a metemorphisis of gender identity. i would start with a woman who would slowly turn into someone that would be gender neutral. this would be done with makeup wiggs people and painted backdrops with proper lighting. with my work i like to explore the change of gender identity and gender roles.
    i would really love this camera. i would bring it to yale this summer with me.

  • ps. oh and everybody should look at this 360 video from tame imapala! great use of a 360 camera and great music

  • myself running in a circle

  • my first comment didnt get through? :(

    i said i would love it to take my first photograph of some friends in a cirkle holding printed letters B-O-O-O-O-O-M

  • Disneyland from the hub.

  • Alice

    all I want is a picture of all the people whose faces stir meaning in me. everything is fleeting. I hardly remember oldgone best friends or places I adored. just one panorama to remember a lost snatchedaway place and time when everything came together just so; a vignette of something that made me smile so I can feel the coolness of its shadow across my memories years from now. as many people in my life as I can gather at one time, on Indian Hill during the sunset, overlooking Middletown, CT, unposed undoinganything just standing together in the same space at the same time so I can selfishly keep them all neatly and tidily on a strip of film.

  • Christoph

    I would take a photo from the abandoned airport Tempelhof in Berlin. Is it a only-American giveaway? I hope not :-)

  • Sauret

    Well I´ll took the first thing that would seem interesting enough to be lomographicly taken
    Well I would shoot the first thing that seem interesting enough to be lomographicly shooted & if there wasnt any i would play with lights.

  • I would set up one of my film stills (part of the In the Shade of Night series). Instead of giving the viewer a hint to what is happening in the “still” I would show an entire scene of devastation. I have also thought of setting up a “movie crew” and showing the actor and the crew in one scene.

  • Lisa K.

    Portlandia when sunny! Because not only is the dream of the 90’s alive in Portland, but so is the sunshine!!

  • Ana Luisa Figueiredo de Melo

    I’d take a picture from the Christ the Redeemer showing my city that looks beautiful from above :)

  • James

    Vertical panoramic of my city.


    I would definitely use it to create a photo series in a underground music area here in Miami to just shoot everything that’s screams art: the diversity in people from all over the world coming together, trying to capture the movement of music and the feeling these sounds bring to everyone.

  • This would be perfect for a sunset at the beach of Scheveningen (Holland)!

  • shouting(protesting) crowd(at me), camera in the middle :).

  • Jennie Marie

    Ahhh been trying to save up for this gem for a while now!

    mmmm id most definitely take it to Benicassim festival this summer snapping a 360 view of the Strokes and the wild sun burnt crowd with their beer, flags and a few red smoke pellets aflying! ahaha


  • Liam

    A tiny white room.

  • Stefana

    my first panorama would be taken inside an old ladie’s consignment store on dunbar street with the little ladies that volunteer there moving around the store holding a clothes steamer or a blazer or a pair of shoes. they would all be cheerfully chatting with each other. the lighting is kind of flourescent so I think it would look really strange and interesting!

  • ena mina bombina

    i recently moved back to my home city of Sarajevo-Bosnia and Herzegovina, after having been away since 98 (1 was 16 at the time). Since then, I have lived in africa, middle east, asia, and now, i really wanna capture the awesome view of Sarajevo from my parents old house, with hundreds-old turkish ruins, family houses, austrian style from the beginning of last century, olimpic art n arch from the 80s (winter olympics 84), ruins from the serbian agression in the 90s, mosque n church tops, bathing in the reflection of morning sun rays, all mixed together, in this crazy view im lucky to see each day, and other could with this camera :D

  • i would take my longboard and then go downhill shooting and see what happens….

  • i would take my longboard and then go downhill shooting and see what happens!

  • Kayla

    A cake bar. Imagine, a never ending table of cake!

    • Benbenbenbenbenbenben

      I think you should win the camera!

  • a panoramic view of the Cairo skyline from the Cairo tower

  • Benbenbenbenbenbenben

    simply take a shot of an empty train track vertically, rather horizontally, giving the effect that the train track is curved like the earth (which in all technicalities, already is by slight degrees). Would probably give it a tint of a sepia filter.

    Let’s hope I don’t get run over.

    • Benbenbenbenbenbenben

      Actually, if you throw in a trip to NY, I’d quite happily take some crazy shots over there. You digg? :D

  • eugene thunder

    i would do anything for this lomo camera im a bit mental for cameras i have a chinon c-4 with a massive lens on it just looks like a shotgun.
    with this camera i would take photos everyday all the time not even going to bullshit you there i fucking love taking photos it eats my brain everyday ha now since iv seen this camera im going to think about it all the time fuck ha im going to stevenson college in edinburgh to study photography so this would be the lomo camera iv been looking for its like i have found love x

  • I would drive my boot my boat so far from the land that all I see is ocean.

  • Brittany

    If I could have one of these, I would capture the people in the Younge Subway station in Toronto. There’s always the best and most unique people in Toronto. Younge station during rush hour is always pure chaos and it would be fascinating to capture it ! You wouldn’t miss all the craziness going on around you.

  • hehe- me

  • jill boniske

    I’d head over to the mall and catch all the shoppers on a busy day. Maybe with the harness trampoline in the background and one of the coffee carts, too.

  • Ian

    The woods.

  • Tiarnan

    I would climb to the top of the tree i fell out of aged 7. (About 40ft), and take a picture of my whole street as it was when I fell out of that tree, with the early 90’s cars and old buildings before a lot of it was redeveloped, people who still played with me as a child in my street, my parents house. Lomography reminds me of my childhood for some reason.

  • Claire

    Hmm… somewhere bleak with a focal point that takes up a tiny percent of the image.

  • Each and every degree of the universe.

  • Evelyn

    A recreation of the terrible dream I had last night.

  • id take a 360 of a busy mcdonalds at the register woo america fuck yea

  • Andrea Avery

    The highest point of Milwaukee overlooking Lake Michigan

    • chris geier

      Milwaukee represent.

  • roland basdeo

    I am going to San Francisco for memorial day weekend.
    I would take photos of all of the mission district and
    connect the film all together and put them on http://www.booooooom.com for everyone to see.

  • Craig Paterson

    I’d run it sideways on my local beach in Vancouver to create a strip of sand, mountains and the infinite blue beyond.

  • I would capture the 360 view between two men engaged in a simulated fist fight or a 360 p.o.v. view from the perspective of our neighborhood butcher breaking down whole carcasses.

  • Conall

    360 degrees of amazingness. i.e. my room.

  • Max

    Alla my friends standing in a circle around me.

  • Masuko

    I would shoot a 360 of The country side farm near where my grandparents live in Shikoku, Japan this summer when I visit!!! :)

  • shane

    I would like to hold it out in front of me so it rotates vertically and try to dive over it in the motion that its going…so I look like I am floating….that or let it rotate vertically in and out of a swimming pool, blow up the image, connect the ends, and then stand in the pool without getttin’ wet.

  • I’d shoot all the walls of the freeways in LA, especially the parts where indigenous plants start climbing the cement.

  • A 360 double-rainbow. Whoa!

  • This is nifty!

    the inside of a Marango Cave in Southern Indiana


  • a cylindrical mirrored room.

  • Wahiaronkwas David

    In the summer, I would take the ferry across the lake and start the sinner in the middle of the journey. I would love to see what the results of that shot would be.

  • TK

    I would take a picture of the waterfront during a huge fireworks show my city hosts each year with the river, crowds of people,and…. well fireworks everywhere. I might have to wait for next year, though so maybe even a sunrise on a hill?

  • Auditya

    I would take the bus and go to the beach/boardwalk at downtown toronto. And i’ve never been there anyway, so it’ll be a great opportunity to go down there and take a lot of amazing pictures. The first thing i will do, go to the beach and take a picture of the beach because i love the feeling when i’m at a beach. Also, it has been about 3-4 months of snow, so i really really miss the sun. so, a sunny day at the beach with the camera will be amazingness :)

  • Betty

    I would stand in the middle as a friend runs a circle around me holding a dozen colorful balloons! It would be sunny out! Blue skies! Strips of color and smiles! A blur of happiness. Word.

  • my first DIY press (for printmaking)

  • Helen

    I would take my first panoramic photo inside of a giant sand castle that I will build this summer. A sand castle complete with playmobil figures hanging out in thrones made out of sand and stuff. It will be legit.

  • Nuno Ferreira

    i would threw the camera in the air and let her to the job.

    …then i would catch her.

  • Peter Holt

    MY NUTS!

  • Chelsea

    What a thing of beauty- hmmm the first picture would probably be in my room or something (test it out)- but really, where I live I’m lucky to be surrounded by mountains (greater Vancouver), so I’d try to capture that.

  • Daniel C.

    I’d take a picture of whatever the newest fencing NAC (national tournament) I go to. It’s hectic in there.

  • all of my relics.

  • I would take this on the border fence and capture a photo of Tijuana, Mexico & San Diego, USA.

  • Carlos de los Angeles

    I would use it at Orlando amway arena during the playoffs starting this weekend! I have season tickets and it would be a wild to capture the atmosphere with this camera.

  • I’m traveling out west and back this summer, in a van, with my sister’s band. I’d probably use it to document the whole thing! From the long car rides and spending nights on couches our in folks back yards, camping in the woods, shows and music festivals (What The Heck fest in Anacortes Washington) to the beautiful west coast.
    Another Idea I have for this camera is gathering a few of my naked friends, running around pinewood forest with them and long red fabric. Smoke bombs included.

  • I would arrange people around me in a circle. Each person would look older and older. Birth to death. Circle O’ Life…that was deep. Actually I’d probably just try to shoot my living room because I’d be to excited to try anything else.

  • my first photo would be in the tube during rush hour

  • Parker

    All of my friends shaking their faces around so they look all wild standing along the NY City Skyline. Just to make it artsy.

  • MO

    your face! This is one hell of a wonderful thing; your face and this lomo!

  • step 1) learn how to waltz
    step 2) learn how to waltz whilst simultaneously operating the Lomo Spinner 360° panoramic camera
    step 3) go to a mountaintop
    step 4) wait until sunrise or sunset, whichever comes first
    step 5) go around and around and around…

  • A panorama of the Labrador (northern Canada, Québec), where the land horizon curves because there’s no trees, only moss and rocks… it’s a sea of hardness there, and the light color is unique.

  • honestly i would probably take a photo of something in the house and then run around the city with it, because i would be super excited to see the results. so basically it would be a “whatever i lay my eyes on” thing.

  • A lineup of all the territorial old cameras i have circling in on this lomo new-comer who is about to get jumped.

  • Jason Hilderbrand

    I would go back to my favorite place in the world. Never in my life had I regret not bringing a camera as badly as when I went to Machu Picchu (we were backpacking for a couple of months and I didn’t want to hulk around more then I needed)

    Luckily we had an Iphone and took some mediocre panoramas with it ( http://imgur.com/VGKZo )

  • Karl

    I would take a shot of Seattle and surrounding areas from a the top of a boat in Elliot bay on a clear day.

  • Marilyn

    Sunset on top of the Eiffel Tower.

  • Dick Joakim Hedlund

    The first photo would be of all the sunworshipping swedes coming out of their hiding for the first rays of nourishing sun in Vitabergsparken, a park close to where i reside.
    Its a beautiful, and quirky sight,

  • Well, With such a magical camera… I would Create my Wildest most Wonderful Fantasy world!!! The first step in this process would be MAKING EPIC CREATURES OF MAGIC!!! (out of clay or fabric maybe wire and strings ) I would look deep into my imagination!!! Perhaps a Five legged person or a WIZARD definitely a wizard a unicorn, maybe two, A monster who cares deeply about fly’s and Penguins(when you look into its eyes you understand the kindness in the being), people with electric animal skin, creatures with gem stone belly buttons, animals that only exist in dreams and legends, the list could go on for a while I’m a big fan of imagining!
    I would take my creations to my favorite place in Phoenix Papago park ( a little mountain in the middle of suburban sprowel), a perfect venue for sun sets and sun rizes!!! YOU CAN SEE INSANE EPIC MOUNTAINS IN EVERY DIRECTION BEAUTIFUL EPIC MOUNTAINS!!!! THAT REMIND YOU MAGIC IS REAL BECAUSE MOUNTAINS EXIST AND SUNS ARE GREAT AND CLOUDS ARE WONDERFUL AND MAGIC MAGIC MAGIC!!! I would set up my creature collection a top one of the Papagos peaks amongst the rocks and the desert grass like it was there natural habitat i would plan it so i could take the pictures as the sun was rising! COMBINING REAL MAGIC AND MY OWN MAGICAL LITTLE WORLD!! i would take the prints and hang them in places that seems to be lacking in magic belief! To remind the wanderers of that place that it EXIST LIFE IS GREAT MAGIC IS REAL AND THERE IS NO REASON TO DOUBT IT OR BE UNHAPPY!!!!! huray magic! HuRRAH ART!

    • Bah


  • Cum. Plastered.

  • David S

    I’d paddle out to the middle of the lake up at my cabin and take a panorama of the woods along the lake!

  • Toon Rooijmans

    The first panorama I will take will be one of my my room.

    It’s such a unbelievable mess, that a 360 degrees panorama shot of it would look awesome.

  • Lu

    I would shoot band practice at my music school!!!

  • The Moon.

  • Jason Falconer

    That camera is rad, and I hope I win! I am from Memphis, TN and I would shoot a panorama of a burnt orange and dark blue sunset looking West across the Mississippi River with the bridges that cross the river on the left and right of the picture.

  • Nata

    I just can dream about it,give me one chance to broke this normality,360°

  • Ben C

    I’d stand in the middle of the skate park at Venice Beach. That, or on a surfboard.

  • I would go to brighton nudist beach and ask as many people as possible to stand around the camera, give them a 3-2-1 countdown and everybody jumps as we take the picture, a 360 panorama of beach, balls and bits.

  • Brydie Abbott

    At a train station tunnel in Sydney which leaks light in the most beautiful manner. Interesting light, line and ladders to work with here..

  • Wow, people have the coolest answers.
    I’d personally love to see a panorama of a hot air balloon festival or just a load of pigeons.

    The first shot I’d take would be of my modest student room. I’d love to do a collection of deserted places, like forrests, deserts, sundays in town, haha.

  • my happy place that I think of whenever Im distraught. There is this spot near a sail outpost on Salt Spring called Scott Point that has First Nations hieroglyphs carved into the mossy rocks that lead into the forest behind you and before you is a swirling passage just wide enough for a dingy to pass through at high tide.

  • Jessica C

    (I want that camera!)
    Either a party or a concert. Bright lights everywhere. Fun!

  • josh

    inside of a cow carcass

  • I would turn the camera the other way around. Instead of shooting scenery i would take 360 degrees of myself. Who know what it can turn up.

  • i’ll have that, thanks ;)
    i’ll bounce as high as i could on a trampoline! (to the sky if possible, maybe tickl the stars alittle) and shoot at the peak but vertically. so i could show everybody how high i can bounce, but also show everybody what i can see! crossed processed of course ;)

  • tape it to the front of the car (very deliberately and carefully!) and expose it at night for the entire drive to San Francisco.

  • Jenny

    crosses of a cemetery on a hill in front of a cheesy sunset.

  • Bryan

    the intirety of my penis

    • Anna O’Connell


  • depaswhat

    Trash is all around us. This camera can capture that in my hands.

  • i would take a photo on the edge of the cordon in christchurch city. would get to show a lot of the damage of the quake. but too make it a little more interesting since everyone is getting these photos at the moment, i would spin in the same direction as the camera does at it shoots making it take too laps of the same scene across the film. could be a nice look.

  • i would take a photo on the edge of the cordon in christchurch city. would get to show a lot of the damage of the quake. but too make it a little more interesting since everyone is getting these photos at the moment, i would spin in the same direction as the camera does at it shoots making it take too laps of the same scene across the film. could be a nice look. thanks

  • Thom Chisholm

    I would take a panarama of the old man in our small town who talks to pidgeons and feeds them as all the pidgeons crowd round him and sit on him in the old arena where he stands at night

  • abt

    imma be honest; my life is pretty low key. the very first shot I would take would probably be a test shot immediately after i load the film of whatever is around me: my husband, my dog, my fridge (i keep my film in the fridge), a glass of orange juice, a jar of pickles, and depending on the angle i am holding it at, possibly some white ceiling and floor. its alright, i like all of those things, hopefully you do too, i’d like the cam. thanks!

  • In the Paris metro, line 14, while it is moving.
    Why? To get a sense of all the people sitting there, and also to get the ligts that move out of the window…

  • The seasons changing

  • The dancing moose’s on my neighbors moose farm.

  • ian

    Springtime in the Rockies, the foothill mountains just outside Boulder, CO.


  • Mike

    I’d take a self portrait of me drooling because I’ve wanted a Lomo Spinner 360° camera ever since it came out!

  • Anna O’Connell

    I would take a panorama shot of:
    a) Some friends passing a joint around – That 70s Show style!
    b) The sky every hour.
    c) Saint Marks Place in NYC

  • emma

    My friend and I actually have a panorama competition going on between us, so this would be AMAZING to rub in his face.

    I’d take panoramas of all the notable places in my town, places that hold memories for me, because I’m leaving for college this coming fall and I’d like something to remember my last high school summer by. I’d drive everywhere for one entire day, from the baseball diamond where my old boyfriend and I watched the sun rise to the bridge my friends and I once jumped off as the sun set.

    There’s too much in these scenes and memories for a single picture to capture–clearly a panorama is in order!

  • Olivia Walker

    A panoramic of rush hour traffic in Saigon. The Lomo Spinner might come close to capturing the energy, madness, and sheer rush of it.

  • Carl Moody

    i would shoot everything in my town, from the top of the clock tower around town to the inside of the dome in the Neo Gothic church near where i live. one thing i’ve been looking to shoot is the culdesac in my town, with the mix of pueblo-style houses and colonial houses with the uniqueness of the individual commissions of the variety of architecture in my town, as well as the public parks. i’ve been exploring photography for a few years now with influence of many of the BOOOOOOOM photographers with fisheye, film, pinhole, and several different types of lenses. i currently own an older canon eos my grandfather used, and i believe this Lomography panoramic camera would be a great improvement.

    love these giveaways!

  • Michal

    I’d like to shoot a panorama of inside my head, not sure if it can do that, oh well

  • Ateanna

    I was recently accepted to an internship in China and it will be my first time visiting and I would like to make a panoramic of the lovely views I’ve heard about.

  • Jump into a crowded bar, club, random house party and get a nice 360° panoramic shot of lots of confused and or angry faces.
    And run out. Or drink. Witch ever.

  • Natalie

    I would take a photo of my son(Lucas 10)and his bodies at the local skate board park .After 3m of snow this winter he can’t wait till he can ride his board spring please come now !

  • Jade

    The skate park on the South Bank of the River Thames, in London, and then lots more pictures along the river.

  • Beth

    A hall of mirrors..

  • Jessica

    James Madison’s house, because when I was younger I couldn’t get the entire outside part of the house to fit the picture.

  • I’ve been training to bike 100 miles in Colorado and often find myself in awe of the beautiful scenery and mountains as I ride. I’ve tried hauling my camera and taking panoramic shots, but none of them quite do the scenery justice. I would love to experiment with this camera!

  • Rachael

    I’d gather all my best friends and family on a hike to jackass gingerpool (oahu, hawaii), somewhere special to me where I hike all the time with my best friend, and I’d have them stand in a circle around me. Then I’d blow up the picture after I scan it, and make it into a circle, so when I go off to college (in like 3 years :P) I can just put the ring around my head and I’ll be surrounded by all the people I miss and love in one picture of goodness.

  • Joe

    I want to shoot everything around me as I’m spinning in circles in a random public space with no care of what others may think. Just having fun and bringing spontaneity to the everyday routine of life. I want to capture the expressions, the nuances, the everyday object, the things people take for granted, the sky, the mailbox, the sidewalk, the sign, the house, the traffic lights. Chance encounters and modest gestures, with this camera, it will be captured in frames. A continuity built with pieces, a reel of still imagery that will evoke action and energy. People get too lost in their own worlds. Starbucks on the go, brew your own coffee and sit down and sip slow and savor it. I want a panoramic view of the things we don’t see anymore, the things that are right in front of us, but we just forget to see. With this lomography camera, I want to let people see again.

  • The first panorama I would take is of this beautiful sight in front of my house. Every time I wanna take picture I go back there because the beauty of it is almost to much to handle. I always wanted to capture it all instead of taking various small picture of it. :D

  • eli

    the view from the top of the tallest building in the city

  • An internet-browser-scrolling-photo-comic-story

  • Katrina

    I would like to photograph downtown New Orleans from across the river, via the Algiers Ferry, so I could get an awesome panoramic from an outer perspective.

  • Krys

    My room

  • Everett

    I would take a panorama of the most beautiful campus in the world: Kenyon college.

  • Andra

    I would photograph my friend spinning while i would spin the opposite way

  • seascape in ubin island

  • Lia Rodrigues

    Niterói and Rio de Janeiro seen from the ferry in Guanabara Bay!

  • Give it to ANA TENDEIRO for her Lisbon ideas and enthusiasm. She’ll do well.
    Failing that I’d use it to line up my subjects for a portrait. Turn my back on them, bend over and shoot them between my legs. I’ve done this before and the reaction is hilarious.

  • I would take a photo of a disgusting, sprawling elderly orgy.

    360 degrees of flabby, wrinkled flesh on withered, grey flesh.

  • I would take a picture of the view while I skydive in Santa Cruz, CA! (I’m going for my 21st birthday in May)

  • OMG thank you so much for giving this magical camera away!!!

    Traffic jam happens almost everyday, here in my country. Esp. In Jakarta city. And I’d love to capture that traffic jam moment. Cars, bus, public transportations, motorbikes, in a line. I know traffic jam isn’t as beautiful as mountains or any other nature’s scenery. But I’m pretty sure the Awesum Spinner would show me the Bright Side of Traffic Jam. It’d be a wonderful photo.

    +I’m crossing my fingers+

  • I would put the camera in my chicken coop and see if I could get a shot of all four of my ladies in a row.

  • I would take it to the aerobics class for pregnant women down the street.

  • Tony

    Get a whole bunch of people and make them pose in different stages of a running motion

  • Jonny

    I think id want to do some industrial shots. Maybe find an old factory with a whole bunch of workers who are just going about with the monotony of their days. as the shot goes all panoramic id like to have the staff looking progressively happier.
    a lot of dark colours and shadows to start with, then obviously getting lighter and brighter!
    i think it would be awesome!

  • adults never puke

    this will be purfect for my trip to hangout fest and my life! do it. doooo it!

  • Alejandro

    Thought I’d throw my name in the giveaway. Hopefully I win! YEAH! GO LIFE! It’s awesome :3!!!!

  • My lover running naked through a field of wheat on a farm in central Queensland

  • meaghan

    underwater clear ice unicorn glacier world!! (a project im working on :) )!!!

  • I would shoot a brilliant yellow prairie canola field at dusk… sigh, summer come soon :)

  • Ardylles

    I would take the a panorama of my family dinner with the long table like “last supper” by Da Vinci.

  • alison

    i would attempt to convince all of my friends to get naked with me and let me take a 360 shot of all of us. i feel like that’d start out my lomo career properly

    my boyfriend promised me one of these for my birthday, i got my hopes up, and he got me a ukulele instead -________-

  • Ansley

    I’ll take the picture when several of us seniors of ’12 stand at the base of the Himalayas in the village of Korphe.

    I’m leading a Senior project known as Stones to Schools. If all goes as planned, humanitarian and author of NY times bestseller “Three Cups of Tea”, Greg Mortenson, will visit my hometown to speak about his fight against ignorance and sexism in the third world (the money it would take to get him to our town all goes to building secular schools in Pakistan that help raise children away from Taliban influence.)

    Check it out – your influence could really help spread hope to a totally awesome cause. http://gregmortenson.blogspot.com/

  • Alex T

    I would turn it upside down and take a panorama at ground level because then you’d get a landscape from a totally different perspective. There would be grass all up in the lens and that sort of thing.

  • Lan Nguyen

    I would go on a rooftop adventure and catch the Manhattan morning skyline as the sun rises

  • I try and get on a boat and get as far as I can to prove once and for all that the earth is round.

  • Jerrrrrry

    a panorama of plastic dinosaurs in the land of giant apples oranges bananas

  • Sam M

    This would be the perfect way to document my upcoming summer spent in Brooklyn. As a native San Diego-ian, and frequent traveler to the east coast, I think its important to see a outsiders view of such familiar places, like New York. Also, as I’m applying to school out there, this would be a great way to familiarize myself with the city!

  • Kimi

    The cherry blossoms in the quad on the University of Washington campus. Prettiest trees in Seattle and the only good thing about being a UW student

  • LA! As seen from the griffith observatory….get to see downtown, hollywood sign, the mountains, and the beach!

  • Sarah Grace

    I would take a panorama of the only intersection in my small alabama town (pop. 544).

    My identity is strongly attached to this place that I both love and loathe, feel tenderness toward and great sadness for. a simple place, in good and bad sense, trying to exist in the now, but clinging to memories and nostalgia.

    On the corners of the intersection stand two historic hotels, the town hitching post (now a tourist trap selling kitchy nick-nacks), and the episcopalian church i grew up in.

    Its the center of my becoming and my introduction to the world, but mostly its just the only stoplight in a town that 18-wheelers drive through on their way to Atlanta.

    I would love to have it captured in film.

    mostly i just want this camera. and lets be honest, the first shot would probably just be at my mailbox when I received the package in the mail

  • Bee Lian

    I would want to capture basically everything. From universities to skyscrapers, from shopping malls in the metropolis to the wide stretches of the bay and the coast…I want to capture anything that is worth sharing. We have so many things in our life that we can’t manage to cherish each of them. Everything seems to go past us in a blur.

    Panoramic pictures will inevitably give me, as well as others, a sense of being lulled, of being languorous, of being rejuvenated. It gives a wide perspective of the world around us.

  • Roisin

    Are you going to read all these ideas?
    Well here goes nothing,
    I would probs do a panorama of the crowd at the rugby world cup – at a moment when people are particulary wild
    or a line for Mc D’s in a mall.
    If I went back to India a panorama of people playing cricket on the ghats in varanasi through to the marigolds market to Hindu cremation. Yep all my ganges photos got wiped it would be incredible to get the conflicting experience of the ganges in one shot.

  • Maggie

    I would take a panorama of:
    1. this cool abandoned asylum in my town.
    2. a parking lot full of cars (imagine what that would look like!)
    3. the length of an abandoned railroad bridge
    4. a cemetery in the fog

    …and more exciting things I can’t quite predict!

  • Robin

    As myself and my friends frequently have 20+ person orgies over the weekend I would use the camera to take a panoramic photograph from the midst of one of these orgies at the brink of collective orgasm.

    Be reminded that these orgies take place in some of the most stunning landscapes in the world for example, the foothills of the Himilayas, eventually leading on to the summit of Mount Everest as we fly around in our private helicopters only to fuck wherever we please.

    The white calcified terraces of Pamukkale in Turkey are beautiful in spring. The Amazon rainforest is teeming with sexual power.

    Maybe for this shoot we will do some freeform sky divefucking into an active volcano, only to be saved by a massive trampoline that we have set up 100 metres into the volcano’s mouth, literally metres away from the hot, steamy, molten magma, at this point I will also come.

    We already do have a massive film and photography crew with a budget of over 4 million per ‘ultra-orgy’ but this camera could really make all the difference.

  • myself taking a big fat shit

  • Rik rik

    myself self-sucking

  • Joel

    The Fraser and the bridges from Sapperton Landing Park in New West. Or maybe the people at Commercial and Broadway during rush hour…

    Or if it’s fast enough, I’d love to get one from the middle of the crosswalk on Burrard or something. That’d be awesome :)

  • Robbie

    My first panorama would be of all my friends sitting around a campfire telling stories.

  • Id make a dragon breath rainbow fire as small elderly people express new emotions through the power of dance.

  • stephen

    I’d take a photo of the next beautiful scenic place that I get to take a vacation, whenever the hell that might be. Or maybe I’d take a panoramic shot at Burning Man, although I’m not sure it’s in me to go again. But I’ll probably never take a vacation or go to Burning Man again because I only gross $24000 before taxes and rent and car and bills eat most of that. Son of a bitch.

  • i would take a picture of the hollywood walk of fame at night.

  • Gustavo

    The first panorama i would shoot is the place where I get the camera in my hands for the first time.

  • Sue

    I’d fly out to space and shoot a panorama of the millions of stars out there. But for something more reasonable, I’d head out to the desert at night to capture a panorama of all the stars in the night sky. That’ll almost achieve a similar astronomical starry effect :)

  • The empty, white-walled gallery.

  • i’d so love to have this, definitely sick! at a rodeo this summer :) xoxo

  • brandon

    i would go up to the top of the highest hill near my house
    i always skate down it
    during the usual 35mph run down
    i would take the picture
    hopefully getting a 360 view of not in front of me
    but the veiw of the road and the sky
    as well as the board on my feet and id like to imagine a slimmer of the ocean view coming in the fringes of the frame.
    more to capture the feeling of downhill skateboarding
    the speed involved
    i feel like the only way it could be capture the feeling of it would be with a 360 degree camera

  • here! over heeeere! me!

  • the main intersection of my small town in Afghanistan.

  • Scott Paradis

    I’d probably take the camera to a swinger’s party. Either that or the dog park by my house.

  • A 360 degree view standing in the middle of Nancy Holt’s sculpture Sun Tunnels, surrounded by mountains in the Utah desert. Definitely! Here’s info if you aren’t familiar: http://www.eai.org/title.htm?id=11673

  • a field of sheep with l.e.d.s on their backs

  • chris geier

    one continuous looping panorama of the last supper recreated, substituting all the figures in the original painting with different poses of my cat, Hamlet, going through his daily routine of eating, shitting, pissing, chewing, snoring, bummin’, and brawlin’.

  • henh

    gather all my friends around me, to put them all on one picture, before i’m leaving this place forever

  • I would love to spin around at North Pole! If I couldn’t reach I try South Pole!

  • There is a spot on a nearby lake that swarms up with hundreds of birds, I would run into the center of the swarm and take a photo as they are flying away around me.

  • on my rooftop, bangkok at 6.30am is breathtaking. it’d be better if the camera can also hold the wind and the sound.

  • ramona

    a panorama of the body of my biiig rat!

  • absolutely nothing, a completely obscure landscape thats the only way to show the world “as truly as it is: infinite.”

  • My son’s first birthday is coming up soon. So my first shot with the camera would be with him in the center of the picture and he will be surrounded by his loved ones. Of course with a beautiful Hawaii background to spice it up.

  • james

    I would hang off a cliff, (when i am climbing) and set the camera pointing at the sea and sky with the waves crashing at the bottom and the top of the cliff and sky at the top and all the world in-between!

  • bee

    never really had a chance to really own a lomo, love them.
    so I’ll be giving this a try

    somewhere in turkey, in the middle of asia and greece..
    the shot will be Asia on one side and greece on the other, with the sunrise on asia and moon-down on greece.

    but if I ever got impatient, I’ll just take a shoot of my dog in the park :)

  • Franzi

    thethe walls next to the my university, seen from the bridge…. on a sunny day these walls are just full of young people sitting there and you can see the huge mountain chane just behind

  • Brian

    Hey, I would love to shoot some construction in action of a huge sky scraper in Dubai. I have always wanted to document the lives of the construction workers in Dubai…

    Also take a panoramic shot of Dubai from the top of Burj Kalifa.

    O yes, the 6 lanes of Emirates rd @ night would b cool as well!



  • benjamin

    fake plastic trees

  • Rhys

    Well, my first photo of choice with my rad new camera probably won’t be what I describe here.
    But personally I would like to walk into the bushland, onto a log suspended above a river, and take a photo that runs down the river into the canopy above and down along the other side of the river capturing my feet above the river.
    I have barefeet

  • Tim

    the inside of a plane. But not the normal stuff all the people would party hart during the flight

  • Johanna

    beautiful camera! Oh man, I get so many ideas in my head if I think about what I could photograph with this thing! I guess I’d take a picture of the nice old man at the market, who sells me his delicious oranges every saturday morning. He seems so happy.

  • Bea

    I would sneak up at my little brother, who is eleven and doesn’t want to be photographed and try to take a picture of him in front of his enormous amount of lego, when he smiles.

  • The first photo will be the point that goes between Israel, Gaza & the international sea.

  • David

    I would take a picture of my other 360° panoramic Lomo camera.

  • …the stages of something organic as it rottening!!

  • I would take a picture at one of our next gigs while dj-ing, crowd going mad & everybody enjoying.


    I am studying Interior architecture and I have 4weeks left until my work is handed in for my final degree. We have to include some photography of the building I am working on for my project, please help me with a few marks, it would be great to take some lomo panoramic images of the site and my models. Every minute counts at the moment towards my grade, im in panic mode!!! Wish me luck!!

  • toby

    I’d poke it up a big hole in my rooms ceiling that has always annoyed me and see what’s lurking up there

  • I would take a 360 degree shot of the Hospital room that my Grandfather is in as it may be the last memory I have of him.

  • Defiantly the sculpture graveyard on campus behind the art building….one of my favorite places to be

  • difa

    very first place i go, if i got this camera!

  • I would take a a panorama of a very long sausage dog!!!

  • The stage of the concert from The Tallest Man On Earth in Amsterdam next month!!

  • Wow, I totally want this!
    I would make a photo of my dog in the woods next to our house, the trees are so pretty this time of the year <3

  • zachary james

    If I could fly I would use it to capture a star being born in outer space.

  • vicky

    I would take a picture of the indian markets with all the vibrate colours and extraordinary trinkets and objects! there is so much to capture in the markets you could spend all day looking at it!

  • Camz

    A graffiti inside a cave!

  • TeganVS

    A family portrait where we line up in front of a beautiful wall or in a garden, then all of us can be in the frame without it being too awkward.

  • I’ve been wanting to go back to Camel’s Hump in Huntington, Vermont where I would shoot from the top of course, but what amazed me most was the density of the snow covered pines towards the top. It blocks out most light, and sound can’t travel far. It’s neat and stuff.

  • Inga

    I will travel to Czech Republic and take a picture of beautiful Moravian landscape.

  • From my feet to the sky,
    so i could dream about fly away

  • Going on tour across the nation this summer as a singer/songwriter. Will be hitting up 40+ cities. Will take a panoramic shot of each city and/or interesting place I go to and BLOG IT!


  • Kellie

    My forehead would probably fit in the panorama

  • I would love to take a series of photos of all the student art studios at NSCAD in Halifax Nova Scotia.

  • Edward Wong

    Just outside the Vancouver Art Gallery on a nice sunny day! Cheers! :D

  • Kat

    The office campus where I work has an amazing water feature with all kinds of wild flowers and wonderful trees behind it. It’s a really great nature shot. My first shoot would be the corporate world (my office campus) juxtaposed with the awesome nature scene it hides.

  • farmers. young, beautiful, dirt in their fingers and hens in their arms. knives in their belts and pride in their eyes. they are reviving a culture that will allow ours to continue. it will be difficult to design without food. it is a circle.

  • rich

    i’d take it the middle of the crowd at my mates hardcore band’s gig and see what happens.

  • Roller derby, in action, from the middle of the track. It would be sweet!

  • Andrew

    I’d take a picture of my entire family, it’s a rare sighting all together

  • I would go to Picher, Oklahoma, a ghost town about an hour and a half from where I live. It was hit by a tornado a couple years ago which ultimately resulted in groundwater contamination so the town was abandoned very quickly. The wilderness is slowly taking back what once belonged to it, and I want to photograph the suddenly uprooted lives before it does.

  • Clemence

    Old fashion panties on a Clothes line stretched between 2 colorful buildings

  • Erol Hill

    the inside of my vagina!

  • Teya

    i would line up a bunch of chicks that i know, then one by one make them take of their shirts and take pictures of the ripple effect of the whole shin dig

  • christene

    i would shoot a panorama of my son, when he is playing and totally absorbed in creating the odd, amazing, complex worlds that he makes with a myriad of odd, amazing, and complex things… you know, blocks, action figures, christmas ornaments, tin foil, the perfect stick from outside, that kind of stuff. there is no art better than the product of a mind that isn’t saddled by any bullshit, including trying too hard to make art. that is what i would do.

  • David

    I think a view from within our hockey stadium during one of our playoff games would be great. Or the carnage in the streets after! (Vancouver)

  • Stef Meijer

    I’d make a picture of my friends sitting around a large round table with the camera in the middle of the table. As in king arthur and the knights of the round table!

    I’m thinking “that 70’s show” style (The 360 scenes)

  • A circular room filled with consensual naked men and women. From the bottom of their feet up to their knees.

  • MCQ

    id get everyone in my year at school to get in a huge circle in the playground and take a shot of them since im leaving school and going to uni next year and it would be a cool way to remember everyone

  • first shot i would take would be of my bedroom

  • the first panoramic picture would have to be of our fort and canoe installation in an attic before we have to take it down – 8mm projectors, mirrors, toys, trippy lights, and a band playing in the canoe – the perfect documentation. we might have to find some majestic horses to photograph later too…oh the possibilities!

  • Jarieth Natalia

    I would take the picture of a pinguin flying alonside a unicorn while they both eat BBQ’d ribs.

  • andreas matte

    (from left to right)a lion, a dead body, a tree, my gramma, an other dead body, some big bird called ‘Otis tarda’ (one dead, few alive) and flowers and clouds, flowers on the sky, clouds on the ground of course.

  • andreas matte

    ohh fuck…i forget the young kid with the icecream!! he will standing on the first dead body…if i lucky enough to find a situation like this

  • shc

    downtown brooklyn

  • There’s a beautiful place in Pembrokeshire, UK that I’d go and use this wonderful piece of equipment. It’s on a small 4 foot wide, long bridge with no hand railings that takes you over a group of lily ponds. Crossing over the bridge in front and behind are masses of forest, on your left the ponds seem everlasting and the sun sits on the horizon just perfectly and sundown and on the right people bask in the warmth and enjoy taking a dip in the cooling ponds. I can picture it in my mind, and think I could do well to capture this :)

  • brentley

    I would do a series of panoramas in various montana locations of explain why its called ‘the big sky’. I’ve always been curious why the sky actually seems bigger here and you really can’t experience this without panorama shots.

  • as i tweeted..
    i’d take a picture out of a sunroof of a moving car..( most likely on my upcoming to gorge,WA for sasquatch music festival) im sure you could create an amazing depth of field effect, objects in the distance wouldn’t change or blur but things that are closer would slowly distort showing the change depth. This would be especially cool because the while the camera rotates the different direction of movement would be captured.
    I really hope that makes sense. mainly because i really really want that camera.

  • gatisho

    i would take a shot of my gf’s ass… its beautiful… and it would need 360º to take a great shot, in cochabamba-boliva ..

  • Taylor

    I would run in a circle, counter-clockwise against the rotation of the camera.

  • I´m am going to clim the highest mountain in my city, there is a beautiful view of the city, and its in the middle of two states, so from one side will be my state and the other one will be a different one, will bue on sunset time, and the sky its so beutiful, the street lights and everything gives a speciall look , it would be great to capture this!!

  • I would love to test it out at the greyhound track, catching the dogs running and sweeping around to catch the derelict stands and trash littered ground with the faces of the folks watching the race in anticipation.
    Great blog, I check it out weekly for inspiration!

  • Sean

    I’d take a vertical 360 self portrait while facing buckingham palace–so you would see my reaction to the building, and the building!!!

    I’ll be in London all summer, and vertical 360 self portraits in front of landmarks would be amazing!!!

  • Ace

    My friends and me sitting around a table getting high, That ’70s Show-style, in my messy garage (“studio!”) where we paint.

  • Ace

    or during a downtown riot after a home playoff game here in Montreal! They’re nuts!

  • Walter

    I would probably take my 1st panoramic photo on top of a ferris wheel ride, with me in the photo as well

  • I’d love to take a panoramic of people at the river in the summer. It’s always funny to see what all the different groups are doing.

  • Sasha

    I would walk out to sea with this baby, holding it high above my head so that it would not get wet, then it would capture both the sea and the beach.

  • Liora

    After covering it in a protective transparent cover, I’d shoot in the midst of the Holi color festival in Pushkar, India – either in the main square, in the middle of the insane colourful mass of people dancing and throwing technicolor powder and water; or at the holy lake where the water turns purple, red and green from the bathers’ bodies.

  • Daniel Thiede

    1: Rig the lomo to a large helium filled balloon w/ timer.

    2: Drive to the desert.

    3: Release moments after the sun sinks below the horizon.

    4: Enjoy watching the camera ascend into the fading light.

    5: Using GPS, track location of fallen camera.

    6: Process film and hang that sucker above the couch.

    7: Rinse & Repeat

  • Arian

    I live in Madison, WI. Protests, rallies, and marches are a weekly, sometimes daily occurrence nowadays. I’d like to hike to the Capitol and grab a shot of Wisconsinites showing everyone what democracy looks like!

  • My first photo would be inside the cage at my job. I shoot mixed martial arts, I’d stand right in the middle of it before a fight.

  • Teresa

    People walking around on a metro station on a really busy day. :)

  • I would photograph
    a.) the scene of an intense concert crowd attending some of the best bands,
    b.) an actual battle scene, since I plan to travel abroad to demolished nations
    c.) puppy farm (to balance out the horror with ultracute)
    d.) “teams” (groups of friends, the people that drive culture and have not been photographed as such)
    e.) bedrooms
    f.) frontrooms (or “living rooms” for you non-chicagoins
    g.) I can’t stop thinking of what I’d photohraph

  • Im from New Zealand and am about to go on a hike up a mountain. (Mount Takanaki http://www.carringtonmotel.co.nz/id4288pic1.jpg) If i make it up there i would get a snap from the summit.

  • Maurice Chalfin

    i would take a panoramic shot of my friends and i shoved 7 deep into a bathroom stall in a club in downtown manhattan doing drugs while dancing and sipping drinks…

    would be a priceless panoramic…

  • Zach Tarrant

    On the far left of the panorama: A CHINCHILLA
    In the center of the panorama: CHINCHILLA
    And on the far right of the panorama: CHINCHILLA!

    Oh yeah, did I mention the chinchillas will be wearing cute hats while playing on a Lego replica of the city of Chicago?

  • Zach Garrison

    I would capture the raw sexy energy of a rave. The lustful faces of ecstasy melting into the background of blinding visual lights. The electric feel of the atmosphere would be sensual and create such a stunning 360 view and experience. It would be trippy and something new.

  • id do a backflip and take a photo

  • Harrison

    Your mother?

    it’s the only thing that could capture all of her.

  • javier almeida

    muy lindo el sitio, me encanta la creatividad y el nivel de todo lo que hay aqui, un abrazo enorme!! desde cordoba argentina

  • I would capture the deep blue. Try to go far from the shore, where there is no human being. And just capture the sunrise hitting the ocean, where all the this vivid color reflect into our eyes.

    I would go to the mountains and get a god like view,as high as i can possible go and capture my amazing surrounding.

    I would grab all my friends, different skins, eye colors, hair, and make them get in some poses and get every different cultural differences.

    Honestly you ask me what shots i would take with this Spinner 360° panoramic camera but the possibilities are endless! I would get every different angle, the more abstract, colorful, and unique takes would be taken if i had this camera! :)

  • You ask me what pictures i would take with this camera but the truth is, what wouldn’t i take? I do know every angle, and high places would be my first places.

  • why already think of it. if you just experiment with it you get even more better things! (check my site ;-))
    i always take a picture at the moment and those are the bests. leave it to the coincidence! live at the moment! look around and just click!

  • Ethan

    I would either get all my friends together in a big circle in a field and stand at the center to get them all, or have someone run along as the camera turns to capture an entire movement.

  • If I were to receive this gracious gift of three hundred and sixty degrees of snapshot memory power, I would take pictures of the MOST BEAUTIFUL CITY IN THE WHOLE WORLD-


    Because no one really knows how beautiful it is. Especially in the springtime.

  • Andrew

    a picture of a girl in a spring dress on dog mountain in May (http://www.trekearth.com/gallery/North_America/United_States/West/Oregon/Sandy/photo66747.htm)
    the picture would be taken in a way so it would include the girl standing on the hillside of flowers looking out to the view/valley.

  • Ark

    I would go to this tunnel that has some sweet graffiti and capture it alll!!!! and it would be taken in a tunnel, 360 tunnel, nough said.

  • luna park in sydney at night. think of the colours, lights and craziness

  • Lucas M

    I’d take a picture of the inside of my toilet bowl. Might look cool, might not. Either way, the picture will be crappy.

  • Deciding what I would do FIRST is nearly impossible, though I think I’ve finally decided:
    My FIRST panorama would undoubtedly be of my entryway strewn with packaging & my crazed face. :)

  • victocactus

    i would go to the village that my grandfather grew up in greece because it interesting to see how a place changes 50 years after and is almost lifeless, where once it was full of life

  • It would be the starting or finishing line of the next marathon i run.

  • Gene

    I imagine it as my female friend artist is working on a large canvas, painting, showing one end of a thin line of red stretching across to the other end with an abstract variety of colors and shapes, while she is in the midst of creating the rest of the work. The background is a faded whitewash color and ‘vintage’ wood floors.

  • Joshua

    from the wonder wheel at coney island!

  • mike r.

    Waimea bay and, if the weathers no good on that side, Kailua bay:)

  • mai ng

    lake ontario. where you can see the toronto skyline. sunset.

  • so i would tell him to run, desesperadly, to follow an invisible thing he really want, in the center of my city, guayaquil (an industrial, commercial city were life follows rules) and I will picture him, running.

    I also wolud need to find HIM :).


  • Dev S

    The dinosaurs at Royal Ontario Museum! they’ve never been in a group picture for ages !, well overdue

  • ireland_ireland

    The Amazon. I’m going there in two weeks, the rainforest needs some sick panoramic shots to rock everyone’s socks. Plus, there’s pink dolphins. Lisa Frank would be so proud.

  • I would use it to create a series of panoramic shots of a costumed ball in a forest of lanterns at dusk. Then I will take the series of images and turn them into a video which will be later mapped onto a domed surface in 3D and re-rendered with a camera to create a panoramic piece in motion.

  • I would take a group portrait of me and my friends lying in the ground around the camera and our bodies would be top of each other filling the entire panoramic.

  • I’m going to Iceland for the Iceland Airwaves music festival and I will take a pan pic of the sweating breathing crowd around me. it will be magical.

  • i’m from Malaysia, a country on the south east of asia (we are above Singapore). i’d shoot a town called Ipoh. where the buildings, lifestyle are still vintage and original.

  • Caitlyn

    To be honest, I would probably take a crappy picture of my bedroom or kitchen as my first shot. just to get use to the camera- a short of ‘test photo’

  • Claire

    I’m going to France soon, so I’d take a vertical panorama of myself and the Eiffel Tower, and then one of the view while climbing.

  • Eli

    I would invite 22 of my alien friends from outer space to a chicken dinner party and take a picture of them eating and frolicking in the middle of my circle room. As a token of my gratitude to them for modeling/partying with me I will give them each an avocado and a can of grape soda.

    Also Jeff: Hit me up if you’d like to attend. I’ve got an avocado and fizzy grape drink with your name on it. Also, who can turn down a free chicken dinner party??

  • eyjafjallajokull volcano, that i’ll be visiting next month

  • Stefan

    Flowers Restaurant in Seattle. You would get it if you’ve been there

  • Eric

    I would use it to take photos of the ufo’s that abduct the cows from the field next door to my house. The lens on my camera is not wide enough to get the whole scene in. No one will believe me. Please help!

  • I am going to climb up the giant mountain (Bukhansan) behind my house and take a panorama of Seoul in springtime.

  • The first picture I would take would be of a re-enactment of an old cartoon. I’d have someone in a mouse costume and someone in a cat costumes chasing each other with a mallet like Tom and Jerry.

  • Christine

    Theres an industrial estate near my house and right next to it is this old abandoned fibro house thats been there for, what looks like, about 60 years or so.
    I feel its a beautiful example of juxtaposition and so a panorama shot of this would be amazing.

  • Linda

    I’d climb on top of my Amsterdam roof and photograph the 360° panorama view of the old town!

  • Droolin

    my own funeral

  • Luca

    I’d like to take a picture of Florence, my city in Italy, “cradle of the Renaissance”, from the top of the Brunelleschi’s Cupola: http://i45.tinypic.com/ogm69h.jpg
    But I know that when both of my friends will know I won the new “spinner 360° panoramic cameras Lomo’, they’re going to come all around me to see it and claiming the first shot! So maybe you’ll see just a lot of surprised faces…
    Then, if you’d like to see the result, you absolutely have to make me win!!!

  • Luize

    i would photograph cemetery, because it’s so wow, where i go to my grandmas’ grave there are like little mountains and graves on there, it’s really beautiful, around the little mountains there are big and green forest, it’s just wonderful.
    or i would just go to the circus which is in my town and go inside and photograph all the animals and circus performers

  • Jessie

    vertical panorama from the topmast of the square-rigged ship I’m working on. That would be the only way to relate the feeling you get when you’re up there…sky, sky sky, sea, sea, sails, ship, sails, sea, sea, and then a WHOLE lot more beautiful sky. Awesome.

  • sam

    I’d have my friends stand in a circle in the centre of Picadilly Circus London, or perhaps some seedy ally in Soho.

    Or if I could get random people who live/work somewhere and get them to stand in a circle in the area they live/work, that’d be awesomeee!

  • pascale kueng

    i`ll wait for my birthday. I`m going to do a big garden party. i`ll shoot the panorama aroud my cake. like, in the centre,u can always see the cake and around the cake, u see the people. (of course i`ll wait till everyone is drunk and the party is going to pop the top)

  • I would take a panorama of my life.

  • Sebastian


  • Alastair

    I’d hop up on Trafalgar Square’s fourth plinth, maybe get a vertical shot up Nelson’s Column, which incidentally Adolf Hitler planned to move to Berlin.

  • hey, i want to shot photos for my friend’s band. the idea is that they are playing poker around A ROUND TABLE while some people are throwing any kind of food at them. their group is called ”san giorgio”,
    please check them out at http://www.myspace.com/isangiorgio
    please check my flickr photostream out at http://www.flickr.com/photos/41779156@N05/

  • I would take a picture from the ferris wheel at brighton pavillion. Probably at twilight that would be amazing!!!

  • In a boat, on the sea.

  • Yuichi Romita

    Go up to my grandmothers house in North Japan ( Yamagata) and travel up to the sacred mountains, where temples, shrines etc have been standing for so many decades and take a 360 shot of the endless mountains that vanish off into the sunset horizon and pink sky, the glowing sunlight upon the trees that blanket the mountains…

    why am i living in England?!

  • If I magically win this, then I’m sure two complete arches of a double rainbow will also (magically) appear for my 360 panaroma — call me superstitious. I just hope I don’t go all orgasmic like that double rainbow guy and trip myself over. Oh I’m sure you all know who I’m talking about…but just in case you don’t: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQSNhk5ICTI

  • Léa Zimmerman

    I have never owned a 360 camrea, so if I do get one I would exparement with it. (by taking to different places, scenes, and rooms).

  • Polly

    I would probably take a picture of my parents garden. Now it’s spring the blossoms are taking over; paradise in suburbia! :)

  • Max

    Bringing it to the streets and shoot some street panoramas of real people, in real life, doing real things!

  • robbie nolan

    in my younger years before the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune had beat my brow black and blue, before the sand of time had got stuck in my shoe , causing me to limp and chafe my way back from the beaches of youth ( where waifs of indeterminate gender spring and leap on legs made from the fires of truth and beauty ) to the car of experience.

    On driving that automobile, gazing out the window to the left , the tableaux of which greets my eyes fills my heart of now with its bittersweet poignancy , causing it to falter and shake like a poorly trained tightrope walker.

    “what scene was this ?” you whisper into your monitors, its glow lighting your face as the hearthbound fires of your ancestors lit theirs as they leaned forwards to hear tales form their elders, tales that cannot be learned from books but must be lived , their text written in blood and pain. Oh ! how revealing this change in glow from red to blue that lights the tender cheek of man.

    The scene is this : life. Life in all in infinite variations , each layer existing on top of the other , making ‘reality’ some indefinable onion held just out of reach , whose flavours we shall never taste yet which still has the power to sting and bring tears to our eyes.

    This is the panorama i would photograph. Holding the lomo out the car window ;It would matter not which way i point the lens , for life exists all around.

  • Yanic

    I would take a picture of Brasilia, right in the center of the city, where there’s a mix between the greatness of the archtecture and the emptness of it.

  • Sean

    not quite sure what right away but i’d take it to lalapalooza with me. right in the middle of the thick of it all.

  • I would take a panorama of the location of my next Eureka moment.

  • Kimmy

    This camera is awesome!

    I would make all of my friends stand in a circle and take a picture of them! They are all so crazy, I’m not sure what they would all do in the picture!!

  • mathieu

    a 360° mirror

  • eda

    i live in istanbul, so the obvious choice is getting on a ferry, standing right between europe and asia, and capturing them both in one frame, preferably at sunset, to accentuate istanbul’s beautiful silhouette, along with all the seagulls that happen to be passing by, and to top it off with some human existence, a couple of the passangers in the ferry.

  • dez

    I would photograph my crazy neighbors as they fight (like all day) just to show them how stupid they look.

  • the cereal isle at the grocery store

  • Gammara

    I would take a picture of Indian ocean from the top of the hill especially from Uluwatu, Bali !!

    I hope I win this camera and thanks to Jeff for this awesome quiz!

  • Gammara

    I would take a picture of Indian ocean from the top of the hill especially from Uluwatu, Bali !! I hope I win this camera and thanks to Jeff for this awesome quiz!

  • Gammara

    I would take a picture of Indian ocean from the top of the hill especially from Uluwatu, Bali !! I hope I win this camera and send the pictures to you!

  • ruda

    i would take abstract images of anything but i would like to try a panorama in Tokyo on a busy street so the people seem to flow into each other.i think it would be interesting.

  • I once made a panoramic pin hole camera. I used an old circular Celebrations tin and punched 8 very small holes around it and placed some light sensitive paper on the inside wrapped around a roll of sellotape. I know this doesn’t really answer what it is supposed to but I hope to inspire someone to create one themselves!

    I guess if I was to take a panoramic photo, it would have to be from the Ponts Des Arts (padlock) Bridge in the middle of the Seine river.

  • Rose

    I would take a picture of my friends wedding. I would stand in the middle of a circle of all her friends and then take the shot. This way she can have a picture of everyone at the wedding to cherish. ambrerose at(aol) dot(com)

  • I will use it in my lone tree field. and oil and gas company is about to set up a well in the neighbors field, ruining my favorite place in the world with noise, and possibly destroying the water table with fracing

  • I would take a panoramic shot of my brain in state of euphoria.

  • Ben

    Texan plains and plateaus. No Country for Old Men style

  • The first panorama I would shoot with the camera would definitely be the crowd/fans and the band when the strokes is playing at the Hove festival in Norway this summer. It’s going to be wild.

  • iquitos 000

    well, i will just resell it…

  • Yngve

    …just my friends. I’ll have them running around me in cirkles on a nice field :)

  • id probably just shoot some skateboarding with it and try to get several people doing tricks.

  • I would shoot a panorama of the open sky during sunset at Monument Valley, Utah.


    See the sun set on a human face, and the clouds shining in God’s grace. Watch Him dancing in front of us, pulling clouds on string, “Who can rise above and sit with me among the white clouds,” he screams!

  • This summer I’m going to Costa Rica for 4 weeks to volunteer at the Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary. I would sit in the middle of a bunch of baby sloths and take a picture of them!

  • kim

    Home. I miss it. so this would mean I have it around me, all the time :)

  • Patrick Kinch

    My feet

  • Erica J.

    I’m currently working on the animated segments of a BFA film that involves a dinosaur chasing a kid’s mom down the street. I would shoot a panorama of the work room and the animation stand set-up.


    I’d make a circle around myself of all my other cameras and take a panoramic of how sad they look because now that I have a cool Spinner 360° panoramic camera I’m no longer using them!

  • I will hang pictures of one of my beautiful friend all over a room, then let her enjoy herself in the room, and make a panorama of the walls.

  • My new office without a fu*king window!

  • Colleen

    I would give it to my nephew who is working hard in college in Chicago!! He would love this and need this for his classes .Plus:HE DESERVES IT!!! Wish me luck JOE C.!!xoxoxoxox

  • kim

    i’m moving to houston soon and i have no clue about the landscape there. this camera could help put all of that in perspective for me!

  • This camera would help me to capture the good in life, and the positive energies that surrounds us all. I would love to gather my closest friends, my parents, and my dogs, and shoot them in our garden. I’ve been going through a very difficult time in my life, and if it wasn’t for them I would never have grown from my fears. They taught me that love is always all around. 360 degrees of love, all the time.

  • Matt

    I think I’d take an underwater picture with a transparent glass box I made for my camera. I actually live in the south part of Angola, so I lt you guess how the sea and the fishes look like!

  • The “zen” rock gardens of Buddhist hub Mt. Koya, Japan. So beautiful, peaceful, and serene, but impossible to photograph in entirety without panorama: http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/58494_457620716736_542171736_5220626_6589524_n.jpg (Facebook photo link!)

  • Max

    I would take a panorama of the longboard team I work with (team photographer) sliding around a roundabout (yes we have those over here, how quaint!) to attempt to capture the motion and the sense of unity, as well as of the speed! My problem previous has been keeping up with all of them at once; problem solved, I’d say!

  • Matt

    Hell I have a better idea! I would take a photo of a room with mirrors on 4 walls. It could be incredible. And holding things. Like big colored paper sheets and stuff.

  • I would assemble a group of my downtown Los Angeles homeless friends, and invite them to partake in the creation of an artwork, which I will then submit for consideration into the next open show at LACDA.

  • Cadence

    I would take this to the SF De Young Museum’s tower just as the sun is setting over The City.

  • dirk

    I’d take one of my whole family having dinner at our circular table in the garden with the camera in the centre. *Cheerio

  • courtney chapin

    I love taking panoramas!! and exploring!! i will explore forever and record it with panoramas!!!!

  • Manda Pete

    I would definitely be taking it to Cornerstone Music Fest and gathering my closest friends from all over the world that congregate there and do a portrait of epic proportions of our awesome group. That, and the tent city I live in for the entire week.

  • mark nairn

    Tupac and Bob Marley playing a game of handball up against Larry Flints wheelchair.

  • Deep

    I go to a self-help group for really fat men and I need a camera like this to take our group photo…….

  • T

    My life.

  • i’d take a picture of a norfolk horizon. which would more or less be a straight line but with the sun on one side and the rising moon on the other. a nice clean gradient!

  • I’d take a panoramic picture of my bedroom, aka a messy unfinished basement in a friend’s apartment, in hopes that someone would see that picture and offer me a better place to sleep.

  • Manon van Mil

    this is amazing, i had never heard of lomography before but definitely had a good look around their site now, shiiick!

    the first thing that came to mind for a sweet panorama shot somewhere i’m likely to be soon enough to make it a “first” (not that patient with exciting gadgets, er) would be the zipline over a lake at the summer camp where i work in ontario – amazing scenery, lotsa kindsa trees and it would be really blurry and cool looking, because i would be zipping etc. HOWEVER no way that’s an acceptable first shot because i wouldn’t be familiar enough with the camera yet, and likely there are ways to safeguard it i wouldn’t have previously anticipated without a couple (/500) other shots first.

    same camp, there are carnivorous plants at the bottom and a mad stupid group of flies that (last year, idk if they had the chance to pass on their genes, let’s be honest) hangs out near enough by that a panorama could get both in the same shot. but i LOVE the upside down ones up there, and would probably find a same ledge from which i would take a shot of my super flexi friend doing something wacky/upside down with paint on the soles of his feet, at the graffiti wall just beyond our university’s grounds. looking through my pics of the area now i know there’s an appropriate ledge and just enough milk cartons to make it work! super sorry this is so long! camera looks awesome, and so many of these ideas are sooo rad… and i know not everyone can win but let’s all do these things anyway and photoshop them together like champs? YEAH!

    now super sorry it got even longer ahhH :) hope there is not a limit? <3


    A Rainbow.

  • Train station, all the interesting people, going to work, going home, seeing people, having affairs.

  • i would take it with me when i go exploring abandoned buildings…and smoke bombs would probably be involved again. like these that i took:

    mostly because it is magic.

  • taylor harvey

    ɟo ǝq pןnoʍ ʇoɥs ɔıɐɯɹouɐd ʇsɹıɟ ʎɯ

    myself & surroundings whilst tumbling

    ɟɟnןq ǝpısɐǝs ɐ uʍop

  • Charlie Clarke

    Probably, the small coastal town where i live. i could get the whole town in one shot.

  • Connie

    I would take photo of my friend lying down on the floor in an otherwise empty room/dance studio with rows of neatly arranged pairs of shoes.

  • i’d take it from the top of lookout mountain in colorado at night. the beauty of nature vs. the bustle of the city below.

  • Margaret

    I’d take a panorama of my favorite view on Earth – standing on the roof of my apartment building, Chicago skyline on one side, Lake Michigan on the other.

  • MAW

    I would streak naked through the city and hold the camera above my head to capture everyone’s envious stares as they gaze upon the glory that is my body.

  • Benjamin

    I would launch it into the stratosphere using a weather balloon and precisely time it to take a panorama of the earth as seen; a glowing blue hallow across the endless space skies.

  • natalie

    a panormaic of my fish bowl would be trump tight

  • Stephanie

    uuuuu Lomo Spinner!! Ok I would shoot the International Airport of Mexico City BUT the place where airplanes arrive. the runway so I would get planes in the sky, some leaving some arriving, showing the beauty an airport hides. Happy, excited, nervous, sad people and people from all over the world (: Then I would shoot inside (;


    ferris wheel.

  • get a bunch of my boy friends strip them down to nothing but the skin line them up rotating the front view of a male to the back view, penis, bum, penis, bum and snap away.

  • Steve

    I would take it while surrounded by mirrors.

  • wow, this is the greatest lomo camera
    i’d take it everywhere with me, even if i’m in traffic or at a party, or out in the nature

    A Panoramic camera! WOW .. i don’t have one and i make the photo’s my self panoramic with photoshop but this is much easyer! So i will use it for my school.. i do art school, and i can brag with that camera!

  • julia

    this is really cool. not sure how it works, like how long it takes for it to do a complete rotation, but i’d probably try to see if you could expose the same moving subject or changing light, maybe a friend running, in as much of it as possible, sort of like those muybridge stills, but all in one. if it’s more instantaneous than that, i’d probably try to get between two people as they’re fighting… without getting my ass kicked in the process.

  • the Titicaca lake….on the way to the Suasi island. Is amazing. I miss my country!!!

  • People almost killing themselves as they chase a huge bit of cheese down a very steep hill at the Cheese Rolling festival in the UK.

  • i’d get a ship & go to mars man. then pluto or jupiter.

  • Michelle Ruby

    My girls working it at Diva’s. ( Tranny club)

  • Lizzie Henson

    The street party along our road to celebrate Kate & Will’s royal wedding!

  • In an ideal world where all possibilities and impossibilities are accountable for in flesh and magic I would be on top of a cloud that hovered over a crowd of ragging Ompalompas at a kiss concert high off the night and unicorn crack. NOW that would be amazing

  • Colleen

    I wouldn’t want this for me but for a hard working nephew in college!!! He could really put this camera to great use for his classes! Plus,he deserves it! KEEP WROKING HARD JOE!! PROUD OF YOU!!!

  • I would take a shot from way up in a parasail of the whole cayman islands. You would see the perfect colour blues, the sunken pirate ship, the trees, the hundreds of tourist and then in the centre would be either my girlfriend and i kissing or, some girl flashing the camera! ;)
    Make it happen Jeff!

  • Victoria harrison

    I’d be so excited that I couldn’t wait to find something super cool or quirky (although anything looks amazing with a lomo) i’d resist the urge to manically start snapping the hall way and I’d run desperately into my back garden camera in hand, if im lucky I might even catch a squirrel running along my fence.

  • Lauren

    Sexy nude skydivers in mid-drop. Duh!

  • my shower.

  • CB

    I would shoot a funeral.

  • Nydia

    I’d head down to the natural bridges state park and take shots of those rock formations reaching out into the ocean.

  • Somer

    I would take a photo of my closest group of friends lined up in a wheat field. They are beautiful people, and sadly, I am about to move away from them. Taking this picture would create just another handful of memories in the outdoors with the greatest people I know as we countdown the days until we separate.

  • My naked body.

  • I would take a photo of my friend’s wedding ceremony. outside wedding!

  • dan bautista

    photograph the people around me during rush hour at the train station, so i can remember the faces of all those strangers i ride the train with everyday for the rest of my working days.:)

  • guzzee

    i would stick it between my buttocks (NOT in my butt!) and take a panorama how my ass is seeing the world.

  • SKYDIVE SKYDIVE SKYDIVE! What better use for a 360 degree shot than one from 15,000 feet about the beautiful English countryside?

    Lets get its sorted! x

  • I would go up to the rooftop of my building and try and take a picture of all Colegiales- Buenos aires.

  • Jon

    I would get a bunch of friends to dress as zombies and have them stand in different places on Salvation Mountain and take a panorama of that.

  • MerryGoRound!

  • I would shoot my family with the camera. Have them in a large circle around me as I spin the camera around every single one of them :]

    It would be an epic portrait landscape picture!!

  • As I am finishing up my time in college soon I would like to take this camera and go back to all the places I have lived in these last few years and take pictures. I think it would be cool to do a series on the four different dorm rooms, my mother’s house, my father’s house, the house I grew up in, and the house I will be moving in. This is something I could continue doing for the rest of my life. I think a panorama would be best because you can never really get a feel for a living area with a simple picture. You need to see everything. After that I would go to skate parks and coordinate it so that I will have a person on each section of the park doing something. I think that could produce some interesting pictures.

  • jordan

    recreate the ‘smoking in the basement’ scenes from That 70’s Show

  • Igor Pismensky

    I wouldn’t plan on shooting anything specific because I know that as soon as I opened the box, I would start taking pictures so it all would depend on where I opened the package. Could be the post office, or the inside of my car or my living room.

  • I would create a magical, hysterical world inside a tire! With only one way to shoot it…….

  • For my first shoot it would feature me, naked, covered in hot baby oil and probably featuring other adornments. Then as the camera began to snap shots I would keep pace with it while simultaneously spinning myself like the moon as it orbits the earth….pun intended.

  • Brian

    The inside of my refrigerator

  • Joel

    Next lightning storm on the roof of my lake house. heck yes.

  • The kudzu field behind my work place that the city of Atlanta is trying to kill.

  • Cover my entire body with mirrors, and stand in a room entirely covered with mirrors.

  • Seriously!? Talk about dream contest.

    I want to say the streets of Tokyo or New York, but I don’t have plans to visit for at least another few months and I know I wouldn’t be able to wait that long. :)

    For my first photograph, I’d capture what I know (and whatever’s in my immediate surroundings. My first shot would celebrate something local — most likely a view from Grouse after my first trek up on the grind once it opens.

    .. and eventually, Tokyo when I go to visit my mum for Christmas.

  • It’s not where you shoot, its how you shoot it :-). There are all these exotic places that people get to shoot from. Home is where the heart is. My heart is in the City of Montreal. So put me on the streets with that camera and my first shot will be… well… unpredictable.

  • dog park

    • patrick gill

      definitely dog park

  • KIM

    I’ll get as many people as possible to create a circle and I will take all those happy faces in picture!


  • sc.ting

    I would definitely take the first photo with my friends at the park! Spring is just around the corner and the best memories are always made with my closest friends (:

  • EVERYTHING, surfing, oceans, cities, snow, dogs, cats, fish, rats, people, things, places, ships, cars, bars, bats, dinosaurs, monsters, rainbows, unicorns, ideas….

  • MAC

    if i win im throwin a party consisting of nothing but 40 oz. after a few knocked back im sure the night will end up with some nudity…thats when the camera comes out!!

  • when I go skydiving for the 1st time! jump!

  • Enda

    Using the bodies of six manikin’s as jumps I’d photo idle shoppers running and jumping the gauntlet as they try to complete the course.

    Other wise I’d get ten odd space hoppers and take a nice shot at sunset at the beach, as the hoppies tried to reach the fading sun.

  • Imogen

    My first picture would be the bluebells in the forest at the back of my garden. The perfect camera for the perfect time of the year!

  • Yea I think instead of trying to capture a ton of space, I will work with small spaces, maybe start with a library/bookstore something where you are walled in but still can create a dynamic space…then maybe move into more crowed bigger spaces like ground level at a music festival…or something where perception of space is double f’d (and I mean f’d in the most nicest of ways:) )


  • i would take a picture of a white room and project it 360 degrees in the same room but just slidley wrong.

  • My grandma’s 90th birthday celebration. Relatives from all over the country will be coming in for the event. At least four generations of relatives will be captured in the photo.

  • i would take a picture of myself…in a dark room with just only one window open

  • rafael peixoto

    Vertical panorama with all my friends in it, dogs, birds, drinks flying, a clown and ballons

  • I would use it for my impossible art piece entry I submitted which is an infared photographic series documenting the mauling of the Cabo San Lucas International Airport Air traffic controller Griseldo Oxtalla Fernadita by one of the last remaining mountain lions living in the nearby Montañas De San Felipe as seen and experienced from the tongue of the Mountain Lion. Including the disconcerting events prior and the harrowing escape after, and the failed meal due to the camera taped to the hungry lions tongue. All accompanying verbiage to be written by Griseldo as said attack took place in etch-a-sketch Arial Serif which will be releases october 2012

    • patrick gill

      If I got the camera I would sit silently as some men dissected a cow. Several dirty men, covered in strange garbs would began making almost random incisions on the beast, and extracting different pieces of its inner organs. I would feel a tiny surge shoot down my penis. This would be exciting to me. I’d try to look at something else, but could not help but see the desecration of the cow in my peripheral vision. They’d began laughing and hurtling the entrails at each other, their grinning faces speckled in blood. And I’d began to stroke my erection as subtly as I could.

  • I would sit the sucker right in the middle of the BNQT office so everyone could see the team and our work place!

    Cheers Jeff!

  • Rachael sauceda

    I am going to Peru this summer and would take a picture on top of Machu Picchu or at my grandparents farm since it is a significant part of my life and will not be there forever

  • Francisco

    On the train entering Buenos Aires (city) one side the ever-expanding villa with precarious lean three-story brick buildings and beyond them the abandoned containers and enormous cranes of the city port, while on the other side of the train huge crystal blue-black skyscrapers reflecting the clear sky and beneath them the various tenis courts and car-filled avenues with monumental statues shaded by tall trees.

  • the Kentucky Derby from the infield

  • In a circular ballroom filled with nothing but balloons, cats and cats inside balloons. SNAP CRACKLE AND POP!

  • R

    A panoramic of the first time I held my hands on it.
    No matter who, no matter where.
    No matter what.

  • Jacob Cockle

    The underside of a wave, using a home made water housing. Example heer http://www.flickr.com/photos/jacobcockle/3424484655/in/photostream

  • Jazer

    at the top of my vesteergard elephant beta deicing truck in the airport with the Boeing 737-700 behind me when the sun rises

  • Oskar

    I would have made up a cool answer, but the first thing I would take a picture of would probably be of myself and the room Im in testing if this thing really works

  • matt

    what ever scene i was in a soon as i loaded film into it. close film door… click.

  • I’ll climb the tallest mountain of guam take a 360 photo of the island

    *i do live in guam

  • Adrian

    Outside Lands music festival in the Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.
    And then I would share it with you.

  • Junette

    If I could go back in time a few months I would go back to my university’s World Record Dodgeball game and stand right at the centre line and shoot more than 2000 people charging towards me when the horn goes off!

    Alternatively, I’d go to India during the spring festival of Holi and take a photo of all the people on the streets celebrating and throwing coloured powder and coloured water at each other.

  • Josh

    I would take a photo inside of a black sphere.

  • John

    The fondue’s view of a party.

  • Jess Melia

    When I go to Venice I’d take a photo in the dungeon under the San Marco. Obviously I’d take one of the main inside itself but theres something spooky and beautiful about the behind the scenes nature of the room they use as a dressing room for choirs.

  • Sarah

    Me and my friends dancing whilst wearing sparkly clothes and being generally hedonistic. :)

  • I would shoot an entire family by generation from left to right so if you put it on the wall, people would get older as you went along.

  • I’m in holiday in august and i get back to my island, the Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean, and as my boyfriend come with me I’ll make him visit every land, every circus, every mountains everywhere my island is beautiful.And has I climb the highest point of the Island, le Piton des Neiges (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piton_des_Neiges), to see the sun rising ( involve climb up all afternoon for 5hours till the cottage, and wake up a 3am, wolking again 2hours and a half to be in time ), when I’ll be on the top of the top, the roof of my island just when the sun’s rising i’ll take a amazing panoramic photo. Will see the sea all around, will see all coats of my island, all littlest mountains around the piton des neiges, every lightning mountains, and if we are lucky, if the sky is really clear, will be able to see Mauritus island then.
    So this is it, my first panoramic photo with the spinner 360

  • bec

    i would walk in front of the lens as the camera rotated. If this camera allows open exposure…. oh and id be fully nude- nude descending a stair case style, i might even walk down a spiral staircase.

  • Angela

    Ohhh baby how I would LOVE a Lomography Spinner 360!

  • LOMO…★_★…oh univers and weel of fortune….play this one for me….(photograpy nerd)

    Well this wouldn’t be a panorama in a real sence of what panorama is…but I will probaby got in to forest park in my city. The park has couple of lakes, but on the one lake there are a flok of crazy ducks they are all spring and summer there just laying on the beach (they even let peope get close to them)…so I will try to potrate duck panorama, sort of like a animal, duck last supper panorama….

  • Fiona

    I have all white walls in my room, I’d make a camera obscura with the window and make a panorama of my room.

  • Jon McCoy

    I would go to the top of south mountain in Phoenix, AZ where you can see the whole city around you and take it at night.

  • in a packed stadium!

  • Gustavo Marquez

    I will like to make a panorama of my house, I recently move out, and I like to show to my family how it is. :)

  • I’d take a photo of all the feet in a busy high street! :)

  • The pitchers mound at either Yankee or Met stadiums (since I’m in New York). Forget being used to seeing the game from 1 person’s perspective. How cool would it be to see the in- and out-field players and fans from all sides.

  • Yasmin

    I would capture the eternal beauty of the Rose City aka Petra, one of the 7 Wonders of the world, in Jordan.

  • Moon

    Oh wow…

    Living in New York I have about a million things to choose from but I think because Spring is here my first shot would be of the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens cherry blossoms festival. Can’t go wrong with Japanese culture ! Or Coney Island when it first opens!

  • Let’s get crazy … and have some fun. My first panorama shoot would be a giant one, step after step, and around & across the world. I’ll probably need some rolls of films … but, panorama, hello !

  • if i have this camera, the first thing (panorama) i will shoot is me and my parents, because they divorce a couple years ago. i just wanna have a picture of them with me inside of it, because i don’t have any family portrait untill now :’)

  • Hey Jeff!

    This looks AWESOME.

    If I had it, I would create a panorama of everything that inspires me; like a visual brainstorm. I’s have design work, typography, quotes, extracts from books, photographs of friends, colours… Then I’d print it large-scale and use it as wallpaper around room. Hopefully that way, I’d never get designer’s block again!!!

  • Paulina

    So, this is REALLY exciting….

    what would be the first panorama?
    I first thought about home, in Costa Rica, going to a beach and shoot a panoramic view of the different people on the beach (honestly it would be hilarious), but, now I’m in Austin and thought of something different for me.

    There’s a street here in Austin, Tx that is really vintage. It has different stores on both sides of the street, and from one point you can see the city with the skyscrapers and the Tx capitol.
    I would set the camera probably un the middle of the street and take a picture of the place during the day, (you know how they say: “keep austin weird”? this is where there’s a lot going on) and take a panoramic picture of on side, including between them where you get a hold of the city and capitol but stop there. At night, the neon lights are lit, and it looks GORGEOUS and, it just takes you back to I don’t know,. the 50s? it’s awesome. I woud continue the shot at night and end at the same spot I began.

  • Chelsea

    I would take a picture. A good one. I mean, hopefully a good one. It would be of my grandma’s farm in Nanyuki, Kenya. Since my dad is not able to visit and has not been back to Kenya since the early 90’s, it would be an irreplaceable memento to give him.

  • Fanelle

    The parliament and Danube in Budapest – Gorgeous

  • Jordy trachtenberg

    Me in the center of a green field. Around me is a massive circle of women. These women would be naked but covered in body paint. Each woman would be painted a slighty different color each color blending into the next. The effect would be a circular rainbow of beautiful of flesh. I would be the pot of gold in the middle with my new loli spinner. WE CAN make this happen, I got the girls, you got the camara…

  • my first lomo picture would be of my old dearest grandpa he used to be a photographer himself but now he’s too old to be doing what he loves plus technology has been advancing so he cant really keep up i love him to death!! that will be my 1st picture taken with the lomo cam of my Grandpa Wearing His clothes old Photography “he has a special wardrobe for when he’s out to shoot” with a old cam of his!

  • carter

    the dilapidated train tracks along the beach in half moon bay….or many places in copenhagen where I’ll be living starting in august

  • Ewan Arnolda

    I am planning a trip to England and would live to captures the city and country side of England.

  • Red

    The nicest distorced face ever shot with this camera, my face at 360º. I will spin with the camera for the all 360. I want to try it, help me making it happen.

  • I would shoot the rooftop graffiti jungle just off the subway in Brooklyn. It would be an amazing and lyrical perspective on public art.

  • Jessica M

    In a darkened room from beneath a bed, a frightened child with a flashlight spotlighting their face from below stares wide-eyed at the gap between the bed skirt and the floor. A single, over-sized, blue-taloned hand pulls up the soft fabric above matching blue toes; one set, mirrored by 5 more pairs of feet of various shades and sizes.

    Come out, come out, where ever you are…


  • Steph Gabel

    My best friend is graduating in May, and just the other day while standing in my backyard he started telling me how badly he has been wanting a panoramic camera, and that he wished someone would get him one for graduation. Oddly, the next day while procrastinating on booooooom.com, as I often do, I stumbled upon this contest. I was so ecstatic. I called him and asked him what the first picture he took would be, if he had a panoramic camera. He asked why, and I told him to just answer the question.
    This is what he told me: I would take it to Paris with me this summer, and when we visit Notre Dame, I would stand by the Statue of Charlemagne. The first shot would be of that statue with all of the tall and beautiful trees behind it, and then continue across the stone courtyard capturing all of the people visiting the cathedral and the cathedral itself, then coming to a conclusion at the other end of the courtyard where tourist mingle, pigeons plunder the crumbs off the ground, and more beautiful trees stand which will connect the photo back to my starting point.
    Hope you enjoy his idea, because I would love to surprise him with this camera on the big day! Thank you for this amazing opportunity.

  • Virgile

    If could take a photo with this camera, it would be in Tokyo during rush hour on one of the biggest pedestrian crossing it’s possible to see. I’ll just go through and lift up my hand at one moment to take a 360° pictures of all this peoples crossing the street all at once. If you were to give a free airplane ticket with the camera i swear i would do it.

  • I’d wake up before sunrise and hike up the hills that surround the city which I grew up in. On the hills the fog gently sinks and there are three giant plain white crosses overlooking the city. As sunrise goes up you see an amazingly breathe taking view of the city and hills across from it. Thats what I would photograph, an autobiography of myself through a lens.

  • Jane

    A piece of string.

  • Tara

    I’d take the photo from the middle of a multi-road intersection.

    The roads would be empty as if awaiting one last weary traveller. The picture reflects the decisions we have to make in life and how even though these choices aren’t always easy, we are lucky enough to have more than one option to choose from.

  • Jane

    A butterfly house, so you can relive all your childhood memories without sweating or being surrounded by creepy butterfly fanatics who try and fondle their wings.

  • Sandra

    Dear Jeff:

    I live in Paris and would love to shoot the demonstration of May Day. And the next one and the next one!

    Thank you for your site!


  • FC

    The 360 view from a mountain top in Vista Marina, Rosarito, Mexico. Its the Colony My Mom lives in.
    On the West is the ocean, a coastal view that stretches from Rosarito to Ensenada, about 20 miles…
    on the East is the community my Moms lives in, a snapshot of Baja California, a pueblo! Roaming horses, stray dogs, bodegas and all. Behind that, a green mountain range.

    I’d love to share it with you and I’d LOVE to give my mom her fujifilm digi back. Her camera must hate me by now.

  • TWXR

    the endless spanish sahara.

  • heather griffin

    I would go up to the Guinness Storehouse Gravity bar and take a panorama of the Dublin city landscape, showing the derelict half built apartment blocks left by the post boom now bankrupt property developers but also showing the beautiful Dublin mountains in the background, one thing the landlords and property developers have not destroyed

  • andrea d

    la caméra dans une essoreuse à salade depuis le haut d’une grand roue …

    in a salad spinner, the view from the top of a Ferris wheel…

  • Nuno

    I´ll shoot my soul emptiness.

  • I would take other people`s dreams and mine too

  • Tom

    I would probably take a photo on the Turning Teacup walzers ride at alton towers (british theme park), the motion in the background with our screaming faces fixed in the foreground would be magical. I’d also try taking photos of my self in a mirror and see if it’s obvious which one is the real me, and which one is my reflection. Yeah that would be lovely. I’m getting excited and ideas are blossoming with this now and I more-than-likely will not win.

  • I would lay down in an orange tunnel, point the camera towards the front of my white tshirt, and shoot. The tshirt would have an orange tiger on it. The top of the tunnel would have a white tiger on it.

  • I ‘d shoot Iguazú falls, next summer here.

  • Ankit Agrawal

    If i am the lucky one to get this camera the first panorama which i would like to click is that expressions of people in Delhi’s crowded and historical Chandani Chowk area. It would be fascinating as this single image will depict different candid expressions of people while also showing disparity among them and also cultural diversity of the city. :)

  • On the meddle of a pigsty.

  • I would love to do it in a crouded place, maybe a gallery opening. Or middle of the intersection with people going every which way. Or see the veiw i would get while driving in my car.

  • Brittany

    After thinking about this one for a while, the first thing I’d take a photo of is the inside of my apartment. It seems like such a simple answer, and it’s certainly nothing fancy, but having a panoramic view of my life at this point in time would be invaluable to me. It would contain my personal belongings, my sense of decorating style, even my pet cat. In ten, twenty, even fifty years from now, I could look back and get a sense of nostalgia that would run much deeper than what a regular photograph could capture.

  • …honestly… its impossible to know what i’d take a picture of upon recieving this glorious gift! what happened to living in the moment? its too soon to tell what life will throw infront of my camera until that something is thrown.

  • I’d shoot while floating in an inner-tube down the Edisto river in South Carolina (longest black river in America). There are always people in overalls digging in the muck on the riverbanks (reminds me of Deliverance).

  • Joel Swick

    i would go in one of those hamster balls and roll and shoot in chicago. and shoot the day of somebody and put it in a book and on the internet for him if he wants and make him feel special.(not in the ball)

  • Regine Tanson

    I live so close to Huntington Beach! I’ve lived in California my whole life, I just want that one picture that will remind me of my childhood- the surfing, the people I’ve met, my endless summers. I want to feel the sand grain between my toes, I want to swallow the sea-salt that encrust my lips, I want to feel as if I was 6 again with my first surfboard, wherever I am with the panorama. I need something like this before I graduate!

    I probably would shoot the whole beach across on a Saturday morning, it’s so busy on Saturdays! It probably would turn out pretty rad! This would mean so much to me!

  • …a lone skater rolls along the concrete seawall against the closely knit backdrop mix of city, seaside, and mountains in this part of j^pan…boom.

  • Kate

    What my child is seeing when they take their first step.

  • Lorri Romhanyi

    I would give it to my daughter to take with her on her travels into the big, wide world: a misty morning in Haida Gwaii, every single angle of the Galapagos Islands. School’s out and the world is waiting!

  • fozombie

    a top speeding train so it will keep the same coach in frame and it will be completly magic

  • I would jump up and do a 360 at the same time the camera does a 360, so it will be a 720 camera shoot. yes

  • I wouldn’t take it anywhere specifically interesting like some of the ideas above, but instead I would gather all my friends around me in order to record a memory and a moment where I’m surrounded by all the people that I love.

  • I would try to take a picture of the sunset and the moonrise at the same time!

  • Lauren

    The softball fields in Central Park.

  • Madeline

    I would stand on a rock outside the campus library when a tour is fanned out in front of the building, drop my pants and take a picture of the crowd gaping at my cooter

  • Rik

    I would take a picture of my scouts group playing on a lovely sunday afternoon on the beach :)

  • Aaron

    I wanna shoot some sweet softcore panoramas!

  • Paul D

    Hi there!
    Do you know the feeling when you wake up in the morning and there’s the most beautiful woman next to you? When she opens her eyes, sees you, look deep inside you convincing it was the most perfect choice you could do in your life? When you see her and feel like you could do anything, even the dumbest, the hardest, the weirdest thing?

    I know the feeling… I’d like to capture it, so that I could have it with me, always when I have to leave for a couple of days.
    Aaaah… most beautiful spring ever :)

    Best wishes!

  • I would photograph this whole comment log, then print it out and put it at my desk so everyone was like whoa “wtf did you do that for?” And I would say to win a cool Spinner 360° panoramic camera from BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.

  • Then I would go on to stealing everyone’s ideas and making them.

  • I’d take my 1st photo spinning on a roundabout, just to try and get my head around what would happen!

  • I’d take my 1st photo spinning on a roundabout, just to try and get my head around what would happen.

  • Samira

    Been thinking about this for a couple of days and I have come up with a few ideas which I shall tell you of BUT they may or may not happen because sometimes a magical moment captures you and takes you else where!

    On considering death: I would take a boat into the middle of the Ganges and take a shot of the people saying their morning prayers and bathing in the sunrise, or

    IF I get the wonderful opportunity to excavate in Rwanda I would take a shot of a mass grave or a skeletal storage room.

    I am currently considering death…cause its consideration can bring new life.

  • Adam

    I would place myself in east Jerusalem, between the ancient Jewish city and the Arab village and catch it all in the same shot.

  • Naomi

    the inside of a zorbing ball filled with smarties and sponges soaked in different coloured paint, adorned with flowers, filled with clownesque individuals finely clad with feathers and hats, flying down the niagara falls

  • I want to shoot my diversified friends eating Malaysian food (Laksa) in Malaysia. We have Laksa session over here in Kuching,Sarawak. Laksa is a bowl of rice noodle with special soup paste that is spicy and delicious! We are live in harmony despite our cultural, religion and other differences.

  • Christopher

    My first picture/roll would be of the group at the next film photography meetup/walk that I go on. Get us all in a circle and fire away.

  • Liv

    my pet fish and my imitation of my pet goldfish in the kitchen.

  • Wesley Ong

    I would gather around 10 people, ages ranging from an infant to a grandfather or grandmother. I would ask them to form a circle so I could have a shot of a sort of human evolution, depending whether I do women or men.

  • Wesley Ong

    I would gather 10 men or women. Ages ranging from an infant to a grandfather/grandmother. I would then use the lomo to capture human evolution.

  • Deathly competition….=_=

  • I guess there aren’t enough cameras to make the world happy…

    • it says that it detects a duplicate comment…but this is my first time commenting :( so i hope yall dont mind me posting it like this

      my first panorama would have to be taken at a party where i can capture people being happy, partying, getting fucked up, and just having a good….no…GREAT time!

  • my first panorama would have to be taken at a party where i can capture people being happy, partying, getting fucked up, and just having a good….no…GREAT time.

  • DMZ in Korea

  • difa

    my cousin’s wedding on june!

  • It would be where I’d be kinda spinning a 360 degreee turn as well. While riding a carousel perhaps! I can see it now!

  • the winner of this contest

  • Will F

    while floating on the clouds

  • people having sex all around me.

  • Adam

    Photo of Camden at busy day.

  • A 360 view of a desolate clearcut sprinkled with tree planters slaving away at varied distances, some tree caches, maybe a crew boss driving by on a quad, a dog running by, and someone eating their lunch …

  • I would travel up to the Peak of Brianhead Mountain, (about 10 miles from where I live) which is at 11,000+ feet and over looks several canyons, valley’s and mountains that are breathtaking in their beauty and grandeur and piece together a one of a kind rim of the world view!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  • Noa

    i would take a panorama from the top of a huge rock in my backyard…. you can see everything from there.

  • me and my friends smoking out in a circle. all wearing random gear. i.e. storm trooper helmet, gas mask, rollerblading outfit, donkey costume, and one of us in a pimp suit.

  • after much (MUCH) deliberation the winner is Ana Tendeiro.

    i liked her idea about shooting the people of Lisbon but what really sold me was that she came back to leave comments on other people’s ideas and even suggested i give the camera to someone else whose idea she really liked. on top of that, another completely random person said if i didn’t give it to them i should give it to Ana. i have never seen a giveaway post with so many people stoked on other people’s answers! very cool!

    congratulations Ana, check your email!

    for everyone else thank you so much for responding, it was a blast going through all the amazing ideas. stay tuned there is ANOTHER camera giveaway (from a different company) coming and i think you will be equally stoked!


  • ohkeks

    a dancer 

  • i think i’ll stand inside the ring made of my friends (about 10 persons) and would tell them to do something funny with their faces.

  • May

    Complete panorama of my surroundings on the Appalachian trail. Right in the middle of a sunset/ sunrise. The light catching every detail. Perfection in photography form.

  • leana

    A beach sunset in the uk when im on vacation next week the rocks and the slightly yellowed water splashing againest them would be perfect with this camera

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