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Kid Cudi / Ticket Giveaway

Kid Cudi is coming to Vancouver in June! I’ve got a pair of tickets to give away to a lucky Booooooom reader, so who wants ’em?

Kid Cudi Vancouver Deer Lake Park June 16 concert tickets

If you’d like the tickets tell me about the best concert you ever went to, in the comments below! I’ll pick a winner on Friday!

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • Tim

    Well, I think it was Gorillaz in Zenith, Paris, beautiful musics, beautiful clips, beautiful people, beautiful atmosphere!
    Wait…Why am I playing? I can’t go to the concert anyway… =/

  • Regina Spektor, Brooklyn in the Pool! When she sang Apres Moi, Le Deluge, it started storming 360 degrees around the venue, lightening and everything. Amazing experience.

  • Must been Gil Scott Heron last year in a dark cellar of Stockholm.. a hilarious show with disses to every celeb, so funny! The musicians got wet playin so hard and GOOD. We met him afterwards backstage and smoked and talked about his first book. My friend took pictures all night with some analog 35mm pocket camera .. blackwhite and they are AWSOME! probably my best concert experience ever..

  • Simone

    IMA Robot, early 2004, Baltimore, MD. It was a dive bar that held about 50 but was packed with a little bit more than that. They weren’t really popular at the time, yet they generated an atmosphere of electricity that can’t really be explained unless you’ve been to a monumental performance. It was like witnessing a really great secret, and everyone in the crowd was palpably excited to watch them play. The lead singer kept wobbling around like he was drunk [he wasn’t], and it was unclear if he would fall over before the show stopped [he didn’t, but barely]. I lingered around waiting for my ride and found him walking outside the club, whistling “Twisted Nerve” then taking a wee in the alley.

  • Magda

    It would be seeing MSI. Jimmy was piss drunk, getting half naked as he screamed into the mic, and was diving into the crowds. He got half naked, put on fairy wings, and jumped into the crowd. I was at the front, I got to touch his sweaty behind and experience the most abhorrent smell ever-then he gave me his fairy wings (!!!). He was still drunk when he was singing and started taking cups of beer and pouring them on everyone. If we didn’t have the respect we had for him, everyone would probably be pissed. But, we did-so everyone was screaming and dancing as the beer was thrown on them. A brilliant entertainer made my best concert!

  • Coco

    I saw The Dodos in San Francisco a few weeks ago, and they came out for 3 encore songs and really catered to the crowd. I was in the very front row and could have physically touched both the lead singer and the drummer. After the show, my friend found some really nice gloves on the floor of the venue and there were lots of free apples to eat. It was just a really amazing experience all together!

  • Nick

    Mars Volta…Nuff said.

  • Anastasia

    Best concert? Would have to say Yann Tiersen (the composer for Amelie) in Lyon, France in 2001. The movie had just came out and I didn’t even know who he was and how big the film was going to be. It was super intimate and he’s *#&*$&#( amazing. He played the accordion and piano at the same time! It sounded absolutely magical.

  • Has to be my first concert, Coldplay. They don’t need special effects and crazy props to entertain you and they sound exactly like their album! Chris Martin is a demi-god!

  • carrie sleme


  • This is easy!

    The best show I’ve ever seen was Of Montreal at the Paradise rock club in Boston, Ma. The club holds around 800 people, and my girlfriend and I were standing in the very back of the crowd. The place is so small that anywhere you stand is a great view. Of Montreal is known for having a wild show (google Naked of Montreal show L.A.) and this time was no different. The band itself was dressed in a verity of costumes throughout the show. Some in feather vests, some in suits, some wearing masks. But what made the show truly standout, aside from Of Montreal rocking the whole set, was the 4-8 actors that would be on stage acting out scenes while the band was playing. They had more costume changes and dance performances than any major act I have ever seen. On top of that, there was a tiger in a white suit who came out for the “encore” who quite literally stood on stage and screamed into the microphone for 10 minutes while the audience stood around, completely baffled on if they should stay, go, laugh, or be angry. But after those ten minutes, they came out and rocked two of my favorite songs before exiting off stage with 15 or so musicians/actors. I’ve never left a show so happy before. And the best part, I was stone cold sober and it was only 15 bucks!

    This show is what I compare all non-arena size shows to, and will continue to do until someone can top Of Montreal’s performance that night.

  • Jess

    Best concert I’ve ever went to was a Kid Cudi concert :) In Columbus, Ohio at the Lifestyles Pavilion. It was Kid Cudi & Chip the Ripper, and it was bad ass. It was a nice summer evening and very memorable too !

  • Kanye & Daft Punk. Nothing can even come close.


    • I had a ghost taste of fomo

  • mstrkft…. it was at a small venue in denver last summer. i went with my sister and our friend katie who we lost for 75% of the concert…. only to find her 3 hours later dancing onstange :)

  • Olivia

    It was over 5 years ago at the old Shine, when Chromeo were just getting to be huge. The crowd was small but intimate and the beats were flowing. At one point Dave 1 came up on the dance floor and just started dancing. By far one of the best shows of my life.

  • Yumi

    Kid Koala at The Biltmore. The intimate space was packed for Kid and there were awesome vibes. He had a sick setup -giant screen with live feed of him scratchin and doing his thing. He’d also made a bet with his friend and lost so had to wear this giant fuzzy koala costume suit the entire night. …it looked brutally warm, but it looked like he was having a friggin blast! One of the best shows with a great crowd in an awesome venue. I’d def see him again. well worth it without hesitation.

  • Paula

    The Gorillaz in Vancouver, their Plastic Beach Tour. Was my first big concert and I had a blast.

  • Detroit’s 300th birthday party. Free all day concert on the Detroit riverfront featuring Motown artists including Stevie Wonder’s first live performance in years. Hands down epic!



  • Cool kids!!!!

  • I saw Phoenix at Cornell University in October. Their light show shattered my mind and they played the shit out of “1901” and “Love Like A Sunset” gave me chills. My ribs were against the gate and Christian, the lead guitarist, handed me the pick after the show. They played in Madison Sq. Garden the next night with Wavves and I almost hopped in a car to see them again. Too bad I had an exam in the AM.

  • Kelvin

    Steve Aoki in Kelowna! Epic stage dive, got to touch his shoe! haha Bottle of champagne were taken out, he poured it all over my eyes!

  • Oh wow, it would have had to been the Phoenix concert at MSG in New York City. My friend and I waited a good three hours outside in freezing October wind in our cropped Phoenix t-shirts and adrenaline…

    But my gosh, was it worth it. We were front row in the pit, and when Phoenix came on and Thomas Mars came up front and just leant in and I was able to wrap my arms around him…It was so amazing.

    So we were dancing around and having an amazing time, when to top it all off, Daft Punk came on at the end of the show for the grand finale. The noise in the stadium was unreal. It was so grandiose, just spectacular.

    Anyway, I’d love to see Mr. Rager in concert! Thanks for doing the giveaway. :)

  • Ash

    I”ve never been to a concert. so this would be my first if I win.

  • common and nerd @ the balkin bowl in stanley park. outdoor concerts are the best.

    nerd blew the stratospheric roof as openers and common did about 6 windmill and freestyled about vancouver for 5 minutes.

  • oh and by the end you could see the sweat evaporating from his dome with all the lights pointing at it. his head was steaming, that was cool haha.

  • HOT CHIP at the commodore a few years ago. Best energy, everyone’s arms wrapped around eachother in a circle singing “Crap Kraft Dinner” to one another.. <3 Best ever.

    • It’s crazy, haven’t seen them yet, want so bad

  • I am torn between the last CuDI show in Vancouver when he punched a dude in the face or the Donald Glover/Childish Gambino show from this past Friday.

    The CuDi show was sick until the shit went sideways and CuDi jumped down into the crowd and started throwing punches. I was like 4 people beside the guy getting punched. Turns out weeks later, CuDi flew the guy down to Sasquatch and brought him up on stage to apologize and then they went back to his hotel and ate pizza.

    The I Am Donald tour has it all. Comedy, videos, and amazing music. If you don’t already know about Childish Gambino do yourself a favor and get either his new EP or the mixtape Culdesac.

  • Luke

    Neve been to a concert :(
    I’d love for this to be my first!

  • Ali

    The best concert I ever saw was maybe..Blink 182 when they went to what used to be GM place a couple summers ago for their reunion tour. I went with my sister, who is a huge fan. We were dancing all night and singing at the top of our lungs. After the intermission Travis Barker did this crazy awesome thing and played the drums on a set that spun up in the air and all around, lights flashing. We had almost left because my sis is a bit of a twat and always thinks the shows are over at the intermissions. So we didnt want to miss anything and quickly just snuck in to the lower level and stood up on the seats and did the booty quake and who knows what else, it was mostly just ridiculous. Everybody was laughing and having so much fun together even though nobody knew anybody. Right when security was going to kick us out to the nosebleeds the set ended and lights went down and it was amazing. Besides that, you should pick me because KiD CuDi is my favourite rapper because he experiments and doesn’t care much about genre. I like his integration into the indie subculture that I love.

  • Adam

    I’m sure this will be the best concert.

    since it’s my first.


  • Sam

    My first concert, Jack Johnson:

    Sometimes it seems as if the Universe just decides that things are going to work out. My friend Emma bought four tickets to Jack Johnson early this year with the hopes of either giving them to friends or selling them. She had mentioned them when we hung out in July, but I promptly forgot about them and never followed up.

    Skip ahead to August 20th. I call my friend Ashleigh in the afternoon with the intention of making plans for that weekend and during our conversation, she mentions that she’s going to Jack Johnson the next day with Emma and our other friend Han. All of a sudden my conversation from July comes flooding back to me and I ask if there is still a ticket left. There is! And conveniently enough one of my fellow cast members Wade, from the Kids show I’m doing on Vancouver Island, is going to the concert too, so transportation is all settled with virtually no effort.

    We have a show the morning of the 21st, the day of the concert, but we should make the 3pm ferry with no trouble. Only, there is trouble. A ferry has broken down and the 3pm is totally booked, which means we will be late or possibly miss Jack! But that wasn’t happening. We called around and found stand-by flights with Helijet leaving at 2:30. Perfect! We would get into downtown Vancouver almost before the 3:00 ferry even left. We do have one minor casualty when there were only three stand-by seats available on the first flight, but Wade was a real trooper and says he will wait for the 3:30.

    I meet up with Asheligh, Emma, and Han at the Yaletown Brewery for a quick bite and a drink, and then we’re off to Thunderbird Stadium for the concert. We arrive right at the end of the opener’s set. Just enough time to weasel our way as front and centre as we can without pissing too many people off. After a couple of false starts, the crowd goes wild when Jack appears. The atmosphere is incredible. A huge mass of people all invested in having an incredible time, full of peace, love, and marijuana. The music is chill, the weather impeccable, and the crowd entranced. Just when I think it can’t get any better, Jack invites his friend from Hawaii, Paula Fuga, up to do a couple songs. She arrives at the mic out of breath, a large Hawaiian woman with a tiny ukulele. The moment she opens her mouth, the crowd goes wild. She is incredible! Such a powerful, deep sound, but after only two songs, she’s done.

    Jack has the audience in the palm of his hand and after playing for a little over an hour, he plays “Good People” with the camera panning over the audience, bows, and exits. It is very abrupt, but the stage hands start clearing gear and instruments off the stage. It seems like it’s all over, and the lights start going off until all that’s left is a soft blue light illuminating the mic stand. The sound is deafening as we all demand an encore. They string us along for what seems like twenty minutes, probably closer to two, and finally Jack reemerges. When I think we can’t get any louder, the roar of the crowd doubles. I can’t imagine what that must feel like to a musician.

    Jack finishes off with an acoustic set, and takes a very definitive exit with many bows and acknowledgment of us. It’s clear that this time it’s over for real, no encores. Feeling totally full, spiritually, musically, and emotionally, Han, Emma, Ashleigh, and I head back to Han’s to crash on his living room floor. We put on an episode of Blue Planet that none of us make it to the credits of. We’re dead to the world.

  • Patty

    The Phoenix concert at the PNE was the best concert I have ever been to, hands down! Even though the venue was pretty bad, they sounded amazing live!

    • I was DJing after a phoenix concert once, what a feeling

  • jayccees feliz

    The best concert I’ve ever been to has to be matt and kim. Their energy is incredible from matt jumping everywhere on stage to kim booty dancing like Beyonce as the crowds holds her up high. Me being one of the lucky few. The venue was pretty small but the crowd was intense. From people pushing to kicking me all the pain i felt that night was definitely worth it. Best concert ever.

  • Mariella

    Wyclef at the Commodore Ballroom! He played well over his time slot and kept the party going all night. Unforgettable night!

  • I think when I saw Justice at the Plaza a few years back was one of the best. I’ve never danced so hard in my life.

  • eyehategod

    Best concert I ever went to…hard to decide. I think that the most memorable was one night in Baltimore, I think back in 2008. It was the Grief re-union show (one time show) and it was pretty fucking insane. Local powerviolence band Magrudergrind and local doom-ridden band Oak opened for them, along with some other bands (Jail, Suppression, Marrow…if you’re into hardcore punk/crust/doom, this line-up is nutty). Anyway, Grief hadn’t played in I don’t know how long. When they finally went on around 1 AM, everyone was already stoned and drunk (this venue sold $1 cans of beer and anything goes as far as circle pits and hash smoking). I had a huge blunt of some pretty good weed rolled up already, and I passed it around with all of my friends. Grief started, and people went insane stomping around. And then the fuckin cops showed up not 20 minutes into the set and broke it up. I remember someone yelled “There’s more of us than them!”, but nobody did anything. Everyone just kinda left, and probably never forgot that night either.

  • Camille

    The best concert that I EVER went to was when the Roots came to UBC two years ago. Not only were they AMAZING performers live, but they were extremely down to earth. They were pleasantly welcoming to the plethora of drunk students that surrounded them, many of which I doubt even knew any of their songs before the concert. Among the mass of the alcohol-intoxicated was me & my friend Kim. We pulled some gutsy moves that got us nice and intimate with the boys. First we jumped over the little divider that seperated “VIP’s” from the rest of the UBC students, so that we ended up watching them at front row. We were so close that we could touch their shoes – and we literally did touch their shoes, as we yelled out “OMG, I’m touching Blackthought’s shoelaces!” At the end of the concert, we snuck behind the VIP fences and followed them to their trailer, where we met every single one of the guys. Not only did they take pictures with us and sign our jeans, but they also gave us some of their Vitamin water and Blackthought gave me his hat. It was amazing.

    P.S. Fun fact: Questlove signs with a picture of a guy with an afro.

  • Meghan

    M.I.A – Vancouver.
    So good I fainted..actually. it was just hot.
    Girl knows how to put on a show and get EVERYONE dancing

  • maria

    I have gone to quite a few concerts and Madonna was great, our seats however were not nor is the noise quality at BC Place great. The best concert i went to was a country concert, Toby Keith and Trace Atkins. We were so close to the stage, 4th row floor right next to the ramp and we could reach out and touch them. They put on an amazing show!

  • David Panduro

    I’ve never been to a concert…

  • Ashley

    GWAR. Who doesn’t love a blood bath?

  • Luke

    Black Keys and Broken Bells down in Seattle in December. If you have never had the pleasure of seeing the Black Keys rock I would put it on your bucket list, they’ll leave you right on the edge, then push you right over. They are Rock N’ Roll! Right after they left the stage Broken Bells (Danger Mouse and James Mercer) came on and were the perfect antidote to the hard rockin Keys. They jammed out each track to almost 10min each, felt Pink Floyd-esque. The chance to see some of the best bands going today in a city with such a rich history as Seattle was pretty special.

  • @ http://www.facebook.com/taylorgrove10

    I’ve never been to a real concert before, im a broke college student :(

  • First Concert Ever = Kanye West.

    It was Kanye with an array of talented guests, so I don’t think an explanation of how amazing the set/visuals/vibes were, is necessary. :)

  • Luv your site!

    Best concert: Bjork at Deer Lake Park about, er…5 years ago. She was amazing, the weather was perfect, the crowd was unified. I haven’t been back since.


  • The best show I’ve been to, hands down, was a Hellogoodbye house show in L.A.

    Let me give you a little back story. So once upon a time, I found out that my art teacher’s boyfriend was in Hellogoodbye! As the weirdo little 12th grader I was, I did what I could to get to know her so I could get to meet the band. Anyways, I end up being her favorite Teacher’s Aide but not meeting them and I graduate high school. Come November, “Would It Kill You?” Hellogoodbye’s second highly anticipated album is released. I have a Youtube channel (my website) where my friends and I perform random cover songs. For some odd reason, we thought it was necessary for us to have a full “WIKY WEEK!” full of cover songs from Hellogoodbye’s new album. 7 days, 7 songs. Probably some of my favorite videos were created that week. We tweet our videos to Hellogoodbye, in hopes of them seeing them and spreading the word and all of a sudden… “these awesome kids have been doing a cover everyday till our record comes out! heres one! http://tinyurl.com/2adryn9.” They tweeted our videos. We were all so stunned that they mentioned our videos. It was so rad.

    Back to the show. We get tickets to the house show because we wanted to support our favorite band. Right before “All Time Lows” begins, Forrest sees us in the crowd and says “Hey! It’s the people that do the covers. Everyone check out “band g forever’s” Youtube page.” Best. Show. Ever.

  • Andrew Kaneta

    The most amazing concert that I’ve been to was for Deltron/Del. It was like, 4 hours of the most amazing music that I’ve ever heard of. I went with my friend, and we got front row tickets for like 14$ each!! God it was an amazing night in Portland :) We got high fives from him like, four times. He is so talented, and really cares about the music more than the profit, and I really respect him as an artist. I would love to go to an Atmosphere/Slug concert, since he’s truly amazing as well… But Deltron’s concert was by far one of the best experiences I’ve had. I felt a kind of music high for the rest of the night and the next day.

  • Juanito

    I’ve never been to a concert before & having Kid Cudi as my first concert experience would be beyond amazing and life changing.

  • Ji-

    MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !! (but i don’t live in Vancouver) :/

  • Angela Marie

    My parents told me scary stories about concerts as a childahood nd I never got to go to the regional concerts that my friends would go to. But two and a half years ago, during my first year in college, my best friends from high school brought me to my first concert: The Mars Volta … and it was simply amazing.

  • I saw Radiohead play in Dublin. AT A CASTLE. WITH A RAINBOW OVER THE STAGE (for their inrainbows tour). and i was eating a burger and almost crying. It was a sensory overload I will never forget.

    • Hunter


  • colby edwards

    Modest Mouse on September 17th 2001.

    The show was at an outdoor venue one mile from the Phoenix airport.
    After 9-11-2001, airplanes where not seen in the sky for several days…
    And at the show, outdoors, airplanes were flying over one after another getting ready to land, and drowning the sound of the music. First time I had seen a plane in the sky for 6 days. Pretty freakin’ unreal!

  • i actually never went to a concert…so does that mean i cant enter? if so…life is cruel. haha j:

  • natalie

    best concert would have to be with my dad- we drove cross country to the gorge ampitheatre in washington to see a three day concert with O.A.R. opening for Dave Matthews. MY dad’s a straight up business man and he camped out with me and cooked dinner for the first time- tomato soup with gold fish. He rocked it almost as much as Dave and O.A.R.

  • i would have to say the time i saw arcade fire at deer lake park. it was a beautiful sunny day and a great crowd, i met nardwaur who was in the crowd and even managed to get win butler’s autograph before the concert began because he was playing football in the field.they put on a great show that night. lots of energy and we all sang along.

  • Lauren

    The Darkness because I touched Justin Hawkins ass.

  • Jenny

    The concert I went to with my boyfriend to see Aaron Weiss’s Family band. It was so hot at the venue that he had to put ice on his balls. My boyfriend, not Aaron Weiss. But what a show.

  • Patrick

    not a show but sled island was the best little festival i ever went to. so far.

  • Levi

    the best concert i ever went to was Pearl Jam, They were my favorite band for years then i started to lose intrest in them but the concert completely brought me back into it. They are the reason i listen to music.

  • Hunter

    LOTUS! I thought i’d put some good music up here. LOTUS at nocturnal last year killed it! If you appreciate music at it finest then lotus needs to be on your list. No offense Cudi… but the nocturnal line-up went lotus, kid cudi, then pretty lights on the same stage, and Cudi was quickly put in his place as a musician to say the least. As it goes with all genres, LISTEN TO IT LIVE!

  • i’d love em! :) hope you’re swell :P

  • Melanie

    Best concert I went to was actually my first concert, I was 8 or 9 years old when my mom brought me and my older sisters to go see Spice Girls- to make things even better it was for my birthday! I had no idea we were going to the concert it was a complete surprise and if you ask me having the Spice Girls as your first concert is pretty bomb. I will never forget pulling into the parking lot for the concert and being so confused on where we were and once I finally realized I was at the Spice Girl’s concert I screamed and cried I was too happy.

    I would still scream and cry today if I got to see the Spice Girls in concert.

  • jordan

    I’ve seen Of Montreal quite a few times now, but they did a show down in Seattle at Bumbershoot a few years ago that was amazing! Speaking of, I saw Janelle Monae open for them just last year and I thought she outshined them. Love her.

  • The best concert I saw was Crystal Castles this past winter. Alice Glass’s foot was broken but some how she managed to rock it even with her cane and boot! In a word, the concert was absolutely insane. The best part was when Alice Glass stood on top of the speakers so everyone in the crowd could see her and she danced like no one was watching, it was great. Then the music got really quiet and the lights dimmed, then all of a sudden it was like the stage exploded! There were these bright yellow lights going off and Alice was screaming at the top of her lungs and shaking it! It was awesome. By the end of the concert everyone was covered in sweat and exhausted from dancing and jumping. It was definitely the best concert I have experienced, and everyone left with a smile.

  • Paul McCartney Coachella 2009. Seeing one of the last two remaining Beatles. Live. Singing Hey Jude with an entire crowd. Fucken priceless. :) All you need is love.

  • My favorite concert I had been to was Tegan and Sara!
    The first time I’ve seen Tegan and Sara in concert was one of the best nights. I was and still am a big fan of theirs! That same night my boyfriend at the time surprised me with front row/center tickets! Definite an awesome night. I would love to say I’ve been to several concerts, but to to be honest I’ve only been to a few- Which 2 of them are Tegan and Sara. I’m currently in grade 12 and have utter most strict parents. That night of Tegan and Sara’s concert was one of the first nights my parents let me go out with my boyfriend.
    I’ve asked them if I’m able to go to Kid Cudi upcoming and they said “yes”- Which is rare of them. However they said yes if I were to pay for them… which I can’t. These tickets would mean a lot! I would greatly appreciate it! I’d love my first Tegan and Sara concert and would love to make Kid Cudi as well my Favorite.

  • Sophie Towert

    I’ve never really been to a legit concert, I’ve had alot of oppurtunities to go too concerts but I never really liked the people that were preforming at them, I’m in looove with kid cudi, honestly i would do anything to go to this concert. I know its gonna be amazing.

  • wow so many amazing concert experiences! i wish i could pick a bunch – congrats to Sara Araujo you are going to Kid Cudi

    stay tuned for more giveaways!

  • Estelle

    best concert would have to be my first, 4th grade, journey! good call mom, now i don’t have to sound like a fool who lost their concert virginity to britney spears. 

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