28.04.11 by Jeff


The latest sound sculptures by Swiss artist Zimoun created in collaboration with Architect Hannes Zweifel at the Contemporary Art Museum in Bucharest, Romania.


Watch (listen to) the video below!



  • http://quellebellevue.com Alexander

    Quite intense. At first a bit stressful, but if you close your eyes kind of relaxing…

  • http://vimeo.com/rickardeklund RLE

    assisted by kjell håften? is that a joke? it’s phonetically a half/half mix-up of the swedish “shut-up” or “shut your mouth”. good name!

    love Zimoun btw.

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ Jeff

      haha great name if thats the case

    • http://svrta.org/ C

      Haha, Exactly what I thought!

  • http://www.fionnmccabe.com/ Fionn

    It sounds like rain and it looks like cardboard. Totally cool.

  • joseph demeyer

    wow….makes me wonder why i deposit my recycle stuff at the street side…

  • joseph demeyer

    oh..come on!

  • http://nimportologue.blogspot.com/ _Oli_T_

    ça me rappelle quand j’étais jeune, mais en plus épique disons XD

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