28.04.11 by Jeff


The latest sound sculptures by Swiss artist Zimoun created in collaboration with Architect Hannes Zweifel at the Contemporary Art Museum in Bucharest, Romania.


Watch (listen to) the video below!



Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • http://quellebellevue.com Alexander

    Quite intense. At first a bit stressful, but if you close your eyes kind of relaxing…

  • http://vimeo.com/rickardeklund RLE

    assisted by kjell håften? is that a joke? it’s phonetically a half/half mix-up of the swedish “shut-up” or “shut your mouth”. good name!

    love Zimoun btw.

    • http://www.jeffhamada.com/ Jeff

      haha great name if thats the case

    • http://svrta.org/ C

      Haha, Exactly what I thought!

  • http://www.fionnmccabe.com/ Fionn

    It sounds like rain and it looks like cardboard. Totally cool.

  • joseph demeyer

    wow….makes me wonder why i deposit my recycle stuff at the street side…

  • joseph demeyer

    oh..come on!

  • http://nimportologue.blogspot.com/ _Oli_T_

    ça me rappelle quand j’étais jeune, mais en plus épique disons XD

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