12.05.11 by Jeff

Matthew Reamer

“Scraper Bikes”, photos by Matthew Reamer.

Photographer Matthew Reamer photography

Photographer Matthew Reamer photography

Photographer Matthew Reamer photography

Photographer Matthew Reamer photography

Photographer Matthew Reamer photography

Photographer Matthew Reamer photography

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  • Like the pepsi bike…

  • This is actually pretty cool.

  • John Oates

    Ive seen this before but not at this level lol

  • max

    haha, ugly bikes. but nice shots.

  • West Coast Blood


  • msngr415

    i wonder how some of those bikes handle with the rake of their fork flipped backwards? cool bikes but i don’t get the branding. unless mcdonalds is shooting me free shit i’m not gonna advertise for them.

  • eh

    This is like the cheap version of sticker kars that role around new orleans and meet up in parks all the time to see who has the best stickers…



  • yodawg

    ive never seen in my life somebody scrape so hard

  • levi
    • harlan

      levi, i was just going to put that link up. too much.

    • so awesome

    • lapetitefaon

      ahahah YESSSSSS this video made my day!”scrappin my bike lookin hella retarded!” that video is too much!!! Also, I think the branding is kind of funny too…

  • simon

    micky dees is my favorite, these are great. i wanna make one

  • emily

    Ahh, incredible, love how they are all colour coordinated with their bikes! (mostly)

  • Wow, whats with the logos? Starbucks, oreos, pepsi? There’s something to be said about these bikes – an essay’s worth of ‘something’ by Baudrillard, maybe.

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