13.05.11 by Jeff

The Impossible Project / Giveaway

Polaroid announced that it would stop producing instant film in 2008, and if it wasn’t for 10 former Polaroid employees and The Impossible Project the story would have ended there. Amazingly the small team was able to save instant film from extinction by creating a new instant film! The best part is they’ve given me a beautiful camera and two packs of film to give away to you guys. So who wants it?

The Impossible Project / Polaroid Camera and Film Giveaway

Your house catches on fire and you only have time to grab one photo before running outside. Describe the photo that you’d make sure to save, in the comments below!

I’ll choose a winner next Friday! Have a great weekend everyone!

Thank you to everyone over at The Impossible Project.

Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver.

  • oh please let it be moi!

    thanks Jeff!

    • you’re not off to a good start

      • I’d snag the wedding photo of my Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother taken on her wedding day sometime during the mid 1800’s when she was 14, frame and all!

    • Ooops forgot to describe the photo –

      it’ll be a picture of me surrounded by fire that’s taken seconds before my escape!

    • Tara D

      since i do not currently own a house, this fire must take place in the hypothetical future. hypothetically, this could be a distant future in which i could own an incriminating photograph of a certain celebrity (or three) in a rather compromising situation involving a tank, giraffes, and trace amounts of illegal narcotics. this would be the picture i would save as my hypothetical future house-bejeweled as it was with solar-energy-collecting window panes and hovercraft lawnmower-was lost in the flames, as it would be worth at least enough money to pay for a lease on another hypothetical future house.
      hypothetically, of course.

      • brandon

        hypothetically your photo sounds awesome

    • Tobias

      On the picture you can see me playing tabletennis with a gypsieband in the backround. I asked them to pose as close as possible behind me (with their indstruments) while im playing. My friend took the picture with a oneway camera.

    • D_Nice

      I definitely would love one of these babies! I’ve used them before, and had no clue that they discontinued, though not surprised but PLEASE let it be me, I love to take pictures of people and give it to them as gifts. :)

    • Lorenza Kaib

      I would take one of my first polaroid photos: it’s me and my best friend eating icecream which has a strange ‘hand shape’.
      This photo reminds me of our longlasting friendship as well as my first encounter with the world of polaroid :)
      (By the way it’s funny because it looks like my friend plugs the finger of her icehand in her nose.)

    • Jamee

      I would save a polaroid photograph taken in the 1970’s of my father in the Vietnam War laying on a beam 40 feet above the ground.

    • Joe

      of course it would be my armpit as i grab my pola and run! or so..!

    • Paula

      My father dressed as Dracula once to scare me and my cousins on a summer night. We were about 6 years old. The piccie that I would take with me would be the one that my auntie took of me and my 3 cousins screaming like hell in front of my dad in full vampire costume: painted mask, black cape… summer shorts and sandals!!! it makes me laugh everytime.

  • The photo of my dad as a child with chocolate all over his face

    • AC

      My dad and little brother have pictures just like that! It must be a guy thing…..

  • Daniele Bolon

    I’d save this photo of my grandma and me. i was about 1 and a half. she’s holding me in her back yard, smiling, pointing at something out of frame. it’s all distorted on the edges from water damage and being stuck to another photo in a box for so long, but it makes me like it more.

  • There’s a photo in my baby album of my tiny little blood covered head entering the world / exiting the womb which my Dad took yesterday 25 years ago. It’s totally out of character and we only found it in the attic a couple of years ago when we were doing a clear out.

    It is literaly. The. best. picture. ever.

  • a photo from the early 1970’s with my parents sitting on the grass and niagara falls is just in the background. the whole composition is really great too. my fav! xxn

  • K

    It is one of the first film pictures I took in high school. It was taken on my mothers old Minolta Hi-matic F camera. It is of my best friend(at the time) sitting against the side of the school, which is a bright school bus yellow color. He is sipping a juice box and it is quite sunny out. It would’ve been taken in the last few weeks of grade 12. It isn’t the memory of high school that I get from it but the memory of the person who made high school not so shitty.
    Though in order to grab that one I would have to take all three in the frame.

  • A photo of my dad just chill in the 80’s acting to cool for school :)

  • J. Love

    My earliest memories of Polaroids come from when I played around with my dad’s (I’m guessing first edition) Polaroid camera. Being just a youth at the time I think I usually ended up just blinding myself while trying to capture a self-portrait.

    The fire scenario scares me so I think I’d just snap an unexpected shot of my pops (blinding optional).


    • LOL. Blinding shots is so cool~ and cute too!

  • A photo of my dad playing pool in his army officer’s uniform from back in the 70s. He was/is such a badass, and he took the photo himself with an analog camera (not sure which model).

  • I’d save my favourite photo, which is of me and my sister on one a boat when I was about 5 and she was about 8. It’s the happiest I’ve ever seen her; wrapped up in a colourful raincoat, eyes gleaming with a huge gap toothed smile, non forced. I’m to her left, looking gloomy and dapper as always looking away from the camera (proto-hipster). My sister’s hood is up but her fair hair is poking out all over the place and tangling into her smile. The photo reminds me of what love is.

  • omg me me me..i want it. i have a polaroid camera with a babie theme, all pink with flowers. its lovely, but impposible to find films anymore. i’m surprised to see something ..let’s say new about polaroid.
    so wanna exchange cams?:)

    • i got all excited and forgot to describe the picture. i would grab a photo of a tree i took on 35 mm a long time ago, so the tree is no longer there. because of the bad exposure it looks pinkish and very experimental.ive been into experimentalism and looking for ‘le moment decisif’ eversince.

      • AC

        Very cool. For some reason it reminds me of the song Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead. That would make an awesome cover for their album!

  • I’d grab a Polaroid of me and my old man taken at Melbourne zoo circa 1988. He’s 6.7″ which is emphasised by the giraffes in the background. Smiles, bommer jackets and home cut hairstyles. Love it.

  • Laura Wolfram

    The photograph of my Nana standing behind a large amount of strawberry baskets which she is selling from a giant strawberry house like trailer.

  • Joe Cooper

    a picture of me and my mother at the beach together. i was about 5 or 6 at the time and she’s carrying me and we’re both smiling ridiculously towards the camera. i was wearing a sonic the hedgehog jumper, black tracksuit bottoms and the ugliest gold trainers. best outfit ever.

  • Todd Bowyer

    the photo of me coming out of the womb!

  • Matthew Broadhead

    If I’m honest I have only known the existence of instant film for a year now and I would grab my first picture I ever took which was taken on a polaroid camera (a really old one) and took a photo of a sculpture of a giant high heel sculpture in Broome Hill :)

  • It’s a photo of my grandmother and grandfather, some years before she passed away. They are sitting in their kitchen in their pastel 80’s sweats, he holding one of his arms protectivly around her shoulder, both smiling to the camera. The other hand is holding hers. They are looking so much in love and respect of each other. Everytime a look at the picture I get a smile in my face. They were married for 51 years. He outlasted her with over ten years, but he was never again himself after she passed away.

  • JZoeC

    I would save the first photo i took with my mum’s polaroid when I was 8, it’s a swan i called princess.

  • Max

    There’s a photolab at my place of work. We had to print off photos to show off the quality of prints we do. One of the photos was of these dame fine chicks. I ended up bringing a spare copy home. I’d take that photo, cause, dame, they fiiiiine.

  • i took a picture of a boy in india who takes his arms in the air to imitate the pigeons that are flying around him in the evening light. its an important picture for me because it shows the feeling that connects me to that country and gives me sometimes just the feeling that i want to spread my wings and fly back…

  • That picture that shows all the expensive property I had in my home pre-fire.

    • Caitlyn

      nice one :)

    • Anji


  • This photo is of two of my friends, one of them looks genuinely pissed off, while the other one is just standing there, staring into the camera…
    The guy that’s just standing there is actually with his dick out, and peeing, with his hands in his pockets… I believe my angry friend is pissed off because the other one does shit like this all the time.

  • As I’m standing between two doors with the exit to the left.the left door opens. As I run through the door. I decided to turn around and take a photo of my burning Sega Genesis collection as the cartridge covers burn. The Tv stand tilts and drops on the colection of sega games.after all said and done. The flame was colorful from the paper that burned with the ink and flurries of flames poured out into the sky.

  • Oh wow! I’d love it! I’ve been wanting to go out as Leonard from Memento for Halloween and this would be make it a lot easier. :)

    I’d save a picture of my paternal grandparents on their wedding day, looking younger than I ever knew them, but instantly recognizable, as both themselves and the children they would eventually parent.

  • probably me as a kid roundhouse-kicking a police-car

  • Kylie

    The photo of my husband pinching my ass at our wedding. The expression on my face is priceless.

  • I’d save the photo of my grans old house in Yorkshire, as it holds lots of memories with it.

  • For sure, I’d run in and save a photo of my mom. It was taken maybe 6 or 7 years ago, a little after she divorced my dad. She’s a hairdresser, and her colleague dared her to dye her hair platinum blonde, and that’s what she looks like in the photo, her hair cropped short. She’d also lost a lot of weight because of the stress of the divorce.

    The background is dark wood panelling, I think from our old cottage. The frame is shot from behind her left shoulder, and she’s looking off-camera, to her left. And she’s doing that thing where she’s trying hard not to smile, but is smiling despite herself. That picture represents her being okay during that divorce for me, and that everything ended up actually kind of being okay.

  • I have this analogue picture of when I was in france with my class, in our last year of secondary school. We went there impulsively with one of the most fun teachers we ever had, and someone who taught us First Aid.

    It’s a photo of the fields where we picknicked and you can also see the beach. I love how the colors are so vibran and the sky is so clear, with only a few clouds.

    It’s on my wall next to my bed and I often fall asleep staring at it.

    I’d save this photo, because it reminds me of the fun I actually had all those years, even tho I didn’t see it at the time.

  • kirsten

    i would grab the photo of me and my childhood friends back in the day when my father still took heaps of photos of me and my friends with his analog cameras. I have this photo of my friends and i dressed up as fairies playing with sparklers, the photo is double exposed and so my guy childhood friend also stands around in the corner, staring at us… as if we were from a different world (: i love my childhood friends and would never want to forget the times we’ve had together !

  • photo of my brothers and sisters when we were really young (and naked).

  • Since I don’t own a house, I would say a photo of Gary Busey, dressed like wonder women, riding a walrus into a battle field. That is worth risking my life for.

  • henh

    It’s the picture which shows my dad and me in italy, walking down a street. I was probably 7 and am looking at him with the most loving smile i have ever seen. It shows how much I adore my dad, my mom, my whole family and friends.

  • It’d be of my daughter, aged 1 sitting on the floor with the most fantastic expression – crying for me to possibly stop taking her picture…

  • Emeline

    Maybe my first Pola : it’s just black – the beginning of a long story of Pola pictures.

  • Holly

    I have a suitcase full of Polaroids that I kept for this exact emergency situation. I’d grab all of them and run!

  • Carey

    It would be this photo of me and my parents after I did their make-up when I was about 4. Of course, my parents look fabulous and I have the biggest shit-eating grin

  • Cally

    I would die burning trying to save them all !!! but if I had to choose one it would be the picture of my son born over 2 months early in is little humidicrib with all the tubes and plugs attached to him, to remind me that we can survive anything life throws at us.

  • the polaroid of my wife and I in our tiny apartment in NYC getting ready to go to the church to get hitched. a little blurry… a little faded….alot awesome.

    • AC

      That’s incredibly cute!

  • jay

    I’d grab my binder full of negatives and polaroids. Prints can be re-made from the negatives.

  • Uli

    When I went to photography school I met a guy who was super super talented. He worked analog cameras like a king. Once he made a black and white photo of his best friend standing by a lake with his arms out while there was this strange reflection in the lake shaped just like his friends body. I bought this photo from him with 6 beers.
    Unfortunately, the photographer, who was quit an adventurer, died in a climbing accident a year later. So if that photo burned down I could never get a new one. And it truly is my absolute favorite photograph.

  • I would rescue a family picture (mom’s side) because it is a big family and some ppl are living on different continents. We only managed to come together once – namely to take that picture. Also, my great-grandma (who became 103 yrs old before she died shortly afterwards) is on that picture.

  • Steve

    Picture of my Mom in a matching lime green shirt/pant outfit from 1969…very Mod mom!

  • I would take a photo of the flames entering my room, destruction of something beloved. Much love.

  • I would save the picture of me and my older brother at Halloween when I was 4 years old (he was 8). I am dressed up as Princess Toadstool and he is dressed up as Mario (We were big Super Nintendo fans). I have this gigantic headband that has a cutout attached in the shape of Princess Toadstools hair… aaaand my brother has gigantic felt eyebrows taped to his face. Its possibly the best picture of life.

  • An accidental photo of my childhood bedroom… the first polaroid I ever took.

  • I suck at taking photos. Although, I’ve got this one of an old ran down house, right near where I grew up, which I call Ghost House. For the entirety of my time in this town through school etc, and every time I’d walk past it something would shift around but with nobody in sight. To this day I have no idea who lives in it. Like, I’d walked past the next day, and there’d be a new tomato plant out front etc. But you never ever saw anyone. Something always changing, in a ghostly manner… Reminds me that the likes of Narnia and Hogwarts really do exist.

    I’d save that shit.

  • yo no lo quiero
    gracias igual

  • Michal

    I would leave them all cause I know my polaroids by hart.

  • the photo of the beautiful smile of my girlfriend at 3yo

  • Jo

    A photobooth print of my boyfriend with his Dad. There is an orange curtain in the background, and their eyes and smiles tell me this is a memory he would never want to forget.

  • probably this one: http://i52.tinypic.com/33l30y0.png

    taken years ago on expired film, for some reason it’s followed me around several continents. also one of the few photos I have of my mom (she doesn’t like photos)

  • I would get the picture of a girl in our garden which looks like its from the 50’s that we found under the floorboards last year, I don’t know why, but I am fascinated by her.

  • i would save that perfect photo never been done, i mean, i would save the last virgin roll.

  • patrick

    A picture of me and my girlfriend + daughter on a street of Quebec city.

  • ian

    I would save the polaroid of my wife after we went to a Blonde Redhead performance a few summers ago.
    I need this camera to save more memories like that…

  • that photo would be one when me and my wife just met, I had a great beard sipping on a staropramen, she looked beautiful, still does of course, and we where dancing our buts of. yes!

  • I’d grab the print of a portrait of Indian Larry by Timothy White and as many binders of negatives/slides that I can. Everything else has been scanned (or is already digital) and stored off site in preperation for that very emergency.

  • I have been looking for the perfect polaroid for a couple years! i found an old spectra at a garage sale last summer and i’ve had such a hard time finding film for it. this camera would be the perfect way for me to start taking more pictures.


  • Brian

    There’s only one picture that I would have to save. My wife has a picture of her father which is only one of two pictures that exist.

    I never met her father as he died of a heart attack before we met. My wife was dad’s little girl and you can still see her hurt when she talks about missing him.

    I love my wife more than words can say and I know that loosing the picture would crush her heart. I could never let that happen.

  • Why grab just one photo when I can just grab my back up hard drive that has all my photos on it?

  • Eir Nilsen

    Oh wow! This is a hard one! I do have one photo that is oh so dear to me. One thing about it is that its stuck in the frame, due to some water between the glass and the picture itself. And that makes it just a bit more magical. The picture itself is also beautiful. My dad shot it with his old canon AE-1, and it was just after I had hurt myself. My mum is holding me in that way only a mum can do, and I’m drinking a bottle of warm milk mixed with some weird norwegan vitamindrink for kids. I really love how it shows how a mum always takes care of you, no mather how old you get and no mather how you hurt yourself.

  • Kelvin

    I’d take the photo I took of Marysville in Victoria, Australia. It was taken on a trip I went on with classmates of the beautiful forest. That forest is now burnt down due to a horrible bushfire on what they called Black Saturday in 2009.

    There are alot of other photos that are dear and close to me but years in the 10’s-50’s seem almost insignificant to the number of years it’ll take the forest to regrow

  • Halina Heron

    The one polaroid I would absolutely save is one I shot a few years ago of my best friend laughing at a rabbit that appeared in the park. This moment is so perfect to me, because as surprised as we were that it even came so close to us, its next actions were even more fun – it started licking the top of my soda can.

  • Beth

    I would take a portrait of my Grandmother that I found buried in the bottom of my Grandfather’s keepsake box that I inherited after his death. It was precious to him, and now it is precious to me.

  • Jake W.

    I would save a picture of the most beautiful place I’ve been. It was a place that I barely remember.. which makes it even better. On one of the handful of remote islands in Fiji, I fell asleep only to be awoken by a sunset that seemed never to end. It was almost as if the world got brighter as the sun approached the horizon. That picture reminds me of a day that did not want to end.

  • Bror

    I’d save a photo of my house before it caught on fire.

  • caitlin g.

    it would be my mother’s only photo of her father, which was taken during his time in Vietnam. he’s sitting on his bed, which is surrounded only by other beds and men of his age in the same uniform, with a monkey on his shoulder and cigarette in his mouth.

  • I’d grab the one of my wife and I laying on a deck at a cottage at a lake in the middle of kentucky. Not a day goes by without me wishing we were back there.

  • Tobias Stein Eilertsen

    Well for me this is an easy one. I would save the first picture that was ever taken by me and my now fiancee together. It was under an old cinema in a small cottage and the picture is taken by her of the two of us together. That picture will always take me back to that exciting period when we fell in love and is a constant reminder of how happy she makes me and that she will be there for me always and forever.

  • Daniel

    well if i had this camera handy i would quickly capture a photo of my burning house and savor it

  • Erik W

    The photo I would take, would be of me during a spring break,
    in Thailand when I was ten, I found a den,
    I’m holding a small lizard, way beyfore blizzard,
    puppy eyes, no lies,
    quite selfish, Im sure,
    with reason, there’s no tension,
    so young and happy, now im a youngster and snappy,
    all grown up, ofcourse without make up.


    Kind regards, dropping bars, Erik!

  • I would love it. I’ve got my old polaroid sitting in my room so a pack of film for each and I’d be happy!

    • As for the photo I’d save, probably one of my mum from the 80s looking super stylish and freakishly like how I look now.

  • I’d grab a picture of me and my cousins, side by side, with a Llama. Priceless!

  • Em

    A picture of my mum, sitting in the drivers seat of a truck and leaning out the window, with the wind in her hair.

  • william whiting

    a gert lush photo of my grandma…
    please could i have the camera, would be a good start to the summer!

  • I would save a picture of my mother back in the day, when she was in her early twenties. it’s a picture that my dad took of her standing in front of a window surrounded by plants, with a short haircut and a cute scarf knotted round her head. The sun is shining from behind her so her silhouette and of the flowers surrounding is so hauntingly beautiful! :)

  • KT

    Easy. It was taken with a camera that my father gave to me. I took my very first pictures on it. lt was an old (late 70’s I think) Pentax ASAHI Spotmatic. Fully manual. The thing was impossible to use for a camera noob like me. But I took pictures anyway.

    And to this day, I took one of my favorite pics with it.

    It’s a picture of my dad and my older sister. It just happened to turn out (most of mine didn’t because I never took the time to adjust the aperture).

    Anyway, it’s a black and white photo of my dad and older sister lying on the ground together. My dad, grinning sideburn to sideburn. And my sister, staring through the camera as she laughs at the dog behind me.

    It’s one of those rare pics that you can’t look at it and not smile. So many reasons to keep this one. Not to mention it’s currently framed in a wood frame made from reclaimed housing and fences from hurricane Katrina.

  • If I couldn’t save all of them then I wouldn’t save any. I’d be to busy trying to pick out the picture I wanted to save and be caught in that damn house fire (which would defeat the purpose of saving a picture if I can’t enjoy it).

  • Rebeca

    a picture of me and my sister when we were children
    we were in our undies, eating cantaloup in an abandoned boat by a riverside

  • I would quickly grab my camera and fillm
    so that I could take more photos in the future
    (including one of my burnt down house of course)

  • I’d save the photo of my parents, pre-kids, when my dad still had a beard and my mom wore long, seventies-style dresses. They both look so happy. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Nice comp! Mine’s a scruffy panorama that i patched together of my wife in Sennen Cove, Cornwall, our first holiday together. It’s 9am and the sun’s just up, bright on the horizon over purple-tinged cliffs, and the sea, beach and promenade receding silvery into the background. I’d driven all night from London, and there’s my wife, centre, huddling herself up in her denim jacket on a chilly spring morning, and doing the biggest, damn cutest, yawn I ever saw her do. She’s tired?! I’ve just driven 8 hours straight!
    But it’s that moment… the sort of moment that is taken for granted every day, but you can see the stress of her real life leaving in her face, in that yawn.
    So yes, that’s under my arm, tout suite! Sayonara house!

  • Elle

    A picture of me and my brother dressed up as princess leia and Luke Skywalker for a birthday party we were about to go to, We looked awesome.

  • tess

    when my dad was little his parents always took him to this forest near where he lived in Poland. i dug up a photo of him sticking his cheeky-still childish-then face out from behind long grass and flowers. he met my mum there 20 years later and because it’s black and white it captures the sentimentality and memories that don’t even belong to me. i had it reprinted and stuck dyed potpouri where the flowers are, to add myself into the story in the present tense – technicolor

  • I dont have a lot of photos with my dad. I have this one where i was going through thisface were i was confused with my sexuality and i would dress verrrry feminime and my dad being a proud asian immigrant accepted me otherwise. Its a photo of me basically in drag with him and me standing in front of las vegas and its the only picture we have togethor

  • Avery

    My Dad’s senior picture. Very 70’s very random. My dad, hair hanging over his shoulders, wearing east coast preppy plaid clothes at an all boys prep school, sitting on a pile of dirt and trash while holding a shovel.

  • A photo of my brother, age 2, and me, age 4, sitting on the brown ceramic floor in the farm house that my great grandparents built when they immigrated to Israel in 1912. The house has stayed in the family. To this day is it my favorite place on earth.

  • I would take the picture I have of my dad from the seventies when he was a photography student. His hands are holding a camera of his own, which he handed down to me, and he is staring in to the distance as his girlfriend at the time takes the shot. I still use the camera all the time, and I am roughly the same age now as he was when it was shot.

  • Erica Mao

    a picture of me and my brother sitting on a couch, me grabbing his hair with a goofy grin on my face

  • alain maronani

    Pictures of my mother in law…and my wife..both of them tied with solid ropes to their bed…..and if you give me two cameras I ca add one or two kids as bonus…

  • I would save a picture of my grandfather that was taken when he was my age. It reminds me of how much we have in common.

  • I wouldn’t grab one particular photo, I would grab my camera and unexposed film so that I can take pictures of what was happening. I would create new memories and let the old ones burn away.

  • Dana Howard

    Photo of my grandparents, sitting on a fence in Yosemite on their honeymoon wearing matching plaid/denim outfits.

  • Peter Hironaka

    A photo of my Mom in her Manhattan garden from early 80’s. It was taken by my Dad in such a small, intimate space. As usual, she is planting and getting down and dirty. A perfect moment captured.

  • Sam Thomas

    I would save my picture of my sleeping, sun bathing, dribbling, flea bitten, battle scarred, arthritic old dog i took several years ago at my old family home. Its is a almost macro photo of her face, its one those man and his dog moments that i cherish. As she is well past her sell by date and i don’t get to see her much anymore. The photo reminds me of when i was a child and i would ride her round the house like a horse. And she would always sleep on my bed, so it’s appropriate that i have a sleeping photo of her.

  • a picture of my girlfriend, eight years ago, at OPORTO eating popcorn by the street and looking at the camera (me), a Carrera 110 film with an orange button. We were so high on love those days as we are now !!

  • The photo I would grab would have to be one of my parents at their wedding. They dont have many photos of them together and I would hate for them to lose it. My mom looks stunning in her white lace gown and dad looks very dapper in his simple black tux but not only is it a great photo – it makes me optimistic about my future to see two people so young and so in love.

  • Charlene

    I would save the one that I was trying to stop the longest escalator in Hong Kong, I had no guilt in my face at all.

  • Tough question. I would take the photograph of my grandparents before they were married riding a bicycle built for two.

    • that sounds like an awesome picture. I never even saw a tandem bike in real life. :)

  • Julia Kansas

    I have a whole batch I would want to save. I got my first Polaroid camera when I was 10 years old on a road trip to Anaheim, California. I took about 30 pictures in and around Disney Land. The one picture I would want to save from that batch, partly because it is one of the few that I do not have in digital form, would be a picture that I took in the hotel bathroom of a nail polish I had at the time sitting on a tiled floor. That may sound silly but the picture for me is a sign of my first intentional creative endeavours. It is a symbol for my current state as an art student, and future practicing artist. When I look at it now it resembles my current work, which grounds me and make me realize just how deep my bond with my art really is.

  • pragmatically speaking I’d just grab my hard drive which has everything scanned on to it….
    But anyway,it probably be of my friend andrew, sitting on the railing of a balcony some 30 floors up in some Maryland hotel. It was one on those times, that i was too stoned/fuckedup to remember, but that i somehow managed to capture in the moment. And each time I look at it I remember more of the trip, it brings back more memories… oh nostalgia.

  • I would save a picture of…. i think i should prefer to be consumed by fire rather than have to choose just one! But if a Fireman grabs me and pull me out of the house i would choose the one that i think defines me as a photographer, where i am standing far from the camera in the middle of a wild flower field (malmequeres). I had around six years old and was my father that have taken the photo, but the look and feel of it still influences me till now.

  • Agnes

    The photo would be a candid snapshot of my and my late father the pool splashing water at each other taken by my mum. Happy memories :).

  • Tanner Christensen

    As the flames begin to consume what has been my home for the past year, smoke devouring the air, and me eying the only escape out the bedroom window…

    I would grab a photo I have of a woman in a red dress. She’s crossing a street in some small town city center and a silver car is passing as a blur behind her but is only just barely recognizable. The dirty gray brick street and the faded yellow building make the woman’s red with white polkadots dress stand out like the sun on a clear summer day.

    She’s looking to her left, one foot in front of the other, her hands at her sides, and I wonder if she’s thinking of me and how we used to be.

    Yup, that’s the photo I would grab.

  • Agnes

    my late father and I in the pool*

  • My Mom, on the beach in her teens. Totally captures her spirit.

  • Stavros

    This Polaroid was taken on top of a parking garage in San Diego, CA in the summertime. I was about to get on a plane and leave my girlfriend to return to the fall semester of college. We were completely in love and ready to get engaged. We took a series of Polaroids that day, where I slowly slipped out of the frame until I left her alone. In the fire, I would save the last photo, where she is looking out of the frame and you can only see my hand. She is half-smiling because of our photo shoot, but begging me to not leave. We broke up a few months later, and I have felt love like that since.

  • Fabian

    If I would only save one picture it will remind me of all the other pictures I couldn’t save (and my house that burned down), so it will get a different meaning for me. That’s why I wouldn’t save only 1 picture.

  • Yes, Jeff, here I am again.

    I would save the picture of my parent’s wedding that I have in my room. They both look goofy and beautiful at the same time :)
    So young,so full of live and hope. my dad even had a moustache.

    And I know I always sound like I’m desperate here, annoying as hell, but this would mean a lot to me. I never had a polaroid camera. I remember beeing younger and my best friend bought one and I was so jeaulous because I couldn’t afford one. I was devastated when they said they would stop making film for it and so on.

    I am so passionate about photography and with this I would be able to catch the most spontaneous moments of my friends and family :)

    even if I don’t get it, you always have amazing giveaways, so thanks for that :)

    • AC

      Agreed. Thanks Jeff!

      PS does this company still sell Polaroid film that can be bought somewhere other than ordering on the internet? My friend also has an old camera we found in her attic and she’s been searching like mad for more film.

  • max

    i would take the photo my mother took when i was a baby. i was crawling, dangeling my nuts so they were reaching the bottom. nice b/w shot.

  • there’s a really amazing photo of me and my boyfriend, dressed up for a Hardcore German Sparkle Party. we look amazing, and ridiculous. he’s dressed up like a Leather Daddy, except all his “leather” is sparkly sequined fabric — straps, pants, military hat — he’s rockin mirrored aviators and tall rubber boots. attached to his hat is a scrolling readerboard belt buckle that reads “SCHPAARKLE DADDY” in red letters.

    I’m standing next to him in a gold lamé swimsuit, black sequined hoody, piles of pearls, bright orange fishnets, and tall rubber boots. I have two sets of gold sparkly antennae on my head and a scrolling readerboard belt buckle that reads “TEEN DREAM” in blue. I’m not wearing aviators, but I am wearing bright orange plastic glasses that turn all the lights into holograms.

    we’re in a ridiculous pose and covered in glitter. it’s too over the top to be true. it embodies everything about us that I love — we’re fun, we’re silly, we’re in love, and life is an adventure.

  • I think I would take a photo of me and my sisters when whe where kids. Memory can make mistakes about images from the past, photography dont ! I wanna keep fresh the memories of our childhood, so I think probably would take that photo.

    Please apologize my bad english.

    (I dont know If this contest runs internationally, if it doesnt, I’ll cost the shipping if you pick me :p ! I love your website, I’ll visit almost every day. Greetings from Chile ! )

  • I have this awesome photo of my family and I from about 18 years ago. We’re all sitting on the front steps of our house. All of the children (my brothers and I), have a different face expressing our feeling at that current moment in time and my parents have never looked happier. I’m pretty sure I’m crying (I was 4), probably because my brother pinched me, that said brother looks like he’s drunk (13) and my last brother is eating a red popsicle that’s too big for his mouth (12). Ah, memories.

  • I’d save a night photo of me blowing fire for the first time. No joke. I can send it to you. I’d save it because it’s was a dream I had since I was a child… to blow fire. And won’t do it anymore as it’s too dangerous for my health. But I’d wish my kids could see that one.

  • It would be a polaroid photograph of my mum, which was taken by my dad in their youth. Taken with polaroid camera, which is on my shelf now and we don’t use it.. because we haven’t got any instant film.
    In that photograph my mum is staying on the grass. In the backstage there is such a beautiful scenery. With some ruins of a castle and forests. It was early spring. I felt in love with this photo. I’ve even painted the picture basing on this image.

  • I’d save a picture of my boyfriend that his parents took when he was 3 or 4, playing (or trying to play) the piano. Every time I look at that picture my heart melts. He’s now 32 and earned his doctorate in musical composition last year. I love that photo for so many reasons, the 70s style, his adorable (and still recognizable) face, the capturing of one’s passion at such an early age.

  • A black & white photo of me, my brother and sister at the dinner table in the mid 70s. I’m making a crazy face and my brother is laughing hysterically at me. He hasn’t stopped since.

  • a photo of my girlfriend eating a colorful pack of popcorn in the Aliados square at Oporto taken with a 110 film Carrera camera with an orange button. The picture have vibrant colors with all the neon names of the street stores. Reminds me how high we were on love eight years ago, as much as we are now. Now she’s a photography student with a great and different view and everyday that pictures seems like a premonition.

  • Camz

    I would take the photo of my baby sister, pinching my dad’s nipples and my dad looking back at her, watching with great interest.

  • I would grab the photo I snapped of my step dad while he was napping. I was on my way out to a party with a girl I recently broke up with. She called me up and asked me if I want to go to a prom themed party(we were in college by this point). I said yes and grabbed my Polarad, but before I left, I grabbed a photo of my dad. Dude was totally passed out in the living room, in his leather coffin. He looked completely dead. The flash woke him up, and when he saw me he smiled and dozed right off. It’s one of my favorite photos. Everyone always asks if he’s dead–I always say yes. Here’s the photo:

  • I’d grab the photo of my Mom looking solemnly at me, with the viewer only seeing her profile and outstretched legs creating a horizontal line at the bottom of the frame. My fat baby face faces the viewer in an annoyed state, wondering why I am being asked to smile. My heart still faces my Mom, her heart faces me.

    This is what I look at when I miss my Mom the most. It proves to me that our hearts are still connected, as they were for a fleeting moment in the past.

  • Joy

    A photo of my grandfather that passed away. It’s old, a bit out focused and tattered from not being a frame, but i carry it with me everywhere. So luckily I’d be able to save my wallet from the fire as well.

  • a picture of my brothers and i in the tub when we were babies playing with bath toys

  • Felicia

    A photo my elder sister when she was born. That photo is very funny because even tho she is just a baby, she has this very thick hair that naturally stands up firmly like a rocker.

  • Ark

    There is a secluded courtyard at the UofM law school, that my wife and I found with my visiting mutha. Right in the middle is this round piece of concrete, our base. Not much space for all of us but we bunched on. My mom sat like Buddha, while my wife and I struck an exaggerated dancers pose. We look like those spinning ballerina things… with Buddha. Peaking over the courtyard structure is an English Gothic reading room- yes like harry potter. Best thing my tripod ever took.

  • Mary Sohn


  • Ribski

    Photo of my nieces’ artwork that she for her Mom (my sister) while she was pregnant and sick with a winter flu. Abby (6 at the time) was starting to practice her writing skills. Already a rock star artist (to her uncle anyway) she drew a stick figure of my sister throwing up and the lettering read “My mOm HaS The Flu”. The rendering of the throw up looks like bacteria under a microscope…it’s hysterical. Makes me smile everyday and always reminds to stop and appreciate the little things in life and the most important things…family.

  • I have a photo of my Grandfather from the 60’s sitting in a large room in front of a huge computer console. Along the walls in the back are huge machines to keep this thing running. And the most shocking thing is that the phone in my pocket right now has exponentially more power than the machine that took up an entire room. As he got older, he was unique among his generation in that he always had the newest computers.

  • Pick me! Pick me!

    I’d have to go for the photo of my mom practicing aikido in Japan in the 70s. Wicked!

  • FF

    The photo I made at dawn of a burning campfire after sleeping a night under the stars in the Oman outback. Never was light softer or warmer than on that instant. Never did I feel more at home on earth.

  • definitely the picture of Taksim. multi-exposure. holds lots of memories. it captures the essence of istanbul. it’s my home city. and probably the most photogenic place i’ve ever been to. almost everywhere looks good on film. and with the polaroid camera i’d be able to capture everything on instant film. pretty please. i’d love to have this old school po-po-laroid camera.

    if you’re wondering, this is the pic:

  • Linda

    There is a photo of my father and I on a whale watch in Cape Cod sometime in the early 90’s. My family is from the Boston area and summer on Cape Cod is a regular thing. I was about 5 years old when this picture was taken. It is me crying (because I was/still am scared of sea creatures) and my Dad is holding me on his shoulders. The look on his face is the perfect balance of being a great father and comforting his child; and of disappointment, because his daughter is scared of stupid things like whales and turtles and h e knows this is going to make summer on Cape Cod that much difficult.

    It’s my favorite photo from my childhood. Says so much about my relationship with my father

  • J-K

    A photo of my grandma sleeping! Sorry grandma, I can’t save you but I’ll take a photo of you! <3

  • Its very strange that you ask because the photo I would save I literally received it yesterday. My father passed away months ago and my family recently posted me a package of photos of him and I when I was a baby. Although all of them were touching to see there was one
    in particular that pulled at my heart strings most.

    Its a little 4 x 6 disposable photo lovingly dated on the back 1987. The background is a warm pastel blue sky with gray powelines horizontally intersecting it. Off centered there is a silhouette of a baby being tossed in the air. A little me in flight! if you look hard enough you can make out my grinning face. My fathers brawny arms jut from the bottom left corner of the photo outstretched to catch me. His hands uplifted looking reverent and strong as I’ve always remembered him.
    Formally it is a beautiful photo. The composition is perfect, the colors are superb, and I love that it was just a genius accident my mother had captured.
    great way to get people to comment btw. camera prize or not Im stoked to read everyone’s responses.

  • a picture of me, age 4, wearing suspenders and a clip-on tie. i’m using this as a model for my personal image til i DIE. link below


  • Pete

    a picture of me as a 3 year old.
    i was trying to make pancakes but instead i ruined my mom’s kitchen.
    There was flower all over the place.
    and it’s a polaroid picture!

  • Fingers crossed it will be me!

  • I would save the picture of my oldest daughter holding my youngest daughter for the first time. The eldest has such a look of wonder & excitement on her face.

  • Nelson Silva

    Me, Me, please ^_^

  • i take the picture of me and my lady chillin’ out by the pond on a hot summer day

  • beeke

    fusion festival 2008 my bestfriend and me after I puked for 5 hours straight.

  • I would save the Polaroid I have of me riding an elephant when I was much younger for nostalgia’s sake.

  • A vacation snapshot from before my memory started to form; My dad is holding me and smiling at the camera as I turn around and reach towards the ocean that stretches out behind us.

  • Mary Sohn

    i’d take the picture on our fridge, of me & my sisters as kids, making a human totem pole at the park. we’ve got our faces painted and wearing hats of assorted styles.

  • It would obviously be a picture of me next to the fire, which we all know started in the kitchen because I neglected to replace the damn toaster’s cord. Curtains would be cool to take a picture of, even a fake house painting…but without any living doubt the picture would be of me and the roof (an inverse myspace style photo [bottom up, not top bottom]) Because the cliche says “the roof is on fire”. I could show it to my kids someday. But all in allwe all know we paid too much for that fire clause in the insurance policy…so yeah give me some of that sweet green insurance company and burn baby burn…

  • Jack

    oooo pick me pick me!
    My sister’s wedding is next week and I need to take some photos. This would be wonderful! Thank you booooooom!

  • Jesseline G.

    I would make sure to save the picture of my grandfather taken in 1967, which I snatched from my mother’s album years ago. He’s standing against a tree in a park, smoking a pipe, hair slicked back, cool as ever. The first time I saw it a child, I couldn’t get over how young and handsome he looked.

  • Ryan

    I made a print of my wife, my daughter, and myself on a large sheet of sun paper. No question, that would be the one I grabbed.

  • Kyle

    I would grab a photo of my family from the 80’s in which my family posed for a picture at a local park. The photo is hilarious, it’s full of mullets, ginormous glasses, bright pink shorts, neon colors, etc. I could look at that photo for hours. My family refers to it as “The Nerd Family Photo”.

  • iliana cavazos

    a picture of me and my little brother when we were 3 and 4 bathing in a bucket that is 2 feet in diameter

  • Tom

    The photo of my grandparents and I when I was 4 standing outside in front of an old church door in Germany. They look calm and composed and my 4 year old self is sticking his tongue out and bouncing up and down, so I’m suspended in midair holding my grandfathers hand and also a bit blurry in the photo.
    I use it as a bookmark now.

  • Taylor Kay

    A picture of my parents when they first started dating. It’s in the 80’s at a beach. They both look genuinely happy, and the tone of the picture just is something I’d like to remember my family by, even before the kids were around.

  • I would save a photo of my grandmother and her three sisters all sitting with their father, an old religious Jewish man, in a very green South Africa. The picture is faded because it is old, and my grandmother is no longer alive, but her three sisters are. When the 4 girls were little they were sent away out of Europe to South Africa where they lived in a convent for many years. The four girls look similar but not exactly alike and there is something very special in the glint of their eyes. I love this picture because it is a part of who I am: it is mythical and mysterious.

  • Rik Hannon

    The last photograph of my grandfather before he became ill with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), which is kind of like MS, but quicker. After that, all the pictures show him getting weaker, getting more ill.
    But in that picture, he’s just like I remember him. Full of life, joy, always the one to start a party (in the picture he’s dancing in the middle of a restaurant, full of people he never met before).

    I love that picture with my whole heart.

  • Melina

    Ooooooh I LOVE IT!!!

    The picture I would save from my burning house:

    The picture of my brother, sister and me on the slide in our backgarden when we were about 4, 5 and 6 years old! We had so much fun, young and naïve we were.

  • Susan

    I would save the photo of my 2 girls holding hands on the beach, looking out over the ocean–not staged!–love it. Would also love to win this camera and film!

  • Josh Moore

    Its a picture I took when my friend brought his classic car to university and 4 of went for a drive, I was in the front and 2 friends were in the back, hannah my friend has her head out of the window while we are drive and I turned around leaned out of the front window and took a picture of her. Its the best picture ive take so far.

  • Amanda

    If my house caught on fire and I had time to grab one photo, I would grab the photo of my and my dad. It is from when I was in the 6th grade and we were at one of my school sock hop dances! We are standing there dancing together, looking at eachother! This means the world to me becuase my dad passed away. I look at this photo and it reminds me of how great I had it growing up and that he truly was the best dad on this earth. I honestly and truly don’t think I could live without this photo!

  • Sharon

    It’d have to be my favorite picture of my two kids, at 2 and 1 years old.

  • Adam Rabb Adam Rabb

    I like this give away because it helped me to look through all my old photo’s.

    It would most certainly be this photo of my grandfather standing on what was soon to be his completed dream log house in 1985 on Gabriola Island. The smile he’s sporting can’t be topped.

  • Michael

    A photo my dad has kept in his wallet since he got it developed in ’89 when I was 2 of me and my mum at Whitley Bay beach when I’m running around and my mums chasing me with a towel laughing, dad took the photo.

    Happy times

  • An old photo of me and my best friend, both as kittens, in front of my childhood home in Kelowna, B.C. See here:

  • A photograph of my parents on a camping trip with my dad sipping a beer in a deckchair styling an epic 70’s beard and whiter than white tennis shorts!

  • seb

    A photo of my dad leaning against the front wheel of a commercial plane when he had just became a pilot.

    Why of him? He died of a brain tumor 5 years ago.
    And recent pics of course usually exist in a digital version, backed up, so no need to grab one of those…

  • Keith C.

    I would save the picture of my brother and I on the couch after Christmas morning when I received a lame Rock Steady action figure from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and my brother got an awesome talking Leonardo. I have the most sour expression on my face and he is just sticking out his tongue!

    • ross

      dude, rock steady was awesome!

  • Agustín Arce

    picture of the exit door still not open, surrounded by fire.

  • A picture of my late father, and me (about 5 or so). He looks impossibly happy to have me – which I like being reminded of.

  • It would be the one and only picture I have of my father and me. I never really knew Papa, but that picture of Papa carrying me when I was about one-year old, with the two of us smiling,will be the priceless photo to save.

  • tyler

    I have a photo of my great grandmother in a cowboy hat from the last thanksgiving before she passed away that I’m very fond of.

  • I’d grab a print from a self portrait I shot, developed the film and printed in black and white (old school, dark room style). In the picture I’m sitting in a chair at my parent’s house, knees up to my chest and I was wearing striped conductor overalls with a long sleeved striped shirt. Serious gaze with the lens. I was probably 18 at the time.

  • I would save the picture of my mom and dad dressed up as a Pharaoh and Cleopatra and me as a baby mummy. circa 1985.

  • I’d save my favorite photobooth strip of my sister and I, taken at the photobooth inside of our hometown’s miniature golf place circa 1992.

  • The picture I’d save would be a picture of my sister reading a 1960s PLAYBOY somewhere in Stockholm. I took it in 2004 with my beloved Olympus Trip 35 and I am still convinced that it is the best picture I have ever taken.

  • a picture of my two brothers and i in our triplet-carriage with matching outfits, traveling down the large, beautifully european cobble-stone street we lived on.

  • Squid

    Theres a photo taken in 96′ of me and my two best friends, Kyle and Andrew, when we were in 4th grade on the last day of school. We’re standing outside the school building and Andrew has his two arms slung around both me and Kyle’s neck. Kyle’s smiling and I’m making a goofy face. We were all going over to Andrews house to spend the night, I was to move away at the end of that summer.

  • jasonchi

    photo of my grandma with her tongue sticking out a la albert einstein – the resemblance is uncanny

  • This is easy, the photo I would save is the one of my dad holding my two week old, 6 pound tiny baby girl for the first time.

    She was born prematurely, and we weren’t sure when we’d get to bring her home but as luck would have it, she was very healthy and only spend an extra day in the hospital. My dad drove up to WA from California to meet this bundle. There is no feeling in the world to describe your dad (a man who adopted me) holding this brand new life, and becoming a grandfather for the first time.

  • of me and my mom in the 80´s…
    i was 5 and we looked so cool…. so 80´s!
    the picture was taken on a bridge in our district. and behind us is a freeway and the typical 70´s german conrete buildings.

    i was so happy… and i love concrete and these buildings till now!

  • OMG YAY! My polaroid camera has been so sad sitting there collecting dust without any film.

    In the case of a fire, I would hurry-hurry-hurry and grab a photo of my deceased cat, Chloe. It’s the last photo I got to take of her before she died of unknown causes. She was the sweetest cat I ever had and I paid for her with all of my change from my piggy bank when I was 11. We were best friends!

  • M. Gordy

    I’m three years old, rockin’ blue slippers that buckle on one foot, and lace on the other. My younger sister wears the same, but in pink. I’m mid-song (Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Don’t Stop’?) while strumming a toy broom and donning a (clean) diaper on my head–a fashion statement again imitated by my sister. My rockstar stock has taken a serious nose dive ever since!

  • liz

    i could save the picture of my dear rabbit frank pinned to my bulletin board.
    but i’m sorry, screw the picture, i can take another one after i save him.

  • p@rik

    i wouldn’t take anything. sometimes that photo, that was never developed is the moment we need in life. the image of
    the burning house will always be developed in your mind. Depending if the chemicals hold that image for a long time or will it fade away.

  • I’d save the one of my parents getting married at some little pond. My dad had a beard. My sister was there too. I didn’t exist yet.

  • The picture would have to be of my girl with her hands up in the air like it’s 1999 at Coachella. She had her hands up in the air, with a big grin on her face, me right by side with a cigarette in hand and doing some creepy dance with my arms. Both wearing those shirts with the bodies painted on them, made by yours truly. You could see the crowd in the background, but us truly not giving a fuck about what we looked like. We were just trying to have a good time man.

  • meyekee

    i’d save a photo of the lines and clumps that my salmon mattress makes when i’m inside it. when i wake up, i imagine little civilizations making their homes in the grooves.
    if the house ever burned down, it would probably be the thing i missed the most.

  • Caroline

    This picture of my mom from the 70s


    to describe it, she’s in the woods in a great oh-so-typical 70s outfit and sunglasses, and sticking her tongue out. love it.

  • Veronica

    the photo of my grandfather playing the violin for my mother when she was a baby

  • I’d save this Polaroid photo of me and my sister with my dad when we were young. It’s such an adorable moment, and I wish that I had those Osh Kosh overalls now in my current size!! http://sarahspy.com/post/127652489

  • Zac

    My picture would have to be this one of my parents in the mid 80s. Back then they lived in an old plantation house out in the middle of nowhere Eastern North Carolina. In the picture my parents are standing together with beaming smiles on their faces, both of them have mullets. My dad is rockin some nylon blue short shorts and my mom is wearing a beautiful beige sun dress (maybe it was white but the photo has taken on that aged look). They’re both standing outside in the sunshine in front of this HUGE garden that they planted next to the house. On the far right side you can just make out some marijuana leaves amid all the green :]
    It’s not the most flattering picture of them but it accurately captures one of the more silly, happy, and care free times of their lives (before my brother and I came along and they had other things beings to worry about.) This is how I always want to remember them because it was at times like that when I love and respect them the most.


  • Jake C

    This photo of my parents from the early 90s. It looks like they’re in Whistler walking around the village somewhere. They’re standing right beside each other for the camera like in the painting “American Gothic” only my mom has a Cher perm, and my dad has a huge beard (that’s since been shaved) and a t-shirt with an upside-down stickfigure reaching in from the top of the shirt shouting “Normal is boring!” These are the people that made me.

  • Sakara

    A photograph of me and my twin brother sitting in highchairs on our 2nd birthday. We are pathetically holding up a sheet of paper which reads ‘we are two’. We seem much more interested in the food in front of us than the photograph my father was trying to construct.

  • I would grab the photo of my sister and me in New York City at Christmas taken in 2002, before I had any access to digital.

  • Tim

    I’d take a polaroid of the fire that’s devouring my house and take that with me so I could remember that moment.

  • I have a photo of my baby sister and myself and we both look really cute. I was five years old and I’m wearing a red skirt and a white blouse and have a lot of bruises on my knees and my sister is pretty in pink. Unfortunately it’s the only photo of my sister and I because she died shorty after. The photo is a bitter sweet memory.

  • SG

    I think I would take this image of my husband in the pool. sweet summer memories.

    But in all honesty it would be more like me to take the polaroid camera which I would use to make a photo of my house on fire.

    (ps. I have enjoyed reading all of the different responses.)

  • Feliks Isaksen

    Myself pissing on the flames.

  • I would save the photobooth photos of my fiancée and myself that we took the night I proposed to her. We’re both thrilled and grinning, champagne flutes in hand. I have negatives or files for pretty much every photo, but I would never be able to get those photos back.

  • Id grab the only photo ive taken that has a frame around it. An 8×10 B&W double exposure of an old water tower and the dashboard of a car.

  • Gergana

    boy, that sure is tempting.. I had this crazy dream once of what My death looked like. She was a beautiful woman dressed in red, with a dark flower on her dress’ lapel. As she moved slowly around I knew I’d be dead in the moment her flower falls on the ground. If I capture that scene some day (perhaps not too far ahead), I would definitely save this particular photo.

  • I would like to save this photo of my grandmother when she was a teenager. It is black and white, really contrasty, and shows he standing with her head slightly tilted to left with a vague little smile. She looks just like a doll staring up at you with a little half smile and pale eyes. I would also try to grab my cat snacks too…

  • there’s this photo of my now 69 year old, rollie pollie, sweet as pie mom when she was 19 years old in 1960s London, rockin the coolest mod hairdo i ever did see and looking so beautiful it almost stops my heart. it will always be my favourite photo. gotta save that one.

  • I’d snap a picture of the fire engulfing my house from the inside, and take that with me. It’s something I’d never get the chance to see again if I didn’t take it!

  • The photo of my and my three siblings when we were all under 10 and my dad buried our bodies at the beach. Our four “decapitated” heads are half really smiley and half on the verge of crying. It’s beautiful.

  • It’s a skull. I have a thing for skulls.

  • I would save, not my best photograph from a technical point of view, but the one that best seemed to evoke a mood. It’s a polaroid from a shoot I did a year or so ago with a wonderful model; we worked together in an abandoned office space and I wanted the series to reflect the psychological and emotional tonality of the the US economic crisis.

    I do not know for certain how she did it, but the model created such beautiful gestures and expressions that my heart breaks a little each time I see the photograph. This picture teaches me that photography does not occur simply within the camera.

  • I’d grab my favorite Spectra shot of my boyfriend Sean laughing while holding up a hand with 5 monster finger puppets on them outside of the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore.

  • i would grab the photo of my parents on their wedding day, walking out of the church we all still go to. I love that photo so much, they look like 70’s movie stars!

  • I’m saving a photo from my wedding day.

  • verilitle

    I would grab the photo of my sister and me, at the “Mer de Glace” in France. We were little girl and I only remember a few things of this day. This photo makes me remember this day.

  • Tony

    I’ve always wanted one of these cameras, but for some reason they’re damn near impossible to find here, and I’ve always got my sights on something else when it comes time to put in an online order.

  • Tim

    I don’t have many prints of my wedding photos or other photos of my wife and myself. They’re largely digital. However there’s a photo of myself as a small child, I think around 4 years old, dressed as a clown for Halloween. I’m staring defiantly at the camera and I never really knew why, since my only memory of that moment is the photo itself.

    I recently procured the photo from my parents when looking for others to display at my wedding. My dad asked me if I remembered why I looked like that. I said no, and then he explained: you were anxious to get away from me and go play with your friends, so you stood there, making that face until I got the shot that I wanted and then you ran off.

    As I’m nearing 30 later this year, that photo and what it represents stands out more and more as a testament to how my life has turned out: standing defiant, wanting to go my own way, even if I look like a clown.

  • I would definitely save a picture of my ex and I. He passed away and it doesn’t matter which picture, the ones where we were together were all special.

  • The picture of my grandpa when he was a little boy. There’s something fascinating about that picture.

  • One of the first Polaroid I did : a child under a pine tree looking at the immensity of the sea, and this child is my son.

    [ It is here : http://yannick-v.blogspot.com/2009/09/30-octobre-2004.html ]

  • Sid

    I’d save the picture of my mum, my dad, my sister and i riding on a camel through the desert in lanzarote when i was four. It wasn’t a particularly special moment at the time, but looking back on it i realised i was perfectly happy and stress free, and i wish i could go back to being four.

  • I would take a picture of my kids face the 1st time he jumps into the ocean this summer!

  • Tye

    This would be a really tough decision for me, as I would have to decide between saving photos from my studies in Finland, or of family/friends/boyfriend. My mom won’t let me have any of our old family photos (she cherishes them too much to trust me with them!)so I would probably choose a photo I took and have framed on my wall (actually there are three from the set framed on the wall) of my Grandmother and nephew, in black and white. He was about three and she is holding him, both looking very happy. To me it encompasses all the generations in my family and especially of the love we all share for our Grandmother (and Great Grandmother).
    Wow, that was a long response…sorry!

  • picture of my father and i on the fourth of july. i was about three and gushing 90’s gaucheness and my father looks so happy.

  • Hopefully, before this catastrophic event, I would have had a festive feast with all my favorite foods- sweet custard-filled eclairs from La Bella Ferrara (my favorite bakery EVER), heavy creme toast with golden butter crunches, nutella-marshmallow s’more sandwich, pancakes drenched with syrup and butter,and my mom’s homemade banana bread, which I, literally, go BANANAS for. Before stuffing myself, I would take a snapshot and add it to my wall of Polaroids. In the case of a fire, I would unpin it and since I won’t have time to grab all the food I need, this picture will keep me and whomever I’m with hopeful and “full” of comfort.

  • m

    well i’d get out the house first, then back up beyond the roadway and take a picture as close to the cover of “a trip to marineville” by Swell Maps as possible, cause that is an epic photograph.

    • m

      gotta choose to save the one that hasn’t been exposed yet….


  • The black & white vintage-style photo of my fiance and I, would be a must on the grab list. It’s from our vintage engagement photo shoot and is complete with old school camper, bicycle, flowers, suitcases and other adorable props in the background. We are facing each other and he’s kissing my forehead. I know, sappy but I adore that moment.

  • Sidney.

    there is a photo that i have that is of my dad silhouetted playing his guitar when he was about 17. i would definitely grab that one.

  • it would be my mom and dad’s wedding picture. it is approx. 11×14 hard canvas photo with built in frame. It is vintage 80’s to the max. it means a lot to me.

  • m
  • Me as a baby.

  • the photo of my dad holding me the day I was born. I’ve never seen such peace on his face as he had in the photograph.

  • Jan K

    a photo of my grandfather wearing a soccerdress and posing with his team, taken in the 40s with the mangers wearing black coats and hats

  • I would save a photo of my first dog with my first hamster on her head – I miss both pets and it’s the only photo I have of my hamster.

  • amysgster

    What a lovely idea :) If there was a fire and I had to grab one picture it would be my favourite shot of my significant other. He’s looking towards the sea and his blonde hair is dirty brown with the edges fading into orange in the sunset. Behind him, the sand, houses and promenade fade out of focus and the sky is cream on the expired film. I can tell he’s irritated that I’m photographing him again (I can remember that he was irritated towards the end of the bbq we were having on the beach) but he’s smiling just a little, softened in the ‘roid.

    Have a great day!

  • I would definitely save a picture of my 3 best friends in front on the smoky mountains in Tennessee. We went on a roadtrip through those mountains to take pictures, be together and feel free! It was a mind-opening adventure and those kids will be my family forever, for sure.

  • Stefany

    The Photograph of my African American Father holding his two Rottweilers with a very big chain, sporting his 1976 Tennis Coach Shirt and His Afro Sparkling from the flash of the camera; While my hispanic mother sits on a orange with green stripes couch, with her legs crossed, almost exposing her fake “vodooo child” tattoo,and her “Cher” Hair seeping down her chest. Behind her is a side table that has a photograph of my Grandma, posing like the Virgin Mary.

    I thought my parents were the coolest Cats when I saw this photograph, since the divorce I’ve never seen this side of them again. The photograph preserves their cool content.

  • Irina

    It would be a new favorite photo that I had taken with my miraculous NEW POLAROID CAMERA AND FILM. <3

  • Erica

    i’d grab a photo of my grandparents in the fifties. they are young and happy, skinny and free. they are posed in front of a new car and an old barn, off to an adventure.

  • I’d save the picture of my boyfriend and I underground in Natural Bridge caverns – one of those places where they take a picture of everyone and you pay $10 to get yours and a little paper frame. I’m really glad we bought that “memory” now that he’s stuck in another country.

  • Chelsea

    Hmmm… well if there really was a fire it would have to be a photo that is available and not in a box somewhere (as most of them are). It would have to be of my nephew on his first birthday, cake on his face, the whole bit. Pure joy.


    The first thing I would be sure to get would be a picture of my first birthday! It’s not entirely selfish because it had to do with all my family celebrating the first year of my birth; everyone had participated by cooking the cake, putting up the decorations and even making sure I wasn’t crying during the birthday song! It’s the best memory I’ve had and I wouldn’t mind going through flames making sure that it never went away! :)

  • What a great contest! I would absolutely save the pic of me and my girlfriend, took a couple of months ago at my brother’s wedding. A lot of memories in a single shot.

  • Lucy

    My dad grew up on a farm in the UK in the 60s and 70s, lots of romping in the hay etc! He’s a great photographer and frames shots beautifully, but my favourite is a snap of his friends just chilling on a bed, all of their faces and bodies all over the place, it looks the the whole of the film dazed and confused was based on this shot. It is a perfect memento of nostalgic 70s.

  • Lacey

    Hmm, well I have quite a few nice photos. The one I would most likely save is a polaroid picture I have of my friends and I on the beach, with the sunset in the background. We lay on the beach, had chocolate mint ice cream and went into the very cold water (I live in Scotland, it’s freezing 24/7, haha.) It was such a lovely day! So if all my possessions were gone due to a fire I would like that photo maybe just to remind me of the happier times! If I could save another from the raging flames it would most likely be one of my parents wedding day!

  • It’s hard to choose, but I think I would grab the photo of my little, beautiful niece. I’ve made a Polaroid Spectra photo of her. When she saw my camera, she asked what the hell it was and at that moment I’ve took the photo. Her expression on that photo is priceless.

  • I would most likely save a picture of my dad, gma, and uncle on vacation in the 70’s. They were all very young(like my dad was 7) and their personalities express exactly the same ones they would make today. My dad has a cocky like wasssup? face, gma is happy to be with her kids, and uncle has a smily smirk. It’s so weird we were all small/young and probably born with our personalities. :]

  • me!

  • My favorite photo of all time is a Polaroid of me at 2 years old standing naked in the rain (with a lovely 80’s bowl-cut) holding an umbrella, shivering, with my first on camera bitch face. Nothing could ever replace the OG Polaroid, but I’m so happy I’ll be able to capture my 2 year old daughter’s emotions with the next generation of instant film! <3

  • brittany
  • I think I would try to take a photo of the house fire and save that photo, that way I could remember what I had for insurance purposes.

    Really, a terrible photo of my brother, mother and I at a baseball game where we’re all doing the hang loose sign.

  • yes, yes, yes, so much! That’s really awesome of those people to bring it back ^__^

  • I have this old photo strip of my great grandma and my great great aunt. They had to be in their 70’s or 80’s in the pictures, and they look completely stupefied like they had absolutely no idea what to do in a photo booth. It’s hilarious.

  • A photo of my little sister and I, aged 5 and 3, on our way to the airport after our first oversea’s experience to South Africa. We are both asleep, lying accross the back seat of my grandpa’s old station wagon, matching yellow teeshirts, overalls and ribbons. Face’s smooshed into the leather.

    I do wonder what we were dreaming about.

  • josh

    A polaroid picture of my mother when she was 2-ish standing in her crib, wearing nothing but a diaper. Her hip is cocked, and her knee is bent. One of her arms is up and she’s giving the sassiest look that I’ve ever seen a baby give. The picture just exudes cuteness and nostalgia and innocence and beauty.

  • Padraic

    I’d save the picture of me wrestling with my ex-girlfriend.

  • Brittney

    Does saying that I would grad my dad’s old minolta count? I love the sound it’s shutter makes and I would want to save it for years of photos in the future.

  • Nancy

    The awkward last family photo of my dad, mum, and sister.

  • Liff

    I’d save a photo of my mum under the Eiffel Tower. It was just a quick snapshot but we were so excited about going on a holiday together again and at being in Paris. There was a man there with a toy bird that he kept throwing in the air and he had just thrown it and hit a group of tourists who were very confused by the whole thing. It’s a shot of my mum laughing straight into the camera, mouth wide open, eyes wide with surprise and joy, with the tourists in the background looking around to see where ‘the bird’ came from. It’s just so natural and captures the childlike side of my mum I’ve never been able to catch before or since. It makes me smile every time I look at it and remember just how great she is.

  • Lara

    difficult decision! but i believe it would be a photo of me and my grandmother in the summer of 1989 in her backyard underneath the vine and her vegetable garden in the background. i was 2 years old, dressed in a light pink sweater with a lace collar and i just ate a strawberry that wasn’t ripe yet. i look terribly appalled, with big disapponted eyes and all fingers in my mouth trying to get the sour taste off my tongue. my grandmother is carrying me, holding my head close to hers and comforting me with great love, but with this curious smile, that i understand only now – she let me ate that strawberry!

  • Andrew

    I would save the photo booth photo strip of me with my new toy. It was taken the same day my brother was born. I’m holding a Thundercats toy and wearing a turtle neck. It’s the only sentimental thing I have in my apartment.

  • Just the one photo of her exists. A stern looking woman with a tight middle part. A stern looking woman slightly biting her bottom lip like a nervous child. The photo is old, but she looks young. She must be young. She died at thirty-three, the mother of eight children.

    The photo has a twin. Just the one photo of him. It is many generations removed, but I can still see my father’s lips buried in his beard.

  • Ryan Lusteg

    I know this isn’t the conventional answer & or what you may be looking for but I would grab my bigger external drive since the majority of my negs/prints have been scanned & are stored on there along with my digital imagery so really I can get out with close to everything & still make prints from aside from having just one.

  • hanna

    I would save a picture of my mom when she was young, standing in the garden of my garndparents, back in poland. She is wearing these crisp jeans shorts and a loose blouse her hair up in a messy bun with hugh glasses and this overwhelming happiness on her face…she loved the hills you can see in the background…looking at this picture is astonishing and wired at the same time because i look just like her back then…like a copy of my mom..

  • Tyler Hess

    I would take a picture of the table in my family room. It contains photos of every member of my family back to the early 1900’s. Being able to contain so many photos and memories in one photo is the hole reason for photography. Photos are meant to have stories and being able to contain a hundred years and millions of stories would be the ultimate and most important thing to walk away from the fire with.

  • I’d want to keep a polaroid of a tasty cold treat – a colourful popsicle would be nice.


  • Oliver Ronaldson

    Oh please please pleaaaaseeee could i have it , if i were to get it i would post you all of the polaroids taken on it :D :D :D

  • drue

    i would save the picture of my dad grinding a rail, with his rat tail blowing in the wind.

  • marcelo castro

    a picture of my ass !

  • Me and Corretta Scott King, taken almost 11 years ago.

  • candism.

    the photo I took of my nephew in my parent’s backyard. snot is running down his face and his has the best half-smile thing going on.

  • stella

    The one is ” my mother with Sam “.

    Sam is my precious dog who passed away 5 years ago when he was 14. I always keep he picture in my wallet and carry on my mind.

  • Anna

    I would save a picture of my sister, my two cousins and I, when were all about 7-10 years old. We are in a group hug in our grandparent’s back garden. I love it because it’s one of my happiest memories!

  • Oh man. I would grab the old photo I have on my bookshelf of my parents when they were young. They’re not currently in my life, and that photo means a lot to me. I miss them.

  • Luke

    I would save a picture of myself hangin out on ronald McDonalds lap. It’s the only picture in my room.

  • alexa

    i would save the picture of my unborn baby, which died a year ago. for this little thing i felt so much and it was taken, much to early. i never had the opportunity to kiss,hold or show how much i love my baby.. i would die if the only picutre i have would burn. it is the most beautiful picture i have ever seen, grey, black and white. but nothing on earth means so much to me.

  • Maria Eugênia

    Me and my best friend wearing a costume, dancing the Charlie’s Angels theme song near the swimming pool after school.

  • alexa

    i would save the picture of that little creature god has given me, but never was born. i never hat the opportunity to kiss,hold,care about my baby. the only thing i have is one picuter, which i allways keep colse to my heart, i would die if i loose the only picture i’ve got of the most beautiful thing which ever happend to me.

  • the picture I took of an ecologic hobo doing photosynthesis with his hands on a sunny afternoon in the woods..

  • I’ll use it to take the first photo of my first child when i give birth to him next week! Let the explosion commence!

  • picture my two other brothers and my dad taken by my mom in a hong kong refugee camp.

  • I would save the picture I have on my night stand. My parents at their wedding – I was their flower girl. Cute shot of my young parents with me in between looking up at the priest as they say their vows.

  • a picture of my man while he was still asleep, kinda absently playing with my feet, taken right before he’d wake up and remember the fight we had last night.

  • Sarah Rafik Morcos

    The photo I would take is a photo of my dad and I. I was five years old in the photo and I was wearing a white dress with blue flowers on it and my hair is in pigtails. My dad was wearing a horizontal striped shirt and his huge eye glasses. We are standing right next to each in the photo, but of course at five years old my dad looked like a giant and standing next to him I was a tiny kid. His hand was on my shoulder and my hand is on top of his and just the difference in our hand sizes is quite funny. This is the only photo I have of my dad and I together and so it makes me very happy every time I look at it because it brings back all the good memories I have of my dad.

  • Marissa

    There’s a picture of my dad and I from our trip to Disneyworld when I was about 5. It’s pretty hideous – i’m wearing some sort of godawful purple sweat…suit…thing… dad is wearing a heinous turquoise plaid shirt. I look vaguely uncomfortable as I’m sitting in his lap at a covered patio table. But dad is grinning ear to ear. That picture is the only (constant) one that has followed me from my parents house, to college, back to my parents house, to my first real apartment(s) and now all the way out to Colorado.

  • Julian Z

    I’d save the picture that I took of my parents outside of the Cantor Arts Museum in Stanford. It was one of the first times I had an SLR, and the first time I took a picture of my parents together. It’s the only picture that I’ve taken that my mom framed herself, because she liked it so much. I was 13 at the time, and it felt so amazing knowing that my mom had liked the photo as much as I do. It’s the reason why I keep taking photos now.

  • Ryo

    Photo of my son in his mother’s arms, 2 minutes after he was born. The happiest moment of my life and the most thankful moment of my life of my wife.

  • Utilito

    Me sitting in my Fiat Spyder – with my long hair, my aviators, and the fully open collar look of the 70’s.

  • Grabbing the one string in which I have strung a Polaroid with an image of a raw steak, I would then run it through the fire as I escape.

    It would be burned to perfection.

  • It would be my photo of Bigfoot kung fu fighting with a gang of degenerate alien bikers.

  • Carrie

    The shot I would grab is a polaroid taken by my Dad in the late 70s when I was about three years old. It’s a close-up shot of my face lit from the left, while being held by my Mom. She is partially in the shot (wearing an amazing multi-colored sweater) looking at me. I’m smiling and giggling and clearly over the moon about life in general. It’s such a joyful, honest picture. There is something magical about an instant photo. When it’s gone, it’s gone. There are no digital files, no negatives, nothing. It just makes it that much more precious. So there you have it.

  • Adam

    a photograph of a glass of water, half full

  • I would grab one of the baby photos my late grandfather took of me and my sister.

  • anish

    Now I know the most typical reaction by most would be to grab a photo that shows a picture of a loved one, and though I love my family dearly I think the best moments I’ve had with them only mental pictures exist. No, god forbid, if there ever was a fire I would have to grab the photo of me standing in front of a fun house mirror with this extremely distorted perspective of me. See because being someone whose always been deeply self-conscious, seeing an image like this always reminds me that no matter what anyone else thinks of me, I am who I am, and I’m never going to change that.  

  • Mary

    Send ’em my way! Austin, TX looks best shot in Polaroid.

  • I’d grab a photo of me with my mom and sis at an amusement park when I was 5 (La Ronde in Montreal). It’s the photo that’s on my fridge right now. There are several reasons why I’d grab it. 1. It’s already out and just waiting for someone to grab. 2. It’s right next to my back door, so I can make a quick exit. 3. Because it reminds me of my childhood and my family, and also of my father who passed away when I was ten. Even though he’s not in said picture, he was the one taking it, which was the case with most of our family photographs.

  • Adrienne

    A picture of my dog, with messy hair, laying on his back, completely confused, with his tongue sticking out. Best memory of how silly he was.

  • my nana at the beach, circa 1960, running towards the waves with her arms outstretched and her coat flying in the wind. she’s wearing high heels and a lavender dress, and her back is to the camera.
    she died seven years ago, but this photo captures her innate youthfulness and pure delight in life that remained with her as she aged (as well as her determination to be well-dressed at all times).

  • A picture of my Brother, Ivan, from the 70’s with his pet dog. A husky named Spiderman.

  • the photo of me and my fella in the caesar’s palace pool that i shot three years ago. we’re so much closer now than we were then, and the photo looks like it was shot in the 70’s. it will always be a document of when we started to fall in love.

  • Alexis

    My wall photo-mural. They’re literally all taped together, so it makes one big photo.
    So I’d grab that and run.


      XD couldn’t help but chuckle at yours!

  • chrissy

    i have one of those fake old time western photos of my parents. that’s the one i would save. they’re both long dead now and it’s my favorite photo of them. they both look so serious and it’s kind of believable.

  • I just saw my feed thinking I had a chance….le sigh

  • Tara

    My family has grown up on a farm, and though there used to be animals now all we have are crops. There is a faded photo of my brother and I on our pony, Rusty. Sounds cute right? Except Rusty had just bucked us off into the cowpies. But we are laughing, and he bent down to nuzzle my brother’s face, cowpie smiles and all.

  • It’s a photo of my friend and I sitting in a rickshaw in the streets of Beijing. The driver was reckless, and raced the other drivers to our destination, which was dinner with a family I had never met.
    I keep it next to my bed because it signifies an different road I could have taken.
    Every aspect of the photo is opposite of where I am now, and I like to be reminded of it. It keeps me grounded.

  • Sara

    a picture of my garden back home. it helps get me through the long cold winters of indiana!

  • I would save a picture of myself from when I was 5 or 6 years old standing outside of our house with a biiig smile. Memories from the happy childhood.

  • hannah

    I don’t know what I’d save, because I believe the best pictures are taken when it’s just a snapshot of one moment in time when your life just seems perfect. And I haven’t had that moment yet.

  • londres

    i’d open a self-portrait on the computer (that or a family portrait – can’t decide) and shoot my computer screen half-melted with the image still burning, while the flames surround.

  • Jessica Garcia

    A photo of my dad in the 70’s when he still had his afro hanging out in some random tree. He was a pretty hip dude.

  • Kyle

    I found a stash of photos in my parent’s basement about a year ago, took by my mother when she was my age (They are now 60, I am 22). It’s from their first apartment together after they got married, and she is sitting in the bathroom. The walls, furnishings, clothing, and items are totally from another time, but you can see it’s my parents when they were just kids, just like my girlfriend and I are now. My mother is slightly sad now– reminisces about those days a lot, and to see them young and invincible is infinitely moving.

  • A large print of my grandma & grandpa from the 60’s laying on lounge chairs in Florida eating popsicles.

  • Nat

    I would save the photo of my grandpa, age 3, and his grandma, sitting on a horse-drawn wagon full of all of their belongings. They were leaving Lithuania. I don’t know too much about that side of the family.

  • i would take the photo of me, my brother and my grandpa at his house when i was a baby to remember him and all the fun and loving times i had in that house with him.

  • I would save a polaroid photo that my girlfriend took of the dead end sign beneath the Williamsburg Bridge – where we shared our first kiss.


      omg that’s romantic

  • i would save a picture of my sister when she was a baby. squatting like a little duck and crying her eyes out.
    its more hilarious than sad, trust me.


    I’d definitely grab the photo of my dad and mom shyly embracing each other looking at each other with such love.. Cause every time I feel like my world is slowly drifting apart, I look at that photo and it reminds me that love like that still exists. Even when it fades after years, and that photo is proof of that.

  • A pic of myself, sitting smiling next to a massive computer/laptop/scanner/drawing board.
    So I can go to my insurance and claim it all back.
    (Nobody needs to know that it all belongs to my flatmate, right?)

  • A picture of my friends and I all dressed like Santa Claus on Halloween.

  • I would grab a photo from my Parents’ wedding day in 1983. It is a picture of the two of them standing in my Grandparents’ front yard. Mom and Dad with all four of their dogs lined up in front of them, save for the littlest one, which my mom is holding, posing for the camera. It was a wedding that almost did not happen, due to a tragic family event that occurred just prior to the wedding date (my mother lost her sister and nephew in a car accident). I have always loved this photo of them ever since I was little. I’ve always had it in my room and on my bookshelf. It came with me when I went to college and came with me when I moved from there. It’s faded and old, and the corners are torn a little, but it’s still my favorite picture ever. This photo goes with me.

  • maria

    it’s a picture of me in july 2005 sitting in bishop lucey park in cork city, ireland, eating a slice of pizza. my head is half cut off and the lightning is weird (it quite looks like a polaroid, actually) as it is taken with a single-use camera, but it’s one of my all time favorite pictures of me.
    i’m wearing my then-favorite pair of jeans and a top with way too much cleavage for an exam which i nevertheless wore to my final in geography in high school and the pizza carton is hidden underneath my then-favorite bag. i’m quite tanned and look chubbier than usual and my nose looks awfully big.. it’s not one of my best photos. but it shows good times. a happy me.
    it’s been one of my last days in ireland after aupairing over there for almost a year and after we finished the pizza my friend and i went to a bar and got drunk on cocktails around 5pm.

  • I would make sure to save this photo of my dad, Guido, in his kitchen in East Van in the ’70s. He has shoulder length blonde hair (before it turned brown and he went bald—in his early ’20s), and is wearing brown plaid bell bottoms and a light blue cowboy shirt, and is smirking at the camera. It would need to be saved so that there would be one remaining shred of evidence that he ever had the “long golden blonde hair” my mother says she married him for.

  • cory

    debutante-themed rollerball group shot (25th birthday) silk, taffeta, ruffles, rollerskates

  • maripaz

    i´d grab a photo of my family in a roadtrip in their old caribe car… they are in a lunch time over the car, my oldest sisters they´d been like 7 and 8 of something like that… making faces and dressed in early 80´s style (hair included)and showing their food, beside them my beautiful mom, pretty young and always with that cute and shy expression and in the back my aunt, young too, smiling…obviously my dad took that picture… i love it because my other sister and i, we were not even planned, but they seem like the trip was been fun and i like to see how my family was, lovely and so retro now a days :D

  • I’d grab a photo of me, my brothers and my mother, because we’ve been through more than most people should have to go through, and I’m just really inspired to keep trying when thinking about them. I know that it will always be worth it as long as I’ve got them, no matter how hard it has been and will get.

  • dominic

    A photograph of smoke and fire that has to be seen to be described.

  • Photo of my grandparents from the 40s right after they got married in a park in Taiwan. That photo makes my heart smile

  • A picture of my Grandfather from 1915 – It’s a staged costume photo where he’s wearing a little sailor boy outfit next to a wooden picket fence. very dapper.

  • Ian

    I would grab the pic of my Grandparents on their 50th wedding anniversary, dancing away as if they were newlyweds. They’re no longer with me these days, but were such an immense influence in my life. I lived with them (along with my brother and one of my 21 cousins) when my Mom was not doing well and we had some hard financial times in my younger years. I have to say that I learned a lot about what it means to be a decent human being in a society that seems to be losing focus of that on a daily. They taught me the importance of strong family ties, being kind to those in need, speaking out against atrocities in our society, etc. These same things were taught to me by my Parents at a later age, but looking back at the times with my Grandparents makes me realize that my Mom learned this from them.
    I’m now 33 and both of them are passed on, but not forgotten. There are little things that remind me of them. Whether it’s seeing my extended family of 21 cousins that comes from my Mom’s family of 7. Or thinking back to what it must have been like raising 7 kids, in Philadelphia in the 50’s on my Grandpops income.
    When times get tough for me, I think of all they accomplished and how rich their lives were at the end. NO, they weren’t rich in money, they were rich in life. Cliche? Maybe. But let me give you a little thing my Grandpop had to say about chasing wealth. “Ian, there’s one car you never see in a funeral procession. An armored car.”
    Thinking back on things like that, it’s only appropriate that the only pic I would take from my burning home would of the two of them. Exemplary people in a not so kind world!

  • Prue

    A photo of the house

  • Ben C.

    I would grab an old picture of my parents in the 70’s dressed in the height of fashion.

  • Forgot to tell that the picture is of me and my brothers crowding my mothers lap.

  • Momoko

    A photo taken of my mother at the first Powell Street Festival. She is wearing a yukata, and looks like a total babe.

  • Dennis

    My sleeping girlfriend.

  • The only picture that I don’t have backed up on a hard drive is one of my mother’s parents. It was taken about 120 years ago! It’s on metal and very difficult to copy cleanly. It’s truly a priceless memory…that I’d grab.

  • K Baergen

    this sister.

  • Kristen

    The picture of my mom as a teenager in red jeans, a leather jacket, and Cyndi Lauper hair!

  • Christian C.

    The photo of me and my bi-lingual parrot. He was the most fantastic pet to ever exist and that photo means so much to me.

  • Alannah Hed

    I would save a b/w portrait of my fantastic Irish grandfather. It was taken by me mother, is beautiful, and reminds of of everything he is. He’s an amazing character, but sadly I never get to see him since he’s in Europe and I’m in Seattle.

  • AliceR

    I would take a photo of me, taken by my Granny, when I was about 18 months old. I am at the beach and the sky behind me is moody and dark, about to pour down (why were we even at the beach on a day like that?) and I am bending over to pick up a shell in my bright blue and pink ski suit, completely oblivious to the weather around, purely focused on my lovely shell. even if it wasn’t of me, it would still be the cutest picture ever. It will always remind me of the times I spent with my granny, was some of the most fun days I have ever had.

  • Ann

    My friend Betsy is a photographer. I purchased a print from her which hangs in my living room. It is a beautiful photograph of apples in various stages of decay that have fallen on a sidewalk. There are cars parked along the walkway. I call this the car photo because I’m a bit of car geek. Betsy calls it the apple photo. I really love this image and Betsy’s palette is always striking and subtle at the same time. I would definitely grab this off the wall on my way out.

  • I’d Grab A Photo Of My Sister Holding A Photo Of Her Holding A Photo Of Her Holding A Photo Of Me.

  • This won’t seem like a big deal to many.. but I have a picture of my little sister. She is 13 now. In the photo, she is about 4 years old. I took it from inside, while she was outside, sitting on the porch, eating lunch. She had really long hair… Rapunzel status. She was always saying quirky things and curious about everything. Anyways.. this picture just epitomizes her. Outside, ready to greet anyone who might come to the door. It’s by my computer so I can see it at all times. Because she’s 13, she does get a bit annoying at times. I look at the photo and remember… that sweet adorable little girl is in there.
    That is the photo I would take.. I treasure it.

    I’m sure there are way better stories and photos than that… but I’m glad I got to share that. Thank you :)

  • Jean-François Poisson

    I would grab the last picture my mother took of me before dying. I’m 7, with a tooth attached on the doorknob with a string. After this photo, she closed the door. Bye bye the tooth.

  • a photo of my two brothers and me playing next to the swimming pool when we were childs. My sister was holding a broom, me a hose and the water was falling, and my brother a pail. I love that photo!

  • Jessica

    The picture I’d save is something I cut off from the newspaper which showed my previous house on fire and surrounded by fire engines. I had my house burnt down before due to faulty wiring and the firemen never did manage to extinguish the fire so my house was completely burnt down but here I am now, living life and able to move on forward. So that picture would serve as a reminder that not all is lost. It’ll help me to be strong and push on knowing that I can overcome any obstacle life throws at me.

  • I would have a hard time choosing. But it might just be a Polaroid of my husband between treatments for the cancer that eventually took him from me. In the photo, he looks pretty healthy and is holding the puppy he got for me – who was a complete psycho, but has since grown out of it – out in front of him with at arm’s length so the puppy couldn’t bite him. He’s making a “get-this-thing-away-from-me” face and my puppy is wiggling. I love him when he was 38. The dog is now 7 and my sweet buddy. That photo is the perfect artifact of that moment in time: one of my favorite memories of him and hilarious all at once.

  • I have a photo of my sister sleep and it was taken during a time in her life where she was starting to get better after having problems with her liver for the past seven months. She looks so happy!!!

  • a beat up well worn photo of my best friend’s feet and mine on the sunny shore of lake geneva. one of the best days of my youth, the photos been in every apartment i’ve ever lived in.

  • Eek. How do i turn the e mails off which I am getting with every further comment? silly me..

  • tai

    the last picture i took of my father before he passed away. he was stealing apples in the rain from an apple farm that was closed for the day. his smile was that of a mischievous child and it is my most treasured image and memory.

  • sofie

    I’d take a picture my grandfather took of my mum as a todler, that he printed out on large format (about 40x30cm). It’s a super spontaneous and simple photo taken in action, my mum crawling towards the camera with her tongue half sticking out of her smiling mouth and on the fairly dark background just a hint of sheets. Even though my grandfather isn’t on the photo it’s my most prized possession of him, i can’t help but think of him and smile back every time i see my mum smiling at my grandfather.

  • hailstormbroadway

    It would deff have to be a picture of my mom and twin sister and me and were all walking up a mountain all at different levels and all u can see behind us are dozens more mountains in the distance. It was taken in British Columbia in the 90’s

  • lnz anzu

    i’d literally fry up & die in the house trying to make my decision. you should see me ordering thai food, picking out socks, or deciding what album to loop while showering. but i digress. right before i’m swallowed in flames, i think my hand would finally, decisively… land on the print of me, blue-haired, looking scared shitless, holding my newborn red faced daugther for the first time. you know that’s a total lie, you, me, anyone would grab their hard drive/sd cards, albums & run, but. for the sake of sexy ass Polaroid cameras WITH film….i’ll lie to you Jeff. i’ll lie so hard.

  • Sharon

    family photo of my family of four (including moi) at disneyland over a decade ago. things were much simpler then

  • Nicolai Christensen

    I don’t have many photo’s in my apartment, but I do have a small photo album with pictures, from when I was 2-3 years old. In that album there’s this picture taken at my 3-year-old birthday. I’m sitting on my father’s lap wearing a bib and holding a tiny flag in my hand. My father still got his late 80’s moustache, a nice smile on his face and wearing a red and white striped, kind of sailor shirt. He used to be in the Danish naval fleet. We’re sitting at the table, which is laid with all-plastic birhtday knifes, forks, cups and plates. And at last there’s a big chocolate birthday cake.

    I’d grab that photo !

  • there is a photo of my late grandfather, my father (his son), my brother and I in my father’s office. I really ought to make a copy of it soon. I would never want to lose it.

  • Georgia

    A black and white photo of my maternal grandmother, circa the early 1940s. She is a formal party, seated at an angle in a chair, pushed away from the table. Dark hair in shoulder-length waves. Her dress is black, strapless, with a lacy white trim at the top and a full skirt. She wears gloves and smiles, but not at the camera. She is alone in the image, and lovely. As I get older, my features resemble her more and more. This is the oldest image I’ve got of this generation of my family.

  • I have a photo that my dad took. It was taken within the first few moments after my mom and dad brought me home from the hospital for the first time after I was born. They wrapped me up in a pink blanket and placed me on the couch (a very 80’s couch). The photo is of my brother (2 at the time) leaning on the couch peering over me, inspecting his new baby sister. This has always been one of my favorite photos, it just reminds me of the strong sibling bond that we have, he’s one of my best friends and that photo captured the moment we officially met. I love it so much that I had this photo restored and framed for my parents a couple years ago for Christmas.

  • Kat

    a photograph taken out in the street at night in the rain, which depicts me trying to light a friend’s cigarette. She’s hiding from the rain under her grey coat so it looks as if I’m feeding a misshapen elephant, my other friend is mid-speech and therefor looks ridiculous and I have a black scarf wrapped round my head to keep it dry. The black scarf and dark sky makes it look like the top of my head has been cleaved off but I look very happy.

  • Hannah

    I would save a picture that my parents took when they were camping. My mom and dad just had me and my brother is two. They are posing next to a sign that says something about not wandering around looking like a deer or a hunter might shoot you. You can tell that my parents are still cracking up about it and they just look so happy and young.

  • It’s a photo of my wife sitting on the couch with our (then) five-year-old son sitting straight on her lap. The two of them are flanked by a dog on each side.

    The photo is tightly cropped, so that you can only see the heads of the two dogs and from the chest down on my wife and son—who just so happen to have smiley faces drawn on their knees in Sharpie.

    If our family can be summed up in a single image, it is this one.

  • Lei Lei Kung

    The only photo I would think about taking would be a photo of my mum and I taken when I was about 3 years old. We were in Queenstown, New Zealand and the light and everything was so beautiful and picturesque and mum looked so happy then. I think I mostly just love the innocence of the photo.

  • I’d save the photo of me at around 2 months old, sitting on my dad’s lap, giggling as my mom tickles my belly. We’re by a lake, and my parents are sitting on a parked canoe.

  • Joe

    In the picture, a young reddish-colored kitten desperately clings by one paw to a thick rope. Across the bottom are the words “Hang in There!” This will remind me to hang in there.

  • it would definitely be a picture that i took of a bunch of my other pictures, saving more than one in the process.

  • Amanda

    A friend took a polaroid of me while I’m giggling like a little school, with my elbows on my knees and my hands covering my mouth. It’s a genuinely happy, caught in the moment of joy pic and I love it, and it still makes me happy when I see it. I’d definitely grab that one. .

  • I would save this grainy old photo from the summer of 1988. Its a photo of me (a 1 year old) eating sticks with my pitbull “Bandit”. Apparently I had crawled out the front door and towards our the busy street we lived on. As I crawled Bandit came and laid in front of me. I must have crawled around her and closer to the road. They found me about 3 feet from the road with bandit standing between me and the road. She must have grabbed a big stick and got my attention with it… She started gnawing on it which must have seemed like a great idea to my baby mind. Bandit died a few years later and this is the only photo of me and her together. So… yeah, I’d save that one.

  • jenny

    a photo of my father when he was my age, its a candid shot of him walking towards the camera smiling. behind him is my great grandparents house and a beat up canoe strapped to his old car that didn’t have functioning breaks. everyone always says i look exactly like my father but due to the age and gender difference sometimes its hard to tell. this shot is both me and him in one.

  • Maggie

    Ironically, although I live in one of the rainiest parts of the US, my family has actually had two close encounters with house fires before so I’ve actually thought about this in the past. I would save one of my first disposable camera pictures that I took in the 4th grade.

    My old next door neighbors’ property was elevated about three feet higher than mine and they had a huge angry shedding dog that barked day and night and was always threatening to jump over the chain link fence to eat me whenever I walked by my front door. I snapped a picture of the dog right before we moved away and when the picture developed, I was surprised to find that I had captured an upset, not angry, looking dog. This was my first encounter with the idea that things are not always what you perceive them to be. I regret not throwing treats over the fence now.


    I’d save an old black and white photo from the 40s. It shows my grandparents as newlyweds. Seeing the love in their eyes makes me happy and reminds me of what great people they were.

  • Nico

    Picture of me, when i was a child, in a little plastic red pool, completely naked.
    I remember how good it was to be a child..carefree.

  • My brother and I when we were about 2 & 3 … sitting on a horrid green couch that must have been from the 70s. My hands are around his mouth, making him smile for the camera as I grin ear to ear. I always liked to tell him what to do, but this time I took it one step further. Its a Polaroid :P

  • Efren Gonzalez

    I have a Polaroid of my sister and I when we were in Juarez Mexico, the year must have been 1998 or 1999 we were at a park and there were pideons everywhere. That’s the picture I would take with me an if I won this I would go back to the park and recreate this picture

  • Monte Patterson

    A small sepia toned photograph of my late mother from the late 60’s. It’s a portrait of her with an oversized old-school dress hat, some flowing hippy garbs, a look that could pierce stainless steel….all the while, nonchalantly smoking a cig nestled between her fingers and a few rather gaudy rings. On the back, in blue pen, that almost bleeds through, an eerie antithesis to her latter days reads, “Be Happy! -Sandy”

  • Tabitha

    I would save a polaroid of my sister and I at this grassroots festival that this hippie lady, Liz, took of us. She was gracious enough to let us keep it. I’m wearing this blue dress and my sister has really manly eyebrows — which she had shaved in the middle of them, preventing them from becoming a unibrow. It’s so beautiful.

  • Courtney

    A photo of me in front of the Twin Towers when I was 12, taken by my father who died in the 9/11 attack. Taken with an old M6 that I still have. (I’d grab the camera, too)

  • Donna

    No way I could pick just one photo so I would risk life and limb to save the box of old, old slides from my toddler years. I can still picture my family sitting around viewing these from one of those old-school slide thingamajiggers. Sometimes, I still grab a few and hold them up to the light, always makes me happy.

  • arnar

    i dont have any photos here
    so thats why i would want a polaroid camera so i could take a picture of me running away from the fire and then save that photo

  • Hi, i would take a foto of me trying to put down the fire, i mean taking a piss on the fire…otherwise no one would belive me….//cheers//elmotin

  • Samantha

    The only photo of my grandfather as a baby and the only thing we know about his mother. It’s an old b/w photo of the front verandah of an old farm house. A young native girl (15 at the most) sitting on the step is looking down at this tiny baby (papa) in her arms. She passed away a couple years later and my grandpa was raised by his father.

    I love looking at it, you can feel the love this young girl has for her baby.

    And everyone should submit photos to my friends blog about rad dads : http://fatherworship.tumblr.com/

  • Santi

    i don´t have any pictures. that´s why i need the camera.

  • a picture of my boyfriend in front of a sunset in the Grand Canyon. to remember the awesome roadtrip with made together to celebrate our 3rd anniversary.

  • the photograph i would save sits upon my bedside table. its a photograph which in fact no longer depicts anything but a misty creamy golden hue.

    the photograph hung on various walls of my family for generations and once depicted my great grandfather, a mere teenager astride his horse, when he was a dispatch rider in the first world war. he looked proud in his uniform, but also nervous and unsure of himself as a young man before war would do.

    as i child i can remember the image faintly but 20 years later it has now faded away. he has been absorbed into the photograph just as history has claimed him.

    i still look at that photo, and it reminds me to enjoy everything and everyone, as nothing lasts forever.

  • steph

    i would grab the photo of me holding my little sister covered in tubes and medical machine crap so that i could always look at it, then look at her now and see how doctors are never right and if your srong enough you can live through anything :)

  • me and my friends around a fire, me in the background and my friend in the foreground right before he got bit by a german shepard mutt. im talking right before, mid-lunge. this unfortunate accident could score me this super awesome camera!

  • A picture of my dog. Just can’t help it!

  • That would be a picture of my face and my teddy bear, called pink bear. Totally in shock but happy that we are still together; my bear is like my diary.

  • randi

    the framed photo of my pops skiing moguls on a beautiful spring day in the rockies, right before i was born and he became a prairie bound, card carrying conservative. he’s rocking skin tight bell bottoms and an afro… and was a certified hotdogger!!

  • a photo of me and my twin when we were 2, playing outside in the mud and our dog sitting and watching us :)

  • csgaona

    I’d grab this photo of my dad taken circa 1984 in the guatemalan Jungle. He’s wearing a blue tshirt of some obscure sports brand from the 80s and has the most amazing full beard ever. I cant grow a decent beard yet but everytime I see that picture I think one day I’ll have a beard that awesome.

  • meaghan

    my grandma drinking straight out of a crown royal bottle..haha ..soo sooo sooo good!!

  • A Polaroid of my rock and roll dad holding me as a baby.

  • I would get a picture of my siblings because they are all the family I have left. :) I hope I win this camera so I can take many more of them!

  • I would rescue the photo of my sisters and I eating popsicles when we were small children. We all had chicken pops at the same time and our faces were covered with them in the pic!

  • victocactus

    A picture of me and my best friend 5 years ago just after I came back from my trip to greece where I went to see my family, me holding this muffin that he made and gave me 7 weeks before when I was leaving at the airport. I had to keep it all long. And the transformation of this muffin was fun to see through these weeks.

  • Tommy

    I would grab an picture from my Nicaragua trip, íts when i am in the rainforest. Much trees, much green colors and of course, i am in the picture!!

  • Sebastian

    i would save a photo of my dog which i took 2 week before my dog died! It just looks like a human smile… this is the best photo i’ve ever taken!

  • …i want it!

  • Clare

    I would save a photo of girl that I love very much. I took the photo in a wood, and she didn’t realize I was taking it. It’s a very close shot of her face and hair. The light is perfect, I was so proud of it at that moment.
    I was too shy to tell her how much I loved her, but that day we shared our first kiss, and I’ve been with her for the last two years. It remains my favorite picture of her. I think it really captures her smile and her personality, yet its slightly blurry, and very personal.

  • Zac Benloulou

    What up Jeff.
    I would save the photo of me at 2 riding our old german shepherd Monty. This was a often occurrence.

  • Megan

    The first black and white print i made of my mum and dad in the 70’s on there wedding day, that i gave them for their 25th anniversary.
    (I hunted out the old negatives)

  • Joel Cosseboom

    Seeing as most of my pictures are scanned in, the only ones that aren’t are in a box next to my computer waiting to be scanned. One of them is a pic of me and my grandpa. It was taken when I was like 2 years old and I’m riding on his back like a horse. He’s smiling, I’m smiling. I think it’s the only picture I have of him and the only time I remember him smiling. It means a lot to me and I’ll probably go scan it in when I get home now that I think of it. That is, unless my house is burning down when I get there. In that case, I’ll grab the picture (and my kids and dogs and rabbit) and GTF out.

  • heather griffin

    I have a little box of treasured polaroids on my desk that I scan through anytime I having a mental block or just feel like procrastinating, but if I can’t take the whole box I would have to take the one of my mom and dad taken when they were dating back in the day, dad looking all nonchalant and chilled and my mom looking so funky, I love it.

  • The photo is of a dog with no hair. She is a brownish gray/blue and she loves meatballs. In the photo she is wearing a Brooklyn t-shirt and she looks apathetic.

  • I have this hidden picture of my older sister when she was 13 years old taken in a dark photo set with fake nature. She looks innocent and fat and today she looks skinny and she is a bitch, so it is my best way to manipulate her.

  • I’d take the photo that I would have shot just moments before the house was engulfed in fire. It’d be a shot of me surrounded by flames holding a makeshift pitchfork, my family photobombing in the back as they’re escaping.

  • Alli

    I would grab one of the first Polaroids I ever took, of a t.v in my wood paneled living room. It was the first photo that inspired me to take more, taken the last few months of my first year at photography school.

  • Jo H

    The photograph I had put on display for my very first exhibition. Its a guy in an empty cinema, surrounded by balloons.

  • ZACH

    The Cyanotype print of my favorite childhood landmark, a rocking pig outside of this shop in downtown Boulder

  • Lee

    My mom has a picture of herself sitting on a lawn chair. As she tells the story, just as her friend took the picture she moved in order to show her “good angles” but it made the lawn chair and herself slip off the dock into the water. It’s in her photo album so I don’t have it but whenever I see it I feel like it’s one of the best photos ever. Her facial expression is priceless and it’s a photo that always gives me a chuckle.

    : )

  • Tiffany

    I’d save the photo from my first self-portrait project in school. I shot it on film and developed it not on RC paper but was my first real print on fiber. I was ghosted, as it was shot with a slow shutter speed and I walked in the frame after it went off. It’s not really what it is, as much as what it means. This print, really making it was when I realized that photography was part of who I am.

  • Katie

    A photo of me and my dad in 95
    He’s sporting double denim and I’m in a denim dress against a denim blue background holding the FA cup and Charity shield(british football/soccer trophies)
    My terrible face and poor fashion choices aside I adore this photograph me and my dad look so happy and our team has never won either again (we take our football seriously)
    My mum however bemoans the fact my younger brother was meant to be on it but threw a hissy fit at the last minute.

  • a photostrip of my wife and I kissing in a B&W photobooth in the Winnipeg airport while we were dating long-distance in the mid-90s. Internet wasn’t such a big deal yet, and phone calls were expensive. I looked at that picture a lot, until I convinced her to marry me.

  • Julia

    Me around 4 years sitting on my dad’s knees wearing a pink pyjama, a straw hat and that big nutella-all-over-the-face smile :)

  • Jay POP

    I would choose the photo of me as a kid on my dad’s shoulders. I’m wearing a pink jumper and in mid laugh and my dad is smiling. My dad is the most important person in my life, he’s taught me everything I know and made me who I am. That photo reminds me to be happy no matter what is happening in life. (:

  • Yvy T.

    Hmm… I’m torn between two pictures but I’ll go with this one:

    When I was younger (maybe 8?) I had a really good friend. I haven’t seen him since… forever. I lost all contact with him when is dad left him and his mom. So there is a small little photo of me, him, and my brother when we were kids. It’s my only picture of him but it’s okay because I know I’m going to find him one day. It gives me hope.


  • Its a photo my granddad took of Mountains in Austria, he captured a massive lake surrounded my tress and just greenery with a super nice clear blue sky. A mist has formed on the photo over time which has added even more atmosphere to it. I tend to look up at it when feeling stressed and bummed out, it always manages to fill me with serenity, I’m saving up for the day when I can travel there. xx

  • Daphne

    my parents had a polaroid camera when they were young, they took quite a lot of pics in their past. some of those pics (about ten of them) are on my wall in my really small apartment in Tel aviv, Im sure that a picture of that wall will be the first and the last thing on my mind and on my camera!


    | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |
    | | | |
    | | | |
    | | This | |
    | | one. | |
    | | | |
    | | | |
    | | | |
    | |_____________| |
    | |
    | |

    No, not really, cause I don’t have one like this, i guess it would be just a random one, but who cares, my house is on fire!

  • Catherine b

    would be of one of the last photos of me and all my old school friends in a hotel room on the holiday we went to just before we all left to go to uni/had to grow up, one of a few photos that has most of special people in my life in.

  • Tristan Clairoux

    i would take a picture of all my burning negs :(

  • slavica

    it would be definitely picture of my best friend and me when we were couple of teenagers hanging in the middle of the street, laughing and you can even see our bubble gums in our mouth! I love that picture, it reminds me how lucky I am, and that you should always be a child in your heart!
    I would also love to have this camera and to take more amazing pictures that could possibly (but only possibly ;) replace that one that I’m taking if my hose got on fire :)

  • martins

    just a black picture. as a reminder of all failures in life. and inspiration to carry on.

  • Stephanie

    I think a photo I would save would be an Instax I took recently of my boyfriend and his dog. They are sitting at the park, and the sun is coming down just perfectly next to him on the bench. When I showed him the photo, I said “Daniel, it literally looks like Jesus is about to come sit next to you.” And it did. And it’s so thoughtful and wonderful. I bought an Instax to fill my Polaroid void, and it’s been serving me well, but there is nothing like the feeling of a Polaroid.

  • jaycie

    prolly the family photo that hangs in the living room. my mum really likes it and it’s the last photo my grandmother was in before she died.

  • Thomas

    The picture is a picture of myself. In an augmented form and a result of bloodline and time. The picture is not myself and I am in fact not the original. Rather, It is a picture of someone I have never met; It is of my grandfather in his british navy uniform from the second world war, accompanied with his wife and my grandmother whom also I have never met. Although surviving the war they were to die before I was born. The photo means a huge amount to both myself and my mother.

  • Liliana Conde

    A close-up polaroid of Donny Vomit (Blockhead sideshow performer) as he is taking a nail out of his nose, and snot is dangling from it. … you can see the huge smile on his face and his beautiful mustache!

  • Teo

    I wouldn’t save any pictures, instead I would be taking pictures of my burning house. Maybe I’d take a picture of myself while the flames spread or maybe I would try and find the family house cat and push it into the flames and get a picture of it while it jumps out of the fire. A good photographer can find art in anything, especially his or her own house burning down.

  • A picture of my mom under a christmas tree all smiles taken a year before her passing.

  • Tom

    A old baby picture of me holding my brother back from venturing the world. I love the picture. That was when my brother was actually cute.

  • sisi a si

    I would grab my 700GB external disc (where all of them are) as I never do that developing bit.

  • Lin

    I would save a photo from when I was 7 years old and my younger sister was 5, and we are standing behind a glass window in the ICU unit of the hospital. We went to the hospital to visit my older brother who was 9 and had just had brain surgery. We were wearing face masks and scrubs and holding his hands in each of ours. My parents were also in the photo, my father was holding my little sister in his arms, and it is one of the most endearing photos I have. It makes me cry to look at it because we are a family of survivors, and although we should have been torn apart by something like that, we were actually brought closer together. This was the only time I ever saw my father cry.

  • i would save the picture of my chola mom posted up with baby me when she was 17.

  • Annika

    want want want.
    I’d probably save this black and white photo I found four years ago of a cat.
    I want a cat terribly, and this photo is special and mysterious to me.

  • Kim

    I’d actually save a polaroid I have of me and my beau. It was taken in a polaroid photobooth at a local bar, before they switched back to the traditional strip. I love the way the colors turned out and we look so happy(drunk).

  • The photo of my husband and I kissing in front of a lighthouse early in the morning on our honeymoon!

  • Eleanor

    A photo I got from a thrift store of a young boy in venice standing with a bunch of pigeons on his arms. I like to imagine where he is today. the picture looks like it’s from the 80s, so he’s probably about 30 now.

  • ynez

    there is a picture of me that was taken at the grand canyon when i was a baby. my mom was holding me up or out, and all you can see is two arms holding a sleeping baby with the grand canyon and hazy sky spread out in the background.

  • maya

    Once I went to the supermarket with my longboard and then, going back home with bags, going down a hill, I went flying. In my pocket I was carrying a camera and , when the camera touch the ground,the button was pressed down and made ​​a picture. This is my best picture ever.

  • jennifer Razo

    a portrait picture of my parents before they had any children and were newly married. They are both smiling and happy. And tho you can’t see it in the picture my mom is pregnant with me! Its a picture that reminds me my parents were not always parents.

  • Soph

    I guess I’d grab the black and white photo my dad took of my mum. She’s somewhere up north in Europe, lying on frozen ice. She’s wearing some big sweater. There’s a scarf around her neck and her hair is a bit frizzy. She’s so beautiful in it. It’s also probably the only picture I’d be able to grab in the nick of time, since, it’s the only picture thats not hidden away in a photo album.

  • Tyler

    I would grab a picture I have of my younger brother holding a diet coke can and staring at the ocean

  • Lauraine Forbyn

    They pictures are many and significant each in their own way, but really it has always been the process that is captivating. That part where you watched the photo come to life right before your very eyes…that’s the priceless magic. I will never forget the first time I saw that, back when it was black and white and you had to use a fixative stick, I was like 4 and it was the most amazing thing ever….still is.

  • Simone

    during my last summer in college, two of my friends woke me up at 7 in the morning to tell me about how excited they were to be alive on such a beautiful day. i yelled some obscenities and told them to wake me up at a reasonable hour, but they stripped to their boxers, danced outside my window, and just wouldn’t go away. i finally dragged myself outside, and it actually was the most perfect golden morning. they decided to jump from my iron rail on the ground level onto the grating of the second floor balcony. i got my polaroid and took a picture of them, mid-flight, wearing nothing but underwear and socks, arms and legs totally outstretched and reaching for the balcony. they didn’t make it, but the picture captured the glory on their faces for eternity. i’d take that photo with me; it was one of the happiest seconds of my life.

  • Freya

    I would take the one family photo we have displayed in our house. It is of my first birthday, I look really serious, my parents really happy and my older brother like he is about to blow out the candle on my cake. I wouldn’t just take this for the photo but also for the memory of my grandparents. The photo was taken at my grandparents house in Canada where I have only been twice, when I was very young. It used to belong to my grandmother, and when she passed away I took it. So this photo is one big bundle of wonderful family memories.

  • Jesse

    I would grab an old photo of one of my childhood friends, my siters, and her friend with goofy smiles on their faces. This photo is attached to my cd case, so by saving this photo, I would also be saving my very worthwhile collection of cds.

  • Maggie

    I took a roll of 35mm film I found in my house with me to study abroad in Cordoba, Spain. Little did I know, my father had already taken pictures with the film years before. Thus, when I took pictures of Andalusian sunsets and the beautiful South of Spain, I was double-exposing over a roll of pictures of me, my brother and my grandfather (who is no longer with us). The result is near-surrealistic. Forgotten moments from ten years ago matched with the best time of my life. Seeing my grandfather in a spiffy suit with a tangerine sunset casting over his face. I absolutely treasure those pleasant mistakes of photos and I would have to grab one of them to keep forever.

  • Maria Mercedes


    Impossible, impossible indeed it has been
    For me to get the Polaroid I’ve always need(ed)
    need(ed) need(ed) need(ed) need(ed) >>>>>>> ( Want/hope for/ long to have/ dream of/ for which I could eat a whole dragon hearth/la quiero!/la necesito!/ la deseo!/ je souhaite!, je
    désir!/ voglio!/ ich wünsche!/ 我想!/ ego desiderio!/ ba mhaith liom!/jeg ønsker!/ jag önskar!/ ฉันต้องการ!/ ben istiyorum!/ Я хочу!/ Eu quero!!/ 私が望む…… con todo mi corazón!

    With the fire taking in, I will immediately grab the Polaroid (circa 1986) i have next to my bed in my night table, where I am just like two months old…. my dad is holding me, my mom is holding my dad, they both look so young and I look almost, as a human being!

  • I’d grab a photo of me and my four friends taken in Crescent City, California, on our NorCal/Redwood road trip. It was the perfect day at the beach.

  • As A kid my best friend and I would give each other our portraits in a frame we made for each other. I would save the small portrait of her from elementary school, with beads and sequins on the frame.

  • I don’t much care for the photographs that come out well, and digital cameras baffle me. I’ve had to put gaffer’s tape over the LCD so I can work on not taking photographs Of Things (or worse, People).

    Actually I’d run into the house and heave myself awkwardly, banally, into the purifying conflagration, yank out some phlogiston and beat off before I was utterly consumed.

  • Jordan L

    Forget all that mushy stuff. I would grab the only photo that’s on my fridge, which is my little sister’s lame high school portrait, grab my cat, dog and husband and gtfo of there.

  • kriste

    the picture i\d grab would be of a man I don\t remeber meeting- my father. It is a blurry picture of him and me feeding the ducks by the shore of a pond. It was my mothers attempt to take a picture with a russian zenith , hence the blur. If only she had a polaroid… I might know how my father looks.

  • Marie

    A photo of my grandma at her hunting camp up northern Quebec. She’s a skinny greyish brunette wearing a red checkered hunting shirt, rubber boots and jeans. She’s preparing coffee on the porch, the sun just came up and she is surrounded by firs and pines. Her son took the picture without her knowing it, it’s a very intimate moment, yet ordinary. I know that’s where she was the most happy ever.

  • Isabela

    I’d pick the photo of my whole family, which includes my grandpa (who died a few years ago), and an aunt that was pregnant of her first child. It defines de meaning of family to me. It’s a serious pic, like the oldies people use to take. That’s nice, shows that the hierarchy of the family does not change with the time.

  • Jas

    I wouldn’t take anything.

    Pictures are meant to capture memories. And though by holding onto one picture, I’d save a memory, it may become the only thing i remember from the past as time goes on. Instead of letting one picture distort my past, I’d let all my memories live in my mind.

    One picture will never be enough.

  • Beto

    a photo of the roof, because i like my roof.

  • Sarah

    I would take a really old contact sheet of photographs of my granny that was taken before the war. It was taken after she graduated as a nurse. I love it as it as there are around twenty five photos taken in sequence. I scanned them in and made them into a stop motion movie and for the first time I saw a little video of my granny..! She’s smiling and laughing in it which is so odd to see as she died before I was born. This is a weird story but anyway..! :)

  • Stephanie


  • Lorri

    I would save a photo of my dad, black & white, taken when he was 18 years old. He’s sitting on the railing of an old ship in a sailor suit, holding a guitar. What makes it so special is that my dad died 25 years ago and I didn’t know this picture existed until one of dad’s childhood friends died a couple of years ago and his widow sent the picture to my mom. I had no idea he’d been a sailor or played guitar! So ask your parents lots of questions before you can’t anymore…

  • it would be the picture of me and my mom. we’re at queen elizabeth park and i’m still a child. shes wearing an electric blue dress and i’m wearing a banana yellow dress. I’m standing on a ledge with some overgrowth on it looking confused and doing a half curtsy. she’s got a big smile on.

  • a photo button of my mother and i from about 1981-82. it was taken with a vibrant turquoise background, so reflective light bounces into the shadows, giving them a slight green tinge. my mouth hangs open, a small wet specular highlight dangles on the tongue. my mother’s expression, confident, and even a little arrogant. her dress is of a similar turquoise, rendering her torso-less, dismantled, a floating head and limbs. best of all, the button has been damaged, scratches and peeled pigment only enhance the vintage worn quality. you can see it here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hijaktaffairs/5281295522/in/set-72157625647615810

  • It’s a strip of photos my partner and I got at the old penny arcade in San Fran – black and white and freshly in love.

  • Leoni

    There’s this one really large ‘family’ photo beautifully framed hanging on the wall in my dad’s home, the house I grew up in.

    It’s a wonderful photo, however it has my ex boyfriend on it. Nothing against him, but it’s been 7 years since we broke up. Yes the photo is still hanging on a prominent place in the house. Imagine just how (funny but) awkward it is with every new boyfriend to see it hanging there.

    You might think why I’d save it from the fire right? Well you see… I need to save it, take it outside, remove the photo from the frame and then throw it back into the fire. It´s the best way to insure that the photo is really gone.

    And then have my sister can take a nice polaroid pic of a very happy me. Making sweet new memories.

  • bu

    I would take a self portrait in front of the flames and send a copy to my douchebag landlord.

  • Was at 6,30 of a winter morning.
    I was waiting for my father, we would have gone to the Russians, to the photography section of a famous second-hand market in Rome, to find a zoom for my new camera, a used, very old, Zenith.
    Was freezing outside, I was sixteen and I was super excited. The appointment was in front of the movie theater near the ghetto at 7. I was early.
    Two homeless,a man and a woman who looks like a man, were waking up too, next to a fire, in front of me. They looked at me, I smiled, they told me to come closer and then gave me some chestnuts to warm me up. I was moved. We talked for a bit, she was witty and he seemed forgetful, but both curious. I asked to take a pic of them before leaving and they posed. He is holding the face of his dog and pointing at me, she is turned and is smiling, the chestnuts are there. A couple was coming out from behind the movie theater. The woman of the couple gave me this interrogative look, she didn’t know about our magic moment.. Is one of my first picture and is still one of my most loved ones. It’s next to my bed, I would grab that.

  • Joe

    i’d save the photo i got with romain gavras, he’s such a badass..

  • Lanii

    I would save this one and only picture of mine when I was a 3 years old kid. I’m the youngest in my family. Due to my chinese background family, my dad loves and adores my eldest sister the most. If I could show you my family album, all you could find were picture and another picture of my sister. He owns a camera store, thus when he owns his first film camera, he took heaps of my sister’s pictures. So, I barely have mine picture taken back when I was a kid. Perhaps, 8 years differences made my dad not so interested in taking picture of his child anymore.

    All I have is this one and only picture, where in the picture, I was sitting on the floor, playing with my Lego bricks, and I was trying to bite one of the yellow brick. I was wearing a baby pink dress with tiny flowers patterns. I smiled so freely, and my eyes looked like half of the moon. That’s how everyone describes my eyes when I smile or laugh. But even so, I still love my dad and not hating him for loving my sister more. And thanks to him for taking such an adorable picture of mine.

  • Ben

    A Polaroid transfer of my wife as a little girl with her parents that her father made 34 years ago.

  • probably a rare photo of me looking cool in my sunnies back when i was 6 months.

  • Andrew

    I would take the photo I took of the girl I like of her sitting in a flower field wearing a pink dress.

  • gabriel

    It would be a picture of me dressed as Cindy Lauper when I was 7 years old, by my older sister. (and i agreed with her… ahah)

  • I would quickly grab my tiny box and take out the photo of
    my mom holding her stomach while she was pregnant with me.

  • stephen

    The one perfect B&W I took in photo class a number of years ago of ink suspended in water. It took some work to get that shot right.

  • jasmine

    I would save this double exposed picture of my brother holding a pumpkin with an alligator from the zoo thats floating above his head. It’s priceless.

  • Rob

    wreck beach sunset

  • William Alexander


  • I have always wanted a Polaroid camera!!

    If I had to save one photo from a fire it would be a small photograph of my mother when she was about 3 or 4 years old and she’s helping her mother hang laundry in their backyard. While my grandmother is hanging the laundry on the wire rack, my mom is hanging her tiny white socks up on a child-size rack. Cutest photo ever and there is no replacing it.

  • A very large photograph, which is a single photograph of all my individual photographs. It folds down to a more convenient size for emergencies, and… well, convenience. Cheat alert!

  • Erin Wallace

    i would, in dramatic fashion of course, throw my body over my laptop, camera and photo albums. Facing certain death i would whisper to them “it’s going to be okay…. (cough) we can make it out of here guys!!”…… yes, i would.

  • the picture i have of George W. Bush and Barack Obama giving each other a kiss.

  • I would take a picture of my great grandmother, its a close up and shes smiling. i miss her

  • Ems Wilson

    Me toasting marshmallows on a lava flow.

  • I would grab this photo of me and this guy named Dani that my friend took just a few months ago. My friend and I were walking around near Canada place, and this guy was begging along the seawall. We got to talking (neither of us had any change), and this guy basically told us his life story. I’ve grown to not trust what most beggars say on the street, but this guy didn’t ask about any money past his initial request and instead just wanted to talk. So we talked for a while, and he told us about his life growing up in Montreal, his mother’s suicide, his brother’s illness and his move to the west coast. He told us he had to go to St. Paul’s for his AIDS treatment, and that the doctor’s had said he wasn’t going to live past April. I’m assuming he’s dead, so I’d want him to be remembered by someone.

  • Maria Fernandes

    I would save the picture I took in my favorite room of the house. It’s my little sister playing between the books, in the library. I’d be saving the picture and the good memory of that lovely moment that will never come back.

  • tom

    a picture of the bathroom mirror, to remember all the light that has been scattered (and me)

  • A Polaroid of a high school friend in full marching band gear. He is currently in a very respectable alternative punk band and as soon as pitchfork grabs them, I’m cashing in on those braces.

  • meg

    I have this photo that is of this disheveled teenage couple around 1910. I have no idea who they are, but they look like a kindhearted Bonnie and Clyde and I love them.

  • Gabriela S G

    The photo that I would choose was taken by my sister with her polaroid, back from the 90’s. She got it as a gift from our father and being the all typical 15-year-old teenager she usually was taking photos of silly things. But this one photo I really enjoy, and here is the context: one morning, I just had waken up, she grabbed me to her room and said that wanted a photo of me and our nanny. I still was kind of dizzy from waking up, just stood beside our nanny and she took the photo very quickly, without any thinking. But the result was really nice. I had that morning face.. eyes a little closed, a terrible messy hair. Our nanny smiling. But the coolest thing was the photo composition and framing: our nanny was in front of a brown door, she has dark skin and was with dark clothes, and me, in front of a white wall, with white pajamas and quite pale from morning..this has a nice framing in the photo, and besides that, I enjoy the camouflage feeling from it. Oh, and of course, the other reason I would save this photo from fire is because I love so much our nanny, she’s my 2nd mother and has always been so present in my whole life.

  • Jocelyn

    I would take a the picture that has my whole family in it to make sure i include everyone :)

  • kayla

    id grab the photo of me and my dad when i was a baby. we are on the rooftop of my building with the orange sun setting behind us. his hair is long and dreamy and he has on his old thick coke bottle glasses. i feel like you can see how much he loves me in that photo. its my favorite. never would leave it behind.

  • fernanda

    i would probably take my picture of gir and zim awww i love that show yes i would take that picture for sure

  • Anna

    A black and white photo of me and my favourite childhood friends taken at a party in the middle of summer when I was around 10. I’m laying in the middle with my eyes shut really tight and everyone’s gathered around me. We’re playing light as a feather.

  • I would save the photo of my parents, young maybe 20 something in one of their first flats in Wellington. My fathers hair is long, my mother’s hair is short and they both look so happy and so in love. I think of them in that photo unaware of their futures, but with some idea.

  • Danielle J

    On my wall there’s a close-up photo of roses I took at my fifth grade banquet. It’s a reminder of what is beautiful, what we observe to be happy.

  • Rhys

    I would save the photo of me as a youngster. I have been dressed up by my parents in a woolen psychdellic coloured top that flows down past my knees, I am crouching looking at the camera well and truly perplexed due to being distracted from my examination of the ground by my mother saying ‘look here lad’. I chose it simply because I would like to show my children it one day.

  • the photo of my house on fire

  • there’s a photo i have framed of my brother, when he was about a year old, and my mom holding him in her arms. they were at the beach in the winter of 1988 so she’s adorned in her black jacket and my brother is wearing a blue onesie with a baby beanie on as well. everything matches. they are in the foreground focused on the left side of the photo. in the middle is the ocean,looking rather violent for it being a winter morning, but still frothing like rabid dog held at bay. it was hungry. ascending into the air are seagulls, i would guess around 20, moving either away or towards my brother and mom. i can never tell because so many are in different motions that the hectic feeling of it eludes me from surmising whether or not they’re afraid or defending themselves. it caught a moment i was never born for but somehow feel has always been with me. the craze of nature and it’s creatures, the sea and it’s seagulls, contrasted by the loving hold my mother has on my oh so curious old brother as a baby.
    this is the photo i would save, one which no fire may engulf or reduce to ashes.

  • The picture of my great grandparents with my grandmum holding my aunt(as a baby) in her arms out in the porch of the house that was burning down.Probably the first photo of this house.

  • It would have to be the picture of my family portrait.

  • something like this http://i53.tinypic.com/2mchrae.jpg
    but with the fire behind me!

  • oh, i tought that i would take one photo, like make one foto, not grab one photo.. pardon me,

  • Shawn

    My picture of my mommy <3


    I take back my previous response, mainly because the link didn’t work, and change it to thus: If I won this camera with the instant film I would take it to the grocery store and photograph all the food I cannot afford because I am poor.

    P.S. I am extremely hungry right now

  • The picture of my dog when she was a puppy, with her mouth open very slightly and her head tilting down so her row of white teeth looks like a corny smile. It looks like a really bad photoshop edit but it is in fact real. and that’s why i like it. A happy photo mistake!

  • Lene

    It’s not excately a photo, but it a moment captured and framed like an eternal memorie of love and life. When My mom was giving birth to me, my dad took my two older sisters to a meadow to find four-leaf clovers, one for each of us. Now the five clovers are close to 28 years as I am, and still the 4 represent each of the people I love the most, eventhough the most important of them, my mom, is no longer here.

  • If its just the one photo before the house burns down …. it would have to be the polaroind portrait of my girlfriend, I shot that in the first weeks of being in love with her. (taken with my first PX Impossible film).

  • the one photo i would save would most definitely be a polaroid i took a couple years ago in the grand canyon. i took it with a 100 land camera i bought for $8 in berkley, ca. the film is the fuji 100c film, aka polaroid 669. the picture is a multiple exposure landscape where i took one shot, flipped the camera upside down and took the same picture again. deep, dark colors, where canyon and clouds overlap to create an eerie reflection.

  • I’d for sure grab the naked family portrait. Once we went on vacation with the whole family and took a group portrait on which everyone was naked, including my grandparents.
    It really makes you think about your roots. As our affiliation to different (sub) cultures/generations disappear with our clothes, we look so connected. Just like a pack of wolves.

  • i would make a photo of my book & magazine shelf. i would really miss them.

  • oh missunderstood the question. i would save the photograph of my mom holding me in the mirror then.

  • picture of the house.

  • elin

    holy moly, me-oh-my, that camera looks so amazing and delicious !! Anyhow, My mother have saved only one photo album from her early years, its polaroids of moments with her mum and dad; family gathering berries in forest ‘klick’ mum and dad outside their summerhouse ‘klick’ family drinking lemonade in the grass ‘klick’. The photo that i would save do come from this album too, its simple but still great composed; my mother standing up, her sister and brother sitting in front of her in the corner down to the left in front of this big blooming rhododendron bush that looks like its taken from alice in wonderland or something. I strongly belive that there is no way for me to ever get this camera, but this give away. dear friend i hope that you find someone good owner for the camera, if i get the chance i promise you three four five pictures from this summer’s adventures back home in sweden.

  • Ashley

    my most prized photo was taken relatively recently. my boyfriend and i took some mdma and got tipsy on wine. we turned the lights off in my room except for some christmas lights that i usually have strung up above my windows. we took the strands of twinkling lights down and wrapped them around our naked bodies and then took photos on my 35mm with black and white film. in the photo that i would save, you can see the bright spots of light, and just the curve of his body on top of mine (from the side), only from upper thigh to mid chest, where you can see the outline of my breast. i made a 20″x20″ print of it and it’s hanging in our bedroom. since it’s one of the best memories that i have and it’s captured perfectly on film and printed, that’s that photo that i would save if my house was burning. that one photo.

  • Wesley Ong

    I would save the photo of the view I had from the balcony and windows of my room. I would want to remember the comfort of home that came with that view, waking up to it every morning since I was born.

  • melisa

    me with my mohawk

  • Taschmahal

    A photo of god

  • The photo I immediately think of was given to me by a roommate on my birthday eight years ago. It’s a picture of (I assume) two of his friends at prom, a boy and a girl. The girl is obviously better friends and is leaning forward slightly and taking a picture of him taking the picture, so her face is totally obscured by her crappy minolta with the flash going off, except for a great big smile with lots of teeth. She’s wearing a tiara and long white gloves and a fancy white dress. Her date is wearing a tux and more tolerant smile, no teeth, standing next to and slightly behind her and also looking directly at whoever is taking the picture.
    Their expressions are so inclusive and friendly it makes me feel like they really know me, like they really are taking my picture too, right now, and I’m smiling and excited too. It’s all the more touching because they never did know me, it’s not a memory or record but more like a possibility, and the fact that it was an offhand gift, when it really should have been kept, formalizes it somehow, or universalizes it. I don’t know. I think it’s my archetypical photo.

  • sophie

    a picture of my grandfather standing in his grey suit flashing a gun. he was a member of the resistance movement during the 2nd world war and would carry it in his bag to university

  • Mark

    a photo of me and 3 of my best friends (of whom none now live in the same city/country) reunited, skating at the famous MACBA spot in Barcelona. a dream we’ve all shared from the age of 14, finally accomplished at the age of 26. well worth the wait.

  • WHEN I WAS A KID, I grew up in an old wooden house; built in the early 1900’s.

    During one drunken tirade, my dad screamed at my mom, walked into our bathroom and PUNCHED A MASSIVE HOLE in our wall. Days later, being the curious kid I was (and still am today), I reached deep into the hole—not really sure what I’d find—and pulled out an old, faded, sepia photo of a middle-class caucasian couple.

    + + +

    Till this day, my family has no idea who the people in the photo are. SO I KEEP IT WITH ME: one part fantasizing the couple’s imagined history; the other hoping I somehow, serendipitously, come across their great-grandchild.

    Whatever the case,
    THE MYSTERY OF THIS PHOTO has outlived its inhabitants; making it worthy of preservation from any infernal riots.

  • I’d have to say a picture of my grandma Jeanne’s funeral in 1999, her casket after we covered it in TONS of skate stickers. It surely was one of the saddest days of my life thus far, but thanks to my unconventional family and her place in the skateboarding community (founding Upland Pipeline) it was a unique memorial that stays vivid in my mind today, even though I was just 13 at the time.

    I pick it because it is, to me, a fascinating image, but also because it saves me the grief of having to choose between people depicted in my most precious photos- the images act as too much of a proxy for my actual friends and family- could never choose between them!

  • nino

    ill save our family picture that was taken 20 years ago. we’re all prepped up in this photo and we still have our mother then. she passed on 3 years ago. that photo is our only remembrance when we were still complete. it’s worth every dime to save it.

  • I’d rescue a photograph of my father.
    I don’t want him to burn into ashes, twice.

  • my boyfriend fire dancing

  • i would grab my HTC, go outside, take a picture of the house and post it on facebook saying: “damn my new polaroid gets toasted” :D

  • áh, a photo of me in moominland.

  • Gareth

    a photo of me being a ghost at the beach.

  • hadar raz

    a photo of me and my brother.
    we dont have many photos together..

  • me i want to take an aerial picture of the begining of the end of the world, in 2012. I would have this foto forever, for a few minutes….

  • Christine Gore

    I would grad the one of me and my sibling trying to act like water in some very 80’s clothes.

  • the photo i would save i found when visiting my great uncle. We have hampers full of photographs but i’m not normally allowed too keep any. I found a photograph that was sort of papery and is sepia. It’s of a tall older women in what looks like 1940s maybe even older clothing with a hat with a large feathery plume coming out of it. She looks a bit angry an not happy that her photograph is being taken. It’s a professional posed photo but is still a lot smaller than a normal photo nowadays. No one has been able to identify her despite my relatives from all over the world trying to figure out who she is.

  • I would save a picture of me and my three best friends. It’s a picture of us, taken last summer, and we’re laughing really hard for no reason.
    When you lost all your stuff in a fire, that one picture would still keep you happy inside your heart. Because when you know you still have friends to hug you, everything will be alright.

  • ian england

    the photobooth photos of my parents as courting teenagers; my father had a thick moustache, my mother had farah fawcett hair; all smiles. they’re still together and when i look at those photos i feel calm. time passes and hair changes but love is strong.

  • Yasmin

    I would grab a photo of my digital camera to look back on with fond memories, cos i won’t need it when i have a shiny new polaroid camera.

  • Jason T

    wow urm…the photo is of my parents when they first moved into the a barn they converted into a just about liveable space. The floor is bare dirt, just a wood burner in the background but they look so proud and happy.

  • Joe

    The photo I took through a telescope of Gary Coleman dribbling.

  • I’d make sure to take the actual poster of my first billboard, made for the Fashion&Architecture project of the Architecture Center here in Amsterdam.

  • names

    a photo of my best friend, i lived together with her, and we took these photos (she took one of me, i took one of her)right before she moved out and moved very far away..

  • Once i had a one step polariod camera. But when my twin nice and nephew throwed it into the water on a boat trip, while playing with it. I lost it.

    They are now 2 years old. My nephew, a cute, sweet little guy and does everything what his sister asked. The girl is a smartpant with a strong opinion, wich always want to do things togheter with her brother. Seeing those two togheter makes me laugh.

    The picture that i would take if my house went on fire is the one that i maked with that polariod camera. That picture was a picture of them lying togheter in a babycrip in the hospital. They where early borns, so small and fragile, bit so beautifull! That everything went right, was so great for my aunt an uncle! And now i still think those two are little miracles.

  • Nico Lini

    I just hope it will be dark enough to shoot my sweat burning house properly.

  • I would grab the picture of my old house on when it was on fire and try to remember to take a picture of my current house on fire.

  • I would defiantly grab a photograph i took a couple mouths ago, of my boyfriends head peeking from the covers. the pattern of the sheets and the pillow filling the photo, and his head is the only thing you can see. but it doesn’t end there because this camera i have is a strange one.
    it drew a white sort of shadow on his sleeping, calm face.
    its so bizarre and magical, like his dreams are making their mark on the picture.

  • Probably one of the last shots I took of my grandfather while wandering around in our downtown area. He was a huge influence for me even getting interested in photography.

  • Tanja

    The house is on fire, still, i wouldn’t leave without the photo of my very cool grandmother surrounded by a group of young men, all trying to get her attention. It’s taking by grandfather back in the 70s. My grandmother is smiling and looking intense into the camera. I can feel her love to my grandfather through that picture… and she looks stunning!

  • One day, I sat on the side of the road, for about five or seven hours, waiting for a tow truck, and a couple of indigo buntings often flirted above my window. After my five or seven hour wait, I decided to get out & capture them, bright blue, in the deepening blue sky. I found one lying dead on the yellow divider line that’s spray-painted on the gray & black gravel (with little peeks of green weeds sprouting). I thought it was gorgeous. I took that picture, and would rush after it, in a fire.

  • I’d grab the photograph of the bastard that just set my house on fire so that the authorities could identify and arrest them.

  • mariekie tzatziki

    ik wil m ik wil m ik wil m, benieuwd welke taal dit is? nederlands!

  • a photo of me and an ex sat on a bench that we took on self timer resting on the floor, so our heads are cut off and you can mainly see the grey pebbled concrete, the brown bench, his bright orange jumper and checked trousers, my bright blue coat and grey reeboks, theres a plastic bag thats floated in shot, it was quite windy. i love it so much- not because of the ex- but because it completely represents that time in my life, me as a teenager, and how euphorically happy i was then. everything about it all the subtle thing, how we’r dressed, how i’m sat, how long my hair was! is just the epitome of that time, as many photos as i took back then i don’t need any of them because this one just shows it all. and it was made even better the day i could treasure it because of that and not who’s in it. how much i’ve grown up and changed since then. that’s why its so great that our heads are cut off.

  • I would grab a 35mm photo, which my girlfriend took.
    In the middle of the photo is a lamp pole and it’s surrounded by city life.
    The photo was taken in Brussels, but on the lamp pole is a sticker, with the letters “glücklich!!?!”.
    “Glücklich” is german and means in english “happy”.
    My girlfriend took it during her time in Brussels and I liked the photo from the first day i saw it
    and I was very happy, when she send me this photo in a letter.
    Now I put it in a picture frame with a black background.
    I would grab this photo, before leaving the house,
    because it expresses so much, about city life… and I really like the structure of the photo.
    Also it means a lot to me, because she is still in brussels and the photo is like a part of her.

  • maddy

    i would rescue the photo that i took with a disposable camera last year about this time
    it was a hot night.. it was taken about seven oclock
    my boyfriend david and i were going to our friend`s house, he was longboarding, i was biking and we didn`t really know how to get there so we just kepy going down hills. i took the picture while biking, his back is to me and he’s about half a block away. the cars and houses beside me are blurry but farther ahead they’re in focus. the sky is all washed out except for the corners and the trees are an arched ceiling above our heads and the sun is just setting so its making splashes of light across his feet and the road. it is my most favourite picture because it reminds me of running to places

  • i would wonder how my house caught fire and grab one photo.. album! Cause i’m that strong! yeah!

  • Zeb

    I’d grab a photo of me and my brother from when we were kids. Within the time span of the same day I got stung on my eyeball by a bee and its gotten absolutely huge, while my brother had managed to somehow get a massive black eye. I never found out how that happened, neither did anyone else but my parents thought it was funny enough to take a picture of it. Gotta say its still kinda funny for us.

  • Margaret

    See, this is why I’d be bad in a fire. I can’t make decisions like that! Probably though it would have to be the photo of my grandma with the pet baby jaguar she had for all of one day. It’s sitting on her lap, her kids are glaring daggers at it, and she’s got a big ol fake smile just ~plastered~ on her face because that jaguar is digging its claws into her lap and she was too much of a lady to not smile for a photograph~

  • Bryan

    I would grab the family portrait that we took together at a photography studio. The smiles on our faces are truly priceless.

    Taken before I left to pursue my studies, it reminds me of the happy times we shared as a family. The presence of the photo itself makes it feel as though my family are right by my side and it gets me through all the hard, lonely and difficult times that I face in a foreign land.

    With my siblings also leaving our parents for greener pastures, it truly serves as a reminder of how important it is, to eventually return to my family and be one united entity again.

  • Patrick

    It would be a photo of my mother, father, brother and myself. Specifically this one taken of us all when I was a kid following the construction of my first snowman. In fact, my parents even have it printed on one of those collector plates. Anyways, we’ve just thrown frosty together.
    The photo is snapped, and my brother opens the flood gates more quickly than game & in the 94 series with the decapitation of my new found friend by broom stick.

  • it will be a photo of me, my little sister and my mother which we were siting in our porch in the morning, a day after my circumcision celebration…I wear sarong at that time…it’s a great memory…since it’s pretty rare for me take a picture with my mother…

  • Lidia

    The photo I’d make sure to save would be the one with the rest of my family on the day we just moved into the house, taken inside the living room.

  • theres a photo of my dad back when he was cooler and liked to have fun. its him in a forest with my three half brothers who are 20 years older than me. they are all sitting together and laughing and my dad is wearing some fat eyeglasses and he still had dark hair

    • demonica

      I would grab a b&w close up of my older brother, who was 3 years old at the time the photo was taken. Family have got only one copy of this picture.
      After I found this particular photo I asked my mother ‘why is he that purple all over the face? Did he eat blueberries just before and enjoy them that much that finally he got them everywhere?’ She answered with the face full of memories (rather laughing inside not being miserable) – ‘no honey, actually your brother fell out of a baby stroller and I didn’t noticed so I run over him. He was livid all over. I took this picture because your father was abroad that time and he couldn’t believe what I have done.’
      This one picture, a bit blurry, with not cute looking little bro reminds me about our childhood. All the stories when our mother lost her children several times, we often fell out of strollers, twice she put us in a car looking exactly the same as ours on the parking lot, after a while when she wanted to have a look how we are doing she couldn’t find us but actually we were just in the next car. Story from the shopping male, when my mother was busy talking with a friend and I went away. After few hours she found me sitting and waiting at the door of our apartment covered with red and purple on my face. She thought that I’m seriously hurt but I only ate Easter colouring paints. And many more stories including me, my brother and my super crazy caring woman. Anyway, the woman one and only.
      Our childhood is hidden behind this picture. When I look at it I know why we grew up for such badasses, living unhook life people, we are right now.

      • demonica

        make my day a masterpiece =)

  • jumanji

    i would grab all of them polaroids in our kitchen with all the people i love on them. every time someone sleeps at ours we take a polaroid right before going to bed (it’s the most hilarious wall ever…)

    even if i would die tryin rip them off the wall / couldnt leave my life burning to the ground.

    sorry for the bad english. tried my best. love . your. blog.

  • Angelina

    What an awesome giveaway!!! My most cherished photo is of my grandmother and my sister right after my sister had open heart surgery.

  • david isaac

    the photo is one i just took, a self-portait in which i’m sitting calmly in my bedroom reading chair as flames engulf what once was mine. my grandmother’s bible lay closed across my lap as i pause to reflect the significance of the passage i just read and what it must have meant to her. her body is gone, and all that is physical is only temporary, but love is everlasting. i will make it through the fire, i’m sure. i will make it through the fire.

  • Riikka

    I would have the picture of my family in front of my Grandmoms house. I’m a teenager with a frown and a bad posture and everyone else are laughing. But I still remember that I just wanted to sulk and pout ’cause of some small thing that had happened earlier but inside I felt so happy to take the picture with my family and wanted to laugh with them. It was so hard to keep a straight face. The picture makes me still get the feeling of soon bursting happiness when I see it!

    • Riikka

      So that picture would still make me feel happiness after all the other stuff had burned! It the feeling that counts!

  • Anny

    I recently learned how to do polaroid lifts and transfers but with the fuji film because of its convenience to obtain over polaroids. I had taken a photo of my sister and I in China to reproduce. This photo is beyond my words because we are picking guavas only to shut her up from stepping in dung! Fits the moment and quality of a snapshot!

  • Bedford.

    It’d have to be one taken of my friend’s last birthday. It was summer and a few of my friends eady’s and me went to stay for a couple of days on a little boat in dartmouth. It was coming up to midnight (the night before eady’s birthday) so cat pretended she needed the loo and that she was too freaked out to go to the harbour toilets alone. This got eady out of the way- in the 10 minutes that they were gone the rest of us blew up as many balloons as humanly possible and stuck birthday candles in a pan of mash potato. The photo is a self timer shot of all of us surrounded by /obscured by balloons, beer cans, indian take ways boxes and the birthday mash pan. No make up, hair nearly dreadlocked but shitting ourselves laughing. We’re an odd bunch, but thats a photo i’d be sad to loose.

  • Benjamin R.

    A picture of me when I was 4, wearing overalls and holding my teddy bear. It humbles me and reminds me that I am not really as mature as I think I am, even now.

  • i took a picture in grand bend last summer…which somehow after processing came out only in black and blue. the content in the photo is a lifeguard station, with three people sitting inside, and people surrounding the scene. I love the photo because of the odd colour streaks, as they create something unreal to the experience i had….creating it into an experience i wish i had. i believe i would only take that photo if my house was burning and i had to get the heck out of there.

  • Marusa

    Hmm, after long time I am again in my parents house(for a weekend), so I will grab the photo, where are me, and my mum in the middle of garden full of flowers. The photo was taken something like 18 years ago, I was five. We went to the Zoo. My mum had long curly and blond hair, I was standing by her(No clue that my brother was coming), with my hands over the face, I couldn’t see anything because of the sun. I was dressed in one of the most beautiful dresses(those, for the special events, like going to the Zoo. Or church.) – blue with white stripes, or just the opposite. In the back, there is (burning) house. Of course I (still) have a dad. He took this photo. The only photo in his life. I am pretty sure. Serious! So, it is worth to take it. Nevertheless, I will know how the house looked like once.

  • Erin

    the picture I would save would have to be the photo of my and my friend performing at acoustic evening, it was one of our last days at school together and she is still the most amazing friend on the planet, both of us were scared stiff and i played the song at about 4 times it’s origional speed, but the experience was so worth it! haha :D

  • Kimi

    A picture taken on a day trip sledding in the mountains when I was about 5 of my dad’s handprint in the snow next to my handprint. I lost the photo until after my dad passed away but it holds a lot of really amazing memories of how much fun we used to have

  • pekmezmed

    I wouldn’t save any photos. I’d just grab the camera and make some new memories!


    anyone. i don’t have any pictures in my house. because of that i need some polaroid.

  • Lisa Hartje Moura

    I would save the picture I took minutes before with my brand new instant film of the firemen who came into my house to rescue my whole life,

    One need to have a little humour about it! :D

  • The portrait of my grand mother at her last time at our yearly family gathering. She’s sourrounded by her 5 children, 11 grand children and 4 great grand children. She has a great smile on her face.

  • Joanna

    it would be a picture of me and my family that was taken ten years ago. This picture is actually the only family picture that we have and it brings back a lot of old but really good memories.

  • sandra

    i would save a b/w-photo of my grandparents when they just got married in the 30’es. they look so radiant, my grandmother a bit shy and my grandfather so proud. also, the photo has always seemed slightly exotic to me, as the whole setting and their glamourous smiles look so distinctly non-danish. they look more like a gangster-couple from the italian mob. i love that photo and everyday i miss my grandparents who both passed away many years ago. (memo to self: take the photo out of box and put it somewhere accessible in case of fire..!)

  • a photo of me with the yeti last winter, in the pic i appear sitting up on his shoulder while he is eating a polar bear that previously ate a friend of mine. Beautiful moment, God bless i had my polaroid!!

  • My mom & dad’s wedding portrait on our old piano. It used to always make me smile because of 1) how cool they looked even though I never thought of them as cool when I was little & 2) how in love they look & 3) how little they have changed since their marriage.

  • A picture of you & me as you pass me the giftaway!

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  • kyle moe

    The photo of my dad when he was my age, dating my mom, in the woods with bleach blonde hair. paul newmans twin.

  • Nele Moens

    I have a shelve at home with all 30’s and 40’s pictures of my great grandma, my grandma and some 50’s of my father. Also the original photo that I used for my father’s funeral last year is on the shelve. I’d grab ‘m all. If I’d loose those I’d cry my eyes out so I’ll rather take the risk of burning my hands.

  • the fire? the things you can take photo of, can be burnt but your memory can not be burnt. i’d take the photo of the fire.

  • Reynir Þ

    It would be a photo of me and my friends with the the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano in Iceland, That photo would be the best memory of me and my girlfriend and my best friends before we all went to separate ways, because of our studies or work we all had to split up. None of us lives in Iceland and the Volcano was our last time together, The Lava would remind me of that fire of the burning house i would be running out of!

  • oh shit. wrong answer haha. i’d grab my film box, i can get photos again from the films.

  • Franko

    the photo i have of Jeff running around naked!

    Bye bye!

  • I would not save any photos but instead get this Polaroid camera from The Impossible Project to capture the last moment of my house while it burnt into ashes. For in that house is where my childhood memories and many happy moments were. And more memories can be made with new cameras but the all the photos remained in my heart even when it was gone forever in that fire.

  • Jesse

    its a photo of me and my twin sister, both of us in the kitchen of our house when it was new. both of us were about one year old or younger, both rolling around in our jolly-jumpers.
    I was weariong a white onesy with a tuxedo-bib and her wearing a purple shirt, both of us were covered in drool and corn that i assumne we had just ate.
    you can see out of the front door, it was sunny outside and my cat was just entering the room as you can see on the side of the picture.

    • Jesse

      to me it resembles pure innocence

  • I would save a pic of my about-to-be husband and me in a beach in Spain that he gave me the day of our first anniversary. It means a lot to me :)

  • If I had to choose only one photo to take with me, it’ll have to be the polaroid photo I have of my mom when she was a teenager. She looks so beautiful and the photo captured her essence perfectly!

  • Rebebcca m

    thers a photograph of me and my best childhood friends on the day my mum skydived the 3 of us are standing in a row screaming up in to the sky for her with our hands in the air we were all so excited to see her coming down and wer wearing the most colourfull oversized jumpers =) i love this photo it never fails to make me smile it reminds me of how cool my mum was that day!

  • grace

    a photo of my mom in her twenties in the seventies. she’s wearing a plaid shirt and smiling while standing in a field of weeds that go up to her chest.

  • Jon Wetzel

    I would save the picture of me and my cousins as babies all crawling up my grandma. It means a lot to me because my grandma could pass away any day now…

  • cam

    A portrait I took of my parents. Simple

  • The photo I would grab is one of my grandparents holding me for the first time as a baby. I was very close to them and it makes me smile every time I see it.

    Such a great giveaway!
    Good luck everyone.

  • Jinn Liu

    I have a single picture taped on my wall across from my bed that I stare at everyday, of when I was about four or five. My parents and I were leaving China for America in two days, and my parents took me to a local kite park for one last visit. I’ve never seen my parents more beautiful, young, or in love. It’s during the autumn, so the background is a canvas of golden orange and vibrant red, and I’m holding a beautiful, intricate kite. We’re standing in front of the main gate, the traditional Chinese styled kind. I like to think that the expression on my parents’ faces mirrored exactly what they were feeling: their anticipation and excitement fore starting completely over in a new country. The stress of immigration has completely changed them, however. They’re worn out now. Looking at that picture reminds me of times when everything was simpler and happier. And if it wasn’t for that picture, I don’t think I’d really remember any of it.

  • Angela

    I would have to grab the photo of my mother as a small child receiving her first communion. It is a very beautiful, perfectly timed photo.

    • Angela

      It is a black and white photo. She is very small, wearing a white dress and veil and standing in front of the priest, next to a woman who is kneeling in front of the priest. She can barely see over the railing she kneels in front of. The priest is placing a communion wafer on her tongue.

  • I would save the picture of my arm receiving the last stage of the chemotherapy treatment that I did last year when I was with Cancer. And on my arm I have one tattoo that says: “In one life, you can do many things…”
    This picture means for me a big change in my life.
    Here, the picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pirecco/4755782850/in/photostream

  • Tim

    being free is a lot like being lost! Lostinagoodway
    me me me

  • Maurice Chalfin

    the one photo i would save is actually a big print of a series of nine black and white photos of a kid breaking into an apartment, through a ground floor window, across the street in Harlem, NYC where i grew up. I took the photo while rehabilitating after being hit by a car, when i would sit and stare out my windows for hours a day. The series was the first artistic endeavor i partook in following a my surgery from being hit by a car, it has a special place in my heart.

  • It would have to be a photograph of my little brother winning at bowling on his 7th Birthday. Captured just at the moment he got a strike, hands in the air celebrating.

  • The picture of my Mom and I laying on the couch together. I am about 8 months old, Mom looks exhausted but happy in her sleep. She is cradling me and has her big permed hair and the cutest 90’s clothes. It is wonderful and always brings happy tears to my eyes when I see it.

  • …also I have wanted polaroid film for years. I own 7 polaroid cameras and love them all to death. I’d give anything to have even one slip of film to create a gorgeous, everlasting memory on.
    Good luck to all <3

  • jarrrieth

    can it be meeee. pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pleeeeeeeeaaaaaase :)
    my cat would love it.

  • Yikes, good luck in reading through all of these a week from now! :P

    I don’t have very many hard copy photos that I’ve taken, and there isn’t one that stands out right away in mind from my mom’s collection of hard copies.

    That being said, I’m going to imagine a photo that I would take with this give away camera that I would save above all the others. I hope that’s ok with the rules.

    I am engaged to my best friend. We don’t have oodles of money, but we’re gonna have a blast being married. I saw a picture on someone’s blog or something of a “couple shrine”; a box or table full of tokens from a couple’s relationship. The photo I would save would be my only copy of a very special moment that would rest in our couple shrine. It would look like this: I would take it from behind him while I was still in the house, and he would be leaning against the door jam, back lit by the sun on our apartment porch. He would be holding up his hand with his wedding ring almost glinting in the sunshine. He would have his head turned back over his shoulder with a big grin on his face, because he would want to share the beauty of the moment with me.

    That’s all! :)

  • I would grab a photo of my mom and dad when they where in there 20’s. It makes me smile when i see it.

    thanks for holding a cool contest like this.

  • Aaron Gonzalez

    I wouldn’t want to grab a photo at all. Anything I’d grab would just remind me of about what I’m about to lose. I would just have to say good by and thank you to all my precious photos, and then move on.

  • I have a Polaroid I took of my fiance right when we first started dating. It hangs on my bulletin board and it always makes me feel safe; remembering the time I truly fell in love.

  • fiorella

    i’d pick the picture of all my cousins and myself at the beach house during summer 1988. we were a fun bunch, barefoot, free and happy! we barely see each other nowadays, but i keep them all close to my heart and in my best thoughts. i look at that image and i’m instantly smiling.
    thanks for the giveaway. you are awesome! if i win, don’t worry, i’ll take care of the courier fees ;0)

  • I would choose a photo of me waking up! After all we are talking about the impossible project!

  • JJ

    I would save one of the first photos I took as a child, with a film camera, of my father at the Grand Canyon. After it developed, my mother noticed that my father’s shadow looked like a rabbit in the photo. She said that in ancient Chinese culture, gods’ shadows would appear in their true form, so we had a bit of a laugh over my father, the rabbit king :)

  • I’d be sure to grab this photo of my older brother and sister taken before I was born: My sister’s about two years old and is playing with the air conditioner vent that’s making her Shirley Temple-esque dress poof up. She’s so excited it’s as if she’s discovered it for the first time. My brother, about 4 at the time, is laying on the floor in the background. The photo so accurately describes their personalities today even though they’re both well into their 20s. I keep it in my wallet always.

  • I’d shot to myself, whit my Polaroid, and that could be the most unique and critical moment, when in fact I lose everything.

  • A picture with boobies on it.

  • It would have to be the 1980s photo i have of my dad’s side of the family in which my 20 something uncle is holding up a playboy.

  • kayla burgas

    I would like to save a photo of my dogs!

  • Kristen Suarez

    Please! Me! :) It would INSTANTLY make me happy!

  • Jason Wright

    I would save the polaroid of me holding up my cum-stained undies after waking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed from my first ever wet dream…. at age 19 because I learned to jerk it before I could produce sperm!!! My greatest ever accomplishment was by subconcious.

  • Marc Funaro

    I went to Oregon over spring break.
    I’m at the Open saturday market.
    I set up my 4×5 and this stoned out of his mind 60 something year old hippie walks up to me.
    I expect “Dude, that camera is radical,” but instead he walks up and says
    “That’s a Tachihara 4×5!”
    ~”Damn right it is!”
    We talk about how he’s traveled and finally settled down in Oregon because the weed was the best in the country.
    I ask him to take his picture and he gladly accepts.
    I worked on that damn photo for days and the final print was worth the 50+ sheets of photo paper i went through to get to it.

    The nameless hippie will be a man i’ll never forget and i will never judge another living soul because of him.

    also he taught me out to cross-filter while printing!

  • the only picture i will save is a picture of me when i was a kid with my dad,
    my dad is trying to assist me in pointing the “wooden gun” towards the camera..

  • Georgia

    I’d take the picture of my dad and I when I was a child. We’re in the driveway of my old house and he’s kneeling down on one knee to be in the frame. I’m wearing overalls and holding a blanket that looks bigger than it actually is because of my small size. Neither of us are really smiling-I think the timing of the shot didn’t give us enough preparation. But I like the picture that way.

  • Lore

    I’m a broke young artist, this would fill my life and summer with joy! If you pick me I’ll be oh so grateful <3

  • Fiona

    As I am currently binded by the digital world, all of my photos are on my camera.. So, I would snatch my old digi camera (after throwing all my bedding out the window) on my way to my ninja dive through said window. And, jjust as my bedroom doorway gave way to the flames licking up the stairs and over the landing, I would body roll, after ninja jumping, cradling my camera and come to a shaking stop as I realised my passport, phone and wallet were all burning. On second shaking thought, realise that I was alive and had a prime spot to document the primal power of fire.. Well, why not?

  • i was riding a pony, near to the quisco beach in 1986, that day i was so bored, i dont know why haha.

  • Jack

    I’d grab a photo of me sitting outside of my house, covered in cuts and scrapes and grinning like a maniac after a bicycle crash.

  • Mauricio

    well, i will save a b/w picture of my mom when she was 9,it was taken at her school, she has a pencil in her right hand( a really big pencil for her little hands!)she is wearing a nice wool jacket, she is watching the photographer with her big expressive eyes and finally her long black hair is braided and rests in her left shoulder.

  • Scott

    I have a picture of my parents in the early 70s as teenagers. It’s taken from behind as they stand on a dock and look out at a pristine lake that’s disturbed by a single house boat. For whatever reason this photo makes feel closer to my parents. I also can’t believe how tight my Dad’s pants are in it and how over-sized my Mom’s jeans are.

  • me me! pick me! i want it more than anyone evarrrrr! I’ve been holding on to the last pack of polaroid film I bought like two years ago, I’ve been too scared I’d waste it! But I don’t have to be scared anymore!

  • I would grab a photo of my family celebrating 100 years of farming. History is a live in a photo.

  • Dylan Danger Batty

    picture of cat

  • Margaret

    The photograph of me, and my two best friends growing up, taking a bath together (we were really young) in her claw foot tub. I’ve got blonde hair and bangs and a goofy smile and friend 1, well, she just has bubbles everywhere and friend 2 has bright red curly hair so it makes for a funny comparison. The photo means a lot to me because I don’t really remember that moment and I don’t get to see those two friends much anymore (I’m off at college) but they’ll still both remain two of my best friends and we’ve had some great times and that’s just one of those memories I would want to hang on to, physically since mentally it’s a little far-gone.

  • Gracie

    I would grab a picture that explains my family so perfectly. One of my sisters is making a face at me and my other sister is standing there with her hands on her hips, scowling at the camera. And this was before my parents divorce, so they were standing there trying to pull the sisters apart.

    I’ve read everyone’s comment so far…some of the pictures made me laugh and some made me want to cry. It’s so funny how I don’t know any of you but I know something about your life now because you spoke about a picture. Funny, huh?


  • Alicia

    Probably this really horrible photo of my brother and I freezing our asses off at the Oregon coast. We’re both wrapped up in tacky beach towels (the only brightly colored things in the whole photo) with our faces and every trace of flesh covered. The only indication that there was anything underneath is the fact that the towels are sitting straight up on a piece of large driftwood and there is golden brown hair waving out like flag of surrender from both. My mom, the one taking the photo, was so excited to be at the beach that day that she just left us like that for a good 20 or 30 minutes while she pranced around with the dog in the flattening wind gusts and ice cold water. My brother and I were both angsty, well-bonded siblings at the time and photo just seems like a good reminder of that. Also, there is no trace of it on the interwebs, which makes it a treasured rarity these days.

  • I have a small wooden box with a lid that holds a photo – I’d grab that entire box! It’s where I keep all my little sentimental bits and pieces, and the photo I have in the lid is my absolute favorite. It’s a head and shoulder shot of me and my friend Craig, just smiiilin’ in the sunshine in my backyard in Saskatchewan. Craig passed away in ’09 and that day is one of the best/most vivid memories I have of him. The picture is so perfect. So much genuine happiness!

  • I would save a photo of my sister when she was four, she passed away from a rare disease not long after the photo was taken. She looks absolutely beautiful in the image of her sleeping; she’s peaceful and looks so much like a beautiful porcelain doll with long, black hair and thick eyelashes. Her skin is so illuminated and white (A symptom of her disease) and her lips are so perfectly crimson, it reminds me of a modern day snow white. It’s one of few photos my family has of her after I, so regretfully and of course unintentionally, filmed over all the footage we had of her when I was three.

  • KG

    A photo of me and my bike under the “Welcome to Oregon” sign. The only physical proof that I actually rode my bicycle across the U.S.

  • Zack

    a picture of me and my two friends. its documented proof that i ate REAL chicken fingers.

  • Leila

    I’d save one that I took with a disposable camera, lying on the forest floor in the remote Hahoe village in Andong, South Korea. In the photo, earth shatters the sky: two towering pine trees twist their way upwards, their trunks mirror each other in a way that is reminiscent of a yin-yang symbol. It was cloudy that day so the sky is white, and the trees are silhouetted against it, their dark branches create a shattering effect. Everything about the photo is juxtaposed: the black on white, the deeply rooted earth against an infinite sky, the thick curved lines of the trunks alongside the thin angular lines of branches. Everything about the photo is yin-yang. The simplicity and beauty of it captured the essence of the village, which is an ancient and well-preserved relic of traditional Korean culture.
    My favorite thing about the photo was that I had no idea it would turn out so deeply symbolic. While I was there I was just trying to enjoy being in the village and taking pictures as they struck me. But when I got my photos back and saw this one, I was pleasantly surprised. It was a happy accident, which is my favorite thing about film photography.

  • Mark

    The photo i would take with me, would be a picture of my grandmother and grandfather. I have never seen my grandfather before, and when i was 3 months old, my grandmother died. This photo means the world to me.

  • A photo of me and my big brother I had my sister shoot of us when i was in high school. I put the negative in the enlarger upside down so my brothers baseball cap says D2 and my dog daisy left her bite marks in it from when she was a puppy. the corners are all dodged out and it was in our old house. Its sitting in the christmas cookie tin in my cabinet under my gamecube. Its the perfect print.

  • maw

    The 1:1 scale picture of my penis… but I’d have to get at least 5 other people to help me carry it out.

  • Aimes

    I’ll take my black book because in there is a photo of my granny with a blue hooker wig on. She is dead and that is the only photo I have of her. because she did not like her picture taken. And she could not erase the photo because it was a Polaroid.
    God I mis her……

  • adrian

    The photo of my best friend wearing a yoda mask, that first helped me make my way into exhibitions.

  • I would quickly grab my camera and take a picture of my baby in its crib.. then run out of the house.

  • I’d take the photo of my baby asleep.

    • demonica

      please don’t forget to take your sleeping child instead =)

  • Moya

    a polaroid picture my dad took of my mom in the 80th’s when she was taking off with an old-school hang-glider! she was pregnant of me. crazy and most amazing photo! love it so much

  • Freddy

    me and my sister fourteen years ago while she spreads my face with icecream..now she’s evolved spreading it with shxx XD

  • Natalie A.

    I would save a photo of my grandmother working in her garden. Her hand is outstretch and we managed to snap a photo as a bird landed in her hand! A couple of years later she was killed in a car accident, but in that photo is everything she represented to me: joy, grace, engagement with the natural world, and a little bit of magic.

  • ayla

    i would save the photo of my 4 yr. old brother carrying me as a baby, while seated in one of our white garden chairs. It was the first time i was brought home and the first time my brother met his little sister. In the photo, he’s carrying me with his tiny hands and looking down on me with a little grin on his face. He’s always looked out for me ever since.

  • Ida

    I would not be able to choose only one photo. My pictures are part of who i am, so choosing only one would be like choosing just one tiny part of myself. They remind me of memories i would have forgotten long a go if it wasn’t because i had it on film, feelings i felt, people i have met. Good luck choosing a winner, who ever that is ;-)

  • I would save the photo of baby me with Wallace and Gromit!

  • Le’Shaun

    in preparation il take a picture of all my photos laid on the floor from on top of a ladder – then ill get that photo

  • Willemijn

    I know how it is to loose all your pictures in a fire, and for me the most important ones I remember, there frozen in my mind as mental images.
    So the one I would take is the firts picture that I took and I was proud of. I was around ten years old, I was in the garden taking pictures when my sister walked towards me with an icecream in her mouth. You see her against the background of the house and some blossoming plants. In the right corner there is an unsharp edge of a garden chair, I overlooked that when shooting it. But at that moment I thought it was the best picture ever made and I discovered I liked photography.

  • its a picture of a life. taken while walking with nine lady sheep. its a picture of a bramble that twists an turns. explodes in bifurcated ends and meanders back into infinity. an endless series of decisions, it is black and white and the spectrum in between. its a picture of my life. its a picture of your life.

  • f.

    If I saved a photo, I would grab the photo of the day, when we moved in. Me and my pregnant wife standing in front of our new home. Because, after the fire the house will never be that beautiful again.

    (OK, of course: Wife, House and a Camera are still needed to make this Photo possible.)

  • Benjamin woodcock

    i would take a picture of my last poo in the house. memories of time well spent.

  • I’d save a picture taken of my boyfriend and I taken by our best friend while we are sitting crouched on his kitchen floor. It looks more like a horror-film scene than what it actually was. I’m sitting with my knees up to my chest, eyes closed, hand covering mouth. I look sort of like I’m screaming. He’s clenching me against his body, head facing towards me. His hand is atop of mine, covering my mouth.
    I’m actually laugh-crying hysterically after nearly choking on a piece of gum that slipped down my throat when he kissed me. After I almost died he grabbed me and apologized too many times while laughing nervously.
    It commemorates a time when we were stupid and surrounded by our closest friends 24/7, and too in love to think about our actions.

  • I would save this photo that my mom took of my two sisters, my father and me. It was when we were a lot younger, and it is taken on the bike-trip we usually go on every year. We are at my favourite place of the hole tour. On the picture, one of my sisters is taking a huge mouth full of some sort of food. My other sister is grapping the top of my head (for some reason?), meanwhile I’m falling backwards out of my father’s lap :)

  • Id be sure to grab the photo of my niece in the womb because she is amazing and makes my life a hell of a lot better since she has been here :)

  • sr

    My photo: it’s halloween and my kids are sitting on the couch. One is dressed as a Geisha, the other a kitty cat. The Geisha is too cool for school and the cat is looking like she wants to freak out and run…

    makes me happy every time!

  • Sonja

    It’s a photo thats hangsing next to my bed at the moment, showing the field we used to play on as little kids. It’s flooded, as it always was in autumn, and there’s a horse standing on the field, head bent, drinking. The thing that makes the photo special is that in the beginning you don’t understand what you’re seeing. Thesre’s a whole lot of trees infront of and behind the horse. because the photo is held in black and white even though a colour film was used it has a weird atmoshere. This is because my genius of a mum who doesn’t know much about photography took it facing the sun and by accident it turned out beautifully :)

  • The photo of my brother and I under the Christmas tree making funny faces.

  • alison

    I would grab a photograph I bought from a friend that she took. it is a medium format silver print of a little boy in a mask made out of a sheet with holes for eyes, a hat and a stick as a sword.

  • hanna

    photo taken by my dad circa 1990- my sister and i are holding hands jumping into a pool and it captures my feet standing flat on the crisp water before a single splash.

  • I would take the photograph that my grandfather had on his immigration papers when he came to the united states. Those papers have been through Angel Island, the US Archive, and the hands of a group of young artists-in-residence.

  • Jim

    BW photo of my mom as a young woman on the farm, circa 1947, in a field wearing a summer dress and dress shoes – with a camera in her hand, her head rears up toward the sky, her mouth wide open in laughter. I always wonder who took that photo and what was said to make her laugh so openly.

  • I’ll take a picture from the fire

  • I would definitely take a picture of my hideous frame given to me as a present from my aunt…O GOD HOW I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THAT GETTING BURNEEEEEEEEEEEED!!

  • dora

    i will take a picture of my adorable,loving,red,extraordinaire and first of all INDESCRIBABLE violin…

  • 4815162342

    my picture: my erratic, adorable, harebrained FAMILY

  • a photo of my mom when she was 19 working on mchappy day in the 60s with big sunglasses on standing in the mcdonalds restaurant with an apron on and a mcdonalds hat. best photo ever

  • cory h

    I’d save a photo of my friend in our back parking lot, holding a deer skull that I traded a bike for years ago.

  • Thea

    The photo of my first steps. On a beach in Youghal (Southern Ireland). I’m tiny, I have my hands flung up in the air with pride and a beaming smile. One of my hands is clutching my mum’s hair pulling her down as she laughs at my excitment.

    • Thea

      It reminds me I’m capable of anything if I put my mind to it. Even possibly escaping a burning building while grapping a treaured posession!

  • Lillie M

    If I had to leave my house in an instant, I would take a lovely Polaroid of my cocker spaniel puppy, Coco, sniffing around the courtyard. This would be after I shuffled him out, of course.

  • Tyler H

    Well, after reading this I decided to take a picture of all of my photographs. So I would take that one that includes all of them.

  • The photograph is of me, I was about 5, with my parents, of the original hippie’s tribe. I have a scowl on my face, mom is so very young to have such a stressed smile…. dad, with his effortless grin, smiles through his full ‘stache and beard. I was a brat, still am at times, you don’t always out grow Only Child Syndrome. I was embarrassed, so I refused to smile. It’s our only “professional” family portrait. I will keep it, mine forever.

  • Katie

    Ahhh Ive been wanting an instant camera for forever! But im always broke so that never happens, this would be awesome!!!

    Well I would grab my laptop with most of my photos on it…but to follow the rules, I would grab a photo of my cat Odin as a kitten; hes the first pet that ive had in my life that is really all mine.

  • Melissa Di Pasquale

    I’d save a photo of my parents, in front of their first home in the summertime and my mom was pregnant with me and I’m her first child. That one photo represents the beginning of a lot of simple things for my family and I think that’d be pretty symbolic after a home fire because it’d be another time where things were beginning again.

  • Lea

    I would save the photo of a dead robin redbreast in dirty snow I took 2 winters ago.

  • Nathalie

    I would take a photo of my house burning.
    Inside after all are all my photos albums and sweet memories…

  • K

    An early black and white photo of my Nonni’s (Italian grand-parents) and my father. My grand-father looks deliriously happy in the photograph as it had taken him over a year to save enough money to cover the costs of my grand-mother and father’s voyage to Canada.

  • Years ago I made friends with the girl who lived up the street from me. Her brother was a photographer. His friend photographed Radiohead. When she met her brothers friend he let her go through a box of photos. She took two and gave one to me. The one she has shows the band in a field, Tom holding a sign that says “If I smile, will you let us go.” The photo she gave me shows the band in the field, Tom is smiling. This photo is framed on the wall over my bed. I would choose to grab this photo. Irreplaceable.

  • I would save the only photograph I have of my Armenian ancestors, taken before the genocide. The photograph is crisp clear, taken when photography was still in its early stages. I see myself, my past, my features, everything, in the faces of the women especially. Since my Armenian grandfather passed away when I was very young, this is my only tie to my heritage…

  • dora d

    my picture: my erratic, adorable, harebrained FAMILY

  • dagmar

    a picture I took with my Diana F mini of my boyfriend reenacting a walrus with chopsticks in his mouth (:

  • I’d save the polaroid of my parents at their wedding! It is precious!

  • Orietta

    A 360 panorama shot, with my friends on a festival. We are sitting in a circle, and because it goes around 360 degrees, we appear two times on the picture. And our heads are near the top of the picture so they are gigantic!!

  • Michellejoy

    The picture of me on an elephant (fave) named Kitty, taken with an old tank of an SLR, so that it would justify saving a picture of myself and not of my grandma.

  • Nick

    The photo I would save is of my Great Aunt Birdie. It’s a small square photo taken in the 1960’s. Aunt Birdie is sitting on the edge of a stage, legs crossed drink in one hand, and a cigarette in the other. Her long sleeved, silver mini-dress is luminous and futuristic. Her upsweep sits perfectly round atop her head. She is garnished in a strand of giant fake pearls with matching earrings. Its Christmas time so there’s a perfectly dated tree covered in tinsel. All is set against zebra wallpaper and red wicker flats. The photo is tacky and over-the-top, but fabulous all the same. It captures the essence of Birdie!

    • Nick

      …I almost forgot. She sent the photo to her boyfriend after it was taken. The back reads “To Arthur. Love, Your Satin Doll xxoxox”

  • The first picture I took with an analogue camera:

    In my kitchen, among a table of chattering friends of mine, my grandpa saying something to my grandma’s ear which made her laugh hard enough to spill drink on his shirt at the end of the table. they both looked so happy in my kitchen

  • Rachel

    I would grab the photo of my now deceased dog, Tess. This is important to me because today most of the photo documented close relationships I have with people are online. Even many old photos are now scanned in the computer and saved. Except for photos of her. She was such an important dog in my life growing up, and I think a physical photo to remember her is important. Lately I’ve realized we’ve lost so many physical things in the world of increasing technology, almost everything seems to exist in a virtual reality, mainly on the internet. However, this makes the physical things in life all the more important.

  • KT

    That’s pretty easy. I think I would have to grab the photo of my Mom in the 60’s with her pink and white striped dress on, and her hair was dyed silver for prom. No lie. It’s amazing, she’s gorgeous, and she’s no longer on this earth, so I love it.

  • Sean

    A photo of my dad back in the 70s when he was backpacking switzerland. The photo is retro and has stained colours. It has rounded edges and is about 4″ x 3″. there is just this snapshot of a deer staring at the camera and mountains in the far background. The colours are subtle but i think is beautiful.

  • On move out day from my college dorm, I was helping my friend carry out her taxidermic black bear to load in to the car. A Latino couple walked by and saw the bear and were immediately excited by it. They asked if I would take a picture of them embracing the bear across the street from the famous Chicago Theater sign. The husband handed me his cell phone and I took a picture for them, but I had my film camera on me at the time, so I took a quick picture of them on my camera as well. It’s by far the best photo I’ve taken.

  • Blodgett

    If my house was to catch on fire and I only had time to grab one photo before everything went up in smoke, it would be a Polaroid (ironically) of the last time I ever saw my mom before being put into foster care. We’re sitting on foam blocks in the social services child-care room and bright plastic puzzle pieces with letters and numbers pave the floor below us. I’m on her lap, my smile contrasting greatly with her closed eyes and flat lips. She looks like she might cry, her head nuzzled against my cheek, my arms around her neck.
    “Next Friday” might have been two days ago, but I’m posting anyway, so there. d:

    • Blodgett

      Saw the date, glad I could enter on time

  • laura

    it would be the picture i get my boyfriend to take as we escape from the fire… the one of me flying through the air out the window of the burning building like a ninja… with my elderly neighbour and a kitten under my arms…. and my sketchbook between my teeth.

  • A polaroid of my mother and father when they were dating in the late 70’s.
    Clothing, hair, emotions
    absolutley priceless.

  • christian t

    it would definitely be a picture of me wearing an old baseball hat when i was about 4 months old. so narcissistic but it has to be done.

  • the only photo ill ever need is the one of my sister and when we were 5 on Christmas morning 1993. Myself sporting a Sonic the Hedgehog Lunchbox, Ninja Turtle (Raphael) slippers, mullet down to my mid back, and Kid Icarus on the tv in the back. My sister rocking a Rainbow Bright night gown, and holding her new Blossom purse. Ballin.

  • Lauren M

    I would save the photo myself with other teens from Ticul, Mexico. After a week long journey of teaching them about clean water and installing a water purification device, we celebrated. The picture is of the friends I made, whom I will never forget. They changed my life, and I hope I helped change theirs.

  • I would save the picture of Mom and I at my Christening. Mom says that I was eight months old when this happened, so it was taken sometime in December 1991. I’m sitting on a table in my white Christening gown. My eyes are closed because of how bright the flash was, or they were already closed when the picture was being taken. Mom is standing next to the table. She’s looking down at me with a smile on her face.

    Every time I look at it now I kind of laugh because of Mom’s hair. It was short back then, and REALLY curly. I don’t know why the curliness of her hair amuses me, but it does.

  • Kate j

    The picture i would save is a black and white picture of my mother when she was 17. She is dressed as a hippy (as she was born in the 60’s) with long pigtails. It is the only picture i have ever seen of her with long hair and it also shows how alike we look when she was my age.

  • Jerrrrrry

    a picture of me and my grandmother dressed up like ‘old tyme’ folks :)

  • Olivier Quirion

    I’ll keept the photo of a “Fou de Bassan” (wich is a bird) took by my grand-father in Iles-de-la-madeleine in 1964. Simple, but kind of awesome for me.

  • Stacey Holder

    I would rescue the photo that my dear friend Bbrian took in high school. It’s a photo of our friends Matt and Eva, Eva sitting on the toilet very calmly quite natural with Matt climbing in the window behind the toilet somehow also looking quite natural. It’s a classic here.

  • Kara

    peeeese i have this camera, i need the film for a prjecttt, poor art student

  • Matthew Dettmer

    It’s a photo of me when I’m 4 years old sitting on top of my first dog (Sam) in the backyard of the Edwardian house which I grew up in.

  • Daniel

    I would save a photo of my rugby team from 1997. Not because I like the people or the memories, rather because I have so little to do with anyone involved with that world. We were all best friends at the time but had no idea where the world would take us. So its nice to look back at a time when we all had different hopes and dreams and to think about where they have gone.

  • ross

    It was taken by my mom on a sunny day when I was about 2 and a half. It consists of me and my three closest friends. I had gotten a fireman’s costume for halloween and everyone had wanted to try it on. However, instead of taking turns, we each grabbed something from the box and threw it on. Ryan had the bright yellow jacket with red buttons on, James was wearing the pants and suspenders, Timothy had grabbed the oversized hat, and I was left with the big read boots. Being that my mom had unveiled the costume while we were running through the sprinklers, apart from the few articles of clothing, we were still in our birthday suits. It is still my favorite photo ever, and to this day, no matter where I currently am, the photo comes with me. Me and my four best friends. Big smiles, little clothing. Good times.

  • Laura

    I would grab an old Christmas card photo my family did when I was younger. We were sitting for a formal church picture but decided to do a silly pose just for fun. We ended up liking it enough to send it out as our actual Christmas card and it is super goofy. Its just a shot of a bunch of goofballs and I will always love that aspect of my family.

  • susie

    A photo I took of a pimp as he was trying to attack me.

    I was in Singapore and had lined up a perfect shot of a prostitute negotiating with a client. The light and composition was perfect, and both were unaware of me. Except that, unbeknownst to me, her pimp wasn’t. He launched at me.

    Instinctively, I turned the camera on him before thinking to run away, and got a photo that tells a story. I was scared out of my wits, but I wanted that shot. And to this date, it’s still my favourite.

  • Jessica

    It would be a black and white photo of me and my boyfriend. More specifically we were at a party at our friend’s place and were kind of in our own little world off to the side. We just finished playing mario tennis for N64 (yes, I realize that is kind of lame for a 20 year old girl and a 21 year old guy). But anyways, our friend took a picture of us through the laundry room door with a 35 mm analog camera and the picture is a candid moment between him and I. He’s crouched over me on the couch while I am sitting on the ground and I am kissing the bridge of his nose with the biggest smile on his face. Because of our long distance situation I haven’t been able to talk to him for 3 weeks now and I haven’t seen him in over a month and a half. I look at this picture every night before I go to bed, and I know that if there was a fire and I had, HAD to save one thing, it’d be that picture.

  • I wouldn’t take any of them. I could never throw away any of the photos I have, but if there were a fire I could be relieved of them.

  • I would save a polaroid I took a couple years ago while traveling abroad in Berlin. I went on a street art hunt and found a mural done by Blu and snapped it with my polaroid. Great memories, great photo.

  • Pascal

    I already have a Polaroid camera but no film…need it desparately for an photographic art project…

    so choose me me me!!!

  • An out of focus polaroid photo of a pug furrowing his brow in worry; the very top fraction of his head is cut off and he is illuminated by flash in what appears to be a bedroom. I do not know the pug, it belongs to the girls I never knew very well who gave the picture to me when I left my hometown.

  • Liv

    a picture of my sister and I in bed at age 2 and 6.
    me waving a undefinable yellow thing right up in the lens with a mad expression, my sister whistling and looking away.

    It seems a bit random – but that photo always makes me smile.

  • Glad this project is going on. The photo I would take before leaving my house on flames would be the photo I took of me and my newly made friends leaving a train yard that we ended up not catching a train out of. The photo was of my friends leaving the yard covered in white sand/dust making them look like ghost going to a train further in the landscape, one of the most glorious moments in my life when I knew freedom was possible.

  • I have this set of four photos that you get from a photobooth. I know everyone loves these, but i especially treasure mine because it’s from the first time my teenage sister and I met. We had only recently even found out about each other, and for her high school graduation present, she asked her parents for a plane ticket to come and meet me, and this photo is a memory and the time when my sister and I got to be sisters together for the first time.

    Film photos to me are so special, in part because they have such a fragile lifeline, and i would really love having this goodness in my life!

  • Elif

    i have a polaroid camera wiiith
    SPICE GIRLS theme!
    i totally love love love love love it!

  • For my 2nd project at university, we had to create “carte de vistite” type images, I chose to photograph my father with his collection of classic motorbikes. Unfortunately this was the last set of images taken of him as he sadly passed away while I was in Australia a month later. One of the images was during the funeral and I now have it framed on my wall to remind me of him everyday, Id go back into the burning house for that!

  • börni

    i´d only take with me the photo of the inside of my burning house, which i just took with the polaroid i won at BOOOOOOM.com.

  • I’d save this photo:
    It’s a picture of my parents, taken in 1998, and one of the few I have of them together.
    This giveaway is amazing, I’d love to have a polaroid camera!!
    Thanks so much!

  • I would take the large framed photo of me and my first dog (named Pip). It was the day she had to be put down and my whole family took Pip out in the snow one last time. I was 3 years old

  • I’d take the picture of my boyfriend as a kid that I have, even though we broke up – he’s damn cute in it hey. He looks about 7 and has freckles and his sister put some mascara on him lol (he hates this picture haha)

    but to be honest I’d probably die cause I would try to grab all the pics I love :P

  • I would love to win this so much for the life of me.
    If I could only save one image from the multiple thousands I’ve taken in the past three years (I am 15) It would be the photo I took when I won the World Photography Organisation’s Photomonth Youth award in 2010. My prize was to be tutored in London with the world famous National Geographic photographer Reza Deghati. It was the best day of my life taking photos. Out of all the ones I took on that day I would rescue from a burning building the one I took of Reza being Interviewed by BBC World Service in front of the Sony world photography exhibit as it represents everything I love about photography: The freedom to express yourself through high quality media, the incredible people involved with photography and humanitarian work and some of the best journalistic and documentary photography I’ve ever seen.
    If I won this camera I would put it to such good use.
    I love art and this website Is a constant source of brilliant inspiration.
    Thank you for reading

  • Takis

    I would take a picture of my high-tech, shiny, loud TOSHIBA lap-top!!!!!

  • a picture of my grandmother, taken ​​sometime in 1936, when she was a child :)

  • Me stood in front of the burning house, with thumbs up.
    Can’t take things too seriously i guess! :)

  • Grace

    The photo I would save would be the one of my father, avoiding a splash of salty seawater. He has the most ridiculous 80s glasses on, and his face is one of pure joy.

    I love this photo of my father. I love it when he smiles.

  • Tommy

    first photo i ever took which is blu tacked to my wall. nothing special. just a bowl of frootloops. its all yellowed and faded but i still like it.

  • Mollie

    It would be a photograph of my grandfather smoking a cigarette and holding a fish he just caught on the lake, because that’s how I remember him.

  • Joel

    I would just get the hell out of there because I have scanned and backed up all my photos like all of you should! You would make my year if you chose me!

    I would just take my face at this moment, running.

  • POL

    A photograph of my grandmother’s room on fire, where all religious belongings are burning and disappearing. Thanks Satan!

  • A photograph of my mother, sisters an myself as children, standing in front of our house on the balcony, dressed in the norwegian national costume on May 17 th. With curly hair and brown skin we stood out from our friends and neighbours, or even the general norwegian population. As a child I was completely oblivious of this. I would want to save that photo because someday I hope I will be able to think as my 6 year old self again.

  • Hannah

    I would save the photo that I took with a broken Ricoh camera. I didn’t realise it was broken until I took it into a library and pressed the button – it wound through the whole film (in the noisiest way possible, disturbing everyone), In a panic I spun around pointing it at anything I could see. The one photo that came out from the whole film was an amazing double exposure of old sunlit book covers. Beautiful accident!

  • brandon

    i would save a polariod i took of my friend oliver
    hes standing against my garage holding a bb gun
    pretty much looking like a badass
    took the photo using imposible film on my grandpas old old polaroid.
    ipmossible films are great!

  • The photo of my boyfriend at age 3, all dressed up to go hunting.

  • Tracey

    I’d save my photo of Times Square that I took when I went there for the first (and only) time back in 2008. Even though there are thousands of photos available of that place, my own photo is special. NYC means a lot to me, and being there was really a unique experience.

  • color me wishful- I’ve been dyeing for some PX 680.

    I couldn’t save just one, but I’ve got about 5000 slides my great grandfather took between 1950 and 1965 all in a binder together, so I’d probably save those.

  • jordan

    a photo from my 5th bday with my mom and grandma.

  • Ian

    It would be of a race car and a chick in a yellow bikini but I would have another picture glued to the back of me throwing up the horns !

  • If I could only grab one photo, it would be the one of my husband and me at the beach on the day when we first admitted that we liked each other. It was a perfect day, with perfect light. The sea had a light blue, dreamy color, which matched my husbands eyes and the shirt he was wearing. Whenever I look at that photo, I remember the hazy feeling of spring love, and how the wind seemed to be the exact same temperature as my skin. I have to believe that the whole world was happy on that day.

  • zeph

    i would pick a photo at random from my house. this is partly because i think it somewhat problematic to privilege some images above others, in the way that it is problematic to favor one viewpoint over another. any photo i save will serve more as a memory of the moment of the fire and of what was lost in it than as a memory of that which it depicts. thus a family photo or the like would be just as valuable as a random snapshot of a gumball machine, since either would also represent the entirety of my photos (and possessions).

  • as i’m being engulfed in flames, i would grab an old family photo. it’s a photo of me when i’m three or four, my mother holding me, my grandmother, my great-grandmother, & my great, great-grandmother. shortly after this five-generation photo was taken my great, great-grandmother passed away. i hope someday to take a similar picture with my grand kids.

  • a photo of my gf reading a huge book in the bed. the pic shows only her hands and the book, giving the impression of a little kid with a story book.

    just after the photo we embarked on a road trip to lapland with mountain ranges filling the horizon, reindeer herds blocking the roads, sunlight around the clock and little moments of synchronicity.

  • Sitting just above my bed on a shelf, lies my favorite photograph of my mother. She is around my age with long strawberry blonde hair, i can see summer in her eyes. Thats the only photograph to save

  • MO

    WHO DOESN’T WANT THIS!!!??? I’d take the composite image I made of 200 Polaroids just before my camera took its life and jumped out of my 4th story apartment. R.I.P. little buddy.

    • I’d hate for any of my cameras to fall to the ground even if it is only a few feet or inches.
      But from the fourth story?! I don’t want to even picture that. R.I.P. Sorry for your loss.

    • Maria Mercedes

      agree! WHO doesnt want this!!!!

  • MO

    WHO DOESN’T WANT THIS!!!??? I’d take the composite image I made of 200 Polaroids just before my camera took its life and jumped out of my 4th story apartment window. R.I.P. little buddy.

  • Ellen

    I would have to take my family tree photo, it has everyones faces from myself to my great great great great grandparents. A little on the large side to run out of a burning house with, but it would have to work!

  • the photo i’d like to take is one that is attached to an amazing memory of living in the house that is on fire. It’s black and white, and everyone is sitting around having a conversation about something so intense that no-one noticed I took a photo of them all. We all have beers.

    • I like those kind of pictures when no one is paying attention.

  • kelsey

    I’d take the 1994 photograph of my grandmother and I in a raft in the bottom of the grand canyon with our hair flying in the wind!

  • AC

    The (Un)Forgotten Faces photo.

    I live in a boarding school that takes in international students, but only for one year each. Right before a boarder leaves to go back home,us girls get together to climb onto the rooftops downtown and take a picture (just one) of the girl who’s leaving. We stitch each new photo to the older ones using a computer program so that none of our friends are ever forgotten. If I lost the picture (and my computer that it’s on of course), it would be like losing those girls too.

  • Aaron

    I’d have to grab the photo of me doing absolutely nothing, laying in the front yard thinking about nothing at all.

  • Lillian

    The only picture of my entire family together. It shows three generations, two different cultures, and one cohesive unit. It means so much to me because it’s a rare reminder of the people I love and the time and effort it took for everyone to come in one place to celebrate our lives together.

  • daniel

    I don’t really know what picture will it be,all of them have something special thats why they are pictures, however and pretty sure if my entire house burns down, whatever picture I saved will become a treasure, since they’ll be everything I’ll have left

  • Cyntia

    It will definitely be a photo of my mom: it is black & white, she´s seated on a chair, slightly smiling but somehow it brights up all her face, her glance glows fullness and her flirty smile promises eternity; it seems like she´s keeping a secret and makes me believe that the one taking the photo really caught her spirit in an instant.
    I used to stare at it waiting for the secret to be revealed, it means a treasure to me.

  • Laura

    I would save a roll of negatives rather than just one photo. I have a roll of negatives from when my bestfriend was here (I live in England, she lives in Australia)

  • I would lóóóve it! (Does it matter that I live in Holland?)

    The first role of film on my Diana-camera wasn’t really successful. I took a lot of double-exposures (unintentionally) and had lots of problems focussing. I made a picture of my cat and of christmas-lights. The result was: my cat in between the stars. I must admit: that’s the prettiest photograph I made thus-far. (That says a lot about my skills, I know, haha!)

    • I really want to see this! Please? I really love cats.
      Especially pictures of cats. Plus this picture sounds really pretty!

  • taylor harvey

    I’d probably go down with my house trying to save all my photos but there is one that I’d grab first. It is taken by my great grandmother of my great grandfather holding my newborn mother. While I never met him, the photograph speaks volumes to me of who he was. The wrinkles on his face tell me stories of his past. I can hear his soft, accented voice putting my mother to sleep just looking at the photo. I know him. He is looking down at my mother, telling her a story so sincerely, even though she does not understand. It is a photo of pure love and generations of family. No photo of mine could ever tell a story quite like this one does; It is something about a photo taken by someone no longer living that speaks to me – a faded memory from another time and place and eye that as long as I live I will never be able to truly experience. But within a photograph, a single moment from the past is captured forever, allowing me to live in this historic moment I could otherwise only dream of.

  • Mariah Guta

    The picture I’d grab would have to be the one of me and my childhood friend Kathleen when we were about 10 years old. It was garage sale day, it was going pretty slow and there wasn’t much to do so, naturally, we tried on the old dresses and clothes my mom was giving away. I had on a long royal blue bridesmaid’s dress with a floppy had and long white gloves. She had on an off-white (probably was white at some point in time, it was ancient) flowing dress and red gloves with unsafe heels for shoes. My mom saw the perfect kodak-moment and decided to snatch this one on film. Looking at the picture now and looking back at that memory makes me realize how much I really do miss my friend Kathleen, and I hope some day I will reconnect with her. And if I have a new polaroid camera with film, I can capture it for everyone else to see. ;)

  • The photo of my brother holding my little sister.
    It’s the one that reminds me most of the feeling i got when he was around.

  • Martha

    It would be tough to decide, but I would grab the picture I keep at eye level in the center front of my fridge: my big brother, an Iraq war verteran, on the day he graduated from US Army Ranger school. He looks tired, but he is smiling, and you can see my dad’s arm as he reaches out to pat my bro on the shoulder. I am proud! My mom took the photo with a disposible camera–we like to keep it low tech! I miss Polaroid so much.

  • adrian

    A very incriminating missing still from the zapruder film, I inherited from my grandfather. I hope slides count. Or a photo I have proving that Elliot Gould circa 74′ is the coolest man alive. Maybe just let it all burn and adapt some new buddhist philosophies. For some reason this is all taking place decades ago and I just moved to India and my passport expired.

  • There’s a polaroid of Dave Wyndorf from Monster Magnet blowing bubbles pinned to the wall in my living room. The way I came to own it is the story of everything I experienced living in this neighborhood and all the people that I loved and fought with and drank with around here.

  • Colette

    I wish I could show the picture. But it’s a polaroid of me and my best friend and the love of my life. I had a few people over and we were drunk and I had my friend’s polaroid camera so there were a lot of drunken polaroids. But there’s one where I tackled my best friend on the couch and kissed him on the top of the head and he’s smiling like a huge loser. I have no idea who took the picture but I found it the next morning and I’ve kept it for years now.

  • Martine

    a 35mm photo I took last summer of a really strange tree decoration in this old couple’s front yard along a highway. In the photo is the medium-sized tree with a rounded top and protruding form the top is the white skeletal head of a tyrannosaurus rex. In the background is their white dog sitting in perfect position. It is the most bizarre and wonderful photo I’ve ever taken. I love it.

  • Eddy

    photo of the bone chapel in faro portugal. its a chapel built form the bones of dead monks with over a thousand skulls looking out of the walls at you if you stand inside. the photo looks through the doorway and a frame of broken skulls into the small evening lit churchyard where a cat sleeps against a gravestone. i love it because in the midst of the morbid creepy skulls and graveyard there is this happy, oblivious, lazy, cat.

  • i would save the picture of my pit bull puppy when i was a kid.

  • i’d save a photo of my house.

  • I’d save the picture of my sisters and me from a halloween when we were younger.
    My younger sister is a little red demon, my older sister is inexplicably dressed as a troll doll and I’m the witch in the middle. We’re a mixed bunch, and different as heck but we belong together.

  • Vicki

    I’d probably grab the family photograph from my family’s recent family reunion. It was nice to see everyone together and just smile about. Along with the fact that my cousin is lying down in the front pretending to be a supermodel.
    It’s taking outside in front of my cousin’s place near the flowers. We’re all dressed in our own clothing and style. All of our expressions are different. Some of us are kind of smiling a little bit but with a mischievous grin. Others are grinning wildly. Some just straight faces. It was when everyone was on good terms with each other.

  • I’d grab a photo of my husband and I on our wedding day, it’s of us walking down the isle after getting married and we’re so stoked.. I love this photo. Sappy? I know!

  • abril

    i would grab my grandmothers photograph because theres no picture like it. and its the only picture i have of her. since i never got to meet her. it is really important to me.

  • Kerrie-Anne Van Heerden

    If my house was on fire I would grab a locket that my grandmother gave me. Its a small oval locket with a photograph of her inside it.

  • A picture of my late father, he stands on the driveway up to the house where I grew up, it’s all dirt, out in the wilderness, sun stricken, orange dusty ground. Dusty in the summer, muddy in the winter, yummy mud, mm, my sisters and brothers used to eat the mud sometimes, we all lived so far away from town. Well, on the bottom of this photo recently I wrote to myself on it, “The only judge is the willingness to seek.” And that kinda fills the gap of teachings that I don’t have from a father today.

  • when my dad traveled to pakistan in the 80s, he took his canon ae-1 which is now mine. (i inherited it when i was thirteen, three years after he died). now the camera travels around the world with me, and i feel the most connected to him when i’m using it or when i see the photos he took with it. he took a pretty incredible portrait of some pakistani women that we have enlarged in my house… its amazingly timeless and the expressions on the face of the women and the one child in the photo could never be recreated. that would be the work i’d chose to save.

  • I would grab a photo of my mother and I. I was probably around 4 or 5 and my mum was in her early 30’s. We were at the vacation site sitting on a wooden bench in front of forest green trees. She had an ice-tea in one hand and a wedge of lemon in the other. I was next to her leaning into the camera smiling.

    My mother and I fight all the time and this photo just reminds me of how we use to be so close.

  • nicolas

    Oh my god, the kitchen is in fire !
    Wich picture can I take with me ?! My father took so many picture in his life… Harde to choose.
    I think I will take the one that he never knew where to hang.
    The one with the boat on a cold lake in New Zealand. He shot this pix a way before Photoshop had exist. And I think is what truly create the charm of this image, we can feel the calm, and the fresh air coming from the mountain, the only thing we want to do is going in this boat and have a big sleep on the lake.

    Well I am sarting to get burned, I’d better take this picture and get the fuck out of here !

  • John Dumalig

    It would be a polaroid photo of my fiance taking a shot.. Which is between some guys legs while he is sitting down… Underneath is written bday crotch shot. Pied Pipper.

  • klaraweise


    I’d take this photo of my grandfather because it reminds me of a story my mother told me. My grandfather was a quite conservative politician and so he had a very important meeting in the town my mum and her siblings grew up in. My mother didn’t support his politics so in the early morning before the meeting she went outside with lots of little sheets of paper she had written quotes by gandhi on and spread them in the whole town. My grandfather never found out who did this.
    Still, he was a funny person. I think the fact that this political photo is put in that orange 70s frame reminds me of the fact that this funky feeling even reached a politician in the austrian countryside (the village my family lived in had only 13 houses)

  • Nathan

    I guess, I would take a photo of my fireplace surounded by fire, because it’s actually the only place which never burn in my house. I guess

  • sterling hedges

    From the fire, I would take with me a striking black and white picture of my grandfather (deceased as of last month) firmly shaking the hand of president Lyndon B. Johnson -both have the expression of mutual respect upon their faces-

  • The 1940s photo of my grandfather from when he was in the navy. He was so handsome!

  • I’d grab my photo of a drag queen I know in a bar fight. I’ve never been so proud of my friend.

  • Tim

    I would save the only photo I have. The photo of me and my little brother.

  • monika

    my photo – I sit on the roof and smoke menthol cigarettes. balance, composure, calm. I hope that my camera has a self-timer

  • Lain

    i would save the photo of me and my brothers when we dressed up like the guys out of cool runnings. ended badly though because we went sliding down this hill on cardboard and my brother lost a tooth, haha.

  • I’d grab the photo of my brother, when he was a baby and was crawling through a striped fold-able tunnel thing that we would always play with when we were younger.

  • Rachel

    I bought a pair of boots from etsy that didn’t fit, the only good thing that came out of it was an enclosed black and white photo of an old man sat in a deck chair in the sun, reading the newspaper in a sun hat, i love it so much i framed it! i’d definitely save that photo from a fire.

  • Aiko

    I would run in to grab the photo of my cousin and i when we were younger. We were sitting on the table in my grandmother’s home with our arms around one another while looking out a window both watching the older kids playing. We both seem to be in deep thought, which makes it look sweeter.
    ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

  • Aiko

    Ah, i did not mean to double post.

  • Travis Hunter

    I’d take a picture of the flames destroying my memories.

  • Julie

    A black & white photo of my mom and dad at the beach in Korea during their senior high school year (the year they met and stayed together since). :)

  • I was 4 when my parents were married, so I was lucky enough to join them on their honeymoon (to Magic Mountain – aww yeah!). My dad took a photo of my mom and me sitting in our road trip car. The warmth and grain of the photo + our smiles + the thought of what my dad must have been feeling as he snapped the shot bring about a sense of nostalgia and contentedness I just can’t explain. Old photos like this are priceless – as are the sheepskin seat cover and plush rear-view mirror ornament also in the shot!

    In case you’re interested, I recently posted this photo on mother’s day: http://hurleysashimi.wordpress.com/2011/05/08/happy-mothers-day/

  • The photo that I’d be most apt to save is a picture of my father and I.
    Although, I am 20 years old I have never seen or spoken to the man outside of the ages of 6months-2years.

    I’m originally from a very small, very redneck town called Picayune in Mississippi.
    My father as you could imagine had a mullet and was a 6’3 huge redneck. The picture is of me asleep in my swinging chair at the age of 6 months, the wood paneling of our trailer is in the background and there’s a beer resting on the tray of my swinging seat. My father is crouched down beside it with a similar tongue out of mouth drunken pose to mimic us.

    Although, I’ll never meet my father and get the chance to actually drink with him, I look at that picture as a memory of it already being accomplished.

    If not that picture, I’d save photos of my cat.

  • it would be my favorite triple exposed picture of my cat that scapes across two frames and insists on the separate pieces to be taped together, where tigers face meets itself in the center, the two halves of his face under different saturations. to the right he stalks some household item in the overwhelming pink flushed to his fur when my red flash is turned on, then the center image, his face split and taped together under different saturations. then to the far left there he is again, a semi profile shot of him, hes extremely faded into the black background the film had absorbed into itself, hes looking down in super desaturated red light. words will never be able to give me the same feeling this picture does.

  • Toze Baiao

    It would be definitely my ugly face when I was 17, full of pimples, I will never get my hormones to that level again and I am very proud to have it in my living room (people tend to think that it is a painting by Jean Michel Basquiat).

  • Shannon

    Mom + Dad wedding day (c. 1977) = one beautiful bride + one impressively pimpin’ afro on a white man. I cherish this photo.

  • I’d have to save the polaroid of my friend Lauren, or ‘Titty’ as we call her. It’s an up close polaroid of her tits covered in stickers. She has massive tits.

  • Jules

    A photo that I borrowed from a friend so that i could show it to people; it’s an old black and white photo of her great aunt and uncle standing in trafalga square in london, surrounded by pigeons, and her uncle is holding a baby orangoutang! its such a bizzare image, the orangoutang is wearing a knitted jumper and it is truly amazing.

  • Shane

    The Photo I would have to save would have to be a portrait of a woman. This photo was taken at Dolores Park in San Francisco under a tree with the same coloration of the leafs as to her hair. This golden brown hair with hints of blond illuminate here face of peace, making her become one with the earthy tree that represents life. What I get form the picture is The Female, a mother figure, a creator of life connecting with nature.

  • I would take a picture of my Polaroid collection (280 pictures). http://twitgoo.com/1zajcj

  • WOOOOOOOW it’s beautiful, my camera is broken so I really have a strong NEED to take small time pieces on paper, photos, please give me it :)

  • Definitely, the picture of my dad holding, I stopped in his right hand. Total balance. I was 2 years old, beautiful picture.

  • I’d grab a photo of me holding a photo, holding a photo, holding a photo, and so forth.

    Then I’d be able to have more than one photo.

    Win? :)

  • Monica

    A photo to the fireman’s reaction from the last time my house was on fire and all I grabbed was my Polaroid Camera.

    …maybe cooking school would be a step in the right direction for me.

  • of course the photo will have to be of ANONIMO, he is my antiallergic teddy bear, i have him since i was 8-9 years old, now i am 30…he has travelled around the world with me, so if my house was on fire i will keep his beatifull face with me in an instant photo, so i can remember him forever nad that photo can still travel with me everywhere and i can show my grandchildren anonimo, my best friend for life…it´s silly but true.

  • natalie

    Probably a picture of my father and I when I was a baby. Growing up I never knew him and he died before I had the chance to meet him. The only memories of him I have are from photos and stories that I’ve been told.

  • Robbie

    It’d be a family photo from the early 90s when my sister and I were still in grade school. My sister and I both missing teeth while my parents look young and joyful. This picture reminds me of all the good memories I have of my family and my childhood.


    its a tie between two photos of when i was a little kid in nicaragua: one of my grandma holding my brother and i one in each lap and we’re doing this weird superhero pose, its in her infamous front porch that many of the other ladies envied or one of my brother and i in a fair at night with our aunt in the ride behind us to look out for us!

  • Jenniferlynette

    I would desperately reach for my laptop. it withholds all of the precious memories of not only my life but also my family. within the past few years i have been scanning all of my mums old films and polaroids. I think it would be the biggest tragedy to loose images of the ones you love and that have passed away. photos truly capture a moment, a moment which can be refreshed instantly by glancing at an old photo and my laptop holds all of these memories. Some of may favorites are my mum and her two brothers (one of which has passed) side by side in their teens, it is spontaneous and delightful, i also love the recent photos of my trips away. they just make me relive the adventures which have already been.

  • Walter

    I would get the photo of the cabin from big bear that i took 7 years ago. we had a great time there, remember when i took only my shorts up there. it was cold haha

  • I would take the photo of my dad and I making the ugliest faces we could possibly make at the camera.

    I was going to do it myself but then my dad (who looks pissed all the time, so it was unexpected) came up and made a face too.. actually we ended up taking several but i would take the ugliest one.

    He used his hand to stretch out his cheeks till his face was as round as a pie and did something funny with his eyebrows. I really can’t describe what i was doing because if someone told me to make that face again i dont think i would be able to. No one can tell that its me, they think its some mutated ape-pig. Only my dad and i know.

  • This picture would require a bit of digging, not too much though. It’s my favorite picture of Dad and for some reason I like to keep it inside my copy of the Count of Monte Cristo, one of my Dad’s favorite films/books. The picture is of my Dad on a swing set, printed on very hard polaroid paper from the 70’s. I like seeing my Dad there, looking happy and young.

  • Mark

    My wedding photo for sure.

  • Yanet Medina

    A picture of my nieces and nephews rocking out to our musical instruments I took when they were all really little.

  • I have a picture of me and my late grandma next to my bed that I would save. I was a little girl and I miss my grandma quite a lot. I definitely want to save the memory of her.

  • brandon

    just realized you have an instant to save the photo
    and your giving away a polaroid camera that uses instant film.
    i see what you did there……

  • I’d save a photo from the 2010 Chinese New Year parade in New York, where a lady in the foreground is talking on her cell phone & a gold dragon from the parade is facing her with its mouth open. It looks like either 1)they’re talking to each other or 2)the dragon is mocking her. I didn’t intend to include the lady in the frame when I took the photo, so it made for a pretty happy accident.

  • Shea Kennedy

    An old B & W picture of my grandpa as a child posing with a model sail boat on his lap, dressed in his school uniform.

  • I would definitely grab one of the old pictures I have with my family in it, probably one where my brother, sister and I are very young. Memories with your family are the best ones to keep. At least the good ones :)

  • bill

    a chaotic mass of pets hopelessly fleeing the waves of fire!

  • sterling hedges

    i actually posted my response a few days ago but i found the picture and need to make a few corrections to my comment
    my grandfather and president Johnson are actually making eye contact and talking while Johnson is smoking a cigarette.

  • i would grab a shoebox of photos and negatives that have already been rescued once. this box was rescued from a flood that hit northeastern pennsylvania in 1972 from relief routing of water in new york causing the susquehanna river to overflow in my hometown. i was 2 years old. this flood was caused by hurricane agnes. the pictures in the box are all water damaged and now oval instead of square. the negatives were actually rescued and taken to higher ground. included in these photos are one of me taken later when i was 7, it is a photo of me standing very self satisfied with my arms crossed in front of a large wall of taxidermied mounted heads of various things shot and killed by relatives.

  • my foot, which surely is burning for taking this photo
    that will make me win this camera

  • legrand

    moi !!

  • I will take a picture of a rainbow behind the skyline of the city where I live.

  • R

    A close-up of me as a little child: long brown-haired, big blue eye, happy and free as only children can be.


  • You have no idea how difficult this question is… I love my instant pictures the most so it would definitely be one of those.

    I’m going to choose the Polaroid picture that the security guy in the basement of the Hard Rock Shop in London took of me and my love (and a guitar of course) with the Hard Rock logo at the background. That was a really great day and we were lucky that the printer in that shop didn’t work, ’cause normally they take a picture with their camera and let you pay for it. Now I have a great memory and a Polaroid picture in the Hard Rock shop of the FIRST Hard Rock Café ever! It’s too cool to let it burn :-)

  • I would save a photo (dated in 1940) of my dad (as a 1 year old) being held by my great great grandfather, who is sitting on a chair. Standing besides them are my grandfather and my great grandfather. This photo is really historic for my family, and a true treasure for me.

  • simo

    photo of my girlfriend and me laying on a bed, eating watermelon and watching stars through the window in the roof

  • cat

    i would take a photo of an alien that swooped down in his spaceship in the middle of the night in country lane when i was driving. I took him a picture and i ran away

  • cat

    i would save the photo with a ❤ drawn underneath.

  • NL

    An old photograph of my mother and father on their honeymoon in Kashmir.

  • Stefan

    It’ll be a picture of me and my family sitting on the table and enjoy life.

  • Easy! It would be the photo of my son in my arms just after he was born, which also happens to be a Polaroid.

  • I would save the photo of my mom with her parents and great-grandparents taken back in the 60’s. I love seeing the three generations together and everyone looking so young and stylish. I have the only copy so certainly it would need to be saved!

  • stephanie

    the picture of my smiling grandmother in her gray cardigan.

  • Livi

    without a doubt, the picture that shows my mom’s love for me and my brother… It have this old 1980 peached and ocre coloring, and it’s me with 2 years old, playing with a giant fish tank in the living room, dressed in this cute little dress and a hair bow; and my mom sitting next to me, with the biggest pregnant belly of my soon to be born brother, who is now 25 years old. She was staring at me with such love, and holding her belly so beautifully, that you can’t know whether she’s smiling because of me, or because of my brother! Maybe both… but it reminds me of her sweetness and love, that will be forever reminded and immortalized perfectly through that picture.

  • tinavantasie

    i would save the polaroid of my mother holding me in her arms after birth. you may think that there are hundreds of other pictures of me as a baby, so why this picture?
    in my opinion, this is the most special picture, because it was the first picture of me EVER, and it was a polaroid! how cool is that?
    i could not remember this moment if there was no picture.
    also, my parents are there, they hold me, they are ready to love me for who i will be. this moment was something so precious, i couldn’t leave this picture behind.
    this was the beginning of the story of my life. this is the first page, almost unwritten.

  • I would take a photo of the house burning to remind me of the house I had and of the new life I’m about to embark on.

  • Christoph Grundmann

    Oh I would defently grab the picture I took of my ex-girlfriend when I met her the first time. She wrote her name and number on it. The best 3 weeks of my life! Anyways, now we are best friends. Hormones make you do strange things. :-)

  • Barry

    I would grab the picture of my father, brother and I. It is the only picture that we have together. It has a special meaning because it was taken just months before his death and I had not seen him in almost 30 years. It was the first time that he saw his granddaughters fot the first time as well.

  • I would take a sunset picture I took in middle school right before high school at this summer camp I went to. It was the first photograph that got me thinking about how photography worked. I shot it and the flash went off and the resulting image was different from what I was seeing.

  • I’ll take a picture of my dining room, half burned… Because it’s a habit in my family to eat together… Breakfast, lunch, dinner… Everytime we can… To remind me that even the house burned to ashes, but the habit will stay with us to wherever we move to…

  • Colleen

    Luckily all my childhood photos are still in boxes in my mom’s basement (sorry mom) so I totally know which photo I would save at my place. It is the first photo I bought as a ‘collector’ Myoung Ho Lee’s Tree #5. I will probably look really ridiculous running out in my undies with this huge frame.

  • Omar

    The family portrait with the house in the background. Nothing else matters.

  • katy

    I’d grab the polaroid of me and my best friend. She never let’s me take pictures of her, and this is the only one I’ve got.
    We took a trip to Salzburg, a city in Austria, it was a really hot summer day. We’re standing on a bridge with the beautiful city in the background. My friend looks really pretty and the light is simply perfect. I’d leave all my other photos in the house except for this polaroid. It really means a lot to me.

  • I would save the picture I took of a marker left by (supposedly) a fisherman on a bank of a river. It was a pile of stones, with a stick propped straight in the middle. On top of that stick was another stick attached on top, horizontally to make a T shape. It was such an elaborate marker that it makes me think that fish must have been really awesome. When I took the picture the sun was shining, and the flash against the water made the entire picture seem underwater. It was the first sunburn of this year, there was not a cloud in the sky. The park was almost empty and so peaceful. I want another day like that!

  • Arne van der Meer

    i guess it would be a photo that pictures the chaos here around me, to always remember me, that i have lost nothing worthwile to this fire..

  • Annie

    The photo I would save is a photograph that is most important to my mother. It is a picture of her and my grandmother. My grandmother died of breast cancer when my mother was eight-teen in the 70s. She left behind her five kids – including my mother – and my grandfather who is a Vietnam War Veteran. In the photograph my mom and her mother are standing face to face wearing very extravagant antique clothes – my grandmother used to love to dress up, according to my mom. My mom is actually wearing her blouse backwards because she was too stubborn to listen to her mom who told her that she was wearing it wrong. She argued that she had been messing with the blouse all morning and that she knew it was right, so my grandmother did not argue and went along with it. My mom has always said wonderful things about her and I wish I got to meet her. It is a symbol of love and memories for my mom and I would do anything to save it for her.

  • I would save the Fuji FP-100B picture of my brother in the hospital playing with Legos. Those things saved his sanity for sure.

  • Fabian

    I would save the photo of me and my brother when I was younger. I hardly see him anymore because he moved out of my parents house when we moved to a different city. (I’m fourteen by the way.)I’d save it because it means a lot to me because we were never really close. When I was old enough to actually remember, I just remember him going to work and sleeping. That’s it. That’s why I’d save that photo.

    Viva Polaroid. :)

  • An old black & white photograph of my grandmother, that she gave to my grandfather when they were dating. It’s a very simple, yet striking photo of her and the inscription on the back reads “I love you with all my heart”– that photograph means the world to me!

  • All the Polaroids I have in the house are in one box, on the 3rd shelf down, left side of the bookcase in my study. Since I am notoriously indecisive, and would be in flames by the time I opened the box and shuffled through the ‘Roids and found the one most meaningful picture, I would save precious seconds and grab the whole box and shuffle through them alive on my front yard, a good distraction from the fact that my house was being reduced to ashes. At that point, I might find and save out the one of a single horse in the desert of New Mexico, 1987, because it reminds me of a journey I was on at the time, a trip that determined the path my life would take.

  • only one? F*ck. Probably one I look of my son at about 3 months old sleeping in the ivy. He’ll never again be that small, sweet and innocent (yes…even at 3, he’s learned how to be a little mischievous.

  • I’d take a picture walking away, to get a blurry-movement shot of this very moment!

  • It would definitely have to be a photo that has not been taken digitally since I would save my Mac as well!
    And since most of my most treasured printed film photos have been scanned on, I would choose the first ever photo I took in a photobooth with my loverly friends when we were 12.
    It was one of those super Asian ones, and it was such a great first experience of photobooths- to choose what faces we wanted to pull, to get to decorate them enough before the time ran out, and the sentimentality of having it all printed out straight away and stuck on our mirrors! :) (like a polaroid could!!)

  • scaredsquee

    I’d make sure I would have a picture of my Grandfather. He was a Pennsylvania State Trooper, and the photo I would want to grab is the one of him behind the wheel of his Plymouth Fury squad car. You can’t replace something like that.

  • Isabella Ruf

    i would take the polaroid of me and my friends, surfing on a driving old van totally drunken, only wearin an american flag…. :D

  • the photo of my love

  • Won’t be original or very creative but since i’m sentimental and romantic I would save an intimate polaroid photo of me and my boyfriend. This one is so cute and makes me smile everytime I so, so I would have something to cheer me up when I’m homeless.

  • It’s an old Ektochrome slide photo of my mother and her father from 1959. She’s about 4 years old in the photo, and it was taken a year before he died of TB (needless to say, I never met him). She grew up on a farm, so they’re sitting together on a picnic table with the farm and woods behind them, and it must have been a Sunday because she has one of those frilly little girl dresses on (which my grandmother made for her). He’s holding a Pepsi–which, at that time, always came in those old-fashioned glass bottles–and his arm around behind her. Even though he’s dressed nicely as well, you can really see his rough farm-hands in this photo. She has her hand on his leg like little children do, and they’re both grinning into the camera.

    She first told me that my grandfather died when she was that young, when I was about 5 years old, myself. I found this photo around the same time, and used to sneak into her room just to stare at it, trying to imagine what it was like for her losing a parent so young. I grew to love the photo, because even though it originally made me so sad, I knew that it was special to her as it was one of the last photos she had of, not only him, but her WITH him. Even back then, I treated that photo like some kind of precious, fragile gem. I thought it was the most precious thing in her entire collection. And even at that age, I loved the vintage quality of the photo itself (I decided I wanted to be a photographer about 3 years later).

    Is there a way to share these photos? Because I’d love to share this one!

  • Doug

    It would me taking a picture of me taking a picture of me taking a picture of me…

    etc. etc. etc.

    PICK ME :)

  • Kuilight

    a photo of this same house under the rain .. ironic !

  • rossella

    I would save a polaroid of me taking a polaroid, I was 3 or 4 years old and my daddy helps me to hold the very big and heavy camera for my little hands. My mother took this photo of us with another polaroid camera. My dad had 3 polaroid cameras and some other analogic stuff, such as lomo cameras, he loved them. And I love them too. I would save this picture because there are so many loving memories in it, me with my daddy and my mum behind the camera, all in one shot. Magical.

  • Santa

    A photo of my parents holding me as a baby. Memories are unlikely to fade away, but, if they do, the picture will ALWAYS stay with me, reminding me of L O V E.

  • DAG

    I guess you’ll start reading the comments bottom-up.

    The picture of the girl I like, who don’t really knows it. It’s a close-up, shoot with the PX Push film, and the color is pink-ish. She’s beautiful.

  • Mikael

    A picture of my grandmother back in the 60’s sitting on the grandfathers shoulders waterskiing. She’s wearif a deer head

  • crissy

    Since I no longer have my dad, I would take a picture of my dad and I at my 18th birthday party, we had powerpuff girl party hats on, we looked so silly..and I just love that picture :)

  • i couldnt grab one photo, or one of my cameras. they are everything, id look like a captain going down with his ship. Dying in endless ammounts of artwork is would be a beautiful way to go. BUT, if that isnt an option, i suppose id grab the Petoskey MI, breakwall lighthouse sunset picture i took last summer, that way even when my house is gone and my belongings are gone, i could still remember the best view in the world.

  • Brandy Caldwell

    I’d grab this 4×6 picture of me and my now deceased Dad. We’re inside of this convenient store that sits on a lake he often took me to. It’s one of the only days I remember with him with his early 90s haircut and shirt with the sleeves cut off looking at me like I was the most important thing in the world.

  • Uli

    the photo i would grap shows me and my two best friends in one of those tiny photo booths. it was one of the best nights ever. we were totaly drunk, our heads full of stupid ideas and thoughts and beer in our hands. we were to slow for the camera, the picture shows only our jackets.
    but nevertheless its the most beautiful photo ever.

  • Kelly

    I have some of my favorite Polaroids hanging up in my room. All of them bring back some hilarious memories. The one I’d grab first is of me and four of my friends. It’s about 5 years old, but I still think it’s awesome. We went to the park that day for a picnic and decided it’d be a cool idea to take a Polaroid of us jumping. Risky, I know, but we got it in one try! It’s basically the coolest photo ever. I love the park, my friends AND Polaroid film. So it’s kind of perfect.

  • Sammi

    The photo I’d save is one of my grandfather when he first started as a navigator in the air force. He’s got the smile I always remember, and he’s wearing a pair of headphones. My grandmother gave the photo after he died on Memorial day 5 years ago because he reminded her of me when I DJ’ed at the college station.

  • Laura

    My grandparent’s house burned down when I was 13. My grandfather died in the fire. We weren’t able to save much of anything but my Aunt was able to salvage a few photo albums. The photograph that I would save if my house was burning (God shield) it would be a picture of me at age 4 with my dad and two of my cousins. We are standing in the kitchen of my grandparent’s house. My dad is swinging me around and my cousins are trying to tickle me. We all have giant smiles on our faces. The top left corner of this photo is burnt and wrinkled. It is a great reminder of all my family has gone through.

  • kenny k

    Hard Drive…

  • I think the photo you’re referring to is the one of me heroically diving out of the window on the second story, holding a baby, while catching a kitten, with a parachute made of an american flag, as the house explodes behind me.
    That one. That’s the one I’m saving.

  • The one picture I would save is the one of my mother in a heart shaped frame. She’s wearing my dad’s cowboy hat. I took this photo when we were on a wild jeep trail in Colorado. Our tire on our Explorer blew out and my dad was changing it. My mom, sister, and I were passing the time being goofy and probably driving my dad crazy. This photo embodies everything that was awesome about our trip from Atlanta to LA and up through Monterrey, San Francisco and out to Lake Tahoe and eventually Silverton, CO and then on home. This trip was a gift to me when I graduated from high school and I’ll never forget it.

  • Dani

    i woud grab a photo that i took to a friend that is very inspiring, the photo is almost just diffuse lights and an spectral shadow from my friend. i just love that photo no metter is people say there’s nothing there.

  • Jake

    The photo I would save would be of my Great Grandfather, Jacob Hansen–of who I’m named after. It is a photo taken of him sometime in the 2 years before his death in 1945. At first glance, it is a black and white image of a middle aged man sitting, expressionless, with his hat on his lap. He looks very stoic, but a closer look at his eyes and you can see he has a story tell. A gentle man who was not afraid of leaving his home country to make a better life.

    It sits on my night stand, within reach, in case said fire were to occur. There is a hand carved nutcracker that he carried with him that I would grab, as well.

  • I would save a photo my Mother took of my Dad & I hiking at Wyalusing State Park. We were all matchy-matchy in jeans and light blue t-shirts. I was probably about 4 or so and rockin’ some pigtails. We had no idea we were being photographed so it’s a very natural, nice moment.

  • Chaby

    I’d save my picture of an opened skittles bag with skittles flowing out.

  • I would grab a photo I took of the legendary skater Mark Gonzales in NYC a few years back. He was filming some small edit with William Strobeck about his new skateboard creation, nine skateboards bolted together at the tail and nose so it created a large circle. I was on vacation with some friends in New York from my home in Toronto, I was lucky enough to get to see Mark Gonzales who is one of my favourite skateboarders and artists but I also got to see him and another great skater Anthony Papallardo skate his new circle board with Strobeck following them around. The reason I would grab this photo from my burning house is because skateboarding has been a huge part of my life and Mark Gonz has had a leading role in skateboarding since the early nineties and I feel like this was history in the making and needed to be documented.

  • I’d save my favorite family photo. It’s of my Mom and Dad and myself in front of our house. My mom’s about 6 months pregnant with my brother-to-be, and we’re all wearing overalls, even mom with her big belly. Our grandfather made us a big sign with our family name & the names of each of us, but for my brother there’s just a big question mark.
    It’s from Nov 1980 and it’s a classic. :-)

  • Manuel

    I guess it would be one of my favorite childhood photos:
    It was taken at about 1980, I was three years old, sitting on a sofa in the living room. On my head I was wearing enormous headphones almost bigger than my head, listening to the vinyl records of my parents. There is a smile on my face and pure joy in my eyes.

  • i would grab the 1960s photo i bought at an antique shop last year of a baby deer on a leash in someone’s back yard – faded black & white, taken in iowa. (the baby deer pic trumps all)

  • Michel

    I would save that first photo i ever took, its an unfocused picture of my teddy bear. It was my first step into the beautiful world of photography!

  • Chris B.

    I would definitely grab the picture of my grandpa that died a few years back; it’s of him eating ice cream and laughing at a Charles Bronson film. He always thought those one-liner-action films were hilarious, e.g. Charles Bronson, Clint Eastwood, Sonny Chiba. It’s the perfect way to remember him!

  • Andrew

    The photo I would save is one I recently got printed out from an old 35mm camera I had laying around, Basically my friend Jenni only ever does the same pose in photographs, and will hide her face from any camera if she’s even looking a tad less than perfect. Anyway the photo is of her with no make-up on, in an old baggy boys sweater at 9 o’clock in the morning, mid motion of hiding her face with her hands. I can safely say its one of my favourite photos I’ve ever taken and in my opinion in the photo she looks best in! :)

  • Laura

    If I were involved in a fire & could only take one picture, it would be the picture that started it all. When I was 16 I was involved in a minor car accident with my boyfriend who was driving. I had never used film before, so he adjusted the settings & I took to documenting the wreck. When I got the roll back, there was one shot of the other guy’s damaged front end in the foreground, and out of focus in the distance was my boyfriend squatting & smoking a cigarette. It was my first brush with depth of field, and behind my widened eyes I was thinking, “I could DO this”. I got my own camera for my birthday months later, and I haven’t put a camera down since <3

  • Willy Chong

    I would actually not have grabbed any photo, but if I really have to grab only one I would take one that is burning and extinguish it, a burnt photo. To remind me of this event and that no picture really last. Never depend on a picture, not to value the photo, but to make sure every frame is worth taking :)

  • Mario Guilherme

    I’d save a pic of when my dad was 14 (in the 50s) and he is sitting on a motorcycle which he used to pick up film rolls all around all around the county to develop them at my uncle’s lab.

  • Gordon

    I would pick something that deliver a unique punch straight from TIP’s experimental film. Something that can be done using photoshop doesn’t mean TIP film can’t do. It can do.

  • I’d grab the only full family photo that we have. I was actually in my mothers womb, but I still consider it a whole family photo. My father passed away 4 days before my birth. So my mom raised 6 kids on her own.

  • lauren

    the one of us, the time we were happy.

  • katie elizabeth

    the wallet-sized double exposed photo of a highschool version of my mother wearing a soft pink floral dress. she was a beautiful 18 in the photo, met my father a year later… and the photo, as well as her, became his shortly after. the photo would remain in my dad’s wallet until the day that he died (even though they were no longer married). given the circumstances, the photo has suffered a little bit of water damage which has cast a purplish haze over her face, and left a stamp of my name hanging over her head. to know that he kept her, as well as me, locked away in a tiny compartment of his wallet may not seem like much.. but it is a constant reminder that he also carried us in his heart, much the same way. as memories fade, at least i can hold onto that.

  • Kimmy

    I would save one of the first pictures I printed in my photography class a few years ago. It’s a small black and white picture of my cat sitting under our swing set house looking at something outside the frame. The photo is actually crooked on the actual photo paper but it means a whole lot to me since I am now perusing photography as a career.

  • pSammy

    Definitely the film photograph I took of my grandparents a year before they both passed, stiing on the couch, clearly still completely and totally in love with one another after almost 60 years of marriage.

  • Andrea

    a photo of my wall, with all the polaroids i’ve taken on it

  • katherine

    i would save a photo of my mom that my dad took at big bend national park on their first trip there. she’s pregnant with my brother…i am not even on the horizon. i love the photo because you can tell by the look in her eyes that her love is the photographer.

  • Barbara

    Considering the fact that i’m living in my new flat from just few months, i don’t have old photographs…so..I’d save my porfotlio ahah

    joking, i’d save my last family photo which i took before moving. Living on my own made me realise how much i care about my family even if i do love living on my own, sometimes i miss them :)

  • Daniela

    If my house was burning to dust and, with it, all my objects and memories, (i’m sorry but) i would grab the one picture in wich i’m looking young, pretty, happy and naked (taken by my good friend Dorota) to remind me in the future that once i looked like that and life was worth living.

  • MiGueL

    wow!!a lot of people want your goodies~
    well done guys..great competition.
    you are like a saviour to many polaroid lovers..
    if my house catches fire i really won’t think about getting a picture..i don’t know if i will think getting my camera with me.. come on!!

  • tim

    My grandfather in the 50’s in Alaska. He is standing over a moose that he hunted holding out his rifle to show the full size of the animal’s antlers 8 foot span. Beautiful Alaskan wilderness and forrest in the background.

  • Alice

    I would grab a photo of myself, younger sister & parents on a big world trip we took about fifteen years ago. one of the few pictures I own of all four of us :-)

  • I would take the picture of me and my imagination on the day my imagination left for boarding school. Since he ain’t around no more, I haven’t been able to think up ANY good ideas for polaroid giveaway competitions…*sigh*

  • I would grab my dad’s old community college ID card from the 1960s. He passed away in 2004, but I love to imagine that he’s out there in the netherworld looking just like that -a badass Elvis (the good years of course), sneer and all. It’s a good reminder that your parents are people, too.

  • Jamee

    I would save a polaroid photography taken of my dad in the Vietnam War. He was laying on a steel beam 40 feet above the ground.

  • I’d save a photo I took with my friends in an old school photo booth in Brooklyn, NY.

  • i will grab the most beautiful family group photo that i’ve taken (yup,my family group portrait photo).., =)

  • Jamie

    That would have to be the only family photo that exists with my parents, brother and myself. Taken when I wasn’t even a year old. My mom dressed herself and my brother and I in red, my father holding me and I am smiling like a happy little baby. The only moment I’ve ever been so happy while being that close to him. Now I stay as far away from him as possible

  • samwell

    ohhhhhhhhh, actually not many photos to choose from, but i would want to save all of the few, ermmmm i would have to choose a photo of my supported football team, barnsley f.c, i have no idea what year it is from, or even what camera it was taken with, i would save that paticular photo as it was given to me by my late brother and therfore means more to me than pretty much any other object in my house, so yeah that would be my photo of choice

  • Julia

    It would be a b&w image of my partner taken with the Polaroid ee100.
    The reasons I’d choose it is because it ticks all the boxes of it being satisfying technically, aesthetically and personally.
    Technically, because it was a camera I have never held in my hands and caused me a lot of frustration as I enjoy expirimenting, sometimes too much, and, a lot of the time, to no avail.
    Aesthetically, because it was just the perfect amount of light. The image is himself in front of a window, out of which is a lovely front yard with just a thin strip of the neighbourhood revealed and he is a sillhouette, yet the front of his face is illuminated in a crescent shaped light.
    It is a personal favourite of mine for many a reason, but mainly because this is the person who motivated me to do so much with my only interest and aim in life (photography) and, ironically, hates having his photo taken. I have captured him in a shadow, the character that he is. It is definitely a picture that speaks a thousand words.

  • hey jeff,

    i’d take a picture my grandmother gave my as a birthday present.

    it was taken by my great great grandfather.
    it’s a snapshot of an car accident in the year 1913 in northern sweden.
    i would take that one, cause it is very very inspiring to me as an photographer and it is very small so there’s not much to carry, cause i’ll probably be in a hurry ;) ..


  • there is a photograph of me when i was young, maybe two years old and i’m sitting on my grandpa’s lap steering his boat. he is wearing a hat and sunglasses and i have on a t-shirt with a teddy bear on the front. i have a surprised look on my face and i’m pointing at the steering wheel. i remember his yellow floating key chain swaying with the movement of the water and occasionally knocking the steering column and i can honestly still smell the exhaust mixing with the air. i think what i like most about this photograph is that it lets me see what i couldn’t that day, the look on my face as i steered my grandpa’s boat.

  • Claire

    I would grab the snapshot of my dad and my aunt on a sailboat when my dad was about 17. They both have matching bowl cuts and bell-bottom and are wearing sun faded polos. Every time I look at it I try to think of what joke my dad could have possibly told my aunt to make her laugh like that. My dad looks exactly like my sister and my aunt looks exactly like my cousin in the pic, which is just a nice reminder of how we all will eventually turn into the nerds that are our parents. Also, it’s conveniently located by the door through which I will escape as my house burns to the ground.

  • i’d grab a recent photo i’ve taken on fade to black. it’s of my friend robbie and the way the sun reflects off his jean jacket makes me shiver.

  • The first picture of me ever taken on June 20, 1983 that dad took with a polaroid, and then labeled on the back “Day 1.”

  • I would take a photo of my newly born god son , put it away for 18 years then show his first girlfriend what he looked like when he was born .

  • I’d save an instant photo I’d shoot of the house on fire before I escaped the burning building.

  • shelby c.

    The photo I would save would be of happiness. The moment in my life when I was still innocent and young. Before I had any troubles, before my mother and father divorced. Before I became self conscious of the house I live in or the clothes I wore. Before I cared about how curvy or uncurvy I was. Before I ever picked up a magazine or started my social networking with Xanga. Before my mother remarried. Before I knew about drugs and drinking. Before I could drive any vehicle besides my grandmothers when it was parked. Before I understood about money or geometry. I would grab the first photo that captured my innocence. When my hair was bleach blonde, before I brushed it, before I cared about trivial things. Before I was diagnosed with depression, when I was still carefree and young. When I still believed anything was possible and everybody had love in their hearts.

  • That vintage family portrait in front of the garage, when dad was rocking those aviators, and when I was a tiny boy with a huge smile

  • Er’ry buddy getting all sentimental up in hurr. That is sweet and all, but really you need to grab the photos that you have to see to believe.

    The one picture I would grab would have to be of my friend and I when we were 16 on the universal studios Jurassic Park ride. it snapped our photo right before the drop and the T-Rex jumps out. I was wearing a red shirt and since the drop of the roller coaster made my tummy tickle, I was hunched over to the side, laughing. the seats were also red, and therefore you do not see me in the photo right away. my friend in her bright white shirt had her arms braced, her long braids flying back and the most INCREDIBLE look of sheer terror on her face. When we were off the ride, we saw the pics and she was so mad I bought it because she was embarrassed at how ridiculous she looked. She looks like she is all by herself, afraid of a fake T-rex jumping out. what a loser. I never laughed so hard in my life. the photo never gets old, and you REALLY REALLY have to see this picture.

  • Id quickly shoot an instant photo of the house burning while inside the house and save that just so I could show everyone what the house looked like on the inside while it was on fire

  • A picture that I took a few moments before I broke my mom’s favorite camera, an old Pentax. We were at the beach, and I took an amazing picture of that perfect, lonely beach, the two of us. She asked me to grab the camera for her and I ran to get it, when I dropped it and broke it – and it was impossible to fix it. That was the last picture we could take with that camera. :)

  • Marc

    I want to give it to my wife!

  • Doro

    It would be a really difficult thing to pick just one photo. All of them are precious to me and I don’t know how I would value them in such a moment. Probably, it would be on the spot decision. Though, what would be really important to me is to grab a PICTURE IN A FRAME. Why? Because a frame would be a connection of the past & future – the symbol of continuity, of all the pictures that were turned into dust and the ones that will be given a new life from now on.

  • Bryant

    Wedding portrait of my parents. Gold frame. Color photograph. Tall handsome gentleman with a salt & pepper Afro hairdo. He’s wearing a grey suit with a red pocket square. Standing beside him is a fine young woman with a poignant smile. She wears a long pink dress, and holds a flowery adorned fan. Ravishing smiles on both of them personify fulfillment, happiness. Behind them stands a full garden, and a bright sky.

    Either that or the closest photo to my door which would be a postcard of the sunset behind Brooklyn, NY shot by my cousin.

    Thanks to this contest, I’ve premeditated what photo I would grab. Haha! Great stuff.

  • Michael C. Fortner

    I think that the one I’d make sure to grab on my way out of the house would be one of my two children. They grow up so fast and those moments you have with them never come around again and I’d want to remember them the way they are now. They tend to get on each others nerves at times, but they do really love each other and it shows in their photos.

  • Ken

    My grandpa died recently and while the family was going through all of the pictures that were saved up in boxes, there were a few rollfilm polaroid shots. One I noticed was of my dad with his uncle (grandpa’s brother) which was one of the creepiest pictures I’ve ever seen. But the one that I would save in a fire would be one of my recently passed grandpa. The picture is a portrait of him sitting on the floor with his knees pointed up and apart. He has his signature curled up bangs (had them styled like that till he died) and Buddy Holly glasses on. He couldn’t have been more than 20 in the picture. It shows him as I never got to see him; an every day guy. To me he was always a stern yet kind ubermensch. Now I can see him as someone with faults, dreams.

  • Andrea

    I have one little wallet sized photo of a baby son that I gave up for adoption a million years ago when the world was a different place and I was a very different, young person. It’s the only tangible thing I have to remind me of the 3 sweet days we shared together. I can’t help but smile when I see it. It reminds me of the preciousness of life, our ability to survive the things we think just might push us over the edge and to never give up. I would probably dive back into a burning house to get it. And it would be worth it.

  • Maria

    The photo I have taken in 20×24 studio in NY, last month… big, sepia and beautiful… Polaroid in it’s best.

  • Gracia

    I’d take either a picture of my older brother wrapped like Mother Mary in a red-flowered-pattern blanket, or the picture of my two best friends and I pretending we’re jumping off a cliff (that’s what it looks like, but we were just attempting to make a frozen jump shot!)
    I would really like to try that film :)

  • My dad turned 53 the day he died. I was 19. My sister was 16. I have a photo of the three of us lying on each other pyramid style (dad on the bottom, me next and then my little sister on me) on the carpet at our first house. The photo was taken before we started moving around a lot in the 90s because my dad kept losing his job. The photo, for me, shows a happier time and it brings the happiness back.

  • I would take a photograph of my photographs on fire and run like hell.

  • Nicholas

    I would save the black and white photo of my Grandfather I printed in my first Photography class. It is a profile of him at his desk.

  • I’d take the triptych of the 3 photos I screenprinted of my family. It was the very first official family portrait I had ever done. My son looking very fake like angelic and my wife and I on either side looking suspiciously at him. All shots were head shots. I love it.

  • I’d save the photo of SpongeBob I had taken during an event. He can’t survive in heat, obviously.

  • jen

    when my dad graduated, he took his girlfriend as his plus one rather than his mother. at the time it was pretty unheard of, and he hadn’t been with the girl for very long. so, in the photo I would save, she’s the one in this picture saying, “for goodness sake, put the camera down.” over christmas, many people did a double take at this photo, mistaking the girl in the yellow skirt for me. it was oddly comforting.

    i remember spying on my dad as he wrote a message to go in her funeral wreath, the words wrung out into archaic cursive, “my dear dear G…” – i knew that was the last time my parents’ love would be in the present. and, as much as i hated intruding, i was compelled to witness it. to remember, to cling to, to have the knowledge that such a connection between two people existed.

    so, yes, that would be the photo I would save from my burning house. a bit sentimental, I suppose.

  • my baby boy’s passport photo – 11 days old

  • Patricia Bautista

    I would choose a B&W photograph of my first dog Lucky(RIP). It was the last photograph taken of him before he died a week later. Since I was taking my first B&W photo class at Los Angeles City College, I decide to make his photograph my final project and got an A.

  • There’s this picture my sister took on her visit to our home in the Philippines. It’s of my grandma, grandaunt, aunt, uncle, and cousin. They were laughing about something and it was caught beautifully on camera. These were the people who raised me, and whom I grew up with. I have never wanted to be in a picture more than I did on this one. I just wanted to be part of that moment. It was perfect. :)

  • I would grab the photograph of my grandfather standing side by side with John F. Kennedy.

  • the burning door.

  • jenn a.f.

    one photo, yikes! It would probably either be of my wedding or of my grandmother.

  • As the flames devour the frame and foundation of my home, I would take the photo of my last girlfriend, modeling her powder blue baby doll negligee, finger coquettishly on her lips, to remind that once I had a heart worth breaking, and to remind me that every day I have to be a better person, in the hopes of finding someone like her again.

  • I would save the first polaroid I ever took. My daughter in her panda pj’s.

  • Nate

    Do you mean take an instant photo or take a photo you have lying around?

    Instant: Grab a pic of of the fireplace (how ironic).
    Established: Grab the big multi-gen family pic we all took in the 90s.

  • sara

    i’d save the junior prom photo of my mom and dad. it’s 1963 and my mom’s hard is perfect. my dad’s got this lopsided grin. the photo has been in the same frame for the last thirty years and it’s got water damage. i found it in the basement and saved it before it could decay and further. i love imagining them in high school and who they were then. i wish i could have known them then just as much as i wish i really knew them now. its crazy how the people you love most can seem the most mysterious and the most strange.

  • Sharron

    A picture with all my pictures on it.

  • Maria Mercedes

    friday already! O.o

  • Andres Oviedo

    There is a photo when I was 9 years old at the circus, I am with my two sisters at each side… and i’m standing over a bear… yeah thats right.. and I remember all about the circus but not me standing over a bear… that is awesome.. remembering something that you couldnt if it wasnt for a picture, that is why I would take that picture.. did I say it was a polaroid picture. shake it..!.

  • tracy

    The very old photo of my grandmother.

  • I’ll save the picture of my love :)

  • i would take a picture of my house just so i have something to remind me that i once had a home

  • So, who won?

  • The photograph I would save from the flames is one I took of my grandparents when I was six. Its out on their balcony. My grandma is looking at me, and my grandpa is looking at her. My grandmother’s potted plants are in the background. They look totally content and beautiful, even in their old age. I remember the moment well, its one of my earliest vivid memories. To me this photo is pure HAPPINESS.

  • Rhiannon

    It’s a picture of me at five years old, taking a flying leap off of my parent’s front porch, a four foot drop. My arms are spread like I’m about to take flight and my eyes are unafraid. It currently resides on my fridge and it reminds me that risk-taking and a life fully lived go hand in hand.

  • Zack

    was a winner chosen?

  • ryuheihotoke

    i would save the instax mini picture of me and my girlfriend taken with my diana :)

  • If my house was on fire i would quickly snag a photo of my bedroom because its my favorite place every! its my sanctuary away from the world and I would be so sad to see it go. :(

  • With over 1,000 submissions it was next to “impossible” to choose this winner. But I tried my best to narrow down some favourites – the winner is MARISSA.

    Hopefully I can get some more fun things to give away like this. Reading through all these was amazing, some really emotional/painful/happy memories here!

  • I think it would be a picture of my friends, which i took a few months ago. It’s a photo of a girl with long pink hair, she is wearing short black dress patterned with stars and she is smiling very sincerely. The boy who stands next to her has blonde hair which covers his face. He is wearing a black jacket and jeans and shirt. Both of them are standing on outer sides of their feet and there is a building made of glass behind them. And they look like they’re going to a graduation party or something. And i love looking at them.

  • Sindhura G.

    I would probably take the picture that I have of myself with my Diana camera, laughing at something out of the frame. I don’t remember what I was laughing at, but the picture reminds me that life is really only what you make of it.

  • K.Ana

    this is probably pointless, because you probably wouldn’t ship this to Serbia, but hey, I’ll give it a try – I would really really like to have this, especially the film for my two babies, P.Land Cameras!
    Have a nice day!

  • I would save the photo of my parents sitting on a bench in some mall. Mom my was pregnant at the time, with my twin sister and I, while my dad is smoking a cigarette right next to her, and my older sister (4 years old) twirling around with her eyes half closed. It just wasn’t a conventional family picture and I think that’s why I love it so much.

  • My mum when she is stoned on her computer with our cat on her lap.

  • RyanThomas

    The photo in question has a lot of nudity. It’s one of a kind and the perfect mix of nostalgia and blackmail.

    It’s correct viewings replace everything damaged in the fire and titialte.

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